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					           Leigh Ann Withrow
            Media Specialist

              Professional Portfolio

Biography/Résumé     Philosophy        Standards
I have lived my entire life in Sylvania, Georgia. I am
currently an 8th grade Science teacher at Screven County
Middle School. I received my B.S. in Chemistry Education
from Georgia Southern University, graduating Summa Cum
Laude, following the Spring 2004 school term. I hope to earn
my M.Ed in Instructional Technology following the Summer
2007 school term.

            Click here for my formal Résumé

I decided at the beginning of my college career I wanted to have an
impact on society as a whole, but most importantly the community of
which I would be a part. In my opinion, the easiest way to have an impact
is to make a difference in the lives of those around you, and I feel that
being a media specialist provides me with the best opportunity to do so.
Media specialists have a great privilege, and also a great responsibility to
educate tomorrow’s leaders, and it is that challenge that I hope to meet as
a media specialist. I will have the responsibility to help students become
life long learners. I know that every student will not be a “success story,”
but I do believe that each student can be successful in his or her own way,
and as a media specialist, it will be my responsibility to equip the student
to achieve on his or her own level. In order to equip students, it is vital
that the students have access to all types of information. This means as a
media specialist, I must provide resources of all types without bias due to
race, religion, socio-economic status, or personal values.
AASL/NSATE Standards
Standard 1: Use of Information and Ideas

Standard 2: Teaching and Learning

Standard 3: Collaboration and Leadership

Standard 4: Program Administration

Use of Information and Ideas
       Standard 1 Sub-Standards
Efficient and Ethical Information Seeking Behavior
Literacy and Reading
Access to Information
Stimulating Learning Environment
   Standard 1 Supporting Artifacts
Reading Enrichment Unit
Facilities Plan
Teaching and Learning
       Standard 2 Sub-Standards
Knowledge of Learners and Learning
Effective and Knowledgeable Teacher
Information Literacy Curriculum

   Standard 2 Supporting Artifacts
Information Literacy Lesson Plan and Pathfinder
Still Image Sound Production
Collaboration and Leadership
      Standard 3 Sub-Standards
Connection with the Library Community
Instructional Partner
Educational Leader

   Standard 3 Supporting Artifacts
Field Experience Chart
Collaboration Unit
Staff Development Unit
Program Administration
      Standard 4 Sub-Standards
Managing Information Resources
Managing Program Resources
Comprehensive and Collaborative Strategic
Planning and Assessment
   Standard 4 Supporting Artifacts
Collection Development Plan
Administrative Policy
 Reading Enrichment Unit
The reading enrichment unit allowed me to
encourage and create a stimulating learning
environment for the students while at the same
time promoting reading. The strategy of creating
a unit that is enjoyable for the students allowed
them to explore the novel they were reading and
connect the experiences of the characters in nature
with concepts they had learned in other classes.
                                           STANDARD 1
The WebQuest fostered a stimulating
learning environment by allowing the
students the opportunity to use technology
to access and learn new concepts. The
assignment promoted reading and also
allowed students to efficiently and ethically
seek information about the water cycle by
navigating through the entire WebQuest.
                                       STANDARD 1
                 Artifact                  HOME
Facilities Plan
The facilities plan that was created for the Screven
County Middle School Media Center was created
to best serve the needs of all members of the
learning community. Its design promotes reading
and more importantly, enhances the ability of both
students and faculty to physically access all
resources. The design makes the media center
available to students both before and after school,
as well as being available for both structured and
unstructured time during the school day. STANDARD 1
               Artifact                    HOME
Information Literacy Plan and
The Information Literacy Plan allowed me to
collaborate with a teacher to not only teach part of
the information literacy curriculum but also to
become knowledgeable of a group of learners and
then design a unit that tailored to their needs. The
use of different teaching strategies such as the use
of a movie to hook the learners, use of
powerpoint, playing games, working in groups,
and providing a pathfinder demonstrate an
effective and knowledgeable teacher.         STANDARD 2
     Artifact 1      Artifact 2              HOME
Still Image Sound Production
The still image sound production was produced
for high school students learning lab safety rules.
This assignment required collaboration with a high
school science teacher to produce a product that
would capture the student’s attention based on a
learner analysis and help them to remember
important lab procedures. This production
allowed me to teach the students without being
physically present.                         STANDARD 2
                Artifact                    HOME
Field Experience Chart
Throughout my field experience, I have worked
with different age level students. I have spent
time in the high school, the elementary school and
the middle school. By being connected with the
different media centers, it has made me see that
even though the focus may be different, the goal is
the same. The overall goal is to make the media
center a place that provides resources to students
allowing them to become life long learners.
                                          STANDARD 3
Collaboration Unit
I collaborated with a seventh grade social studies
teacher to teach students how to read and create
bar graphs. The collaboration unit allowed me to
take the role of an instructional partner sharing
with the teacher the backward design lesson plan
template and different teaching strategies such as
using the computer lab to allow the students to use
technology as a learning tool.
                                          STANDARD 3
Staff Development Unit
The staff development unit focuses on
teachers integrating unitedstreaming as an
instructional strategy. This unit
demonstrates the ability of the media
specialist to be an educational leader by
sharing new technologies with the faculty
and staff to meet their needs.
                                     STANDARD 3
Collection Development Plan
The collection development plan allowed me to
take on the role of being a program administrator.
For this assignment I analyzed the learning
community and then made the decision as to what
resources needed to be added to the collection to
support the change of the science curriculum as
well as choosing the resources that best fit the
learning community. This assignment allowed me
to manage information resources with respect to
selecting, organizing, and using.            STANDARD 4
                Artifact                     HOME
The budget assignment gave me the
opportunity to manage program resources.
Being given a budget made me make tough
decisions regarding equipment purchases
that would help the media center reach its
goals and stay on track to focus on its
                                    STANDARD 4
             Artifact                  HOME
Administrative Policy
The administrative policy assignment gave me the
opportunity to see how the school system
currently runs with respect to policies and what
should be improved based on today’s standards.
The assignment showed me that for program
administration there must be collaborative and
comprehensive strategic planning in order for the
media center program to grow and mature into
what it needs to be for the life long learner.
                                         STANDARD 4
               Artifact                      HOME