Pride in Historic Kenwood by niusheng11


									                                                           June 2011

                                                                                                              Mysticum of
                                                                                                            Historic Kenwood
                                                                                                                What is the link between
                                                                                                            Blaise Pascal, the 17th Cen-
                                                                                                            tury French mathematician and
                                                                                                            Historic Kenwood? Hint: it’s
                                                                                                            called Pascal’s Hexagrammum
                                                                                                            Mysticum Theorem.
                                                                                                                Pascal was fascinated by the
                                                                                                            mathematical mysteries of the
                                                                                                            hexagon (a six-sided polygon).
                                                                                                            And Historic Kenwood is
                                                                                                            replete with hexagons — mainly
                                                                                                            in the form of the hexagonal
                                                                                                            pavers which are ubiquitous in
                                                                                                            our sidewalks.
                                                                                                                Like our brick-paved streets
                                                                                                            and vintage bungalows, Ken-
                                                                                                            wood would not be Historic
                                                                                                            Kenwood without its hexagonal
                                                                                                            pavers. They are a much-loved
                                                                                                            vintage characteristic of our

Pride in Historic Kenwood
                                                                                                            neighborhood and perhaps it’s
                                                                                                            for that reason that the His-
                                                                                                            toric Kenwood Preservation
                                                                                                            Task Force regularly receives
    Saturday, June 25 — June is the month we           to such an event, where thousands converge to        requests for hexagonal pavers.
celebrate our city’s diversity through the annual      celebrate. The gay and lesbian community has             Unfortunately, for some
Pride event. The City of St. Petersburg has been       played an important part in the revitalization of    mysterious reason, no one
celebrating its GLBT community with a Pride            this neighborhood. Pride offers us a chance to       seems willing to part with them.
parade and street festival since 2003. Now in          demonstrate that fact and show our appreciation      So if you really want to make
its ninth year, the St. Pete Pride promenade is        for the diversity here. This is the day we com-      someone’s day, please consider
considered one of the best parades in Tampa Bay.       memorate the bravery of the Stonewall rioters        donating any unused hexagonal
Within this relatively short amount of time, St.       with a parade. It’s hard to believe that something   pavers to the Historic Kenwood
Pete Pride has grown into one of the largest Pride     so wonderful started on a muggy night, in a dark     Preservation Task Force.
events in the southeast and is the largest Pride       bar, in the early hours of June 28, 1969 with            Call us at (727) 289-6986 to
event in the state of Florida. It’s also the largest   raiding police and rioting patrons. This tradition   make a donation or to request
single day event of any kind in St. Petersburg.        started in a couple large cities — New York City,    an architectural artifact for your
What started as a few thousand native Floridians       Chicago and Los Angeles — in 1970 and has            home restoration project. For
and a couple city blocks on beautiful Central          since become a focal point for the solidarity of     more on Historic Kenwood
Avenue has become an international attraction,         GLBT community across the nation. Pride will         Preservation, please visit us on
spanning eight blocks and attracting tens of                                                                the web at http://historicken-
                                                       spill over into businesses, restaurants and even
thousands of people. Last year, St. Pete’s Grand                                                  
                                                       into our neighborhood streets. Let’s use the next
Central District hosted over 80,000 supporters                                                                  Note: The Historic Kenwood
                                                       month to put our best foot forward by sprucing
of the GLBT community and that number is                                                                    Preservation Task Force wishes
                                                       up our yards and homes and making everyone
expected to grow during the 2011 festivities. The                                                           to thanks Brian and Mrs. Linda
                                                       that comes into Historic Kenwood feel welcome
parade marches right through Historic Ken-                                                                  Beaupri for their recent dona-
                                                       and like they would want to live here, too.
wood and the Grand Central district on the last                                                             tions to the Preservation Task
Saturday of June. How lucky we are to play host                                           — Bill Heyen      Force.
Historic Kenwood news                                                                                                    June 2011

