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									                                   JOB DESCRIPTION

Job Title:                        Business Analyst (BA)

Reporting To:                     Senior Business Analyst

Department(s)/Location:           IT department/with travel to all NHS 24 locations

NHS Job ID:                       Sco5/AS/M/IT/BA1

To ensure NHS 24’s IM&T service meets business objectives through requirements
definition, translation into business and technical models and subsequently ensure that
developments of the complete NHS 24 IT infrastructure and full application suite are in line
with the current NHS 24 business and technical architecture and are compliant with NHS
24’s IM&T Strategy.


                                        Director of IT

                                     Enterprise Architect

                                   Senior Business Analyst

                                      Business Analysts

The IT Directorate is responsible for the delivery and support of the IM&T infrastructure and
software applications in the NHS 24 Contact Centres and Headquarters.

Within the IT Directorate the Design Team, carries responsibility for the creation and ongoing
development of the IM&T Strategy, business analysis and the high level design (architecture) of
the IT service including the integration of NHS 24 systems with partner services (15 Health
Boards and a smaller number of Special Health Boards) and contributing elements from the set of
around five main suppliers.

General business analysis responsibilities cover the requirements capture, analysis and design
that supports the complete NHS 24 IT infrastructure, software applications and systems
integration for the following:
    - 3 Contact Centres
            o Clyde Contact Centre
                     National Data Centre Site
            o East Contact Centre
                     Data Disaster Recovery Site
                     Test and Reference Site
            o North Contact Centre
    - Head Office
    - Technical interfaces to our Out Of Hours primary care Partners and other NHS Scotland
        bodies such as SAS, CHI etc.
    - Other NHS locations as required

The BA is responsible for the analysis and review of NHS 24 business need, translation of this
need into technical solutions through the design process resulting in the development of existing
IT systems or the implementation of new IT systems, whilst maintaining NHS 24 systems
integration with NHS 24 external partners.

The BA works with a set of key suppliers and partners ranging from major corporations to
medium sized enterprises to ensure delivered systems meet both accepted NHS 24 design and
NHS 24 IM&T strategy whilst addressing NHS 24 business objectives.

Within NHS 24 the BA carries responsibility across the NHS 24 organisation for requirements
capture and requirements analysis that result in the creation of complex design models and
functional requirements specifications leading to the design and development of all NHS 24 IT
systems and related processes including all internal and external interfaces within NHS 24. These
systems and the IM&T Strategy are the backbone of NHS 24 supporting 800 staff serving the
National population.

The BA is involved in a number of NHS 24 initiatives. These range from national NHS initiatives,
partner development initiatives, product tendering, selection and implementation and
infrastructure upgrades.


Business Analyst responsibilities

The Business Analyst (BA) has responsibility across NHS 24 for guiding the creation, modification/
redevelopment of all NHS 24 systems. This includes any change to patient care systems, business
support systems, infrastructure, information systems and interfaces with external partners. This
involves assessing and reporting on highly complex technical information and situations requiring
analysis, interpretation and comparison of a range of options in order to ensure NHS 24 IT
proposals and solutions offer the best match to organisational need

The BA is also responsible for planning their activities and work to ensure NHS 24 objectives are
met this involves negotiation and collaboration across all service areas within NHS 24.

The BA is responsible for establishing business requirements to meet NHS 24 service need or
resolve NHS 24 service issues. Also responsible for translating NHS 24 business need into the
design and development of NHS 24 system solutions.

The BA establishes and recommends courses of action in relation to change in existing NHS 24
applications and/or architecture or in the incorporation of new services into the NHS 24 IT

Definition and review of complex and comprehensive user and business requirements for all
systems within NHS 24 to ensure the delivery of solutions that will meet NHS 24 business
objectives, based on information gathered using techniques determined by the BA as necessary,
including but not limited to 1-to-1 interviews, workshops and other research.

Creation of Business Requirements Specifications that clearly outline to NHS 24 Key
stakeholders and to NHS 24 external suppliers what a given solution is required to address.
Creation of highly detailed Functional Specifications that clearly define the NHS 24 functional
requirements for any proposed system or change to NHS 24’s key stakeholders or third party

In depth requirements analysis to identify gaps where current NHS 24 processes and/or systems
do not address the NHS 24 current or future business requirement.
Impact analysis to identify the impacts upon people, processes and technology that a proposed
solution and/or decision may have, including financial impact.
Creation of complex models, diagrams, dictionaries and message schemas representing the
complete NHS 24 business information map at all levels of resolution based on information
gathered during business analysis in order to create and maintain high quality specification
documents supporting all NHS 24 services.

Ongoing maintenance of the above NHS 24 assets through analysis of change in the business
and its environment to ensure that they remain relevant.
Work within NHS 24 design, build and service support activities by applying the assets such that
consistent use and accurate mapping of information is achieved.

Responsible for providing business planning support to NHS 24 development through research,
advice and analysis for business case development.

Author Terms of Reference and tender documents by transforming requirements into a form
suitable for either national or European procurement,

Evaluate suppliers during technology procurement including review of supplier proposals and

Responsible for providing technical assessment or research into software / hardware solutions
which will support the delivery of the NHS 24 business objectives and ensure that proposals
either comply with current NHS 24 Strategy or recommend change to the overall NHS 24
Participate in contract negotiations to maintain sufficient alignment with NHS 24 IM&T Strategy
and architectural design.

