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1755_Report to BOS


									          Overview of the Assessor Data Processing System Project
                                                                        September 2008
                                                              Prepared by Ronald Gibbs

Overview of the Current Property Tax System Technical Environment

The following paragraphs outline the Department of Revenue’s (DOR) current IT
mainframe, application server, and network.           These descriptions outline each
architectural component and provide a description of each.

Hardware – The IBM Z900 is located at the Arizona Department of Administration
(DOA) Data Center. DOA is responsible for mainframe maintenance.

       Operating System – Microsoft Windows 2003 domain, running an environment
       with Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 server operating systems in an active
       directory. Desktop operating system is Windows XP. OS/390 IBM mainframe
       operations system version 2.10 for DOA mainframe IBM Z900.

       CICS - Controls the interaction between applications and users, providing
       terminal routing, password security, transaction logging for error recovery and
       activity journals for performance analysis. Supports DOR VSAM/COBOL
       application environment.

       Application Software – There are a total of 1,216 programs in the Property Tax
       System. The vast majority of DOR mainframe supported business processes are
       written in COBOL. There are 630 COBOL programs and 586 Natural II
       programs in the property tax system.

       Database Management – VSAM; currently utilizing fixed and variable length
       VSAM files. There are approximately 928 VSAM files containing 29,752
       megabytes of data. ADABAS; There are 14 ADABAS files pertaining to
       property tax, containing 4,798 megabytes of data.

       CCIS - CCIS is an open architecture data repository accessed via a web browser
       and is refreshed nightly with daily mainframe transactions. Access to data
       contained in CCIS may also be obtained through replication of the SQL server
       database from the Arizona Department of Revenue. Currently Yavapai County
       does not subscribe to replication services.

Current System Weaknesses

       Limited Browsing, Search and Navigation Capabilities
       Limited Data Validation Capabilities – The current system does not impose strict
       validation on data input into the system.

       Maintenance – Complexities and idiosyncrasies of the system structure make it
       both difficult and time-consuming to fix problems or implement changes.

       Flexibility - Due to maintenance difficulties, it is becoming increasingly more
       difficult to adapt to legislative changes in a timely manner.

       Integration – Inability to integrate Assessor data with Yavapai County inter-
       government applications; i.e. GIS and County Recorder.

       The system is not well positioned to take advantage of advances in mass appraisal
       and communications technology.

       Business practices and workflow are built around the limitations of the current
       system which limits productivity and quality of work produced.
       For tax year 2011, the DOR system will be migrating to a new cost calculation
       engine. The engine will be a Marshall & Swift black box approach. The DOR
       will no longer have control or be involved with the calculation process.

Ancillary Data Sources & Tools

       Individual divisions within the Assessor’s office have developed databases and
       tools internal to their respective divisions. In many cases, these were created to
       provide users with functionality, including on-the-fly reporting, that is not present
       in the mainframe.

Future of the DOR System

In 2001 the DOR attempted to complete a rewrite of the current data processing system.
In 2003 the DOR determined that the project could not be completed and the project was
abandoned. In 2004 the DOR decided to purchase a new data processing system and in
November 2004 they signed a contract with Manatron, Inc. to purchase a new system. In
October of 2006, this contract was terminated without being completed.

Since 2006, six counties have moved off of the DOR system and are currently using a
product called RealWare purchased from Colorado CustomWare, Inc. (see the county list

Currently, the DOR has no plans to attempt another rewrite of the current system or to
purchase another system. With six counties leaving the DOR system, it is unlikely that
DOR would be willing to attempt any further upgrade of the system. It is also expected
that as counties continue to leave the DOR system, that the costs to the remaining
counties will continue to increase. Yavapai County currently pays DOR $0.95 per parcel
or approximately $155,000 per year for data processing services.