          HKNA Officers
                                            President’s Corner
                                     As write this, it’s a beautiful spring day        realizing that we are all part of and play
             President            with the windows open and the breeze blow-           a part in our community. That we are all
             Bill Heyen           ing in. It’s only a little hard to believe that in   really the same . The theme for this year’s
          (727) 348-9200          one short month it will be the hottest day of        parade is “One Day…” To me, it applies to
          Vice President          the year, Pride(I still say they should move         all people, even to the point that one day we
            Paul Dickens          the event). However, nothing will keep me            won’t say he’s an “African American candi-          from walking the streets of H.K. and the             date” since we have already had a President
    Neighborhood Watch Coord.     G.C.D. during the parade and after to cel-           that was one. At Pride, you will see fami-
            Paul Dickens          ebrate Pride right here in our neighborhood.         lies. You will see churches. You will see       Yes, this the second mention of Pride in this        businesses of all types. You might even see
             Secretary            newsletter, but I just want to encourage ev-         the butcher, the baker and the candlestick
          Susan Donathon          eryone to come out and enjoy the day. Yes,           maker. Yes, it’s about diversity. But, it’s also
          (727) 321-2090          the original basis for Pride is to celebrate the     about neighborhood, family and friends. All
             Treasurer            GLBT community. For me though, it’s about            things that really make us the same.
           Jeremiah Rohr          celebrating everyone and all that is good
                                                                                           Come and see, I guarantee it’ll be fun.
          (727) 599-4427          with Historic Kenwood. See, this/our Pride
                                  event isn’t just about acceptance, it’s about                                         — Bill Heyen
           Board Members
       Sallie Hackett Brown
           Justin Hammer
                                                 New Merchandise
             Tim Martin
           (727) 251-9979
            Stuart Pollack
                                                 Volunteer Needed
                                     After a good time of being the Kenwood               2) Bring appropriate supply (or arrange

                                  Merchandise Headquarters, Richard and                for) to monthly meetings, BungalowFest,
             John Seibert         Frank would like to pass this on to some-                                                          Pride, etc. as needed.
                                  one else. They say it’s been a great way to             3) receive notification from Treasurer of
             Newsletter           meet many nice people in the neighborhood            new premium members and deliver items to
                                  through the sale and delivery of items, and it
           Editor/Layout                                                               homes.
     Karen and Matt Wiseman       would be an excellent opportunity for some-
                                                                                          4) requires 0 to 1+ hours per week, de-
    Potato Communications, Inc.   one else to have the same experience.
                                     The responsibilities are:                         pending on events, time of year, etc.
                                     1) maintain inventory of current Ken-                Many Thanks to Richard and Frank for
              Ad Sales
           Bobbie Talley          wood merchandise and adjust as items are             their dedication to HKNA.      sold; determine levels for reorder and work             Please contact Bill Heyen at 37tudor@
            Distribution          with sources.                               or (727) 348-9200
          Catherine Koogle
                                                                       Pride Movie in the Park
                                     HKNA will again have “Movie in the Park” to celebrate Pride week in our Historic
        Important Numbers         Kenwood Seminole park. The title of the movie will be Billy Elliot and we know it will be
       Community Police           entertaining. We will let everyone know about the event through the website, e-alerts and
          (727) 551-3183          on Facebook. The date is Tuesday, June 21, with airtime at dark. Please bring chairs and a
         Non-Emergency            cooler with all your favorite goodies and drinks. 2900 Third Ave. N.
          (727) 893-7780
             Tip Line
          (727) 892-5000
                                                          MAY GENERAL MEETING
              Codes                                               First Thursday of the Month
          (727) 893-7373
       Mayor’s Action Line                                            June 2 • 7 p.m.
          (727) 893-7111                                         Guest Speaker
         Animal Control                 William Goulet of Environmental Assessments and Consulting,
          (727) 582-2600
                                        Inc. will discuss lead and asbestos removal from older homes.
          (727) 893-7373                  The Hospice of the Florida Suncoast • 3050 1st Ave. South
June 2011                                                                                                               Historic Kenwood news

