January 10_ 2011 Budget Public Hearing Minutes by wanghonghx


									                    Hillsboro-Deering School District Budget Public Hearing
                               Monday, January 10, 2011-6:00pm
                          Hillsboro-Deering Middle School Cafetorium

A. Call to Order
   Chair Pelletier called the meeting to order at 6:05pm.

B. Pledge of Allegiance
   Chair Pelletier led the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of reflection.
   Chair Pelletier informed everyone that the meeting may be recorded and placed on the internet.
   He then went on to thank everyone for coming and explained how the evening would proceed.

A. Presentation of FY12 Hillsboro-Deering School District Budget and Warrant
   Dr. Genovese started discussions by thanking Carol Fogarty and Therese Rheault from the SAU
   for all of their organizational help. He also thanked the School Board for their collaboration on
   the budget.
   Dr. Genovese presented the PowerPoint presentation explaining the budget process. He then
   answered the many questions that have been asked, by the community, about the budget.

B. Public Comment and Questions
   John Segedy:
           1. There was more money left over last year when the oil tanks were not filled and this
                 was used for other things such as the maintenance shed and computers.
           2. Transfers have been happening in and out of this account for years.
           3. There is already an emergency maintenance fund
   Ernie answered that putting money into fuel is a prudent thing to do. $2.90 is being budgeted
   this year. If there is any left then it would be used for things that teachers need.
           4. Was the Board told that the tanks would not be filled at the end of the year last
                 year? Rich answered that he does not remember talking about it.
           5. How much is the middle school soccer team?
   Rick answered that it is about $9,800 and explained the need based on the input he receives
   from parents.

    David Fullerton-there seems to be two different worlds;the world of the people that are working
    and paying the bills and the world of the teachers that don’t seem to understand. He listed
    other organizations that have cut budgets and decreased wages. We have to think about ways
    to cut costs and decrease the budget.

    Ruth Sullivan, a sixth grade teacher and a single mom who can’t afford to repair her roof, is
    about to lose her house. She talked about the importance of supporting the teachers.

Russ Galpin, moderator, said that the selectmen are trying to cut the town’s budget. 29 people
lost their property because they could not pay their taxes. Others were given an extension to
pay their taxes. He compared the salaries of teachers from in the 70’s to now. Please think
carefully about the contracts and the mandatory increases. He is disgruntled because the state
testing scores were so low.
         1. Why does the rate of increase vary so much for health insurance?
             Ernie explained that it varies because the types of plans change.
Dr. Genovese talked about the absence of an increase the teachers have received over the
years. If the contract is not approved then this will be the fourth year with a zero increase for
the teachers.

Kelly D’Errico is a taxpayer and has children in this school system. She said her husband has
taken a $15,000 pay cut to go from Sylvania to teaching. She is also an employee of the district
and said her daughter is flourishing in the middle school. “ We need to support our kids in this
district. We don’t have anything for them to do. “
On behalf of the support staff, they have gone two years without raises when the town
employees and Sylvania were getting raises and they understand that times are tough.

Tom McClure said that Sylvania turns a profit every year.
Tammy McClure would like a better understanding of the SAU budget. Dr. Genovese said that
this would be addressed when the Articles are discussed.

Bob Johnson asked what The Evergreen clause is. Marjorie said that when a collective
bargaining agreement occurs it has an expiration date. This clause allows the specifics of the
contract to continue on until a new one is signed. Any contract signed after this law was
enacted would automatically include the Evergreen clause. It looks like this clause will be
repealed. Marjorie also explained how the step increases work.

Fred Murphy said that his daughter graduated in 1994. He thinks the repeal of Evergreen is a
good idea. He is on the capital improvement committee and he supports the maintenance of
these buildings. He does not see any efforts going towards finding any alternative funding
sources for important items. It is the people who are losing their homes that have made this
community what it is. He would like to see a bill that would benefit people in his position and
let the people who have kids in the schools pay a little bit more.

Kathy Otten, a Hillsboro resident, has asked questions about the items that she was concerned
about. It’s not just about money, it says that our teachers are not valued. She thinks the Board
and administration have done a lot of work. I want my kids educated well and I want them to
have the good teachers that they have here at Hillsboro. The teachers are one of our biggest
assets in this town. I am supplementing, out of my pocket, for things that my children need that
they aren’t getting. I am confident that we need to be behind our teachers. We need to move
forward instead of continuing to cut. We have been cutting for years.

Catherine McGinn knows how hard teachers work and they are not in it for the money. We
don’t want to send the message that our teachers are not worth our support. If we don’t
support the teachers then who will be the future teachers? People will not want to move to this
town if we are a town that does not support our teachers.

