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					                                   Shawnee Mission School District
                                       VARSITY FOOTBALL
                                            2008 - 2009

 DATE                        OPPONENTS                            LOCATION              TIME
 5-Sep                   SME @ Leavenworth                        Leavenworth          7:00pm
 5-Sep                     Lawrence @ SMN                          SMDS-NL             7:00pm
 5-Sep                      SMS @ SMNW                             SMDS-SL             7:00pm
 5-Sep                        SMW @ LFS                         Haskell Stadium        7:00pm
 11-Sep                       SMS @ LFS                             Haskell            7:00pm
 12-Sep                       OS @ SMW                             SMDS-SL             7:00pm
 12-Sep                      ONW @ SMN                             SMDS-NL             7:00pm
 12-Sep                      SMNW @ OE                               CBAC              7:00pm
 12-Sep                    SME @ Lawrence                           Haskell            7:30pm
 19-Sep                  SMN @ Leavenworth                         Ables Field         7:00pm
 19-Sep                       SMS @ SME                            SMDS-SL             7:00pm
 19-Sep                      LFS @ SMNW                            SMDS-NL             7:00pm
 19-Sep                    SMW @ Lawrence                       Haskell Stadium        7:30pm
 25-Sep                      SMW @ ONW                               CBAC              7:00pm
 25-Sep                        ON @ SME                            SMDS-NL             7:00pm
 26-Sep                        SMN @ OE                              CBAC              7:00pm
 26-Sep                  Leavenworth @ SMS                         SMDS-SL             7:00pm
 26-Sep                   Lawrence @ SMNW                          SMDS-NL             7:00pm
  3-Oct                 SMNW @ Leavenworth                        Abeles Field         7:00pm
  3-Oct                      SMS @ SMW                             SMDS-SL             7:00pm
  3-Oct                        OS @ SMN                            SMDS-NL             7:00pm
  3-Oct                       SME @ LFS                             Haskell            7:00pm
  9-Oct                  Leavenworth @ SMW                         SMDS-SL             7:30pm
 10-Oct                       OE @ SME                             SMDS-NL             7:00pm
 10-Oct                       SMN @ SMS                            SMDS-SL             7:00pm
 10-Oct                     SMNW @ ONW                               CBAC              7:00pm
 16-Oct                     SMW @ SMNW                             SMDS-NL             7:00pm
 16-Oct                       BVN @ SMS                            SMDS-SL             7:00pm
 17-Oct                       SMN @ SME                            SMDS-NL             7:00pm
 23-Oct                     SME @ SMNW                             SMDS-NL             7:00pm
 24-Oct                      SMW @ SMN                             SMDS-NL             7:00pm
 24-Oct                     BVNW @ SMS                             SMDS-SL             7:00pm
 31-Oct                        SMS @ OE                              CBAC              7:00pm
 31-Oct                      SME @ SMW                             SMDS-SL             7:00pm
 31-Oct                     SMNW @ SMN                             SMDS-NL             7:00pm
 7-Nov         SMW vs. BVNW @ Regional Championships               SMDS-SL             7:00pm
 7-Nov         SMNW vs. LFS @ Regional Championships            Haskell Stadium        7:00pm
 14-Nov                    Sectional Football                         TBA              7:00pm
 14-Nov                    Sectional Football                         TBA              7:00pm
 21-Nov                         Substate                              TBA              7:00pm
 29-Nov                          State                     Yager Stadium- Topeka, KS     TBA

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