 Easter Egg Hunt
   The Easter Bunny was on the scene April 23, and the weather
was beautiful.
   The park was a very festive scene as we had more than 80 little
egg hunters this year. Many thanks to all who donated baskets, plush
animals, toys and eggs full of candy. Every kid was able to find a
basket full of eggs and get a special prize, toy, or stuffed animal.
A big thanks also to all my helpers who were the pavilion decora-
tors, chalk artists and egg hiders; Susan , Terry, Justin, Morgan,
Carolyn, Rachael, Sue, Maurice and LaLUNA. Special thanks go to
Miles, the owner of Miles Automotive at 2736 Ninth Ave. N for the
generous donation of 6 fully filled baskets. As always a very special                                               someone
“thank you” goes to Christine Bauer for arranging for the “appear-
ance” of the Easter Bunny.
 Community Award                                                                                                    insurance?
    Frank and Katharina, 716 22nd St. N — Working from home,
Frank has always been a proactive advocate on keeping watch on
                                                                            Luis M Macias CLU, Agent
the neighborhood. He has observed others displaying suspicious ac-               1909 34th St North
                                                                                                                    I’m your agent for that.
tivity in the past and always intervened when the red flags went up.          St Petersburg, FL 33713               No one wants to pay for
                                                                                 Bus: 727-864-1506
    I am incredibly grateful and indebted to him when he observed                  unnecessary extras and with my
an oak tree falling on my house last Monday morning. He was quick                                                   help, you won’t have to. I’ll help
to call 911 for emergency response seeing smoke pouring from my                                                     make sure you understand your
home. He then called me at work in Tampa to alert me of the situa-                                                  options, and that you have the
tion. He displayed great concern and courage when he asked if there                                                 best coverage at the best price.
was a way to get into my house knowing I had two dogs within.                                                       Like a good neighbor,
    I was able to contact my sister in St. Pete who had keys to my                                                  State Farm is there.     ®

home to respond and get my dogs out with the assistance of the Fire                                                 CALL ME TODAY.
Department. Frank’s quick actions saved my dogs and my house.
Both Frank and Katharina are those great neighbors that truly de-
serve this recognition. Thanks.
                                                              — Scott
    Note from the Chairman of the awards committee, Every one
should make friends with their neighbors, This way someone else is      1001183                 State Farm • Home Office • Bloomington, IL
keeping an eye on your property and notify you if a problem arises.
r      Hope you come out
    Historic K the fun!
    and join enwood news                                                                                                                            June 2011

       Care for your Gambuti
          - Carolyn pet(s)                                                Landscape Award
                                                                            Victor Beaumont and Dean Robinson
          Last month I talked about Historic                           2935 Fourth Ave. N., St. Petersburg, FL 33713

          Turn on
      Kennelwood, but I could have as eas-          This month the award goes to Victor Beaumont and Dean Robinson, 2935 FourthAve.
      ily said Historic Catwood. Walk any        N., St. Petersburg, FL 33713. They moved into Historic Kenwood back in September 2004
      street in the neighborhood and you         from New Hartford, NY. They choose HK because of the bungalow architecture, community

      will see kitties in seemingly every
      other yard as you go by. Now, I don’t
      want to start a war about the issue of
                                                 involvement, diversity and proximity to downtown and the beaches. Victor and Dean said
                                                 they admired W.C. Turner’s garden and that gave them their inspiration.

      outdoor vs. indoor cats. That’s a debate
      that will never be won by either side.

      However, what I am going to say, is to
      please care for your pet. Spay or neuter
      your pet appropriately. Take them to a
       Over the past few
      vet regularly. Make sure they have flea
      and tick medicine. Feed them indoors.
    months there have been
      Make sure your pets stay in your own
      yard and are not a pest to your neigh-
    several incidents of tar-
      bors. This may all seem obvious, but in
    geting parked cars in our
      these economic times some people are
      cutting corners. I’ve gotten reports of
      a few people that are putting out their
       We can help fight back
      cats for good. Leaving them behind
      when they move. Not giving them the
    by leaving on our front
      care they need and leaving well mean-
      ing neighbors to care and feed their
    porch lights at night.
      cats. If you’re one of those neighbors,
                                                                      ----- JOIN THE NEIGHBORHOOD -----
    Encourage your neigh-
      you must do as your heart feels, but if
      you’re one of those pet owners, please                               WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER
    bors to leave their lights
      do what you should and know is right.                          HISTORIC KENWOOD NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION (“HKNA”)
    on too.                     — Bill Heyen                                         2011 Annual Membership

