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					It is an honor to join you at this time, as always we are happy that we can share this little time together.
As you know as you have been starting your spiritual development, and also as you know you are
approaching the Easter season. And many of the different phase of many of you which have been on the
different phase thru the years since childhood, perhaps only as you got older, but you will discover a
great difference here. We do not parade around carrying palm branches, we do not parade around and
have Easter lilies all over everywhere, we do not say Oh well now were approaching Lent it is time to do
this, do that, and do the other. Because you see as you learn your spirituality, as you travel your spiritual
path you will know and understand these have little or no meaning with much of anything except it is
like watching a parade. It is just something fun to do, just something that you can say “Oh well I did this,
I did that”. But as far a meaning, as far as learning, as far as benefiting anyone it does nothing, it is just
something that is there. And I know all of you have heard Oh well it is Lent. I am going to give up candy
for lent, I am going to give up pretzels, I am going to give up this, that, and on the list goes. And Oh we
have to fast. And time and time again the churches will stress about Jesus going up into the mountains
and fasting for 40 days and 40 nights. There again man has interpreted the word literally instead of
spiritually. When they said he went up into the mountains to fast, it did not say he did not eat or drink.
But everyone assumes that he spent all that time with no food and no water, that God sustained him,
the father kept him. Fast does not mean that. Spiritually fast means that if you have a bite of a cracker, a
little sip of water and that is enough for you that is fine. If you need more than that, that is fine. What
the word fast means in spiritual sense is, that you remove yourself from the material world. You calm
yourself down, you clear your mind, and you communicate with the father. You try to push aside all your
troubles, all your fears, all your material thinking. And clear a channel that you may communicate with
God, know and understand his love and what it is he wishes for you to do thru your life on Earth. It does
not mean you don’t eat, it does not mean you don’t drink anything, it does not mean that you give up
this or that, that you walk instead of drive your car, or you can’t have any candy for so many days. That
has nothing to do with it. The only thing it has to do with it is your ability to know and understand that
you are a spiritual child of God and your ability to clear the channel to communicate with him your loved
ones and your forces. That is what is meant by the word fast. It makes no difference if you eat or don’t
eat. And being in the physical body you have already discovered if you go a couple of days without food
and water you cannot concentrate on anything because you are too miserable, you are too hungry, you
feel too bad. So how on earth will you communicate with the father keep the channel clear and
concentrate on his love and his devotion to you when you are too busy thinking on how hungry you are,
when you are too busy thinking how miserable you are there is no way you can communicate with the
father. So it does not mean you must stop all these things in order to know God, understand God, and
sense God. What you do need to do is to let go of your material wants, your material ways of life and
place yourself in his hands and arms and say I am your child father lead me guide me. That is what is
meant by fasting. And it is the same in your churches with their parades at Easter time and all the
flowers all the palms and circumstance. And when it is over and done with, are they a better person, are
they any different than they were before it started? No, the majority of them are just the same as they
were before as they were after. [It] Made no difference they still wear the same things, do the same
things, think the same thoughts. So what have they gained, what is the purpose? It is just the fact they
look around [and say] “Oh I went to church services bla bla for this that and the other”. “Oh I have to go
bla bla evening because we are having an Easter sermon bla bla bla“. It is all show, it is all superficial. If
they felt it within, if they opened their heart to the father they would not announce it, they would not
parade around all fancied up, carrying this doing that, it would make no difference if anyone seen them
or not. Jesus went up in the mountains to be alone, he did not care if anyone seen him, he did not care if
anyone knew he was there, he was not there for show, he was not there to proclaim to the world “oh
here I am, I’m going to sit up here and fast for bla bla days so that the father knows I’m here”. No, he
wandered of all by himself, no one knew he was gone until they missed him. No one knew where he
went until he came back. He was communing with the father. And now today and in years past always a
big production made about Easter Ohhh a big production about this service that service and another
service. And do these people believe and think they have prepaid their way into heaven? Apparently So.
They do develop spiritually, you know there is only one path that will lead you into the father’s arms.
That is your spiritual growth, your spiritual development, your spiritual understanding. And that is your
ability to accept the father, trust in him, love him, and have faith. And even though you can’t see him,
even though you think you can’t talk to him that does not mean he is not there with you, every breath
you take, with every cell that moves in your body he is there loving you, caring for you, leading you. And
as you progress through the life here in this world, and as you begin to realize and seek out your
spiritual path you will know and understand that you are a divine child of God. He means nothing but
good for you, he has nothing but love for you. He doesn’t like to see you unhappy, sad, having problems,
troubles, illness. But he gave you free will that you may know and understand that you do have the right
to choose. You do have the right to decide what you feel is best for you. But as you open your spiritual
doors and accept the guidance of the father, accept the guidance of your forces and loved ones you will
make choices that are more correct, more precise for your needs for you, your family, your loved ones.
