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Ben and Samantha are good friends, but they annoy each other. Samantha makes fun of
Ben because he likes the pop group The Beatles. However, Samantha secretly likes
them as well. Samantha is clever and always tries to look like she knows more than Ben
in school. One day, however, they start to talk about the Beatles in class with their
teacher, and Ben knows a lot about them. Ben and Samantha start to argue in class. The
teacher then tells them some great news: that they are going to visit Liverpool on a class
trip. They are both very excited and they cannot wait to get there. Ben is particularly
excited because Liverpool is the city of the Beatles. They pack their backs and set off on
the train. The train journey is long but eventually they arrive. When they arrive, the first
place they go is the Royal Liver Building. Samantha is very interested, but Ben just wants
to go to the house of the Beatles. He doesn’t care about the Royal Liver Building.
Samantha leaves Ben downstairs to go upstairs to look at the Liver Birds, which are the
symbol of Liverpool. While she is gone, Ben meets Yoko, John Lennon’s niece. He helps
her find John Lennon’s glasses, which she has lost on the ground. With the help of a
volunteer, Yoko and Ben re-live some of John Lennon’s words about Love. When
Samantha comes back, she doesn’t believe that Ben has meet Yoko, so Ben runs off to
try to fi nd her, in order to prove it. Meanwhile, while Ben is away, Ringo Starr, the son of
the famous Beatle, comes up to Samantha and the two meet. Ringo is an actor, and he
helps Samantha with some advice and practice in acting (with the help of some
volunteers). She is so happy to meet him and she gets his autograph. When Ben comes
back, they start to believe each other’s stories. In the end, Samantha confesses to Ben
that she really loves the Beatles. The two of them happily make their way toward the
house of the Beatles.


The main character of the story. He is a teenager whose ambition is to be a musician. He
is a true fan of the mythical group The Beatles, and especially of John Lennon. He is a
good friend of Samantha’s, but he is always teasing her as he thinks she is excessively
responsible and too mother-like. Ben is humble, kind, and often says embarrassing

The second main character of the story. She is a teenager who has decided that she
wants to be an actress. She met Ben last year, and from the first moment they became
great friends. She is a very responsible student. She is always arguing with Ben, and she
often tries to persuade him to study more. Samantha is efficient, strong willed and slightly

Professor (voiceover):
He is Ben and Samantha’s class teacher.
John Lennon’s niece. Thanks to Ben she manages to sort out a difficult problem. She is a
shy girl and she is tired of the way everyone tries to get to know her just because she is
the niece of a famous musician.

The son of Ringo Starr. He is an actor and dresses in an attention grabbing, hippy way.

Debating or arguing between
Ben and Samantha.
Teacher: Good morning, Samantha.
Samantha: Good morning.
Teacher: Good morning, Benjamin.
Ben: Mornin’.
Teacher: A little more respect please, Benjamin.
Ben: Sorry, sir. A very good morning to you, my most
respected and appreciated teacher.
Teacher: Okay, in our last class, we are going to talk
about a mythical city in England.
Samantha: London?
Teacher: No.
Ben: Manchester?
Teacher: No again. We are going to talk about
Samantha and Ben: Liverpool?
Teacher: Yes, a city which is well known because...
Ben: The Beatles.
Teacher: And it is also well known for...
Samantha: For being in Merseyside, a region in
the North West of England, on the bank of the river
Mersey. It was founded as a town in 1207 and had
that status until 1880, when it received the title of a
Teacher: Very good, Miss Samantha. Do you have
anything to add, Mister Benjamin.
Ben: Ur, well... Liverpool is the city of the Beatles, an
English band that formed there in 1960. From 1962,
the group was made up of John Lennon (rhythm guitar
and vocals), Paul McCartney (bass, vocals), George
Harrison (lead guitar, vocals) and Ringo Starr (drums,
vocals). The Beatles have come to be known as the
most famous band on earth.
Samantha: Can’t you talk about anything other
than the Beatles?
Ben: What do you want me to talk about if I’m
asked about Liverpool, its population?
Samantha: You could have mentioned its
Ben: What better monument is there than the house
of the Beatles?
Samantha: Or it’s streets.
Ben: Which were walked through by the Beatles for
years and years.
Samantha: You are so annoying!
Ben: And you are so pedantic!
Teacher: That is enough, boys and girls!
Samantha: He started it.
Ben: No, sir, it was her. She is annoyed that for once
I know something that she doesn’t.
Samantha: I also know something about the
Ben: Oh yeah? What was their fi rst single?
Samantha: “Love me do”, in 1962.
Ben: And in which year did they separate?
Samantha: In 1970. Lennon was assassinated in
1980 and Harrison died of cancer in 2001.
Ben: How many Grammy awards did they win?
Samantha: A lot.
Ben: How many is “a lot”?
Samantha: Five.
Ben: You are wrong. It was seven, and fi fteen
Ivor Novello awards from the British Academy of
Songwriters, Composers, and Authors.

