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RALLYE Super Universal Tractor Fluid – Plus RALLYE Multi-Purpose by niusheng11


									RALLYE Super Universal                       Universal Tractor Fluid - Plus. Rallye
Tractor Fluid – Plus                         Multi-Purpose Tractor & Hydraulic
is a new and improved universal              Transmission Oil / JD-20, will work
tractor fluid that has world-wide cre-        well in and is recommended for the
dentials. It is designed for use in all      majority of the equipment manufac-
kinds of farm equipment, off-highway         tured by the various OEM manufac-
machinery,    industrial   tractors,   fi-    turers.   This product is especially
nal drives, power take-off units, wet        well suited and recommended for use
brakes, power steering units and hy-         wherever John Deere 303, JD-20 or IH
draulic systems.     New and state-of-       Hy-Tran fluids are specified.
the-art chemistry combined with high
quality base stocks and extremely      RALLYE Tractor
shear-stabile viscosity modifiers offer Hydraulic Fluid
a performance level that agriculture         is Rallye’s entry level universal trac-
and industrial users have not seen be-       tor fluid. It is the perfect economy
fore. This fluid is suitable for use in all   fluid for agriculture, industrial off-
major OEM equipment including but            road and other construction equip-
not limited to Kubota, Oliver, Minne-        ment requiring universal tractor fluid
apolis-Moline, International Harvester,      but are either older or do not require
White Farm, John Deere, Deutz-Allis          a fluid as robust as either Rallye’s
Chalmers, Ford-New Holland, J.I. Case        Super Universal Tractor Fluid - Plus
and Massey Ferguson. This new and            or Rallye’s Multi-Purpose Tractor &
improved fluid offers the convenience         Hydraulic Transmission Oil / JD-20.
of using one tractor fluid in place of        Rallye’s Tractor Hydraulic Fluid will
two or more fluids while maintaining          work well in and is recommended for
optimum      component     performance       the majority of the equipment manu-
and durability.                              factured by the various OEM manu-
                                             facturers. This product is especially
RALLYE Multi-Purpose                         well suited and recommended for use
Tractor & Hydraulic Trans-                   wherever performance and economy
mission Oil / JD-20                          are specified.
is Rallye’s mid-range multipurpose
tractor fluid. It is the perfect fluid for
agriculture, industrial off-road and
other construction equipment requir-
ing a multipurpose tractor fluid but
are either older or do not require a
fluid quite as robust as Rallye’s Super

                  RALLYE LUBRICANTS • 1601 McCLOSKEY BLVD. • TAMPA, FLORIDA 33605 • U.S.A.
                  TEL (813) 569-8105 • FAX (813) 248-1488 • •
                                                       TYPICAL INSPECTION DATA
                                                           Flash                              Viscosity Viscosity                                            Brookfield Vis, Pour
                                                    API    Point,                                cSt       cSt    VI                                             cP @        Point,
                                                   Gravity °C.                                @100°C     @40°C                                                -20°C/-35°C     °C
        Super Universal Tractor
             Fluid – Plus
               10W-20/30                               30.3                200                     9.50                       61.0               137            5500/70,000                           -45

        Multi-Purpose Tractor &
        Hydraulic Transmission
               Oil / JD-20
               10W-20/30                               31.2                200                     9.20                       60.0               134            5500/70,000                           -42

         Tractor Hydraulic Fluid

               10W-20/30                               29.5                200                     9.70                       64.0               134            5500/70,000                           -40

                                   PERFORMANCE APPLICATION CHART
                                                                                                                                                Super                    MP Tractor                    Tractor
               SPECIFICATIONS                                                                                                                  Universal                 & Hydraulic                  Hydraulic
                                                                                                                                             Tractor Fluid              Transmission                    Fluid
                                                                                                                                                – Plus                   Oil / JD-20
  API GL-4 (Gear Oil)                                                                                                                              √                           √                             √
  Allison: C-2, “C-4 Qualified”                                                                                                                        √                         C-2                         -
  Caterpillar: TO-2                                                                                                                                    √                           -                         -
  Dennison: HF-0, HF-1, HF-2                                                                                                                           √                           √                      HF-0
  Deutz-Allis Chalmers: Power Fluid 821.272843, 246634                                                                                                 √                           -                         -
  Ford-New Holland: M2C41, M2C48, M2C53, M2C77, M2C86, M2C134B,D                                                                                       √                           -                         -
  International Harvester: B-6 (Hy-Tran), B-5                                                                                                          √                           -                         -
  J.I. Case: JIC143 (TFD), JIC144, JIC 145 (TCH), JIC 185 (TFD), MS1204,                                                                               √                           -                         -
  MS1205, MS1206 (Powergard), MS1207, MS1209, MS1210 (TCH)
  John Deere: J14B (303 Fluid), J14C, J20C (Hy-Gard), J21A, J22                                                                                        √                        JD20                       303
  Kubota UDT and Super UDT                                                                                                                             √                           -                         -
  Massey Ferguson M-1110, M1127, M-1129 Permatran), M-1141                                                                                             √                           -                         -
  (PermatranIII), M-1135 (Worldwide), (Permatran III), M-1143.
  Minneapolis-Moline                                                                                                                                   √                           -                         -
  Oliver                                                                                                                                               √                           -                         -
  Renk Doromat: 873, 874A, 874B                                                                                                                        √                           -                         -
  Sperry Vickers: 35VQ25, M-2952-S, I-286-S                                                                                                            √                           -                         -
  Volvo VME and WB-101                                                                                                                                 √                           -                         -
  White Farm UHTF, Type 55, Q-1766B (Universal) and Q-1826                                                                                             √                           -                         -
  ZF: TE-ML-03E                                                                                                                                        √                           -                         -


                             RALLYE LUBRICANTS • 1601 McCLOSKEY BLVD. • TAMPA, FLORIDA 33605 • U.S.A.
                             TEL (813) 569-8105 • FAX (813) 248-1488 • •
Some performance levels are limited by viscosity grades. Please consult the Rallye Performance Application Chart, the Rallye Inspection Data Table for the appropriate Rallye product or contact your Rallye District Manager
       for more complete information and recommendations. Consult your Rallye District Manager for specific pack sizes and product availability. The data presented herein are believed to be accurate; however,
                                                              Rallye Lubricants shall not be liable for its content and makes no warranty with respect thereto.

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