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									                                                                 EMI CMG DISTRIBUTION
                                                            FEBRUARY 2011 DELETED TITLES LIST
                                     Return Authorization Due Date March 25, 2011     s   Physical Returns Due Date May 20, 2011

                                                                    RECORDED MUSIC
TITLE                                                      ARTIST                                                    LABEL                 UPC             Config.
25 More Sunday School Songs                                25 Kids Song Series                                       Straightway           724359078823    CD
Far Away Places                                            2nd Chapter Of Acts                                       Sparrow               017627128826    CD
How The West Was One                                       2nd Chapter Of Acts                                       Sparrow               017627129526    CD
Hymns II                                                   2nd Chapter Of Acts                                       Sparrow               017627128925    CD
Mansion Builder                                            2nd Chapter Of Acts                                       Sparrow               017627128628    CD
Roar of Love                                               2nd Chapter Of Acts                                       Sparrow               017627129120    CD
Singer Sower                                               2nd Chapter Of Acts                                       Sparrow               017627129427    CD
Living On The Other Side                                   3rd Tyme Out                                              Rounder               011661039322    CD
Aaron Jeoffrey                                             Aaron & Jeoffrey                                          Star Song             724382002727    CD
Very Best Of Aaron & Jeoffrey                              Aaron & Jeoffrey                                          Star Song             094637012123    CD
I Know Who Holds Tomorrow                                  Alison Krause Cox Family                                  Rounder               011661030725    CD
Amazing Grace Original Score                               Arnold, David                                             Sparrow               094638850922    CD
A Distant Call                                             Ashton, Susan                                             Sparrow               724385145827    CD
Susan Ashton                                               Ashton, Susan                                             Sparrow               077775138825    CD
Adios                                                      Audio Adrenaline                                          ForeFront             094635508628    CD
Audio Adrenaline                                           Audio Adrenaline                                          ForeFront             724382511724    CD
Hit Parade: The Greatest Hits                              Audio Adrenaline                                          ForeFront             724382527329    CD
Karaoke Audio Adrenaline                                   Audio Adrenaline                                          ForeFront             724387795600    CD
Live Bootleg                                               Audio Adrenaline                                          ForeFront             724382513629    CD
Live From Hawaii...The Farewell Concert                    Audio Adrenaline                                          ForeFront             094639667529    CD
Some Kind of Zombie                                        Audio Adrenaline                                          ForeFront             724382518228    CD
The Ultimate Collection                                    Audio Adrenaline                                          ForeFront             5099922668028   2 Disc Set
Avalon                                                     Avalon                                                    Sparrow               724385148521    CD
Karaoke Avalon                                             Avalon                                                    Sparrow               724387799707    CD
Open Mic Karaoke Vol. 2                                    Avalon                                                    Sparrow               724359789804    CD
Oxygen                                                     Avalon                                                    Sparrow               724385179624    CD
Stand                                                      Avalon                                                    Sparrow               724347473326    CD
Outloud!                                                   Baker, Spensha                                            Universal Christian   602517642065    CD
Special Friend                                             Baker, Tonya                                              Universal Christian   801881105101    CD
Falling Forward                                            Becker, Margaret                                          Sparrow               724385155222    CD
Grace                                                      Becker, Margaret                                          Sparrow               724385142420    CD
Simple House                                               Becker, Margaret                                          Sparrow               017627126129    CD
The Reckoning                                              Becker, Margaret                                          Sparrow               017627116120    CD
Very Best Of Margaret Becker                               Becker, Margaret                                          Sparrow               094637010921    CD
What Kind Of Love                                          Becker, Margaret                                          Sparrow               724385171628    CD
Painting The Invisible                                     Beeching, Vickie                                          Sparrow               094637386729    CD
Failure On                                                 Beloved                                                   Tooth & Nail          724354081422    CD
The Running (EP) (Reissue)                                 Beloved                                                   Tooth & Nail          724359726526    CD
Songs From The Beginner's Bible                            Benson, Jodi                                              Sparrow Kids          017627134124    CD
Imagine                                                    Benward, Aaron                                            Sparrow               724385171529    CD
The Story and the Song                                     Between The Trees                                         Universal Christian   837101227865    CD
Spirit and Truth                                           Bishop Eddie L. Long & The New Birth Total Praise Choir   EMI Gospel            724357684606    CD
AStar Songonomy                                            Bleach                                                    Tooth & Nail          724358468625    CD
Audio/Visual                                               Bleach                                                    Tooth & Nail          094633552722    CD+DVD
Static                                                     Bleach                                                    ForeFront             724382519126    CD
DoorWay                                                    Block, Ron                                                Rounder               011661058729    CD
Faraway Land                                               Block, Ron                                                Rounder               011661047723    CD
Wondrous Love                                              Blue Highway                                              Rounder               011661052420    CD
Angels Are Singing A Womens                                Bluegrass Gospel Collection                               Rounder               011661048522    CD
Everyday Man                                               Bobby Bishop                                              Universal Christian   631903040963    CD
Beautiful                                                  Brent Jones And The T.P. Mobb                             EMI Gospel            724382032328    CD
Your Will                                                  Brooks, Darius                                            EMI Gospel            724357189705    CD
Brothers Martin                                            Brothers Martin                                           Tooth & Nail          094636391229    CD
Scott Wesley Brown Collection: A Library of 35 Favorites   Brown, Scott Wesley                                       Sparrow               724385151125    2 Disc Set
Restored (Deluxe Gold Edition)                             Camp, Jeremy                                              BEC                   094634561624    CD
Steve Camp Collection:                                     Camp, Steve                                               Sparrow               724385150920    CD
When I Think About You                                     Campbell, Lamar                                           EMI Gospel            724382029021    CD
To Know Your Heart                                         Cape First Worship with Brent                             Universal Christian   094922971272    CD+DVD
Ancient Faith Box Set                                      Card, Michael                                             Sparrow               077775137729    2 Disc Set
Come to the Cradle                                         Card, Michael                                             Sparrow Kids          077775137323    CD
Poiema                                                     Card, Michael                                             Sparrow               724385142123    CD
Present Reality                                            Card, Michael                                             Sparrow               017627115529    CD
The Early Years                                            Card, Michael                                             Sparrow               094636837529    CD
Way of Wisdom, The                                         Card, Michael                                             Sparrow               017627122329    CD
Passion For Praise Vol 1                                   Carman                                                    Sparrow               724385170423    CD
Righteous Invasion Of Truth                                Carman                                                    Sparrow               724385142222    CD
Reflections                                                Champion, Jason                                           EMI Gospel            5099951522322   CD
Abbey Road Sessions / The Walk                             Chapman, Steven Curtis                                    Sparrow               724387474406    CD+DVD

                                                                      EMI CMG DISTRIBUTION
                                                                 FEBRUARY 2011 DELETED TITLES LIST
                                       Return Authorization Due Date March 25, 2011        s   Physical Returns Due Date May 20, 2011

