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FOR                    YOUR                         ESTATE
         Our     method       of    administering                estates
               . .   .c        .    1.       . * ..I             -11 LL-

                                            OF     THE

                           TOWN        OF        WATERTOWN.

In ac

CHARLES         E. ROCERSON,     President
                JAMES   LONCLEY,      Vice-Presldent
                          WILLIAM      C. WILLIAMS,          Vice-President
GEORGE         E.COODSPEED,    Treasurer
                  EDWARD    E. STEVENS,          Asst.  Treas.
                                ROLAND           E. CHAFEY,       Asst.   Treas.
HENRY       A FENN, Secretary
         Manager Safe Deposit Department
                 HERBERT      D. HEATHFIELD,      Asst.  Secy.
                                 FRANCIS     J. BURRACE,     Asst.            $ecy.

     River    Bank
Charles National
                                OF           CAlVlBRli)lDE
     State           Charter                     1862                      National        1864

GAPITAL                                              = = $100,000
                       JAMES                F.      PENNELL,             President
   GEORGE   H HOLMES,    Cashier
        EDMUND    H. NORRIS.     Assistant Cashier and Bookkeeper
             WILLARD     H. SPRAGUE,       Paying Teller
                   H. F. RAMHOFER,         Receiving Teller
                         RUSSELL       CAMERON,      Clerk
                                 CHARLES      L. MCHUGH,    Messenger
CHARLES      F. MASON                            GEO. H. STEARNS                      J. F. PENNELL
             W. B. DURANT                                   GEO.               H. HPLMES
                                 DISCOUNT                 EVERY          DAY

      LocatGd              at         1408            Massachusetts                      Avenue

     C,      H,         BATCHELDER                                                    c9c GO.
                                                 Manufacturers      of

Flags,          Horse   Wagon
          Awnings, Covers,  Covers
                     and        All         Kinds        of      Canvas         Goods
    Cotton   Duck from       1 to 12 feet wide                  for Roofs, Laundries,       Wagons,
                           Boats and various                    other purposes
      234,    236,     238,           240        STATE         STREET,         BOSTON,     MASS.
CANOPIES          TO       LET          FOR          WEDDINGS,                 RECEPTIONS.         ETC.
                                        Telephone             Connection
Cornelius     O’Connell                                                 Thomas      E. O’Connell

    THE            O’CONNELL                         REAL          ESTATE              CO.
                             Members Mass. Real Estate Exchange
                               Owners   and Developers      of
            CITY      AND             SUBURBAN                  REAL        ESTATE
                                        BOSTON,        MASS.
                          Riverton    in Watertown     on the Charles River
           Worcester Office                                           Boston Office
Corner Main and Pleasant Streets                        New Herald Building, Tremont        Street
                            Telephone,                Call Us Up.

JAMES                                 PAXTON                                 dk GO.
                  for      Parties,
            Caterers Private           Etc,
            Ice Cream and Sherbets in large variety.        Frozen Pudding.
            Individual    Fruit Ices with Spun Sugar. Wedding Cakes in
            Boxes with Monogram.        Pound, Sponge and a variety of other
            Cakes.     Salads, Oysters, Patties and Croquettes.

Telephone     68 Newton       North                    Elliot      Block,          NEWTON

Braman, Dow & Company
                    MANUFACTURERS                    OF AND      DEALERS      IN

                   PLAIN               AND            CALVANIiED

     Iron and
Wrought Pipe Fittings
                USED         WITH    GAS

              Contractors    for Heating all kinds of
              Buildings   with Steam or Hot Water

239 to 245 Causeway                          St., car. Medford                 St., Boston
                                     Established        1888

                                         & MASSE,

180 MAIN              STREET,                 WATERTOWN,                           MASS.
                      Work   Shop Telephone        Newton     North   Con.

           Central   and
                                D. WALKER,            Prop.

          Groceries, Meats Provisions
      Fancy       Fish,  and

I          TERMS
                         BELMONT I’GENTISS WATERTOWN,
                               AND       STS.      MASS.
                                               ‘Phone       Newton    North   1396-2

MILK                          and                       CREAM
           Our Milk is produced in Dairies under
           Inspection   and Bottled in a new Sani-
           tary Receiving   Station
                D,      WHITING                       & SONS
570      Rutherford           Ave.                             BOSTON,            MASS.
                                  Tel. 245 Charlestown

    T,     &
James Bustin Sons
  Wall    Papers    and Mouldings
          of Latest    Designs
PAPER               WHITENING,
Office, 28 Main St.,         Watertown
Residence 48 Summer St., Watertown
          Telephone Connection

          FRED                     E. CRITCHETT
                         66     Maln        St.,    Watertown

     KINDS                                                                                  BEST

         AUCTIONEER                                AND        APPRAISER
                 Personal           Property         and Real Estate

               LEWIS                         F. BARNEY
Carpenter                                           and                 Jobber
    Jobbing  in ail its branches promptly    attended to.
              Estimates   given. when desired.
    1      STREET         WATERTOWN                7      STREET
                                Telephone    1066-3 Neston      North

Chamberlain’                                       t3 Company,                                Inc.
                                        RECEIVERS        OF

                           Morris  0 Company’s
                            Western   Dressed
         BEEF,      MUTTON,            LAMBS,       VEAL        AND     PORK    LOINS
113 to     125 Clinton    St.                                            25 South         Market   St.

         11 Clinton    Market
                                       BOSTON                             90 South
                                                                                          Market    St

                 George                      G. Davidson
                                    MANUFACTURER               OF

CUSTOM                                                     SHIRTS
                    Street, 6, Watertown,
              I? Main    Room         Mass,
                                        P. 0. BOX        102
            HORATIO                                         BUTTERS                                         ’
Piano and Furniture                                                                 Moving
              China, Brie-a-Brat,  and all kinds of
              Furniture and Pianos Carefully Packed,
              Shipped and Stored.
Residence          127     Main     Street                          Watertown,                  Mass.
                                   Telephone               Connection

      WILLIAM                                          FLAHERTY
KALSOMINING,                               WHITENING                            &   COLORING
                                      28      MAIN         STREET
      Residence,            41 Myrtle            Street,      WATERTOWN,                 MA&.
                             Telephone         433-2 Newton North

                     J. W. O’HEARN
                                  Successor to T. B. WISHART

PRACTICAL                                                           PLUMBER
                   Steam                   and               Gas                Fitter
      48 Main                Street,                            WATERTOWN
                                  Telephone       701-l     Newton      North

       ROBERT                                          J. GRAHAM
Undertaker                             and                 Funeral                   Director
            Main    Cor.      Galen          Street,       WATERTOWN,               MASS.

                     LADY           ASSISSTANT                  IF      DESIRED

                                      Tel.      Newton      North    676
                                                  .                               9

                S.B.GREEN                              8z CO.
                                    Dealer in

Flour,Grain,          .
               BaledHay and Straw
                        W.   J. GREEN,       Manager

          Union       Market       Station,               Watertown
                              Telephone   Connection

                                     Dealer in

GROC’ERIES                                                                             .
                256-258 PLEASANT                       STREET


David   C. Nye, Est. 18351870                  Theodore   W. Barrett, Est. 1870-1885
                             Telephone    729-2 Newton

                        Formerly   with CYRUS     T. CLARK

House               Painting                 and           Decorating,
                  HARDWOOD                       FINISHING
  Paper       Hanging,        Kalsomining              and Whitewashing
34 MT. AUBURN     WATERTOWN                                      STREET,
                                                       45 MURlJOCK            MASS.
                                           YARDS                     AT              BEMIS

NONANTUM                                                         COAL                             COMPANY
                                                                 Dealers        in

           Coal and Wood, Lime, Cement,
               Bricks and Flue Linings
Yard             Manager,                        F.      H.       CASEY                                  Thlephone            Connection

WATERTOWN                                                              SAVINGS                                        BANK
             Open daily        (Sundays        and Holidays    excepted   1, from              9 A. M- to 3 P M. and every
                Thursday         EveGng         from 7 to 8.15 P- DI. Saturdays,                 from 9 A. M. to I P. M.

                               56 MAIN                 STREET,                  WATERTOWN
Julian       A. Mead,                     Chas. W. Stone,                            Ward M. Otis,                     John F. Green,
           Pres.                             Vice-Pres.                                 Clerk.                             Treas.
Samuel s. Gleason.               Albert      0. T)avidson,      \\‘ard       M.      Otis.     James B. \Voodward,       Charles     Q.
 Piercq,     Charles     \\‘. Stoqe.       Julian     A. Mead.      Chester           Sprague,      Flerbert  H. Sawyer,      Hotace
\I’. Otis.    (;eorge      S. \Vright.       Bartlett   AI. Shaw.      \\‘alter         f:. Snow,     Charles  Russell.
                                                      Board of Investment
             Julian A. Mead                            Herbert H. Sawyer                                  Gee. S. Wright

The Watertown                                                        Co-Operative                                            Bank
                                              WATERTOWN,                              MASS.
                   Office of Secretary and Treasurer,                                      56 Main Street
                                      0.       Vice-Pm.                                             S.     Sec.
                                                                                              SAMUEL GLEASON, and Treas
Charles Brigham,   James   1). Evans,    F. E. (‘ritchett,                                Frank    I). Tarlton,      Herbert       E. Mayo,
Horace       \V. Otis, Samuel    S. Gleason,             Andrew        Hawes,        Frederic     II. Robie,       Lewis     .\lcLauthlin,
Bartlett      hI. Shaw,  Charles    Russell.            Chester      Sprague,        Arthur     E. O’Neil.
                   Auditors                           Security        Committee                         Finance Committee
              (;eorge     S. Parker                   Horace     \\‘. Otis                 Andrew       Haves
              Harry     \V. Brigham                   s. s. (;leason                        Chester    Sprague
              \Villiam     E. Macurda                 I”. E. Critchett
    Regular     meetings     at ofice    of Secretary      and Treasurer,      S. S. Gleason,     56 Main     Street,                   fourth
Thursday       of each month.         Information        in regard     to the business   methods      of this bank                       cheer-
fully   given     at above office.

                 EDWIN                                            ,L. STONE
Real                          Estate                                 and Insurance
                  No.         28          Main            St.,         Watertown,                             Mass.
MCTUAL           CO~I1’ANIES-Middlesex                         Mutual,      Concord;      Holyoke         Mutual.       Salem;       Citizen’s
     Mutual,       Boston:        Traders         and      Mechanics,           Lowell;     \\‘Grcester           Mutual,       Worcester;
     Abington       Mutual,       Abington.
STOCK         COMPANIES---Etna.                    Hartfurd:         Home,     Kew York:        Insurance          Company         of North
     America,      Philadelphia;          Hartford.          Hartford:     National,     Hartford:          Providence        Washington,
    Providence:         Sun,     England:         Royal        German      Alliance,     North      British      and Mercantile,           Eng.
    land:     Norwich       Lnion     Fire Insurance              Society,     England:    Fire     Association           of Philadelphia;
    Continental         of New        York:         With      the amount          of cash assets          represented        by the above
     conpanles        you may rest assured               that all losses will he satisfactorily                and promptly         paid.
       $                                                 AND      $45,DOOmDO
                                                   SURPLUS PROFITS,

       ’Market Bank
    Union National
               54     Main      Street,                 Watertown,          Mass.
                        ACCOUNTS                     SOLdCITED

     This Bank has every facility for the prompt and safe transaction of business
on the most liberal terms. We are pleased to meet or correspond with those who
contemplate opening accounts or making changes.
          L. SIDNEY      CLEVELAND,    President
                            HENRY   C. DERBY,    Vice-President
                                              JOHN F. TUFTS,                    Cashier
CHARLES        BRIGHAM                    HENRY      C. DERBY               EMERY  M. MAYO
L. SIDNEY       CLEVELAND                 SAMUEL       S. GLEASON           HORACE W. OTIS
                                          CHARLES       Q. PIERCE
            SAFE             DEPOSIT               BOXES             TO      RENT
Letters         of     Credit                               Travelers’              Cheques
             Banking         Hours,       8 to 2           Saturday,        8 to 12

   POTTER’S                                  STABLES                            (INC.1
Hack, Livery                               and Boarding                           Stable
                                                            Turnouts                 of
                                                            Every           Descrip-
                                                            tion          at Reason=
                                                            able          Prices

                                                                  Depot       Carriages
                                                                  at all hours
                                                                  Open all night

Spring                 Street,                     Watertown,                        Mass.
                                      Connected    by Telephone
Town   Solicitor                                      Attorney     for Watertown      Savings      Bank

                      JOHN E. ABBOTT
                                  Counselor            at Law
                                        NOTARY        PUBLIC

                 53 State Street,                Room            505, Boston
        And         Savings             Bank      Building,            Watertown
Telephone,    1347 Fort Hill                                                  Newton North         407-2

James H. Vahey                      Charles      H. Inner                        J. Bernard       Ferber
                     Thomas     F. Vahey                         John P. Vahey

                                Counsellors              at Law
Rooms         1106-I 109, 18 Tremont                           Street,       Boston,           Mass
                   Watertown             Office, Barnard’s                Block
Telephones : 828 and 829 Main                                          Cable Address          “Vainer   ”

                      F.E. CRAWFORD
                                    Attorney           at Law
                    Residence                                   Office
12 Lincoln          St., Watertown,                   721 Kimball Bldg.,                      Boston
          883-3      Newton        North--TELEPHONES--l826                     Fort    Hill

                                 JUSTICE         OF THE        PEACE

                 WALATER C STONE
                                  Counsellor            at Law

Justice      of the Peace                                                    Notary           Pubilc

        Boston     Office :   53 State Street, Rooms           622-4, Tel.
                                                                             I E      1 Main

                   Evening    Office,    Residence,    4 Walnut      St., Watertown
            HARRIS                         E. JOHONNOT
    ELECTRICAL                                             CONTRACTOR
Incandescent         Lighting      and   Power     Wiring
    Electric Bells    Annunciators      Burglar Alarms
                  Gas Lighting   Apparatus
          Speaking Tubes       Telephone Systems
       All kinds of ELECTRICAL       APPARATUS      Installed and Pepaired
                             Estimates Furnished
                     431   Centre       St.,   Newton
 Ofice, Newton North 7252---TELEPHONES---Residence,           Newton North 758-2

                 HENRY                         R. SKINNER
                                 Counsellor                   at Law
Briggs        Bldg.,      293 Washington                                St., Cor. School             St.
                                      Telephone           Main    629
             Watertown           Office,      Otis        Building,        17 Main    Street
                                 Res. Tel. Newton North 934-3

Justice     of the     Peace                                                            Notary   Public

            P. SARSFIELD                                              CUNNIFF
                                 Counsellor                   at Law
                      ROOM        J, BANK           BUILDING,              NEWTON

               Boston Office                                                        Residence
Pemberton    Bldg., 12-20 Pemberton           Sq.                         2b Palfrey Street, Watertown
                                      Telephone           Connection

                       D. J. MAHONEY
                                  Successor to Thomas                 Patten
                               Manufacturer          of    and    Dealer       in

Harnesses, Horse Furnishings, Etc.
                     REPAIRING                   NEATLY                        DONE

   Cor. Main             and Mt. Auburn                               Streets, Watertown

             JOHN                     McILROY
                                DEALER               IN

      Furnishings, andFurnaces, and
Kitchen        Ranges        Steam
         HotWater     Apparatus
     Sheet    Metal     Work             and              General    Jobbing
                         A.     SPECIALTY
         8 Belmont            St.,                          Watertown
                       Telephone       1911-3 Cambridge

         GEO.                 A, PERKINS
PaperhangingJVhiten                                       ing and Glazing
             10 Sycamore                     St., Watertown
                          Telephone      226-l       Belmont

ROBERT                          J. MELLEDGE
                 Succeeding          ELLIS       &    MELLEDCE

             Cambridge Estate
HARVARD            SQUARE,                            -          CAMBRIDGE

              Boston          Office,            I6 State           St.

                672                               OF         EXCHANGE
                                             MEMBER REALESTATE
     Of the Inhabitants,                                                       Business
     Firms,          Institutionsj                                                   Streets,
     Societies,                       State Census, Etc.

                          ..*.*: :
                     N@?&;;~i..i=.*          t..
                                   :‘..;:~::..+yi                                                                           l        . . . .    .   5                    .

                                                                                                                                                                                      .*           :
                                                  ‘H               l                                                                                                     ‘Z           :           :..’
                         .,’           2;
                     ,         ..I•

                 <                                                                                                                                                            .   .

                                  .                                                                                                                              ::...
                                 .          .
                                                                                                                                                        y.*:-,                    .       :
                                                                                                                :       :       2.          :                -* l
                                .*      .:
                                                .* . .         :
                                                                   l 0 l . .
                                                                               . .
                                                                                     . .:. .*. l.
                                                                                                                        . 0.. -.
                                                                                             .      .   .*;***            :
                                                       l   :            :.*    y..      :.   -.,:           .       -

W. A.qREENOUGH                                                                                          & CO.
  COMPILERS,         PRINTERS                                      AND             PUB’LISHERS

           No.           14 Oliver                                             Street

           Boston,                              Massachusetts

                     PRICE,                                            $3.00

     Copyright   1909, by W. A. Greenough                                                        & Co.


               Fine Footwear
               Shoes for                             Shoes for
                Women                                               Men
                                       l: . l .                       $5.00
                                  . . =        .:        . . .
                                           .     .   ’      . . .

                                                     .’ l .*
                                         ,RtiPAIRING                          A
                                  .. l . .a,:
                                  .‘. ‘-: *SPECIALTY
                                  l    .

          647 Main St.                                               Waltham
                   S. S. GLEASON

          REAL                    ESTATE
                  Auctioneer      and                     Appraiser
               56 MAIN    STREET,                    WATERTOWN

     The Watertown        Direlctory     f.or rgog NO. 18 of .t,he regular           series
is presented  to our patrons         and the general         public,   believing    it will
prove as useful in the future as in the past.                  The Publishers         thank
all who ;have in any way aided this work,                   especially     the live busi-
ness men wphose cards are so clear iy represented                    in this issue, and
are deserving   a liberal    patronage.       1 The     Householders           who      have
added their na’mes to our subscription              list will in various        ways save
four field the expense without           borrowing       fnom their neighbor.
                                     IV. A.GREENOUGH                 & CO.
                       Compilers,       Printers    and Publishers
   14 Oliver  St., Boston,      Mass.

                                                            ESTABLISHED                     1849

f                                         MANUFACTURERS-DEALERS                    WHOLESALE ANO RETAIL

5 Eastern,    and      Lumber Timber
        Western Southern    and    2
                                EVERY       KIND, QUALITY.  SHAPE AND FORM
                                          FLORIDA   GULF CYPRESS      BOARDS
      SPECiALTIES                     :   GEORGIA   HARD PINE and         TIMBER
                                        i OTHER   SOUTHERN   WOODS  3          PLANK
    Flooring,                         Sheathing,                             Clapboarding,                                    Shingles
                                  CYPRESS               CLAPBOARDING                           A SPECIALTY
             EVERYTHING                                     IN WOOD OR WOODWORK                                                                      I

                    Ma,ntels,                     Doors,                 Windows                            and Blinds                               f
        BUKLDER~*                            FINIsH                    0~3        EVERY                     DESCRIPTION
    Window          and    Door      Frames,      Stair        Posts,     Rails     and      Ralnsters.         Store    and O&se        Fitting@.
                                      Counters.           Bowl      Stands,       Mantel         SheIves.       Etc.

                                SPECIAL                            CABINET                             WORK
              Oarpenter                           end              Mlll  Work                          of All                 Kinde
                       MATERIAL,HOT-BEDSASH,COLD FRAMESt

                                                                                                                          and Glass.

             send         for     Book,      -Cypress               Lumber            and       Its    Uses.”           ‘ND    Charge.
    Main Otfice, Mills aad Wharves      at NEPONSET.
    Bmach Otlica and Exhibit.      166 Devonshire   St. ad 19 Federal St.                                                     BOSTON
    Haymarkat    Square Salesroom,    1 Sudbury   St. car. Merrimmc  bt.        I
         P. 0. Address, IUeponwt,Bwton, Mass.

         Established       1845                                                              Incorporated           1899

DWINELL-WRIGHT                                                                                                  CO.

               SPICE. TEA
           COFFEE, AND
           FACTORY     & WAREHOUSE                                               WESTERN              DEPARTMENT
             BOSTON                                                                   CHICAGO
     311.319    Summer    Street                                                  57 Michigan     Avenue
Geo. C. Wright, Pres.  James H. Dwinell,                                   Vice-Pres.    Geo S. Wright, Treas.

                                                           Page                                                            Page
A4breviations                                                         K of P                                  .     .          1S3
A 0 u w . . . ‘... .:. ::                    ::       ::      13;     Masonic                ..           . .       .. .       183
Banks                     ..           .     .                I@      hlnfg     Companies‘         ‘. .                        165
Blocks     Buildings          E& . .              .                   Kotaries        Public                ‘:,     ‘.‘. 1:    187
Business     Directory                                     : ‘1::     Odd Fellows                                          .   1S3
Cemeteries                                                            Police Department                       _.’      . ..    rSo
Churches           . .’ . . ,’ ‘. .’ ‘. .’     : . : 12               Pcstoffil:c                       .       .    ..        186
Corporations                . ..                     rXq              Public      Library       _.                       1:    181
Fire Alarm Telegraph                    ..       . . r8r              Public Schooli                          .      .         181
Fire Department                ,                     180              Rail:oat1      stations
                                                                      s of v                . . .:‘.:‘.:‘.:              ::    1:;
General     Directory                          . . , 31               Societies,      Clubs Etc                                IQ
G A4 R .              .          .           . . . . r%3              Streets. Courts, .%venues                                 21
index to =\tlvertisernents                            20              Town       Officers
Justices    of the Peace                     . . . rS7                U 0 G S . . . __ ‘:. :‘.                      ::   :: :s:
K of C               .                           . . 183              U S Arwxtl                                          . . 186

                     PROMPTLY                                   and        CORRECTLY
        EYE GLASSES                OR SPECTACLES                           of any style or make supplied
        on OCULISTS’               PRESCRIPTIONS                           AT REASONABLE        PRICES
Thos.          W.       Spencer                       Co.           1280    Tremont                  St.,       Boston
                         ARTIFICIAL                                 EYES             FITTED
       Residence,           THOS.       W. SPENCER,                        17 Russell   Ave., Watertown
Boston      Telephone,        Fort Hill       1981                             Watertown,    Newton North                     788-2
                     Index to Advertisements
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Abbott John E ................                           I2      MacGregor        Garage (The)                        93-94
Adams P P ..........                 .back cover                 Mahoney       D J ................                       I3
Barney     Lewis      F .............                      6     Mass Fan Co ................                                3
Barrett    George W ............                           9     Mass W’harf Coal Co. front                         cover
Barrett    Mnfg Co ......             front cover                McIlroy       John       ...............                 14
Batchelder       C H & Co ........                         3     Melledge      Robert J ............                      I4
Braman Dow & Co ............                               4     Yorris    Edward         0 ... .back cover
Boston Safe Dep & Trust Co . 2’                                  Newton     & Watertown                  Gas
Bustin James T & Sons ......                                5       Light    Co .........              .front        cover
Butters     Horatio      ..............                     7    Nonantum        %oal Co. front                     cvr-ro
Cambridge        Trust      CO. .......               .I89       O’Connell       Real Est Co (The)                            4
Chamberlain        & Co (Inc)              ......           6    O’Hearn       John W ............                            7
Charles     River    Nat Bank ......                         3   Osgood & Wendell                  .... back cover
Crawford       Fred E .............                      I2      Parisian     Dye House ..........                            5
Critchett    Fred E ..............                          6    Paxton    James & Co ..........                              4
Cunniff    P Sars’field       ............               I3      People’s     Coal Co .                    back cover
Davidson       George      G ..........                     6    Perkins     George A ............                        14
Dwinell-Wright          Co ...........                    IO     Perry    Pictures       Co .......              .opp 22
Emerson        Express       Co .......               .188       Pevear    W H & Co ..........                                8
Flaherty      William                                        7   Pope George B ........                     back cover
Fletcher    Albion C .‘.’ 1 ‘.‘k&                  bbver         Potter’s     Stables        ..............                II
Fletcher     Irving     T ............                       9   Skinner     Henry        R ............                   13
Gale George W & Co .front                          cover         Spencer Thomas W Co ........                              19
Giuffre    E B                                                   Stearns    A T Lum Co (The)                                18
Gleason S S ...... ...‘. .......            ......        :;     Stone Edwin          L ...........               .: .. IO
Graham       R J . bacl; ii&n’;                     ind 7        Stone Walter          C ..............                    12
Green     S B & Co ............                              9   Stratton      Press         . . . . . . . . . . . . . .I79
 Gregg Geo H & Son .bottom                           edge        Tribune      Enterprise              . .         ..      21
Hood      H P & Sons .... ..op p 146                             Union Central Life Ins Co (The)
 Hood H P & Sons                 .opp Business                                                            front cover
 Hood     Rubber       Co ............                       8   Union Market          Nat Bank . . . . . . II
 Howard      Ice Co                  .front        cover         Vahey, Innes & Vahey                        . . . . . 12
Johonnot      Harris      E bk cvr and 13                        Walker     & Pratt Mnfg Co ft cover
Keefe     D F ..................                        188      Walker     D       . . . . . . . . ,. . . ., ,, . . -
 Kelly    Geo I & Co .... back cover                             Waltham       Jewelry         Co .front cove:
 Leavitt   W P Sons Co . . back cover                            Warren      Isaac & Son . . . . . . . . . 16
Lester     Fred W .............                       .I47       Watertown         Co-op Bank . . . . IO
 Lewandos       French       Dyeing           &                  Whiting      D & Sons                .*.         . . 5
   Cleansing       Co ..............                      30     Watertown        Savings Bank                    .        IO-

The Tribune Enterprise
PUBLISHED                           EVERY               FR?DAY
D   evoted to the interests of Watertown,     giving all the local, religious
        and political news of the week. Combined with the Belmont
        Tribune      it is the only paper published in a district of over
16,000 people within a five cent fare of Boston.    A splendid, high-class
advertising   medium.
Subsorlption                    -        -         431.00    Per    Year

               STREETS, COURTS
                AVENUES, ETC.
      Acton from Howard to Oakland
      Adams from 531 Mt Atrburn to Nichols av
      Adams Avenue (E W) from opposite 173 n/It
         Auburn nort,h and east to School
      Admiral from Westminster       au to B ‘2%M R R
      Appleton      from Upland road
      Arlington     (E W) from 418 ‘Arsenal across Mt
         Auburn to Belmont
      Arsenal from Beacon square to Brighton 1inL
      Arthur terrace from 19 Adams
      Arundel terrace from ~Boyd
      Auburn place from 55 Mt Auburn
      Bacon from 176 Main to Pleasant
      Bailey avenue off Belmont
      Bailey road from I 12 (Mt Aulburn to Brigham
      Barnard avenue from 7 Colum’bda
      Bartlett,   from Everett avenue to Forest
      Bates road, from 92 Mt Auburn
      Bay from N Beacon to Charles River road
      Beacon square from junction Riverside North
         Beacon, Mt Auburn and Main
      Beechwood avenue, from 147 North Beacon to
             the Charles River
      Bellevue road, ftrom Common to Russell av
      Belmont (Mt Auburn), from Mt Auburn near
         railroad ,bridge to Walt’ham line
      Bemis, from Waverly av to Lexington
22     STREETS,           COURTS,          AVENUES,            ETC

Bigelow        avenue, from beyond Arlington                            to 17
   Nichols         avenue (E !V)
Bigelow         terrace         opposite       II     Boyd
Bostonia         avenue, from above 777 Mt Auburn
   near French terrace to F R R
Boyd,       from 200 Galen to F,ayette                           (Sewton)
Bolyston          from Putnam               to Revere
Bridge,       from opposite              school house, across F
   R R (Bemis)                  to Newton            line
Bridgham,              from Holt          to Curnham
Brigham,            from 27 Russell                  avenue       to Bailey
Broadway,              from 6 Russell avenue to Common
 Brook, from opposite                   25 Pleasant            to the river
 Brookline,           from Warren            to Belmont,           Waltham
 Brown,        from Sycamore                  to Thayer          road, Bel-
    mont line
 Burnham,             from Chandler               to Belmont         line
 California,             from     opposite          I8 Watertown             to
     Sewton           line
 Capitol,       from 83 Galen to beyond Union
 Carroll,      from 140 Orclhard to 540 Eelmont
 Cedar, from 18 Linden                     to Spruce
 Centre,       from 8 Franklin                  to opopsite         IO Wal-
 Chad,bourne               terrace,   off Elm
 Chandler,           from Sylcamore,               opposite       Dwight      to
     Belm,ont line
 Chapman,              from Main <to Highland                    avenue
  Charles,       from Olney to Gilbert
  Chauncy,           from 173 Mt Auburn                     to Boylston
  Chester,         from 79 Mt Au’burn                      to opopsite        13
  Chestnut,          from 122 Main to 14 Green
  Church, from 59 Main at Town House to Mar-
      imon rd
  Church         Hill, from Pleasant,                   north
  Church lane, from 96 Main to 51 Pleasant
  Church place, from 20 Church
  Columbia,             from 12 Russell avenue to 43 Coin-
  Common,             from 86 Mt Auburn                   to Belmont       line
  Coolidge          avenue, from 418 Arsenal                     to tihe Cam
       bridge       line
  Coolidge          Hill road (E IV), from Arlington                         op-
       posite        E Watertown                   depot      to near        165
     STREETS,           COURTS,          AVENUES,            ETC          23
Copeland,           from Main to Highland                   avenue
Cottage        (Mt Auburn),               from 779 Mt Auburn
   to the Catholic              cemetery
Cottage lane, (Mt Auburn)                       from.39       Cottage
Cottage       place, (Mt Auburn),                   from r 41 Cot-
   ctage near the R R
Cozy from Summer                      to Fayette
Crawford              (E IV),        from Arlington             opposite
    E W depot, easterly
Cr,oss, from 27 Pleasant                  across Main to 4 Win-
Cuba, from ,IM              Main to Myrtle
Cushman,             from 69 Fayette            to ‘Oak place
Cypress,         from School to Melendy                      avenue
Dana terrace from opposite                        18 Summer
Dewey from &\rlington                    to Prentiss
Dexter       avenue         (E IV), from 561 Mt Auburn
    to beyond             Cypress
Dwight         from Sycamore                to Thayer         road, Be’l-
    mont line
Eldredge,             from opposite           48 Riverside         to Ir-
    ving                                                                      ?
Elliott,     from 75 Galen to Union                                ’         ‘-’
Elm (E VI), from 398 Arsenal                          to opposite      127;
Elton       avenue         (E IV), from’ Bigelow                  avenue-
    near Mt Auburn                 to 23 Nichols          avenue
Everett        avenue, from .5g Palfrey                   to Palfrey
Fayette,         from 46 Spring               to WaverIy          avenus’
Fifield,     from 52 Irving
Fifth      avenue, from opposite                   29 California          to
    55 Watertown
Fletcher        terrace,       from 8 Patten
Forest, from 13.5 Main, across F R R to Bart-
Franklin,          from 87 Mt Auburn                   to opposite       it,
French, from 170 Main to Myrtle
French’s          lane, from Mt Vernon                     to F R R
    (Mt -Auburn)
French‘s         Terrace,        from 777 Mt Auburn                  to F
Galen, from 40 Main,                      Watertown           square to
    Newton           line
Garfield,         from       102      Mt Auburn             to beyond
Garnet, from IO Irving                   to 13 Parker
 G’ilhert.      from 261           Main to Highland               avenue
  24   STREETS,      COURTS      AVENUES,      ETC

  Gilkey court, from 16 Patten
  Gill road, ,from Sycamore to Walt,ham
  Glen road, from Coolidge avenue to Arlington
       (E W>
  Grant avenue from Brookline              to Waltham
  Greenville road, from Common, near Belmont
  Green, from 1130 Main to oppos,ite 104 Pleasant
  Grove (E W), from Arlington,                near Mt Au-
      burn, to 116 Coolidge avenue
  Hall avenue, from Belmont near Carroll
  Hancock, from 193 Mt Auburn to Boylston
  Hardy avenue, from Belmont, southerly
  Harnden avenue, from opposite 196 Lexington
       to Carroll
  Harrington,         from Belmont, near Waltbam lint
       to Perry
  Hawthorne,          from ,18 Pearl
  Hazel, from Trinity,          across Dexter avenut
  Hearn, from 31 Cottage
. Hersum, from Main to Highland                avenue
  H.ighland         avenue, from Lexington        to Copt-
  Hill, from 3’9 Fayette to opposite Sycamort
  Hillside,        from Belmont       opposite    Sycamore
  Hillside avenue, from Belmont, southerly
  Hillside        road, from Mt Auburn          to Belmont
  Holt,       from opposite IO Harrington           to gel,
        mont ICne
  Homer from Myrtle to French
  Hovey, from 153 Orchard to 560 Belmont
  Howard, from 188 Main to 137 Pleasant
  Hudson, frqm opposite 14 Cushman to White’s
   Hunt, from opposite 97 Galen to 16 Maple
   Hyland avenue, from Belmont to Holt
   Irving,       from 63 Mt Auburn         to the Charles
    Irving      Park from 42 Irving         to opposite 32
   Jackson, from Morse to Newton line
    Tames, froni Holt to Perry, Waverly Park
                             from %raltham line to ale-

    Jew&t,    from -M,orse next       beyond    Park   :to
      Boyd    near Newton line
 STREETS,     COURTS,     AVENUES,      ETC       25

Katheryne      road from Common to Church
Keena,n, from .Mt Auburn to Belmont
Keith, from 76 Prentiss
Ladd, from 42 Riversoide to 39 N Beacon
Ladd, from 42 Riverside to 39 N Beacon
Langdon avenue, from Mt Auburn above Hill-
   side road
Laurel, from Hyland avenue to Belmont line
Laurel, from Melendy avenue to School
Lexington,       from Main nearly opposite New
    Lexington      t,o Belmont
L.ibrary lane, f’rom Main nort,h, at Public Li-
Lincoln, from 115 Mt Auiburn to 16 Walnut
Linden, from Westminster          avenue to Waver-
    ly av
L,owell avenue, from Orchard next Whitney,
    east, to Carroll
Lyon from 28 Cottage
Lyons court, from 81 Watertown            to Newton
 Madison avenue, from Brooklure, east
 Main, from Beacon square junction           Mt AU-
    burn to Waltham line
 Main street c,ourt, now Merchants row
 M.aple, from opposite III         Galen to Newton
 Marion road from 72 Spring to Orchard
 Marshall,      from 78 Mt Auburn         to beyond
 Melendy avemte, from 575 Mt Auburn to Cy.
 Melville terrace, from 6 Morse
 Merchants row, from 25 Main
 Middle, from ISO Main to IO Myrtle
 Munroe avenue, off Elm
 Morse, from g7 Galen to Watertown               near
      Newton         line
 Mt Auburn, from ,I Main, Beacon square to
      R R ,brid,ge, Cambridge line
 Myrtle, from 162 Main to opposite 104 Pleas-
 New Lexington,           from Main opposite Lexing-
       ton to F R R
  Nichols     avenue E W), :from Arlington          tb
  Norfolk, from School to Boylston
26    STREETS,           COURTS,.        AVENUES,           ETC

