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									Legal expenses insurance for individuals

On your side

With AXA-ARAG, you can count on a powerful partner to help you settle private legal disputes, a partner that is
committed to defending your rights. This means you can sit back and relax when you are involved in a dispute
and let AXA-ARAG take care of everything, including all the hassle and cost.

Legal expenses insurance from AXA-ARAG
includes the following products:
                                           Costs that are covered
                                            Expert opinions
                                                                                        Guaranteed amount
  Personal legal expenses insurance         Mediation as an alternative to going        up to CHF 500,000
  Legal expenses insurance for motorists    to court                                    per legal case
  Legal Expenses Plus (combination)         Independent attorney
  Extended coverage with increased          (by prior arrangement)
  guaranteed amount                         Non-court costs awarded to the              Attractive combined
                                            opposing party
Comprehensive benefits                      Bail to avoid pre-trial detention           product
 Analysis of the legal situation
 Review of the prospects for the case      Individual or family coverage
 Advice about the areas of the law that      Individual insurance covers the policy-
 are covered                                 holder
 Advice from the company’s experts           Family insurance covers the policy-
 and attorneys or from an independent        holder and his or her family. The family
 attorney (by arrangement)                   includes:
 Collection of payments                      – Spouse or life partner – online legal information       – Unmarried children below the age
 portal                                        of 20
                                             – Children up to the age of 30, for
                                               as long as they are single and not
Use your right to be care-free
As a road user, private individual, employee, tenant or homeowner or as someone who enjoys leisure
activities and sports, you can count on AXA-ARAG’s legal expenses insurance products to give you the
protection you need if you become involved in a dispute.

Personal legal expenses                     Legal expenses insurance for                    Dispute about who is to blame:
insurance                                   motorists                                       A speeding motorist loses control of
Personal legal expenses insurance will      Legal expenses insurance for motorists          his car on a bend and collides with an
cover you as an employee, as a tenant or    covers you as the owner or keeper of            oncoming car that is driving correctly.
homeowner, as a patient or consumer, etc.   vehicles, as the driver or passenger in         The speedster denies having done
If you’re faced with a dispute, AXA-ARAG    your own or a third-party vehicle, as a         anything wrong, but there are no wit-
will defend your rights, quickly and with   pedestrian, or as a passenger in public         nesses. AXA-ARAG knows how to deal
a minimum of red tape.                      or private transport.                           with cases of this kind.

Personal legal expenses insurance will      Legal expenses insurance for motorists          Excessive repair bill:
assist you in the following areas:          will assist you in the following areas:         The invoice from the garage lists numer-
 Labor law                                    Civil damages law (incl. crime victims        ous repairs that were not agreed in
 Contract law                                 compensation law)                             advance with the owner. The garage re-
 Civil damages law                            Criminal law                                  fuses to correct the invoice. AXA-ARAG
 (incl. crime victims compensation law)       Insurance law                                 will take care of it.
 Tenancy law                                  Disqualification from driving
 Patient law                                  Vehicle taxation
 Neighbor law                                 Vehicle contract law
 Criminal law
 Insurance law                              Likely situations
 Property law
 Individual, family and inheritance law      Failing to yield the right of way:
 (advice)                                    A driver is in danger of losing his
                                             license because he failed to yield the
Likely situations                            right of way. AXA-ARAG can intervene
                                             by pointing out that this is a relatively
 Notebook computer doesn’t work:             minor offense and he has a previously
 The notebook that you just bought           clean driving record. Instead of losing
 doesn’t work when you get home. The         his license, he walks away with a
 retailer claims that you caused the         warning.
 damage yourself. AXA-ARAG will take
 care of the problem.

 Problems with an employer:
 A breadwinner loses his job. The em-
 ployer refuses to pay out accrued
 overtime and the salary portion for
 the thirteenth month. AXA-ARAG will
 intervene with the employer.
                                                                                                  – your online
 Rent increase:                                                                                          legal information portal
 An elderly couple has been living
 quite happily in an apartment in an old                                                             Do you require legal information?
 building. They are dismayed when the                                                              Weighty reference books on laws and
 landlord informs them that he wants to                                                         statutes have become a thing of the past.
 renovate the building, which will mean                                                      AXA-ARAG has developed a form of online
 a massive rent increase. Is the landlord                                                  legal support for its clients that is unique in
 acting within his rights? AXA-ARAG’s                                                    Switzerland (in German and French).
 experts on tenancy law can help.
                                                                           offers you endless possibilities
Legal Expenses Plus                           Likely situations                            Extended coverage with
Legal Expenses Plus is a combined pro-                                                     increased guaranteed amount
duct that offers you full protection as an     Criminal charges in Australia:              An additional premium buys even better
individual or family in any situation. When    The police in Melbourne are threaten-       protection:
you buy Legal Expenses Plus, you are co-       ing someone with jail for a speeding
vered for legal expenses both as a private     offense. AXA-ARAG puts up bail in order      Guaranteed amount
person and as a road user. And Legal           to prevent the person involved being put     The guaranteed amount rises to
Expenses Plus also provides worldwide          into pre-trial detention and arranges for    CHF 500,000 per legal case under
travel insurance, free of charge.              a local attorney to handle the case.         the personal legal expenses insurance
                                                                                            and the legal expenses insurance for
Legal expenses insurance for travelers         Car rental:                                  motorists and CHF 100,000 under the
offers you benefits in the following areas     When returning a car at the end of a         legal expenses insurance for travelers.
when you are traveling abroad:                 vacation in South America, the car rent-
  Civil damages law                            al agent bills for damage that was not       Litigation costs
  Criminal defense                             caused by the driver. AXA-ARAG helps         The legal expenses insurance for motor-
  Tenancy law                                  defend the driver’s rights.                  ists includes litigation costs for first-
  Other contract law (travel law)                                                           instance decisions of up to CHF 500
                                                                                            per insurance year.