Current Data Processing System being utilized in the State of Arizona

Apache County – Converted to Colorado CustomWare - spring 2008

Cochise County – Department of Revenue mainframe system developed in the 1970’s
(see description above)

Coconino County - Department of Revenue mainframe system developed in the 1970’s
(see description above)

Gila County – Converted to Colorado CustomWare - spring 2008

Graham County - Department of Revenue mainframe system developed in the 1970’s
(see description above)

Greenlee County - Converted to Colorado CustomWare - spring 2008

La Paz County - Department of Revenue mainframe system developed in the 1970’s (see
description above)

Maricopa County – Current utilizes a series of piece-meal program developed in-house
over the last 30 to 40 years.

Mohave County - Converted to Colorado CustomWare – fall of 2006

Navajo County - Converted to Colorado CustomWare - spring 2008

Pima County - Current utilizes a series of piece-meal program developed in-house over
the last 30 to 40 years.

Pinal County - Department of Revenue mainframe system developed in the 1970’s (see
description above)

Santa Cruz County - Converted to Colorado CustomWare - spring 2008

Yavapai County - Department of Revenue mainframe system developed in the 1970’s
(see description above)

Yuma County – Converted to Tyler Technologies, Inc. Eagle system – 2001. The version
currently being utilized by Yuma County is no longer available from Tyler. The newer
version being offered is not being used in State of Arizona.
                    Results of Assessor’s RFP Process (ASR-0801)

In June of 2008, the Assessor’s Office issued an RFP for the purchase of a new
computer-assisted mass appraisal and assessment administration system. The bids were
received on July 8, 2008.

Five proposals were received from the following vendors:

       Colorado CustomWare, Inc

       Manatron, Inc.

       MS Govern

       Software Techniques, Inc.

       Tyler Technologies, Inc.

A committee of four people, three from the Assessor’s office and one from MIS, was
setup to evaluate the proposal from the five vendors. Each committee member worked
independently of each other, but utilized the same evaluation criteria. The evaluation
criteria were laid out in the RFP. The following is a summary of the results of the
evaluation process.
                                 Colorado                                          Tyler Technologies,
               Manatron, Inc.   CustomWare       Software Techniques   MS Govern     Eagle Division
Evaluator 1:       60.0             74.4                 65.4             60.1             61.2

Evaluator 2:        61.5           74.1                   64.3           61.8             63.4

Evaluator 3:        58.2           70.7                   71.6           60.1             73.4

Evaluator 4:        74.3           89.7                   66.0           71.4             79.5

Total Points       254.0          309.0                   267.4          253.4           277.6
                                          Statistical Ratings
 Average:           63.5           77.2                    66.8          63.4             69.4

  Median:           60.8           74.2                   65.7           60.9             68.4
After the completion of the evaluation process, the two vendors with the highest scores
were selected as the short-list candidates. These vendors were Colorado CustomWare,
Inc (CCI), and Tyler Technological, Inc. Each of the short-list vendors was asked to
make an on-site presentation for the County. These demonstrations occurred on July 23
and August 6, 2008.

During the same time period, the evaluation committee conducted phone and e-mail
interviews of other jurisdictions currently using each vendor’s product. One on-visit to
another jurisdiction currently using vendor’s product was conducted.

After completing this process, the decision was made that the Colorado CustomWare, Inc
product was the best fit for the County needs and to proceed with further discussions and
meetings with them.

                                    Technical Issues

Oracle Database

Currently CCI’s product (Real Ware) is only available in a format that uses Oracle as its
data base. The County currently uses MS SQL “Microsoft Structured Query Language”
as its only database. CCI will be providing a version of their product that works with MS
SQL in first quarter of 2010.

Solution: CCI will provide a copy of the Oracle Database Standard Edition and all
necessary DBA management service until such time as the MS SQL version becomes
available. The cost of this service will be $52,200.