TITLE                                                           ARTIST                                                   LABEL                 UPC             Config.
Declaration                                                     Chapman, Steven Curtis                                   Sparrow               724385177026    CD
First Hand                                                      Chapman, Steven Curtis                                   Sparrow               724385113925    CD
Karaoke Steven Curtis Chapman                                   Chapman, Steven Curtis                                   Sparrow               724358285307    CD
Karaoke Vol. 2 Chapman                                          Chapman, Steven Curtis                                   Sparrow               724359757803    CD
Music of Christmas, The                                         Chapman, Steven Curtis                                   Sparrow               724385148927    CD
Real Life Conversations                                         Chapman, Steven Curtis                                   Sparrow               724385116025    CD
This Moment                                                     Chapman, Steven Curtis                                   Sparrow               094638639329    CD
This Moment (Special Edition)                                   Chapman, Steven Curtis                                   Sparrow               5099950818808   CD
Circle Of Two                                                   Chapman,Steve & Annie                                    Star Song             054438805522    CD
Shine Through The Stars                                         Chasen                                                   OMG                   094922781161    CD
Life Story                                                      Christawn                                                Universal Christian   895993001376    CD
History                                                         Coleman, Paul                                            Inpop                 804147142728    CD
Let It Go                                                       Coleman, Paul                                            Inpop                 804147130800    CD
12 Best Loved Songs                                             Coley, Daryl                                             Sparrow               724385144622    CD
In My Dreams                                                    Coley, Daryl                                             Sparrow               724385139024    CD
When the Music Stops                                            Coley, Daryl                                             Sparrow               077775132427    CD
CompassionArt: Creating Freedom From Poverty                    CompassionArt                                            Sparrow               5099923696624   CD
Lost At Sea                                                     Craig's Brother                                          Tooth & Nail          647077118322    CD
Dailey & Vincent                                                Dailey & Vincent                                         Rounder               011661060425    CD
Greater Than Us All                                             Daniel Doss Band                                         Sparrow               5099950140022   CD
I've Got A Right                                                Darrell McFadden and the Disciples                       EMI Gospel            094633248229    CD
B Collision or (B is for Banjo), or (B sides) or perhaps more
accurately (...the eschatology of Bluegrass)                    David Crowder*Band                                       Six Steps Records     094634809306    CD
Can You Hear Us?                                                David Crowder*Band                                       Six Steps Records     724385183126    CD
Remedy - Limited Edition                                        David Crowder*Band                                       Six Steps Records     5099952118425   CD+DVD
Greatest Hits                                                   DC Talk                                                  ForeFront             094638825623    CD+DVD
Karaoke dc Talk                                                 DC Talk                                                  ForeFront             724387795709    CD
Karaoke Vol. 2 dc Talk                                          DC Talk                                                  ForeFront             724359747507    CD
Welcome to the Freak Show Live                                  DC Talk                                                  ForeFront             724382518426    CD
Four Wall Blackmail                                             Dead Poetic                                              Tooth & Nail          724353886622    CD
New Medicines                                                   Dead Poetic                                              Tooth & Nail          724359590929    CD
Vices                                                           Dead Poetic                                              Tooth & Nail          094634661928    CD
Collecton                                                       DeGarmo & Key                                            Sparrow               724358066425    CD
DeGarmo And Key Greatest Hits                                   DeGarmo & Key                                            ForeFront             724382511120    CD
Very Best Of Degarmo & Key                                      DeGarmo & Key                                            ForeFront             094637010020    CD
Here In Me                                                      Deleon                                                   Universal Christian   044003983472    CD
Cutting Edge                                                    Delirious?                                               Sparrow               724385162220    2 Disc Set
Glo                                                             Delirious?                                               Sparrow               724385173929    CD
Kingdom Of Comfort                                              Delirious?                                               Sparrow               5099951568528   CD
Libertad                                                        Delirious?                                               Sparrow               825805030423    CD
Live And In The Can                                             Delirious?                                               Sparrow               724385154423    CD
My Soul Sings                                                   Delirious?                                               Sparrow               5099926857220   CD
Now Is The Time: Live At Willow Creek                           Delirious?                                               Sparrow               094638191124    CD
Listen                                                          Dexter, Terry                                            Universal Christian   812044010002    CD
Bethany Dillon                                                  Dillon, Bethany                                          Sparrow               724358150100    CD
So Far ... The Acoustic Sessions                                Dillon, Bethany                                          Sparrow               5099951836320   CD
Dance House Praise                                              Disco Saints                                             Star Song             724382005322    CD
Psychology                                                      Discover America                                         Tooth & Nail          724347320002    CD
Diamond Jubilation                                              Dixie Hummingbirds                                       Rounder               011661218123    CD
Tension                                                         Dizmas                                                   Credential            094635430325    CD
Reverse, Then Forward Again                                     Dogwood                                                  Tooth & Nail          724359861821    CD
Go Get Your Life Back                                           Donald Lawrence & The Tri-City Singers                   EMI Gospel            724382036029    CD
Hello Christmas                                                 Donald Lawrence & The Tri-City Singers                   Universal Christian   739242017827    CD
Matthew 28 - Greatest Hits                                      Donald Lawrence & The Tri-City Singers                   EMI Gospel            5099951283629   CD
Coming Back To You                                              Doolittle, Melinda                                       GT Media              796019818247    CD
Memories That Bless and Burn                                    Dry Branch Fire Squad                                    Rounder               018964446925    CD
Celtic Praise and Worship                                       Eden's Bridge                                            Straightway           724358083620    CD
Celtic Psalms                                                   Eden's Bridge                                            Straightway           724382018025    CD
Celtic Reflections On Hymns                                     Eden's Bridge                                            Straightway           724382022824    CD
Celtic Worship                                                  Eden's Bridge                                            Straightway           724382018124    CD
Irish Christmas                                                 Eden's Bridge                                            Straightway           5099950226221   CD
A Burn Or A Shiver                                              Edison Glass                                             Credential            724347473425    CD
Time Is Fiction                                                 Edison Glass                                             Credential            094635261127    CD
Things I Prayed For                                             Eli                                                      ForeFront             724382518723    CD
Goin' All Out                                                   Evans, Dan                                               Universal Christian   631903040840    CD
Pure Love                                                       Evans, David G.                                          Universal Christian   895993001277    CD
On The Brink Of It All                                          Ever Stays Red                                           VSR Music Group       674917777920    CD
Wake Up! Wake Up!                                               Everyday Sunday                                          Inpop                 804147140625    CD
Burial                                                          Extol                                                    Tooth & Nail          647077112627    CD
Mesmerized - EP                                                 Extol                                                    Tooth & Nail          647077115826    CD

                                                               EMI CMG DISTRIBUTION
                                                          FEBRUARY 2011 DELETED TITLES LIST
                                   Return Authorization Due Date March 25, 2011   s   Physical Returns Due Date May 20, 2011

