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					                                          Pitt County 250                    t h       Anniversary Exhibit: Vaults of the Special Collections 1760 -2010

 ELEVATOR LOBBY C ASE 1: 1760 – 1839                                    RECEPTION ROOM        WALLS: 1770 & 1864                       22. "Southland" Journal Devoted to the cause of            36. 5th St., Greenville, N.C. View (29 April 1912)
                                                                                                                                       Confederate Veterans (1897) Published by Henry T.          Postcard. F. M. Wooten Papers #0126.12.m.106
 1. Survey (19 July 1765) by P. William Ormond, Deputy                  12. Johnson's North and South Carolina Map (1864) On           King, Greenville, N.C. Periodical. J. Bryan Grimes
 Surveyor, for William Taylor Jr. on the South West side                Loan from Carolista. Printed. Map Collection                   Papers (1897) #0054.17.d.2                                 37. Jarvis Memorial Methodist Church, Greenville, N.C.
 of Creeping Swamp. Noble Family Papers #0171.1.b.1                     #MC0002.011                                                                                                               View (18 July 1912) Postcard. John Gideon Taylor
                                                                                                                                       23. Ella N. May's Teacher's Second Grade Certificate (28   Papers #0441.b.10
 2. Letter (5 Sept. 1766) from Mssrs. Scott & Fill, Boston              13. a-b. Mouzon Map (1775) An accurate map of North
                                                                        and South Carolina, with their Indian frontiers, . . . by      Jan. 1899) signed by J. R. Tingle, County Supervisor.
 to John Simpson of Pitt County. John Herritage Bryan                                                                                  Note: Duplicated. Printed form. Pitt County School         38. Main Street, Greenville, N.C. View (5 Jan. 1912)
 Papers #0147.1.a.1                                                     Henry Mouson (sic) and others. Printed. Map Collection                                                                    Note: Main St. is Evans Street today. Postcard. T. M.
                                                                        #MC0016.001. 2 MAPS.                                           Registers #0708.1.a.2
                                                                                                                                                                                                  DeVisconti Papers #0480.02.d.100
 3. Land grant patent (12 October 1782) to James Barrow
 of Pitt County and is signed by Governor Alexander                     RECEPTION ROOM        CASE 2: 1841-1889                        24. Evans Street, Greenville, N.C. View (ca. 1900)         39. Jarvis Methodist Church, Greenville, N.C. View (25
 Martin. A.R. Barnhill Collection #0084.a.1.os                                                                                         Postcard. F. M. Wooten Papers #0126.12.m.32.               Nov. 1913) Postcard. F. M. Wooten Papers
                                                                        14. Congressional elections Advertisement (April 1841)                                                                    #0126.12.m.117
 4. Survey and plat of Godfree Stancill's 104 acres of land             Signed by Edward Stanley. Flyer. Noble Family Papers           25. Tabitha DeVisconti and her sister Sue May
 (Feb. 1782) on the North Side of the Tar River in Pitt                                                                                                                                           40. Frank Wilson King, clothier store, Greenville, N.C.
                                                                        #0171.1.c.1                                                    DeVisconti, Farmville, N.C. (ca. 1900) Photograph. T.      View (ca. 1915) Postcard. Moore Family Papers
 County, N.C. by Jesse Proctor, Deputy Surveyor.                        15. Richard Williams Record Book (1847-1869) including         M. DeVisconti Papers #0480.42.a.635
 Worsley-Rollins Family Papers #0608.1.a.1                                                                                                                                                        #0275.1.d.177
                                                                        details of medical care, credits, debits, list of births and   26. Graded School Greenville, N.C. View (ca. 1905)
                                                                        deaths, and sale dates of Negro slaves, open to Sept.                                                                     41. Farmville Business District Street Scene (ca. 1915)
 5. Land Grant and Seal of Godfrey Stancill's 104 acres of                                                                             Postcard. Moore Family Papers #0275.1.d.010                Pitt County, N.C. Photograph T. M. DeVisconti Papers
 land (21 Oct. 1782) on the Northeast side of the Tar                   1862 - Oct. 1864. Manuscript volume. Richard Williams
                                                                        Daybook #0405.1                                                                                                           #0480.42.a.44
 River, in Pitt County, N.C. Printed form. Worsley-                                                                                    27. Memorial Library, Greenville, N.C. View (ca. 1905)
 Rollins Family Papers #0608.1.os.a                                     16. Survey & Plat (7 Jan. 1861) by John C. Cox,                Postcard. Moore Family Papers #0275.1.d.013                42. World War I Draft Notice (30 July 1917) for Allen
 6. William Hooper Portrait, ca. 1787 (1926)                            Surveyor, for Speir Worthington. Document. Speir                                                                          Thurmond Moore of Greenville, N.C. Moore Family
                                                                        Worthington Collection #0353.1.e.4                             28. B.E. Parham's Tobacco Warehouse, Greenville, N.C.