                                                     Time to renew your membership (or become a member!) of the HKNA and be part of the most active, largest
                                                  neighborhood association in St. Petersburg. There is strength in our numbers, and adding your voice by being a
                                                  dues paying, voting member of the HKNA helps us achieve positive results for the neighborhood.
                                                     Not only is the HKNA a great social network, but in the year past we have been active in supporting the no-
                                                  solicitation ordinance, expanded the Crime Watch program (and been honored by the city for its achievements),
                                                  worked with businesses coming into the area to further the interests of the neighborhood, and provided a forum
                                                  for the concerns of residents to be heard.
                                                     Please return the form below, and help us begin the new year with the strength of your support. If you choose
                                                  one of the “extra” memberships, you can also enjoy HKNA items to proudly display the neighborhood logo!
                                                  (Your merchandise will be delivered to you)



                                                  Email:__________________________________ Phone:_____________________________________
                                                  Individual: $15.        _______            Couple: $20.              ______
                                                  Bronze: $35. (includes HKNA Logo T-Shirt)                            ______

                                                  Silver: $50. (includes HKNA Flag___ or Tote Bag___)                 ______
                                                  Gold:   $100. (includes HKNA Limited Edition House Plaque,

n                                                   by Stephanie Schorr of Craftsman House Gallery                    ______

                                                  Make check payable to “HKNA” and mail to:
                                                  HKNA, PO Box 15134, St. Petersburg, FL 33733-5134
June 2011                                                                                                  Historic Kenwood news

      Some new businesses                                                       Special Thanks To…
      in Historic Kenwood                                                Tara Brown for stepping up and organizing the neighborhood
                                                                     yard sale. She took the template from years past and ran with it. It
                         Twigs-n-Leaves                              was great to have someone say they will take on a project and then
                                                                     follow it through all on her own. She got the 30+ addresses, placed
                        2131 Central Ave.
                                                                     the ad, did the printing, put out the signs, maps and balloons, and
   Located in the garden space next to RoCo Traders, Twigs &
                                                                     even made the association a $50+ profit. As has been said, “One
Leaves specializes in native Florida plants, trees and flowers and
                                                                     person in a neighborhood can’t do it all, but all of us can do some-
carries environmentally friendly organic soils, fertilizers and
                                                                     thing.” Thanks Tara for just getting it done.
pesticides. They also provide consultation, habitat design and
                                                                         Cappy’s Pizza also stepped up and on short notice they supplied
installation services. Looking for plants that will survive our
                                                                     six free pizzas for our June general meeting. They really came
summer heat, feed the butterflies and reseed, this is the place.
                                                                     through for us and if you find yourself in need of a pizza, please or call (727) 822-5400
                                                                     thank them again from me. 2900 First Ave. N.
                    Natures Farmacy And Spa                                                                                  — Bill Heyen
                          2140 9th Ave. N
    Sisters Cindy Fultz and Linda Jordans have opened a healthy
boutique that features a large selection of organic herbs, teas,
natural lotions and soaps, tea pots, books, essential oils, along
with a few fun items such as handbags, jewelry and handmade,
one of a kind, trolls. They offer workshops on a variety of top-
ics such as herbal medicine making and Quantum Touch Video
Workshops. They also do energy scans and 24 hour urinalysis. Call (813) 417-1551 for info.
                  Goochi Pooch Grooming Spa
                        2140 9th Ave North
    Larry Boyette, retired “Hairstylist to the Stars,” is a native
Floridian who moved to New York in 1981. While working on
Broadway in musical theatre as a hairstylist, he worked for ce-                                                                              
lebrities such as Reba McIntire, Bernadette Peters, David Hyde
Pierce, Susan Lucci and Nathan Lane to name a few. In 2008,
he decided to return to his roots here in Florida. His love for                                             
animals (especially dogs) as well as his passion for hairstyling
lead him to his new career as “Stylist for the Dogs.” Call Larry     SHORT SALE?
at (727) 954-3434 to make an appointment for your furry best         Thinking of Selling or
friend’s “Celebrity Treatment.”                                      Buying a Home?
                    The Cake Factory at Perc                         Approximately one in four
           2444 Central Ave. and 2987 Central Ave.                   homeowners owes more
   At The Cake factory you will find a wide selection of 3d          than what their home is
shaped cakes, signature cupcakes, éclairs, cream puffs, cannolis,    worth. For them, selling
chocolate dipped strawberries, cookies, pies, dessert cakes and
more. Their master decorator will sit down with you and your         their home can be a               Short Sale Certified (SFR) by
                                                                                                       The National Association of
party to go over the designs, flavors, servings and any ques-        financial, emotional and          Realtors (NAR). HKNA 10 year
tions you may have. Also still serving fresh brew coffee at 2444     difficult decision. Short sales resident, past president 2002
Central Ave. for that morning need.                                                                    and 2003. St. Pete native.
                                                                     require a must, multi-step
                                                                     "accurate” procedure.