TITLE                                                    ARTIST                                                 LABEL                 UPC             Config.
Undeceived                                               Extol                                                  Tooth & Nail          647077117820    CD
Exit Lights                                              Falling Up                                             BEC                   094636356129    CD
Fiction Family                                           Fiction Family                                         Credential            880882164126    CD
Suffering the Loss                                       Figure Four                                            Tooth & Nail          724358265521    CD
Quantity is Job 1                                        Five Iron Frenzy                                       Five Minute Walk      657022521626    CD
Upbeats & Beatdowns                                      Five Iron Frenzy                                       Five Minute Walk      657022521824    CD
Limbs And Branches                                       Foreman, Jon                                           Credential            5099922651723   CD
Future Of Forestry                                       Future Of Forestry                                     Credential            094636891422    CD
Travel                                                   Future Of Forestry                                     Credential            5099969393921   CD
Can't Stop Talking About Him                             Gaither Vocal Band                                     Star Song             724382004820    CD
Homecoming                                               Gaither Vocal Band                                     Star Song             724382003021    CD
A Friend Like You                                        Geoff Moore And The Distance                           ForeFront             724382511328    CD
Beautiful Sound                                          Geoff Moore And The Distance                           ForeFront             724353258627    CD
Geoff Moore                                              Geoff Moore And The Distance                           ForeFront             724382528029    CD
Threads                                                  Geoff Moore And The Distance                           ForeFront             724382517528    CD
Parade                                                   Go Fish                                                Inpop                 804147125929    CD
White Dove The Bluegrass                                 Gospel Collection                                      Rounder               011661052321    CD
Flying                                                   Grammatrain                                            ForeFront             724382516422    CD
Lonely House                                             Grammatrain                                            ForeFront             724382513827    CD
The Early Years                                          Green, Keith                                           Sparrow               094636837727    CD
The Keith Green Story - Your Love Broke Through          Green, Keith                                           Sparrow               724384319496    CD
15 Melodias Biblicas Para Nino                           Green, Steve                                           Sparrow Kids          724385143021    CD
A Portrait Of Christ                                     Green, Steve                                           Sparrow               077775134827    CD
En Vivo                                                  Green, Steve                                           Sparrow               724385142024    CD
Find Us Faithful                                         Green, Steve                                           Sparrow               017627116427    CD
First Noel, The                                          Green, Steve                                           Sparrow               724385158520    CD
Joy to the World                                         Green, Steve                                           Sparrow               017627114324    CD
The Letter                                               Green, Steve                                           Sparrow               724385149023    CD
Tienen Que Saber                                         Green, Steve                                           Sparrow               017627113723    CD
Toma La Cruz                                             Green, Steve                                           Sparrow               017627125320    CD
Woven In Time                                            Green, Steve                                           Sparrow               724385172526    CD
Yo Ire                                                   Green, Steve                                           Sparrow               724385197727    CD
Just As I Am                                             Griffith, Andy                                         Sparrow               724385166624    CD
Love To Tell Story-25 Hymns                              Griffith, Andy                                         Sparrow               724385144028    CD
On The Road to Beautiful                                 Hall, Charlie                                          Six Steps Records     724354104428    CD
Get Real                                                 Halo Friendlies                                        Tooth & Nail          724354081521    CD
Smile, It's The End Of The World                         Hawk Nelson                                            Tooth & Nail          094637929025    2 Disc Set
More Of You                                              Hawkins, Sunny                                         Universal Christian   894096001214    CD
All My Best to You                                       Hawkins, Tramaine                                      Sparrow               724385142925    CD
All My Best To You Vol 2                                 Hawkins, Tramaine                                      EMI Gospel            724382031529    CD
Tramaine Hawkins Live                                    Hawkins, Tramaine                                      Sparrow               077775124620    CD
I Am Hollywood                                           He Is Legend                                           Tooth & Nail          724357111003    CD
Audience Of One                                          Headley, Heather                                       EMI Gospel            5099922651228   CD
Carman                                                   Heart Of A Champion                                    Sparrow               724385176623    CD
Kids In Worship                                          Hernandez, Betsy                                       Sparrow Kids          724385171321    2 Disc Set
Arms Of Mercy                                            Hill, Kim                                              Star Song             724382021322    CD
Broken                                                   Hobbs, Darwin                                          EMI Gospel            724382035923    CD
The Best Of Darwin Hobbs                                 Hobbs, Darwin                                          EMI Gospel            094639090327    CD
Worshipper                                               Hobbs, Darwin                                          EMI Gospel            724357779708    CD
Exodus                                                   Hunter, Andy                                           Sparrow               724382031628    CD
Life                                                     Hunter, Andy                                           Sparrow               724359560205    CD
Growing Up Is No Fun                                     Huntingtons                                            Tooth & Nail          724387336704    CD
Journey Into The Morn                                    Iona                                                   ForeFront             724382514220    CD
The iNDI1st Project…Breakthrough                         Jocelyn a.k.a. iNDIGO                                  Universal Christian   812180010041    CD
This Is Who I Am                                         Jody McBrayer                                          Sparrow               724385185328    CD
Love Jones                                               Jones, Canton                                          Universal Christian   184187000227    CD
Hello Mannequin                                          Joy Electric                                           Tooth & Nail          724359830728    CD
The Art And Craft Of Popular Music                       Joy Electric                                           BEC                   724353873424    2 Disc Set
The Ministry of Archers                                  Joy Electric                                           Tooth & Nail          724387336803    CD
The Otherly Opus                                         Joy Electric                                           Tooth & Nail          094636390925    CD
Tick Tock Treasury                                       Joy Electric                                           Tooth & Nail          724354098826    CD
My Coming Day                                            Julian Drive                                           Inpop                 804147143824    CD
2 For 1 Accelerate/Dreaming In Color                     Jump5                                                  Sparrow               5099921380624   2 Disc Set
Karaoke Jump5                                            Jump5                                                  Sparrow               724358234909    CD
The Very Best of Jump5                                   Jump5                                                  Sparrow               724386049001    CD+DVD
There Is Joy In The Lord                                 Keaggy, Cheri                                          Sparrow               724385169427    CD
Very Best Of Cheri Keaggy                                Keaggy, Cheri                                          Sparrow               094637011423    CD
What Matters Most                                        Keaggy, Cheri                                          Sparrow               724385163623    CD
Almost Forgot To Worship                                 Kim Stratton                                           Universal Christian   801881104104    CD
A Room Full Of Stories                                   King, Wes                                              Sparrow               724385158728    CD

                                                                  EMI CMG DISTRIBUTION
                                                             FEBRUARY 2011 DELETED TITLES LIST
                                      Return Authorization Due Date March 25, 2011   s   Physical Returns Due Date May 20, 2011