 Photographic print of portrait. Note: Hooper (1742-                                                                                   View (ca. 1905) Postcard. Moore Family Papers              Papers #0275.1.d.001
 1790) was one of the signers of the Declaration of                     17. Confederate States of America 7% War Bond No.              #0275.1.d.020
 Independence. Photograph. William Hewes and William                    429 for $100.00 (21 Feb. 1863) Printed form. Worsley-                                                                     SEARCH ROOM CASE 4: 1920-1949
 Hooper Collection #0994.1.a.3                                          Rollins Family Papers #0608.1.os.b                             29. Courthouse and Confederate Monument, Greenville,
                                                                                                                                       N.C. View (ca. 1905) Postcard. Moore Family Papers         43. Hotel Proctor, Greenville, N.C. View (ca. 1920)
 7. Sketch of land (ca. 1798) showing Little Swift Creek,               18. Minutes (10-13 Nov. 1864) of the North Carolina            #0275.1.d.171                                              Postcard. Moore Family Papers #0275.1.d.004
 Big's Swift Creek, Washington Road, & Swing Branch,                    Original Freewill Baptist General Conference Held at
 Pitt County, N.C. Arthur Family Papers #0235.1.d.6                     Elm Grove Meeting House, Pitt County, N.C. Pamphlet.           30. Court Square, Greenville, N.C. View (11 Jan. 1907)     44. Davis Hotel, Farmville, N.C. View (ca. 1920)
                                                                        Heath Family Papers #0276.4.e                                  Postcard. Moore Family Papers #0275.1.d.153                Photograph T. M. DeVisconti Papers #0480.42.a.35
 8. State Seal of North Carolina (ca 1800). Noble Family
 Papers #0171.1.a.                                                      19. Confederate Bond for $200.00 (1864) Printed form.          31. East Carolina Training School for Teachers,            45. Girl's Dormitory at East Carolina's Teacher Training
                                                                        Speir Worthington Collection #0353.1.g.1                       Greenville, N.C. Panoramic view (23 Sept. 1909)            School (ca. 1920) Photograph. Albert A. Joseph
 9. Copy of a plat (1818) showing lands patented by John                                                                               Postcard. T. M. DeVisconti Papers #0480.02.d.23            Collection #0682.1.a Negative p-682/3
 Simpson, Samuel Simpson, Hellen, Gory, and David                       20. U. S. Internal Revenue receipt to John Moore (5 May
 Carmon ca. 1740. William Moore Family Papers                           1874) for payment of $57.00 for Special Tax Stamp to           32. Evans Street, Looking South, Greenville, N.C. View     46. Dining Hall, E.C.T.T. School, Greenville, N.C. View
 #0596.1.b.1                                                            retail tobacco in Greenville from May 1874 to May 1875.        (ca. 1910) Postcard. Moore Family Papers #0275.1.d.019     (ca. 1921) Postcard. Moore Family Papers #0275.1.d.014
 10. Letter to President James Monroe (3 May 1822)                      Printed form. William Moore Family Papers
                                                                        #0596.1.c.10.a                                                 33. Administrative Building at E.C.T.T.S., Greenville,     47. Advertising tobacco sales by automobile in
 supporting the claim of John Hopkins, an aged veteran                                                                                 N.C. View (31 Oct. 1910) Postcard. John Gideon Taylor      Greenville, N.C. (ca. 1923) Photograph. William E.
 of the Revolutionary War, from Wright and Tucker                       21. Hostetter's Illustrated United States Almanac 1882         Papers #0441.b.18                                          Elmore Collection #0039.5.a.5
 [signed by their marks] Letter. Speir Worthington                      for Merchants, Mechanics, Miners, Farmers, Planters,
 Collection #0353.1.a.os.2                                              and General Family Use. Pamphlet. Heath Family Papers          34. Commission to Henry T. King of Pitt County, N.C.       48. National Bank Building, Greenville, N.C. View (ca.
                                                                        #0276.4.g                                                      (6 March 1911) naming him U. S. Commissioner for           1925) Postcard. Moore Family Papers #0275.1.d.017
 11. Indenture (17 April 1838) between Elisha Nicks and                                                                                Eastern North Carolina. Printed form. Henry T. King
 his wife Nancy, to sell Speir Worthington 82 acres of                  SEARCH ROOM       CASE 3: 1890-1919                            Collection #0625.2.h.8                                     49. Farmville High School in the snow (March 1927)
 land in Pitt County, N. C. Document Speir Worthington                                                                                                                                            Photograph. T. M. DeVisconti Papers #0480.42.a.656
 Collection #0353.1.e.1                                                                                                                35. Bird's Eye View (19 Nov. 1912) of Greenville.