Norseman            avenue, froni 315 Mt Auburn                      to F
North Beacon, from Beacon square to Charle:.
   River       Bridge,         Brighton       line
Nortih Beacon tour:, from 23 No Beacon
North      Irving          Park, from Irving             to Royal
North ‘Park, :from Morse to Newton                           line
Korth      Wood            Park      (E W),         a district      lying
   north of the F R R between                         Arlington        and
   Mt Auburn                streets
Oak, from Melendy                   avenue to Laurel
Oak place. end of Cushman
Oakland,          from Main nearly                opposite       Lex,ing-
   ton to ,F R R
Olcutt,      from opposite              260 Main to Highland
Oliver, from 48 Church to Marshall
Oliver     road from 18 Ad.ams
Olney,      from 213 Main to Highland                          avenue
Oinchard, from 52 Common                          to opposite         Lex-
Otis, from 813 Mt Auburn                    to opposite         8 Wash-
Palfrey,       from 74 Mt Auburn                  to ‘beyond Forest
Park square, from 16, Morse to 27 Boyd
Parker,       from 75 Mt Auburn                    to Washburn
Patten, from 47 Mt Auburn                        to 50 Arsenal
Pearl, from Summer                    to opposite       5 Oliver
Perrv, from Russell to Harrinlgton
Pbilfips,       from 71 Mt Auburn                 to beyond Garnet
Pleasant,          from Galen,           Watertown            square to
    Waltham            line
Pond, from Watertown                      at Newton          line
Prentiss,        from o,pposite 7~3 Mt Auburn                     to Bel-
    mont (E W)
Presjcott, from Main to Charles
Prospect,           from 245          Arsenal       to opposite         217
    N,orth Beacon
Purvis,      from Main to Charles
Putnam,          from Hancock             to Revere
Quimby           (E W), from Dexter                   avenue to Cy-
Quirk,      from 43 Forest
Revere, from 207 Mt Au’burn to Putnam
 Rifle court, f’rom 5 Sawin                     (Mt Auburn)
Riverside,           from 2 Main, Beacon square to be-
     yond Royal
Royal, from 67 North                    Beacon to 66 Riverside
   STREETS,   COURTS,   AVENUES,    ETC     27
Russell, from Holt to Perry
Russell avenue, from 86 Mt Auburn
Rutland, from Main near Waltham line
Saltonstal Park, Main between Thaxter streer
   and White’s avenue
Sampson avenue, from 15 Eostonia avenue to
   9 French’s lane
Sawin, from Cottage to Spring court, ‘Mt Au-
School, from Belmont across Mt Auburn to
   opposite 453 Arsenal, East Watertown
School lane, from near 303 Mt Auburn, south
   to F R R Mt Auburn
Sexton from 38 Cottage
Sidney, from 39 Marshall to opposit& 23 Mar-
   ion road
South Irving Park, from Irving to Royal
South Park, from Morse to Eoyd
Spring, from 13 Main to Common
Spring court, end Sawin, Mt Auburn
Spruce, from 119 Mt Auburn to S,chool
Stanley avenue, next beyond 68 Waltham to
   F R R, Eemis
Summer, from 50 Mt ,4uburn to 15 Waverly
Sycamore, frrom 2d beyond 675 Eelmont tcJ
   Belmont line
Swett court(Bemis),     from 50 Waltham
Taylor, from 21 Mt Auburn to 28 Arsenal
Thaxter, opposite 94 Main to F R R
Thayer road, at interstection    of Waltham and
   Belmont lines
bunion. from 56 Galen to 39 Morse
Vernon, from 155 Mt Auburn to B,oylston
Walnut, from 97 Mt Auburn to opposite 245
Walnut court, from Fayette to Palfrey
Waltham, from opposite 172 Pleasant to Wal-
  tham line
Warren, from Sycamore to Thayer road
JVarren, from Lexington       to Waltham   line
Washburn, from II Franklin to 26 Parker         _
\Vater, from 46 Galen to opposite ,173 Galen
Watertown,     from Galen near the bridge tcJ
   Newton line
Watertown     court, from 81 Watertown

Watertown        square, junction Main, Galen and
Waverly avenue, from 145 Main to Fayette
Webster, from Warren to Grant avenue, Wal-
  tham line
Wheeler ‘court, from 104 Elm
Wheeler lane, from II Riverside
Whitcomb,        from Hyland ‘avenue to Belmont
White, from Orchard near Lowell avenue to
White’s avenue from opopsite 1~30Main to 54
Whiting     Park, from 72 Spring
Wh’itney, from 221 ‘Orchard to Belmont near
Williams,     from 124 Galen to Jefferson (New-
Wilson avenue, from Belmont, southerly
Winsor avenue, from 476 Mt Auburn
Winter, from 16 C’hurch to 26 Fayette
Winthrop,      from 163 Mt Auburn to Putnam
Yukon avenue, from Elm to Arlington

        BLOCKS,         BUIL’DLNGS,    ETC
A 0 H Hall, 23 Main
Almshouse,     105 Orchard        ’
Barnard Block, from 26 Main to Galen
Batchelder    Building,     I and 3 Galen, Water-
  town square
Belmont (The), Belmont corner Mt Auburn
   (Mt Auburn)
BUTLER       Watertown        GAL 7-
Boston Elevated Ry Car Stat’ion, 31 Main
Burmont    (The), 13 Maple
,Central Hall, 23 &lain
Dana Block, 29 to 35 Main, Wate’rtown square
Diamond Block, 2 to 12 Taylor
Flagg’s Block. Mt Auburn near R R bridge
   Cambridge line
Foresters’ Hall, 4 Mt huburn
Garfield Block, 7 Galen
 G A R Hall, 4 Mt Auburn
Keenan Block, junction )Mt Auburn and Bel-
Lyman Building,        16 and 18 Mt Auburn
Masonic Hall, 17 Main
     BLOCKS,   BUILDINGS,    HALLS      ETC   29
Morse’s Block 25 to 41 Galen and 2 to IO
Newton and Watertown         Gas Light Company,
   67 Water
Noyes Block, 46 to 50 Main
O’tis Bros Block, I to 13 Main and 2 to 4 Mt
Otis Building,    15 to 19 Main
Post OfIice, Main street
Russell Block, 6 to 14 Mt Auburn
Public Library,    Main next the park
Russell Building,    5 to 7 Spring
St Luke’s Home for Children, 209 A&ngton
Savings Bank Building       56 ‘Main
Superintendent     of Public S,chools Office, 3
Town House and Hall, Main corner Church
Union Market National Bank Building, 52 and
   54 Main
U S Arsenal, Arsenal street
Wheeler’s Block, 37 ,to 43 Spring
Whitney Block, 61 to 7]3 Main            ”

          RAILROAD           STATIONS
Bemis Station
East Watertown      station
Union (Market station
Watertown    station
West Watertown       station

Arlington   street (E W) corner Arlington
Catholic (Mt Auburn),     adjoining Mt Auburn
   cemetery foot Cottage
Common street, Common corner Mt Auburn
Mt Auburn, Mt Auburn street balance in Cam-
Ridgelawn     Warren near Lexington
St Patrick’s, Belmont near Lexington

                       AMERICAS                   GREATEST

      - Cleansers      Dyers

     DELIVERY     IN                                                        TELEPHONE
                                                                            300    NEWTON
                                                                            Connects        all
     WATERTOWN                                                              Departments

       Blankets  Draperies      Rugs   Carpets  Ribbons
       Gloves   Laces      Ostricll Feathers   Portieres
       CLEANSED          OR DYED          PROPERLY

     Watertown               Shop           at    1   Galen       Street            (at   works)

Executive          Offices            286        Boylston          Street            Boston

       New York        Albany           Philadelphia        Baltimore         Providence
Newport       Bridgeport            Hartford         New Haven             Worcester          Lynn
        Salem     Cambridge           Roxbury          Watertown           South Boston

      “YOU         CAN              RELY              ON      LEWANDOS”

           -E. -6. ~IUFFRE
 GOLD Groceries
TONICS                                                                 ,Ly!,
                                ALL     KINDS   OF

             Fruit,     Cigars,
         Fancy Confectionery, Tobacco
    26 Mt. Auburn                     St., Watertown,              Mass.
                                Phone   712-5 N. N.

         (Copyright      1909   by IV’. A. Greenough          & Co.)
                Ab, above; agt, agent : asst. assistant : av,
         avenue ; res, residence ; bet, between ; hldg,
         building;    blk, block:       E. Boston ; B E Ry Co,
         Boston Elevated         Railway       Co: corn mer. com-
         mission merchant         ; c or car, corner;      ct. court ;
         E W, East Watertown:                emp, employee;      F K
         R, Fitchburg       Railroad;       11’ P Co, \Z aterproof
         Paint Co ; H R Co Hood Rubber Co ; 11, house :
         lab. laborer;     mkr, maker : mfr. manufacturer               ;,
         Mt A, Mt Auburn;            n. near: opp, opposite;        pl.
         place; P 0, Post OBice ; pres, president                : rd,
         road; Rev, Reverend:             r, rear: sec. secretary;
         scl. square ; St, street : supt. superintendent                :
         treas. treasurer:      Ij 11. Union Market:          U P B
         Co. Union        Paper     I:ag Co: U 5 A. United
         States Army;        U S N, United           States Savy ;
         whf, wharf ; whol. who!esale ; wid, widow.
         AEBETTA           CARJJISE     la,!, h IS Cushman
         Abbott    Alfred    mill oper h 318 Pieasant
           Eancroft      broker b 21 Parker
           Charles M b 6 Franklin
           George D clerk E b 39 ITranklin
         ABBOTT         JOHN E lawyer and town solicitor
               56 Main rm I and 53 State B h 6 Frank-
               lin See page I2
32    WATERTOWN              A     DIRECTORY
   Samuel P lawyer             53 State B h a Parker
   Sarah E h IO Philli’ps
   Tilden     G bkpr Chasn h 39 Franklin
    Wm A lawyer 85 Devonshire                  B b 6 Frank-
Acheson       William       mill oper b 238 Pleasant
   William       J painter     13 Cross
Adam Jules dyer b 47 Main
Adams Edwin F sales B b 36 Capitol
    Henry      E sales B h 36 Capitol
    John Mrs b 48 Marshall
    J Frank lawyer          53 State B b 48. Marshall
ADAM&           P P Big Dry Goods Department
      Store 133-r!3g Moody,           Waltham         See back
Adjemian         Gavaled H R Co b 18 <Crawford
    Mersek        bds 18 Craw’ford
 Aetna      Mills     266   Pleasant     Frederic     W Free-
      man mngr office 77 Chauncy               B
     Mills   Boarding        House     236, and 238 Pleas-
      ant, Bemis
 Ahearn      Daniel rub wkr rms 26 Mellendy              av
 Akeroyd       Alfred     mill oper h 324 Pleasant
 Akin Emily H wid William                L h 71 *Mt Aulburn
 Alarie Eliza!beth         wid’ Joseph N h 94 Fayette
     Joseph J carp b 94 Fayette
 Alcock     Samuel carrp h 78’ Sycamore
 Aldenberg         Bedros P cigar mkr h Brookline
 Alexander         Harry    H R Co h 24 Mellendy          av
     Louis M clerk h 89 Boyd
     Wm A mnfrs agent 188 Milk B h 89 Boyd
 Alexanian         Alexander      h 13 Keith
  Allen Alfre,d E clerk h 4 Morse
     Andrew        T carp h 17 Highland         av
     Charles S tmstr 14 Nichols             av h do
     Edward        E oils 24 Purchase        B h 46 Common
     Elizabeth        C teacher     schools h 17 Palfrey
     James L lab h 24 ,Grenville            rd
     John W salesman lb 18 Hunt
      Mary V wid John h 50 Olney
      Mary J bkpr h 17 Palfrey
      May G school teacher h 17 Palfrey
  Alles William          H tobacco B h 453 Mt Auburn
  Alsopp     John washer lh 48 Notrh              Beacon
  Altieri   Joseph lab h 85 Water
  American          Ex Co, Wm W Willson                mngr 26
  Andersen         Anna K matron          240 School h do
     WATERTOWN         A    DIRECTORY       33
Anderson Albion A electrician b 2 Patten
  Alvin at H R Co h 40’ Cypress
  Emil G rubber wkr b 12 Yukon av
    Hjalma ruabber wkr b 73 Nichols av
  John driver b 6 Oliver rd
  John J electrical eng h 92 Dexter av
  Nils, rub wkr ‘b 73 Nichols av
  Oscar lab h 8’5 Orchard
  Robert elk h 9 Patten
  Thomas #physician 2 Patten h do
Andrews Aloysius B b 32 Cottage
  Eben sales h 104 Sycamore
  John L police inspec h 20 Parker
  Sidney math b 50 Olney
  William supt Catholic cemetery h 32 Cottage
   William   S letter carrier h 15 Riverside
Angel1 James G #molder b 5 Chester
  Myra S dressmaker ;! Jewett b do
Angelo Frank grocer 98 Main h at Waverly
Angorvian     Arokel rubber wkr h 70 Prentiss
Annibale Constantino rub wkr h 393 Arlington
Antemeci Nicola at gas house h 87 Water
Anthony William       E shipper h 48 Capitol
Anunian Asadoor rub wkr sb 89 Elm
  Eartan rub wkr b 89 Elm
  IGarabed rub wkr b 8g Elm
   Hagop rub wkr tb 89 Elm
  hlugadich rub wkr b 8g Elm
Applin Henry H clerk B h 31 Barnard av
Apruharnian     Monoog hairdresser 3 ‘Crawford
    h 416 Arsenal
Archibald    Elmer E asst supt 219 Wash B h
    Igz School
  John fore 56 Galen h ISO Main
  Samuel driver 56 Galen b 150 Main
Argelo Rocco lab h 3 Cozy
Armstrong John T (machinist h 45 California
Arnold James H hostler 233 Riverside
  William    H driver b 23& Riverside
Arone Domenico lab h 819 Mt Auburn
   Ni.chola lab b 819 (Mt Auburn
Arsigian Virtean H R Co h 55 Nichols av
Asadoorian     Sarkis K fruit I Nichols av h 18
Ashlin Wilford produce h 23 Mt Auburn
Atcheson Fred R painter h 31 Mt Auburn
Atkins Edward E pres Aetna Mills h at Bel-
34    WATERTOWN               A     DIRECTORY
Atwood      Alvah A tailors’ trimmings       68 Chaun-
    cey E h 113 Galen
   Caroline     A wid Albert    h 21 Fayette
Aubrey     Charles   N clerk 3 Main h 51 Cypress
   Eugene molder b 16 Hazel
Auburn      House, Mrs E A McWhiter            prop 47
    Mt Auburn
Aucoin James E painter         h 46 Capitol
Austin    Davici’ h 2 Melville    ter
Avazian     Jacob boarding     25 Elton av

BABCOxCK          ADELLA          F clerk b 41 Summer
   Adella F Mrs h 31 Summer
   Elizabeth       S seamstress        h 32 Spring
   Hope -4 stenographer             b 41 Summer
Babegian      Dekran      rub wkr b 89 Elm
Bachmann        Otto A clerk B h 47 Capitol
Bacon Edward          clerk B b 18 Royal
Bagshaw       Wil,liam      overseer    h 3 Sweet ct
Bailey    Ambrose        C paper hanger          5 Spring    h
     16 Hunt
   Arthur      H canned goods 176 Atlantic              av B
     h 87 Boyd
   Francis     C forester      h 132 Mt Auburn
   Frank      M hides and leather            52 South B h
     I 12Mt Adburn
   Frank     0 provisions        19 New F H Market          B
     h 102 Mt Auburn
   George H clerk h 87 Boyd
   James      foreman        cleansing     19 Galen h 12
   John cleaner h 20 Washburn
   John T conductor             h 5 Oliver    rd
   Walter      J student        b 12 Washburn
Baird Anna M bkpr 289 Pleasant                 1, at Camb
Baker E Wanda            stenog B 1) 27 Marion          rd
   Frank G tins,mith           24 Main h 70 Pleasant
   John elk State House B h 27 Marion rd
Balch Frederick         H steward h 6 Washburn
   Joseph b 79 (Grove
Balcom       Nathaniel       E foreman      67 Water      h 83
Banks Thomas           ,G h 33 Church
   William      engraver       B h 47 Elliot
Bannister      J Robert mason h 29 Waltham
Baratta     Francesco        shoemkr     73 Main h II Mt
 Barber Harry        carp h 131 Pleasant
Bar’beti Jose lab h 95 Palfrey
---                                                                                                                      0

      Gold Medal,       Paris Exposition.                  Gold Medal, St. Louis Exposition,                     1904.
                          Gold Medal, Lewis             and Clark Exposition,   1905.

                 THIS      IS     ONE     OF     THE       BOSTON              EDITION         OF   THE

                                                (ONE    CENT         SIZE.)

         T     HIS EDITION       is on rough paper, 5% x 8 inches, and
               in the beautiful sepia tone that resembles that of.high
               cost photographs.                                 are in
                                        Most of the @ctq pictnremr
         black and white and on smooth paper, but we now publish
         a large number of subjects in this Boston Edition, and
         others will be added. (This name is given to them simply
         to distinguish them from the Regular Edition in black and
         white.) aWe send the Boston Edition in all subjects we
         are supplying in that edition without extra charge, and
         the rest in the Regular Edition.

                        PRICE         : The price of the Perry Pictures is
                                         ONE            CENT            EACH
                        for 25 or more, postpaid. Assorted as desired.
                                  $3.00           PER           HUNDRED
           THE       FOLLOWING          SIZES     ARE    ALSO       INCLUDED       IX    CUR   CATALOGUE
         Half-Cent      Size.       3 x 3% inches.       One-half     cent each for 50 or more.       Assorted
                  as desired.
         Two-Cent         Size.    New York        Edition.    Size 7 x 9. All printed    in Sepia.     Two
                  cents each for 13 or more.
         Five-Cent       Size.    Extra    Size.     IO x 12 inches      All printed in Sepia.     4 for 25
                  cents ; IO for 50 cents ; 21 for $1 00.          No orders for less than 4 of this size.
         Pictures      in Colors-Two-Cent                Size.    Birds, Animals, Minerals, Fruitc, etc.
                  Portrayed     in natural    colors.     Size 7 x 9. 648 subjects.     Two cetits each
                 for 13 or more.
         Large       Pictures      for Framing-Seventy-five-Cent                    Size.      E‘or schoolroom
                 and home decoration.         Very beautiful.      Size, including     margin, 22 x 28 in-
                 ches.  Price 75 cents each; 8 for $5.50.
                 Also Forest Trees, Elson         Prints,   Indian     Portraits    in Colors,  the Perry
                 Art Books.
        Catalogues.      Send three two-cent        stamps f )r Illustrated        Catalogue   containing
                 IOOO miniature  illustrations,    two Regular Size pictures and a Bird picture
                in three colors.

            BOSTON                  OR      MALDEN,                    MASSACHUSETTS

                                The Perry Pictures have no printing             on the back.
     WATERTOWN         B    DIRECTORY        35
Barclay Alenxander     H compositor   B h end
Barker Frank R asst supt B h 73 Union
   Frederick G insurance 70 Kilby B h 3 Oliver
  Eliza J wjd Joseph G h 75 Mt Au’burn
  ‘Guy B elk Oakley Country ‘Club b do
  John waiter 300 School b do
  Willard machinist h 146 Spruce
  William dyer h 12 Stanley av
Barmer Henry rub wkr b 802 Mt Auburn
  John rub wkr h 802 >lt Auburn
Barnard Georgiana teacher b IO Patten
   Samuel 0 elk B h IO P.atten
Barnes Charles C elk 75 Main
  Edward lab b 31 Summer
   Elizabeth A wid James J b 75 Main
   Frank lab b 75 Main
  IGordon H elk 21 Main h 78 Union
  James H shipper h 535 Mt Auburn
  Jtames T undertaker 75 Main h do
  John elk b 75 Main
  John A carp h 91 Arsenal
  Joseph elk I Merchants row b 75 Main
   Patrick lab h 31 Summer
   Samuel mngr b 75 Main
BARNEY       LEWIS    F carpenter and builder I
    Patten h 7 Parker    See page 6
Barratt Edgar G pres Union Bag & Paper Co
    h at New Jersey
Barrett Ellen wid b 260 Main
BARRETT        GE,O’RGE W #painter and deco-
    rator 34 Mt Auburn h at Brighton       See p
   Harry farmer h 87 Summer
  John P plumber B b 260 Main
   Margaret G bkpr b 260 Main
   Peter P farmer h 260 Main
   P Paul b 260 Main
   Thoimas F student b ~60 Main
Barron Charles A collector h 15 Royal
   George paper mkr h Chapman
  ,Oliver C tool mkr b 33 Mt Auburn
   Samuel butcher *b George Barron’s
   Sarah A wid Fred H h 33 Mt Auburn
Barrows Charles F bkpr h 4 Melville ter
Barry Dennis lab b 6 Maple
   David bartender b 59 IGalen
   Ellen M h 15 Bacon
   Garrett G moulder h 18 Bacon
  John E gardener h 7 Maple
  Mabel h 3 Winter
  Margaret A bkpr b 7 Maple
  Mary h 3 Winter
  Thomas ,F rub wkr h 792 Mt Auburn
  William lab h 59 Galen
  William D carriage ,painter b 7 Maple
Bartels George L ibkpr 57 Spring h 568 Bel-
  Marie G wid b 56g Belmont
Barthelmes John math rms 17 Hsaiel
Bartlett Arthur H stove mounter h 152 Spruce
  Dwight K mngr M F Co h Newton
Barton Samuel M h Orchard car Whitney
  William    G painter h 9 Lada’
Batchelder Arthur D cashier B h Spruce
  Preston A stable b Arthur D Batchelder’s
Bates Alfred F b II Morse
  Arthur carpenter h 4 Winter
  Eleanor Mrs b IO Williams
  Francis E math h 28 Lexington
  Guinniefred    wid ‘Curtis h I Melville ter
  Stanley E student sb I Melville ter
Baxter Alexander C elec con h 127 Boyd
  John mill hand h 2 Swett ct
Beach James moulder h 15 Forest
Beal (George W moulder h 16 Hazel
Beale George stationer B h 16 Oliver
Bears Wellington     patter mkr h Yukon av
Beartrice Antone lab h 85 Summer
  Fred lab b 85 Summer
Beartrite Camela wid Giuseppe h 25 Quirk
  Michael lab b 25 Quirk
Beattie Robert H moulder h 8 Summer
  Robert S lab bds 8 Summer
Beatty Richard fireman h 61 Lowell
Beckett Florence J stenog B b 33 Bigelow av
  Frederick W mngr h 19 Bige!qw av
  Jy;;pivR    foreman at Cambrlage h 33 Bige-

  Sadie A elk b 33 Bigelow av
Be&man Frederick H elk B b 605 Belmont
  Louisa wid h 605 Belmont
  Mary T elk b 605 Bel,mont
  William J plumber b 605 Belmont
Beechel John chemist h 140 Main
Beeckman James G pattern mkr h 98 W’alnut
Beeler Enoch piano wkr ti Holt
     WATERTOWN         B    DIRECTORY        37
Belban Levi carp h 26 I1Iellendy av
Belcher Chas F treas Walker & Pratt Hnfg
    Co h at Malden
  Thomas E A math h 42 Morse
Bellanger    Charles over Aetna Mills h 250
Belmont Tribune 46 .Main
Bemis Georgiana wid Willis A h 31 ?vlorse
  Mills, Richard E Goodwin treas Stranley av
    near F R R, Bemis
Bendit Louis asst cook 300 School lb do
Benjsmin Charles W elk B h 14 Marshall
  Cyrus II carp h 5 Winter
  William H inspector of buildings h 5 Winter
  ,William H Jr sales b 5 Winter
Bennett Henry teacher of music 12 Hunt,b do
  Samuel P tmstr h 22 Mt Auburn
Benson Emma J Mrs b g Chester
Bent Chiarles T, lineman b 5 Patten
   C Frank elk 33 Main b 97 Galen
   Elizabeth wid Elkanah h 5 Patten
  ‘Herbert F (Luther Bent & Co) 62 Main h
    29 Spring
  Luther & Co (Herbert F Bent) furniture 62
   Mary E dressmkr g7 Galen b do
   Sophia wid’ John H h 97 Galen
Benton Ella wid Edward A h 3 #Otis
Benyon Chiarles civil eng h 4 Jewett
  ,Geo H military instructor    public schools B
    h 47 Watertown
Berardini Fred lab h Perry
Bergeson Hljalmer iblacksmith h 17 Adams
Berglund John steward Oakley Country Club
    b do
Berinato Vincent elk 67 Main b 69 do
Bernard Francis H math h 124 Galen
   John H Jr sales h 104 Sycamore
Berry Charles E math at Somerville h 54 Fay-
   Charles W h 47 Summer
   Chester C, W R Mnfg Co Nb26 Parker
   Edgar E drug elk h co2 Walnut
   Edward C blacksmith b 54 Fayette
   Frank A eng b 54 Fayette
   George F elk B h 46 Olney
   Horace P eng 1191   Galen h 33 Capitol
   Ida M wid William B h 26 Parker
   Mary A b 54 Fayette
38     WATERTOWN                 B      DIRECTORY

    Sarah H wid Frank J h 4fPhillips
    Thomas          E carpenter        h 44 Mt Auburn
Berton         Margaret,      F teacher High school h at
Besse Nathaniel              E freight       elk U M station h
        18 Irving
Bestwick          Charles      H sales h 275 School
Beverstock           Amos R eng h Dwight
Bill Fred P farmer h 41 Mt Auburn
    Locke C elk B h 23 Parker
Bingham          John Mrs h 44 Palfrey
Binks Josepr W winder h 316 Pleasant
Bird Hannah             W h 62 Belmont
    William         math b 1061Galen
Birkenshaw             Elizabeth       F wid William            h 250
    Fred over Aetna Mills h at Waltham
Birnie ivilliam            D sales h 18 Prentiss
Bixbv         Curtis \V architect          120   Tremont       B h 13
Black#burn          Harry      V watchman          h 15 French
Blackwood            Andrew       J millwright      h 17 Hazel
Blair Floyd G student b 48 Eailey rd
    Lafayette         G lawyer       73 Tremont         rm 644 B h
        48 Bailey rd
     Pierpoint        student b 48 Bailey           rd
Blake Robert P treas Power 8.~ Speed Control-
        ler Co 49 Galen h at Boston
Blakeney           Thomas       R yard elk Watertown              sta-
        tion h 2 Cross
    Thomas          R Jr freight handlertb           2 Cross         >
 Blanchard          J Frank elk zb Mt Auburn               h 15 Otis
    Robert         rub wkr rms II Bigelow                    av
     iVilson       bkpr h 17 Melendy            av
 Blana’y Roswell             B b IO Phillips
 Blaze George >I elk 407 Shawmut                          av B h 45
     Harold        B elk b 45 Palfrey
 Bliefling       Tennys       eng h 7 Fletcher         ter
 Bleiler Edward             J butcher h 5 School
     Frank butcher,i?             215 Arsenal
      I red farmer          h rgc Lexington
      i;eorge butche .zt5 Arsenal                 h do
 Blodgett         Charles E concreter            b 41 Arsenal
 Blyth        M Arlene        elk B b 154 Dexter            av
     Robert        fore W 8: P Mnfg               Co h 154 Dex-
         ter av
Boctoro          Salvatore       lab h 20 Cushman
      WATERTOWN         B   DIRECTORY      39
  Zoehner Arthur E cutter h 27 Green
  Boghigian   Samson elk 41 Main b at Somcr-
  Boland J’amrs A, H R Co eb 36 Quimby
  Solduc Nanoleon carp h I55 bpruce
  Pond Pert; M painter h 24 Morse
  Ronnet Joseph hairdresser B h 115 Eoyd
  Borden Amos C mason 4 Church h 3za Kortlr
  Boston Elevated Railway waiting room, Ga-
      len near bridge
    George foundryman b 148 Cypress
  Boucher J Adelara’mphysician 2 Irving h do
  Boudreau Alfred elk B h 12 Swett ct
  Boudrot Joseph moulder h 79 Watertown
  Boudrout Albany (Boudrout & Masse) h 6 Ba-
  BOUDROUT         & M’ASSE (Albany Boudrout
      and Baptiste Masse) props Parisian Dye
      House 180 Main      See page 5
  Bourgault   Edmond math h 6 Sexton
  Bourne Barnabas E pattern mkr h 14 &lain
     Clarence V helper 24 Main b 14 do
  Bowen Alma G elk b 43 Marshall
     Euna B abkpr W W dept b 43 Marshall
     Geol-pe S h 43 Marshall
  Bower Michael J motorman h 6 Oliver rd
  Bowl’by Benjamin H fore b 86 Dexter av
     Lenpie S contractor h 86 Dexter av
  Bowles George E student b 3 Summer
    IGeorge W math h 3 Summer
  Bowman William       J painter h 37 Capitol
’ Boyajian Garabea’ rub wkr b 89 Elm
  Boyce Garrett b 124 Galen
     Mary E wid Garrett h 124 *Galen
    Wallace H S cutter h 102 Walnut
  Boyle Charles P driver 314 Main b do
    John milk 314 Main h do
    John J driver 314 Main b do
     Michael core mkr h 213 Arsenal
     Michael E ‘painter h 48 Mt Auburn
  Boy;tye; Anna L teacher Francis school b 65

    He&-y E E mngr B h 65 Galen
  Brackett Elon math b 12 Irving park
    E’,shirt ironer 57 Spring
    George I carpenter h 12 Irving park
    Sidney L artist B b 44 Spring
  Bradeeri Orrin tG agent h 65 Capitol
Bradford Ruth A wid Rev George h 45 Sum-
Bradley Annie M stitcher lb 86 Summer
   Henry clock mkr h 46 Waltham
   Mary wid Patrick b 86 Summer
Brady John F elk U S Arsenal h at Brockton
Bragandi Joseph lab h 9'1 Arsenal
Bragg Alfred, W & P Mnfg Co h 142 Cypress
Bransfield Edward J lab h 29 Capitol
   Jeremiah S elk b 2g Capitol
Breed Edwin S h 293 School
Breen John elk H R Co rms 26 Mellendy av
Brennan Edward weaver ,b 238 Pleasant
   John E, H R ,Co rub wkr b 81 Elm
   Matthew, H R Co b 10g Laurel
Bresnahan Julia A Mrs h 4 Wheeler’s lane
Bridges John A supt at Camb h 15 Marion rd
Brigham Charles architect 184 Boylston B h
     18 Garfield
   Harry W private set 24 South Market B h 2
   Hattie S bkpr 29 lrving h 5 Auburn place     ’
   Mary jZ T wid John b 2 Brigham
Bright David L plumber b 32 Cross
    Emma L lbkpr 24 Mt Auburn b 5 Cuba
   Joseph bag finisher h 5 Cuba
   Joseph T tinsmith h 7 Cuba
    Rose A wid George W h 32 Cross
    William A door mkr b 32 Cross
Brine Frederick lab b 47 Carroll
   Hanna,h wid James h 47 Carroll
Britt John lab rms 122 Dexter av
 Brod’erick Mary J wid David F h I Swett ct
    Michael J conductor h 42 Belmont
    Walton h 25 ‘Cross
 Broe Elizabeth wid John h 6 Cuba
   ‘George J math b 6 Cuba
 Brogie Daniel E bkpr h 57 Rutland
 Brooks Frederick M Rev h 25 ‘Russell av
    James P b 33 Arsenal
    John foundryman      lb 43 Frankbin
    Lyman ?%T    real estate h 103 Langdon av
    William    pattern mkr h 43 Franklin
 Brown albert E elk 15 Spring b 7 Fayette
    Charles I? A math U S ArsenBl lb 116 \vdput
    Charles J cutter h 37 Quimby
    Charles L eng h 28 Summer
    Crawford A milk dealer h 6% Belmont
    Crawford     F b 686 Belmont
           WATERTOWN         B   DIRECTORY       41
       Delia A wid Joseph E b -23 RusseIl av
       Ella M Mrs h 34 Summer
       Frank A math B b 4 Pearl
       Frederick S sales h 7 Elliott
       Frederick T motorman h 89 Galen
       George tmstr h 602 Belmont
       George rub wkr h 88 Prentiss
       George, H R Co ,b 188 Cypress
       George 3 elk b 602 Belmont
       Hamlin D sales h 6 Patten-
       Karl H student lb 6 Patte,n
       Lewis E prop Emerson Express Co 15 Spr-
          ing h 7 Fayette
-.     Sherman C horseman h 61 Pleasant-
       Stanley L bkpr 16 Spring b 7 ,Fayette
       Vernon S police h 4 Cuba
       Walter J bkpr b 8 Maple
       Walter W carp h Harrington        near Belmont
       William E motorman h 24 Belmont
     Bruce Eric G upholsterer     B h James
     Brundage Edward piano polisher h 545 Mt
       John W carp h 545 Mt Auburn
     Brunt George motorman h II Summer
     Bryant Arthur P wood and coal B b 13 Gar-
        Nmathaniel F broker B h 3 Centre
       Walter E linotype operator h Harrington
     Buchan John Alfred stone cutter b 72 Nich-
           ols av
       William    stone cutter h 72 Nichols av
     Buchanan Alexander J clerk b 14 Phillips
       Charles H clerk #b 14 Phillips
        Donald fore Ig IGalen h 14 Phillips
     Bufium Alsbert F bkpr h 33 Hillside av
     BuUard Alice C principal    Parker school h at
           Hyde Park
     Bullock Horace S salesman h 6 W’insor av
     Bumstead      Mable W wid Sylvester       S b 54
     Burbank Albion P MJ salesman Mass Fan CO
           Ih 52 Elliott
     Burgess Albert E sh,ipper b 28 Elliott
        Edward K wool sorter h 28 ElIiottt
        Herbert G designer b 69 ‘Galen
        Hjalmar blksmth g Spring h 17 Adams
        Luther P railroad agent B h 42 Palfrey
Burke Edward        F math U S Arsenal h 76
  James P rpolitce lh 13 Olney
  John plumber       65’ Main and II lCross b
      47 Main
  ‘Martin foundryman      b 25 Spring
  Martin J lab ,h 33 Water
  Mary wid Walter #b 30 Cuba
  Michael R shipper h 29 Arsenal
  Thomas starch maker h 30 Cuba
  Tohias J foreman 304 Arsenal h 48 Cypress
  Walter iron worker b 30 Cub,a
  JVilliam lab h Ia Howard
Burnell Joseph J driver 57 Spring h 33 Arsen-
BurnhamHarold       E watch mkr b 8 La,dd
  Henry C motorman h 8 Ladd
  Nettie L Mrs dressmaker h 8 L#add
Burns Alice J wid Michael h 133 3Iain
  Edward M machinist h 15 Riverside
  ,Frank J conductor h 37 Summer
  #George V math ih 30 Morse
  Honora wid Joseph M h 268 Arsenal
  Jennie wid John F b 37 Summer
  John clerk h 15 D,exter av
  Joseph A sales h 88 Main
  Lillian nurse b 15 Dexter av
  Mary E teacher Hosmer school b 268 Ar-
  Michael P moulder lh 30 K Beacon
  Patrick R prov h 571 >It Auburn
Burr Shields civil eng rms 49 Laurel
Bush Arthur D physician 70 Mt Auburn and
      429-&O  jvarren ‘Chambers B
Bushman Paul L laundryman       h I Boyd
Bustin Chsarles F harness maker B h 35 Fran-
  Esther h 33 Franklin
  Frank H musician h 35 Franklin
  Fred pi:cture framer b 33 Franklin
  Frederick    T (James T Bustin & Sons) b
     48 Summer
  Hugh J (James T Bustin S: Sons) b 48 Sum-
  James T (James T Bustin 8: Sons) paper
     hanger and decorator 28 Main h 48 Sum-
.     .
          W.ATERTOWN       c    DIRECTORY         43
    BUSTIN      JAMES T & SONS (James T, Hugh
         J and ‘Frederick T Bustin) painters and
          decorators 28 Main     See page 5
    Butler Angeline      dressmaker h 22 Cross
       Edward H math h 24 Williams
       Elmer ins agt h 35 Forest
      iGeorge driver Engine I ‘h 7 French
       George F arpothecary 79 Main h 83 Mt Au-
      JohIn Haskell set The Warren Soap Mnfg
         Co sh at East Somerville
       Mary L bkpr Non-Corrosive           Metal Co b
          at Everett
       Simon painter b 67 Boyd
    Butterfield   Herbert F math b 19 Morse
    BUTTERS         HO,RATIO     furniture  mover 127   .
           Main h do See page 7
    Button Edward M rubber worker h 6 Sex-,
    Buttrick    David grocer 80 Main h at Arling-
    Buzelle William      B cond h, 78 N Beacon
    Bryon Jane W b 66 Spring
       Joseph salesman B h 66 Spring
       Mlary R teacher B h 66 Spring