TITLE                                                       ARTIST                                                 LABEL                 UPC             Config.
The Yearbook: The Missing Pages                             KJ-52                                                  BEC                   5099923660328   CD
Star Songong Tower (Deluxe Edition)                         Kutless                                                BEC                   094638739005    CD
Lamb Favorites                                              Lamb                                                   Sparrow               724385104626    CD
Words In Time                                               Lee, Russ                                              Sparrow               724385171826    CD
Faith, Hope And Love                                        LeFevre, Mylon                                         Star Song             054438825520    CD
Waking Giants                                               Life In Your Way                                       Tooth & Nail          094637528822    CD
Reborn                                                      Living Sacrifice                                       Tooth & Nail          724359725505    CD
Janna                                                       Long, Janna                                            Sparrow               724385185427    CD
Lost Ocean                                                  Lost Ocean                                             Credential            094635510720    CD
Night To Life                                               Lost Ocean                                             Credential            094636891521    CD
Steps To Heaven                                             Louvin, Charlie                                        Universal Christian   894807002059    CD
Shimmer                                                     Luna Halo                                              Sparrow               724385170829    CD
Throwing Myself                                             Luti-Kriss                                             Tooth & Nail          647077117127    CD
Take Me With You                                            Mack, Kelly                                            VSR Music Group       674917778026    CD
Destination Beautiful                                       Madacy                                                 Tooth & Nail          724358059120    CD
Raw Material                                                Mars Ill                                               BEC                   637761745729    CD
Carry Us Through                                            Masen, Sarah                                           Re:Think              724385163227    CD
All Around The World                                        Matt Redman, Tim Hughes And Paul Oakley                Sparrow               724382031321    CD
Stereotype Be                                               Max, Kevin                                             ForeFront             724382529026    CD
Scattered Pieces: Live                                      McDonald, Shawn                                        Sparrow               094637926406    CD
Wherever You Are                                            McInnis, Adam                                          Universal Christian   854882200672    CD
Indiana                                                     McLaughlin, Jon                                        Universal Christian   602517325142    CD
OK Now                                                      McLaughlin, Jon                                        Universal Christian   602517801790    CD
Once In A Lifetime                                          Meece, David                                           Star Song             724382002628    CD
PurePraise Live Worship                                     Mount Carmel Church of Christ                          Madacy                628261029020    2 Disc Set
What A Wonderful Christmas                                  Murray, Anne                                           Straightway           724382033523    2 Disc Set
At The Show                                                 MxPx                                                   Tooth & Nail          647077900026    CD
Move To Bremerton - EP                                      MxPx                                                   Tooth & Nail          026297106126    CD
Stronger                                                    Myron Butler & Levi                                    EMI Gospel            094638364221    CD
To Be His Child                                             Nashville Bluegrass Band                               Rounder               011661024229    CD
Adoration                                                   Newsboys                                               Sparrow               724358312409    2 Disc Set
Adoration                                                   Newsboys                                               Sparrow               724354176326    CD
Devotion                                                    Newsboys                                               Sparrow               724359554709    CD
Go Limited Edition                                          Newsboys                                               Inpop                 804147138929    CD+DVD
Go Remixed                                                  Newsboys                                               Inpop                 804147139421    CD
Going Public                                                Newsboys                                               Star Song             724382000525    CD
Karaoke Newsboys                                            Newsboys                                               Sparrow               724358235203    CD
Newsboys Remixed                                            Newsboys                                               Sparrow               724354054723    CD
Shine The Hits Special Edition                              Newsboys                                               Sparrow               724354464607    CD+DVD
Take Me To Your Leader                                      Newsboys                                               Star Song             724382007524    CD
Thrive Special Edition                                      Newsboys                                               Sparrow               724354464508    CD+DVD
Taking It Back                                              Nicole "Faithful" Franklin                             Universal Christian   812180010072    CD
Open Mic Karaoke Vol. 1                                     Nordeman, Nichole                                      Sparrow               724359790008    CD
Reggae Praise                                               Nothing To Dread                                       Star Song             724382003328    CD
Promises For The Imperfect                                  Number One Gun                                         Tooth & Nail          724386063403    CD
Christmas Time Is Here                                      O'Donnell, Erin                                        Inpop                 804147129101    CD
Child of The Promise                                        Omartian, Michael                                      Sparrow               724385170225    CD
Genuine                                                     Orrico, Stacie                                         ForeFront             724382525325    CD
Karaoke Stacie Orrico                                       Orrico, Stacie                                         ForeFront             724387795907    CD
Stacie Orrico                                               Orrico, Stacie                                         ForeFront             724353258924    CD
What I Can't See                                            Out of Ruin                                            VSR Music Group       674917777425    CD
Gravity                                                     Out Of The Grey                                        Sparrow               724385146626    CD
Out of the Grey                                             Out Of The Grey                                        Sparrow               017627126020    CD
Remember This - The Collection                              Out Of The Grey                                        Sparrow               724385168420    CD
Worship For The Kingdom                                     Pace, Joe                                              NuSpring              5099950667529   CD
8 Great Hits Twila Paris                                    Paris, Twila                                           Sparrow               724359300023    CD
Beyond A Dream                                              Paris, Twila                                           Star Song             724382000624    CD
It's The Thought                                            Paris, Twila                                           Star Song             724382002529    CD
True North                                                  Paris, Twila                                           Sparrow               724385169021    CD
Passion: Everything Glorious                                Passion                                                Six Steps Records     094634809429    CD
Passion: How Great Is Our God                               Passion                                                Six Steps Records     724386357403    CD
Passion: OneDay Live                                        Passion                                                Sparrow               724385176821    CD
Passion: Our Love Is Loud                                   Passion                                                Six Steps Records     724385192302    CD
Sacred Revolution                                           Passion                                                Six Steps Records     094635437522    CD+DVD
Touch: Pastor Rudy Experience                               Pastor Rudy                                            Universal Christian   879645000320    CD+DVD
Engage                                                      Pax217                                                 ForeFront             724382529521    CD
Two Seventeen                                               Pax217                                                 ForeFront             724382524922    CD
Full Circle                                                 Peacock, Charlie                                       Sparrow               724359729527    CD
Kingdom Come                                                Peacock, Charlie                                       Re:Think              724385170720    CD
Whole - EP                                                  Pedro The Lion                                         Tooth & Nail          026297108625    CD

                                                              EMI CMG DISTRIBUTION
                                                         FEBRUARY 2011 DELETED TITLES LIST
                                  Return Authorization Due Date March 25, 2011         s   Physical Returns Due Date May 20, 2011