The BA deputises when required and has the full delegated authority and responsibility of the
Senior Business Analyst.
The Business Analyst through translation of NHS 24 business need into an IT design affects all
NHS 24 systems and processes. Through strategic review of this business need and design the
Business Analyst establishes within NHS 24 system need. This need could be the introduction of
new systems, change to current systems, interface both internal and external between systems.

Due to the nature of the role the Business Analyst is required to cover anywhere within NHS 24.
This requires the post holder to utilise a laptop computer and mobile phone.
Software used is the Microsoft Office suite and MS Visio to allow process and system modelling.
This list is indicative as previously intimated the job holder requires knowledge and experience of
all systems utilised within NHS 24.


The Business Analyst works autonomously within NHS 24 subject only to the constraints set by
the Senior Business Analyst.

The Business Analyst is expected to prioritise and manage their own workload.

The BA is responsible for assessing highly complex technical information and situations requiring
analysis, interpretation and comparison of a range of options in order to define NHS 24 solutions.
The BA translates NHS 24 business need into IT design.

The BA establishes and recommends courses of action to the Enterprise Architect, Senior
Business Analyst, business and project managers in relation to proposed changes within the NHS
24 service to meet new demand or resolve existing issues, to existing NHS 24 applications and/or
architecture or in the incorporation of new services into the NHS 24 portfolio.

The BA within NHS 24 must ensure that through analysis and validation of all request for
change within NHS 24 that business need is being met and proposals are compliant with the
agreed strategic NHS 24 goal, NHS 24 policy as well as compliance with NHS Scotland

The BA also has responsibility for the development of guidance and business rules for
optimum use of new systems or changes to systems and needs to determine where this would
result in an adjustment to the NHS 24 IM&T Strategy.

The BA has sole responsibility for determining the most appropriate methods and analytical
techniques required to be adopted in order to achieve the required NHS 24 objective. This also
involves NHS 24 stakeholder management through activity planning, facilitation, collaboration both
internally across the NHS 24 organisation and with key external public and private partners.

The BA deputises when required and has the full delegated authority and responsibility of the
Senior Business Analyst.

The role will require excellent communication, negotiation and facilitation skills. Contact and
discussions and reporting will be required at all levels across all directorates within NHS 24 and
also with key partners and other stakeholders in the wider NHS service such as National
Services Scotland, Scottish Executive Health Department, Scottish Ambulance Service, NHS
Direct etc.
The BA will present/report on and receive from key NHS 24 stakeholders a range of complex
IM&T issues which cross all NHS 24 services.
This responsibility will range from the simple communication to the presentation/ reporting of
complex issues impacting across the full range of NHS 24 and their external partners.

The BA acts as the interface between the IT service and the NHS 24 internal and external
business stakeholders and is responsible for translating the complex NHS 24 business need
into technical specifications that involves system and process development throughout NHS 24.

The BA provides support to project and project planning teams through the provision of
analysis, review and advice directly as a technology expert to ensure these activities
appropriately address NHS 24 needs. This is done through advising on business case
development; gathering requirements; transforming requirements into a form suitable for
procurement and ongoing service development; evaluation of suppliers during technology
procurement; participation in contract negotiations; review and approval of supplier designs;
Maintenance of requirements and design documentation.

The Business Analyst must also maintain effective communication links to NHS 24 directorates
to ensure that NHS 24 business goals are fully understood so that IT design contributes to the
overall development of NHS 24 business strategy.

Support the development of NHS 24 frontline applications and clinical processes through liaison
within respective Change Control Groups such that all relevant aspects are considered and the
impact of change is understood.

The Business Analyst will be required to produce and present proposals, reports, drawings and
technical documents to a wide ranging audience with varying degrees of technical and business
knowledge and at all levels both internally and externally as required.

The role necessitates a significant amount of travel between offices and partner and supplier sites.
Driving skills would be beneficial to facilitate the frequent need for travel.

The Business Analyst is required to transport a laptop between sites and the position requires
daily VDU work and keyboard typing skills.

Ensuring the interests and expectations of NHS 24 internal and external stakeholders are
reconciled to enable the delivery of requirements documentation, functional specifications,
design documentation etc, ensuring the NHS 24 business requirements align to the
agreed IM&T Strategy.

         At least 3 years of core Business Analyst experience (requirements capture, analysis &
         Specialist knowledge of structured IT design methodologies and notations, e.g. UML.
         Specialist knowledge regarding data modelling, requirements capture, process design,
          requirements analysis, functional specifications, high-level design.
         The BA requires vendor management skills, procurement experience and
          package/product evaluation.
         To ensure business objectives are delivered the BA requires extensive resource
          management planning, risk and issue management and reporting skills.
         Contact or customer service centre or Healthcare Industry work experience as a
          Business Analyst.
         The BA requires extensive written and verbal communication skills and be an
          experienced negotiator/facilitator with the ability to influence others.
         Degree or equivalent level of education supplemented by specialist courses in business
          analysis and data modelling, requirements analysis, business planning, procurement.


A separate job description will need to be signed off by each jobholder to
whom the job description applies.

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