                                                                                                                                       Postcard. F. M. Wooten Papers #0126.12.m.36                50. Pitt County Courthouse, Greenville, N.C. View (ca.
                                                                                                                                                                                                  1930) Postcard. F. M. Wooten Papers #0126.12.m.04

P i t t   C o u n t y   2 5 0   t h   E x h i b i t   B r o c h u r e   N o .      1   ( 6 / 7 / 2 0 1 1   2 : 3 3   A M )
                          Pitt County 250                   t h   Anniversary Exhibit: From the Vaults of the Special Collect ions 1760-2010

51. Entrance to the East Carolina Teacher's College,
Greenville, N.C. View (ca. 1930) Note: shows the entrance
                                                                  64. Winterville School Auditorium Proposed Alterations
                                                                  Floor Plan, Winterville, N.C. (ca. 1950) Tracings James W.
                                                                                                                                78. Health Reform Free Citizens Forum Advertisement
                                                                                                                                (13 Sept. 1994) Printed Flyer. League of Women Voters of
                                                                                                                                                                                               PITT   COUNTY    250TH
to a building through a set of gates. Postcard. Moore             Griffith Jr. Architectural Records #0803.6.a.1                Pitt County Records #1157.01.i                                 ANNIVERSARY EXHIBIT:
Family Papers #0275.1.d.016                                       65. Old High School (31 May 1969) Greenville, NC.             search room EASEL: 1951                                        From the Vaults of the Special Collections
52. Annual Meeting of the Eighth District Daughters of            Reproduction of a slide. R. H. Rives Collection
the American Revolution and Unveiling of Marker on Site                                                                         79. Chicod School Addition (1 Sept. 1951) Elevations &
                                                                  #0024.37.b.59                                                 Sections. Tracing. James W. Griffith Jr. Architectural                     1760-2010
of First Pitt County Courthouse (25 Oct. 1930) Illustration
of the first Pitt County Court House, drawn by Jesse              66. Sycamore Hill Negro Church built ca. 1916 (Sept.          Records #0803.1.z.3                                               2 Feb. – 1 Oct. 2010
Moye on first page. Note: The first courthouse was used           1969) Sept. 1969 Reproduction of a slide. R. H. Rives         search room WALL: 1909
from 1760 - 1775. Program J. R. Moye Papers #1111.1.b.1           Collection #0024.37.b.60
                                                                                                                                80. Map of Pitt County, North Carolina (ca. 1909). Map
53. Commemorating Farmville's 60th Anniversary, the               67. Memorial Baptist Church, Greenville, NC #20               Collection #MC0009.001
Bicentennial Birth of George Washington, the Marking of           (6/1/1969) Reproduction of a slide. R. H. Rives
                                                                  Collection #0024.37.b.63                                      search room CASE 7: 2000-2010
the Old Plank Road, and Honoring the Memory of Alfred
Moye in Farmville, North Carolina Program (27 May                 68. Watson Home, Bethel, Pitt County #11 (9/1/1969)           81. League of Women Voters' Susan B. Anthony Banquet
1932) Program. J. R. Moye Papers #1111.1.c.3                      Reproduction of a slide. R. H. Rives Collection               Scene (30 March 2000) Photograph. League of Women
                                                                  #0024.37.b.72                                                 Voters of Pitt County Records #1157.06.q
54. United States Post Office in Greenville, NC View (ca.
1935) Postcard. F. M. Wooten Papers #0126.12.m.07                 69. Pactolus, NC. #14 (Spring 1969) Reproduction of a         82. A Downtown Report: With few Resources, but lots of
                                                                  slide. R. H. Rives Collection #0024.37.b.73                   motivation, Greenville shows how an aging city can renew
55. Student Handbook, Greenville High School: GHS,                                                                              itself. Carolina Living (June 2004). Reprint. Rotary Club of
Greenville, N.C. (1939) Owned by Ed. Williams, Jr., 1939-         70. Masonic Temple, Grimesland, N.C. #10 (ca. 1969)
                                                                  Reproduction of a slide.        R. H. Rives Collection        Greenville, NC Records. #0334.24.a.01
1941. Pamphlet. J. R. Moye Papers #1111.1.d.4
56. 4th War Loan Advertisement (1943) Brochure T. M.              #0024.37.c.05                                                 83. Magnolia Arts Center (November 2005) Brochure.
DeVisconti Papers #0480.02.o.8                                                                                                  Rotary Club of Greenville, NC Records. #0334.24.a.