    CAFF#E#RTY JAMES J math lh 23 Williams
    Cafforal Joseph lab h 90 Water
    Cahill Ann wid Thomas h 73 Union
      David lab b 25 Union
      Hannah h 25 Union
      John, H R Co b 73 Nichols Nav
      John shirt ironer 57 Spring
      Mary wid James h 19 Cuba .
      Margaret T manager Nonantum Glove Cle-
          ansing Est h 73 Union
      Patrick lab b 7’3 Nichols av
      Paatrilck pedler h 25 Myrtle
      Patrick G shipper 19 Galen b. 19 Cuba
      R William :h 73 Union
      Thomas P dentist 56 Main rm 3 h do
    Cain Andrew J ins agt b 23 No Beacon
      Edward F clerk b 23 No Beacon
      Mary wFd Edward h 23 No Beacon
    Calf Francisco lab ,h 16 Cushman
    Callahan Allice S bkpr B b 43 Cottage
      Charles P express b 43 Cottage
      Dennis la,borer h 37 Water
44   WATERTOWK         c    DIRECTORY
   Frank H b 43 Cottage
   John rub w’kr lh 2 Yukon av
   John P lab h 114 Galen
   Patrick paper maker b 67 Boyd
   Philip J express and contractor 43 Cottage
      h do
    William    weaver “0 238 Pleasant
 Callan Charles shipper rms II Bigelow av
   Charles P bookbinder       h 24 Cottage
   Frank T camp at Cambridge           h 12 Syca-
   James suib letter carrier b II near 41 Cot-
    Michael lab h Pleasant
,Cal#nan ‘&I’ichael F helper ih 164 Main
   William J lab h 164 ,Main
 Cambania Eugene rub wkr h 12 Cottage
Cameron Donal,d supt h 147 Dexter av
    Douglas asst shipper h 141 Spruce
    Frank H bkpr b 141 Spruce
   Joseph F carp #h 28 Williams
    Stuart J bkpr b 141 Spruce
 Camp Edward C Rev pastor Philips church
      h 18 Pearl
 Campbell Alexander jan Marshall Spring sch-
       ool h zz Riverside
    Cyrus H ‘hardware at Newton ,h IO Parker
    George S, H R Co h 13 Elton av
    George C clerk at Newton b IO Parker
    James, H R Co h ra Howard
    J Wilfred cond h 20 Belmont
    Timothy     rub wkr b ra Howard
    William     J D moulder h 152 Spruce
 Caney Charles A ,mach b 113Morse
    Frank H ma& h 13 Morse
 Cannon Patrick J motorman h 68 Galen
 Cantanzari     Antonio lab h 22 Cushman
 CaraTulian Gara,bed H apt h s<r Mt -tuburn
 Carberry Clifton B editor b 132 Mt Auburn
 Cardow John H overseer Aetna Mills ‘h 59
 Carew ‘Martin mngr IO I&It Auburn b 41 do
 Carini John roofer ,b 43 Capitol
 Carlson Axe1 boot maker h 24 Grenville         rd
    Frank A gardener 4 Riverside h I Wheeler
  Carmelo Poplaio lab b 36, Pleasant
     WATERTOWN            c    DlRE’CTORY          45
Carney Edward W h 14 Howard
   Mich,ael T clerk U S Arsenal h at Allston
  ‘Robert E, steamfitter ,h 16 Obey, H R Co b 4o Dexter av
Carr Bartholomew         \.vlatclhman H,ood R Co h
      4 Oiliver rd
  Joseph M math ,h 105 Laurel
   Thomas J lab h 26 Waltham
Carroll      Catharine B wid Tho,mas h 14 Cot-
   Ellen E asst 17 Main b 23 Harnden av
   James elk b 531 Mt Auburn
   James H provisions h 26 Royal              ’
   James J clerk 3 Mt Au,burn b 34 No Bea-
   Joanna wid Miclhael h 34 No Beacon
   John tmstr b 32 Arse.nal
   Leo D driver 81 IMain h 31 Cross
   ,Matthew T #driver h 34 Harnden av
   Michael lab lb ‘7 Mt Auburn
   IPhilip M clerk at Arsenal lb 34 No Beacon
   Tlhomas J f.armer h 12 Hearn
Carruthers       Robert clerk B h I Centre
    Robert H clerk B b I Centre
(Iarson Harry, E clerk U S Arsenal h Coclhit-
Carter Bert’ha E physician           729 Boylstoa     B
       and 71 Mt Auburn h do
    Charles W (Carter Clothing           Co) clothing
       a.nd furnishing    goods j37 Main h at Som-
   SClothing Co 37 Main
   ,Florence L teacher b 71 Mt Auburn
    Frederick clerk 3 ‘Main h 2g ‘Riverside
   IHarry W clerk 37 Main b at Somerville
    J Earleclerk      B b 711 Mt Auburn
    Sarah H wid John b 71 Mt Auburn
 Cary Arthur F draughtsman h 6 ,H,ill
 Casalo Rocco lab h 113 Arsenal
 Casey F,rank H mngr Nonantum Coal Co h at
    Michael at H R Co lb 32 Quimby
 Cassidy Belle rub wkr ‘b 535 Mt Auburn
    Edmund horse dealer h 416 Arsenal
    Mary Mrs b 148%      Cypress
    Rose wid Peter h 124 IGalen
 Caton A Bertlha h Hillside av
46   WATERTOWN        c    DIRECTORY
Catoni Caesare lab h 16 Arsenal
  Nicola shoemaker h 18 Arsenal
  Pasquale l’ab h 184 Arsenal
’ Vincenzo lab h 16 Arsenal
Cattanach William 1G bkpr B h III Galen
Cavanagh Charles H floor layer b 18 Williams
Cavanaugh    D’aniel lab b 37 Arsenal
  Edward F la,b h 316 Pleasant
  James gardener b 37 Arsenal
Caverly Mary b 25 Marshall
Cazmay T Wilson elk h IO Riverside
Ceiley Annie L milliner 54 Main h do
Cente!bar Charles H grocer ‘h 46 Olney
Chamberlain   George N salesman 115 Clinton
     B h 26 Russell av
Chamberland Charles carp rms 13 Elton av
Chamberlin   Elton M watchman h 32 Lexin,y-
  Mary SW-s h II Pattern
Chambers Thomas A elk h 8 Oliver
Chaney John broker h 25 Whitney
  Samuel b 25 Whitney
  see Cheney
Charles Hagop rub wkr h 31 Quimby
Chase C,harles 0 physician 51 lilt Auburn b
   Freeman B rubber wkr h 9 Palfrey
  Leroy M fore h 22 Ladd
  Margaret A wid Wilbur           h 27 ,Spri,ng
  Royal, H R Co b g Elton av
  Sarah F wid Charles b 9 Palfrey
  S Elizabeth wid Henry h ~9 Marshall,
  U’alter B math h 29' Watertown
Cheney Elizabetlh Mrs grocer and variety 247
      Arsenal h 245 do
  Horace pres Mass Fan Co Howard av and
       Lexington    h at Boston
Cheverie hrthur blacksmith b 8 Sycamore
  Timothy       blacksmith   h 8 Sycamore
Childs Edwin 0 Jr treas The Stratton Press
      ih at Newton
  Stephen A shirt cutter 57 Spring rms 3
Chisholm Alexander         moulder h $3. N Beacon
  Hugh molder h 51 Cypress
Chittick Fred’erick painter b 331 Mt Auburn
Christopher      Bernard h ro6.Galen
Chul,gian Thomas rub wk’r b 89 Elm
     WATERTOWN              c     DIRECTORY             47
Churchill     Lydia wid h 85 Mt Auburn
Ciccolo Rosario barber h 31 Cottage
Cinto Giuseppe         lab h 16 Cushman
Claflin     Walter     A (Walter       A Claflin     & Co)
      apothecary       51 Main h at Cambridge
   Walter    A & Co (Walter          A Claflin and Will-
      iam H Fairbanks)          apothecaries    51 Main
Clancy Bridget         wid Michael     A h 68 Waltham
   Edward       N supt b 66 Waltham
   Michael     math b 17 Bacon
   Stephen ins agt h 19 Williams
Clapp Charles C fore Mass Fan ‘Co h at Wal-
Clark Charles H treas h 15 Elliott
   Edward      P butcher b 4.9 Laurel
   Elvlira W Mrs b I 15 Galen
   Francis     F at U S Arsenal         b 9 Cottage    lane
   George E meat cutter h 39 Riverside
   James D gardener            h 13 Maple
   John F laborer          b g Cottage     lane
   John H clerk b 36 North Beacon
   Leo at U C L Co b 78 Dexter av
   Margaret      wid William      h 36 North Beacon
   Patrick     E laborer h 9 sCot.tage lane
   Ray E math rms 21 Melendy                 av
   Walter     polisher      rms 12 Hunt
   William      W plumber        3 Merchants      row b 36
        North Beacon
Clarke Caroline         wid Henry W h 23 Garfield
   Joseph real estate at Camlb h Winsor
Claypa;itEn;lwin        foreman    Thos Dalby      Co h 79

   Henry     W painter     h 6 Boyd’
Cleaves Robert E lumlber h 7 Chester
Clelland    John R painter     h 17 Philips
Clement     Henry A carpenter      res 53 Mt Auburn
   Mary E wid Thomas          R h Tames near Holt
   Peter J carpenter       b 53 Mt Auburn
   Ralph T polisher       b Mrs Mary E Clement’s
Clements      Clarence    E fore 289 Pleasant     h at
Cleveland     Alfred   E flash chemical 9-19 Fulton
      .pl B h 231 School
   Lu B teacher        Hosmer   school b 30 Russell
   L Sydney pres Union Market          Nation-al Bank
      h 30 Russell avenue
48   WATERTOWN        c    DIRECTORY
Clifford Anna M h 826 Mt Auburn
   Daniel lab h 32 Cuba
   Daniel J lab b 32 Cuba
   James chef b 48 Forest
   Jeremiah at ]H R Co h 48 Forest
   Jeremiah Jr elk 289 Pleasant b 48 Forest
   John J shoemaker 2 Mt Auburn h 3 Cross
   John J special police b 48 Forest
   Patrick J cond b 44 Belmont
   Thomas chef b 48 Forest
Clifton Edwin E carpenter h 25 Marshall
Clinckett Martin A at H R Co b 9 Palfrey
Coakllzrslrank   W clerk 18’ Mt Auburn h 75

‘Cobb Fred H real estate h 14 Hillside rd
   Freeman W fish I Merchants row h 24 Mar-
      ion ld
 Colburn Charles F wood wkr h I Appleton
   ‘Chester A clerk bkpr b I Appleton
   Irving B town auditor b I Appleton
 Cody Charles washer 57 Spring
   Hugh laborer h 16 Sycamore         .
   Mrs h 28 Franklin
Coen Francis P cjerk U S Arsenal h at Wal-
   John paper maker h 7 Church Hill
   Michael motorlman h 65 Morse
  Thomas J motorman h 40 Belmont
Coffey Ellen wid Patrick h 6 North Beacon
  John gateman Howard st R R crossing h
      141 Pleasant
  John J painter h 14 French
  John J shirt ironer 57 Spring h 6 North Bea-
   John P lab b 6 No Beacon
   Michael h 131 Main
   Owen wood carver lb 131 Main
   Thomas H ins agt h 88 Summer
   Timothy J fireman h 7 Dexter av
 Coffin M bookkeeper B h 414 Arsenal
Colberth James E inspec h IO Keith
Colby Fred fore h 64 Bailey rd
    Clara G bookkeeper b 66 Hovey
Coldrick Charles florist h 66 Hovey
  Maud S forewoman b 66 Hovey
Cole Howard B bkpr h 8 Boyd
   William A Mrs h 21 Dexter av
 Coleman John driver h 32 Arsenal
   John ru,b wkr b 238 Pleasant
     WATERTOWN         c    DIRECTORY         49
  Julia wid William       h 16 ‘Cuba
  Thomas R clerk b 16 Cuba
  William presser ‘h 24 Morse
  William P sergeant poli,ce h 14 Green
Colligan Anna J bkpr B b 3 Hill
  Charles A stove mounter h 5 Royal
  Edward F molder h 18 1Church
  Mcichael B pattern maker h 3 ‘Hill
C,ollins Annie E wid Frank L h 67 Galen
  Cornelius J helper fh 70 PleasaInt
  Cornelius J plumber b 68 IPleasant
  Daniel gardener h 377 Main
   Eugene J elk 824 Mt Auburn b 62 Prentice
  Frank I musician b 67 ‘Galen
  John mill oper b 68 Pleasant
  J Lincoln brass mnfr B h 35 Upland rd
  Richard sales b 68 P’leasant
  Sara L music teacher 67 Galen h .do
  Willard     F draughtman ,b ,67 Galen
  W,illiam H wood wtr Sprmg h at Camb-
Colas E,dward at H R Co II 823 IhIt Auburn
Colson Arthur (helper 56 Galen b I Waltham
   Harold R art publisher B h 28 Marion
Comey Albert         C clerk B h Brookline    car
C’omonwealth       ‘M!otor and Driving  Club 300
Conant Albert E paper maker b 61 Union
  Arthur      L tinsmith   24 Main h 61 Union
   Herbert clerk b 61 Union
   Nellie B wid jM.arvel J h 36 Elton ‘av
Condon John lab h 17 French
   Lizzie stenog 19 ,Galcn h 17 French
   Patrick (Patrick Condon & Sons) h r4W’hite

  ,Pazick & Sons (Patrick Condon) Foal and
     wood Summer car White’s av
  Percy contractor   58 Summer h do
  William  F d.river 58 Summer b 14 White’s

Conry James J real estate h 579 Mt Auburn
Conlon John lab h 19 Mt Auburn
Connelly Joseph H rub wkr b 27 Church
  h,Ilichael farm hand h 8 Cottage lane
  Patrick lab h j39 Water
50    WATERTOWN         c    DIRECTORY
   Thomas lab h 13 Cuba
  Tihomas J engineer h 27 Church
Canners Charles lab h Gilbert car Charles
   Daniel lab b 162 Main
  Frances wid ,Patrick h 19 Pleasant
  James milkman h Prescott
  Margaret wi,d Robert h 162 Main
  Thomas milk h 343 &fain
  Thomas M milkman b Prescott
Connolly Joihn J at IH R Co h 78 Dexter av
  John J fore h 28 Grenville rd
  !John P elec h 55 E.l,m
  Joseph T at H R Co b 36 Quim,by
   Mabel student b IO Williams
   Michael J at H R Co b 78 Dexter av
Connor Daniel Ibartender b 571 Mt Auburn
   Frank J ins agt h 51 Elliott
  Julia T teacher High school h at Somer-
  Walter J macjh b 51 Elliott
Connors      Clarence #L carp h IO *Rutland
Conroy M,aurice bartender h 19 Forest
  rMichae1 E mason ‘h 12 Beacon
Constanzo Alphonzo      lab h 93 Arsenal
Conte Felix confectionery,      and fruit 5 Main
      h 87 Summer
Coogan Charles W ;cond b 64 Riverside
Coo,k Charles E piano stool mnfr h 39Lang
      don av
  Daniel C stove mounter h 37,‘Franklin
   Effie E Mrs bkpr D &F Mnfg CO b 16
   Henry carp h ‘36 Ol,ney
   John L fore 19 Galen h 174 Main
   John M fore 19 Galea h II ,Myrtle
   Samuel bricklayer    h 36 ,‘Olney
   Silas A h 328 Pleasant                   .
Coolidge Elsie \V librarian      B b Belmont Mt
   Fannie G b Belmont Mt Auburn
 George A agent h 35 Barnard av
   Frank E market gardener ,703 Mt Auburn b
   Herbert ins 114 Myater B h 17 Garfield
   H Adelaide b “Belmont, ‘Mt ,4uburn
   Philip T b 17 Garfield
     WATERTOWN        c   DIRECTORY       51
   Rosamond M art student b Belmont, M,t Au-
   &mmer plhysician 83 Coolidge Hill rd h do
   tWendel1 P market gardener Belm,ont, Mt
      Au,burn ,h do
Coombs Edward H paymaster h 9 Russell av
   Erances wi,d S IHe,nry h 9 Russell av
 Coon James H student b 7 I?alfrey
   James H L insuranc’e inspector 71 Kilby B
      h 7 Palfrey
 Cooney Daniel H constable and chief police h
      15 Riverside
   Henry R student b 15 Riverside
   Joseph R <molder h 154 Main
   Patrick lalborer h 3 Oliver rd
,Cooper Thomas waiter 300 School b do
   Walter ,4 clerk B h 14 Hunt
Copeland Andrew F h II Otis
   Beatrice elk Aetna Mills b at Waltham
   George overseer Aetna Mills h at Waltham
Corcoran Catherine wid Patrick h 156 Main
   Edmund bookkeeper b 156 Main
   James F stenographer U S Arsenal b 50 N
   Lawrence marble finisher h 41 Cottage
   Michael motorman h 790 Mt Auburn
   Patrick C laborer h 44 Forest
   Timothy paper worker h 50 N Beacon-
   William     blacksmith  b 32 Quimby
Cornell Edward teacher B rms 33 Dexter av
Corner John N roofer h 35 Mt Auburn
Corson Alice b 55 Palfrey
   William    W corn mer 564 Washington   B h
      55 Palfrey
Cosman Thomas .F conductor h 72 Pleasant
Costa Antonio produce h 25 Riverside
Constanza Angelo rubber wo’rker h 51 Galen
   Frank rubber worker b 51 Galen
Costello Jeremiah laborer h 18 Keith
   John J rub. wkr b 18 Keith
   Thomas F U S N b 18 Keith
   Timothy     L japanner b 18 Keith
   Winnifred     widow Edmond b 16 Elton av
,Costigan Albert E machinist U S Arsenal h
      141 Spruce
Cotter James carpenter h 26 North Beacon
CottE&eIenrletta         M wid Edward P h 124
52    WATERTOWN              0      DIRECTORY
Cotton Amy Mrs h I Homer blk French
   Frank teamster          b I Homer       blk French
 Coughlan        Thomas        W      Rev    Pastor   Sacred
      Heart church          h 77 Mt -4uburn
Coulton     James supt Belmis Mills h at Newton
Courtney      David R civil eng h 130 Main
   John H artesian          wells etc 1<5 Pleasant      h do
   John J clerk B h 130 Main
   Minnie     C asst at library         b 130 Mairl
   Nellie    I laundress       57 Spruce lb 130 Maila
Cousineau       Hormisdes        cabinet    maker g Taylor
      h 3 Arsenal
   Hubert      upholsterer      b 3 Arsenal
Cowan Samuel janitor             b 8 Hudson
COX Sa’rah wid Barney             C b 19 Green
   William       H poultry       raiser h 19 Green
Craig Allan D sales 43 ;LIorse h 37 a’o
Cramm John J cooper 46 Water h Ig Water
   Mary wid b 19 Water
   Patrick     cooper h 40 Galen
Crane William         builder     B h 235 School
Crawford       Angeline      C wid Calvin h 18 Lincoln
   Calvin     D student       b 12 Lincoln
CRAWFO’RD             F-RED E lawyer            18 Tremont
      rm 721 E h 12 Lincoln               See page 12
   Frederick      C student b 12 Lincoln
   Harry A coal dealer h 19 Chester
   John D salesman           h 77 Galen
Crayton     Patrilck L Rev asst pastor St Patrick’s
      R C church         h 9 Chestnut
Creeley Oscar S physician              63 Mt Auburn     h do
Critchett     Almaretta       J teacher h 41 Marshall
   Edward       R b II Franklin
   Elsie A b 41 Marshall
   Eunice A teacher at Brighton               b 54 Church
CRITCHETT             FREDERICK             E assessor and
      insurance      agent 56 Main h 41 Palfrey          See
   James H stuci’ent h 41 Palfrey
   James 0 express 28 ?\/Iain h ~4 Church
   William       M clothing          77 Bedford     B h IT
Croft Frank J chauffeur             b IO Union
    lames P printer        h IO Unwon
   Mary A wid Michael              h 17 Winter
   Thomas       L conductor       b 17 Winter
Crompton       Helen b 416 Arsenal
<Crooks John M. brush mkr h 45 Grenville                   rd
     WATERTOI%‘K        c    DIRECTORY         53
 Croslby Franklin Mrs h 7 Bsoyd
    Martin J rubber worker h 6 Wheeler’s lane
CRtOSBY        WILLIAM        LINCOLN     getieral
       man.ager Lewan,dos French Dyeing and
      Cleansing Co I Galen ‘office 286 Boylston
       B’ h at Boston See page 2’8
Cross Abraham tailor 14 Belmont b 18 do
   ,Frank S H elect,rician b Highland      av
   Robert A h Highland av
ICrossfield Marion Mrs b 31 Franklin
Cnossland Anna bookkeeper b 38 Summer
    George loom fixer h 38 Summer
Grossman Hartley moulder b 56 Cypress
   Sanford fore 15 Spring h 31 Summer
Cr,ough Nathaniel       watchmaker    h 13 MapIle
Grouse James E foreman W,atertown Lumber
      Co h 14 Chester
   Odber F’ elk 50 *MaiNn ih 26 Lexington
Crout John WT shipper b 26 Franklin
Crow ‘Frank helper 289 Pleasant h at Wal-
Crowell Randall ‘H bkpr 19 Spring h 4 Ches-
Crupi Santo.s shoe [maker 829 Mt Auburn h ;56
Cruser : Lewis E fore 19 Galen h 22 Parker
Crystal Spring Wet Wash Co (mmer E Win-
      gate) 154 Pleasant
Culhan Edward brush mkr h 47 Cottage
Culhane Jcohn ‘at H R C h 21 Mt Auburn
   John C clerk h 21 Mt Auburn
   Thomas at H R Co h 21 Mt Auburn
C;lky-rmMary       A elk ‘U S Arsenal b at Wal-

Cullen John carp b 15 Arsenal
  John fore W Ps P’ Co
Cummings     Arthur   S bkpr Mass Fan       CO h
  Char.les W mason 12 Patten h do
  Joseph E steam fitter ‘h 37 Watertown
  Mlary A wid Andrew b 12 Patten
  Roy L shipper h ‘33 Dexter av
Cvnniff James elk h 18 Sycamore
  James A clerk B b 3 Russell
  John F letter carrier h 30 Riverside
  John T maclh b 3 Russell
  Luke eng h ’ 3 Russell
  Martin J mol’der h 66 Galen
54   WATERTOWX         D     DIRECTORY

CUNNIFF       P SAF%SFIELDlawyer          Bk bldg
      Newton and 311 Pemberton bldg Boston
      h z b Palfrey   See page 13
  Peter lab h 88 Walnut
  Robert E reporter B b 66 Galen
  William   sub letter carrier b 66 ,Galen
Cunningham      John F ins agt h 25 Capitol
  John J rubber wkr ‘h 96 Dexter av
Curley Patrick motorman b 90 Main
  Owen cond b 67 Capltol
Curran Frank cub wkr h 63 Elm
  Julia wid Thomas h Common car Grenville
  Kate E elk b Co,mmon car Grenville rd
Currier Daniel B .carp h 40 Union
Curry James W book’binder h h Hill
Cu,rtls Ira T foundryman      h 176 Spruce
Cushing Syilvanus M carpenter h 53 Spring
Cutter George W Rev h 23 Mfarion rd
  Hanris M freight agent h 23 Langdon ,av
Cutts Loring math,. h 6 Boyd

DAtBAIGHIAN           JOIHN rub wk’r b 7 Wheel-
      er ct
Dadmun Guy L shipper bv & P Mfg Co h at
Daggett Setb.,driver 289 Pleasant h 299 do
Dailey Henry E machine tender 26 Pleasant
     Ih 59 Riverside
  John supt mill dept 24 Pleasant h 44,River-
  John F fore 24 Pleasant h 62 ,Riverside
Dalby Thomas A pres Thomas Dalby Co 43
      Morse h 3 Jewett
  Thomas Co mnfrs ladies’ and infants’ knit
      underwear 43 Morse
Dale George H mechanic h 342 ‘Main
Daley James fireman 57‘Sprling Ih 9 Keith
  William       J blacksmith  h 5 Grove
Dalliare      Jerome hairdresser  and billiards  3
      and 5 Mt Auburn                          I
Daly Helena M camp b 40 Arsenal
  Joseph printer b 40 Arsenal
  Norah .wid Jeremiah h 40 Arsenal
D:alze!l Fred W undertaker’s       asst 20 Mt Au-
      burn h 12 Oliver
     WAT,ERTOWN       D    DIRECTORY        55
Damon Joseph N treas Union Carpet Lining
      Co 304 Arsenal h at Newton
Danahy James F sub letter carrier ‘h at North
Dane Allbert E supt 26 Pleasant h 26 Palfrey
Dangredo Frank lab h 113 Arsenal
D’aniel Mabel P wid Vivian h 2 Russell av
Daniels Thomas fore 59 Spring b 42 do
Darakalian    Ohannes rub wkr b 89 Elm
  Rubin rub wrk ,b 89 Elm
Dardis James B ins agt h 46, Forest
   Mary E nurse b 9 Green
   Mary J wid John IH h 9 Green
Davagian David rub wkr b 8 Oliver rd
D’A#vellar Palmira N wid Arthur S b 18 Syc-
Davenport     Albert M h 88 Grove
   Alfced M market gardener and florist 88
      IGrove h ,do
   Bennett F medicolegal expert 161 Tremont
       B h 67 Coolidge Hill rd
   Marie A wid Charles F h 20 P.arker
Davidson Albert 0 h 8 Bridge
   Edward C cond B & M b 24 Forest
DAVIDSON         G.EORGE   G mnfr custom shirts
       17 Main rm 6 h 73 Mt Auburn 3ee p o
   Herbert E pres Library Bureau 530 Atlantic
       av B h 104 Coolidge Hill rd
Davis Edgar H clerk ib 18 Washburn
   Eva wid Arthur G b 4 Phillips
   F J Mrs b 15 Riverside
   George b 88 Grove
   Harriet S wid’ Timothy N b 18 Washburn
   Jason G exlpressman h 24 Bridge
   Lucien engineer h 45 Cypress
   Lucien H b 45 Cypress
   William cond’ b 7 Dexter av
Dawes Ella B wid Albert A h 29 Mt Auburn
Day Charles H pastor First Baptist church h 6
       Marion rd
   Ernest 1%’ master mech H*ood Rubber Co h
       575 Mt Auburn
   George H cattle insp h 45 Mt Auburn
   Hiram R carp h IO Hearn
   John M b IO Hearn
Deagle !Gleorge painter h 46 Capitol
Dean Charles A sales b 775 &It Auburn
   Charles H at Custom House B h 64 Dexter
56   WATERTOWN          D    DIRECTORY

Deane Harold M supt. Oakley Country Clc,b
     b do
Decheneu Toseph carp h II Dwight
Decker John Carl painter h IO Belmont
  Rice butcher h 8 Keith
DeCourcey      Thomas driver 8’5 Orchard b do
Deery John fireman h 12 Middle
Deffely Catherine wid Patrick b 22 N Beacon
  John molder h 22 N Beacon
Deignan Patrick C rub wkr h 16 Elton av
DeJulio Francesco mason h 18 Arsenal
DeLacy Wm ,4 bkpr 302 Arsenal h at Brigh-
Delaney James H finisher b IO Stanley av
  John C mnfr 75 Wareham B h agog Belmont
  Robert rubber wkr b 13 Hlazel
  Wm junk h IO Stanley av
Delay Annie A at Aetna Mills h 283 Pleasant
  Bridget E at Aetna Mills h 283 Pleasant
Delmondi Filipo lab h 225 Coolidge av
Delorey Kate wid h 16 Stanley av
  William rep man B E Ry h Brookline
DeMeritt     Charles M h 54 Olney
Dennen Joseph H physician 16 Langdon av h
DePass Louis J math b 43 Fayette
   Louis M statistician     Cham of Corn B h 33
Derby Henry C treas Boston’ Fresh Tripe Co
      Brighton    also vice pres cnion Mkt Nat
      Bank h 61 Watertown
Derderian      Missak (M & S Derderian)       h 11
      Nichols av
  M & S (Missak and Setrak Derderian)          gro-
      cers 3 Nichols av
   Setrak (&I & S Derderian)      h II Nichols av
Demon Walter A 46 Water b at S Framing-
Deroian Kerekan men’s furn 9 Nichols av h
      7 do
Desmond Anci’rew L lab b 48 Elliott
   Thomas gardener h 48 Elliott
   Thomas B lab lb 48 Elliott
 Devaney Dennis A co11 b 21 French
   Patrick lab h 21 French
 Devany Ann wid Dennis h 81 Summer
   James F lab h 74 Summer
   Thomas T math b 81 Summer
 Devereux Thomas J coachman h II S Park
    WATERTOWN        D   DIRECTORY       57
Devine Ellen wid \Vm h 188 Cypress
DeVintas James lab h 87 Water
Devlin John carp h 79 Spruce
DeW7001f Cyril lab h 4 Swett ct
Dexter Edith L teacher Marshall Spring schoo!
      b at Newton
Dickey Alonzo C gateman Mt Auburn cross-
      ing b 23 Mt Auburn
Dickinson Dwight W dentist h 25 Melendy av
   John D ‘dentist 164 Newbury B h 9 Winter
   John W dentist h 3 Dana ter
Diehl Mary L clerk U S Arsenal b at ,Camb
Dignan Edward waiter Oakley Country Club
      h do
Dilirberto Francesco rubber wkr h 25 Cottage
Dillon Annie Mrs board’ing h 13 Hazel
Dimick Carroll W watchman State House B h
       1 Otis
   Orlando W principal Wells school B h 13
       Russell av
Dix Harry M draughtsman      Mass Fan Co b 38
Doane Herbert W grocer 46 N Beacon h do
Dodagian Martin rub wkr h 57 Elm
Doherty Ann Mrs h 104 Pleasant
    Edward A clerk b 20 Olnev
    James farmer b 44 Belmont
    James F clerk b 33 Summer
    Joseph L cond b 20 Olney
    Mary E wid h 20 Olney
    Thomas P clerk b 33 Summer
Dolbier Edgar eng h 9 Jewett
    Nathan fore Stanley Motor Carriage #Co h
       at Newton
 Donaher John A at H R Co h 6 Oliver rd
 D,onahue Lawrence weaver b 238 Pleasant
 Donald Arthur J boot mkr h 65 Ebm
 Donnelly Andrew farm hami h 4 Charles
    Andrew J plumber b 4 Charles
    Cornelius baker ,61 Main h 63 do
    Thomas farm hand h 15 Grenville rd
 Donovan Ann Mrs h 804 Mt Auburn
 D.oody Patrick lab h 18 Sawin
 Dooling Anna at U P B Co b 5 Harnden av
     Margaret wid John b 5 H’arnden av
 Doore Sara M nurse h 12 Phillips
 Dormer Ann B wid James b 16 Patten
 Dorney Nellie A prin Lowell school h at NCW-
Douglas Daniel A cond rms 6 Hunt
Dow Earbara R teacher >Iarshall Spring sch-
      ool h at Camb
  Benjamin H b 16 Riverside
  Wm S dentist at Camb h 159 ‘Common
Dowd Jafmes gateman h 20 Spring
   John lab h 155 Spruce
Downey Frank math b 34 Cuba
Downs Elizabeth h 55 Spring
   Mary A wick Joseph h Melville ter
Downing Bridget wid Richard h 75 Fayette
   IVm J tmstr b 75 Fayette
Drowsland Wm coachman 42 Common h do
Doyle Bernard F florist b 5 Rifle ct
   James lab h 2 Summer
    Michael lalb b 5 Rifle ct
    Michael J clerk 824 Mt Auburn h 5 Rifle ct
    Michael \V rubber wkr h 80 Prentiss
   Patrick lab h 13 Cuba
    Thomas clerk b 5 Rifle ct
Drake Clara Mrs h 12 Otis
    Frank H officer State Prison Chasn h 35
    Frederick L clerk B h 123 Mt Auburn
    Mabel G principal Grant school b 35 Marsh-
Draper Emma N wid George b 54 Barnard av
    Jennie F clerk B b 54 Barnard av
    Wm H clerk 12 Ashburton pl B h 54 Barn-
       ard av
 Drew George E fore 26 Pleasant h 22 Fayette
    Henry H gold refiner B h I; Winsor av
    Patrick math h 381 Arlington
    Sarah E bkpr 3 Merchants row b at New-
 Driscoll James 4 section fore h 50 School
    John math h IO Ladd
    Timothy F sales h 8 Union
 Druhan Delina Mrs b 14 Maple
 Duclos Delphis weaver tb 238 Pleasant
 Dudley F Dwight supt B h 4 Centre
    F Dwight, Jr clerk B b 4 Centre
    Mary E h 143 Main
 Dufiee Patrick J lab h 226 Pleasant
 D&y       Peter H motorman h 21 Hunt
    Wrn J foundryman h 21yChurch Hill
 Dugan Catherine A nurse h 360 Pleasant
    Edward at H R Co b 360 Pleasant
    Eugene clerk b 360 Pleasant
     WATERTOWX        E    DIRECTORY        59
  John J constable and station agt Bemis h
     33 Green
  Peter J asst sta agent Bemis b 3’63 Pleasant
Duggan Edward P paper mkr b 7a Morse
Duncan Adelard M Mrs b end Russell av
  Wm W chemist H R Co h 19 Upland rd
D~unell Alexander weaver b 238 Pleasant
Dunkley Wm tmstr Osgood & Wendell h 13
Dunlap Franklin A at W & P Mfg Co h 43
Dunn James piper h 42 Galen
Dunne George C mngr 42 #Oliver B h 73 Eoya’
Dunphy Annie E clerk b 29 Grenville rd
  James P clerk P 0 b 29 Grenville rd
  Mary T clerk B b 29 Grenville rd
   Patrick J clerk B h 29 Grenville rd
Durbin Frank P fore it Hunt h 9 Elliott
Durnan James H grocer 56 Ylelendy av h do
   James H Jr math b 56 Melendy av
  John J clerk 56 Melendy av b do
   Patrick F fruit lb 56 Melendy av
Dustin Gordon weaver b 238 Pleasant
Dutton Albert mngr 9g Haverhill     B h 212 Ar-
Dwyer Johanna laundress b 62 Summer
   John F police h 71 Spruce
   J Walter math b 71 Spruce
   Mary A dye house 62 Summer h do
   Michael F fireman h 298 Pleasant
   Nellie bkpr b 62 Summer
   Thomas F contractor 5,s Forest h do
Dyer John printer b 537 Mt Auburn
   John W at H R Co h 43 Bigelow av
   Leslie rubber wkr rms 17 Melendy av

EAGLESON    ARCHIBALD       C h 17 Chester
Eames George H mngr h 47 Summer
Earl;J;;es  H ,publisher 178 Wash B h 127

  Ralph S student b 125 Galen
  Raymon,d B Mrs h 125 Galen
Earzomonian   Zakir rub wkr b Sg Elm
Eason Wm fore 26 Pleasant h 15 Pervis
Easte.nbrook Edwin sales B h 41 Barnard      av
Eaton Ann, M Mrs b 39 Franklin
  Francis clerk b 5 Otis
  Henry A painter h 52 Capital
   Levi W rub wkr, h 26 Melendy av
   ROY M fgt cashier Union Mkt sta h 23 Mt
Eckert John E dentist b 8’ Centre
   Valentine janitor .h 8 Centre
Eden Frederick W painter h 116 Galen
   George H brass fin h 119 Adams
Edmands Frederick L lawyer B h 4 Bigelow
   Harry C coffee B h 42 Marshall
Edwards E & Sons ( Franklin E and William
       A Ea’wards) shirt ‘mnfrs 59 Spring
   Franklin E (E Edwards & Sons) h at Natick
   Wm A (E Edwards 8r Sons) h at Natick .
   Wm H h 15 Fayette
Egan John math h 3oa Cuba
    Michael foundryman b 7 Mt Auburn
Egian Harry rub wkr rms 21 Melendy av
Egleston Wm J shmkr 76 Main h do
Eisenhaur Pryor F carp h 7 Oliver rd
Eknian Parcek cook b 89 Elm
Ellingsen     Ingvald math h 23, Fayette”
Elliott Arthur painter b 6 ‘Cross
   James painter lo 65 Irving
   James A clerk P 0 h 65 Irving
        seph at W & P Mnfg Co b 148 Cypress
    l.uther F teacher Y M C A, B h 23 Franklin
    Miriam wid Hiram h 6 Cross
    Ste,rling h 24 Maple
Ellis Amanda M wid Daniel h 67 Spring
    Fred presser h 73 Watertown
    George M carp h 55 Summer
    Lillian H dist nurse 28 Main lb 67 Spring
Ellison Bertram P mngr B h 7 Russell av
Ellsworth     De Witt T draughtsman b 6 Hill
Ely Adolph C teacher B h 14 Washburn
Esmerson Charles S physician 76 Mt Auburn
        rms do
        prop 15 Spring See opp inside back cover
    George R ins agt h 3 Irving
    Mabelle P teacher at Newton b 13 Russell av
    Mary A wid h 12 Stanley av
    Sarah A teacher b 3 Irving
    Silas L at Waltham Watch Co b 9 Columbia
    Thomas P bkpr h 99 Mt Auburn
    Wm M teaming b 99 Mt Auburn
     WATERTOWN         F   DIRECTORY         61
Emery Ada P music teacher 5 Marshall b do
  Frank sash and Iblinds h 3 Franklin
  Lucy Mrs h 5 Marshall
Epstein Morris shmkr 2 Mt Aulburn h at B
Erwin W,m T math h 8 Fletcher ter
Evans Albertina A piano teacher b 73 Capitol
  Charles E florist 360 Main h do
  Charles F eng h 7a Morse
  David A cond h 73 Capitol
  James D sales 55 Corn’1 B and vice pres Wa-
     tertown Cooper Bank h 30 Marshall
  Mary E b 30 Marshall
  Royal postal clerk h 12 Marshall
Everett Rebecca F wid George b 2g Mt Aub-
E C Mnfg Co, Herbert H Sawyer treas shirts
     57 Spring

 FABBRTANO        SERAFINO      rubber wkr h 351
 Fadden Daniel fore Mass Fan Co h at Ros-
Fagan Arthur C math b 36a Forest
   James H harness mkr h 36a Forest
 Fahey Daniel rub wkr h z6o Arsenal
   James molder rms 17 Hazel
   Lawrence M lab b 32 N Beacon
   Margaret wid James lb 24 N Beacon
   Patrick foundryman     h 32 N Beacon
   Patrick J motorman b 5 Royal
   Richard’ F foundryman      b 32 N Beacon
   Thomas fireman h 108’ Water
 Fairbanks Alfred C pres Waterproof     Paint Co
      71 Fayette h at Medford
   Franklin W cl,erk h 18 Lincoln
   George D ins B b 45 Riversi’de
   Wsm H (Walter A Claflin & Co) apothecary
       51 Main h 45 Riverside
 Fall Edward dentist at Newton h 2 Boyd
 Falzarano Joseph driver 56 Galen b Riverside
 Farfari Fernardo cook 300 School h at B
 Farley Felix painter h 35 Forest
 Farm#alarie Joseph driver h 25 Riverside
.Farmeur$nre-k     E canay mkr 32 Main h 53