And the peace and contentment within you that flows, you will know and understand that you are a
spiritual being. And you will not find this following other paths in your world, because you have a high
paying job, because you have a fancy home, because you own new cars. You will discover none of these
things will give you the satisfaction, the peace, the happiness that communicating with the father,
knowing and understanding you are a child of God gives you. And yet it seems in your world man has
always chosen the most difficult way to achieve the simplest things. He feels he must take and give up
this give up that. He must go to church every Sunday regardless, he must to this, he must do that, AND
THEN he is going to find God, THEN he is going to heaven. And you can be out in the wilderness, survive
on nothing more than your knowledge, survive on nothing more than what is within you and you will get
to the father, you will be in heaven just a quickly as those that profess they are because you see
everything is within. Heaven is within, hell is within. And if you don’t believe that, you think about it. You
get up one morning and everything is going very well, everything is wonderful, you just feel like a bubble
that is going to burst, you are just so happy, so elated, everything is just grand. Then the next day you
receive bad news, you drag yourself out of bed. You think why do I have to even bother getting up, I
don’t think I can stand to face the day, I don’t think it’s worth the effort, I feel so miserable… There’s
your hell, it is a state of mind. And as you commune with the father, and you begin to know and
understand these are circumstantial situations. They are here today, they will fade away. Your
worries your problem, they are here today they will fade away. But the love of the father never fades,
the love of the father never goes anywhere, he wraps his children in it. And it stays there through
eternity, it is never removed. The only one that thinks it is removed is you yourself. The father created
you in his own image. He loves each and every one, you are his spiritual child so why on earth would he
desert you leave you and forsake you. But yet many religions will have you believe just that. Many
churches and religions will have you believe because you are a sinner the father has turned his back on
you and you are doomed, and that is a gross understatement in every direction you want to go. No
matter what you have done, no matter who you are, no matter what you think you have done the
fathers love is there constantly. He is constantly guiding you, protecting you, and leading you. There is
no such thing that the father as left his child go. And even though the other churches and religions
celebrate Easter. And many times you see it in the papers and on the televisions. And it is beautiful, that
is true their ceremonies and some of the things they have and do, but ask yourself this question “What
is it doing for each individual?” “Is it drawing them closer to God?” “Is it giving them greater
understanding of their spiritual nature?” “Is it making them a better person?” “Are they helping more of
their fellow man?”. And you can answer just about every question with a big fat NO. Here we don’t ask
you to parade around, here we don’t ask you to give up this or that, here we don’t ask you to change
your lifestyle at all, we just want you to be yourself, we want you to do what you feel is best for you, and
what you know is right, and what you know is wrong don’t do. The only thing we ask of you is to open
your spiritual doors, let your light grow and shine forth. Know and understand that you are a spiritual
being, you belong to the father and no one else. That does not you don’t love everyone, that does not
mean you give up helping others. It simply means that no matter what the circumstance are, the father
loves you, you are his child. And all we ask is that you try and understand your spiritual self, work with
your spiritual nature to evolve ever spiritually higher so when you come into our world as each and
every one will discover at some point in the journey in life that they are very much alive, their well, their
whole, their healthy. There is no sickness in our world, there are no aches and pains. If you lost an arm
or a leg, when you are here it is right there where it always was. If you died a terrible death when you
are here you are just as healthy as the next individual. The only sickness there can be and that is of the
mind, because you see the mind is the soul. And when you come into our world the seeds you have
planted in your mind, the thoughts you have nurtured and left grow in the garden of your mind, those
are what you bring with you. You can not bring your money, you can not bring your possessions, you can
not bring your body. You bring your soul, that is what you are made of, that is what you consist of and
that is where your love, your thoughts are kept in your soul house. And when you enter into our world
you have that with you. So as you go through life on earth you correct your ideas, you correct what you
must do. Try to love your fellow man, share that love with each and every one, try to understand that
each and every one of you are a child of God, try to develop your spiritual self into the spiritual being it
is meant to be. Then you have truly begun on the path to the road of the house of God. All these other
things are just a necessity in a material world. Many things that you have to put with and endure in the
material world is for your life here. But that does not mean you have to keep those thought, you have to
keep those conditions, because you’re like a different being in our world, you shed all that, you leave it
behind. When you come into our world you are the true spiritual being that God created you as. Nothing
more, nothing less. And you bring with you your storehouse of blessings and good that you have
achieved in your journey thru life. And if you wish to bring your negative thoughts and negative
conditions with you then you must work over here to resolve those problems to get rid of them. So
anyone in your world that has the idea as soon as they die they are coming into our world and
everything is going to be beautiful is in for a very rude awakening. Because what you don’t learn and do
in your world, you must do and learn in our world to gain your divine spirituality. And it is not to scare
you, we are not trying to frighten you, we just want you to know and understand that not all things stay
behind when you cross over. And as some people will say when you are dead, you are dead, and that is
the end of everything. And we have found many many in our world who are very surprised, very
shocked. And that is the problem with many entities in our world to this day. They refuse accept they
are alive because have firmly implanted in their mind that when you’re dead, YOU ARE DEAD. And that is
not the case. Your physical body is vet definitely dead, it will decay into nothingness. But your spiritual
body will be very much alive, very functional, very well aware of the true world and all those who have
passed before will be here to greet you to talk with you to help you when you ask for it. And yes you will
meet your loved ones, you will meet your friend, you will meet your neighbors because you see in our
world the truth will not be denied. Because here we function only on truth, there are no lies, there is no
cheating and stealing because everybody knows what the other one is thinking, Everybody knows what
the other one is going to do and not do. Where in your world it is not possible to do that. But as you
develop spiritually and learn to see with your spiritual eye you will understand and know many things
that have eluded you in the past. You had hunches, you had things called intuition. That is not it at all, it
is the father, your forces, and the loved ones telling you. You get up and thing Oh I’m going to drive
down the road today and you keep hearing voices & getting the sensation, no no stay home no no stay
home. And you do it to avoid an accident or something happening. You go and sometimes the accident
is there or something terrible comes about. And those are your loved one, your forces, coming to you it
isn’t just your own idea. It isn’t just that you feel funny. That is their way to guide you protect you and
help you. So as you turn within, let your light shine, and begin to let your spiritual self grow you will find
happiness guidance peace and love. It is not going to come fast, it is not going to come easy. Many times
you will doubt yourself, many times you will doubt many things. But that is what makes you strong, that
is what makes it even more reassuring to you “that is correct, that is the right path, here is your spiritual
path”. So we ask that you please follow it because the father loves his children dearly. We thank you,
God bless you, Amen.

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