Marty has two daughters and a son has never seen a teacher who has not been willing to spend
the time needed with a student. This is not a war, it is a meeting. I am pro sports and
extracurricular. Colleges look for well-rounded students. If you are that concerned about the
level of your student’s education then take some ownership. Where would these students be
without HYAA? It is the people who don’t want to get involved that sit back and say things are

Lee Bosse talked about the Henniker elementary school. He attended a meeting there and a
woman who is moving to Hillsboro is petitioning Henniker to let her pay tuition to keep her child
there. He compared many different perspectives and told the Board that it is their job to take in
the different perspectives. He is insulted that more step increases have been built into the
negotiated contract. Please consider both perspectives.

Dr. Genovese said there have been times in the past that he has been able to decrease the
budget. There are many factors that have to be considered. Classroom size, health insurance
and the particulars of each district have to be considered.

Jean Bartlett is retired and has five children who have gone through the system. It is tragic to
lose your home, but it is more tragic to lose a child through the cracks. “When I pay my taxes, I
will look to cut somewhere else that will not take away from the children, our future and the
nation’s future.

Stephanie Murray-The efforts of the teachers and the work that they do; There are nights where
teachers are here until 7pm and they take their work home with them. Give them what they
deserve. The children are the future of Hillsboro.

Joyce Bosse is a Hillsboro resident who has children who were able to compete in higher level
colleges. Teachers are being put against the taxpayers because of salaries. We all work hard
and deserve more money but that doesn’t mean we can get it. Look at the Evergreen clause.
Maybe the teachers do deserve more money, but we have to have a level playing field. Maybe
this is not the right time to add extra things like sports. Parents need to get involved too. Good
luck and thank you.

John Segedy said that he has spent thousands of hours in the classroom and he does see what
goes on. The default budget is still a half a million increase. He has never seen a decrease. He
knows there are wonderful teachers and has been thrilled with some of the teachers his

children have had. The testing numbers have not gone up. How much is the non-contracted
staff getting for an increase? 2%
John said they should not be getting any kind of raise. You could also look at non-union staff
contributions; increasing those would be a way to cut. Coming up with a budget that is below
the default would actually be giving the people a choice.

David Fullerton said that the teachers do work hard. He relayed a story of a second grader who
did not have a drink and said his mother could not afford to buy milk. Teachers work 190 days
and at Sylvania they work at least 250 days. They can’t be compared. When he worked at
Montgomery Ward he learned from watching videos and there is a need to look at ways to save
money. Sports are important and you need to find ways to improve education while cutting

Randy Welch said that he is tired of hearing that teachers work 190 days. Most of the people he
knows in education are putting in well over 40 hours a week and a lot more than 190 days.

John Bramley said that the Evergreen clause has never been a factor in negotiations. He would
like to think that keeping teachers is more important. HYAA builds town unity but, he supports
school sports and building school unity. HYAA is not a school building activity and he would like
to see more brought in.

Mary Plater also spoke about the 190 day comments. She has kept track of the time she has put
in; 50 hours a week for 52 weeks a year.

Elaine Legear is an HDES employee who lives in Hillsboro. You get what you pay for. I am
extremely proud of the teachers. My son excels at the middle school. I work with wonderful
people and we need to support our schools. Our kids are our future and need our support.

Article 1 -presented by Rich Pelletier
Article 2-presented by Rich Pelletier
         The moderator gets $90 per year not per meeting.
Article 4-presented by Rich Pelletier
         John Segedy asked if the amount includes the 200k that Hillsboro Deering just got and
the money being expected in the future. Ernie said that we are getting the money to save jobs
and Dr. Genovese added that it is one- time money.
Article 5-presented by Ernie Muserallo
         The SAU Budget-a vote will be taken in March. The philosophy is only default spending.
Ernie referred to the questions on the provided green sheet. There is no mechanism for the
SAU to borrow money, so any money left over is retained. The School Board has control over
this money and some has been used to reduce assessments. He anticipates fully expending the
budget. The SAU would like to keep about $75k for beginning operating expenses.

Tammy McClure-Did you say the budget was the same as last year? No, it has been brought
down to the default amount. There are costs that are beyond our control. Ernie pointed out
the breakdown and said it was also available on the website.

John Segedy does not think the SAU needs to have $100k. They have operated without it in the
Dr. Genovese clarified that Ernie said there is no mechanism for the SAU to borrow money and
there are concerns about the unknown. AP and Payroll are what the SAU budget covers.

Mr. Fullerton asked who determines the default budget and Ernie said he calculates the default
according state law.

Article 6-presented by Rich Pelletier
         Teacher Contract
Chair Pelletier explained the negotiation process and goals: Increase co-pay, increase employee
contributions and get equivalent language. They achieved two of the three.

John Segedy asked if the contract has been signed and was told no it is going before the public.

Dan Moorehouse asked if the contract is not agreed to would it go back to negotiations? He
was told yes it would. Mr. Moorehouse would like to see the Evergreen clause taken out.
Dr. Genovese said he would be more concerned if it doesn’t pass because the opportunity to
control health care costs will be lost.

Fullerton asked about the stipend amount increase. Dr. Genovese said that it was targeted
money for a specific outcome. Professional responsibilities are being met as well as the
instructional classroom time.