                                                                                            No loss of benefits
                                                                                            AXA-ARAG does not reduce benefits in
                                                                                            cases of gross negligence.

                                                          Areas of law                     How you can benefit
                                                           Labor law                        Download sample templates
                                                           Insurance law                    Draw up personalized contracts
                                                           Tenancy law                      interactively
                                                           Construction law
                                                           Road traffic law                Find out for yourself by visiting
                                                           Product liability     
                                                           Contract law                    Unrestricted access and downloading
                                                           Tax law                         around the clock. User-friendly, reliable,
                                                           Travel law                      and up to date. Simply log on and take
                                                                                           advantage of all that the site has to offer.

Additional insured persons
 Pilots of own or third-party aircraft
 Drivers and passengers of watercraft

Additional insured legal cases
 Criminal law:
 Criminal proceedings involving pre-
 meditated offenses
 Labor law:
 Disputes over performance pay as CEO
 or executive board member as well as
 disputes as employer of domestic staff
 in a private household.
 Family law:
 Legal advice about divorce law
 Construction and construction contract
 Disputes over extension and conversion
 projects that require a permit as well
 as objections against own construction
 Property law:
 Civil law disputes concerning insured

Under legal expenses insurance for
travelers the period covered for vaca-
tions and other types of visits to foreign
countries is extended from 8 weeks to
12 months.
               Application                                                                                                                                       Complete your application
               Applicant             Mr.           Ms.                                                                                                           Enjoy the comfort of knowing
                                                                                                                                                                 that you can delegate the hassle
               Last name                                                        First name                                                                       and cost of legal disputes to
               Street address

               Postal code, city/town

               Telephone (home)                                                 Mobile


               Date of birth                                                    Nationality                                                                      AXA-ARAG is on your side
                                                                                                                                                                 If you become involved in a dispute,
               Do you already have a policy with AXA?                                                                                                            legal expenses insurance from
                 No       Yes  Please provide a policy number (one is enough)                                                                                   AXA-ARAG will save you a lot of
                                                                                                                                                                 hassle, time and money. AXA-ARAG
               Has a legal expenses policy of yours ever been cancelled in connection with a claim?                                                              offers you six key benefits:
                  No          Yes  Please provide name of company
                                                                                                                                                              1 Close to you
                                                                                                                                                                Regional legal services throughout
                                                                                                                                                                Switzerland are there for you when
               Personal legal expenses insurance                                                                                                                you need them.
                  Annual individual insurance premium CHF 199* for one person
                  Annual family insurance premium for families and domestic partnerships CHF 239*                                                             2 Online
                                                                                                                                                                Online legal information available
               Legal expenses insurance for motorists
                                                                                                                                                                around the clock.
                  Annual individual insurance premium CHF 126* for one person
                  Annual family insurance premium for families and domestic partnerships CHF 155*
                                                                                                                                                              3 Specialized
               Legal Expenses Plus                                                                                                                              Experienced legal experts who are
                  Annual individual insurance premium CHF 285* for one person                                                                                   at home in the area you need help
                  Annual family insurance premium for families and domestic partnerships CHF 354*                                                               with.

               Legal Expenses Plus with extended coverage
                                                                                                                                                              4 International
                  Annual individual insurance premium CHF 400* for one person
                                                                                                                                                                Worldwide coverage with Legal
                  Annual family insurance premium for families and domestic partnerships CHF 489*
                                                                                                                                                                Expenses Plus.
               Your insurance coverage starts, at the earliest, from the application processing date.
               Insurance may only be purchased by persons whose domicile under civil law is Switzerland.                                                      5 Generous
                                                                                                                                                                Guaranteed amount of up to
               Insurance term: 5 years.
                                                                                                                                                                CHF 500,000 for each insured
                                                                                                                                                                legal case.
               The applicant is aware that the General Insurance Provisions (GIP) are available under or can be reque-
               sted from an AXA or AXA-ARAG branch office free of charge. The applicant authorizes AXA-ARAG to obtain relevant informa-
               tion from the authorities and third parties – in particular as regards the claims experience with previous insurers – in                       6 Minimum of red tape
               connection with evaluating the application. This does not release the applicant from the obligation to answer the questions
               in the application completely and truthfully and to confirm having done so with his/her signature. The applicant agrees that                     You will receive straightforward
               AXA Group companies may grant each other access to data (name, address, etc.) for client identification and to basic
               contract data (excluding application and claims data) to simplify administrative procedures and for marketing purposes.                          advice and support in managing
               AXA-ARAG Legal Protection undertakes to treat all the information it receives as confidential. On receipt of the application,
               AXA-ARAG Legal Protection will send you the policy together with the General Insurance Provisions and the invoice.                               the dispute.
Moisten here

                                                                                                                                               Moisten here

      is a free online service for AXA-ARAG clients and is not part of this insurance contract. AXA ARAG can discon-
               tinue at any time or request a user fee.

               Place, date and signature
               Please separate, seal and submit the signed application.

                Please leave blank. For internal use only.
                Dir.                       DE.-Ag.                 V1                       V2                        V3

               * Excl. 5 % federal stamp duty
                       Legal expenses insurance from AXA-ARAG ensures that you receive expert legal advice and protects you
                       from the costs involved in legal disputes.

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