TITLE                                                   ARTIST                                                       LABEL                 UPC             Config.
Back To The Street                                      Petra                                                        Star Song             054438807328    CD
Beat The System                                         Petra                                                        Star Song             054438805720    CD
Captured In Time And Space                              Petra                                                        Star Song             054438806529    CD
Farewell                                                Petra                                                        Inpop                 804147133504    CD
More Power To Ya                                        Petra                                                        Star Song             054438804525    CD
Never Say Die/Washes Whiter Than                        Petra                                                        Star Song             054438801623    CD
Not Of This World                                       Petra                                                        Star Song             054438805027    CD
This Means War                                          Petra                                                        Star Song             724382001621    CD
Goldie's Last Day                                       PFR                                                          Sparrow               077775140323    CD
Great Lengths                                           PFR                                                          Sparrow               724385145223    CD
Pray For Rain                                           PFR                                                          Sparrow               017627220223    CD
The Late Great PFR                                      PFR                                                          Sparrow               724385163128    CD
Acoustic Sketches                                       Phil Keaggy                                                  Sparrow               724385162022    CD
Be Pleased                                              Phil Tarver                                                  Universal Christian   801881101196    CD
Favorite Songs Of All                                   Phillips, Craig And Dean                                     Star Song             724382021025    CD
Let My Words Be Few                                     Phillips, Craig And Dean                                     Sparrow               724385182020    CD
Let Your Glory Fall                                     Phillips, Craig And Dean                                     Sparrow               724385197925    CD
Restoration                                             Phillips, Craig And Dean                                     Sparrow               724385171925    CD
Trust                                                   Phillips, Craig And Dean                                     Star Song             724382007425    CD
Face Down                                               Phillips, Jonathan                                           Universal Christian   044003976191    CD
Oh Snap                                                 Philmont                                                     ForeFront             5099969393822   CD
Truthless Heroes                                        Project 86                                                   Tooth & Nail          724353911324    CD
Abandoned To You                                        Re:Zound                                                     VSR Music Group       674917777821    CD
Reality Check                                           Reality Check                                                Star Song             724382015826    CD
2 For 1 Pray/Worship God                                Rebecca St. James                                            ForeFront             5099920718428   2 Disc Set
aLIVE In Florida                                        Rebecca St. James                                            ForeFront             094638454328    CD
Christmas                                               Rebecca St. James                                            ForeFront             724382517627    CD
God                                                     Rebecca St. James                                            ForeFront             724382514121    CD
If I Had One Chance To Tell You Something               Rebecca St. James                                            ForeFront             094631156625    CD
Karaoke Rebbecca St James                               Rebecca St. James                                            ForeFront             724387795808    CD
Live Worship: Blessed Be Your Name                      Rebecca St. James                                            ForeFront             724359664323    CD
Wait For Me:The Best From RSJ                           Rebecca St. James                                            ForeFront             724354283529    CD
The Answer To The Question (With Extra Tracks)          Re-Release                                                   Inpop                 804147132101    CD
Christmas                                               Rivertribe                                                   Inpop                 804147127220    CD
Better Days                                             Robbie Seay Band                                             Sparrow               724347473500    CD
Secondhand Dreaming                                     Ruth                                                         Tooth & Nail          094637600429    CD
What You Thought You Knew                               Say No More                                                  Universal Christian   602517655157    CD
Teenage Fantasy                                         Secret And Whisper                                           Tooth & Nail          5099926730929   CD
Marilyn Sellars                                         Sellars, Marilyn                                             Madacy                628261245321    2 Disc Set
Seven Day Jesus                                         Seven Day Jesus                                              ForeFront             724382517924    CD
Hear Us Say Jesus                                       Seven Places                                                 BEC                   724347305603    CD
Lonely For the Last Time (Reissue)                      Seven Places                                                 BEC                   724359790220    CD
Finally Awake (Special Edition)                         Seventh Day Slumber                                          BEC                   094638601821    CD+DVD
Everybody's Brother                                     Shaver, Billy Joe                                            Universal Christian   616892910626    CD
Just Until...                                           Sheard, Kierra                                               EMI Gospel            724347463204    CD
Devotion                                                Sierra                                                       Star Song             724382008323    CD
Sierra                                                  Sierra                                                       Star Song             724382000822    CD
Story Of Life                                           Sierra                                                       Star Song             724382016625    CD
Burn Out                                                Slick Shoes                                                  Tooth & Nail          647077110524    CD
Rusty                                                   Slick Shoes                                                  Tooth & Nail          026297108823    CD
Slick Shoes                                             Slick Shoes                                                  Tooth & Nail          647077120103    CD
Wake Up Screaming                                       Slick Shoes                                                  Tooth & Nail          647077116526    CD
Memorable Moments                                       Smallwood, Richard                                           EMI Gospel            724382025320    CD
The Richard Smallwood Singers Live                      Smallwood, Richard                                           Sparrow               077775135220    CD
Divine Invitation                                       Something Like Silas                                         Sparrow               724359319100    CD
Immune                                                  Soul Embraced                                                Tooth & Nail          724354253126    CD
This Is My Blood                                        Soul Embraced                                                Tooth & Nail          647077120721    CD
Sing                                                    Spiro, Aaron                                                 Sparrow               724385193323    CD
Easy Come, Easy Go Box Set                              Starflyer 59                                                 Tooth & Nail          647077119527    CD
Leave Here A Stranger                                   Starflyer 59                                                 Tooth & Nail          647077119923    CD
Old                                                     Starflyer 59                                                 Tooth & Nail          724358020625    CD
Friction                                                Stavesacre                                                   Tooth & Nail          026297105020    CD
Speakeasy                                               Stavesacre                                                   Tooth & Nail          647077114027    CD
The World's Greatest Composers: Strauss                 Strauss                                                      Madacy                628261375721    2 Disc Set
Rituals of Life                                         Stretch Armstrong                                            Tooth & Nail          647077112528    CD
The Advent Of A Miracle (reissue)                       Strongarm                                                    Tooth & Nail          724359725628    CD
Reborn                                                  Stryper                                                      B3 Records            804983677927    CD
Hey, I'm a Ghost                                        Sullivan                                                     Tooth & Nail          094633172807    CD
Hello Hurricane Deluxe Edition                          Switchfoot                                                   Credential            5099968779726   CD+DVD
Learning To Breathe                                     Switchfoot                                                   Re:Think              724385173622    CD

                                                                  EMI CMG DISTRIBUTION
                                                             FEBRUARY 2011 DELETED TITLES LIST
                                   Return Authorization Due Date March 25, 2011       s   Physical Returns Due Date May 20, 2011

TITLE                                                       ARTIST                                                  LABEL                 UPC             Config.
New Way To Be Human                                         Switchfoot                                              Re:Think              724385168826    CD
Open Mic Karaoke Vol. 1                                     Switchfoot                                              Sparrow               724359847900    CD
The Legend Of Chin                                          Switchfoot                                              Re:Think              724385159527    CD
Come Worship the Lord V.1                                   Talbot, John Michael                                    Sparrow               017627124323    CD
Come Worship The Lord, Vol. 2                               Talbot, John Michael                                    Sparrow               017627124422    CD
Collection                                                  Talbot, John Michael                                    Sparrow               724358066128    CD
For the Bride                                               Talbot, John Michael                                    Sparrow               017627202120    CD
Heart of the Shepherd                                       Talbot, John Michael                                    Sparrow               017627209426    CD
Quiet Reflections                                           Talbot, John Michael                                    Sparrow               017627115024    CD
The Lover & the Beloved                                     Talbot, John Michael                                    Sparrow               017627119329    CD
The Quiet                                                   Talbot, John Michael                                    Sparrow               017627125429    CD
Troubadour of the King                                      Talbot, John Michael                                    Sparrow               017627203424    CD
The Painter                                                 Talbot, John Michael & Terry                            Sparrow               017627103724    CD
Eternity Is Now                                             Telecast                                                BEC                   724387398603    CD
Jubilee                                                     Ten Shekel Shirt                                        Rounder               011661908024    CD
How The Lonely Keep                                         Terminal                                                Tooth & Nail          724356055902    CD
Chant II                                                    The Benedictine Monks Of Santo Domingo De Silos         Sparrow               724385153723    CD
Untitled                                                    The Benjamin Gate                                       ForeFront             724382527220    CD
Gardens In The Sky: The Bluegrass Gospel of James King      The Bluegrass Gospel of James King                      Rounder               011661059528    CD
Live: One Last Time                                         The Clark Sisters                                       EMI Gospel            094639089291    CD
This Too Shall Pass                                         The Fold                                                Tooth & Nail          094631145902    CD
Emotion Is Dead                                             The Juliana Theory                                      Tooth & Nail          647077117424    CD
Understand This Is A Dream                                  The Juliana Theory                                      Tooth & Nail          647077113525    CD
                                                            The London Festival Orchestra and Thomas/Cumberland
32 Great Hymns of the Faith                                 Choir                                                   Sparrow               724385170621    CD
Coming to Life                                              The Normals                                             ForeFront             724382524724    CD
Blue Belly Sky                                              The Waiting                                             Sparrow               724385166228    CD
The Waiting                                                 The Waiting                                             Sparrow               724385154720    CD
Unfazed                                                     The Waiting                                             Sparrow               724385167928    CD
Power in the House                                          The Williams Sisters                                    EMI Gospel            724357189606    CD
A New Abolition                                             The Wrecking                                            Universal Christian   880336004626    CD
A New Abolition                                             The Wrecking                                            Universal Christian   880336004626    CD
Even Heroes Need A Parachute                                This Beautiful Republic                                 ForeFront             094637396827    CD
Portable Sounds - Deluxe Edition                            TobyMac                                                 ForeFront             5099950608027   CD+DVD
Re:Mix Momentum                                             TobyMac                                                 ForeFront             724358318203    CD
See The Morning                                             Tomlin, Chris                                           Six Steps Records     094636720104    CD
See The Morning - Tour Edition                              Tomlin, Chris                                           Six Steps Records     5099950607822   CD+DVD
The Noise We Make                                           Tomlin, Chris                                           Six Steps Records     724385182327    CD
Technical Difficulties                                      Training For Utopia                                     Tooth & Nail          724359859521    CD
Sunday!                                                     Tree 63                                                 Inpop                 804147140229    CD
Listen                                                      Tumes, Michelle                                         Sparrow               724385154621    CD
Turn Off The Stars                                          Turn Off The Stars                                      Credential            094634037624    CD
You Should Be Living                                        Twothirtyeight                                          Tooth & Nail          724353953126    CD
50 Most Loved Piano Classics                                Various                                                 Straightway           094633441026    2 Disc Set
Worship Hymns                                               Various                                                 Madacy                628261281824    2 Disc Set
25 Bible Action Songs                                       Various Artists                                         Straightway           724358285727    CD
25 Christmas Songs You Love To                              Various Artists                                         Straightway           724382005728    CD
25 Favorite Hymns                                           Various Artists                                         Straightway           724358285628    CD
25 Sleepytime Songs                                         Various Artists                                         Straightway           724359078724    CD
25 Toddler Songs For Preschoolers                           Various Artists                                         Straightway           724358285826    CD
32 Country Gospel Favorites                                 Various Artists                                         Sparrow               094633755727    CD
50 Hymns And Praise 2                                       Various Artists                                         Madacy                628261063826    2 Disc Set
50 Inspirational Songs You Love                             Various Artists                                         Straightway           724382012023    2 Disc Set
8 Great Hits: Women Of Gospel                               Various Artists                                         EMI Gospel            094634613422    CD
90's Ultimate Collection                                    Various Artists                                         Sparrow               094638727323    2 Disc Set
Along The Road                                              Various Artists                                         Sparrow               724385138928    CD
Ants'hillvania Volume 2                                     Various Artists                                         Sparrow Kids          017627209723    CD
Best Of Mountain Top Bluegrass                              Various Artists                                         Madacy                628261250721    2 Disc Set
Blessed Assurance: Favorite Hymns Of Inspiration and Hope
featuring Choir and Orchestra                               Various Artists                                         Sparrow               094637386521    CD
Blue Trail of Sorrow                                        Various Artists                                         Rounder               011661050020    CD
Bluegrass Goes To Town                                      Various Artists                                         Rounder               011661051126    CD
Bluegrass Spirit                                            Various Artists                                         Rounder               682161034829    CD
Celtic Christmas                                            Various Artists                                         Straightway           724382020424    CD
Celtic Magic Easy Disc                                      Various Artists                                         Rounder               712136900825    CD
Celtic Praise                                               Various Artists                                         Straightway           724382019725    CD
Celtic Prayers and Worship                                  Various Artists                                         ForeFront             724382020325    CD
Classics For Relaxation                                     Various Artists                                         Madacy                628261294626    2 Disc Set
Coalition:The Hip-Hop Alliance                              Various Artists                                         ForeFront             724382525523    CD
Come To Me                                                  Various Artists                                         Madacy                628261219728    2 Disc Set

