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									                                        Job Description

Position:                               Interim Business Development Manager

Grade:                                  DMT

Reporting to:                           Chief Executive Officer

Department Mission:                     To deliver commercial growth through the proactive
                                        management and delivery of Marketing, Sales and
                                        Regional services to meet existing and emerging market,
                                        customer and business needs

Job Purpose:                            To develop and manage efficient and effective business
                                        development services which achieve our commercial
                                        growth targets

                                         General Responsibilities
All senior managers at CACHE are responsible for the following key generic skill set:

   Reinforcing a culture of collaboration, cross-functional teamworking and high performance
   Focusing on the achievement of quantifiable individual and team goals
   Striving for continual improvements in individual, team and process performance
   Supporting staff in the achievement of their individual and team goals and objectives by providing feedback on
    performance, identifying and acting upon development needs
   Ensuring that CACHE’s health and safety policies and procedures are implemented and adhered to
   Participating as appropriate in CACHE planning, budgeting, risk management, quality management and
    performance management activities

As a member of PSF provide support to the CEO to ensure delivery of:

   Annual Business Plan and Budget development and monitoring
   Business strategy and policy advice to the Board
   Media representation
   Effective management of stakeholder relationships
   Preparation and management of divisional budgets

                                     Core Process Responsibilities

Proactively provide Strategic Leadership, individually and as a part of PSF through:

   Effective communication of corporate strategy to all staff
   Transforming corporate strategy into objectives and deliverable workplans and KPIs for the division and each
    function within it
   Delivering the highest performance at all times from processes, people and resources of the division
   Monitoring divisional, team and process performance using the business scorecard and KPIs

Version 1 March 2011                          -1-
    Acting as a positive role model for the CACHE brand to encourage staff engagement and to align brand,
     culture and values
    Encouraging and demonstrating fact-based decision making
    Encouraging continual development of all staff in the division
    Performing effectively within the strategic leadership process as an individual
    Promoting participation of others in the strategic leadership process within both PSF and the division

Enable effective and efficient implementation of CACHE’s core processes through:

    Co-ordination of Market Sensing process development and implementation
    Shared co-ordination with the Learner and Customer Operations Division of Customer Linking process
     development and implementation
    Continual improvement of Core Process steps within the Division
    Swift implementation of process changes as recommended by Core Process Management Groups and the
     Continual Improvement Panel
    Ensuring staff to understand and embrace the operation and implementation of Core Processes
    Ensuring active engagement and participation in Core Processes by all CACHE staff

Level of Core Process Involvement:

                                            Strategic Leadership
               Customer Linking                    5                       Knowledge Management

    Relationship Management                                                    Market Sensing

                                                                   Qualifications and Services
                         Order fulfilment
                                                                     Portfolio Management

                                     As Director of Marketing and Sales

Version 1 March 2011                              -2-
                                       Functional Responsibilities

Lead the Sales, Marketing and Business Development services to ensure delivery of effective:

   Marketing and sales strategies, through data analysis planning and implementation of plans to meet business
    targets for customer retention, revenue, market share growth, ROI, brand awareness and profitability
   Employer liaison, relationship development and management services
   Customer relationship and account planning and monitoring services
   Competitor, customer, and employer data collation and cleansing services
   Sales and marketing reporting systems which produce operational and insight reports
   Development and implementation of Marketing planning and delivery services to meet business objectives
    and growth targets
   Preparation and submission of competitive tenders
   Insightful research analysis and evaluation of
             o Customer and competitor financial status
             o Customer and competitor financial performance
             o Delivery of CACHE services against published standards
             o Performance of competitor services and product portfolios
             o Market and “supply chain” changes including development of purchasing consortia
   To support and respond to opportunities for current and future qualifications and services portfolios
   Layout and design of support materials
   Customer satisfaction reporting
   Brand and communication strategies which positively differentiates CACHE in the market sector
   A website which acts as a shop window for CACHE as part of a wider e-strategy
   PR and media management services
   Customer training services
   Successful search and development of brand enhancing partnerships
   Identification, research and development of business cases for new business ventures
   Development of business cases for new business ventures

Lead the Field operations function to ensure effective delivery of:

   Regional delivery of sales plans against growth targets
   Field intelligence gathering including
             o Learning Provider planning information
             o Competitor initiatives including qualifications and services portfolio changes and performance
             o Learning provider performance
             o Pre-tender intelligence
             o Regional initiatives by regional agencies in child care services
             o Market and “supply chain” change forecasts and measurement
             o CACHE service performance
             o Purchasing consortia development
   Customer and employer liaison within tactical service delivery plans
   Monitoring of centres according to Regulatory and CACHE criteria
   Account and customer relationship delivery to meet strategy and tactical plans
   Advisory services on CACHE product and service delivery
   Support of and contribution to Sales and Marketing planning and delivery

Lead the Funding and Stakeholder Relationship Management function to ensure delivery of all team
functions including:

Version 1 March 2011                          -3-
   Research, analysis and evaluation of:
           o Funding sources for qualifications
           o Profit margins (expected contribution rates) for customers
           o Costs and financial performance of each qualification
           o Competitor products and services and financial performance re expected customer contribution
           o National planning policy
           o National qualification performance benchmarks
           o Competitor service development, including support materials
   Maintenance of a policy watch on funding of training and qualifications
   Management of relationships with CWDC, LSC (and its successors)

Version 1 March 2011                        -4-

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