  Geo T eng h 820 Mt Auburn
Farnham Alice M wid Thomas H h 19 Frank-
Farnum Samuel M printer B b 15 Garfield
Farraher Martin tmstr 128 Arsenal h 13 Mt
  Mary wid Michael h 6’ Church Hill
  Michael paper mkr h I Ladd st pl
  Richard tmstr 128 Arsenal h 27 Water
Farrell Daniel fore 43 Morse h at Yewton
  Ellen wid John h 6 Maple
  James B blacksmith b 9 Lyons ct.
  John J carp h 8 Rifle ct, Mt Auburn
  Michael J carp h 2g Sawin
  Mortimer carp h 24 Belmont
  Patrick B blacksmith h 9 Lyons ct
  Patrick J tmstr b ,9 Lyons ct
  Thomas E math h 5 Fletcher ter
Farrington     Charles coachman 18 Lincoln b do
  Daniel farm hand h 6 Sycamore
Far-well Howard P ins agt h Belmont c Hover
  Wm E ins 25 IVinter h do
Fawcett Sarah S wid Alfred b 12 Marshall
Faxon ‘George F h IO Chestnut
  H.arriet A h 12 Maple
  Walter A shirt cutter lb IO Chestnut
Fay Charles E automobiles 137 Columbus av h
      53 Church
  James J ,mach h 40 Cypress
  John lab b 42 Spring
  John J lab h 64 N Beacon
  Miles E mill oper h 44 Waltham
  Tem)ple H broker 53 State B h 279 School
Feldman Charles clerk U S Arsenal b
Felice Micele rubber wkr h 355 Arlington
Felton Bertha stenog b 47 Mt Auburn
Fennel1 James lath b 63 Spring
  Joseph tmstr 56 Galen h 63 Spring
Fenton Robert C printer 4 Church h do
Ferden Thomas F d’river h 31 Fayette
Ferguson Hazel B ,bkpr zo &It Auburn 6 41
  Mattie, E clerk U SArsenal b 18 Walnut
  Thomas J lab h 27 Mt Auburn
  Wm G molder h 18 Walnut
Fernald Marietta C h 65 Mt Auburn
Ferreti Luigi lab h 25 Cottage
Ferrier Madame. French lanudry 16 Palfrey
      h do
Ferrins James I&’ h 4 Chestnut
Ferris Edmand fore 19 Galen h 29 N Beacon
   Edwin tmstr h 44 Galen
Ferry James E tmstr 29 Irving b 27 Spring
    WATERTOWN         F    DIRECTORY        63
Fewkes Herbert G carp b 27 Maple
   Jesse h 27 Maple
Field Edwin T clerk h 57 Riverside
Fife Fred C tallyman Watertown        Lum Co h
       71 Chlurch
    Mary E wid John b 71 Church
Fifield John E hardware 33 Main h 14 Fayette
Figgio Raphael rubber wkr h 9 Hearn
Finlayson Eric D fore 49 Galen h at A&ton
Finn Charles H steam fitter b 16 Lyons
Finnegan Harry printer b 24 Irving
   Joseph at U S Arsenal h 24 Irving
Finneran John chauffeur h 59 Morse
Finnerty Joseph lb 9 Morse
    Rufus S stove mounter h 69 Cypress
Fish George E mola’er h 50 Royal
Fisher Bridget wid John h 25 N Beacon
    Clinton T clerk H R Co h 32 Langdon av
    David gardener 17 Fayette ,b do
    Jame,s P mark,et gardener h 15 H,oward
    Jennie B nurse b 45 Palfrey
    Lois wid iGieorge 0 rms end ‘Cedar
    Martin W surveyor b 25 N Beacon
    Mary wid Michael b IO Sycamore
    Thomas F carp b 15 Hioward
Fiske Ralph E carp h 76 Sycamore
Fitch Mary C wid Austin &Gh 4 Franklin
    Wm A sales b 4 Franklin
Fitz Charles F bkpr National Union Bank 40
       State B h 6 Common
    C~~-l;~o;ivil     eng I Ashburton    pl B b

Fitzgerald’ Anastatia h 5 French ter
   Christopher lab b 9 Forest
   Edward at H R Co b IOZ Walnut
   Edward W carp h g Forest
   G Edward clerk 25 Main h 2; Mt Auburn
   Patrick R farm hand h 27 Sawin
   Wm rub wkr h II Forest
Fitzpatrick    Edward B tmstr 224 Arsenal h
     25 Water
Flagg James H h 46 Belmont
   Sarah L h 8 Lexington
Flaherty Michael h 36 Forest
   Thomas at H R Co b 36 Forest
   Thomas lab h 41 Water
FLAHERTY         WILLIAM      painter 28 Main h
      41 Myrtle See page 7
64    WATERTOWN               F     DIRECTORY
Flanagan         James at H R Co b 16 Elton av
   Thomas          foundryman         b 23 Water
Flanders         Augusta      L Mrs h 7 Taylor
   David sales h 27 Riverside
Flannery         Annie stenog B b 134 Main
    Mary Mrs h 134 Main
    Patrick       molder b 32 N Beacon
   Tho.mas dyer b 131 Main
Flecca        Guglielmo         (Raimand       & Flecca     Co)
        grocer $17 Mt Auburn              h do
Fleming          Henry      math lb IO William
    H Eugene            (Howard      Ice Co) h 24 Elliott
    James paper mkr h 92 Main
   James A bkpr b II Dexter av
    John starter           B E Ry Watertown           h at Ar-
    Margaret          wid Thomas        h 8 Hudson
    Mary C wid h II Dexter                  av
    Robert tmstr h P Middle
 FLETCHER                ALBION         C hardware    79 Main
        h IO Irving         See back cover             ’
    Arthur        G ib IO Irving
     Elizabeth         C wid James H h 4 Homer blk Fre
 ELETCHER                IRVING        T grocer 256 Pleasant.
         Bemis h 235 California,            Newton   See p 9
     Leverett       N jeweler      II Main h at Waltham
     Walter       E driver h 38 California
 Flint Howard             B real estate B h 19 Elliott
 Flitcroft       G Walter       organ builder     b 15 Olney
     John organ builder h 15 Olney
 Flohr Hannah             E wid Andrew         L b 7 Parker
 Flora Charles P chemist h 575 Mt Auburn
 Florence         Crittenden      Home 335 Arlington
 Flynn Daniel C rub insp h 21 Charles
     John watchman             h 25 Mt Auburn
     Mary A teacher Coolidge                 school b at Wal-
     Wm J stencil mkr b 21 Charles
 Fogarty         James E b Hillside          av
     Roxana C, SarahG               and Mary J h Hillside     ac
 Foley Augustin              A bkpr h 40 Spring
     Bridget        stenog lb 1519 Pleasant
     Charles A express b 47 Main
     Jeremiah         lab h 159 Pl,easant
     Jeremiah          Jr stenog h 159 Pleasant
     Mary E wid Wm C h 33 Summer
     Michael         F lab b 159 Pleasant
   Folino Tony F lab h 4 Arsenal
      WAT’ERTOWN         F    DIRECTORY       65
Ford Edward L printer b 5 Ladd
  Herbert J plasterer b 60 Forest
  James P molder h IO Winter
  John lab h 5 Ladd
  John A plast,erer b 6o Forest,
  John C bkpr h 16 Church
  John C tree waraden h 23 Mt Auburn
  John P math b 5 Ladd
   Louise E teacher Hosmer school b 29 Frank-
   Mary F housekee.per 29 Franklin
   Nellie laundress lb 23 Forest
  Thomas H plasterer h 6a’Forest
   Thomas H Jr clerk b 60 For,est
   Thomas J ,bkpr B b 29 Franklin
   Timothy lab h 23 Forest
Forrest Frank A rub wkr b 72 Nichols av
   John A math h 17 Melendy av
   John J cornp b 66 Nichols av
   Marguerite    A b 66 Nichols av
   May J dressmaker 66 Nichols av b do
   Michael A h 66 Nichols av
Forsaith Ira W yardmaster         Brighton  Stock
       Yards h 16 Hawthorne
Fossett Morton ruib wkr h 64 Prentiss
Foster Charles W eng b 26 Green
   Elisha b II Chester
   Eudora L bkpr 5 Spring b 9 Irving
   George L sales h II Chester
   John:4 clerk ib 24 Franklin
   Theodore     S insp Custom House B h 2G
   Wm C lumber B h 24 Franklin
 Fowden Benjamin        shirt ironer 57 Spring
 Fowler Joseph shoe rep 6 Mt Auburn h 20 N
        Beacon ct
    Margaret B dressmaker b 36 Susmmer
    Rebecca B wid George dressmaker 36 Sum-
        mer h do
    Wm J bkpr 6 Mt Auburn b 20 N Beacon ct
 Franzen Ernst asst mngr B h 45 Fayette
 Frasckia Frank clerk h 160 Main
 Fraser Angus carp h 98 Sycamore
    Daniel R stable fore 18 Spring b 47 Main
    E W wid James H b IO W’ashburn
    Jacob M h 7 N Beacon
    Katherine wid Joseph h 73 Nichols av
    Ralph M chauffeur b 7 N Beacon
    Will H laundry IO Washburn h do               :
66    WATERTOWN              %      DIRECTORY
Frazer Alexander           W carp h Hersom
   Harry      J carp cb 14 Cross
   John M carp h 14 Cross
Frederick        John barber 63 Main b 72 Fayette
Freeman        Cora A Mrs dressmaker              b 16 Frank-
   Felix lalborer b 351 Arlington
   Frederic         &V mngr       Aetna      Mills   h at W
Fregia Antonio          rub wkr h II Wheeler           ct
French       Florence     H teacher      High school b at
Frizelle     Rey F chauffeur        h 17 Marshall
Frost M’ilham          L express       driver     h 64 River-
Frye Edwin          L bkpr Eemis Mills h at Newton
    Frederick      S dresser h IO Swett ct
   Walter       S watchman       h 13 Purvis
Fulginiti       Domenico      grocer 821 Aft Auburn           11
        at Boston
Fuller      Edith M stenog         vv & P Mni# CC 1) 52
    Francis      E printer   h 52 Olney
    Irving      L nickel    plater    h 47 White
    Pamelia       T wid Moses h 3 Parker
    Samuel A Jr lawyer            B h 122 Spruce
Furlong        Charles W artist h 33 Marshall

GAFFNEY          MARY    wid Andrew     h 19 Pleasant
Gage Agnes M wid James B b 78 S Eeacon
Gale Carl G clerk b IO Broadway
   Sarah P wid Nathaniel        S h IO Broadway
Gallagher     Ann wid Hugh        b 45 Arsenal
   Dennis    carp h 39 \,Vatertown
   Edward’    wood vvkr b 108 Main
   Eugene F student       b I Green
   Hugh G elec h 19 Eeacon
   James T (Vahey        & Austin)    h at Boston
   John A sexton      St    Patrick’s    church    and
      undertaker    I Green h do
   John F shipper      h 40 Summer
   John J molder h 108 Main
   John P ins b I Green
  -John P clerk b 108 Main
   John F ci’river 26 Main h 17 Bacon
   Kate wid Michael       b 19 Bacon
   Richard    F motorman     h 291Gmreen
   Tho.mas     F ins and real est 68 Waltham          h
    WATERTOWN        c   DIRECTORY          67
   Thomas J student b I Green
Gallo Guiseppe lab h zz Cushman
Gallulian Hagop S rub wkr h 37 Quimby
 Galvin Bridget wid h 36 Quimby
   Edwara’ J lab b 36 Quimby
   Edward J lab b Patrick S Galvin’s
   Patrick S trader h Brookline near 1Varren
   1C’alter baker b Patrick S Galvin’s
 Gamage Elizabeth M nurse h 12 Maple
{Garabedian Diran at H R Co b I Oliver rd
   Keork ru,b wkr b 891Elm
   Sarkis h I Oliver rd
 Gardner Alfred clerk h II 1Vhite
   Charles T tailor B h 37 Langdon av
   \Vm E math h II Green
Garrick Frank elec b IO \Villiams
 Garseau John rulb wkr rms 18 Adams
Garvey Michael soap mkr b 6 Green
Marvin Margaret wid Peter h 16 Morse
   Thomas plumber b 16 Morse
 Gaskill Guilford.carp  b 5 Fletcher ter
Gass Arthur L cam b 9 Gilbert
   Bertha bkpr 71 Fayette b 9 Gilbert
   Joseph G carp h 9 IGlilbert
 Gatewooa’ Charles B capt U S Arsenal h do
 Gatte John F molder h 270 Arsenal
 Gatter Gotfried crossing tender h 2g Cross
SGaudet Peter h 302 Pleasant
   Thomas spinner b 302 Pleasant
 Gavin Bridget A h 76 N Beacon
   Edward tmstr b 67 Boyd
   Lewis UT blacksmith     h 76 N Beacon
   Thomas J mngr 22 Irving h do
   Thomas J Co contractors and tmstrs 22 Ir-

Gay!f!ffderick   C clerk B h 52 Riverside
Gayton George N tmstr h 7 Sexton
Gearon Patrick rub wkr b 802 Mt Auburn
Gelas Jean fencing master h 115 Eoyd
‘George Herbert A carp 4 Pearl h do
 Gerry Clarence E sales b 86 Elm
;Geyikian Arthur S math h 82 Dexter av
Giarri’onessi Joseph lab b 25 Quirk
   h’icholas lab h 25 Quirk
Gibson ‘George math h 59 Galen
Giddings Albert math h 7 Irving park
  68    WATERTOWk          c     DIRECTORY
  Gilbert D,ana J paper mill h II Cuba
     Lawrence C broker h 16 Green
     Wm agent b 94 Walnut
  Gilday Dennis laib b 32 Arsenal
. Gildea John paper mkr h 82 Galen
      Margaret wid James h 72 Galen
     Martin tmstr 128 Arsenal h 21 W7ater
  Cilfether     James gateman Irving st crossing h
        at Belmont
  Gilfoyle Margaret h 81 Elm
  Gilkey Charles W student b 5 Auburn pl
      Gordon student b 5 Auburn ,pl
      James H bank teller at Newton h 5 Aub-
         urn pl
      Royal student b 5 Auburn pl
  Gill Agnes milliner b 775 Bel,mont
      James E h 775 Belmont
      Mary A bkpr 24 Main b 775 Belmont
  Gilligan      Bartholomew     foundryman     h 71 CY-
  Gillis John soap mkr b 67 Boyd
  Gilson Nathan F lab h 4 Cross
  Gingras Eugene P carp h 32 Cypress
  Ginotti Angelo at H R Co h 15 Bostonia av
  Oirar’d Thomas car insp h 37 Melendy av
  GIUFFRE          EMANUBL         B confectionery  and
          fruit 26 Mt Auburn h do See page 31
      Joseph fruit 67 Main h 69 do
      L chef 300 School b do
  Given James uphols B h 531 Mt iZulburn
  Glasby Frederick H mngr B h 16 Maple
  Glasheen Agnes b 58 Forest
      Henry camp b 58 Forest
      Richard K carp h 58 Forest
      Walter math b 58’ Forest
   Glass Richard sawyer b 29 Mt Auburn
  lGileason Bridget wid John b 15 Riverside
       David P math b 76 Summer
      John F police b 76 Summer
       Margaret laundress b 76 Summer
       Mary bkpr b 76 Summer
       Patrick D letter carrier h 31 Myrtle
   GL#EASON S’AMUEL S appraiser, auctioneer,
          real estate and see and treas Watertown
          Colop Bank 56 Main h 50 Church See p 16
       Thomas H b 76 Sulmmer
       WaltetH       real estate h 476 Mt Auburn
       Wm J shipper h 76 Summer
     WATERTOWN        c    DIRECTORY        69
 Gled’hill Richard eng Bemis Mills h 277 Plea-
 Glidden Alfred A asst supt h 56 Laurel
   Charles driver 57 Spring
    Charles H clerk h 24 N Beacon
    Charles H ‘dairyman b 20 Franklin
    Forrest E J asst shipper W & P Mnfg Co
      h 561 Mt Auburn
   [George F math h 40 Laurel
    Sarah F wid Elbridge h 126 Cypress
    Walter clerk U S Arsenal b 126 Cypress
 Glover Charles A tinsmith 24 Main h 20 Fifield
 Glynn Andrew A expressman        b 47 Pleasant
    Bennett J sales b 47 Pleasant
    John H lab h 26 Sawin
    Katherine E clerk U S Arsenal b at N Camb
    Michael hostler h 47 Pleasant
    William M motorman h 31 Quimby
 Goding Herbert E ‘plumber 65 Main         h 16
 Godsell Mary wid James h 28 Morse
~Godwin Parke pattern fore W & P Mnfg CO
      h at Boston
 Golding Annie b 16 ‘Cross
    Hugh tmstr h 16 Cross
    Michael mill oper h 306 Pleasant
    Michael Jr cond’ b 306 Pleasant
(Gonoyan Krikor H ruib wkr h 5 Grove
 Gooch Nathan G h 35 Adams av
    Wm D bkpr B b 35 Adams av
 Goodale Harry clerk H R Co b 96 Dexter av
fGoodrow John eng W & P Mnfg Co h 83

  Jo$?i?irinter   h 312 Arsenal
  Stanley fireman 6 83 Spruce
Goo,dspeed ,George E treas Boston Safe Dep
     and T Co 87 Milk B h I 15 Mt Auburn
Goodwin Eugene E shipper Mass Fan Co b
     24a Franklin
  Frank C bkpr h 42 Riverside
  Richard E tress Bemis Mills h at Augusta
Gookin George F sales h 29 Marshall
Gordon Albert clerk 18 Mt Vernon b at Bel-
  James B painter 28, Parker h do
  Michael mule spinner h 26 Spring
Gorton Eugene tmstr 15 Spring b 31 Summer
70     WATERTOWN                c      DIRECTORY
GOSS Anna H wid Orrin h 9 Columbia
   Atherton        C b 9 Columbia
Goston       Mary A wid Lawrence                h I II Walnut
Gotberg       Henry      J math h 17 Adams
Gould Harry          F student       b 2 Palfrey
   Mattie      J wid Henry         F h 2 Palfrey
   Nelson G math h 36 Laurel
Gouthro        Louis math h 40 Galen
    Louis painter        h 44 Morse
    Marshall      H clerk ib 102 Walnut
 Grace Jennie E wid Millard                 F h 7 Tewett
 Gradie Mathias          cab mkr h 163 Mt Auburn
 Grady Patrick         lab h r 9 Sexton
iG,raham Alford          M lawyer        B h 6 Broadway
    George draughtsman              b IO Hunt
 GRAHAM            ROBERT           J undertaker          34 Main
       car Galen h 7a Palfrey               See back binding
       and page 7
    Thomas        gardener       h Hovey
 &anger        Maybert        decorator     h 38 Maple
 Grant Mary wid Edward                   h 31 Grenville       ra’
 Gratton      Samuel paper mkr h 8 Myrtle
 Gray Arthur         F architect       and mill eng 53 State
       rm jog B h 6 Fayette
    Arthur      H student b 6 Fayette
    Bertha       M teacher         Marshall     Spring      school
       b 20 Parker
    Charles E jeweler 48 Main h 6 Chester
    Elizabeth       M Mrs millinery           2Ia      Mt     Aub-
        urn h 6 Chester
    Everett      W bkpr b 6 Chester
     Margaret       L dressmaker         36 Elliott      h do
 K&-eaves George D Imach h 322 Pleasant
     Wm A sales h 16 Parker
 Greeley Andrew             lab h 13 Chtvch         Hill
 Green Catherine             A lb 95 Watertown
     Christina      F teacher Parker school h 95 Wa-
     Frederick      rub wkr b 73 Nichols             av
     Helen E asst pu,blic library              b 74 Spring
     John Francis         treas Watertown           Savings     Ba-
        nk h 74 Spring
     Mary A b 95 Watertown
 GREEN S B & CO (Wallace                         J Green)       hay
        grain and feed 224 Arsenal              See ‘page 9
     Waldo S clerk B b 74 Spring
     Wallace      J (S B Green 8r Co) hay and grain
        224 A’rsenal h 20 Franklin
     Wm H uphols h Harrington
     WATERTOWN         H    DIRECTORY        71
   Wm J clerk b Harrington
Greene Peter F cab mkr h 24 Sycamore
   Russell T sales B h 21 Langdon av
   \Villard B optician B mb Langdon av
 Greenwood Nellie wid S IGay b 38 Palfrey
Gregg Annie J wid George b 26 Fayette
   Charles A chief clerk U S A’rsenal h at New-
 GREGG GElORGE            H & SON (Walter     H
       I&-egg) un,dertakers 20 Mt Auburn     See
       bottom edge
   Walter H (George H Gregg Br Son) 20 Mt
       Auburn h 26 Fayette
Gregory John D molder h 16 Riverside
   Martha A wid Daniel 8 b 13 Russell av
Griffin Charles A rub wkr h 59 Lowell av
   Daniel clerk 300 School b do
   Daniel A draughtsman      B h 58 Capitol
   Davi’d carp h 14 Hcoward
   Michael J lab h 17 Summer
   Thomas F clerk 25 Main h 66 Pleasant
Griffith Susan F wid James LV h II QTinter
   \Vallace C sales- b II IVinter
Grimes Fred lab h 5 Swett ct
   ‘1;Z:mlabb 5 Swett ct
Grizzetti Sebastian0 at H R Co h 355 Arling-
IGroden Michael F ins agt h 21 \Villiams
Grogan George F clerk b 42 IValtham
   John weaver b 42 Waltham
   Patrick ,wool sorter h 42 \Valtham
   T Frederick dentist 6 Church
Grundmann Andreas b 24 Charles
   John S clergyman h 24 Charles
Guertin Henry <painter b 42 Spring
Gullison Charles floor walker h 23 Nichols av
Gurrith Salvatore ,paint mkr h 6 Homer blk
Gustafson John A rub wkr h 12 Yukon av
GuthI;iaeZeIetibert T clerk U S Arsenal b 17

HAAG     ALBERT     waiter   Oakley  Country
    Club lb ,do
Hackel Julius clerk B h 46 Palfrey
Hackett Brothers Co provisions 25 Main
  Francis J set and treas 25 Main h g Centre
   Minnie L wid Thomas E pres 25 Main 11
      9 Centre
   Paul starter h 13 Union
Hadley Carrie Mrs b 92 Cypress
   S Henry teacher of ‘music public schools h
       at Somerville
Hadlock Charles H math h-5 Myrtle
 Hagberg John G insp h 68 Elliott
.Hagerty John lab h 75 Fayette
 Haggard       Fred P set Am Bap Union h 6
   Roy S student b 6 Garfield
 Haggerty George clerk h 19 Cottage
   Wm J at H R Co h 67 Bigelow av
 Hagopian Alexander cook h I Crawford
 Hale Charles A broker 53 State B h 14 Win-
       sor av
   Raymond N ‘math b 28 Lexington
 Hales Alfred carp b 21 Chester
   Alfred W watch fin h 16 Washburn
    Henry T carp h 21 Chester
 ,Hall Albert B sales B h 3 Cuba
    Anna D teacher Hosmer school b 15 Fra-
    Arthur E piano fin h 55 Sycamore
    Charles Jr clerk h 136 Main
    Charles W piano fin rb 183 Grove
    David janitor h 1’9 Morse
    Edward C grocer 24 Mt Auiburn h 43 do
    Edward C Jr clerk 24 Mt Auburn h 43 do
    Herbert E storekeeper Custom House B b
        15 Franklin
    John spinner b 238 Pleasant
    Lucenda E wid Abner L h 15 Franklin
    Myra cG Mrs h 285 School
    Wm C teaming 183 Grove h do
  Halladay Olando W elec h 41 Fayette
  Hallett    Edward M bus mngr Stanley Motor
        Carriage Co h at Newton
  Ham Charles G teacher h 8 Washburn
    Hor;yurk       at Navy Yard Chasn h 775 Mt

   Thomas A brakeman b 29 Church
   Thomas G gateman Mt Auburn crossing h
     29 Church
 Hamill John B train ‘master h 66 Capitol
 Hamilton  Herman driver 56 Galen h II Olney
   John rub wkr b 32 Quimby
     WATERTOWN         H     DIRECTORY         73
   R M h 32 Elliott
   Sarah wid Wm b 18 Pearl
 Hamlen Willis C bkpr h 42 Palfrey
 Hamlet Harold lab h 63 Morse
 Hammond Harry B tailor B h 2g Elliott
Hamrock Michael weigher 24 Pleasant h rg
‘Hanabury Mark J math h 24 Bacon
   Patrick rub wkr h 17 Cottage lane
 Hmanley Michael h ‘9 N Beacon ct
   Thomas F elec h 42 Irving
 Hanlon Wm J rub cutter h 70 Bigelow av
 Hann Bridget E wid Patrick b 30 Pleasant
   Francis J driver 57 Spring h IO Cross
 Hano Samuel h 41 Olney
 Harming Wm J lab h 17 Arsenal
 Hanright   Cecil G elec h 8 Wheeler’s lane
   Charles F foundryman       b 8 Wheeler’s lane
 Hanson Fred carp b 44 Summer
   Wm carp b 44 Summer
   Wm paymaster 26 Pleasant h at Newton
 Hapenny Rosanna wid iG,eorge h 44 Morse
 Hapworth     Frederick math h g8 Walnut
 Hlanber Joseph horseman h 75 Pleasant
 Hardy Melvin elec B E Ry car barn h 31 Irv-
 Harlow Albert E cond h 6 Belmont
   Frances A wid John H b 8 Walnut
 Harmon Gardner C molder h 12 Hunt
 Harrington    Daniel foundryman    b 414 Arsenal
    Edith F bkpr 56 Main b 15 Marshall
    Everet? W farmer h 676 Belmont
   James foundryman h 414 Arsenal
   Michael J ‘washer h 7 Wheeler’s lane
   Ralph E produce b 676 Belmont
    Wm L cond b 414 Arsenal
 Harris George C at H R Co h 97 Laurel
    George Hs motorman b 107 Walnut
    George W gold beater h 53 Palfrey
   Jennie L clerk State House B b 107 Walnut
   John J math h 22 Bacon
    Robert A clerk B b 9 Fairfiela’
    Wm S lumber h Barnard car Bellevue rd
    Wm W mason h 10,7 Walnut
 Harrison Hampton waiter 3oo School b do
    James R h 188 Main
    Mary E Mrs employment        office 188 Main
       h do
74      WATERTOWN              H      DIRECTORY                  ’
Hart Alonzo           mill oper h 279 Pleasant
   Bernard        J at H R Co h 13 Elton av
   Cornelius        lab h 40 Morse
   Frank A lab h 40 Morse
   Hugh F Mrs h 8 Cross
   James F tmstr 19 Spring 1, 8 Cross
   Michael       D at H R Co 1, 43 Bigelow          av
   Ralph H clerk h 28 Morse
Hartford       Ezra C ins broker         B h 12 Parker
   Jane A wid John W h 180 X Beacon
   John IV sales ,b 18x1 N Beacon
   Nathan        B grocer 3 Main h 12 Parker
   Nathan        B Jr studqt        h 12 Parker
   Newton         K elec eng h 12 Parker
   Wm S farm hand 1~ 180 K Beacon
Hartley      John over Aetna           Mills h at Newton
   Roland H dyer h 301 Pleasant
H’artwell      Ella E wid Xlhert         h 16 Russell av
Harvey       Edmund         IT,’ mngr t: h 5 Oliver
   Elizabeth        wid Henry        h 5 Hawthorne
Haskell      Charles H sales h 20 Maple
   Clifford      A clerk b 20 Maple
   Ernest driver          b 32a N Beacon
   Fred’ M carp h 83 Sycamore
Basle Charles at H R Co h 94 Walnut
Hatch      Albert      W clerk 24 Main h I Melville
   H,arry C corn trav b 79 Grove
   Henry       N sales h 79 Grove
   Orrin R grocer 11 Fifield h do
Hathawav          James A (Union          Stock Market)      h
      at B;ighton
Hauck       Allbert     C ,mach b 104 Spruce
   Walter       A clerk B b 104 Spruce
   Wm sergt of ordnance                U S Arsenal     h 104
Haviland        Edwin       G b 3 School
   Edwin J sales 50 Broad B h 3 School
   Theodore         A clerk 50 Broad B h 60 Riverside
   Wm J clerk b 3 School
Hawes Andrew              ins h 20 Marshall
Hawkins        Caroline       E wid Alex P h 9 Patten
   Clara E nurse b 9 Patten
H’aycock        Susie B stenog U S Arsenal            b Mar-
Hayden       Frank sales mngr B h 30 Pearl
   Levi G clerk h 22 Bridge
   Wm E cattle dealer 20 Arlington                E W h do
   WATERTOWk         H   DIRECTORY        75
H’ayes Cornelius B driver b 89 Fayette
  John J bkpr E b 89 Fayette
   Mary A wid George P 117 Franklin
   Mary E packer ‘9 Galen b 89 Fayette
   Michael watchman at Som h 89 Fayette
Haynes Albert0     F assessor and architect E
      h 8 Marshall
   Emma rub wkr b 535 Mt Vernon
   Henry N fore carp U S Arsenal h at Sew-      .
  Wm H b 18 Irving
Hayward Frank C mason h 13 Chester
   Herbert I? mngr 289 Pleasant h at PJewton-
Haywood Clara Mrs h 14 Parker
Hazen George W math h IOI Laurel
Heald David clerk b 9 Franklin
  Frank ,4 clerk Union Market Nat Eank lb 9
  Frank 0, gen mngr 306 Wash E h 9 Frank:
Healey D Joseph ,packer b 13 N Eeacon ct
  Elizabeth N stenog U S Arsenal b at Som
  Ja,mes lab b 209 Coolidge av
  Michael cattle dealer 205) Coolidge av h do
  Patrick T h 13 N Beacon ct
  Thomas lab b 13 N Beacon ct
Healy Dennis F sales h 8 Melendy au
Heath Alfred E physician 78 Mt Auburn h do
  Alfred R elec eng b 78 Mt Auburn
Hebert Wm H tmstr 24 Main b 76 Eoyd
Heckman Milliard rub wkr lb 44 Summer
Heferman John lab h z Church Hill
Heffernan John ,4 shipper h 48 Olney
Heiher John lab h 42 Galen
Heinlein Joseph sales h 14 Morse
Heise Matilda teacher of sewing public sch-
     ools h at Camb
Hend’erson Charles E laundry b 12 Hunt
  Charles IT7 Jr iron and steel E h 6 Walnut
  Hannah Mrs h 4 Centre
Hendry James dyer h 70 N Beacon
Henery Patrick lab h 211 Arsenal
Henley Reginald T ‘agt b IIS Galen
Henry James S cattle dealer h II Garfield
  Laura organist and music teacher II Gar-
     field b do
  Parker at H R Co h 13 Mt Auburn
  Richard sales E .b I I Garfield
76    WATERTOWN          t-l   DIRECTORY
Herbert Charles barber h I Cross
   Wm math b I Cross
   Wm H molder lb 67 Boyd
Herring Stephen J math h 34 California
Hersey Charles W supt 57 Spring h at Wal-
Heustis H’elen ,4 teacher of cooking public
       schools h at Boston
Hewitt      Charles M plumber at Newton h 59
   Ellen wid Michael h 57 Capitol
   Frank J sales B h 55 Capitol
   Rdbert A blacksmith at Newton b 57 Capitol
Hickey James rub wkr b 73 Nichols av
   John lab h 21 Arsenal
   Michael weaver b 238’ Pleasant
Hicks James laundryman          b 61 Lowell
   Thomas polisher 57 Spring b 61 Lowell
   Robert R eng 59 Spring h 36 Carroll
Higbee Charles 0 painter h 9 N Beacon ct
Higginbotham        F A physician      Mt Auburn h
        d’o                         P
Higgins Anna F teacher Francis school            --
   Charles H tmstr b 33 Irving
   John clerk b 77 Galen
   Mary M Mrs h 77 Galen
Hill Acan painter 9 Spring h 43 do
    Celia wid David D b 43 Spring
    Elizabeth S teacher ib 70 Spring
    Ernest J laundryman       b 27 Forest
    Fre,d W printer 46 Main h 12 Morse
    Nelson carp 66 Main h 27 Forest              -
   Thomas A carp h Brookline
    Wm H camp h 14 Hersom
   Wm H S proofreader Herald B 86 Masop
        B h 271 School
Hillier George R gardener h 40 Belmont
Hill’man Charles H at H R Co h 3 Oliver rd
    Wm driver h 37 Spring
Hilson Thomas sales h 108 Laurel
Hilton Fred A grocer 213 Dexter av h 42 Wal-
    Joshua P b 42 Walnut
H’inckley Ora E bicycles 8 Mt Auburn h 62
 Hindlian      Dedros rub wkr h 23 Nichols av
Hinkley Charles E paper mkr h 46 Spring
        WATERTOWN     H    DIRECTORY        77
Hirth    Daniel apothecary   Belmont    car Mt
     Auburn h at Camb
Hoban Thomas foundryman        h 28 N Beacon
H;oLbs Chester H contractor h 40 Fayette
  Geo B crossing tender School st b 184 Cy-
Hockridge Wm H plumber h 13 Maple
Hodgdon Frank M clerk B h 8 French
Hodge Alice M teacher High school h at Wal-
  Arthur M mngr 32 Main h I& Washburn
  ,Charles H builder h 23 Eliiott
  Harriett     M Mrs confectionery   32 Mai.n h
     18 Washburn
Hodges Cornelius pattern mkr h 26 Irving
  Cornelius C designer fore W & P Mnfg CO
     h 118 Cypress
Hodsdon Albion H carp h 54 Palfrey
  Angie D Mrs b 54 Palfrey
  Dora E teacher Hosmer school b 54 Palfrey
  Roy D clerk b 54 Palfrey
Hoey George tmstr b 14 Nichols av
  James eng h 30 Waltham
  John B b 39 Waltham
  Mary B laundress b 39 Waltham
  Michael F foundryman h 39 Waltham
Hogan Elizabeth      B bkpr J P White’s b 26
  John J janitor Coolidge school and sexton
     Sacred Heart church h 26 Prentiss
  John J Jr clerk b 26 Prentiss
   Nellie R teacher Francis school lb 26 Pren-
   Thomas A clerk b 26 Prentiss       .
  Thomas J h 3 Myrtle
Hohmann Caroline P milliner 2Ia Mt Auburn
     b at Newton
Holden Charles W pastor St John’s Methodist
     church h 79 Mt Auburn
Holland’ Bessie E wid John h 94 Walnut
   Burton math h 42 Morse
   Daniel F lab h r 40 Summer
   Henry rub wkr b So2 Mt Auburn
   John E l,ab h 3 Wheeler’s lane
   Joseph B sales b 16 Bridge
   Margaret B dressmaker b 16 Bri,dge
   Margaret E wid Jerome b 4.Jewett
   Michael B foundryman     b r 40 Summer
   Patrick gardener h 16 Bridge
78    WATERTOWN               H      DIRECTORY