                                                                    EMI CMG DISTRIBUTION
                                                               FEBRUARY 2011 DELETED TITLES LIST
                                   Return Authorization Due Date March 25, 2011     s   Physical Returns Due Date May 20, 2011

TITLE                                                         ARTIST                                              LABEL                 UPC             Config.
Dominate Volume Three                                         Various Artists                                     Tooth & Nail          5099926454726   CD
Empty Me - Volume One                                         Various Artists                                     BEC                   724359549125    CD
Experiencing God                                              Various Artists                                     Star Song             724382017424    CD
Extreme Days                                                  Various Artists                                     ForeFront             724382527626    CD
For The One I Love                                            Various Artists                                     Straightway           724382018421    CD
Gospel's Best Choirs                                          Various Artists                                     EMI Gospel            5099952149726   CD
Gospel's Best Men                                             Various Artists                                     EMI Gospel            5099952149825   CD
Gospel's Best Women                                           Various Artists                                     EMI Gospel            5099952149924   CD
Great Grape                                                   Various Artists                                     Sparrow Kids          724385189128    CD
Great Women of Gospel, v.1                                    Various Artists                                     Sparrow               724385156120    CD
Great Women of Gospel, v.2                                    Various Artists                                     EMI Gospel            724382020929    CD
Great Women Of Gospel, Volume 4                               Various Artists                                     EMI Gospel            724357989701    CD
Hallelujah - 35 Great Sacred Choruses                         Various Artists                                     Sparrow               724359656120    CD
Heaven And Earth                                              Various Artists                                     Sparrow               724385172922    CD
I Could Sing...2                                              Various Artists                                     Sparrow               724382031420    2 Disc Set
I Love You Lord                                               Various Artists                                     Straightway           054438853127    CD
If My People Pray                                             Various Artists                                     Sparrow               724385165429    CD
In One Accord                                                 Various Artists                                     Star Song             724382008521    CD
Inspiration Jam 2008                                          Various Artists                                     Holy Hip Hop          184187002528    CD
Jesus Soundtrack - Inspired                                   Various Artists                                     Sparrow               724385173028    CD
Jon & Kate Plus Eight, Season 3                               Various Artists                                     GT Media              796019817790    4 DVD Set
Jumping In The House of God II                                Various Artists                                     ForeFront             724382522126    CD
Karaoke Christian Pop                                         Various Artists                                     Sparrow               724358235401    CD
Karaoke Christian Rock                                        Various Artists                                     Sparrow               724358235609    CD
Karaoke Gospel                                                Various Artists                                     EMI Gospel            724358322309    CD
Kids Worship                                                  Various Artists                                     Sparrow Kids          094636909820    CD
La Oracion De Jabes                                           Various Artists                                     ForeFront             724353608729    CD
Lamb Of God                                                   Various Artists                                     Straightway           724382018926    CD
Left Behind: Worship                                          Various Artists                                     ForeFront             724353902629    CD
Let Us Pray (Nat'l Day Prayer)                                Various Artists                                     Sparrow               724385165627    CD
Love Songs For a Lifetime...                                  Various Artists                                     Sparrow               724385151927    CD
Majesty & Glory Of The Resurrection                           Various Artists                                     Sparrow               017627130829    CD
Mamas Hand                                                    Various Artists                                     Rounder               011661050723    CD
Mammoth City Messengers #1                                    Various Artists                                     ForeFront             724353994907    CD
My First Hymnal: 75 Favorite Bible Songs                      Various Artists                                     Sparrow Kids          724385142727    CD
O Sister                                                      Various Artists                                     Rounder               011661049925    CD
Old Time Religion                                             Various Artists                                     Star Song             724382010326    CD
Power Jams                                                    Various Artists                                     ForeFront             724382523628    CD
Radical Raspberry                                             Various Artists                                     Sparrow Kids          724385189029    CD
REIGNDOWN usa                                                 Various Artists                                     Universal Christian   094922940216    CD
Renewing The Heart                                            Various Artists                                     Sparrow               724385162428    CD
Righteous Rock: Classic Christian Hair Bands                  Various Artists                                     Star Song             5099952221620   CD
Romantic Classics                                             Various Artists                                     Madacy                628261295227    2 Disc Set
Secrets of the Vine                                           Various Artists                                     ForeFront             724353624125    CD
Seltzer                                                       Various Artists                                     ForeFront             724382515623    CD
Shout To The Lord                                             Various Artists                                     Straightway           724382018827    CD
Smokey Mountain Inspiration                                   Various Artists                                     Star Song             724382010227    CD
Songs That Changed The Church - Hymns                         Various Artists                                     Star Song             5099920712921   CD
Spirit Rising Vol 1 & 2                                       Various Artists                                     Universal Christian   879645000122    2 Disc Set
Symphonic Psalms                                              Various Artists                                     Madacy                628261216420    2 Disc Set
The Gift Of Love                                              Various Artists                                     Star Song             724382007029    CD
The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe - Music Inspired by the
Chronicles of Narnia                                          Various Artists                                     Sparrow               094631145704    CD
The Majesty And Glory Of Christmas                            Various Artists                                     Sparrow               017627124224    CD
The Nail                                                      Various Artists                                     Tooth & Nail          724359247328    CD
The Nail Vol. 2                                               Various Artists                                     Tooth & Nail          724357809900    CD
The New Young Messiah                                         Various Artists                                     Sparrow               077775140422    CD
The Prayer of Jabez                                           Various Artists                                     ForeFront             724353427429    CD
The Stained Glass Hour                                        Various Artists                                     Rounder               011661156326    CD
This Is Solid State V.3                                       Various Artists                                     Tooth & Nail          647077123128    CD
This is Solid State Vol 4                                     Various Artists                                     Tooth & Nail          724358445107    CD+DVD
This Is Solid State vol. 2                                    Various Artists                                     Tooth & Nail          647077119121    CD
This Is Solid State Vol. 5                                    Various Artists                                     Tooth & Nail          724386674906    CD
This Is Solid State Vol. 6                                    Various Artists                                     Tooth & Nail          094638483328    CD
Thomas Kinkade Quiet Moods Tin                                Various Artists                                     Madacy                628261276622    2 Disc Set
Totally Tangerine                                             Various Artists                                     Sparrow Kids          724385189227    CD
Turn Up The Fun! - Christian Hits                             Various Artists                                     Sparrow Kids          724387390423    2 Disc Set
Victory In Jesus! 32 Favorite Hymns And Gospel Songs          Various Artists                                     Sparrow               724385158629    CD
Worship Together: Favorites                                   Various Artists                                     Sparrow               094637386002    CD
WOW 1997                                                      Various Artists                                     WOW                   724385156229    2 Disc Set