Debating or arguing between
Ben and Samantha.

Ringo: Hey! What is a girl like you doing in a place
like this?
Samantha: Waiting.
Ringo: It’s not very exciting I would say.
Samantha: No, but there is no way out. My friend
Ben is determined to prove to me that he has met John
Lennon’s niece and I have told him that...
Ringo: That it is true, of course.
Samantha: What did you say?
Ringo: I said that it could be perfectly true, why not?
Samantha: Because it is impossible; famous people
don’t walk around the streets just like that.
Ringo: Ah no? And where do famous people go then?
Samantha: They always travel by car, the go from
party to party, surrounded by fans... I don’t know.
Ringo: And how many famous people do you know?
Samantha: Know personally? None. I have seen a
few in London.
Ringo: Ah yes? And what did you do?
Samantha: The same as everyone; I got fl ustered
and tried to approach to ask for an autograph.
Ringo: Yeah! And did you succeed?
Samantha: No, it was more like my feet were
trodden on by everyone who was running faster than
me and were able to approach the famous person.
Ringo: Well, at least you tried.
Samantha: It didn’t help me much. Moreover,
I’m convinced that being famous, in reality, isn’t so
important. What I mean is that every one of us is
famous at some point in our lives or for someone in
particular. It is not necessary to be applauded by the
multitudes in order to feel good; it is much better to go
unnoticed, to have independence, to live as you wish.
Ringo: Then why do you want to be famous?
Samantha: Is it really that obvious?
Ringo: Yes. The curious thing is that we all want what
we don’t have. I would like to go unnoticed.
Samantha: Are you famous by any chance?
Ringo: I see that for you I am not.
Samantha: Well, the truth is that I don’t know who
you are.
Ringo: And I don’t know who you are.
Samantha: My name is Samantha.
Ringo: Nice to meet you. I promise to tell you who I
am if you can keep a secret.
Samantha: Of course.
Ringo: I am the son of Ringo Starr. I am also called

Conversation between Ringo and Samantha
before introduce themselves.

Ben. I’ve got a feeling X4
Sam. He’s got a feeling
Ben. I’ve got a feeling
Ben & Sam. I’ve got a feeling
Ben & Sam. We’ve got a feeling
Ben. I’ve got a feeling deep inside
It’s going to be a crazy ride
Sam. We’re going to see lots of monuments
Maybe even some make friends
Ben & Sam. Liverpool, yes here we come
Liverpool, the city of fun x2
Come on!
Ben. I’ve got a feeling
Sam. I’ve got a feeling
Ben. She’s got a feeling
Sam. He’s got a feeling
Ben & Sam. They’ve got a feeling
Ben & Sam. You’ve got a feeling
Ben & Sam. We’ve got a feeling X2
Ben. Perpetual fi elds of strawberries
Take a walk down Penny Lane
Sam. Mug of tea with Queen Victoria
Let’s hope it doesn’t rain!
Ben & Sam. Liverpool, yes here we come
Liverpool, the city of fun
Come on! X2
Ben. Sitting in an English garden waiting for the sun
to come
My only hope is my guitar, my restless mind,
my soul, my song
Sam. Waiting for the bus this morning, from the trees
I saw the wood
A lifelong dream to be a star, to play big parts
in Hollywood.
Ben. I’ve got a feeling
Sam. I’ve got a feeling
Ben. She’s got a feeling
Sam. He’s got a feeling
Ben & Sam. They’ve got a feeling
Ben & Sam. You’ve got a feeling
Ben & Sam. We’ve got a feeling X2
Sam. A city built of immigrants
Ships docked in the icy bay
Ben. The scousers like to party hard
Even when the skies are grey.
Ben & Sam. Liverpool, yes here we come
Liverpool, the city of fun! Come on!