Holly     Mbert       S eng h 8 Oliver         rd
Holmes        Alexander        shmkr 2 Church h 35 Fay-
  Andrew          carp h 39 Fayette
  Arnold        E paper mkr h 21 Pleasant
  Austin        H printer       b 18 Fayette
   Carleton       W jeweler b 72 Dexter av
   Charles W supt h 46 Union
   Clinton       E math h 82 Union
   George A h 55 Summer
  James hairdresser              and pool 818 Mt Auburn
       h 820 n’o
  Thomas          I; janitor     54 Main h 18 Fayette
Holt John T plate printer              E h 14 Fifield
Holway        Merrill     S bkpr II h 250 Behnont
Homecroft          Guild     of the Talisman          143 y’[ain
       Sho,ps 143 Main
Hood Arthur           S set H R Co Nichols              av E Iv
       h at Erookline
   Frederick        C treas H R Co Nichols              av E IV
       h at Erookline
HOOD          H P & SONS milk               and      cream 289
       Pleasant       and 494 Rutherford           av Charles-
       town See advZ opp Business
H,OOD RUBBER                  CO Frederick        C Hood treas
       Nichols      av near E \I’ station and 99 Eed-
       ford E See page 8
Hooper       George P carp h 42 Summer
  John G tmstr 128 Arsenal                h 144 do
  ‘\;l’m J X carp h 44 Summer
Hootstein’       Hyman        teas and coffees 22 Arsenal
       h at Eostbn
Hopkins        John A clerk 300 School b do
Horan Charles E carpet layer I: h 12 Carroll
Horle      Frederick       lvatchmaker      h 68 Hovey
Hornbrooke           Francis      E Mrs h 21 Coyd
   F Eickford         clerk b 21 Coyd
Horne Deborah             C wid Robert        F h 12 Phillips    -
   Grace R music teacher               public     schools h 12
   Robert G dentist             17 Main h 9 Garfield
Horner       Sydney       E elec b 14 Palfrey
Rorrigan        John F lab b 12 N Eeacon st ct
   Patrick      painter h 12 K Beacon st ct
Horsfall       Llovd     P capt U S Arsenal           h do
Horton       Ed&n       T clerk b 68 Capitol
   Elizabeth        wid Edwin       h 68 Capitol
   Frank R student              b 58 Capitol
  George A barber b 68 Capitol
    WATERTOWN             H     DIRECTORY              79
Hosmer     A Grahme b 4 Riverside
  H A Mrs h 4 Riverside
Hough     Michael   gardener h 78 Galen
Houle   Maude rub wkr b 24 Prentiss
House Deborah wid h II Swett ct
Hovgovian      Menes rub wkr h 94 Elm
HOWARD            ABRAHAM          LINCOLN         (How-
     ard Ice Co) 56 Galen h do See front cover
  Carl b 44 Irving
  Charles T physician         53 Mt Auburn        h do
  Frank P sales b 43 Common
  Frederick      H Eupt Ia Waltham         h 56 Galen
  George R clerk 31 Main h 18 Summer
  Henry      W restaurant     31 Main h 44 Irving
HOWARD           ICE CO (Abraham             L. Howard
     and H Eugene         Fleming)     office 56 Galen
     yards Ia Waltham          See front cover
  M Elizabeth        bkpr E lb 8 Parker
  Ruth IV prin Coolidge          school b 46 Royal
  Sarah E wid Frederick          H h 56 Galen
  Patrick     H coachman      h 9 Sexton
  Perry B clerk b 8 ParZser
  Sarah F wid Sathan           S h 8 Parker
  Wilbur      Q helper 24 Main b 46 Royal
  1Vm C b 54 Irving
  Wm C at H R Co h 25 Oak
  W Arthur        police h I Fifield
Howe Arthur        L mzat insp h 21 Hazel
  Chester      L student    b 35 Palfrey
  Harry      R student    b 35 Palfrey
  Laforrest      D bacon curer at Som h 35 Palfrey
  Laforrest      H student b 35 Palfrey
  Wm H music publisher               88 Court B h 24
Howell     H D Mrs h 38 Palfrey
  John T elec h 49 Summer
Howes Alvin        G clerk b 176 N Beacon
  C Royal letter carrier b 176 N Beacon
  Elizaibeth     A Mrs bkpr h 73 Watertown
  Ernest bookbinder        B h 176 N Beacon
  Ernest     W molder b 176 N Beacon
  Harriett      wid Samuel      C b IO Phillips
  Willis    L laundryman       h 7 Morse
Howland       Fred blacksmith      h 41 Riverside
Hoyt Otis 1%’ (0 W Hoyt & Co) rms 34 Main
  0 W & Co carriage            and automobile       paint-
     ing g Taylor
Hubbard Caroline wid Henry b 25 Russell av
   Frank laundryman     h 25 N Beacon
   Herbert W Snow’s Fish Market          12   Mt
      Auburn h 4 Fayette
  James printer b 50 Arsenal
   Roger S sales b 14 Otis
  Thomas H paper agt 178 Devonshire          B h
      14 Otis
  \Vrn H harness mkr B b 50 Arsenal
   \Vm H Jr brass fitter b 50 Arsenal
Hudson Alice clerk rb 8 Sidney           .
  IGtardner C bkspr B h 8 Sidney
   George fancy goods h 21 Bria’ge
   George H sta agt IVatertown      sta h 18 Fr-
Huff Joseph I\’ h 7b Morse
Hughes Charles H wood molder h 75 Morse
   Edward F sales h 12 Hawthorne
   Frank C clerk h 16 Morse
   Harry J at \V & P Mnfg Co h 53 Summer
   James tmstr h IOO \Valnut
   James E camp B h II Royal
   James F mason h 28 VValtham
Hunt Homer F b 30 Marshall
  John S watchman (B) h 2 Homer blk ‘Fre-
   Vesta H wid Albert D b 22 ‘GVasbburn
Hunter John ‘CV wood tm-ner h Hall av
  James F printer b I Ladd st pl
  Jolhn rub lwkr h 12 Cr’oss
  John watchman h IOO \.;V’alnut
  Joseph A ib’ookkeeper b I Ladd st pl
   Michael math oper h 46 Morse
  ‘Michael A stove fitter !h II Royal
   Patrick H machlinist h 14 Oak
   Patrick T teamster 128 Arsenal h I Ladd st
   \Villiam    F stove mounter h 15 French
Hull Irving d#river b 183 Grove
  c.--‘-erstone William    driver 289 Pleasant h
      at Newton
Hunting      Annah H Mrs cello teacher and sol-
      oist 24 Marshall h do
   O,scar L bass soloist and teacher 24 Mar-
       shall h do
Hurt Frank math ,h 27 Morse
Hussey John H molder h 2 Pearl
   Seth VIr foreman 19 ‘Galen h 194 I.rting
     WATERTOWN         1   DIRECTORY          811
Hutchins    Arthur   L carpenter and )builde_r 25
     Irving   h 73 Spring
  Frank H carpenter h 33a Mt Auburn
Hut!chinson    Charles I efec b IO W.illiams
Hyatt ,Xabel Mrs ,clk b IO Williams
(Hyde John math h 16 ,French
  Thomas L clerk 50 Main b 16 Fren#&
Hynes Dennis foundryman         b 13 Hazel
  ‘Martin melter l-r 4g Alrsenal
   Michael P foreman cleaning h I Roy,al
Hyson George carpenter h II Palfrey

IG’O DANIET.        cond b I Grenville rd
    Michael farm hand b I Grenville rd
Ilffe Willliam H carpenter 25 Irving h 12 Mer
       endy av
Infant Louis bell lboy /Oakley *Country Club
       b do
Ingalls Ernest K lumber dealer h 5 Otis
Ingh,am Henry overseelr Bemis Mills A at
     Percy at HsR Co h 4 Arthur ter
Ingraham       Maria b 7 B.oyd
    R Waldo insurance 30 Main rms 18 Church
 Iod’ice Clement salesm,an b 116 Lexington
    ‘Frank rubber worker b 116 Lexington
     Fred rubber worker b 116 Lexington
    IMichael laborer h 116 Lexington
 Ireland Mark L Lieut U S Arsenal b do
 Irving Henry mason b IO Williams
  Ismaielo Mariano asst cook 300 School h at
 Ivans Benjamin D machinist h 47 Sycamore

JACK,LIN      WILL~I,AIMLI: dyer h 3 Gilkie lcourt
Jackson Annie L h 26 Maple
  Arthur E cas’hier Union Stock Market h at
  Charles F h 8 Franklin
  James H at W & P Mnfg Co ,h, 24 W’alnut
   Richard h 4g ,Langdon av
  William     E shoemaker h 20 Spring
Jacobs Harry K bkpr b IO Chester
   Henry 0 real estate h IO Chester
Jacobson    Angelo M piano maker h 110 Lang-
      don av
   William    S jeweler h 6 Ladd
   Boris shirt ironer 57 Spring b at Boston
$32 W-~TERT0WX                3     DIRECTORY

    Frank shirt ironer 57 Spring b at Boston
    Perry     shirt ironer 57 Sping b at Boston
James Daniel            b 55 Mt Au$burn
    George K presser b 35 Mt Auburn
Jardine      Archibald        H dyer h 27 Watertown
Jarvis Clifford         $1 driver &I Main b 16 Fayette
    Howard        I hairdresser       b 16 Fayette
   John J hairdresser             17 ‘Main h 16 Fayette
Jelalian      Harry      S physician      37 Quimby        h do
Jellows      Eugene rub wkr h zz Cottage
Jenkins      Winifred        E teacher    Grant school b 6
Jenks Layton           tailor :h Hall av
Jennison        Catherine       wid Horace      h 73 Water-
    E Otis b 63 Watertown
Jensen John K market                 gardener    276 Main h
Jepson      Frank       E driver     57 Spring     h 3oa Fay-
    Paul R mngr (C) h 48 Union
Jessup George W draughtsman                    h 22 Maple
JOHONNlOT               HARRIS        E electrical     contrac-
       tor 390-431 Centre, Newton              See back ICOV-
       er and page 13
Johnson        Andrew        motorman      h 7 Bartlett
    Benjamin        A clerk P 0 Main h 78 Capitol
    Carl paper maker b 144 Main
    Carl E architect           b 144 >Iain
    Emilv      L wid Richard          M b IO Garfield
    Ernest      kitchen      man ‘Oakley       Country      Club
       b d,o
    George       W mngr The Stratton               Press h at
    George        T machinist        14 Watertown         h 146
    Gustaf rub wkr b 34 Cottage
    Gustav       E clerk U S Arsenal           h at Erighton
    Harriet      ,%I wid George S h 7 Marshall
    John \;li asst insp U S Arsenal             h at Brighton
    Josiah painter          17 Bigelow     av h do
    Lewis      vocalist      300 Sch’ool b at Boston
    Oscar A clerk b 1~ Main
    William        waiter     300 School b do
     William       H tmstr 224 Arsenal h 106 Main
  Johnston      George D elk h 90 Dexter              av
     Margaret       F Mrs restaurant         55 School h 217
        Dexter      av
      WATERTOWN         J   DIRECTORY          83
   William  blacksmith h 217 Dexter av
Jones Arthur B bkpr h 25 Carroll
   Arthur R B stone cutter h 26 Sycamore
   David R fore 25 Irving h 37 Mt Auburn
   Edward J salesman B h IO Walnut
   Edwin P salesman b IO Walnut
   Florence G music te.acher b 47 Bigelobv av
   Harry A chauffeur h 16 Patten
   Leonard T elk B h 47 Bigelow av
   Mary A Mrs b 15 Garfield
   Mary A wid’ Edwin H h 51 Mt Auburn         .
   Ralph-W    elk b 117 Galen
   Storer F fertilizer h 15 Garfield
   William  H tmstr h 84 Galen
Jordan Daniel M Ibarber h 48 Belmont
Joseph Charles confectionery       55 Nichols av
      h do
Joy John H shipper 46 Water h 68 Riverside
   Leonard F pattern <maker h IO Fifield
Joyce John coachman h II Boyd
   Robert lab b 272 Arsenal
   Thomas rubber boot maker h 32 Quimby
Judd Sabrina A wid James h 31 Spring
Judge Thaddeus ‘barber b 106 ViJater
 Jurgeson George math b 8 Maple

KtZCHADOORL4N          MAUSES    rub wkr b 89
Kadulopis Ch,arles lab h 13 Keith
Kalousdian    Kalousd fore H R Co h 539 Mt
  .Yazareth M physician 539 Mt Auburn h do
  Reuben at H R Co b 539 Mt Auburn
Kannaly Kate wid Edward F h 310 Arsenal
  William cond b 306 Arsenal
  William Jr fore 3o4 Arsenal h 306 do
Karajian Missak express 30 Elton av b 8 Oli-
Karakanian     Krapoor at H R CO h 68 hrling-
Karprelian   Sarkis rub wkr b 89 Elm
Kavafian    Stephen at H R Co h 40 Melendy

 KayE;ratird      E backsmith   118 Fayette   h 38

  Herbert sales b 12 Stanley av
Keady James J math h 3 Howard           +
Keany Michael F fore h 13 Maple
Kearns Martin H steamfitter b 81 Galen
  Patrick farmer h 50 Waltham
Keddy Thomas J driver 56 Galen h 44 Elliott
Keefe Bridget wid Daniel h 60 Galen
  Catharine h 20 Bacon
  Cornelius H furniture      and piano mover 81
     Main h do
KEEFE       DAVID      F plumber Mnerchants row
     #h 8 Irving pk See opp inside ,back covti
  Edward P blacksmith b 81 Galen
  James L stove mounter h ,108 Walnut
  Joseph P lawyer 47 Main b 6o Galen
  Minnie G stenog B b 60 Galen
  Patrick F h &I Galen
  Rotbert S bkpr b 60 Galen
  William      D elk B b 81 Gsalen
  see O’Keefe
Keegan James F coachman h 49 Sycamore
Keenan Thomas pantry man Oakley County
     Club b do
  William      M at H R Co h 38 Melendy av
Keith Guy B elk B b 55 Watertown
  Henry M b 55 Watertown
  Raymond G !b 55 Watertown
  Roy S student b 55 Watertown
  Walter H wlio?sale liquors 160 Milk B h
      55 Watertown
Kellas Max shirt ironer 57 Spring b at BOS-
Kelleher John F Rev asst pastor St Patrick’s
      R C church h 9 Chestnut
  John J liquors B h 24 Capitol
Kellett Hugh carriage trimmer h 36 Spring
Kelley Elizabeth b 12 Lyon
   Francis M elk n’avy Yard Charlestown        h
      I3 Waverly     av
   Frank W lab h 15 Waverly av
   Harriet b 15 Waverly av
   James E ,painter h 61 Cypress
   James E tmstr 29 Irving h II Palfrey
   James M math h 134 Main
   John rub wkr b 8 Swett ct
   John J helper 24 Main h 16 Church
   John T rub wkr h 88 Prentiss
   Joseph M student b 82 Main
  J T Mrs b 15 Waverly av
   Mary wid Patrick h 12 Lyons
   Mary J wid Patrick h 68 Pleasant
   Michael auto wkr h 8 Oak
     WATERTOWN       K    DIRECTORY            85
  Michael helper h 22 Cuba
   Michael J physician 82 Main h do
   Patrick at H R Co h 12 Palfrey
  Richard weaver h 8 Swett ct
  Richard Jr mill hand h 41 Waltham
  Rdbert E stu’dent b 82 Main
  Samuel J builder h 24 Winsor av
  Terrence at H R Co h 777 Mt Auburn
  William    motorman b 44 Mt Auburn
  Wilma Mrs b IO Belmont
Kelly Anni     A wid Thomas h 20 Grenville rd
  Annie M bkpr b 20 Grenville rd
  Annie W bkpr B b 153 Orchard
KELLY,     GEORGE I & C#O clothing 149 Mo-
     ody Waltham See back cover
  James R motorman h 82$ Main
    ohn B gardener b 20 Grenville rd
  5 ohn B h 9 Cuba
  John F painter b 9 Morse
  John J tinsmit,h h 14 Church
  Margaret’ wid Daniel h 153 Orchard
  Mary wid John b 46 Galen
  Michael J shipper b g Morse
  Minnie E shirt maker B h 12 Waverly av
  Thomas fireman B h 27 Union
  Thomas motorman b 78 Galen
  Thomas F horSeshoer 28 Arsenal h 23 Cap-
  Thomas F contractor and hack stable 24 Mt
     Auburn b 47 Main
  Thomas J draughtsman 67 Water h 23 Myr-
  Timothy    florist 153 Orchard h Hovey car
  Timothy inventor h 9 Morse
  see Kelley
Kendall Arthur W contractor h II Waverly

  AratVhur W steamfitter h II White
  Charles H math h 24 Dexter av
  Francis H student b 17 Fayette
  Harlie G camp h 87 Spruce
  John H h 17 Fayette
  William   farmer h I Grenville rd
Kendreken Michael rubber worker b 32 Quim-
Kennedy Catherine wid Donald    #b 27 Spring
  John J math h g Church Hill
86     WATERTOWN                  K       DIRECTORY
Kennery          Patrick     J baker h 21 Bacon
Kenney           Edward       lab h 34 Melendy            av
    Edward          T elk 213 Dexter          av b 24a Franklin
    Frank         F driver      h 8 l\‘inter
    James lab b 34 Melendy                    av
    John J rubber             worker      h 12 Sawin
    John V sales B h 36 Olney
    Patrick         h 14 Church        Hill
Kenny Patrick              P math h 69 Morse
Kent          Elizabeth       L teacher         Marshall       Spring
        school b Ig Elliott
    George H h 31 Langdon                    av
    J Harry          elec 28 Main b 40 Irving
Kenzer          Margaret        Mrs h 32 Cypress
Kerr John R mason h 17 Purvis
 Kershaw           James dresser h 99 1Valtham
     John math b 99 \~~‘altham
 Keyes Henry              blacksmith        b 38 Arsenal
 Kidder          M Louise         nurse b 3 Auburn             place
     Rebecca G wid George R h 3 Auburn                            place
 Kilbride          Michael       lab h 106 Water
     Peter lab h 45 Water
 Kilcoyne          James J rubber wkr h 68 Bigelow
 Kildae        Margaret        Mrs h 72 Galen
 Kilduff         Thomas       broker     b 15 Dexter        av
 Kiley        James h 5 Harnden              av
     James Jr produce pedler b 5 Harnden                         av
     Jeremiah          J elk b 18 Eaton
     John F jan Town                 Hall Ib 47 Main
 Kilfoil       Ann wid’ h 40 Dexter             av           ’
 Kilgore         Damon M postal_clk             h 107 Galen
 Killion         William        mngr     Union     Stock       Market
         h at Brighton
 Kimball           George foundryman             b 40 Dexter          av
 Kinchla          Timothy       F tmstr h 71 Pleasant
 Kinchlar          John F fore h 48 Galen
  King Bridget            wid Patrick        h 37 North        Beacon
      Davis J wire mnfr h 35 Summer
      Elias h 9 Chester
      Henry         M motorman          b 37 No Beacon
      James H spinner               h 79 Morse
      \$rilliam       packer       E h 9 Cottage         lane
  Kinnear          Carl W bkpr b II; Hunt
      Edward          E molder       h 15 Hunt
  Kinsley          Henry     math b 29 Mt Auburn
  Kinsman            David     XL’ woodworker          and picture
          frame mnfr 30 Main.rm                 6.h 19 Marion          rd
      Jennie L dressmaker                19 Marion       rd b do
     WATERTOWN         L   DIRECTORY        87.
Kirby Lewis waiter 300 School b &‘o
Klein Ellen M b 562 Belmont
Klinge Charles dyer h 4g Union
Kneeland Thomas H horseshoer 16 ArsenaI
      h II Mt Auburn
Knight Virginia A wid John L b 7 Otis
Knowlton Edwin T mngr B h g Eoyd
Knox George L elk E lb 6 Centre
   Harri: T driver b 6 Centre
   Mary H teacher Francis school b 6 Centre
   Oscar F h 6 Centre
   Robert painter b 94 Walnut
   Rupert E math h 76 Dexter av
Kramer William     F rub wkr h 46 Mt Auburn
Kuhn Carl 1R book and job printer 4 Church
      h do
   Fritz math 4 Church ,h 3,1 Fayette
Kussmaul Rudolph machinist h 68 Dexter av

LACEY     MAU’RICE    D motorman h 6 Hunt
  Owen maah helper h 2 Irving park
  Patrick math b 2 Irving park
Lacker Jacob cattle dealer h 217 Arsenal
Lackey John A weaver b 238 Pleasant
Ladd Fred H elec h IOO Walnut
  Joseph H Jr elec h 59 Riverside
Lafayette Theodore E <esigner h 144 Dexter

LaF%e      Michael mill oper h 302 Pleasant
Lafrenais Alfred rub wkr b 37 Melendy av
Laggerlblade Herbert     asst golf instr Oakley
     County Club b do
Laing Arthur apothecary Main car Spring h
     4 Palfrey
Lamb John A shoes B h 89 Galen
Lamont James S elk 213 Dexter av h at Auh-
Lanagin John lab h 44 Forest
Landry Charles moulder h 15’6 Spruce
  Eli foundryman    b 156 Spruce
Lane Carl W stenog b 6 Patten
  Henry A private set b 25 Waverly av
  Ward H coachman h 24 Riverside
Langmaid Chase mngr E h 4 Centre
  Webster Chase real estate Nh517 Mt Auburn
Lansil Earl F elec B h 106 Sycamore
Lanstrom John gardener 240 School b do
Lapalme Leon E elk b 23 Elliott
88      WATERTOWN       L    DIRECTORY
Lapham Frederick E moulo’er h 43 Laurel
  ivalter C mo        h 68 Dexter av
Laprusch Alex         K plumber 1124 Prentiss
Larkin Raymond C elk lb 531 Mt Auburn
LaRose Joseph lab h 27 Church Hill
Larsen Axe1 elk 21 Main h at Cambridge
Lassman Ernest C florist h James car Holt
  Robert E florist 24 1,ihitney  h do
Latham George C teamster h 31 Spring
Lathrop Albert \V h 212 Main
Laughrea James jan h 57 Fayette
Laughton   tirihiarn math oper h 50 Langdon

Lau%t      Leonard elec b 28 Church
  Mary Mrs h 28 church
Lavalle James lab b II Bigelolw av
Laven Patrick lab b 32 Quimby
LaVoy      Henry   prop Aetna Mill? Boarding
     House 238 Pleasant
Lawn Sarah dressmaker b 23 Arsenal
  William h 23 Arsenal
Lawson Joseph R sales h 7 Union
Lawrence      Dick T mngr IIO State B h 19
      Russell av
Lawton James J fore B h 30 Barnard av
Leach Emile M C Mrs music teac’her 31 Fran-
      klin h do
  John C molder b 31 Franklin
Learned Adelaide wid Samuel S h 36 River-
   Isabel M nectie maker B lb 36 Riverside
  braldo A gen’l supt Newton and lhratertown
      Gas Light Co 67 JVater h 2 Jewett
   1vilbur   F town engineer office Town Hall
      h 15 Irving
Leary Bessie F stenog U S Arsenal b at New-
  Jxohn J lab h 71 Morse
   Louis E ‘helper U S Arsenal b 7 Dexter

Lea;:     George B sfeamfitter   rms 65 Bigelow

 Leavyt George 0 shirt cutter b 15 Riverside
 Leddy Ellen E wid Patrick J h 42 Spring
 Lee Mary wid James h 30 Spring
   UTilliam math b 26 Dexter av
   MTilliam M salesman B h 14 Fifield
 Leehan Dennis h II French
 Lees Richard supt Aetna Mills h at \lTaltham
     WATERTOWN          L   DIRECTORY         89
Leigh- Albert F engraver h 22 Royal
  Ernest A pattern maker b 22 Royal
Leighr Minnie A elk B b 8 Maple
Leighton Arthur P elec b 136’ Arlington
  Ether L teacher b 136 Arlington
  Henry T potato chip mnfr 136 Arlington       h
   St$hen     C iron molder h Walnu,t n R R
Lemon Lulie M wid Franklin         A h 22 Bates
Leonard Bryan mason h 61 Morse
   Harry H printer b 180 Cypress
   Hugh tmstr h 45 Arsenal
   Joseph M baker h 85 Watertown
   Peter lab rms 63 Spring
    Peter A eng h 55 Fayette
Lepine George P washer 57 Spring
Lessar Edward rub wkr b 37 Melendy av
LE%STER FRED W dry goods 42 Main h
      49 Elliott    See advt over Business Direc-
    Gentrude A wid Robert J b 30 Pearl
Lew Carol musician 3oo School b at Boston
      ANSING       CO I Galen and 286 Bolyston
      Boston See page 30
Lewis George M at ‘H R Co h 41 Quimby
    John H carp 74 Spring h 33a Mt Auburn
 Lexander John grocer Prentiss c Belmont h
    - do
 Lexzan Hans elk b 45 Fayette
Leylekian John T rub wkr h 69 Elm
 Libby Mary W wid Stephen R b 6 Oliver
    Stephen IV supt Warren Soap Co 46 Water
       h 6 Oliver
 Lightbody     Frank J jewelry h end’ Russell av
 Lind Elizabeth wid Charles A h 46 Galen
 Lindhe Adolph B math b Charles
    VGIliam math h Charles
 Lindquist    Charles waiter Oakley County Club
      lb do
 Lindsey Robert milk 30 Forest h do
    Robert Jr b 30 Forest
    Thomas F driver 30 Forest b do
 Lingham Harold T elk 26 Pleasant h 22 Fay-
 Linnehan      Edward    J elk b ‘Patrick Linne-
    Francis m,usician b Patrick Linnehan’s
90    WATERTOWlU              L    DIRECTORY

    Michael     fireman h 72 Sumlmer
    Patrick    W farmer h Brookline
    William     c,lk B ,b Patrick     W Linnehan’s
Litchfield’    Gertruci’e T\;r teacher >Iarshall      Spring
        school b at Boston
Little     James S math h 63 Rutland
Littlefield      Alfred   carp E-I R Co h 8 Lexing-
Livermore        -Bertha V stenog b 17 Franklin
     Charles    E provisions       h ‘II Phillips
     Florence     M elk B b 17 Franklin
    !George M clerk B b 17 Philips
     G Waldo        elk 19 Main b 17 Franklin
     Herbert     J elk h 17 Franklin
     Mabel G music teacher 17 Franklin              b do
     Oliver   D Sales R rms III         Galen
 Livingston        Walter   I ma&       h 30 California
Locke APbert W farm hand b 174 Common
     Arthur    blacking    maker h 15 For,nst
     Edgar A inspector         h 8 Cuba
     Ellen B wid Edward           A b z Irving
     E Irving       watchmaker      h 2 Irving
     Frank A piano and organ tuner j Spring                  h
         at Roslindale
     Harriet     A housekeeper        12 Irving
     Harry    M farm hand b 174 Common
     Henry     W market        gardener     174 Common       h

    Joe    W at ‘?&ate House B h Lexington          car
 Lockhart     William       at H R.Co rms 5 Oliver   rd
 Logan     Thomas       cutter    b 32 Quimby
 Lom)bardo      Angelo      lab h 22 Cushman
 Lonergan      Kyran     shirt cutter h 3.7 Morse
 Long Edward         J overseer      H R Co h 146 Cy-
    George H carp h James
    Richard    polisher      rms 38 Spring
    Thomas     lab h- ~3 Arseal
    Thomas      lab h 53 Arsenal
 L,oring Gustavis        linotype   oper h 43 Summer
   Joshua     (J Loring   & Co) 302 -4rsenal h at
      Waverly           i
   J & Co (Joshua Loring       and Samuel H Sea-
      ger) hay and grain 302 Arsenal
 Lougee Charles E buildei      63 j?Tatertown h do
     WATERTOWN         L   DIRECTORY        91
 Loughran    Catharine wid John h 122 Main
   Leo T elk b 122 Main
   William J elk b 122 Main
 Loughry Agnes stenog B ;b I Green
   James D math b I Green
 Love11 Eros (William     J, Richard S, George
      and John) market gard’eners 85 Orchard
   George (Love11 Bros) 8; Orchard h do
   John S (Love11 Bros) 85 Orchard b do
   Richard S (Love11 Eros) 85 Orchard h 13;
   William J (Love11 Eros) 85 Orchard h 158
 Lowney Frank M at H R Co b 7 Dexter av
   Theodore rub wkr b 7 Dexter av
‘Loynd John A at 1%’ & P Mnfg Co h 49
 Lucas Thonias H math h 21 Morse
   William    H mngr 24 Main h 13 Otis
 Lumberg Ia’a rub wkr b 24 Prentiss
 Lund John capt U S Arsenal h do
 Lundberg Anna elk 28 Main b at Waltham
 Lundstrom     Annie Mrs dressmaker 38 Spring
      h do
   George P dyer 19 Galen h 38 Spring
 Luques Emmie A teacher         Marshall Spring
      school h 65 Mt Auburn
   Lucy F teacher Francis school h 65 Mt Au-
 Lussier Amanda Mrs b 24 Prentiss
 Lyden Thomas fireman b 13 Hazel           1
 Lydiard Frederic S chemist h 250 Belrnodr
 Lydon William       F bk’pr 3o4 Arsenal   h at
 Lyford Charles D treas 731 Boylston B h I.
 Lyman Fannie E nurse b 5 Palfrey
   Harry C tailor 16 Mt Auburn h 59 Church
   Wiit;rn    E clerk 18 Mt Auburn h IO Lin-

  William H provisions 18 Mt Auburn h 5 Pa-
Lynch Bros (James F and Charles J) grocers
    3 Merchants row
  Charles J (Lynch Bros) h 32 Morse
  James F (Lynch Bros) h 32 Morse
  John coachman h $3 Mt Auburn h 143 Main
  John soap maker h IO Palfrey
  John J at H R Co b 571 Mt Auburn          .

  Lizzie M bkpr 3 Merchants’row  b 32 Mor&$
  Patrick F math h 260 Arsenal
Lyndonville  Creamery ASSO, Wheeler ct off
Lyons Abraham R clerk 12 Mt Auburn h 5
  Dennis lab h 32 Waltham
  John h IO Lyons ct
  John B math h 14 Cuba
  Joseph motorman h 58 Galen
  Michael W constaible h 6 Chestnut
  Thomas F driver 18 Mt Auburn h 13 Maple
  Thomas F lieutenant of police h 786 Mt Au-
  William H clerk 9 Main b 6 Chestnut
Lysaght Andrew rub wkr rms 18 Adams

MABRY      WILLIS    piano supplies h 188 Sch-
Macusty John printer B rms goa Fayette
MacDonald Almon H fore 56 Galen h 42 Fay-
  Joseph F elec 67 Water h 22 Fayette
  William   carp b 54 Mt Auburn
  see McDonald
MacElhinny    Margaret boarding 67 Boyd
MacFarland    Fred W bklpr h 7 Lowell av
  Melvin fore at Camb h 5 Lowell av
  Renaldo painter h 5 Lowell av
MacGregor John D tmstr h 2 Gilkey Net
Ma&RE,GOR         GARBAGE (THE)       Main and
     Spring Waltham     See opp
  John D tmstr h 2 Gilkey c,t
MacInnis   Catherine Mrs h 8 Oliver rd
  Jonathan farm hand b 8 Olliver rd
  Wallace ,b 8 Oliver rd
Mack John gardener 300 School lb do
  Mary E Mrs clairvoyant     44 Spring h do
Mackenzie Ella E teacher Grant school h at
Mackin Joseph S dyer b II Green
  Wa81ter E helper 24 ,Main b pi IGreen
  Wm lab h 4 Chlurch Hill
MacLean Flora h 52 Mt Auburn
MacNaughton     Malcolm motorman h 3 Winter
MacNutt Edwin K chemist U S Arsenal h 25
     Marion rd’
Macone Anthony upper cutter rms 49 Laurel
     WATERTOWN         M    DIRECTORY         95
Macoy Charles W elk 79 Main h 83 Mt Au-
Macurda William A insurance and real estate
      II Main h IO Marshall
  William    E coal 92 State B h 16 Marion rd
  W Hayward student b 16 Marion rd
  see Ma.curdy
Macurdy William T (Otis Bros Co) dry goods
     15 and 19 Main h 8 Chester
Madden Charles H molder h 45 Laurel
  Edward 4 veterinarian      55 Elliott h do
  Francis P molder h 60 Elliott
  James F fore 19 Spring h 51 Capitol:
Maglinchey     Mary K wid Joseph b IO Ladd
Magnusson      Carl coachman 61 Watertown       b
Maguire Peter lab h 17 Grenville rd
  William    lab b 7 Mt Auburn
Mahan James pattern maker lb 128 Cypress
Mahaney Timothy       Mrs h 12 Grenville     rd
  Will,iam D carpet cutter h IO Grenville rd
Mahar Dennis at H R Co b 36 Quimby
Maher Thomas F rubber worker h 215 Dex-
     ter av
rM1AH~O~NEY DANIEL        J harness mnfr corner
     Main and Mt Auburn h at Newton           See

  Dir%? i’molder    b 272 Arsenal
  Eugene car repairer h 17 Adams
  James lab b 5 Oliver rd
  IPatrick math b II Fifth av
  Thomas M cutter H R Co h 123 Melendy

   W%iam L clerk 3 Merchants row h at New-
 Makin Frank J Iblacksmith    79 Arsenal h 24
 Malloy Joseph F painter h 5 Chandler
 Maloney Bartley supt of streets’ b 47 Main
   Charles M elk U S Arsenal h at Needham
. Daniel A physician 122 Main E do
   Edward J lab b II Pleasant
   George W rubber worker b 4 Middle
   James starch maker h II Pleasant
   James P clerk 50 Main b II Pleasant
   John A lab h 4 Middle
   John P starch mkr b 4 Middle
   Thomas core maker h 7 N Beacon ct
   Thomas F letter carrier h 112 Main
96     WATERTOWS               M      DIRECTORY
hianella     Jennie h 5 Forest
Mangino         Sante lab h 18 Arsenal
Manix      Francis        L driver Nb 57 Summer
   Patrick       butcher      h 57 Summer
Mann Albert            Jr teacher h 4 Eoyd
Manning          Catherine        E wid Patrick          F h 161
   Frank lab lb ‘94 Walnut
   James coachman                100 Mt Auburn           b do
   John paper wkr h 31 Water
   Michael         lalb h 5 Wheeler          lane
   Thomas           h 74a Summer
Mannix       Daniel ma,ch rms ror Laurel
Manoog         radios       at H R Co h 26 Melendy              av
Manoogian            Dedros rub wkr b 96 Dexter              av
Manse11 Thomas               at H R Co h 4 Oliver           1-d
   Timothy          at H R C’o ?I 4 O’liver rd
Manscn        Frank G eng h IIO Pleasant
   Timothv          rub wkr rms 18 Adams
Mansur        Iiiram       M: supt 57 Spring           h 4a Sum-
Maratza         Francesco        at H R Co h &IO Mt A4~~-
Marble       Jerusha        S wid Charles         H h 16 Ches-
March      Stillman         P h 97 Mt Auburn
Rlarccux          Frank      E helper      289 Pleasant      b j9
    Frank       S shipper       289    Pleasant     h 59 Palfrey
    Harry       driver     289 Pleasant        b 59 Palfrey
 Marderosian           Krikor      rub wkr mh89 Elm
 Mardirosian           Araked       at H R Co h 40 Melen-
       dy av
 Narfiolle        Luige lab h 18 Cushman
Marks       Thomas           W stock fi(tter h 102 Syca-
 Marnott        Fred H fore foot Hunt st h at New-
 Marotta        George lab h 3 Cozy
 Marriott        Fred H fore h 44 Union
 Marrotts        Francis’co      lab h 7 Lyon
 Marsh William             P pianos B h Laurel
 Marshall        Clark M sales ‘h Ig Hunt
    H Newton            painter     B h 267 School
 Marshea          Florence      M optician         1328 Mass     av
        Cambridge          b 33 Melendy         av
    James W jeweler                1328 Mass au Cambridge
       h 33 Melendy            av
      WATERTOWN             M     DIRECTORY             97
Martin     John J mason h 83 Palfrey
  Lawrence       R at H R Co h 56 Cypress
  Nat weaver b 238 Pleasant
  Tina A wid h 71 Sycamore
Mason Albin A car repairer           h 4 Grove
  Charles      F bursar     Harvard     University     h 9
      Bailey rd
  Frank      E b #91 Bailey    rd
   Fred L station       agent B h 17 Hunt
  Her,bert     C supt b 89 Walnut
  Herbert      G draftsman        184 Boylston       B h I
  Hugh student b 9 Bai!ey rd
  H C supt Hood Rubber              Co h at Prov R I
  John A auto supplies Newton            h 14 llaple
  Nathaniel     J b 4 Grove
  Ralmph A shirt cutter 57 Spring b at Natick
MASSACHUSETTS                FAN CO (Horace           Che-
      nery pres, Dwight          K Bartlett     treas and
      clerk)   Howard’    and Lexington       IVest I!a-
      tertown     See page 3
MAS\SAtCHU\SETTS            WHARF        COAL      CO 43
      Kilby     Boston       See front cover
 Masse      Baptiste      (Boudrout      8r Masse)    h at
 Masters     Fred W ins agt B h 20 Morse
 I Lydia      W asst public library        b 20 Morse
,Matthews        Charles elk 51 Main b 49 do
Maxwell       Edward       stenog b 6 RusselC av
    George      H lawyer        830 Tremont      bldg B h
      6 Russell av
 Mayibry     Willis    pianos h 188 School
Mayell       Alfred     E master      mech Aetna      Mills
      h 17 Bridge
    Louis J pavmaster          Aetna Mills h 261 Pleas-
      ant Bernis
Mayer      William      H math h 9 Swett ct
 Mayo Burton         L elk 3 Main h 8 French
  ’ Emmery        M h 12 Walnut
    Harry     0 pottery      and glassware    157 Summer
      B h 103 Mt Auburn
    Herbert       E supt       N E Dressed       Meat and
      Wool Co Somerville             h 16 Walnut
    Walter      L student b 16 Walnut
 Mazzi Vincenzo          at H R Co h 52 Crawf,ord
 McAdam        Margaret      wid John h 67 Morse
    Thomas       A painter       b 67 Morse
98   WATERTOW’N          M    DIRECTORY
McArthur       Andrew A elk B b 27 Dexter av
  Beatrice M wid Andrew h 27 Dexter av
  Edward R painter h IO Taylor
  John motorman          b 24 Morse
  Lester elk 12 Mt Auburn b 9 Parker
  Osborn h 27 Dexter av
  William      I b 27 Dexter av
  William J carpenter h 9 Parker
McAteer Patrick lab b 55 Fayette
M:cAuley Michael carp b 7 Dexter av
Mchuliffe      Archibald    R dyer b 12 Bacon
  Daniel J f,ore 19 Galen h 72 Pleasant
  Florence F Jr molder #b 12 Bacon
  Fred P Jr elk b 12 Bacon
McAveeney        Patrick J tailor 14 Mt Auburn h
      I3 Winter
McBaln E Louisa bkpr B b 70 C,apitol
  Jane wid William           b 70 Capitol
  William      H salesman B b 70 Capitol
McBride Sylvester J printer h 51 Elliott
McCafferty       Francis math h Lexington     n Main
   John F laundryman           b 9 Purvis
   Owen h Lexington            near ,Main
   Patrick foreman 1%’ & P Mfg Co h g Purvis
   Patrick laborer h 74 Galen
   Peter coac,hman h 16 Forest
   1Villiam lab h 36 Cuba
   William J lab h 153 Main
McCammon Robert shirt ironer h 31 Church
MC Cann James rubber worker b 32 Quimby
   Patrick J motorman h 22 Lexington
 McCarron John F plumber ,h 33 Green
 McCarthy       Dennis lab b 13 Hazel
    George mason h 147 Pleasant
   Jeremiah J lawyer B h 219 School
    Mary wid Patrick ,b 25 Forest
   ,Michael J compositor h 15 Elliott
    Patrick    J molder     h 137 Arsenal
    William P bottler h 25 Forest
 McChlerie       William    supt of grounds Oakley
       Cotmtry Club #h do
 McClelland       Delile ?vI rub wkr h 118 Main
 McCormack         Michael   lalb h 24 Myrtle
 McCoy       Charles    W clerk b 83 !&It Auburn
    \Villiam    J mason 34 Bigelow av h do
 McCrea John steam fitter B h 25 Melendy           av
 McCusker Eleanor wid Peter h 63 Spring
     WATERTOWN           M    DIRECTORY          99

