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Immigration to Canada

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Quick and easy to access step-by-step guide on how to immigrate to
Canada. Simplifies the whole application process so you don't miss a
thing. Saves time and money!

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According to Immigration Canada data, every year, Canada plans to accept
between 225,000 to 265,000 immigrants, to meet Canada's goals of
economic benefit.

    There are two ways of applying to become a Permanent Resident for
Canada. You can do all the work yourself and save a lot of money, or you
can pay an Immigration Consultant between US$1,000 to US$3,000 or more
to prepare the files for you.

    That is a lot of money even for someone living in a wealthy country.
Truth is, most people cannot afford that kind of money. To help people
wanting to migrate to Canada "My Immigration Consultant" was developed by
a team of immigration experts.

    Here is what one customer is saying about "My Immigration Consultant"

        “Your software is just unbelievable. I was able to easily
navigate and get everything I needed to place my application in fast. I
was called for an interview at the Canadian Embassy in Beijing within a

        The advice on how to prepare myself for an interview was
excellent. Honestly I do not think I would have passed the interview
without the information you provided.

        Myself, my wife and our three children sincerely thank you.

        De Hui Tsui
        Goangdong –China”

    Strategic Immigration Services has developed this software (E-book
style), to help prospective immigrants to Canada. SIS makes a point of
providing high quality professional services based on experience,
competence, and strict ethical standards.

    Your ability to meet the Canadian immigration criteria depends, of
course, on your personal and professional background. By the same token,
it also depends on the way you will answer the Canadian Immigration
officer's questions so that you manage to provide him/her, in less then
30 minutes time, the selected information that best underscores your
merits, while avoiding unnecessary exhibit of your weak points.

    „In performing their assessment, the immigration officers have a duty
to fairly treat each candidate‟, said a spokesperson of SIS.

    However, they do not have a duty to protect your interests in
particular. Given that the number of people who apply each year for
immigration to Canada is considerably higher than the annual level
established by the government of Canada, the immigration officers are
rather expected to act selectively, in order to choose those who they
consider to be the best.

    „It is our role, through information, guidance and valuable advice
provided with this software to protect and promote your interests, and to
make sure that you are effectively considered one of the best and that
you are granted the permanent resident status at the end of the
immigration process,‟ says SIS.

    „Trying to do it all yourself can be frustrating ...

    ... and can take you a lot of time. Even after you may think you did
it all right, there may be missing information that can delay your
application or worst, reject it . Our interactive software (E-Book style)
can save you from all the problems associated with the "do it yourself"

    „It does not have to be this way‟.

     "My Immigration Consultant" does all the work for you for a very low
cost. It is designed to guide you *step-by-step* towards successfully
emigrating to Canada. You can download the software from

    From the minute you receive it, you can start immediately. From
establishing the Immigration Class you best fit in, what is required, how
to evaluate yourself, where and how to apply and finally your preparation
for a successful interview at the Canadian Embassy.

   „We have many satisfied customers and keep in mind this software is
quite new,‟ says SIS.

    Sounds great, but what is included inside "My Immigration
Consultant", you might ask.

    “A step-by-step on what and how to do it all"

    From establishing the Immigration Class - from worker class, business
class to refugee class and more - in which you best fit in, what is
required, how to properly evaluate yourself, where and how to apply and
finally your preparation for a successful interview at the Canadian
        You will also find out the address where to send your application
to in your current country, from Australia (Sydney) to Venezuela
(Caracas). The guide is packed with useful and sound information.

    „We could not possibly list here everything but most important. It is
*easy to use* in a true...step-by-step interactive process‟, says SIS.
„My Immigration Consultant has everything you need. It does all the work
that an Immigration Consultant would do for you only for a lot less

Check out for the latest guide price for “My
Immigration Consultant” to Canada.

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