                                                                  SEARCH ROOM     CASE 6: 1951-1999
57. Greenville High School Graduating Exercises Class of                                                                        84. A Taste of What's To Come. Magnolia Arts Center (6
                                                                  71. New Entrance for Blount-Harvey, Greenville, NC (ca.       November 2005) Leaflet. Rotary Club of Greenville, NC
1943 Program (25 May 1943) East Carolina Teachers                 1951) showing plan, elevations and section drawings.
College. Program. J. R. Moye Papers #1111.1.d.6                                                                                 Records. #0334.24.a.02
                                                                  Tracing James W. Griffith Jr. Architectural Records                                                                              Tobacco Advertising Car (ca. 1923) #0039.5.a.5
58. Scrap Aluminum for National Defense Advertisement             #0803.1.m                                                     85. Uptown Greenville Membership Application (ca.
(ca 1945) urging all Farmville, N.C. citizens to contribute                                                                     2005) Brochure. Rotary Club of Greenville, NC Records.                FOR MORE INFORMATION:
                                                                  72. Grifton Methodist Church Proposed Addition Floor          #0334.24.a.02
scrap aluminum for National Defense. Broadside. T. M.                                                                                                                                                   Call: 252-328-6671 or 2661
                                                                  Plan & Elevation (ca. 1951) Tracing. James W. Griffith Jr.
DeVisconti Papers #0480.02.o.9                                    Architectural Records #0803.3.j.1
                                                                                                                                                     CREDITS                                                 Fax: 252-328-0268
59. Blount Hall, Pitt County, N.C., built ca. 1745 (ca.           73. Red Banks Primitive Baptist Church, near Greenville,
1945) Note: Blount Hall was the birthplace of Thomas              N.C. #10 (ca. 9 March 1970) Reproduction of a slide. R.                                                                                     Email:
Blount, the brother of William Blount who signed the              H. Rives Collection #0024.37.c.07
                                                                                                                               Curator: Jonathan Dembo
Constitution. Photograph. Francis M. Manning Collection
#0488.22.d P-488/2(796)                                           74. Hancock Primitive Baptist Church, near Greenville,       Exhibit Research & Design: Jonathan Dembo,                      Individuals with disabilities, requesting accommodations
                                                                  N.C. #10 (March 1970) Reproduction of a slide. R. H.                                                                          under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA),
60. World War II Rationing & Price Tags (ca 1945) 10              Rives Collection #0024.37.c.13                               Naomi Gerakios, & Krystal Cook                                                     should contact the
items. Ephemera. J. R. Moye Papers #1111.1.d.1
SEARCH ROOM CASE 5: 1950-1969
                                                                  75. House in Greenville during the Big Snow of March
                                                                                                                               Exhibit Installation: Jonathan Dembo, Cynthia                    Department for Disability Support Services at (252)
                                                                  1980 #13. (ca. 3 March 1980) Reproduction of a slide. R.                                                                           328-6799 (V) or (252) 328-0899 (TTY)
61. A New Pitt County Hospital: Register and Vote on              H. Rives Collection #0024.37.d.39                            Sharp, & Krystal Cook                                                         Special Collections Department
September 16th for the Bond Issue to Provide for the              76. House in Greenville during the Big Snow of March                                                                                             J. Y. Joyner Library
New Hospital" Broadside (ca 1950) Printed. Sam B.                 1980 #14. (ca. 3 March 1980) Reproduction of a slide. R.
                                                                                                                               Photos & Conservation: Lynette Lundin &                                          East Carolina University
Underwood Jr. Papers #0305.1.b.33                                 H. Rives Collection #0024.37.d.41                            Cynthia Sharp                                                                     Greenville, NC 27858
62. Sally Branch Colored School, Belvoir Township, Pitt                                                                                                                                                          Phone (252) 328-6671
County, N.C. (Dec. 1950) Plot Plan. Blue Print. James W.          77. Poet A. R. "Archie" Ammons with Dean of ECU’s            SOURCES: All exhibit items are from the                                             Fax (252) 328-0268
Griffith Jr. Architectural Records #0803.5.e.1                    College of Arts & Sciences, W. Keats Sparrow, at                                                                                                          
                                                                  Commencement exercises (Spring 1993) Photograph. A.          collections of Joyner Library unless otherwise
63. Stokes Colored School, Carolina Township, Pitt                R. Ammons Papers #1096.18.zf                                 noted.
County, N.C. (Dec. 1950) Plot Plan. Blue Print. James W.                                                                                                                                            2010 Special Collections Department, J. Y. Joyner Library
Griffith Jr. Architectural Records #0803.5.r.
c a d d 3 e 2 1 - 3 c f f - 4 e 7 f - 8 f c 4 - 2 2 7 5 5 f 4 a 1 8 2 4 . d o c   ( 6 / 7 / 2 0 1 1   2 : 3 3   A M )