                  June                                               Buying distressed properties can also be challenging.        
                                                                     Don’t make it difficult, make it happen with                   

               Porch Party
                                                                     a team of “experienced” professionals.
                                                                       Sandy Ewing Jr. SFR RCC
                     June 10 at 7:30 p.m.
     Our host this month is John Siebert at 2926 Seventh
                                                                       office: 727-822-9111 x297
   Ave. N. Come see this 2000 and 2009 BungalowFest tour               cell: 727-798-7097
   home. Bring a dish to share and your beverage of choice.                       3401- 4th St No
                                                                       “Call for a Free Market Analysis”              St Pete Fl. 33704
Historic Kenwood news                                                                                                         June 2011

   [ÉÄx{Éâáx \ÇáâÜtÇvx
  Ronald F. Holehouse
               Agency Inc.

     Phone: 727-823-5551
   Is Your Holehouse
     Homeowners/Condo              Auto/RV/Motorcycle
       Excess Flood
                                       Boat/Personal Watercraft
                                       Rental Properties
                                                                         Dog Park Bulletin Board
     Wind                          Umbrella Liability              Special thanks to Terry Donathan for his construction skills in
                                                                    building a new bulletin board for our dog park. This will give us a
            We offer the highest level of customer service          way to spread word of the Historic Kennelwood murals along with
                                                                    other neighborhood info. Pictured along with Terry is Paul Dickens
             along with expert advice, making us the top
                                                                    and myself (The two grunts that helped with the install.) Oh, yes,
            agency in the Bay area. Give us a call today
                                                                    and Sue’s dog Charlie.
            for your free rate quote and make sure your
                                                                                                                           — Bill Heyen
                        Holehouse is Insured!

   Office Located at:
   125 28th St North
                                             Fax: 727-894-3339
                                                                    Committee Reports
                                                                        Seminole Park: Mutt-Mitt bag holders installed. Due to budget
   St. Petersburg, FL 33713        
                                                                    constraints, the city will not supply the bags. If you live on the park
                                                                    or frequent it, help us by bringing plastic bags from your shopping
                                                                    or newspapers to refill the containers . New resident and landscape
                                                                    architect Craig Heilman will soon reveal his landscape plan.
                                                                        Website Redesign: Branding for the site is being worked on and
                                                                    site plan has been developed. Still looking at different website build-
                                                                    ers and templates are being looked at. Looking to link and access
                                                                    the new website addresses purchased.
                                                                        BungalowFest: Volunteers are urgently needed for marketing
                                                                    and ad sales. We will also need help in other areas as this year as we
                                                                    are combining our annual home tour with our Art in the Park festi-
                                                                    val. A site for the designer show house has been found .
                                                                        Festival of States Parade: We came in second this year in the
                                                                    neighborhood division and won $150. Many thanks to our builders
                                                                    and special thanks to Ray for our float trailer and Jeff Danner for the
                                                                    tow vehicle.
                                                                        Pride: Speaking of parades, Pride is right around the corner on
                                                                    June 25. This is the biggest single day event in St. Pete. and it comes
                                                                    right through our neighborhood. Stuart Pollack and Stephen LeB-
                                                                    lanc have agreed to be co- chairs of the event. We need volunteers
                                                                    to man the neighborhood tent, the beer tent and to build the float and
                                                                    walk in the parade.
                                                                        Please Email me at to help with any
                                                                    of these committees or volunteer opportunities.
                                                                       Kenwood residents Haydn Kelly, Dom Smith and Zach Wiseman
                                                                    were part of Azalea Little League’s Minor B Reds. The team had
                                                                    a perfect 20-0 season. Azalea is the Little League organization for
                                                                    Historic Kenwood. Learn more at
June 2011   Historic Kenwood news
Historic Kenwood news                                                                                                                            June 2011

