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					             Phrases (415)
 A phrase is a group of words used as a
  single part of speech that DOES NOT have
  both a subject and a verb.
 A clause, on the other hand, has a subject
  and a verb.
     Prepositions (p. 386-387)
 A preposition is a word that shows the
  relationship between a noun and another
 She is standing under the archway. (The
  word “under” describes where “she” is in
  relationship to the archway.)
 Jennifer’s house is near Ashley’s house.
  (The word “near” describes where Jennifer’s
  house is in relationship to Ashley’s house.)
      I. Prepositional Phrases
 A phrase that begins with a PREPOSITION
  and ends with a NOUN—the object of the
 See page 386-87 for a LIST of prepositions.
 Example: During the stormy night, the
  teenagers ran into the abandoned haunted
     2 types of Prep. phrases
 Adjective Phrases
 Adverb Phrases
          Adjective phrases
 Describes a noun or pronoun
 Tells “Which one?” or “What kind?”
 Example: Thomas Kinkade is a painter of
 Example: Her house is the one on the left.
           Adverb Phrases
 Describes a verb, an adjective, or an
 Tells how? When? Where? Why? To what
 Example: The rain fell throughout the day.
 Example: Are you good at basketball?
 Example: Ms. Tidwell has been teaching for
  fifteen years.