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									PS 57 Robotics Team

“BuilDinG EnErGy
Energy Comparison

 Nature Center
   Solar One
GreenBelt Nature Center
     (Student Trip)
                          • Greenbelt
                           Center on
                           Staten Island
      The Nature Center    obtains it
                           from power
           Energy Costs

• The Parks Department pays for costly
  monthly oil and electric bills to run the
  Greenbelt Nature Center. The electricity
  comes from a power plant which burns
  fossil fuels. These fuels pollute the

• (see blueprints)
The Electric Company Power
  Plants use fossil fuels
Fossil Fuels from power
 plants Affect Climate
    Fossil Fuel pollution causes:
•   Flooding
•   Hurricanes
•   Tornados
•   Tsunami’s
•   Drought
•   Asthma
•   Global Warming
•   Wars
Oil Based Heat is costly and
      causes pollution
              • An oil burner burns
                oil to produce heat.
                The fumes from
                burning this oil is
                toxic. The center
                would benefit from
                using Bioheat
                which is natural
                soybean oil.
 Solar One
(Team Trip)
      • The Solar One
       building in NYC
       obtains is
       electricity and
       heat from solar
       energy. It is
       basically cost
Solar 1 is specially designed
 to absorb the suns energy
         year round
    Solar one collects
rainwater for building use
       Solar One Building
• Solar 1 produces most of the energy it
  needs with its solar PV rooftop. It’s
  windows, doors, floors, insulation,
  painted walls, bathroom and even
  lighting are designed to save energy.

• (See research presentation board)
Solar 1 Design
       • When excess
         power is
         generated from
         the solar panels,
         a bank of
         batteries stores
         the electricity for
         use at other
Eibs Pond Park across the
street from PS 57 needs an
     Education Center
  EiBs ponD park’s FuturE

• Because Solar 2 is being built, we are
  working with the Parks
  Commissioner to have Solar One
  removed and rebuilt at Eibs Pond

• (Community presentations)
We used Renewable Energy
Kits to plan for Eibs Pond
(see research presentation boards)
Eibs Pond presently uses a
   Gas powered tractor
Solar Gem Cell Engine
           • This truck can
             be used as a
             tractor which
             cuts weeds and
             equipment. This
             engine would be
             cost free and
             prevents air
Solar Cars and Scooters
            • Eibs Pond can use
              solar cars and
              scooters to carry
              materials. Energy to
              run these scooters
              would be cost free.

            • A solar powered
              Ferris wheel would
              be fun too…
Wind /Water Energy
        • Eibs Pond can use
          watermills. Moving
          water will reduce the
          amount of mosquitoes
          carrying the West Nile

        • Windmills can also be
          used to cut energy
 Our plan can actually work
• If the Parks Dept and Solar 1 agree to
  transfer their solar building to Eibs
  Pond Park.

• If PS 57 receives science funding, they
  can purchase a watermill and solar
  scooter for the park.

• If Eibs Pond continues to raise funds to
  run these projects.

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