Ride along participants pause in North Kenwood to inspect storm wa-
ter surveys and aerial maps of the Booker Creek watershed. Pictured
from left to right: Latoya Brown, Terrie Weeks, Tim Martin, Cyndi
Fernandez, Jeremiah Rohr.                                                      Suncoast Hospice - St. Petersburg

                   Booker Creek                                                Community Service Center Library

    It’s not always easy to wake up early on a Sunday morning for                        Thursday, June 9 • 3 p.m. – 7 p.m.
a community service project, but that’s just what seven of us did                                    3050 1st Ave South
recently as we convened at a retention pond in North Kenwood to                      Suncoast Hospice Community Library is expanding. Please come
start a 5-mile bike ride along the remnants of Booker creek. Armed               celebrate with us the opening of our new location in St Petersburg. Enjoy
                                                                                  refreshments, learn about our offerings, and share the news about this
with storm water drainage maps and the curiosity of urban explorers,            community resource. The library is here to help anyone seeking information
members of the Council of Neighborhood Associations Energy and                         on health, aging, caregiving, inspiration, end of life, and faith.

Environment committee spent three hours on a hot day to survey the

creek and to look for ways we could improve this vital watershed in                                             (727) HOSPICE / (727) 467-7423
the heart of our city.
    Along the way we encountered a surprising amount of wildlife.
Lots of birds were out. The team spotted several nesting moorhens,
a green heron, yellow crested night herons, mottled ducks, and an
assortment of warblers. We also saw alligators in two different loca-
tions, lots of turtles, fish, a water snake and even a manatee!
    Indeed, we’re happy to report the creek isn’t in as bad a shape as
we initially thought, but there is still plenty of room for improvement
— especially in the northern half where culverts and neglect rule the
day. But in the south, efforts by ride-along participant Kai Warren
and others are yielding success in the form of a soon-to-be-developed
bike trail that will highlight historic and environmentally significant
features of the creek. Our committee’s hope is to maybe bring some
of that effort further north, with thoughts of connecting the new
“Historic Booker Creek Bike Trail,” which is currently being planned
to run from the Bay to Tropicana Field, all the way to Booker Lake in
North Kenwood and perhaps beyond.
    During our ride we also saw at least two retention ponds and
several stretches of creek that we deemed good candidates for reme-
diation work — including a nice stretch in Campbell Park where the
new trail crosses the creek along a wooden bridge. In these places
the waterway flows, but is impaired with invasive hydrilla and other
non-native plants.
    More than 3,500 acres of land drain into Booker creek (including
all of Historic Kenwood), making it one of the largest watersheds in
the city. The creek itself provides environmental habitat and recre-
ational opportunities, but more importantly, improving the creek’s
health can have a positive impact on the entire watershed, including
the Bay. If you’re interested in helping us improve this vital, but oft
overlooked waterway, please consider joining our committee and
lending your support.
                                                     — Tim Martin, Chair   We found this guy munching on some water plants in Brooker
                               CONA Energy & Environment Committee         Creek.

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