McCusty George V clerk 64 Main b 94 W’aI-
  ‘William masoa h III Arsenal
McDermott        Andrew E ins agt ‘h g Elton av
  Thomas teamster b 25 Myrtle
McDonald       Angus molder h 6 Oliver #road
  Annie F widow (William h 23 Hunt
   Bridget wid Patrilck h 7g Water
  John plum’ber 3 Merchants          row h at Wal-
      tham                                         _!
  Joseph driver h 26 Spring
   Mary E h 34 Cottage
   Michael driver 56 <Galen h 34 ‘Cuba
   Peter laborer h 84 Omrchard
   Stanley bofot maker b 3 Oliver road
   Thvnnas lacborer h 70 Water
   Thomas S moto’rman b 16 Hazel
    & Co Otto Nelson sh’oemakers 16 Belmont
   see MacDonald
McDonough         James H salesman h 25 Frank-
   John J lab h 55 Arsenal
   John J Iab b 48 Mt Auburn
   John J lab h 21 Forest
   Margaret      E typewriter     U S Arsenal b 76
   Mary N stenog b 21 Forest
McD.ougall       Colin carp h 9 South Park
McEachern        Anselem carp h 19 Cuba
McElhiney        Elden painter h 38 F,orest
   John foundryman        h 19 Winter
McElroy       Joseph painter h 13 Summer
McFadden William          bla’cksmith h 24 Spring
McGann John rutbber worker b 6 Cottage lane
   Martin rub wkr b 6 Cottage lane
   Michael lab ‘h 6 Cottage lane
   Michael J ‘cond b 773 Mt Auburn
   Miuhael T lab h 7 South Park
   Murtagh crossing tender h 773 Mt Auburn
   Richard traffic ch’ief N E T & T Co b 6
        Cottage lane
McGaskell John carp b 18 Williams
McGee F.rank lab b 5 Arsenal
    Patrick fore Uni,on Stock Market h 5 Ar-
McGillvary       Alexander eng b 43 Arsenal
   Angus motorman h 43 Arsenal
    Ellen Mrs hoarding 106 Galen h do
100   WATERTOWS          M     DIRECTORY
McGinley Patrick at H R ,Co b 37 Xelendy av
McGinnis        Allen laborer h 6 Swett ct
McG’inty Arthur J blacksmith b 24 Prentiss
    Edward J lalb b 24 Prentiss
   Elizabeth        wid Edward b 24 Prentiss
    Francis E upholsterer 1~24 Prentiss
    John V camp b 24 Prentiss
    \Villiam      E elk b 24 Prentiss
    see ‘Gsinty
McGlauflin         E Fay elk 56 Main b 193 Irving
    Hiram eng 24 Pleasant h 16 Summer
    Hiram H asst eng h 16 Summer
    see McLaughlin
McGovern          James stoneman h I Ladd st 1~1
    Michael lab h 58 North Eeacon
McGrath         Elizabeth  bkpr E b 33 Waltham
    Francis P moulder b 33 Waltham
    Margaret wid h 33 Waltham
    Mary E dressmaker (1)33 Waltham
   MichaeNl grocer 327 Pleasant h ,329 d,o
    Patrick laborer b 21 Oak
McGuire John elk h 131 Eoyd
   Margaret E lbkpr 58 Main b 38 Forest
    Peter b 38 Forest
   Peter lab h 15 Arsenal
    M’illiam h 38 Forest
    \\‘illiam     P (McGuire     & Roche) and town
          elk b 38 Forest
    & Roche (Wtn P McGuire and John J Ro-
         the) real estate 58 Main
McHugh         Catherine G camp h I Ladd
    Ella stenog Aetna Mills b 335 Pleasant
   John foundryman         h 17 bit Auburn
   John F rub wkr h 8 Myrtle
   John P camp b I Ladd
   Joseph A baggage master \;liatertown         sta
         b I Laded
   Thomas L carp h 35 Olney
   Martin lalb h 17 Mt Auburn
   Rosanna wid Patrick h I Ladd
   Rose elk 42 Main b I Zadd
   Thomas F ticket a@ Union Market sta b
         I Ladd
   Wlliam        lalb h 29 Eartfett
   see McCue
McILROY           JO’HN stoves, furnaces etc 8 Bel-
        mont h at Belmont         See page 14
McInnis Katherine wid Hugh h 5 Taylor
    WATERTOWX           M     DIRECTORY       101
McIntosh John carp h 54 Mt Auburn
  Minnie rub wkr b 21 Oak
McIntyre     John J gardener h 60 Laurel
McKenna James .J lab h 16 Palftey
  Timothy       iron molder b II Fifth av
McKillops      Alexander gardener h rg Riverside
McLane Mary Mrs b 4 Adams
McLaughlin         Agnes B a’ressmaker 18 Cross b
  Elizabeth wid John h 4 Myrtle
  James h 18 Cr’oss
  James mason h 8 Taylor
  John mason b 18 Cross
   Nellie forewoman b 18 Cross
  Thomas h 68 Summer
   Thomas at H R Co rms dog Laurel
   William rub wkr rms 18 Adams
   see McGlauflin
 McLauthlin        Howard 0 salesman 3g Main b
      6 Phillips
’ Lewis mngr 3g Main b 6 Phillips
   Mary wid Charles (McLauthlin        & Co) books
       etc 39 Main h 6 Phillips
   & C,o (Mary Mclauthbin)          job printers 39
 McLean       Walter J section hand h. I Pros-
   William      porter ‘Oakley Country Cl’ub b do
 McMackin James rub wkr h 36 Quimby
 McXahon       Patrick W molder b 155 Spruce
 McManus Andrew D asst supt h 115 Galen
   Catherine A wid h 285 Pleasant
   CharlesL fireman b 285 Pleaasant
    Elizabeth      b 3 Oliver rd
    Frank J math b 285 Pleasant
   John at H R Co b 78 Dexter av
 McMullen       Patrick B plasterer B h 35 White’s
 Mcxally      James d coal and wood- I Arsenal h

  Jo2 F tmstr b I Arsenal
   see Nally
 McNamara    Daniel moulder h 5 Homer          blk
   Edward tmstr h 38 Cottage
   Ellen wid John h 38 Cottage
   James J rubber cutter h 7 Cottage
   John E police h 62 Summer
102   WATERTOWX         M     DIRECTORY
 McNeil Francis H carp h Perry
   see Neil also O’Neil
 McPeake Agnes lbkpr 300 School b 306 do
   Delia A wid Patrick h 3o6 School
   Frank J supt 30~4 School h 68 Spruce
   James F elk 300 School
 McPhee Nellie        forewoman   19 Galen b 66
   Thomas driver b 9 Morse
 McPherson Angus A insp B E Ry h 33 Irving
 McQueen Fletcher waiter 300 School b do
 McQueeney        Henry, mattress   maker h 16
   James rubber ,worker h IO Keith
SMcReavey Her’bert L h 17 Edgelow av
 McSherry     Ellen M wid Eartley h 66 Pleas-
   Frank charcoal b 41 Forest
   James bundlewood b 41 Forest
   John J hai,rdresser 35 Main b 31 Forest
   Martin charcoal lb 31 Forest
   Owen h 31 Forest
McTeague Thomas gardener h 20 Williams
McWhirter       Alfred S piano tuner h 45 Irving
   Ellen A Mrs prop Auburn         House 47 Mt
Mead Julian A pres Watertown        Savings Bank
      and physician IOO Mt Aubulrn h do
 Meade Joanna R grocer 19 North Beacon
      h do
   1Villiam E F elk 19 N,orth Beacon b do
Meany John A rub wkr b 16 Hazel
Meda P head waliter O.akley, Cmountry Club h
 Mee Dennis rub wkr h 17 Cottage
   Edfward tube maker h 14 Cottage
   James foreman h TI Eigelow av
   Thomas P florist b II Bigelow av
\Meehan John J treas The Waterproof         Paint
      Co 71 Fayette h ~63 School
   John S elevat,orman b 543 Mt Auburn
   Lawrence B at H R Co b 543 Mt Auburn
   Margaret wid Lawrence h 543 Mt Auburn
  Thomas lab h 43 Water
%Ieier Frederick A supt Power & Speed Con-
      troller Co h at Boston
 Meister David A blacksmith       9 Spring h 16
Melin ‘Gust at H ,R Co h 23 Lexington

     WATERTOWK            M     DIREC-KJRY      103
  MJEELLEDGE RO;BERT             J real estate mort-
       gages and insurance Lyceum bldg Har-
        vard sq Camlbridge See page 14
 !Melvin Albert H preserver h 41 Church
    Albert #b 41 Church
    Gertrude h 6oo Lexington
  Mentzer Charles A pr.ovisions B h 18 Hill-
        side road
  Merrifield     Albert A boiler maker b 1236 Ar-
        lington E, W
    Frank W corn trav b 186 Arlington
    Julia F wid H’osea F h 186 Arlington
 ‘Merrill     Byron H elec ,b 5 Irving    Park
    Frank farm hana’ 174 Common b do
    Raymond elk h 14 Boyd
 Mer,row Charles F grocer h Hall ziv
 Mesrobian Mesrob at H R Co h 41 Quimby
<Messier Frederick W merchant h 34 Onley,
 Metlcalf Arth,ur W painter h 24 Dexter av
 Metropolitan       Laundry   H H Sawyer prop 57.
 Meuse Benj,amin V mariner h 42 Arsenal
 Meyer H,arry V mngr B h 3 Dana ter                  *
    Isadore shirt ironer 57 Spring
    Joseph shmkr h Holt
    Morris shirt ironer 57 Spring
 Michaels William        expressman lb IO Williams
 Millard Edward F Iinventor b 16 Franklin
    Frank B buyer B h 32 Hillside rd
    Herbert E landscape architieict B b 32 Hill-
       side rd
 Miller C Raymond boot black Oakley Coun-
       try Club b do
    Elizabeth L Ibookkeeper 15 Main b 7 Centre
    George J meat cutter h 103 Galen
Gillette Demonic lab h 24 Cushman
Millian Sarkis cook b 89 Elm
   Vedros ice cream b 89 Elm
IMillm,ore John F police h 27 Elliott
   J#ohn H lab h 147 North Beacon
   Michael town lab h 79 Summer
   Patrick .at carpet. lining factory b 79 Sum-
    Stephea banber 354 Mlam b 79 Summer
   Thomas paper maker b 79 Summer
104     WATERTOWS               M      DIRECTORY

Mills Elizabeth             wid William         H b 39 Spring
   Frank A tinsmith               24 Main h 87 Pleasant
  IGrover         ,G pastor        First     Parish    ‘Church    b
       12 Phillips
   Mary       L wid h 87 Pleasant
Milnes       Ann wid Edward              h 45 Irving
Milson       John broker          h 18 Herson
Milton       Alfred       rub wkr b 97 Laurel
Minard        Frank laundryman             h 39 Mt Auburn
Mirabito        Frank lab h 70 Summer
Missirian         Missak at H R Co h 30 nielendy                 av
Mitchell       J Elclred math h 12 Fifield
    Thomas          driver 389 Pleasant           h Newton
Moffatt       Thomas         rub wkr h 26 Spring
Moll~oy Charles H hutaher                    h 2 ~Nyrtle
    Thomas          W elk b 2 Myrtle
    William         H gardener       h 202 Main
    See Morley           also Murley
Monahan            Edward       eng h 5 Gilkey           ct
’ Edward             C fore 24 Pleasant           h 20 Elliott
    Hugh        fireman       h 39 Arsenal
    James lab h 50 Arsenal
    John H paper maker h 34 Cuba
    John J paper bag maker h 50 Arsenal
     Mary      A dressmaker            b 50 Arsenal
     Owen gard’ener h 25 TVhite’s av
     Patrick       lab h 72a Summer
 Monique          George F driver           h 41 Arsenal
 Monk Wesley              E lawyer 6 Beacon B h 21 Fra-
 Moody        George H builder             74 Spring h 13 Par-
     George H L carp 74 Spring A 13 Parker
     Leonce B mnar B h 18 Marion                       rd
 Mooers        John T’h 4 Marion               rd
 Mooney         Fred dyer h 13 Maple
     John J switchman               h 3.5 Irving
     Richard        E elk b 36 Coolidge           Hill rd
 Moore Arthur               C sand and gravel1 h 5 Marion
     Etta L elk assessor’s                office b 43 Marshall
     Fred’ K salesman             F E Coolidge         h 18 Melen-
         dy av
     Harris       W supt manual training               h 27 Frank-
     John K printer            h 20 Cthanciler
     Walter         G maclh h 21 Melendy               av
     IValter        K sales b 18 Melendy              av
 Moorhouse             Byron     E watchman           h 53 Hall av
   WATERTOW\N        M     DIRECTORY      105

Moran Catharine elk 19 Galen b 136 Main
   Eileen elk U S Arsenal !b Marion rd
  Frank tail’or 76 Main h do               L -
  John lab h 7 Mt Auburn
   Margaret J wid John h 144 Main
  ,Pvlartin foundryman b 7 Mt Auburn
  Martin hostler h 16 Williams
  Mary C wid Patrick h 136 Main
  Patrick J motorman b 144 Main
  Thomas eng h 13 Cuba
  Thomas lab h zo N Beacon
Morash Anthony       carp h 53 Hall av
  Frederick W Carp h 51 Hall av
Morgan James editor Globe B h 18 Oliver
  William ‘Gl jeweler 8 Mt Auburn h 45 River-
Morley Catharine L elk H R Co b 17 EFton

  EjGard J iron moulder h 67 N Beacon
  John J moulder h 86 N Beacon
  Patrick g!ocer 17 Elton av h do
  see Molloy
Morrebl Alfred J tmstr h 64 Summer
Morrill Henry P gardener h II Elliot
  Sarah F asst matron 335 Arlington   b do
  Urban elk rms II Bigelow av
  William H grocer 80 Galen b II Elliot
M.orris Annie wid James .b 211 Bacon
MORRB       E,DWARD     0 roofer 25 Irving h
      19 do See Iback cover
  John mill oper $ 7 ISwett ct
Morrisey Thomas C paper maker h 5a HOW-
Morrison   James J clik 3~0 Schoql h at BOS-
  Louis W math h 7 Dexter av
  Philip supt B h 12 Elliott                1
  Sanford F math h 16 Prentiss
Morse John S carriage mkr h Hersom
  Lewis D painter h 105 Galen
  Luther B Mrs h 2 Riverside
  Oscar W math h IO Irving park
Morton Frank M carp h ~q Galen
  Percy R broker B b 10g Galen
  Theodore H elk B b 10g Galen
Moseley Joseph P at W 8r P Mfg Co h 20 L?dd
    106 WATERTOWN           M    DIRECTORY
    Mostyean Arthur   D helper 24 Main b 27 Myr-

      Edward A starch maker h 17 Cuba
       Emeline wid Gardiner b 27 Myrtle
       Frank V carp b 27 Myrtle
       George F helper 24 1Jain b 27 Myrtle
       Harry G stove mounter b 27 Myrtle
    MOSS    !Gleorge J math h 25 Watertown
    Matte M Irving treas Mass Fan Co b at Con-
    Moynahan       Mary H teacher Marshall Spring
          school b at Waltham
    Mudge John S cond b 3 Marshall
    Mudgett Nathaniel M elk b 32 Hunt
    Muir Andrew fore h 646 Mt Auburn
    hfuise MarcelYine tmstr 128 Arsenal h 5g do
    Mugadichian       Lukas rub wkr b 89 Elm
       Sarkis rub wkr h 418 Arsenal
    Mulcaihy Thomas plumber 3 Merchants           row
          h at Waltham
    Malhearn      John J mot’orman h 67 ,Capitol
       William     soap maker h 35 Water
    Mullahy     Michael lab h IO North Beacon
    Mulrlen Daniel J math h 31 Myrtle
       Katherine stenog E b 31 Myrtle
       Martin painter h 270 Main
       Walter E motorman h 4.4 Belmont
    Munday Thomas loom fixer h IOI Waltham
       Willard    E advt agt h Dwight
    Munyon       Daniel tmstr h 21 Charles
    !&turacco Lawrence lab h 3 French ter
    Murdough       Albert B builder and contractor 17
           Main h 5 Russell av
    Murley Har-ry P math h 54 Riverside
    Murnane Charles J rub wkr b 96 Dexter av
    Murphy      Abbie wid Cornelius h 62 Prentiss
        Amos J b 76 G.alen
        Catherine hskpr 300 School
        Cornelins D moltorman h 14 Green
        Edward helper b 30 Olney
        Edward tmstr b 14 California
        Edward ‘l;li furniture and upholsterer 44 Ma-
           in h 30 Olney
        George E elk b 30 Olney
        Hannah Mrs h 44 Pleasant
        James B molder h 42 Pleasant
        James H moulder b 51 Arsenal
        James P driver 389 Pleasant h at Newton
   WATERTOWN         N   DIRECTORY      107
  Jeremiah J driver b 13 Ladd
\ John jan h 76 Galen
  John A ehg 128 Arsenal h 13 Ladd -
  John J ,cond h 535 Mt Auburn
  John J stove mounter h 20 Myrtle
  John P gafeman Irving st crossing h 3 Ladd
  John R rubber cutter H R Co h r 7 Cot-
     tage lane
  Joseph F tmstr h 3o6 Arsenal
  J Eugene tmstr h 57 Arsenal\
  LUCY E elk supt schools b 76 Galen
  Matthew     iceman b 14 California
  Michael foundryman b 13 Hazel
  Patrick J driver 29 Irving h 51 Arsenal
  Rose wid Owen h 14 California
  Thomas driver H & L No I
  Thomas F blacksmith h 83 Watertown
  Thomas J fireman b 51 Arsenalt
  Walter J b 30 Olney
  William elk B b 13 Ladd
  William printer h Brookline
Murr.ay Abner P carp Waltham corner Rut-
      land h do
   Agnes B Mrs h 5 MJaverly av
   Edward math h 24 Belmont
   Harry h 16 Stanley av
   Hugh paper maker h 31 Cross
   Nora wid Owen h 78 Galen
   Patrick J chauffeur b 78 Galen
   Samuel weaver b 238 Plleasant
   William   B ma& h 35 Forest
   William   L elk 21 Mt Auburn b at Waltham
   William S boot maker h 24 Forest
Myers Linus C paper maker h 19 Palfrey
   Margaret wid Richard h 622 Mt Auburn

NALLY     ANNIE     E b 25 Waverly av
  Bridget M wid’ Thomas h 27 Boyd
  Charles driver 6 Mt Auburn b 25 Waverly
  James F elk B b 27 Boyd
  Mary E wid Patrick h 46 Forest
  Patrick J (Kally & Son) express 6 Mt Au-
     burn h 25 Waverlv av
  Patrick J Jr (Nally $ Son) 6 Mt Auburn b
     25 Waverly   av
  Thomas F chauffeur 6 Mt Auburn h 114 Fa-
108    WATERTOWN               N     DIRECTORY

   Walter        J lab b 27 Boyd
   & Son (Patrick                 J and Patrick       J Jr) ex-
        press 6 Mt Auburn
   see McNally
Nash Mary E Mrs lb 4 Centre
 Natali      Luigi     farmer h 12 Hearn
   Michele         llab h 15 Bostonia         av
   Paul farmer ,b 12 Hearn
Kational         Express       Co IV IV Willson         agent 26
 Natoli      Angelo       elk 5 Main b 83 Summer
   Lawrence            elk g Main b 83 Summer
 Navaroli        Pasquale        lab h 15 Lyon
 Navien       Thomas         A (People’s      Coals Co) 4 Chu-
        rch h at Waltham
 Nazareth         Joaquina        wid M N h 18 Sycamore
 Needham          Catherine        w;d A J h 73 Morse
 Neffinger        John IV sales B :b 7 Union
 Negrotti       ‘Giovanni       elk 35 Main b 43 Capitol
Neil Wm elec b 4 Grove
 Nellson       Fred L supt B h rsg8’ School
   Lewis        T student          b 198 School’
 Nelson George naturalist                 h 49 White
   Oscar G fore W Sr P Mnfg Co h 4 Adams
    Otto (McDonald                 Pr Co) shmkr 16 Belmont
        h at Belmont
    Peter blacksmith              h Highland     av car Hersom
    Sarah wiu’ Stephen h 49 Laurel
    Sophie C lb Peter Nelson’s
    Stephen          b 49 Laurel
 Nesbitt       William       J gardener      h 64 Hovey
 Nestor Edward              at W & P Mnfg Co b 6 Oliver
 Nevarro         Charles      E tmstr Osgood         Pr Wendell
        h at Camb
‘Neville      Patrick       rub wkr b 36 Quimby
 New England              Telephone       & Telegraph     Co pay
        station       31 Main
 Newcomb           John W carp h 35 Morse
    Warren         W carp h 22 Capitol
    Wm C math h 20 Fifield
    Wm M math h 54 Capitol
 Newell       Samuel H cond h 4.4 Capitol
 Newhall         Benjamin        F plumber      h 12 Royal
 Newland         Wm J baker h 32 Forest
 Newman           Joseph sales h 32 Hunt
 Newton         James S pres Power and Speed Con-
        troller      Co 4g Galen h at Brookline
    WATERTOWN               N       DIRECTORY             109
NEWTON           AND     WATIZRTOWN               GAS LI-
      GHT          CO 67 Water         office 308 IJTashing-
       ton,     Newton       See front cover
Nice Wm E painter                h Harrington
Nichols        G,ilrbert C engineman         eng I h 2 Patten
Nicholson          Wallace      L clerk B h 188 Main
Nickerson          Adeline     L Mrs b Winsor        av
   Ephraim           E clerk H R Co b 21 Hazel
   Ferdinand           E fish Prospect       h do
Nicklen        Henry      lab h 131 Pleasant
Niles Guy D sales B lb 56 Church
   James P dentist at Newton                  h 56 Church
NobYe Archie E set and mngr Watertown                       Lu-
       mber Co b 87 Mt Auburn
Nobriga         Charles      B shmkr h Prospect
Nolan Edward              C horseshoer       8 Arsenal  h 4 do
   George b 47 Irving
   James clerk B h 47 Irving
   John R chauffeur              h 48 Mt Auburn
Non-Corrosive             Metal     Co (Inc)      metal mnfrs
       Galen car Watertown
NONANTUM                 COAL CO Frank A Casey mgr
        Bridge next Bemis station See front cover
        and page IO
    Glove Cleansing             Est, Union
Norcross         Abner pattern        mkr h 28 Williams
   Alice I teacher at Som b 28 Russell. av
   Chester         G math ,b 28 Williams
    Everett        E clerk h 128 Cypress
    Harriet       H teacher at B b 28 Russell av
   James H h 28 Russell av
    Walter        E molder b 28 Williams
    Wm W fore W & P Mnfg Co h 128 Cypress
   Wm W Jr stenog 24 Main b 128 Cypress
Norris        Fred C shmkr h 52 N Beacon
    Wilfred         A architect     B h 35 Coolidge     Hill rd
Norrish        Alfred     C glove cleaner h 14 Chestnut
    Israel Thomas           fore h 26 Franklin
    Jethro grinder          h @ Thaxter
North        George H fore h 122 Cypress
    Patrick       lab 4 794 Mt Auburn
Norton        Joseph P cond h 80 Prentiss                    .
    Ray rub wkr rms II Bigelow                  av
Noyes Charles driver 15 Spring h at Brighton
    Madelia         wid Charles H b 8 Phillips
    Mary A wid George L h 13 Phillips
    Samuel G pensioner              b 44 Mt Auburn
Nugent Edward H hostler h 48 Elliott
  Joseph M blacksmith h 31 Waltham,    Bemis
Nutting Andrew F math h 9 Union
  T Clifton card ruler b 9 Union

OAKE SIDNEY        A at H R Co b 96 Dexter av
Oakley Country Club Harold M Deane supt
     off Bel:mont near School
Oates James M student b 14 N Beacon
  John P rub wkr b 14 K Beacon
  Patrick lab h 14 N Beacon
  Wm F clerk 6 14 K Beacon
O’Brien Alfred M sales h 6 Jewett
  Charles mill oper h 322 Pleasant
  Elizabeth E math hand b 53 Carroll
  Eugene M farm hand b 53 Carroll
  Francis W sales h 13 Howard
  James P stove mounter h 31 Bacon
  John farmer h 141 Oxhard
  John fore h 79 Spruce
  John lab h 26 Grenville rd
  John lab h 27 Church Hill
  John J farmer h Lowell av
  John R deputy co11 h 13 Howard
  Joseph L shmkr lb 17 Waverly av
 Margaret and Mary h 1’9 Church Hill
   Margaret E at %J C L Co ‘b 53 Carroll
   Mary wid Matthew b 34 Forest
   Nora G b 53 Carroll
   Owen Eugene farmer h 53 Carroll
   Patrick b 17 Waverly av
   Patrick h 32 Forest
   Patrick h 24 Myrtl’e
   Patrick farm hand b 85 Orchard
   Patrick tmstr h 34 Forest
   Peter lalb h 17 Waverly av
   Richard F butcher h 4 Green
   Richard H math b 26 Grenville rd
   Stephen lab h 41 Waltham
   Thomas molder h 4 Gilkey ct
   Thomas F carp ‘b 47 Main
   IVrn C math h 98 Mralnut
   Wm F butcher h 6 Jewett
   \Vm H gas man b 134 &Iain
   Wrn J lab b 17 Waverly av
   Wm J student b 6 Jewett
 O’Callahan, John farmer b 85 Orchard
        WATERTOWJ         0     DIRECTORY        111

     O’Connell Cornelius real estate h 33 Riverside
       Daniel teas b 31 Sawin
       John lab b 7 Mt Auburn
       Owen E (bottler 46 Cottage h do
       Patrick real estate h 207 Arsenal (Riverton;
     O’CONN~ELL     REAL      ESTATE    CO (THE;
            N Beacon (Riverton)   See page 4
        Thomas bottler 46 Cottage b do
        Timothy A at H R Co h 160 Spruce
        Wm G clerk b 33 Riverside
     O’Connor Hugh tbl,acksmith h 27 Arsenal
        John lab h II Church Hill
        Patrick painter rms IO Hunt
I.      see Conner also Connor
     O’Coyne Wm painter h 81 Watertown
     Ode11 James K trav sales h 122 Dexter av
     O’Donnell Thomas tmstr h 306 Arsenal
     0’;f;rady Francis math h 41 Watert,own
     O’Halloran      Mary clerk 42 Main b 14 Beech-
            wood av
         Mary dressmaker 22 Cross h do
         Michael h 14 Beechwood av
         Michael G driver h r 15 Mt Auburn
         Patrick H constable and hairdresser 23 Main
            h 51 Fayette
     Othanian Charles rub wkr b 18 Crawford
         Garabed hairdresser and billiards 5 Nichols
            av b 18 Crawford
     Olhannessian Bedros rub wkr h 23 Nichols av
         Francis ru4 wkr b 23 Nichols av
         Ingomar rub wkr b 23 Nichols av
     O’Hare Martin W math h 78 Dexter av
     O’Hearn Ambrose A clerk b 31 Cross
         Hannah wid Wm h 31 Cross
     O’HEARN         JOaN W plumber 48 Main h 16
            Church See ‘page 7
     O?Keefe John P driver b 7 Mt Auburn
         ,Michael Iboarding h 7 Mt Auburn      .
     O’Keeffe M grocer IO Mt Auburn h at B
     O’Leary Jeremiah at W & P Mnfg Co b 73
             Nichols av
         John mill oper h 50 Forest
     Oleson John M supt M F Co h Waltham
     Oliphant James farmer h 31 Olney
      Olivedo Frank lab h 23 Carroll
     Olson Hannah Mrs h 48 Cypress
          John rub wkr h 34 Cottage
      O’Mara Elizabeth wid h 19 Church Hill
          Kate clerk 19 Galen b Ig Church Hill
112   WATERTOW            p       DIRECTORY
O’Keil     Arthur      E suut h <I Summer
   Charles sales b 36’ Elli&
   James motorman             b 106 Galen
   John T rub wkr h 40 Cypress
   Joseph Wm math h 22 Forest
   Mary b 22 Forest
   Michael        motorman     b 106 Galen
   Michael       rub wkr b 13 Hazel
   Thomas         at H R Co b 78 Dexter av
Orchard       Leslie 11: coppersmith       h 24 Quimby
Osborn      George P photo engraver          E h I I Oli-
       ver     I
Osborne       Jacob \V chauffeur       h 18 Hunt
Osgood Archie W fore 19 Galen h 72 do
   C G (Osgood           & \Vendell)    French ter h at
0,SGOOD            & WENDE’LL        (C G Osgood and
       C E Wendell)          coal and wood French ter
       See back cover
Ostridge      Anselm      blacksm/th   h 86 Summer
Otis Eros Co dry goods 15 and 19 Main
   Horace       W (Otis 1:ros Co) 15 and 19 Main
       h 85 Mt Auburn
   iYard     M (Otis Eros Co) 15 and 19 Main h
       $3 Mt Aulburn
O’Toole      Michael     P lab h II Ladd
Owen Catherine           wid h Holt
   George math b Mrs C Owen’s
   Leonard’.plumber           b Mrs C Owen’s
   Ralph ,optician b Mrs C Owen’s
   \fiTrn gardener      h 51 Rutland

PAEUGIAS          MEDA      head-waiter      Oakley  Co-
      untrv Club b do
Packard ‘Eertha       G Mrs b 5 Patten
   Harry W helper 24 Main h 48 Riverside
   Wm G clerk 387 Wash E h 68a Mt Auburn                !
Packtovis     Mprris   D shoes 47 Main h 127 do
Page George A painter          Merchants       row h 30
   Lois R Miss set Thomas              Dalby     Co h at
Paine Herbert        L sales E b ‘9 Garnet
  J Thomas       b 9 Garnet
   Richard     H ins and real est 17 Main h 9
  Timothy      J machinery    h 57 Palfrey
Palfrey    Charles E bkpr h 100 Sycamore
Pa.ola Gaetano lalb h 96 Main
        WATERTOWh           P       DIRECTORY          113
Paris    Frances      A wid Daniel      E b 68 Mt Aub-
PARIiSIAN          DYE HOUSE          Eoudrout     & Masse
      props 180 Main See pagk 5
Parker     Forrest     F fireman h 156 Spruce
  Frances S teacher Grant school b 12 Phillips
  George h 16 Marshall
Parkhurst      Andrew       P painter    h 312 Pleasant
  Chester motorman             h 46 Morse
  Emeline       K wid John M b 47 Marshall
Parkizikian       IOhannes rub wkr b 89 Elm
Parlin Joseph R sales h 14 Marion              rd’
Parmenter        Edward      at H R Co h 25 Melendy
Parrish     Charles tinsmith        24 Main h Ig River-
   Charlotte        Mrs h 15 Palfrey
Parsons Arthur          H sta agt E W h 4 Adams
   Bert F clerk 304 Arsenal h at E
  Joseph F painter 8 Spring h 9 Fifield
   Sallie M teacher High school h 4 Palfrey
Partridge     Frank P sporting         goods E h 12 Br-
   Walter     S printer     h 53 Sycamore
Pascoe George H molder h I Gmilkey ct
   Philip c molder h 54 Mt Auburn
   Thomas       gardener      h 38 Royal
   Wm J janitor          b 38 Royal
Passico Giovanni          clerk 72 Main ‘b 84 Summer
Patrick     John C sales h 3a Howard
Patriquin      Burton     ‘porter h IImarrington
Pattee Moses b 47 Main
Patten George W bkpr b 21 Russell av
   Mannie B prin Francis school h 54 Main
   Roswell      clerk B b 12 Franklin
   Wendell      W sales B h 12 Franklin
Patterson      Alexander       carp h Harrington
   Melvin     stove mounter        b 148 Cypress
   Willard     math ib 47 Mt Auburn
Paxon Lew math h 7 Cross
PAXTON          JAMES        & CO caterers Eliot block
       Newton       See page 4
Pearce Richard          M real estate 28 Dexter        av h
Pearson      E&jamin        F gateman      E W sta h at
       W Som
Peary Samuel A lab h 160 Spruce
Peck M Lillian         h I Jewett
114   WATERTOWh          p    DIRECTORY
F’eckham Frank W brass founder h Belmont
      car Common
Peirce Patrick farmer h 675 Belmont
Pendergast John J motorman h 12 Winter
   Patrick shipper b 57 Union
Penney C Belle b 15 Bigelow av
   Margaret J teacher b 15 Bigelow av
   Rebecca E teacher b 15 Bigelow av
   Richard Mrs h 15 Eigelow av
   Wm F math h 90 Cypress
PEQtPL,E’S COAL CO (Thomas A Navien)
      office 4 Church yard 5 Howard See back
Perdunn Wm V lab h 10s) Laurel
Perkins Albert B painter b IO Sycamore
   Allbert W pattern mkr h 52 Church
   E 0 Mrs matron 335 Arlington       b do
PERKINS       GEORGE A painter IO Sycamore
      h do See page 14
   George E clerk B b IO Sycamore
   Homer C sales h 3 Centre
   James 0 fore Hood Rubber Co h 14 Aa’ams
   John H supt water dept h 40 Marshall
   Joseph printer b IO Myrtle
   Louis cond b IO Myrtle
   Mina wid Napoleon h IO Myrtle
   Thomas J sales at Waltham h g Oliver
Perlmutter    Bros (Herman, William      and Mor-
      ris) boot and shoe dealers 47 Main
Perman Joseph lab h 82 Summer
Perry Frank A cond b 23* Riverside
   Harry at U S Arsenal b I Fifield
   Ralph F draughtsman h 4 Washburn
Perryman Linda M rub wkr 1~7 Cottage
   Margaret wid Edward b 7 Cottage
Pessico John clerk h 84 Summer
Peterson Frank E tinsmith h Hersom
   John carp B h Hersom
   John Jr rulb wkr b Hersom
   Sidney teacher at Erighton h 72 Spring
Petroni Gregorio shmkr 156 Main h do
Pevear Ahbie F h II Irving
   Harolci’ R bk’pr 128 Arsenal h 17 Marion rd
   MYrn H (W H Pevear Pr Co) coal and wood
      128 Arsenal office 5 Spring h II Irving
PEVEAR        W H & CO (William        H Pevear)
      coal, wood, hay. brick, flue lining      and
      drain pipe, etc 128 Arsenal office 5 Spring
      See page 8
   WATERTOWN        P     DIRECTORY      115
Pfhal Frank M math b g Chester
Philbrook Ernest E clerk b 76 Dexter av
   Henry E box mkr h 76 Dexter av
   Herbert A tinsmith 24 Main h 21 Marion rd
Philie Wilrfred L driver 57 Spring h 46 do
Philli,ps Annie Mrs fruit 827 Mt Auburn h at
   A A rub wkr b 122 Dexter av
   Charles E plumber h 146 Spruce
Pianidon Nicholas lalb h 5 Forest
Pierce Abbie F wid John Q A h 93 Mt Auburn
   Charles Q h 95 Mt Auburn
   Wm T Mrs h 12 Russell av
Pieterse Albert S tmstr h 23 Waverly av
Pillsbury Fred S real estate h 44 Palfrey
    Hobart E student b 44 Palfrey,
 Pinkham Arthur F printing B h 47 Marshall
    Frederick E sales h 24 Whitney
 Piper Charles F sales h 17 Otis
 Plaistea’ George P driyer 19 Galen h 21 Plea-
 Ploetner Herman C tmstr h 31 Arsenal
 Polian H’ovannes K at H R Co b 18 Crawford
 Pollard Bridget wid John h 17 Ladd
    Clarinda A wid Robert h 3 Fletcher ter
 Pollock Alfred coachman 12 Walnut h 7 Irv-
    Charles farmer h 62 Hovey
    Marion A bkpr 213 Dexter av b 7 Centre
 Pond Elsie F wid Frank L b 7 Irving Park
 Poole Alexander D moulding mnfr h 56 Elliott
     Charles H h Whitcomb car Hyland av
     Ernest J a’raughtsman M F Co h 24a Frank-
  POPE GEOR,GE Ej flour,and grain 27 Spring
         See ‘back cove,r
     Richard mngr 27 Spring h 4 Appleton
  Porter Albert G rub wkr b 7 Oliver rd
     Andrew decorator h 32 Riverside
     Caleb W rub wkr b 7 Oliver rd
     Charles W b 2 Arthur ter
     Edward P h 4 IIrving
      Emma wid J A h 2 Arthur ter
      George F rub wkr b 7 Oliver rd
     Joseph M stove mounter h 148 Cypress
      Lewis B lunch B E Ry waiting coom Galen
          h 7 Union
      Osborne L chauffeur b 7 Oliver rd
      Rebecca Mrs h 7 Oliver rd
116   vVATERT0WJ-I       p     DIRECTORY
Post Office, Main
POTTER          BRIGGS E (Potter’s Stables Inc)
      hack, livery and Iboarci’ing stable 18 Spring
       h 23 Russell av See page II
   Ellen D wid Wm b 23 Russell av
   Harry J mngr B h 3 Capitol
   Henry M tailor b 4 Il:alnut
   Louis M b 4 Walnut
   Wm H who1 grocer 45 Corn’1 E h 12 Garfield
POTTER’S          STAIBLES   INC 18 Spring See
       page 11
Powell Elizabeth wid Edward ,b 2 Hawthorne
   John A asst tester h 2 Hawthorne
Power and Speed Controller Co, lames S New-
       ton pres 49 Galen
Powers Annie housekeeper 9 Grenville rd
   Annie Mrs h IO Williams
   David E agent Lyndonville         Creamery h 13
   Jane J bkpr Lyndonville       Creamery h at Som
   John lab b I Whites av
   John J uphols B h g Grenville rd
   Joseph tmstr b 46 Galen
    Mary E wid Edward E h 7 Cottage lane
   Robert E rub wkr b 7 Cottage lane
   Wm lab h era H’oward
Pratt Arabella wid John Q A h 56 Riverside
    Edward F molder h 56 Rive’rside           _
    Hattie B clerk B lb 56 Riverside
    Wm A molder b 36 Laurel
 Prevost Joseph E gateman E W sta b Elm
 Price Annie M bkpr B b 54 Main
    Carrie E bkpr B b 54 Main
    Julia H wid Benjamin P h 54 Main
    Wilfred H supt of schools h 34 Marshall
 Priest Hanah M wid David H h 5 Franklin
    Fred S civil eng b 8 Whites av
    Gardner N janitor Unitarian         church h 44
    Walter T bldg razer h 8 Whites av
 Prince Myron D tmstr h 27 N Beacon
 Priola Gaetano lab h 74 Main
 Prior Matthew inventor h 15 Patten
 Proctor Charles F sales 48 Union B h IO
    Harold J tmstr (Osgood & Wendell)            h at
    S Eugene clerk h I Chester
 Prone     Philip weaver b 238 Pleasant
    WATERTOWN       Q        DIRECTORY       117
Protz James M lab h 26 Riverside
Public Telephone 31 Main
Purdy Asa K cond h 777 Mt Auburn
Putnam Walter L prin Hosmer school h IO
Putney Charles R shirt ironer 57 Spring h 14
Pye Dominick at H R Co 4 6 Oliver rd
Pym James proof reader Herald B b27r Sch-

