How To Write A Resume

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How To Write A Resume

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It's likely you landed here to learn how to write a better resume. Here
is a guide to help you.

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Figure out what you want to do.

You can't write an effective resume if you have no job target. What I
mean by this is you need to tailor your resume to the specific job you
want to apply to. Gone are the days of sending out 400 copies of the same

Make a list of the jobs you have held that have relevance to the new job

If none exists, what skills did you acquire from those jobs that apply to
the one you are seeking? For instance, if you are applying for an
administrative assistant position, it is possible that your fast food job
does not apply and should be left off. However, one exception would be if
you were in a managerial position and had restaurant paperwork you were
responsible for (like inventory, ordering, reports, and bank deposits).

Know what things you should NOT put on your resume.

See Common Resume Mistakes (

Make sure you stand out without being excessive.

Start with a blank page (no templates) and work on a design. Now is not
the time to be overly colorful or super creative. Put yourself in the
shoes of a hiring manager. Imagine you have received 345 e-mails from job
seekers within 12 hours of posting a position. What would catch your eye?
Think of what would be a refreshing change and go for it.

Now for the actual resume content.

There are typically five basic sections in a resume.
* Contact Information - Powerful and complete.
* Headline - State what you are offering.
* Skills Summary - Quickly highlight your relevant skills.
* Professional Experience - Relevant and accomplishment oriented. Use
action verbs to start your sentences and avoid the word "I.”
* Education - List college or trade schools only. Leave off high school
unless you are a recent graduate without experience.

Notice I did not list objective statement. For the reason why, visit my
section on common resume mistakes (

Proofread it, have your friends proofread it, and then do it two more

I want to stress how important it is to do this. Check for spelling
errors that the spell checker missed. Print it out and review it, because
this seems to make you read over it more thoroughly. Watch out for poor
grammar, punctuation errors, and redundancy.

Always send it with a cover letter.

Address the cover letter specifically to the company and job posting.
Make a note of how you heard of the opening and why you are the best
candidate. Hit the highlights of what you have to offer them so they are
intrigued and interested in reading your resume.