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Peck Memo for Obama 013008


To:     NAELA Membership
From:    Kerry Peck, Chair
         Senior Rights Political Action Committee Board of Directors
Date: February 27, 2008
Re:     Contributions to Presidential Candidates – Personal Delivery Available

 Using its selection criteria, the Senior Rights PAC decided to contribute to
 the presidential campaigns of Senator Clinton and Senator McCain.

 We understand that Senator Obama does not accept contributions from
 political action committees.

 I know Senator Barack Obama and I think it makes good sense to support
 his candidacy as well. For those of you who would also like to support
 Senator Obama, I am extending a unique opportunity. If you send me a
 campaign contribution (made out to Obama for America), I will personally
 deliver it to the senator and make sure that he knows it comes from a
 NAELA elder law attorney. Please note that you are allowed to contribute
 up to $2,300 per election, with the primary and the general being separate

 Please send your campaign contributions for Senator Barack Obama (made
 out to Obama for America) to me at the following address:

        Kerry Peck
        Peck, Bloom, Austriaco & Mitchell, LLC
        105 West Adams Street, 31st Floor
        Chicago, IL 60603

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