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									 Is There Really a Male Pattern Baldness
Most men suffering from this condition is looking forward to finding male
pattern baldness cure. Is it possible that after several researches scientists
might have found the cure? The University Of Pennsylvania College Of
Medicine has discovered that men who have male pattern baldness have the
equal amount of stem cells with men of normal hair. Can this be the answer
to one of the most common problem faced by both the young and adult

Stem cells are the type of cells that can freely change to any cell in the
body. These cells are mainly for repair of body parts. Researchers are now
looking for the trigger to stimulate these cells to change. This is due to the
facts that stem cells on men with male pattern baldness are not moving to a
higher level known as progenitor cells. These progenitor cells are then
developed to become hair follicles. Hope that this research can be the male
pattern baldness cure that most men have been waiting for.

The chairman of the Dermatology department, George Cotsarelis, said that
they are supposed to find out if there is in fact some depletion on the
number of stem cells on bald men compared to men with normal hair, but
were surprised to discover that they have equal numbers of stem cells.
Subsequently, they took samples of tissue from men with male pattern
baldness that were candidates for hair transplantations and found an equal
number of stem cells to that of men with normal hair distribution. However,
bald men have fewer progenitor cells. They concluded that something must
be blocking the development of these cells thus leading to hair loss. The
study was then published on the Journal of Clinical Investigation last January
4, 2011.

Androgenic alopecia popularly known as male pattern baldness has not been
deeply investigated at a cellular level in order to know its cause. This type of
baldness first starts at the temples continuing to the top of the head. This
then leaves hair in a ring shape around the back. Scientists have believed
for a long time that the major cause is the alteration on the level of
hormones. On the other hand, they are sure that this type of condition is
genetic and is related to the gene found in the X sex chromosome. This is
why male pattern baldness is derived from the maternal side.

Male pattern baldness is established in other primates in addition to human
beings; along with them are chimpanzees and gorillas. Based on
psychological studies, human beings compared photographs of both men
suffering from male pattern baldness and men with normal hair distribution
on a variety of recognized characteristics and found out that men with male
pattern baldness were regarded as more sexually established.

Dr. Cotsarelis together with his team investigated on mice last 2007 and
discovered that stem cells can be enforced to change into progenitor cells
and eventually turn to hair follicle cells by cutting a region and subsequently
compelling it to follow the pathways of embryonic cells. When a cut is
created on the scalp, stem cells can either turn into hair follicle cells or skin
cells. If successful with human beings, the male pattern baldness cure will
be available sooner than expected.

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