2011 WZ Chaperone Application by keralaguest


									                      Western Zone Championship – Team Hawaii 2011
                      CHAPERONES APPLICATION
                      August 6 - 15, 2011
                      Application must be postmarked by June 3, 2011

Chaperones selected to accompany Team Hawaii to the 2011 Western Zone Swimming
Championship will be provided airfare, ground transportation, lodging accommodations, food, and
required team uniforms. All other expenses such as personal purchases and USA Swimming
registration are the responsibility of the individual chaperones.

Name                                            Team               ___
Address                                         City                   Zip
Phone: _______________ Cell Phone: _______________ E-mail: ________________________
Do you have a swimmer going to the 2011 Western Zone Championship?
             yes   Swimmer’s name(s)

Check all qualifications that apply:
                Hawaii Driver’s license and over 25 years of age
                Experience driving a 7 passenger van (applicable if drivers required)
                USA Swimming Registered
                CPR Certification
                First Aid Certification
                Professional Medical Background:

Chaperones must be:
       Able to travel with Team Hawaii from August 6 – 15, 2011.
       Willing to room with swimmers.
       Responsible for assignments such as food coordination, team uniforms, extra-curricular
         activities, etc.
       Able to adjust to changes and accommodate additional responsibilities as needed due to
         unexpected changes and schedule conflicts.

Chaperone Experience: List any previous experiences you believe will be helpful to you in
preparing to be a Team Hawaii chaperone

(Write on back or attach another sheet if necessary)

Team Hawaii Chaperone uniform package will include T-Shirts(5), Aloha Shirt(1), Shorts(2).
Please circle the sizes below for each item.
      T-Shirts (adult sizes)                 S M     L       XL     XXL
      Aloha Shirt                            S      M       L      XL      XXL
      Shorts (elastic waist)                 S      M       L      XL      XXL
               Mail application to:     TEAM HAWAII
                                        c/o Adele Wada
                                        46-055 Heeia Street
                                        Kaneohe, HI 96744
Questions:     adele_wada@yahoo.com or phone: (808) 235-2296 (Oahu)
                            Western Zone Championship – Team Hawaii 2011
                            Additional Team Hawaii Items Order Form
                            Application must be postmarked by June 3, 2011

Name                                                 Team

       Team Hawaii Accessories (Embroidered with Team Hawaii Logo)

       Speedo Backpack (Black)                                  Qty:_____ x $59.00 = _____

       Speedo Jacket (adult sizes)         XS        S      M   L     XL

                                                                Qty:_____ x $50.00 = _____

       Team Apparel Set (5 T-shirts - adult sizes)

       T-Shirt                             S         M      L   XL    XXL

                                                                Qty:______ x $90.00 = _____

       Team Apparel Separates (adult sizes)

       T-Shirt                             S         M      L   XL    XXL

                                                                Qty:______ x $20.00 = _____

       Aloha Shirt                         S         M      L   XL    XXL

                                                                Qty:______ x $22.00 = _____

       Shorts (elastic waist) Men          S         M      L   XL    XXL

                             Women         S         M      L   XL

                                                                Qty:______ x $18.00 = _____

       Team Picture (taken at Western Zones)                    Qty:______ x $20.00 = _____

       Western Zone Souvenir Shirt & Cap (order form on Team Hawaii page)

                                                                           Total Cost $_______
       Mail to:      TEAM HAWAII
                     c/o Adele Wada
                     46-055 Heeia Street
                     Kaneohe, HI 96744
                     Email: adele_wada@yahoo.com or phone (808) 235-2296

       Make check payable to: Hawaiian Swimming
                    Western Zone Championship – Team Hawaii 2011
                    Chaperone Guidelines

1) Chaperones attending the Western Zone Championship will be there to support the
   swimmers and coaches with the goal for a successful championship meet. Chaperones will
   be involved with:
        Informing swimmers of the transportation schedules to and from the pool during pre-
          meet practice sessions and during the championship meet.
        Schedule and coordinate meals for the swimmers.
        Enforce curfew times, lights out time, and wake-up times.
        Complete a roster check for all departure

2) 10 and under swimmers will have an adult chaperone in their room.

3) 11 years and older swimmers may or may not have an adult chaperone in the room.

4) All rooms will have designated team leaders to assist the coaches and chaperones. These
   swimmers selected will be based on good leadership skills, responsibility, previous zone
   experience, and the ability to gain support from the other swimmers.

5) Head Coach and Head Chaperone will determine the team curfew. ALL swimmers will be
   required to be in their assigned rooms by curfew time. Only Coaches and Chaperones may
   be permitted in the swimmers' rooms after curfew.

6) Chaperones are to remind all swimmers they are expected to represent Team Hawaii and be
   on their best behavior at all times. No wrestling, horseplay or rough play will be tolerated.

7) Team captain(s), (assigned by the Head Chaperone) will assist the coaches and
   chaperones, support their teammates, provide guidance to first time zone participants, boost
   the overall Team Hawaii morale, lead cheers, and will be a team spokesperson.

8) Chaperones will assist Head Chaperone and coaches with any swimmers requiring a special
   diet due to food allergy, cultural requirements, restricted diets, etc.

9) Chaperones will assist the Head Chaperone and coaches with swimmers with medical
   conditions (i.e.-asthma). They will alert the Head Chaperone or Head Coach of any
   situations requiring medical attention.

10) Chaperones will assist communication of any changes to the schedule might happen due to
    unexpected events and/or schedule changes.

11) Chaperones will assist swimmer not returning with Team Hawaii and also assist Neighbor
    Island swimmers joining or leaving Team Hawaii.

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