QV%tmz     FRANK    driver   15 Spring   h    at

Quigley Charles F bookbinder b 37 Cottage
  Francis J stone cutter h 37 Cottage
  James P electrotyper   !b 37 Cottage
  Peter sales h ga H,oward
Quinlan Ed’ward lab h 162 Main
  James F lab b 162 Main
  James J lab b IQ Main
  John M printer h 5 Hill
  Joseph math b 5 Hill
  Margaret stenog B b 5 Hill
  Margaret wid Patrick b 9 Waverly av
  Mary wid Daniel F h 2 Williams
  Timothy J iron wkr h 9 Waverly av
  Wm J cigar mkr B h 148 Main
Quinn John G finisher h 314 Pleasant
  Pat&k J tmstr h c 7 Cross
Quirk Elizabeth sales 15 Main b 27 Quirk
  James Mrs h 8 N Beacon ct
  James Jr clerk h 87 Fayette
  James H contractor b 27 Quirk
  Terrence lalb b 55 Forest
  Thomas contractor and tmstr 27 Quirk h do
   Thomas C student b 27 Quirk

RACKHAM          HARRISON    pattern maker h
      38 Riverside
Radocchio Antonio lalb h 225 Coolidge av
Raffoele Marti lab h 18 Cushman
Rafuse Charles fore 57 Spring h 33 Fayette
  Martin A fore 128 Arsenal h 14 Pearl
Raimand Giuseppe (Raimand & Flecca CO) h
      817 Mt Auburn
  & Flecca Co (Giuseppe Raimand and Gug-
    lielmo Flecca) grocers 817 Mt Auburn
.118   WATERTOWS              R       DIRECTORY
 Ralley Christopher          butcher b 21 Grenville        rd
    Elizabeth      wid’ Michael      h 21 G~renville rd
   George F farm hand b 21 Grenville                    rd
   Henry      B gardener       b 21 Grenville      rd
   Michael      J gardener       b 21 Grenville       rd
    Peter J fore b 21 Grenville           rd
 Ramondo        Michele    lab h 15 Lyon
 Ramsey       Frank     rub wkr rms dog Laurel
    Norman       F lieut U S Arsenal
    Rolbert E eng h 7g Spruce
 Rand Amy C artist b 13 Garfield
    Mary F wid Edward             A h 13 Garfield
 Randall     Albert     H plumber      b 8 Hunt
    Alfred     A millwright        h 8 Hunt
    Franklin      L elec b 8 Hunt
 Ransom Fred W mason h 12 Church Hill
 Raisian Hagop rub wkr b 96 Dexter av
 Rattigan      Bryan lab h 56 N Beacon
    Henry A clerk U S Arsenal b 56 N Beacon
   James G foundryman              b 56 N Beacon
    James H artist 46 Main h 57 Union
    James H Jr artist b 57 Union
    John lab h 114 Main
    John J math h 152 Main
    Mary M cashier b 57 Union
    Michael      B math h I Howard
    Patrick     W (blacksmith       b 57 Union
    Thomas       F E math b 57 Union
 Raymond        Bernard      C postal clerk b 69 Galen
    Charles ,4 tax co11 and undertaker              58 Main h
        69 Galen
    Charles     L camp b 76 Dexter          av
    LeBaron       J clerk 58 Main b 69 Galen
    Wm J clerk b f$ Galen
 Reamy Christopher            C fore math Stanley          MO-,
        tor Carriage      Co h I Melville       ter
 Reardon      Bridget     wid h 314 Pleasant
    Jeremiah      coresmkr      rms 21 Melendy          av
    John rub wkr b 7 Dexter            av
    Patrick     H butcher       b 314 Pleasant
 Reck Fred J math h 46 Riverside
 Redd’ing      Frederick      W shipper      B h 23 River-
 Reed Frank C B sales h 12 Chester
 I Frank       H jeweler       at VValtham      h 43 Union
    George A clerk h 155 Pleasant
    Harry     G math h ‘6o Rutland
_~ John J .h 141 Orchard
    Thomas       elec h 26 Morse
   WATERTOWN        R     DIRECTORY       i19
Regan Catherine h 17 Pleasant
   Catharine A bkpr b 26 Bacon
   Cornelius D sales h 26 Bacon
   Cornelius J letter carrier h 17 Pleasant
   David J lab lb 17 Forest
   Dennis J lab h 50 Arsenal
   Ellen wid Patrick h 20 Cross
   George P florist b 20 Cross
   Jeremiah Mrs h 22 Bacon
   John F lab h 17 Forest
   Mary wid Jeremiah h 28 Bacon
   Mary F Mrs b 17 Forest
   Richard cond b 17 Forest
   Thomas J plumber 65 Main h at Newton
Reidy Catherine M groceries 135 Main h I
   Standish clerk 135 Main b I Howard
Reilly Patrick F fore h 26 Dexter av
   Patrick J lab h 16 Lexington
Reynohi’s Charles M insp U S Arsenal h at
 -    Brighton
   I L W treas Warren Soap Mnfg Co h at
      New York
   John switchman b 24 Dexter av
‘Riccio Filipo rub wkr h 25 Sawin
   [Giuseppe lab h 5 Rifle ct
    Michele rub wkr h 9 Cottage lane
   Peter rub wkr h 21 Nichols av
 Rice A Lucy bkpr 46 Main h 43 Church
    Henry E artist B h 14 Hawthorne
    Margaret B wid Fitz H h 43 Church
    Mary student b 14 Hawthorne
 Rich Jonathan S chairmkr B h II Patten
    Wm B dentist 54 Main and 18 Tremont B h
       16 Green
    Zoeth fore Lyndonville    Creamery h 86 Elm
 Richards Albert D h 16 Boyd
    Daniel weaver b 238 Pleasant
 Richardson Carl B student b 6 Palfrey
    Edwin C paymaster H R Co h 6 Palfrey
    Joseph janitor Hosmer school h 7 Taylot
    Minerva 0 Mrs b 37 Quimby
    Truman S clerk 19 Main h 18 Hawthorne
 Richmond Robert A elec b 12 Fifield’
 Ricker Annie M bkpr at Brighton b 19 BQY~
    Carrie M bkpr b 19 Boyd
    Ethel A teac,her Hligh sch,ool b 19 Boyd
 - I& A teacher Hosmer school b 19 Boy,d
    Moses h Ig Boy,d
Riley De,lia h 38 Arsenal
   Joanna M teacher Marshall Spring school b
      I Cuba
   Margaret G asst postmaster Main b I Cuba
   Xary ,h 335 Fleasant
   see Reilly and O’Riley
Ring George G elk B h 7 Patten
   Patrick b 25 Waverly av
Ripley Celistia C wid Henry b 5 Cthester
   James T elk h 13 Franklin
   S Ellis tailor B h 5 Chester
Ritchie Chr,istine nurse b 25 Marion rd
   Frederick W pattern maker h 14 Irving
   Josephine nurse b 25 Marion rd
    Kate wid Alfred b 14 Irving
Rix Benjamin carp h 16 Patten
Roach Michael fore Mass Fan Co h at Wal-
Roaf W F elk b 27 Hillside rd
Robbins Albert M hardware at Camlb h 65 Ad-
       ams av
    Frederic postmaster h 32 Summer
    Harry W printer h 15 Summer
    Henry b 32 Summer
    Henry B foundryman     h 6 Summer
    Henry C,handler architect B h 33 Hlillside

   Jo;: L carp h 116 Walmrt
   ,Mabel F stenog B b 116 Walnut     ’
   M’orton S student b 65 Adams av
 Roberts Anna E teacher ‘Francis sch,ool ,h 3
    David R ro’ofer h 826 Mt Auburn
    David R Jr carp b 826 Mt Auburn
    Frank weaver h 226 Fleasant
 Robeson Robert grocer 21 Mt Aulburn h 36
 Robie Alice H Mrs physician h 7oa Mt Au-
    Fred H fh 7oa ,Xt Auburn
 R,obillard David tuner b 4 Summer
    ,Margaret M,ns h 4 Summer
     M G Cleophe milliner 35 Main b 4 Summer
    William    bkpr b 4 S,ummer
 Robinson Arthur C wood moulder h 217 Or-
     Charles fore Non-Corrosive Metal CO h 67
   WATERTOWN          R     DIRECTORY        121
   George brass wkr h 67 Capitol
  ,George Fred h 74 Mt Auburn
  ‘Henbert A carp h 24 F,ayette
  ‘Mary P wid Jack A h 2:b Palfrey
   Theodore B produce h 147 Orchard          _
Roby Burton H plumber h 48 %apitol
  Charlotte S wid Luther b 7 Franklin
   Edgar T math rms 33 Laurel
Roche Ambrose F Rev pastor St Patrick’s R
      C church h g ,Chestnut
  John J (M:cGuire ,& R.oche) h IO Melendy av
   John #P elk 258 Pleasant ‘h 28 Olney
Rockett Catherine A bkpr *b 19 IHearn
   Edrward farm hand h 19 Hearn
   James T teacher B lb 19, Hearn
Rockwell Charles E freight ‘elk h 113 Walnut
   Lincoln K shipper 26 Pleasant h 23 Mt Au-
   Theodore A at H R Co b 1.13 Wa,lnut
   Warren L bkpr ,h 12 Marion rd
Rockwood Alva A ‘fore H 1R ‘Co h 4 Columbia
   Ernest elk ,b 67 Spring
Rodden Helen L *wid ,Samuel lb 17 Williams
   Thomas L letter carrier h 17 Williams
Rodeniser Heber foundryman         b 40 Dexter av
Rogers Charles A agent h 36 Coolidge Hill
    Ernest spinner b John Roger’s
   Harriet E wid Charles W h 21 Summer
   ‘Jo’hn carp lh Chapman
   John J eng h 5 Arsenal
   Roderick W carriage mnfr Belmont car Pre-
      ntiss h 18 Bdmont .
   William    E sign ,pa’inter b 18 Belmont
Roggeri Franlcesco lab h 97 IOlney
   Joe lab h 97 IOlney
Rohcie Charles A elk B h 14 Riverside
    Margaret wid Joseph ,b 14 Riverside
Rolhertzski John farm hand 676 Belmont b do
Rollins Charles piano agent k 5 Fayette
 .Charles H sales h 38 Marshall
    Richard B sales B b 38 Marshall
Rondo ‘Giuseppe elk 72 Main b 70 Summer
Rooney Bernard R lab h 16 White? av
   John B pltim.ber lb 12 Taylor
    John F plumiber 3 Merchants row h 12 Tay-
122   WATERTOWN       R     DIRECTORY         ‘,

    Thomas driver b 12 Taylor
    T’homas I? elk h 21 Oak
    Timothy tmstr ,b 32 Arsenal              ’
 Rorke Alexander        I lawyer B b 7 Ladd
    Frank J h 7 L,add
    John W lawyer B b 7 Larid
    William     H #elk b 7 Ladd
 Roscoe Albert carp ‘Hyland av h d,o
 Rose William F rub wkr ,h 34 Melendy av
 Rosenbaum Philip junk h 3~3Watert,own
    Samuel h 43 W’atertown
 Ross Adam 57 Spring h 30 Fayette
    Alexander foundryman          ,h 127 Main
    David jan Francis school lh 38 Fayette
     Dsonald golf instr Oakley Country Club h at
    John J shirt (ironer b 34 Fayette
     T.homas S student b I Adams av
* W7illiam F cabinet mkr B h 61 Adams av
     Wfilliam H eng 57 Spring h 34 Fayette
  Rough.tean John H painter h 8 Green
     Laura elk b 8 Green
     William H moulder ‘b 8 Green
  Rowan Alfred J elk B h Belmont near ‘Corn-
  Rowe Joanna wid John J h 537 Mt Auburn
     ITThomas E cond b 537 IMt Auburn
  Rowland William         elk ,b 571 Mt Auburn
  Roy Felix math h 13 Bridge
     Mildred E bkpr b 13 Bridge
     ,Norman B mac’h h 324 Plelasant
  Ruef William       H master math U S Arsenal
        h at Newton
  Rugg William       W supt 703 Mt Auburn b do
  Ruggles Bertha emlployment office II Madn b
        at Waltham
      Charles ,&I real estate 47 Main b do
  Rundlett Benjalmin T paiater 50 Whitney h do
      David S supt ,W W Dept h 55 Riverside
     (Mildred C -elk 15 Main b 55 Riverside
      Walter E clerk h 12 Riverside
  Ruskin Le,opold shir,t ironer 57 Spring h at
   Russell Carrie K wid Wilbur E b 145 Spruce
   . Catherine A h 49 Common
      Charles ice IIO State B h 42 Commo,n
      Charles D ice IIO State B b 42 Common
    WATERTOWN        s      DIRECTORY     123
  Frank H produce B h 317 School
  Frank P sales h 43 C’ommon
  #George E stove mounter h 145 Spruce
  George W stove mounter b 145 Spruce
  Henry florist 54 Spring h do
  Herbert E a.t H R Co b 145 Spruce
  Howard cashier N E Brick Co B h 7 Colum-
  Jeremiah H h 43 Common
  Mary E wid Henry mb54 Sipring
RUSSO James laib h 81 Water
  Leo lab h 22 Cushman
   Michael lab h 18 Cushman
Rutherford     John eng 67 Water h 12 Olney
Ryan Bernard J cond b 38 Belmont
   Cornelius lab b 318 Pleasant
   Delia wid Daniel $M h 38 Belmont
   Edward H moulder h 61 Cypress
   Edward I elk B & M R R b 38 Belmont
   Edward W contra&or         h 192 Cypress
   Francis T elk B & M R R b 38 Belmont
   J’ames finisher h 304 Pleasant
    John plumber 3 Merchants row h at Wal-
       t,h a,m
    Joseph musician h 21 Elliott
   Mortimer     yardman b 272 Arsenal
    Patrick iron moulder h 137 Irving
    P.hilip elk IO Mt Auburn b 13,1 Main
   ,Timothy     h 318 Pleasant
    William crossing tender Bemis b 318 P,leas-
    William    J driver [19 S’pring b 131 Main

 SAKA         GIUSEPPE    hairdresser 69 Main h
       72 Fayette
 Sadler Mary Mrs h 124 Galen
 Safer Aaron rub ,wkr h 6 Hearn
 Safford Eleanor H bkpr 9 &lain h 52 Irving
  -‘Frederick    0 paper maker b 47 Irving
     Howard F to,wn treas b 47 Irving
     Jacob C supt of cemeteries 3 Church h 47
     Sarah A teacher b 47 Irving
 Sahagian Karvont t,insmith 24 Main b 30 Mel-
       endy av
     Sedros rufb wkr b 89 Elm-
 St Maurice Henry butcher h 140 Main
124   WATERTOWN          s     DIRECTORY
St Peter Elijah at H R Co b 4 McArthur         ter
Sampson E,lias gardener h 75 Watertown
  Joseph A chauffeur b 75 \17atertown
  J Ma~l!oolm gardener b 75 Watertown
Sanbetta lab !b 1’6 Cushman
Sanborn Charles watchman h 6 Pearl
  Wiliam G tmstr h 5 Tayl,or
Sandella Tony lab h 24 Cushman
Sanders Frank eng h 180 N Beacon
Sanderson Lucy F teacher Hosmer school b
      65 Mt Auburn
Sanger Charles c’lk h 40 Union
   Francis H carp h 32 Capitol
   Hannah S wid Charles E h 76 Mt Auburn
   Nathaniel C elk 36 Pleasant 16 32 Capitol
Santelle Ant’onio lambh 18 Cushman
Sargent Frank H fore 302 Arsenal h at Brigh-
   G’uy H corn trav h 250 Belmont
   Will L elk h 7 Otis
Sarkigian Ohannes rub wkr b Sg Elm
Sarkis 0,hannes rub wkr b 23 Nich,ols av
Sattanstall    Mary wid h 48 Waltham
Saul Andrew E cuter b 4 Adams
   Carrie M wid Thomas 4 h 4 Adams
   Sharles A sales b 4 Adams
Savage Thomas J at U S Arsenal h $3 Walnut
   Wallace MJ h 21 Riverside
Sawtelle Frederic G phycisian h 18 Marshall
   Margaret E teac.her !b 18 Marshall
Sawyer Carroll R math h 2 Melville ter
   Charles eng h r 260 Main
   Her,bert H treas E C Mnfg Co 57 Spring and
       IproD Metropoflitan    Laundry do h 28 Mar-
   Myra D teacher Lowell school h 158 Orchard
 Scal,isi Giuseppe lab h 810 M/It Auburn
 Scalli John farmer h 234 Grove
 Scanlon Michael tmstr 128 Arsenal h 78 N
   Timothy     lab h 272 Arsenal
 Scaret John lab h 18 Cushman
 Scharff Louis ‘H S painter h Chapman
 Schrafft    Herman      bell ‘boy Oakley Country
        Club b do
 Schull Herman TV capt U S Arsenal h do
 Schurkia’n Vartan boarding 89 Elm.
    WATERTOWN         s     DIRECTORY     125

Scipione Ciro (Ciro Scipione & Co 160 Main
      h do
  Ciro & CO (Ciro Scipione) grocers 160 Main
Scott Walter H printer h 112 Laurel        .
Seaberg Charsles foundryman     h Chapman
  ‘Gustave W eng Thos Dalby Co h Herson
      near Main
Seaburg Charles hellper 24 Main b Herson
Seager Samuel H (J Loring & Co 302 Aresn-
      al h at Brighbon
Seaman Frederick C sales b 8 Maple
Sears Josep,h rub wkr b 32 Quimby
Seaton Joseph lab b 67 Boyd
Segreve William     H sales h 130 Morse
Seignous Maxime Mrs 6 26 Morse
Sessa Giuseppe at H R Co h 5 Sa,win
Sevier Richard H car$p h I Capitol
Semple Agnes teaoher High school b 22 Fran-
   Elizabeth designer B b 22 Franklin
   Hugh math h 22 Franklin
   Sarah housekeeper 22 Franklin
Shaffer Charles A h 65 Bigelow
Shannahan Patrick J milk 72 Elm h do
Sharkey #Frank J dyer h 16 Lyons
   Frank J painter b IO Sexton
   James M driver b IO Sexton
   James W h IO Sexton
   J,ohn E elk lb IO Sexton
   Wil’liam A rub wkr b IO Sexton
Sharp Hugh eng h 77 Fayette
Sharrott John H fore 19 Galen h 59 Elliott
Shattuck George .C architect 122 Ames bldg B
      h 53 Adams av
   Laura B Mrs b 56 ,Galen
Shaw Alton E molder b 126 Cypress
   Bartlett    M supt Walker & Pratt Mnfg Go
       Cypress and lpres Watertown   Co-op Bank
      h 7 Oliver
   Charles F broker B h 2b Palfrey
   Eleanor G stenop b 8 Phillips
   Jackson H h 40 Irving
   Linus Allen coal 26, Main h 4 ~Marshall
   Marian .A public typwriter      28 Main b 4
   Orlando H h 8 Phillips
   Wye- bkpr h IO Maple
126   WATERTOWS      s     DIRECTORY
Shea Charles H spinner b 312 Pleasant
  Cornelius T tmstr b 15 Lyons ct
  Daniel D hairdresser h 33b Mt Auburn
   Elizabeth piano teacher 147 Pleasant h d,o
  James J freight elk h 147 Pleasant
  John F weaver h 312 Pleasant
  John J milkman ,b 15 Lyons ct
   Mary wid Dennis h 15 L,yons ct
  ,Morris cleanser h 21 Forest
Sheehan Annie G milliner        B b 40 Carroll
   Bartholomew       tmstr h 40 Carroll
   EZizabetlh A elk B .b 40 Carroll
   Jeremiah J tmstr h 22 Green
   Joseph student b 40 Carrodl
   Margaret C stenog B b 40 Carroll
   Minnie T clerk B b 40 Carroll
   Nellie F box maker b 40 Carroll
   Nellie F teacher Bemis school h at ?V New-
   Timothy J math b 146 Cypress
Sheldon James F stock sales h Belmont n
Shephard ‘Gertrude B teacher Parker school
      ,b 12 Phillips
Shepherd Frank H architect h 42 Elliott
   Willard    G ‘brakeman b 42 Elli,ott
 Sheridan Alice A carp elk 25 Main b 12 Cuba
    Charles H elk lb 79 Galen
   (Francis J tripe dresser h 85 Watertown
    Frank tripe (cleaner h 12 Cuba
   James hmost’ler h 12 Lyons ct
    James Jr horseshoer b 12 Lyons ct
   Jo’hn P h 79 Galen
    Michael h IO N Beacon
    Patrick J math h 12 Cuba
    Thomas P elk 25 Main b IO N Beacon
 Sherman Alfred A h 20 Church.
    Charles F h 20 Ch.urch
    Ernest A ,cond b 17 Williams
 Shields John lzb h 66 N Beacon
    William   J tmstr h 23 Myrtle
 Shipton Ambrose J mi;ll wright h 77 Capitol
    A Lester elk b 77 Capitol
    l+Tallace A tcllk 26 Pleasant h 81 Capitol
 Shirley Austin P ru,b wkr h 381 Arlington
 Shorey Frank elk b IO Otis
 Shugrue Ellen wid Michael h 27 Pleasant
   WATERTOWN         s     DIRECTORY      127
Shurtleff    B Belle teacher Parker school b 3
      Irving park
   James A store keeper U S Arsenal h 3 Ir-
      ving ‘park
   Perez T moulder h 3 Irving park
Sbbley Willham W fore 57 Spring h 49 do
Siegel Harry shirt ironer 58, Spring b at Bos-
Siler Martin A r,ub wkr h 76 Pr dntiss
Sillcock Henry helper rms 21 Melendy av
Silsbee Alice M wid Homer lh 43 Main
Simmons James P cigar mkr b 8,1 Morse
   Patrick P carp h 81 Morse
Simms C.harles E pressman Ig Galen h 16 Fi-
   Char,les W student b 16 Fifield
Simonds John weaver b 238 Pleasant
    Luther W druggist 41 Main h 3 Summer
Simonian Hagop boarding h 21 Quimby
Simpson Dana P grocer 21 Main h at Hyde
    Wi,lliam telegrapher h 646 Mt Auburn
Simson Ostto Ibaker h Winsor av
Sister Mary superioress 18 Chestnut
Sisters of S’t Dominic 18 Chestnut
Sizer Daniel W h 56 Capitol
    J Herbert sales b 56 Capitol
Skehill Patrick ins agt h 21 N Beacon
Skinner Elizalbeth P teacher Marshall Spring
       school b 18 Hawthorne
SKINNER        HEnNRY R lawyer 17 Main rm 3
       and 28 State B h 3 Hawthorne    See page

  Viiey     lawyer Co-operative Bank bldg Wa-
     verley and 28 State B h 156 Orchard
Slamin Agnes dressmaker b 41 Union
   Edward J rub :wkr h 17 Cuba
  John H gardener h 14 N Beacon
   Mary dressmaker 41 Union b d,o
  ,M#ary wid Thomas h 41 Union
Slevin Henry motorman h 3 Homer blk Fre-
Small Benjamin M bkpr B h 40 ,Royal
   Ernest B fore 289 Pleasant h at Somerville
   Guy V sales h 15 Phillips
   Merrill B elk b 40 Royal
Smart Adelaide S wid E K h 64 Sycamore
   Isadore J stenog B b 64 Sycamore
128   WATERTOWN      s     DIRECTORY
Smith Adrian asst supt Ig Galen h at Wal-
  Albert cement Iblock mkr b 4g Summer
  Annie A wid h 202 Main
  Bert ‘S (IV/I E Smith Bros) (b 4g Summer
  Bessie teacher at Waltham b 59 Church
  Blanche head nurse 335 Arlington     b do
  Charles B (M E Smith Eros) b 4g Summer
  Charles E res’taurant h 7 Morse
  Dan L elk b 5;34 Mt Auburn
  Daniel W cooper h 69 Spring               ,
  Edward F driver 81 Main h 202 do
  Edlwin painter h 17 Elliott
  Edwin Jr plumber b 17 Elliott
  Elmer b 68 Spring
  Fred 0 laundryman       h 64 Rutland
  Guy produce 69 Clinton B h 534 Nt iZuburn
  Harry h Whitcomb       car Hyland
  Henry A elk U S Arsenal h at Brighton
  James J at H R Co b 94 Walnut
  Jason B engraver R h 68 Spring.
  Joseph mill wright h 25 Watertown
  Marcus E (M E Smith Bros) h 49 Summer
  Mary J wid Willialm ‘b 4 Je\L c--
  Morrill   A treas Aetna Mills h at Boston
  M Elmer pressman B h 22 Pearl
  11 E Bros (MarIcus E, Bert S and Charles B
      Smith) concrete blocks Arsenal
  Patrick J groom h 102 Walnut
  Percy E b 68 Spring
  Percy P driver b 64 Rutland
  Walter S messenger Am Exp Co b 15 Otis
  Wilbur D chauffeur b 69 Spring
  William    A driver 81 ‘Main h ga Howard
  William    G (butcher h 184 Cypress
  William    L foundryman    h III Walnut
Smyser Charles J physician 72 Mt ALlburn h
Snow Henry M lab h 15 Cottage lane
  h’ancy wid James h 3 Marshall
  Walter B eng h 29 Russell av
Snow’s Fish Market, H W Hu,bbard prop 12
      Mt Auburn
Solis Eliza J wid Andrew J II 41 Barnard av
   Frank J sales h IO ‘Oliver
Somerville Kel+ton I$’ cond h 17 Williams
Sqer Ralph T fore machinist W & P Mnfg
      Co h 18 Linco’ln
   WATERTOW&        s     DIRECTORY       129
Some Greenwood E ins agt B h II Centre
South William cond b 22 l\It Auburn
Southwick      Alfred L h 68a Mt Auburn
Sparre Charles C M bootmaker ‘h 70 Prentiss
Spaulding Fred S, <builder h 49 Falfrey
Speare Roy E rub wkr b 146 Cypress
Specht Alden S chief eng H K Co h 27 Oak
SPENCER        THOMAS,    W (Thomas W Spen-
      cer Co) 120 Tremont     Boston h 17 Rus-
      sell av See page 19
Spiel Harry shirt ironer 57 Spring
Spillane James F treas 147. Milk B h $8 El-
Spinks James H dyer h 23 Waverly        av
  John J match b 23 Waverly av
  Kate at W W Co b 23 Waverly av
Splaine Catherine ,wid John h IOI Mt Auburn
  Catherine b IOI ,&It Au,burn
  Richard H Rev asst pastor Sacred Heart
      ,chunc.h h 770 Mt Au,burn
Spooner Frank sales h 72 Mt Auburn
Sprague Albert H lab h 8 N Beacon
   Charles carp ,b 55 Mt #Auburn
  (Chester treas Watertown      Lumber Co h 87
      Mt Auburn
   Percy, T asst treas Watertown     Lumber Co
      b 87 Mt Auburn
Spring Bernard A elk ,b 28 Riverside
  Catherine A stenog B b 28 Riverside
   Edwar,d J musician b 28 Riverside
   Elizabeth R stenog B b 28 Riverside
  Nichols J teacher violin 28 Riverside h do
Stacey Philemon fore H R Co h 28 Falfrey
Stande Max junk h 16 N Beacon ct
Stanizzi Giuseplpe rfulbber wkr h 351 Arling-
Stanley Carleton F supt Stanley Motor Car-
      riage C’o h at Newton
   Edna N Mrs ‘bkpr lb 7 Marshall
   Erm,an C bkpr Stanley Motor Carriage CO
      Hunt st h at Newton
   Francis E treas Stanley Motor Carriage CO
      h at Newton
   Freelan ~0 pres Stanley Motor Carriage CO
      h at Newton
  James F elk b 6 Lyon
   Motor Carriage Co, Freelan 0 Stanley, pres,
      foot of Hunt

   Sarah wid Patrick h 6 Lyon
   Thomas E driver hose No I h 6 Lyon
Stapanian Donabed r-ub wkr h 7 Yukon av
Starr Frank H electrician b 32 ICalifornia
   Jeremiah E elk 211 Main b 32 California
   John A civil eng B h 54 Irving
   Mary E wid Joseph F h 32 California
   Walter J math #b 32 California
Stavers Eleanora wid .h 94 H,olt
   George W math b 94 Holt
   Howard W elk b 94 Holt
S,tead Joseph elec h 34 L,aurel
Stearns Clifford E milkman h Dwight
    Elizabeth M wid Nathan b 4 Marshall
    Grover S carp b 8 Fletcher ter
    Hxarry B milkman ‘h Dwight
 Steele Avard T carp h Harrington
    Colin A palper #bag maker h 113French
 Stephens Grace E music teacher 25 Summer
        b do
    ‘H#arry pressman h 25 Su,mmer
 Steppani Dominic farmer h 31 Co’ttage
 Stetson Mary A clerk U S Arsenal b at CO-
 Stevens Anna A b 7 Marshall
     Bertram J lc#lk 67 Water b 57 Elliott
     IZdward lab h 106 Main
     Frank letter carrier h 14 Winter
     George H elk Walker 8: Pratt Mnfg CO h
        106 Main
     James E moulder h 57 Elliott
     John foundryman       h 19 Winter
     Milton T telegrapher .b 33 Mt Auburn
 Stevenson Arthur        L bkpr b 91 Boyd
      Charles chef b 91 Boyd
      Charles J sales b 91 Bjoyd
      William B sales h 91 Boyd
 Steward George H eng h 180 Cypress
 Stewart Alexander U shiplper h 88 Prentiss
      Char,les shiptper h II Olney
      Charles E ins h 25 Maple
      IGeorge M cond elevated R R, B h 8 Pal-
      Robert )C driver h 25 Spring
  Stiamons Quincy G tmstr b 14 Nichols av
  Stickney Edwin D dentist IOI Tremont     B b
         173. ‘Mt Alurburn
      ‘George E ins agt B h Spruce n Mt Auburn
    WATERTOWN         s    DIRECTORY       131
   JosephA camp h 173 Mt Aub.urn
Stier Charles draughtsman      Mass Fan Co h 81
Stiger Edward T mngr at Cam’bridge h 6 Da-
Stiles Eveline L Mrs b 2g Spring
   Henrietta L bkpr at Newton-b IO Riverside
Stimpson Ro’bert W mngr B h dog Spruce
Stinson Charles D eng h 8 Dana ter
Stockin Allbert E b 22 Russell av
    Edwin publisher 201 Columbus av B h 22
       Russell av
   ,Helen I&!, wid Abner C h II Russell av
Stockwell Adelaide h 5r. Spring
    Jane h 51 Spring
    Mary wid Ira #B h 4 lrvil%
Stone Agnes wid Fred J b 18 Arlington
    Arthur H farmer h 18 Arlington
    Charles W h 77 Mt Auburn
STONE EDWIN           L assessor and real estate
       insurance and mortgages 28 Main h 28
       Russell av See page IO
    J Winthrop market gardener 165 Grove h do
STONE WALTER             C laiwyer 53 State, rms
       622-624 Boston h 4 Walnut     See page 12
    1Villiam C receiving clerk B h Harrington
Stonehouse Henry C moulder h 22 Washburn
Stratton Ethel L cllk 46 ‘Main b 8 Morse
     George R ,mngr and editor Tribune Enter-
        prise 46 Maln h 8 Morse
     Homer R plumber h 8 :M,orse
     Ralph 8 reporter 46 Main b 8 Morse
 STRATTON         PRES,S ING (THE) G R Strat-
        Ton pres and G W Johnson mngr 46 Main
        See advt over Town Officers
 Strout ‘Clarence F math h 35 Arsenal
     William lab h 25 Pleasant
 Strum Charles N watchman W 8r P Mnfg CO
        h 4 Fletcher ter
     James A flask maker b 4 Fletcher ter
 Stuart John publi’c carriage B h 826 Mt Au-
 Sturtevant     Henry L h 8 Broadway
 Sullivan Ann wid Daniel h 151 Pleasant
     Bridget wid Dennis h 41 Uorse
     Catherine h 28 Spring
     Cornelius J motorman h 777 Mt Auburn

  Daniel rub wkr h 31 Sawin
   Daniel switchman h 8 Cottage
  Daniel E paper maker h 14 French
   Daniel E studnt b 41 &Iorse
  Dennis J ,police h 14 PIIyrtle
  Drug store 3 Mt Au,burn
  Edward E bkpr E h 9 Otis’             ‘*
  Edward J milk 151 Pleasant h do r
  Ellen wici Florence h 154 Main
  Hannah G dressmaker b 151 Pleasant
  James H oil 222 Main h do
  John math h 328 Pleasant
  John yard master South Station E h 16 El-
  John E elk E rb 8 Cottage
  .John J Jr hairdresser     3 Mt Auburn h 21
  John J 2d motorman h 127 Pleasant
  Joselph D student b 14 Myrtle
  Joseph P letter carrier P 0 h 41 Morse
  Julia A b ;328 Pleasant
   Margaret E b 328 Pleasant
   Margaret L teacher Marshall Spring sclhool
     b 18 Cross
   Michael E fore h 116 Main
  Nellie !&I elk Lewando’s b 154 Main
   Patrick insp H R Co h 38 Belmont
   Peter hairdresser 818 Mt Auburn h at Cam-
   Peter J toolmaker b 127 Pleasant
   Redmond C motorman h 127 Pleasant
  Thomas A tmstr b 41 Morse
  Thomas H hostler b 2 Taylor
  Timothy      E fore h 2 Taylor
  Timothy      E hairdresser h 24 Dexter av
   William    H tmstr b 41 Morse
Summers Arthur C student ‘b 257 School
   Frederick C elk b 257 School
   Henry locksmith E h 257 School
   Herbert G surveyor b 257 School
   Richard H bkpr b 257 School
   William    R china repairer b 257 School
Sunny      Eank Home for Convalescent Women
      240 School
Surbian Kar’chadoor rub wkr h 76 Prentiss
Sutherland Kenneth at H R Co b 25 *Oak
Swan James T acct E h 25 Adams av
    WATERTOWN              T     DIRECTORY             133
Swanson   Enoch S stone mason h 215 Orchard
Sweeney Daniel at H R Co b 40 Dexter      av
  Henry   math h 5 S Park
  James cond rms 9 Elton av
Swett Louise A wid Soah b 3 Marshall
Swift George A eng h Dwight
  John lab h 43 Forrest
Switzer  Julius F iron molder h II Fifth av
Switzler  Clifford T belt dressings h 39 Church