“Liverpool, the city of my dreams.”
Song by Ben and Samantha. C.d. track 23

Ben. Music! I want to be a part of you now!
My guitar gently weeps now,
The monkey’s got me on the run.
Hey Jude, let’s go and make a revolution!
Write a song for poor Miss Rigby
So she’ll never walk alone.
John, Paul, George, Ringo
I want to fl oat along the Mersey
I want to wear a bright red jersey
I want to make my mother proud.
The Beatles! Let it be that there’s a fifth one
Miss the train and see the pigs run
Mimi never let John down.
John, Paul, George, Ringo

“The fifth Beatle”.
Sung by Ben. C.d. track 24

Sam. Yesterday, I had a dream
Rather strange, it may have been
In ancient Greece
A tragedy
The part I played Antigona
Who fought, and died.
A life on the stage
World of the play
To be in the theatre, have my say
Making those strange dreams
(To) come alive.
Tormented and torn
A guilty queen,
Macbeth turned to murder
His fate forseen.
Making those great parts
To make my dream

“I’m going to be an actress”.
Sung by Samantha. C.d. track 25
They made us believe that real love, the one that’s
strong, only happens once, more likely before your
They never told us that love is not something that
you can put in motion, neither has a time schedule.
They made us believe that each one of us is the half
of an orange, and that life only makes sense when
you find that other half.
They did not tell us that we were born as whole,
and that no-one in our lives deserve to carry on
his back such responsibility of completing what is
missing on us: we grow through life by ourselves.
If we have good company it’s just more pleasant.
They made us believe in a formula “two in
one”: two people sharing the same line of
thinking, same ideas, and that it is what works.
It’s never been told that it has another name:
invalidation, that only two individuals with their
own personality is how you can have a healthy
It has been made to believe that marriage is an
obliged institution and that fantasies out of hour
should be repressed. ............................................
They made us believe that the thin and beautiful are
the ones who are more loved...........................
They made us believe that there’s a one way formula
to be happy, the same for everybody, and the ones that
escape from that are condemned to be delinquents.
We have never been told that those formulas
go wrong, they get people frustrated, they are
alienating, and that we can try other alternatives.
Oh! Also they did not tell us that no one will tell
those things to us. Each and every one of us will
have to learn by ourselves...............................................
And, when you get to the point that you are in love
with yourself fi rst, that’s when you can fall in love
with somebody else.
“We live in a world were we have to hide to
make love, while violence is practiced in the
full light of day.”


Ringo: It is about an article that I read in the paper
about Paul McCartney’s daughter.
(Ringo gives a paper to Samantha)
Samantha: (Reading) Stell McCartney will design
all the uniforms for the British athletes in the
London 2012 Olympic Games. (Finishing reading) I
understand. Can we do the scene now?
Ringo: Of course!
(Ringo gives the script to each of the
volunteers and Samantha)
Ringo: Samantha, you will be Stella McCartney, the
girl your assistant – Blanche – and the boy will be the
model who you have to dress up – Robert – Agreed?
Samantha: Agreed!
Ringo: Well let’s get started then. Action!
(Samantha and the volunteers act out the
Stella: Blanche, Blanche.
Blanche: Yes?
Stella: We have a special task.
Blanche: What, Stella?
Stella: We have been commissioned to design the
uniforms for the British Athletes for the London 2012
Olympic Games.
Blanche: How exciting!
Stella: Call Robert, we need our super-model as soon
as possible.
Blanche: Robert, Robert! Come quickly!
(Robert enters the scene)
Robert: Good morning, ladies!
Stella: Hello, Robert, you are so charming as usual!
Robert: I do what I can.
Stella: Blanche, quickly, we need to take his
(Stella gives a measuring stick to Blanche who
starts to take Robert’s measurements, while
Stella takes note of them in a notebook.)
Stella: Leg length, good. Head, that’s it. Arm length.
Chest width. Shoe size. I think we have everything. I
have a special design for the sportsmen of the 2012
Olympic Games. Come with me, please.
(Stella takes the volunteer inside)
Blanche: I hope it is a nice model. We should be
aware that it is such a big responsibility for us to do
this design. And none other than Adidas have assigned
this to us. What butterflies I have in my stomach!
(Stella and Robert appear on the scene with
Robert dressed as an athlete)
Stella: Here is the super-athlete of the London 2012
Olympic Games.