GIS Conversion:

The Yavapai County’s GIS system currently read the Assessor’s data from a SQL
database provided by the DOR every two weeks. The new system will push this data out
every 15 minutes to a new SQL database. The GIS system will need to be rewritten to
read the new database. This rewrite must be completed prior to the Assessor’s Office
actually using the new CAMA system for the production of Notice of Value in January
2010. This time frame provides MIS with approximately 13 months to complete the
conversion process.

Treasurer’s Office System:

The RFP and the proposed solution did not require the vendor to replace the current tax
calculation portion of the DOR system. This will need to be provided by the Treasurer’s
Office. The time frame for conversion to the new system (see below) calls for
Treasurer’s Office to be required to calculate the tax bill for the tax year 2011. This
calculation will need to occur in the summer of 2011. This gives the Treasurers Office
over two and a half years to develop or purchase a replacement for this portion of the

There are currently two options for the Treasurer’s Office. The first is to modify the
current system; the second is to purchase the tax calculation piece from Mohave County.
Since this program is already in place and was developed by Mohave County the
purchase costs should be minimal. Any modification or conversion costs to either system
would be absorbed by the current programming staff with no new positions or funding
being required.

Time Frame for Project

The project plan calls for the Assessor’s Office to continue to use the DOR data
processing system for the 2010 tax year and use the new system for the 2011 tax year.
Because of the overlap to the tax years, the Notice of Values (NOV) for the 2010 tax year
are produced and mailed in January of 2009. The NOV’s for the 2011 tax year are
produced and mailed in January of 2010.

October 2008                                                             Sign contract
October 2008 through December 2009                                 Rewrite GIS system
July 2009                                Go live with new system for the 2011 tax year
December 2009                           Produce Notice FCV and NOV (2011 tax year)
September 2010                      Issue September Notice of Change (2011 tax year)
October 2010                   Accept centrally valued property values (2011 tax year)
January 2011             Produce business personal property statements (2011 tax year)
January 2011                           Produce exemption applications (2011 tax year)
March 2011                          Produce Personal Property NOV’s (2011 tax year)
Summer 2011                                                      Produce 2011 tax bills

Cost of Project

       Direct Cost from vendor (payment schedule)
              Signing of contract (October 2008)                               $410,544
              Installation of product (July 2009)                              $328,435
              Go-live date (September 2009)                                    $ 82,109
              Purchase FieldWare & GeoWare (September 2010)                    $164,617

                  Total start-up costs                                         $985,705

       Additional in-house Costs
              Computer Equipment                                               $ 40,000
              GIS Data Base Administrator Service*                             $ 89,000
              Field equipment (20 units at $3,000 ea) (September 2010)         $ 60,000
               Treasurer’s Office System                                         Minimal

               Total in-house costs                                             $189,000

               Total costs                                                    $1,174,705

   *The service will be provide by MIS and paid from the general Fund, the Assessor’s
   Surcharge Fund will reimburse the general Fund for this costs.

   Annual supports costs are expected to average $170,000 per year for the next nine
   years. The support costs for the first year of use are included in the start-up costs
   listed above. The contact covers a ten-year period.

   For the tax year 2010 (calendar year 2009), the County will need to continue to pay
   DOR data processing fees of $0.95 per parcel or approximately $155,000. Of these
   fees, $0.60 or approximately $95,000 will continue to be paid from the General Fund.
   The other $0.35 per parcel or approximately $60,000 will continue to be paid out of
   the Assessor Surcharge Fund.

