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					B1                        L6         Writing Practice
Supporting Sentences
Sentences that add details to the topic sentence are called “supporting sentences.” They are closely
related to the topic sentence and help the readers understand the topic better.

Each of the following paragraphs has one sentence that is not related to the topic and is thus
irrelevant. Find it and then cross it out.
1. According to astrology, the position of the stars and the planets at the time when people are born
   shows much about them. Open a newspaper or talk to a friend, and you will surely see or hear
   about it. Astrologers have found that it shows not only people’s personality traits, but also the
   lessons they have to learn and the problems they have to face in the future.
2. If you want to learn everything about astrology, you’d have to study for years and years. The
   twelve signs come from Greek and Roman mythology, and the concepts of astrology are from

  mathematics, astronomy (天文學), and a history that is thousands of years long. In short, to

  study astrology is to study many fields at the same time. For example, a Leo is usually quite
3. Astrology is based on the movement of the stars and the planets, and it tells us how they affect us
   on Earth. The Chinese horoscope is another way to learn about yourself. To make it clearer, the
   positions of the sun, the moon, and the planets at a person’s birth help astrologers make
   predictions about his or her life.

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