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What is recurring billing - eDir


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									What is Recurring Billing and how does it work?

The eDirectory system has an optional setting for the sitemgr to enable Recurring Billing for two
Payment Gateways. The two payment gateways which are configured to accept recurring cycles are
PayPal Basic and Recurring cycles can be set on either a Monthly Recurring Charge or an
Annual Recurring charge; it cannot be set on both at the same time. It is also important to remember
that when Recurring Billing Cycles are enabled, all modules must be on an identical billing cycles. For

PayPal or Recurring Enabled and set to Monthly. This means that:
Listings = Monthly
Events = Monthly
Classifieds = Monthly
Banners = Monthly
Articles = Monthly

PayPal or Recurring Enabled and set to Annually. This means that:
Listings = Annually
Events = Annually
Classifieds = Annually
Banners = Annually
Articles = Annually

How Do I configure PayPal Basic Recurring Billing?
1. Log into your Sitemgr
2. Please go to Settings -> Payment Gateway
3. Please choose the ‘PayPal’ Option.
4. Please check the option ‘PayPal Information’ and ‘Recurring’
5. For the field ‘Account’: Please add the email address associated with your PayPal Account
6. For the field ‘Cycle’: This is the frequency applied to the unit.
         For example: If ‘Cycle = 2 and Unit = Monthly’ then the item charges would recur every 2
7. For the field ‘Unit’: Please choose Monthly or Yearly. This will determined the recurring cycle.
8. For the field ‘Times’: Please indicate the number of times you wish to have the member’s PayPal
account billed? If you wish to have them billed an unlimited number of times please input the number 0.
How Do I configure Recurring Billing?
1. Log into your Sitemgr
2. Please go to Settings -> Payment Gateway
3. Please choose the ‘Credit Card Gateways’ option
4. Please check the option ‘ Information’ and ‘Recurring’
5. Please input your unique ‘Sign In’ and ‘Transaction Key’.
         NOTE: This information will be obtained directly from
6. Please choose your recurring cycle.
         NOTE: recurring cycles are based on Months. So please choose ‘1’ for Monthly or
‘12’ for Annually.

How does the directory communicate with the Gateway?
The directory will communicate one time with the Payment Gateway for the initial charge.. During this
communication the directory will tell the Payment Gateway how much to charge a particular individual
and when to charge them.

For example: If Member A purchases a business listing on May 18 for $100.00 and a monthly recurring
cycle is enabled. The directory will tell the gateway that it needs to charge Member A $100.00 on the
18th of each month.

What happens if I give someone a Promotional Code for their Purchase?
The eDirectory system allows the sitemgr to create a Promotional code for either a percentage or fixed
value discount off an item. If a discount code in conjunction with the purchase of an item, whatever the
discounted price is will be the price used for future recurring charges.

For example: If Member A purchases a business listing using a 50% discount code on May 18. The
regular price for the listing is $100.00, however, in using the 50% discount code the cost paid for the
item is $50.00 and the amount for future charges for Member A will be $50.00. The reason for this is
that the directory only communicates with the gateway one time during the initial charge.

What happens if a recurring charge fails?
If a recurring charge fails the directory will not directly notify you. You will need to configure the
notification settings inside your Payment Gateway to get this information. If a charge does fail the
sitemgr will be required to manually take the listing down by setting it into either ‘Pending’ or ‘Expired’
mode. If a payment is collected for the item in the future the sitemgr will need to manually turn the
listing back on and restart the recurring charges.

What happens if a member wants to cancel their listing and recurring subscription?
If a member decides they do not want to advertise their listing, event, etc inside the directory you as the
sitemgr will need to manually stop the recurring transaction either inside your or PayPal
Account. Once the recurring charge has been stopped the sitemgr will then need to manually change the
listing status from ‘Active’ to ‘Expired’.
Tips and Tricks:
1. If you enable ‘Recurring’ billing cycles. The cycle chosen will sue precede any billing cycle information
you may have added in the Sitemgr -> Settings -> Payment Gateway -> Item Renewal Period

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