Source of Funding

This project will be paid for from the Assessor Surcharge Fund (Fund No. 202) and the
Assessor Surcharge Fund Prior to 2007 (Fund No. 203). The current balance (June 30,
2008) of the 202 fund is $415,665.28. The current balance (June 30, 2008) of the 203
fund is $382,678.98 for a total in both funds of $798,344.26. In the fiscal year ending in
June of 2008, the total of the two funds increased by $242,975.66. This net increase is
after all expenses including the $60,000 paid to DOR mention above are paid. These two
Assessor’s Surcharge funds should provide adequate funding to pay for the project. The
Assessor Surcharge fund (202) is scheduled to sunset at the end of 2011. But the fund
should continue to provide adequate funding for the annual support costs through 2012.
After that (assuming the fund is not renewed), the annual support fee estimated at
$170,000 will need to be picked up by the General Fund. The General Fund is current
paying the DOR data processing fees of $0.60 per parcel or approximately $95,000 per


The Yavapai County Assessor’s Office believes that the current DOR data processing
system is outdated and needs to be replaced as soon as possible. The DOR currently has
no plans to replace the current mainframe system and, given the fact that seven of the
counties have already gone away from the DOR system, there is little reason to believe
that the DOR will ever be in a position to upgrade the current system. Therefore, it is up
to the individual counties to move forward with the purchase of new data processing
systems that will meet the data process needs for now and for the future.
After having completed the RFP process the Yavapai County Assessor’s Office believes
that Colorado CustomWare, Inc. (CCI) is the vendor that is in the best position to provide
the necessary data processing services to the County. CCI is currently providing data
processing services to six of the fifteen counties in the State of Arizona and will probably
continue to gain a larger share of the market in Arizona. The Mohave County Assessor’s
Office has used the RealWare product provided by CCI successfully through the entire
tax year cycle. This gives the County chance of success a very high degree of

The advantages to selecting Colorado CustomWare, Inc. are as follows:

       1. They have a proven track record in Arizona.

       2. Having several Arizona counties on the same system provides the group with
       increase leverage to ensure that future changes that might be needed are
       completed quickly and at a reasonable cost.

       3. No modifications are needed to ensure the system will provide the necessary

       4. The start-up costs of the program and the annual support costs are reasonable.

       5. The system provides for unlimited browsing, search, and navigation

       6. Easy and quick maintenance.

       7. Large amount of flexibility for future development.

       8. Continued support and maintenance. All future upgrades and future releases
       are provided to the County at no additional costs.

       9. The system can be integrated with other County applications.

       10. The system provides all the necessary functionality.

       11. The system will improve production and increase efficiencies within the

Because of all of the reasons outline above, it is the recommendation of the Assessor’s
Office that the County proceeds with the purchase and implementation of the RealWare
computer assisted mass appraisal system from Colorado CustomWare, Inc.
                        Quotes for New Equipment Needed

Quote from HP
                   Item                        Quote #            Intel           Amd
Package 8 port KVM Rack and UPS
Assembly, 2 - LTO-4 Tape drives, 2 Servers:
Dual Quad Core 3.16GHz Xeon Processors,
16GB RAM, 8@146GB 10k Disks, Windows
Server 2008 Ent                                 2573097   $        36,591               -

Package 8 port KVM Rack and UPS
Assembly, 2 - LTO-4 Tape drives, 2 Servers:
Dual Quad Core 2.3GHz AMD Processors,
16GB RAM, 8@146GB 10k Disks, Windows
Server 2008 Ent
                                                2573211       $           -       33,357

Subtotal                                                  $        36,591         33,357
Sale Tax                                                  $         3,037     $    2,769

Grand Total                                               $        39,628         36,126

Quote from Dell
                   Item                        Quote #            Intel           Amd

8 port KVM Rack and UPS Assembly              447801779   $          4,741    $    4,741
2 - LTO-4 Tape drives,                        447929563   $          9,672    $    9,672
2 Servers: Dual Quad Core 2.3GHz AMD
Processors, 16GB RAM, 8@146GB 10k
Disks, Windows Server 2008 Ent                447930588   $        28,521               -

2 - Servers: Dual Quad Core AMD 2.3 GHz,
16GB RAM, 8@146GB 10k Disks, Windows                                                   $
Server 2008 Enterprise                        447930907                   -       24,028

Subtotal                                                  $        42,934         38,441
Sale Tax                                                  $         3,564     $    3,191

Grand Total                                               $        46,498         41,632

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