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					             Business Letter
       (Job Application Cover Letter)
1. Your business letter will be a cover letter for a job
   application you will be submitting for a specific job
2. Your business letter must follow the exact format on
   the example handout
    a. Heading=your address, date
    b. Inside address=person you are writing to and
       business address (real or made-up)
3. Content of letter:
    a. The letter should reflect your personality, your
       communication skills, your enthusiasm, your
       intellect, and your specific interest in the job
    b. Your letter should tell the reader--#1 why you want
       this job #2 why you fit with that company, and #3
       how you qualify for the position to which you are
4. Format of letter:
    a. 1st paragraph=(2-3 sentences long) state what job
       you are applying for and how you learned about it.
    b. 2nd paragraph=(8 sentences long) explain your
       qualifications for the job in detail and explain how
       your background and interests will help you be a
       good employee.
    c. 3rd paragraph=(3-4 sentences long) request an
       interview, state what times and days you are
       available, and thank the person for his/her time.
5. You can choose to make up a company/address or
   you can use one that already exists.