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									The Beatles became the most popular group in rock music history. The group
consisted of 4 Englismen: George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney
and Ringo Starr. Lennon and McCartney wrote and sang most of the Beatles’
songs. Harrison played lead guitar, Lennon played rhythm guitar, McCartney
played bass, and Starr played drums.
All the Beatles were born in Liverpool. In 1954 John Lennon and 5 other
musicians formed a band called “Quarrymen” named after the Quarry Bank
High School, which they attended. McCartney joined the group in 1957.
Harrison joined Lennon and McCartney in 1958. The three, plus bass guitarist
Stu Sutcliffe and drummer Peter Best, performed together under several
names. They finally called themselves “The Beatles” in 1960. Sutcliffe left the
group in 1961 and Starr replaced Best in 1962. Brian Epstein, who ran
Liverpool record store became their manager in 1961.
The Beatles gained nationwide fame in 1962 and worldwide fame in 1964.
During the early 60s the Beatles’s style was influenced by American rock
In 1964 the Beatles toured the USA and created a sensation. They stared in
two popular movies. During the late 60s, the Beatles helped to give rock a
new direction. Early rock music had been based on a strong beat, but the
Betles’s music contained a new sense of melody. The lyrics of their songs
were more imaginative and meaningful.
The Beatles composed severel songs of social criticism and such ballads as
“Michelle” and “Yesterday”, “Come together” and “Something”.
The Beatles changed pop misic forever. From their first single “Love me do”, in
1962, people recognized something different in their music than the usual pop
songs at the time. Their songs seemed more tuneful, more exctiting than what
most artists were recording at the time. The Beatles were also more attrective
than many other performers. Many more people bagan to listen to pop music
than before. Soon, the group’s following was like nothing anyone had ever
seen: a hysteria that the newspapers called “Beatlemania” swept Britain and
soon, America.
Their second single “Please, Please me” reached number one in March 1963.
When the media focused on the new group, it soon became clear that Lennon
was not like other pop stars. His answers to reporters’ questions showed an
unusual intelligence and sense of humour. His charecter soon shone out: he
always behaved in a complitely different way than other people and hated
artificiality. He was never quite comfortable with the Beatles’”nice”image.In fact
Lennon who began to break away from this image and change the public image
of the Beatles.His and McCartney’s music changed and became more
“psychedelic”.The Beatles were no longer those four clean-cut young men that
even parents like.
The Beatles began to drift apart in the late 60s. The group broke up in 1970 and
The Beatles performed as soloists, but they had not been so popular as before
and their fans wanted the musicians to unite together again. Fans admired their
music and their songs.
Nowadays many people are fond of listening to the Beatles’ pieces. Both the
teenagers and grown ups listen to their songs and sing them. As you see it was
the great epoh in music that influenced the musicians and the lovers of music all
over the world.

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