                                                                   EMI CMG DISTRIBUTION
                                                              FEBRUARY 2011 DELETED TITLES LIST
                                       Return Authorization Due Date March 25, 2011    s   Physical Returns Due Date May 20, 2011

TITLE                                                        ARTIST                                                  LABEL                 UPC             Config.
WOW 1998                                                     Various Artists                                         WOW                   724385162923    2 Disc Set
WOW 1999                                                     Various Artists                                         WOW                   724385168628    2 Disc Set
Wow 2000                                                     Various Artists                                         WOW                   724385170324    2 Disc Set
WOW 2001                                                     Various Artists                                         WOW                   724385177927    2 Disc Set
WoW Hits 2002                                                Various Artists                                         WOW                   724385185021    2 Disc Set
WoW Hits 2005                                                Various Artists                                         WOW                   724357110600    2 Disc Set
WoW Hits 2006                                                Various Artists                                         WOW                   094631124709    2 Disc Set
WoW Hits 2011 Deluxe Edition                                 Various Artists                                         WOW                   5099990679728   CD+DVD
X2003                                                        Various Artists                                         Tooth & Nail          724358117622    2 Disc Set
X2004                                                        Various Artists                                         BEC                   724359590820    CD
X2005                                                        Various Artists                                         BEC                   724387539501    CD
X2005 Special Edition                                        Various Artists                                         BEC                   094633904309    CD+DVD
You Can't Handle The Tooth                                   Various Artists                                         Tooth & Nail          094633553323    CD
Vol. 1                                                       We Are The Becoming                                     Tooth & Nail          5099951798024   CD
Saints In Praise - Vol. One                                  West Angeles Cogic Mass Choir & Congregation            Sparrow               077775118926    CD
Saints In Praise Collection                                  West Angeles Cogic Mass Choir & Congregation            Sparrow               724385157226    CD
Saints in Praise III                                         West Angeles Cogic Mass Choir & Congregation            Sparrow               077775131925    CD
Saints In Praise, Volume 2                                   West Angeles Cogic Mass Choir & Congregation            Sparrow               077775124026    CD
Yes Lord Saints in Praise                                    West Angeles Cogic Mass Choir & Congregation            EMI Gospel            724358267228    CD
Very Best Of Whiteheart                                      White Heart                                             Sparrow               094637010723    CD
In The Kingdom                                               Whitecross                                              Star Song             054438818324    CD
Very Best Of Whitecross                                      Whitecross                                              Star Song             094637010525    CD
Heart To Yours/Do You Know                                   Williams, Michelle                                      Universal Christian   879645002027    2 Disc Set
Chris Willis                                                 Willis, Chris                                           Star Song             724382008224    CD
Bebe & Cece                                                  Winans, Bebe And Cece                                   Sparrow               017627113228    CD
Different Lifestyles                                         Winans, Bebe And Cece                                   Sparrow               017627125726    CD
First Christmas                                              Winans, Bebe And Cece                                   Sparrow               077775134025    CD
Karaoke Bebe & Cece                                          Winans, Bebe And Cece                                   Sparrow               724387799806    CD
His Gift                                                     Winans, Cece                                            Sparrow               724385167423    CD
The Sky Can Still Remember                                   Youngward, Sherri                                       BEC                   094637317129    CD
Self Titled                                                  Zao                                                     Tooth & Nail          647077119220    CD
The Splinter Shards The Birth                                Zao                                                     Tooth & Nail          026297107925    CD
When Blood & Fire Bring Rest                                 Zao                                                     Tooth & Nail          026297110727    CD
Different Kind Of Free                                       ZOEgirl                                                 Sparrow               724358066609    CD
Karaoke ZOEgirl                                              ZOEgirl                                                 Sparrow               724358234701    CD
Mix of Life - ZOEgirl remixed                                ZOEgirl                                                 Sparrow               724354054624    CD
With All Of My Heart - Greatest Hits                         ZOEgirl                                                 Sparrow               094631157226    CD

TITLE                                                        ARTIST                                                  LABEL                 UPC             Config.
25 Christmas Songs                                           25 Kids Song Series                                     Straightway           724349070899    DVD
Tools For Women In Ministry                                  Angela Thomas, Beverly LaHaye and more                  Isaiah 61             724101214592    DVD
Animal Planet: Growing Up Arctic                             Animal Planet                                           GT Media              796019808170    DVD
Testify To Love: Live In Concert                             Avalon                                                  Sparrow               724349038097    DVD
Kiss It Goodbye                                              Beloved                                                 Tooth & Nail          094633561199    DVD
Guideposts Junction - All For One                            Benson, Jodi                                            Sparrow Kids          724384318499    DVD
Guideposts Junction - Angels, Angels                         Benson, Jodi                                            Sparrow Kids          724384315399    DVD
Guideposts Junction - It's The Little Things                 Benson, Jodi                                            Sparrow Kids          724384318697    DVD
Guideposts Junction - Just A Prayer Away                     Benson, Jodi                                            Sparrow Kids          724384318895    DVD
Guideposts Junction - Run This Race                          Benson, Jodi                                            Sparrow Kids          724384318598    DVD
Guideposts Junction - Yes! I Can Do It                       Benson, Jodi                                            Sparrow Kids          724384318796    DVD
Guideposts Junction Vol. 1                                   Benson, Jodi                                            Sparrow Kids          094639554591    DVD
Guideposts Junction Vol. 2                                   Benson, Jodi                                            Sparrow Kids          094639554690    DVD
Free To Be Real: Transforming Into The Image Of Christ       Beth Moore, Julie Clinton and more                      Isaiah 61             724101207891    DVD
Ministry According To Jesus                                  Briscoe, Jill                                           Isaiah 61             724101204395    DVD
In 24                                                        Camp, Jeremy                                            BEC                   724349084193    DVD
Steven Curtis Chapman Live                                   Chapman, Steven Curtis                                  Sparrow               724349049499    DVD
Videos And More                                              Chapman, Steven Curtis                                  Sparrow               724384325893    DVD
Life After Divorce: Five Keys To Starting Over               Cisney, Jennifer                                        Isaiah 61             724101208690    DVD
Spiritual Intimacy: Embracing The Heart Of God In Marriage   Clinton, Julie                                          Isaiah 61             724101207099    DVD
Welcome To The Freak Show                                    DC Talk                                                 ForeFront             724382450498    DVD
Not I But Christ: Putting Jesus First In Your Life           Falwell, Jonathan                                       Isaiah 61             724101207396    DVD
We Shall Not Be Moved                                        GT Media                                                GT Media              018713517814    DVD
Overcoming Stress & Anxiety                                  Hart, Dr. Archibald                                     Isaiah 61             724101214097    DVD
The Hurried Woman's Syndrome                                 Hart-Weber, Catherine                                   Isaiah 61             724101204593    DVD
A Woman's Finances                                           Hunt, Mary                                              Isaiah 61             724101204197    DVD
Drawing Women Closer To The Heart Of God                     LaHaye, Beverly                                         Isaiah 61             724101204098    DVD
Could Christ Come In Our Lifetime?                           LaHaye, Tim                                             Isaiah 61             724101208195    DVD
How Do We Live Now In The Light Of Eternity?                 LaHaye, Tim                                             Isaiah 61             724101208294    DVD

