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									                 Terri Kelly
            Educate. Entertain. Expect More.

   Terri Kelly is the editor of DevoKids.com, a growing and popular website
   for children. She is a Staff Writer for ChristianDevotions.us and
   successful grant writer. As a featured faculty member at conferences
   such as Write-To-Publish and Write2Ignite, she teaches the art of
   writing devotions for children and how to start a children’s ministry
   website. She has a Masters Degree in Education and shares her
   educational experiences at davincisclassroom.wordpress.com, a virtual
   classroom for teachers.

   Terri is a recipient of the Candy Maier Scholarship Fund for Women Writers 2010 and is
   affiliated with Yvonne Lehman’s Writers’ Critique Group.

                                Connecting Point Goal:
          To engage in networking that will result in project leads to be submitted
           to the appropriate publications by my agent (Karen Moore) or myself.

Published Works                                                          Terri Kelly is a firecracker,
 Spirit and Heart, A Devotional Journey (a compilation submission)       taking on the editorship of
 Faith and Family: A Devotional Pathway for Families                     a website, learning what
   (a compilation submission)
                                                                         she needed to know and
 Multiple devotions at DevoKids.com
                                                                         making it a huge success
 Freelance curriculum, grants, newsletters, and other materials          —there’s not a more
   (clips upon request)
                                                                         creative and dedicated
                                                                         writer than Terri.
Works in Progress
                                                                                          Cindy Sproles,
 Books:                                                                                  author & editor,
  101 Teacher Tips (available in three months)                                    co-founder of Christian
                                                                                    Devotions Ministries
  Mary Slessor
    Middle Grade Biography, 30,000 – 40,000 words
    Requested by Journey Forth Publisher for consideration
    Other biographical manuscripts by request
  Two Boys Who Were Men
    Historical Middle Grade Novel, 45,000 Words
                                                                                Follow Terri:
 Board Books for Children
  Get a Whiff of Mama (approx. 65 words)                                          DevoKids.com
  Tractor in the Barn (Story, Bible Verse, Activity—approx. 125 words)        DaVincisClassroom.com
  What Stinks? (approx. 45 words)                                              Facebook: DevoKids
  My Smile (approx. 30 words)
 Children’s Magazine Articles:
  Who’s Got Talent (mock interviews with Handel, Haydn, Bach)
  Pick Me (fiction with Christian theme)

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