Article 7-presented by Rich Pelletier
         Additional meeting if necessary
Article 8-presented by Terry Cutter
         The support staff does not have Evergreen. Discussion ensued regarding the staffing of
the food services; The contract now calls for six full- time which will be decreased to three full-
time. Support for the paraprofessionals was given. The money being discussed may fill
someone’s oil tank once; it’s not a lot of money. There would be an increase for becoming
highly qualified and for those working with intensive- need students.
Article 9-presented by Terry Cutter
         Additional meeting if necessary
Article 10-presented by Patty Parenteau
         Special Education Trust Fund’s purpose was explained. Usually unanticipated expenses
are for out of district placements.

    Article 11-presented by Paul Plater
             Elementary School Windows- the amount is $23,000 for double hung windows.
             Lead paint abatement would be an additional expense.
    Mr. Fullerton suggested providing the public with the information on the amount of money that
    will be saved.
    Article 12-presented by Terry Cutter
             Replacement of doors
    Article 13-presented by Rich Pelletier
    Article 14-presented by Rich Pelletier
             Russ Galpin asked why the School District report is not prepared in time for the
    deliberative session and compared it to the town report. Ernie answered that the report usually
    includes warrant articles that are changed at the deliberative session.

    Petition Warrant Article-Lloyd Henderson explained the cost to the taxpayers and the projected
    expenses for a football program; $20,000 per year. There will be a public meeting on January
    27th at the high school media center. Paul Plater asked if this would require a middle school
    feeder program and was told no.

    Fullerton advocated for the football program.

    Thank you to the Board.

C. Close Public Budget Hearing
   Chair Pelletier closed the public hearing at 8:47pm.

                                   Hillsboro-Deering School Board

                                           Special Meeting

                                           January 10, 2011

                                      Middle School Cafetorium


In attendance:
Board members-
Chair Rich Pelletier                           Administration-
Marjorie Porter                                Dr. Alan Genovese, Superintendent
Paul Plater                                    Patty Parenteau, Director of Student Support
Virginia Leiby                                 Karen Ralph, Special Education Coordinator
Terry Cutter                                   Dixie Tremblay, High School Principal
                                               Steve Chabot, Middle School Assistant Principal
Attorney Tim Gudas                             Rick Nannicelli, Middle School Principal
Michael Pon, The Villager                      Ernie Muserallo, Business Administrator
Community Members

       A. Call to Order
          Chair Pelletier called the meeting back to order at 8:56pm
       B. Discussion
          1. FY12 Hillsboro-Deering School District Budget and Warrant
               Chair Pelletier asked for any discussion for Article 3.
               Marjorie said her school tax portion of taxes for 2009 was $9.70 per thousand and $9.44
               per thousand for 2010: reduced by 31 cents per thousand between 2009 and 2010. Paul
               said his are increasingly going up. The town portion is what is going up.
               Paul said that he did not know that middle school sports were going to be included and
               he will not support that. He feels that it is a slap in the face for the people of HD.

               Ginks said that she has listened carefully and does not have anything else to say.
               Article 6
               Terry said that there is nothing else that can be done at this point.

               Article 11
               Paul moved to reduce the figure of $33,232 to $23,000. Terry seconded; approved 5-0.

       C.      Action Items
            1. FY12 Hillsboro-Deering School District Budget and Warrant
                 Motion to accept the school warrants for Articles 1-15 (article 11 as amended) which
       includes the petition warrant, made by Terry, seconded by Paul and approved 5-0.
       Dr. Genovese asked when the Board decides on recommendations.
       Marjorie moved to recommend Articles 1-14, seconded by Terry. Paul amended to go article by
       article, seconded by Marjorie. Amendment approved 4-1; Terry said no. Motion as amended 4-
       1, Terry said no again.
       Board Recommendations of the Articles:
       Article 1-Recommended 5-0
       Article 2-Recommended 5-0
       Article 3-Recommended 4-1, Paul against
       Article 4-Recommended 5-0
       Article 5-Recommended5-0
       Article 6-Recommended 2-1-2 ,Ginks against, Terry and Paul recused
       Article 7- Recommended 2-1-2, Ginks against, Terry and Paul recused
       Article 8-Recommended 5-0
       Article 9-Recommended 4-1, Ginks against
       Article 10-Recommended 5-0
       Article 11-Recommended 5-0
       Article 12-Recommended 5-0
       Article 13-Recommended 5-0
       Article 14-Recommended 4-0-1, Paul abstained

       Paul said Plus Time has gone under and the afterschool program is unaffected.
       D. Adjournment
       Motion to adjourn made by Marjorie, seconded by Terry and approved 5-0. Meeting adjourned
       at 9:19pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Shelly Gardner, Board Secretary

  The next regular meeting of the Hillsboro-Deering School Board will be held on Monday, January 10,
                      2011, following the Public Hearing, in the HDES cafeteria.


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