                                                                   EMI CMG DISTRIBUTION
                                                              FEBRUARY 2011 DELETED TITLES LIST
                                  Return Authorization Due Date March 25, 2011           s   Physical Returns Due Date May 20, 2011

Left Behind: A Comprehensive Study Of Biblical Prophecy      LaHaye, Tim                                               Isaiah 61            724101207792    DVD
Living By The Spirit In The Last Days                        LaHaye, Tim                                               Isaiah 61            724101208096    DVD
The Spirit Of Prophecy                                       LaHaye, Tim                                               Isaiah 61            724101208393    DVD
What Is It Like To Be "Left Behind"?                         LaHaye, Tim                                               Isaiah 61            724101208492    DVD
Who Is The God Of Prophecy?                                  LaHaye, Tim                                               Isaiah 61            724101208591    DVD
Woman And Depression                                         Lyles, Dr. Michael                                        Isaiah 61            724101207990    DVD
Single Moms: Tips And Guidelines To Help You Become A
Better Mom                                                   May, Sharon Morris                                        Isaiah 61            724101206993    DVD
Sexuality: A Biblical Perspective                            Nelson, Tommy                                             Isaiah 61            724101204999    DVD
Thrive                                                       Newsboys                                                  Sparrow              724347792496    DVD
Financial Rescue                                             Palmer, Scott And Bethany                                 Isaiah 61            724101204890    DVD
Passion: Sacred Revolution Live From OneDay03                Passion                                                   Six Steps Records    724349072299    DVD
Engage DVD                                                   Pax 217                                                   ForeFront            724349014398    DVD
Farewell                                                     Petra                                                     Inpop                804147137694    DVD
Peer Pressure And Friends                                    Ron Luce                                                  Isaiah 61            724101207198    DVD
Building A Healthy Marriage                                  Smalley, Dr. Gary                                         Isaiah 61            724101207693    DVD
Worship God                                                  St. James, Rebecca                                        ForeFront            724347798696    DVD
Forgiveness: Understanding And Getting Beyond Our Pain And
Past                                                         Stoop, Dr. David                                          Isaiah 61            724101204791    DVD
Live In San Diego                                            Switchfoot                                                Sparrow              724359935294    DVD
Contact DVD                                                  The Benjamin Gate                                         ForeFront            724349038394    DVD
In The House Of The Lord - Live In Houston                   The Mighty Clouds Of Joy                                  EMI Gospel           094634321396    DVD
Momentum                                                     TobyMac                                                   ForeFront            724347798597    DVD
Defenders of the Faith                                       Various                                                   GT Media             018713529718    DVD
Bells Of Innocence                                           Various                                                   GT Media             018713817532    DVD
Chicken Soup For The Soul DVD Stories For The Holidays       Various                                                   First Look Studios   634991320627    DVD
Chicken Soup For The Soul: For The Christian Soul            Various                                                   First Look Studios   634991331791    DVD
Emmanuel's Gift                                              Various                                                   First Look Studios   687797111791    DVD
Holla! : The Family Hour                                     Various                                                   Vivendi              828933000597    DVD
Jon & Kate Plus Eight                                        Various                                                   GT Media             796019814423    DVD
We Are Together                                              Various                                                   Vivendi              660200316327    DVD
Wonders Of The Vatican Library                               Various                                                   Vivendi              600445050594    DVD
Living Legends of Gospel V1                                  Various                                                   GT Media             018713818720    DVD
Megiddo                                                      Various                                                   GT Media             018713813046    DVD
Miss Potter                                                  Various                                                   Vivendi              796019808675    DVD
Quigley                                                      Various                                                   GT Media             018713507914    DVD
A Panda Is Born/Baby Panda's First Year                      Various                                                   Genius               796019811293    DVD
BJ's Teddy Bear Club & Bible Stories Vols. 1&2               Various                                                   First Look Studios   687797113191    DVD
BJ's Teddy Bear Club & Bible Stories Vols. 5&6               Various                                                   First Look Studios   687797114990    DVD
The Judas Project                                            Various                                                   GT Media             018713815347    DVD
The Nail DVD                                                 Various                                                   Tooth & Nail         724349048591    DVD
Tooth & Nail Video V.7                                       Various                                                   Tooth & Nail         647077900798    DVD
Tooth & Nail Videography 93-99                               Various                                                   Tooth & Nail         647077950199    DVD
WoW Hits 2002                                                Various                                                   WOW                  724384325596    DVD
X 2003 DVD                                                   Various                                                   Tooth & Nail         724349039094    DVD
Creation Live                                                Various Artists                                           BEC                  094636584997    DVD
Live From The Tabernacle                                     Various Artists                                           EMI Gospel           094635602494    DVD
WoW Hits 2006                                                Various Artists                                           WOW                  094631013492    DVD
The Bible Collection                                         Various Artists                                           Sparrow              5099950818990   DVD
The Nail DVD Vol. 2                                          Various Artists                                           Tooth & Nail         724354477195    DVD
This Is Solid State                                          Various Artists                                           Tooth & Nail         724354477294    DVD
This Is Solid State Volume 3                                 Various Artists                                           Tooth & Nail         094636654690    DVD
WOW Music Trivia Game                                        Various Artists                                           WOW                  094638825395    DVD
X2005                                                        Various Artists                                           BEC                  724354433290    DVD
X2006 (DVD)                                                  Various Artists                                           BEC                  094634662192    DVD
Thomas Kinkade Impressions Of The Holy Land                  Various Artists                                           Madacy               628261052394    DVD
How To Become A Peacemaker                                   Vernick, Leslie                                           Isaiah 61            724101213991    DVD
Letting Go Of Emotional Pain                                 Whelchel, Lisa                                            Isaiah 61            724101205194    DVD

                                                                             LP and Print
TITLE                                                        ARTIST                                                    LABEL                UPC             Config.
Constellations                                               August Burns Red                                          Tooth & Nail         5099926438511   LP
Hide em in Your Heart                                        Green, Steve                                              Sparrow              017627905878    Songbook


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