TABOR         JOHN      T bkpr B b 21 Summer
Tamoney         Owen lab h 2 Cuba
Tappam        Lydia M wid Samuel B b 25 Adams
Tappley       Fred driver     289 Pleasant     h at Wal-
Tarlton      Frank D dry goods at Newton            L<)wer
       Falls h 8 Garfield
   Lewis B teller Watertown            Savings     Bank h
       7 Garfield
   Susan G P wid Lewis h 7 Garfield
Tashigian        Hagop rub wrk b 89 Elm
Taylor      John E paper maker h 145 Orchard
   Robert J typewriter         h 8 Walnut
   \Varren       at W & P Mnfg Co h 18 Fifield
Teele       Louis    G elk Union      Market      National
        Bank b at Waltham
Tennant         James B pres Watertown             Lumber
        Co h Concord        N H
Tenney       Henry W pres Warren          Soap Mnfg Co
        h at Brookline
 Thayer      Samuel G paper maker nh 7b Morse
 Thierry      Louis S lawyer h 40 Palfrey
 Thomas        Fred A civil engineer      b 5 Centre
    .G,eorge J valves h 105 G.alen
    Herman        musician   300 School h at Boston
    Lewis A clerk h 5 Centre
     Mae L, teacher b 5 Centre
     Mary A wid Fred h 5 Centre
 Thompson          Augustus    E pres and mngr Kon-
        Corrosive      Metal Co. Galen h at Brookline
     David U cond h 29 Bartlett
     Edward       R foreman 46 Water h 3 Irving         park
     Ralph asst mngr Non-Corrosive              Metal h at
     Zilpha M wid John F b 86 Elm
 Threshie       Rosa E wid Joseph E h 4 Chester
 Thurlow        George L student b 105 Langdon             av
     Henry A salt B h 105 Langdon            av
134     WATERTOWN               T      DIRECTORY
Thurston        John W lab h 18 Adams
    Minnie H Mrs 1%16 Franklin
Thwing        Charles       G agent h 80 1Vatertown
    Florence       G bkpr b 89 \Vatertown
    Julia A b 89 X’atertown
Tibbetts       Edward         elk I llerchants       row h Mt
Ticehurst        Charles E painter          h 15 l$Tinter
    Ralph G groceries             and provisions      200 Main
        h do
Tiffany      Frank weaver 1, 238 Pleasant
    James rub wkr h I Arthur                pl
    Mary wid h I Arthur                1~1
    Sarah X inspector              1~ I Arthur    pl
Tighe Joseph h 46 Fayette
    Joseph L shirt mkr b 46 Fayette
Tilson Ada K necktie mkr n b 47 Riverside
    Hannah        S wid 1-T Tiartlett       h 17 Riverside
Tilton     Albert      farmer h 1.50 Orchard
Timmins         Annie A h 51 Fayette
    John B liquors           E h 49 Fayette
Timoney        Hugh       Ial, h 42 Cottage
    John X elk 56 Melend?               av b 42 Cottage
Titus Florence           E bkpr 21 Alain b at Waltham
Tolbey George F buyer F, 11 8 Maple
    ;\Iary X wid James T 1, 22 Maple
Tobin      John H vu!can;zer              H )X Co h Ig Mel-
        endy av
    Michael      X tire mkr h 188 Cypress
    Patrick J rub wkr 11 IZ~ Pleasant
Todd James bakery 86’ Prentiss                  h do
Toland       Joseph X gardener             1) 6 Chandler
    l\lary J wid James h 6 Chandler
Tolman        Alvin F foreman 224 -Arsenal h Irving
    Charles       12’ tra\r sales 1~ 32 Fayette
    Esther C A[rs h 32 Fayette
Tomai Alex rub wkr h 28 Cottage
Tomassetti         Gregorio       grocer 72 Main h do
Toomajian          Elia boarding         house 104 Elm
    Stephen at H R Co ill 104 Elm
    Thomas at II. R Co b 104 Elm
Torchia       Carmony        mason h 60 Lowell        av
Toregian        &a&r         rub wkr 1, 89 Elm
Torre      Clothilde       L fruit 427 Mt Auburn            h 43
    Frank J elk 35 Main b 13 Capitol
    Joseph fruit 35 Main h 43 Capitol
Torrebugger           Victor     lab h 9 Cottage       lane
Torsey       Julia 4 wid James ,AI 11 16 Franklin
    WATERTOWN          T    DIRECTORY         ‘135
Tourtellotte      Mary J Mrs h 31 Marshall
Tower Georgia -4 Mrs h 21 Russell av
Towle C,harles J h 66 Riverside
   Eva F bkpr ‘b 66 Riverside
Towne Pliny F Mrs b 13 Bridge
Townsend Charlotte elk 43 Morse b at New-
   Henry math h 12 Morse
   Herbert iVl student b 50
   Isabel dressmaker B b 7 Centre
    Louisa wid George W h 7 Centre
   ‘Rose wid Granvi’lle iVl h 50 Riverside
Tarcy Fred asst undertaker          34 Main rms 3
       Marshall                   9
    Hannah wid Michael h 71 Spring
Train Otis A stoves 18 Union B h 68 Mt Au-
Transeau       Charles F hardware      825 Mt Au-
       burn h at Dorchester
Trask Charles A box maker h 68 Pleasant
    David F moulder h 25 Russell av
Travaglia      S’alvatore pressman 16 Mt Auburn
       ml,Stickney Farm
Traynor Thomas M carriage’painter          h II Un-
Treadwell       Helen L teacher Coolidge school b
        at Roslindale
    John la,b h 71 Cypress
 TRIBUNE-ENTE~R~PRISE               G R Stratton,
         mngr 46 Main See page 21
 Trikam Demonic rub wkr h 82 Fayette
Tripp Clifford I moulder h )32 Cypress
    David F concreting 12 Irving h do
    Willard D agt B b 23 Boyd
 Trott     Henry S carp h 5 Summer
 Trow Ida M wid George b 53 Adams av
    Winfred C elk B b 53 Adams av
 Trowbridge       William   C mngr 80 Main h at
 True Harry U mnfr gutta percha specialties
         168 Pleasant h at Brighton
 Tuell E.dwin L .b 7 Marshall
     Linny Mrs dressmaker b 7 ,Xarshall
 Tufts John F lawyer 54 Main and cashier Un-
         ion Market National Bank h 45 Marshall
 Tugman Fred h 15 Cuba
    James J copeprsmith h 15 Cuba
     Mary T b 15 Cuba
136     WATERTOWN              u     DIRECTORY
Tully John J elk .b 32 Royal
   Patrick     fore core maker \V & P Mnfg Co h
       32 Royal
Tuohy      Martin     lab b 7 Mt Auburn
Tupper       James coachman          b 42 Royal
    Kimball     E paper maker h 26 Irving
Turco      Jmohn supt 71 Fayette          b 82 Summer
Turk Francis         P carpet lining     maker b 805 Mt-
    John H h 805 Mt Auburn
    J,oseph ,M starter        B E Ry Watertown           h at
    Nellie F dressmaker          b 805 Mt Auburn
TLirkingt’on       Elmer    F elk B b 6 Otis
    William      H elk B h 6 Otis
Turner       Ambigail C wid James b 212 iZrlington
    Alfred     E set 79 Summer          B rms 122 Dexter
    IGeorge N farm h(and b 44 Summer
    Susan .S, wid Levi A b 15 Russell av
 Tute Carlos P sa’les B b 14 Frank,lin
     Emily     H wid Renselear        h 14 Franklin
 Tuttle     James E draughtsman            h 18 Hersom
 Tweedie       Jessie and Margaret         h IO Hunt
 Twomey        David carp h 80 Sycamore
    Joseph carp h 80 ,Sycamore
     Phidolphus       carp h 80 Sycamore
     William      carp h 80 Sycamore
 Tyler     Hannah       wid James b 3 Fletcher          ter
     James E gate tender            Spring    st crossing    h
        4 Taylor
 Tynan       Francis     J salesman     b 7 Dana ter
     John tool maker h 7 Dana ter
 Tyrrell     Thomas       H sign painter h 34 Spring

 ULANID~ER        JOHN      P eng 11ass Fan Co b 127
 Union     Carpet   Lining    Co 304 Arsenal
      001 (THE)         of Cincinnati  Ohio Elmer     E
       Silver g-en mngr 79 Milk Boston See front
   M#arket Mouse W H \Vaterfall           prop 89 Wal-
 UNION        MARKET         NATIO,NAL        BANK     L
       Sidney Cleveland       pres John F Tufts cash-
       ier 52 Main        See page 11
    Stock Mark,et.       Walnut    n R R
       WATERTOWN                 V     DIRECTORY              137
United         States Arsenal,        Arsenal     near Elm
Urban          Real Estate        Trust    contractors       23 El-
Usen Charles mr rub wkr h 533 Mt Auburn
Utting        JVrn Gerald driver h 13 Royal                 ,
VAHEY             FRANCIS         plumber     b. 4 Hudson
VAHEY,             INNES         & VAHEY           lawyers     Bar-
        nard’s blk and 18 Tremont                B See page 12
   James H (Vahey,                Innes 8: Vahey)         h 81 Mt     '
    James T clerk b IO Cuba
    John F at Lewando’s                b IO Cuba
    John P (Vahey,              Innes & Vahey)          h at Ply-
        mouth          5
    Mary A set B b 71 N Beacon.
    Mathew          P PO Main rm 3 h at Oval-
        tham       .
    Michael        iab h 24 Irving-
    Michael         B (Vahey        & Austin)     3 Mt Auburn
        h 71 N Beacon
    Patrick        lab h 11 Ladd            ’
    Patrick        J insp h 58 Riverside
    P Joseph brass finisher h IO Cuba
    Thomas          fireman h 5 Howard
    Thomas F (Vahey. ‘Innes Kr Vahey)                      h 59 Mt
        Auburn          near Irving
    Thomas          F engineer       h 4 Hudson-
    T;liilliam       IV clerk b 24 Irving.
    & Austin           (M B Vahey and James T Galla--
        ger drugs 3 Mt Auburn
Valentine          M’illlam     clerk b 41 Mt Auburn
Vanct;ls$le               Charles    D at H R Co rms 40

Van Choate Sedrick F b 122 Spruce ’
Van Loon Leon forester           h 11 Cottage
Varley      Harry rulb wkr b 6 Oliver rd
Vars Ethel D b 3 Capitol             *
Vaughan        George B molder h 15 Marshal1
   Harry      dyer b 47 Mt Auburn
   James lab h 3 Cross
   MTalter C hardware        B h 55 Church
Vernon       Elizabeth   wid Gecr-ae b 47 Elliott
   Pauline      D teacher b 47 Elliott
Vickey      Frank math rms IOI Laurel
Vincellette       Dennis shirt ironer 57 Spring h 1j;
Viskoneff       John farm hand 676 Belmont       b do
Vivian     John 1’ii paper 189 Congress B h 4 Otis
Vokey Abram carp h 20 Capitol
138    WATERTOWN                  w     DIRECTORY
Vorgi   Victor  rub wkr h 14 Cottage
Vornen    Frank lab b 90 Palfrey
   Frank Jr lab b 90 Palfrey
Vose LeRoy C janitor    h 61 Mt Auburn

WADE         WILLIAM            J rub wkr h rra Howard
Wailly     Gabriel       chauffeur    26 Russell     av b do
Waite Charles tmstr 29 Irving                 rms do
Waitte     Albert        C molder h 145 Sprnce
Waldron         James F fore 24 Mt Auburn                   h 28
  ,Raymond          tripe cleaner b 28 Capitol
Walker       Arthur       W pres Walker          & Pratt Mnfg
       Co foundry          Cypress store 23 Main and 31
       to 35 Union Roston h at Mald’en
   Clara E wid Loren H h 23 Marshall
WALKER              DUN’CAN          grocer     84 Prentiss      h
       do See page 5
   Elmer       F clerk h 23 Maple
   Elmer       L clerk b 23 Maple
   Irving      P janitor      h 9 Irving
   Wendall        W printer        h 18 Fayette
WALKER               & PRATT            MNFG         CO A TV
       Walker       pres C F Eelcher treas, P, M.Shaw
       supt mnfrs           ranges    furnaces      and heaters
       foundry        Dexter     av and Cypress         storz 24
        Main      and 31 to 35 Union? Boston                  See
       front cover
Wall      Harriet       H wid James F h 30 Spring
Wallace       Ernest E carp h 34 Riverside
   Frederick        A chauffeur       h 27 Morse
   George at H R Co b 37 Quimby
   Isaiah H mngr 21 Main h 4 Hill
    J Earle elk 41 Main b 19% Irving
    kIichae1 starch mkr b 7 Mt Auburn
Wallingford           It-a carriage     agent B h 4 Centre
Walsh Ana’rtw             rub wkr 11 794 Mt Auburn
   Harry       E elk U S Arsenal           1~ at Dorchester
   John J fireman h 18 N Beacon st ct
    John J motorman             h 719 Summer
    John P clerk 84 Prentiss                h 25 Grenville      rd
    Mary h 25 Morse
    Michael       lab h 5 1,liddle
    Patrick      lab h 6 G’ieen
    see Welsh
 Walter        Charlesj       Wesley      principal    Marshall
        Spring scl~ool h 38 Fayette
     WATERTOWN        w    DIRECTORY        1%

WALTHAM         JEWELRY      CO (Charles   F
     Hardy)   227 Moody,   Waltham See front
Waltotors~    Parker J foreman   67 Water   h 7

 Thomas math h 28 Morse
Wambolt Harry J paper maker b 65 Spring
 Henry J paper maker h 65 Spring
 Robert H architect h 62 Langdon av
Ward Benjamin       F clerk State Board Insan-
     ity Boston h 6 Marshall
 George rub wkr h 131 Melendy av
 George P nurse b 1]3,1 Melendy av
 James iVI cutter H R Co h j Oliver rd
 John foundryman       h 68. N Beacon ct
 John J cutter H R Co b 131 Melendy av
  Milton E moulder h 56 Cypress
  Patrick J lab h 15 Mt Auburn
Warner Lydia 0 wid Henry b 79 Grove
Warren Carrie F cashier B b 46 Summer
WARREN        ISAAC & SON ,boots and shoes
     647 Main Waltham      See page 16
  Lizzie S widaw John F b 46 Summer
  Preslcott sales mngr Stanley Motor Carriage
      Co h at Xew8ton
  Soap Mnfg Co (The) H W Tenney pres,
      I L W Reynolds treas, 46 Water store 77
     Summer B
Warshauer Louis shirt ironer 57 Spring h at
Warski Charles butcher b 184 Cypress
Washburne Edtward P math h 15 Adams
Waterfall William H prop Union Market HO-
  tel 89 Walnut and restaurant      School h 89
Waterhouse Frank W carp h 25 Marshall
Waterproof     Paint Co John J Meehan treas 71
Waters Tames rub wkr b 6 Oliver rd
  Joseph” H wool sorter h 14 Bridge
  William T h 14 Bridge
     6 Gleason set and treas 56 Main       See p
   Free Public Library Main next to the Park
   Lumber Co Irving car Arsenal
   Press (Carl R Kuhn) book and job prin-
      ters 4 Church
140   WATERTOWK               w      DIRECTORY
WATERTOWN                     SAVINGS      BANK Julien A
       Mead pres John F ,Green treas 56 Main
       See page I0
Watkins          Susan wid b 25 Morse
    JValter       rub wkr ems 17 Melendy            av
Watson          George B driver h 51 Pleasant
Beagle          Darius      A cdeanser h rg Ladd
Webb Alfred             B carp 11 20 Walnut
    John motorman               h go Main
    John photographer              h 343 Main
FVebber Samuel rms cm Laurel
\IpTeber Louis S elk 26 Main b 115 Boyd
Webster           Granville      E chemist     h rg Franklin
Weeks          Charles      H 1~ 72 Dexter       av
    Irving       C teacher High school rms 4 Marion
Weir Daniel             printer   h 71 Sycamore
Weitz         Louise       C bkpr     b 562 Belmont
     Marie wid Christian             h 562 Belmont
 Welch        Annie wid James h 4 Patten
     Augustine          W maich b 4 Patten
     Catherine         wid h 5 Capitol
     Daniel       F carp h 3 Pleasant
     Harry        P ,yard man 128 Arsenal           h 59 Galen
     Henry        h 55 Galen
     James lab b 38 Arsenal
     \Villliam       carp b 40 Galen
     see Walsh also Welsh
 Weldon          Harriet      J elk 15 Main b 51 Nt Au-
 Weller         Char)les elk H R Co b 25 Dexter           av
      Ernest b 25 Dexter            av
      Harry       b i5 Dexter        av
      Henry       foreman       H R Co h 25 Dexter       av
      William        at H R Co h 70 Dexter           av
      William        J at H R Co b 70 Dexter av
  Wellington           George      h 15 Riverside
  Wellman           Leslie     R sales 64 Main h IO Sum-
  Wells John 1-T sales b 18 Summer
      Kathan        E carpenter      h 117 Walnut
  Welsh         John b 24 Dexter         av
  Wendell1 Charles B (Osgood                & Wendell)      Fre-
          nch ter h at Belmont
  westcott          Ernest      W cutter    h 33 Laurel
  Ivestern         Union Telegraph        Offices %7atertown
           R R station          Church   and Union      Market
           station     Wa’lnut
    WATERTOWN              w      DIRECTORY           141
Westlake    Isaac ma& h 15 Maple
14’halen Joseph math h 7 Swett ct
   Kate h 15 Church     Hill
   Patrilck  driver 6 Mt Auburn  b q            Waverly

Wheyer       Bert L sales h 36 Olney
   Charles      B lieut co1 U S A commanding             U
      S Arsenal       h d’o
  ‘George       S Rev Swedenborgian          Waltham      b
      69 Capitol
  Jesse F lawyer h 66 Mt Auburn
   John M mngr 330 School b at Belmont
Whitcomb         Fran,cis E farmer h 615 Belmont
   George F pattern         maker h 61 Cypress
   Laura A wid Francis E b 615 Belmont
   Mabel stenog b 615 Belmont
Whitcroft       George caddy mstr Oakley Country
       Club h at Belmont
White Albert         H h 4g Riverside
   Edward       vocalist   300 School b at Boston
   Edward        H sales h 8 Patten
    Florence !bkpr 18 Mt Auburn           b 49 Riverside
   Forrest W b 5 Fifth av
    Fred L mngr 300 School b do
   Fred S fore Thomas Dalby Co h 13.5 Boyd
    George butcher        h 8oo Mt Auburn
    George H alms house keeper 105 Orchard                h
   John spinner h 2 Lyons ct
    John B lawyer         b rms 71 Spring
    John P grocer 824 Mt Auburn               rms 6 Sex-
    Joseph H civil engineer Town Hall b 78 Un-
    Mary A wid William           h 5 Fifth av
    Patrick     J carp h 8 Patten
    Patrick     J tailor b 67 Boyd
    Peter J shirt cutter b 9 Middle
    Peter S carpet layer h Harnden          av
    Theophilus       P carp h 9 Middle
    William       J stock broker b 8 Patten
 Whitehead         George I sales b 13 Morse
    Thomas       math h 15 Morse
 Whitehill       Edwin    H teacher High school h at
 Whiting       Moses carp and builder        8 Church      h
        18 Royal
142     WATERTOWN                w       DIRECTORY
Whitney       Alberta       M elk I Main h 55 Mt Au-
  Arthur      H h 123 Main
  Charles A plumber              h II Fifield
  Cynthia       wid Thomas          F h zg Fayette
  Edward        L elk I Main b 55 Mt Auburn
  Edwin       A trav salesman h IO Maple
  Emma E h 151 Lexington
  Frank W principal              High school h 3 Marion
  Fred E provisions            at Cambridge         h 15 Chester
  Frea’erick      elk h 27 Hillside          rd
  George H foreman               \I: & P Mnfg Co h Riv-
  Joseph Mrs b 27 Hillside                rd
   Lyman       B shirt polisher          57 Spring       and con-
      fectionery       I Main       h 55 Mt Auburn
  Mary E wld Hiram h 33 Spring
   Peter lab h 13 Pleasant
   Solon F librarian             M’atertown         Free Public
      Library      h g Garfield
  Walter       C civil engineer          h IO ifaple
Whittemore         John M gen mngr 304 Arsenal                     h
      at Newton
   Nary L wid E Stowell                h 23 Morse
Whittier       Harry      rub wkr rms 49 Laurel
Wichert      Frank driver 289 Pleasant                 h at New-
Wickes      Edwin       F supt 19 Galen h 5 Irving
   Forrest      F time kpr h 7 Summer
Wicks      Charles D dyer h 9 Summer
Wier Hugh loom fixer b 7 Swett ct                           -
Wilbur      Frank       S restaurant         at Newton        h 117
Wile Orby pattern              mkr lb I&          Cypress
JViley     Ellen&l       wid Lorenzo           P restaurant       60
       Main b 13 Green
   Henry      L salesman b 15 Green
Wilhelmi         Frederick        D , fore 57 Suing            h at
Wilkins       Harry      P elk 304 Arsenal           h at Som
    h Williams          lecturer     ‘11 Hillside
Wilkinson        William      carp h 45 Cypress
Williams       Clarence C maj C S Arsenal                  h do
   Edgar A mech eng h 22 Langdon                       av       .
   George H marble cutter h 40 Forest
   George T cutter H R Co b 91Elton a\-
   Phebe J wiu’ G Titus b 4 Centre
   Stephen W b 8 Fletcher                 ter
.        WATERTOWN                w       DIRECTORY             143
      Thomas mason h 40 Forest
       Thomas     Jr bricklayer     h 58 North   Beacon
    X7illis Albert     E bookbinder    h 8 Oliver rd
    Willoughby        Charles   C asst curator    Pealbody
           Museum,     Cambridge     h 225 School
    Willson     William      W agent National      Express
           Co 26 Main h 18 Maple
    Wilson Allen P math b 5 Elton av                 *
       Benjamin      0 h 5 Morse
       Chester W student b 5 >Iorse
       Edward     A drqs      B b 5 Morse
       Edward     L mech eng b 14 Russell av
       George L drugs B res 5 Morse
       Henry ‘clerk h 21 Elliott
       Henry    L salesman 73 Clinton      B h 11 Russell

       Hazarlos         clerk b 5 ?*Iorse
       John S carp h zz Irving
        ?\I Caroline        director    113 Main      b 5 Morse
        Raymond          H clerk \V & P Mnfg Co h 19
       Robert A math h 5 Elton av
       Thomas bkpr h 261 Pleasant
       Trueman         N teamster        56 Galen h I Waltham
       William         h 28’ Lexington
       WiUiam          H contractor          and builder     19 Phil-.
           lips h do
    Wingate         Elmer       E (Crystal      Sprin Wet Wash-
           Co) h 52 Fayette
    Wingersky           Dora wid Abram            h 71 Galen
    Wingfield         Lewis hostler          h I0 Spring.
    Winkler        Jonathan         watchman      57 Spring      h 37
    Winner        George L osteopath            physician     IO l&s-
           sell av h do
    l;Crinship      Harry       elec h 143 Main
    Winslow         Edward        H math h 176 Spruce
       Joseph S elk B h 43 White
    Wire Frederick             A elk b 92 Cypress
       William        math h 92 Cypress
    Wires Eva P wid Edwin                    0 h ,30 Hillside     rd
    Wishart         Thomas         B agent Board          of Health-
           and plumbing            inspector    3 Chunch h 17 Ol--
    Wiswall         George H sales h II Marion                  rd
    Wobson         William        weaver b 238 Pleasant
    144   WATERTOWN         w     DIRECTORY
    Wogan Michael J adv agt B h 36 Marshall
     ,Ro,bert asst cashier B b 36 1larshall
    Wold Frederick pattern maker rms 4g Laurel
    Wolfson     Louis cattle dealer 561 Bit A4uburn
         h do
    Womersley      Eliza T teacher b 46 Summer
      Mary F wid Thomas h 46 Summer
      Thomas M salesman b 46 Summer
    Wood Herbert S molder h 43 Irving
      Sidney E carp b 42 Royal
      X’alter S ma& h 42 Royal
    Woodbury      Harry E pattern maker h 13 Pur-
    Woodman Alpheus G prof M I T, Boston 2%
    Wood,ward Eliza’beth J h 572 Belmont
      Harry B elk h 5 Elliott
      Helen J h 572 Belmont
      James B h 80 Mt Auburn
    Woodworth        Williatn J elk U S Arsenal h
         at Brighton
    Worcester Francis b 5 Morse
      Ralph H mamch h 56 Cypress
    Wormwell      Frank driver 289 Pleasant h at Ne-
         wton                           *
    Worth Alonzo K carp h 121 Boyd
       Charles A printer b IZI Boyd
    Wright Arthur baker and confectioner      etc 45
         ‘M’ain h 49 do
       Arthur, Jr ,haker b 4g Main
       Freder,ick J stove door fitter h 16 Irving
       George S baker 45 Main b 49 do
       George S treas 311 Sumtner I3 h 16 Garfield
       Lucy R’wid Albert h 47 F’ayette
       Norman waiter 300 School b do
       Warren M elk mb 16 Garfield
    Wyman Joseph H b 23 Marshall
    Wynne James H molder h 24 Royal

    YAT\‘,NELLI   NICHlOL,4S    lab h 27 Cottage
-   Yates Harry W conductor h 24 Belmont
    Yeager Charles florist h 14 Sycamore
    Yerxa Partlow A groceries 50 ‘Main h 8 Otis
    York A#lexis G math b 9 Fifth av
      Charles A salesman 31 Union B h 13 Mar-
         ion rd
      Harry J ma,cfh h 63 Bigelow av
      John Amos mason h 22 White’s av
   bv ATERTOWN      w     DIRECTORY      145
  John J mngr h 20 White’s av
  Joseph A moulder h 9 Fifth av
  Joseph S moulder b g Fifth.av
  Mary A wid John A b 7 Patten
  Michael H stove mounter h 22 White’s av
  William   F mason h 50 Fayette
Young A M Mrs ticket agent WaterJown sta
     h 15 Riverside
  Christopher    C ticket agent Watertown sta
     h 15 Riverside
  Joseph provisions at Newton h 25 Spring
   Misarope K ru,b wkr b 96 Dexter av
   Peter roofer h 59 Spring

Z.IALLIAN     NACIAN    rub wkr b 7 Wheeler
   Susie wid Sarkis h 7 Wheeler ct
Zullig Arnold F teacher h 76 Mt Auburn
   Hattie H E teacher Francis school h 76 Mt
Zwicker Cale,b D elk h 77 Morse
         ‘*,M*J      ES-TIC    THEArTRE-- --


                  -SECOND    L’IAL;CONY?

     ,                      146
   Leaders                 in Dry Cioods
          s               s s s s
Ladies’          and          Men’s           Furnishings

          Watertown Business
           (Copyright    zgog by W A Greenough & Co)
            ,of all Trades, Professions and Pursuits in
                      WATERTOWN         for agog

                      Agricultural   Implements
          FLETCHE#R       ALBION      C 7-9 Main   See back

          UNION    CENTRAL     LIFE INS CO (THE)
            of Cincinnati Ohio 79 Milk Boston  See
            front cover

          Butler George F 79 Main
          Claflin Walter ,4 & Co 51 Main
          Hjirth Daniel Belmont car Mt Auburn
          Laing Arthur Main car Spring
          Sullivan’s  Drug Store 3 Mt Auburn
          Simmonds Luther W 41 Main
148            BUSINESS     DIRECTORY
CRITCHETT          FRED E 56 Main           See page
GLEASON          SAMUEL      S 56 Main      See page

Gray Arthur       F 6 Fayette and 53 State Bos-

              Artesian and Driven Wells
Courtney       John H 155 Pleasant

              Artificial  Eyes
SPE)NCEiR THOMAS         W CO 120 Tremont
  Boston  See page Ig

Rat.igan      James T-1 46 Main

                   Asphalt Materials
.BARRETT           M\ANUFACTURING            CO 297
   Franklin      Boston   See front cover

CRITCHETT           FRE,D E 56 Main         See page
GLEASON           SAMUE’L     S 56 Main     See page

  Automobile  Storage Supplies and Repairs
MacGREGOR      GA,RAGE      (THE)    Main and
  Spring Waltham     See colored insert

             Automobiles   and Supplies
 MacGREGOR         lG,ARAGE (THE,)       Main and
    Sprin,g \Valtham     See colored inse:rt
 Stanley ,Motor Carriage Co (mnfrs)          foot of

 BATCHELDE,R      C H & GO 234-240 State
   Boston  See page 3

                   Bag Manufacturer
 UnionBag       and Paper Co 14 Pleasant
           BUSINESS    DIRECTORY               149
Donnelly Cornelius 61 Main
Todd James 86 ‘Prentiss

  87 Milk Boston See page z
CAMBRIDGE        TRUST CO 1300 Massachus-
  etts av Cambridge    See inside back cover
  (THE)     1408 Massachusetts    av Cambridge
  See page 3
UNIOlN     MARKET      NATIONAL       BANK     L
  Sidney Cleveland pres, J’ohn ,F Tufts cash-
  ier 54 Main See page II
  Bartlett M Shaw pres, S S ,Gleason set and
  treas 56 Main     See page I0
   Mead pres, John F Green treas 56 Main
  See page 10

CHAMBERLAIN.        & CO (INC)      113-125 CIirr
  ton B’oston    See page 6

      Bicycles and Automobile      Repairing
Hinckley     Ora E 8 Mt Auburn

            Billiards and Pool
Holmes James 818 Mt Au’burn
Ohanian G 5 Nichols av

               (See Horseshoers)
Kay H E 118 Fayette
Kelly Thomas F 28 Arsenal
Ivleister David A g Spring
N,olan Edward C 8 Arsenal

             Blowers and Fans
 MASSACHUSETTS       FAN CO Howard              and
   Lexington See page 3

               Boarding Houses
 Aetna Mills Henry LaVoy prop 236. and 238
      Pleasant                         sj ?I
 Auburn House 47 Mt Auburn
20             BUSINES’S          DIRECTORY
Boarding     Houses-Con
Avazian    Jacob 25 Elton av
Dillon   Annie Mrs 13 Hazel
McGillvary     Ellen Mrs 106 Galen
McWhirter      E A Mrs 47 Mt Auburn
MacElhinny       Margaret Mrs 67 Boyd
O’K’eefe M 7 Mt Au.burn
Schurkian     V 89 Elm
Simonian     H 21 Quimby

                   Books     and Stationery
,McLauthlin          S: Co 3g Main

            Boot and Shoe Mnfrs (Rubber)
HO’OD        RUBBER    CO Nichols av and 99 Bed<
     ford   Boston        See page      8

        Boot and Shoemakers                 and Repairers
Baratta    Francesco   73 Main
Clifford    John J 2 Mt Auburn
Crupi Santos 829 >It Auburn
Egleston     Willliam J 76 Main
Fowler     Joseph 6 Mt Auburn
Holmes      Alexander   2 Church
McDonald        Rr Co 16 Belmont
Perlmutter      Eros 47 Main
Petroni     Gregorio  156 Main

                       Boots and Shoes
 WARREN              ISAAC   & S’OlN 647 Main               Wal-
     tham      See page      16

 O’Connell         Owen     E 46 Cottage

       Brass and              Iron Pipe Fittings
 BRAMAN     DOW                & CO 239-245 Causway,
      Boston       See ‘page 4

 ..                       Brick and Sand
 NOINANTUM:               COAL C’O Bridge            next Bem-
      is station    See front cover and              page IO
 PEVE#AR           W H & CO 5 Spring                 See page 8

                     Brokers (Insurance)
 SILVER            E,LMER    E gen mngr         The Union
         Central Life       Ins Co of Cincinnati   Ohio 79
      Milk Boston            See front cover
             BUSINESS     DIRECTORY                   151
          Builders      and Contractors
B,ARNEY    LEWIS         F I Patten and 7 Parker
  See page 6

              Builders’  Finish
GALE GEORGE- W LUMBER            CO 640 Main
  Cambridge    See front cover
STEARNS     A T LUMBER        CO (THE)   mills
  at Neponset exhibit 166 Devonshire    sales-
    room I Sudfbury Haymarket sq Bmoston See
  page 18

                 Building   Papers
BARRETT         MANUFACTURING                   CO      297
  Franklin    Boston     See front cover

             Butter, E’ggs and Cheese
WALKER        D 84 Prentiss   See page 5

              Canned       Goods
FLETCHER     IR,VING        T 256 and 258 ‘Pleas-
  ant See page g

BATcHELDER      c H & CO              234-240        state
  Boston See page 3

             Carpenters and Builders
BARNEY         LEWIS    F I Patten and 7 Parker
     See page 6
Cousineau Hormides 9 Taylor
George Herbert A 4 Pearl
Hutchins     Arthur   L 25 Irv#ing     .
Iliffe William     H 25 Irving
Lougee Charles E 63 Watertown
M,oody George H 7+$Main
Murdough       Albert B 17 Main
Roscoe Albert Hyland av car Laurel
Whiting     Moses 8 Churclh
Wilson     William    H (19 Phillips

              Carpet Cleaners
  CLEANSING       CO I Galen and 286 Boyl-
    ston, Boston   See page 30

         Carpet Lining Manufacturers
Umon    Carpet Lining Co 304 Arsenal
1.52                ti-USINESS             DIRECTORY

          Carpet and Rug Cleaners
  CLIZANSING     CO I Galen and 286 Boyl-
         ston,     Boston            See page     30

ileister         David      A 9 Spring

PAXTON               JAME’S            &    CO    Eliot       block    New-
   ton       See page         4

                             Cattle        Dealers
HaydenWm      E 20 Arlington
Healey  Michael  209 Coolidge                          av
Lacker  Jacob 217 Arsenal
Wolfson   L 561 Mt Auburn

                             Cattle         Market
    Union          Stock     Market         \Valnut         next    F R R

                           Cigars and Tobacco
FLETCHER                    IRVING    T 256 and 258 Pleas-
    ant          See page        9
 GIUFFRE                 E B 26 Mt iluburn    See page 31
 WALKER                  D 84 Prentiss   See page 5

                             Ciwil         Engineer
 Starr      John      A 54 Irving

 Mack        Mary        E Mrs         44 Spr,ing

           Cleansing and Dyeing
   CLEANSING     CO I Galen and 286 Boyl-
           ston.    Eoston            See page        30

  PARISIAN                 DYE        HOUSE           180    Main     See p 5

  Brooks Frederick     M (Episcopal)    3 Chester
  Camp Edward       C (ICong Trin)   18 Pearl
  Coughlan    Thomas    W ( R C) 770 Mt Auburn
  Cravton   Patrick  L ( R C) 9 Chestnut
  Grundman      John S 24 Charles
  Holden   Charles V? (M E) 79 !&It Auburn
  Kelleher   John F (R C) 9 Chestnut
             BUSINESS   DIREICTORY         153
Mills Grover Geozge (Unit) 12 Phillips
Roche Ambrose F (R C) 9 Chestnut
Splaine Richard H (R C) 770 Mt Atzburn
Wheeler George S (Sweedenborgian)      6g Cap.

               Cloaks and Suits
ADAMS    P P 133-139 Moody Waltham         See
   ,back cover

       Clothing and Men’s Furnishings
Carter Clothing  Co 37 Main
KELLY     GEORGE I & CO 139 Moody        Wal-
   tham See back cover
Otis Brothers Company 15-19 Main

              Clothing Cleansers
  CLE’ANSING       CO I Galen and 286 Boyl-
    ston, Boston     See page 30
PAR.ISIAN    DYE HOUSE        ISO Main See p 5

                Coal and Wood
Crawford Harry A 19 Chester
  793 Washington     Newtonville  Boston office
  43 Kilby   See front cover
McNally James C I Arsenal
NO’NANTUM        COA,L CO Bridge next Bemis
  Station   See front cover and page IO
OSGOOD & WENDELL            French terrace See
  back cover
PEOPLES      COAL CO 4 Chunch          See back
Shaw Linus A 28 Main
PEVEAR      W H & Cl0 elevator 128 Arsenal
  office 5 Spring   See page 8

               Coal Tar Products
BARRETT        MANUFACTURING           CO zg7
  Franklin   Boston See front cover

             Coffee Roasters
DWINELL-WRIGHT        CO 311 Summer       Bos-
 ton See page 19
154             BUSINESS         DIRECTORY

             Coffins and Caskets
GRAHAM      ROBERT      J 34 Main car Galen
  See back binding and page 7
  See bottom edge

                    Coke (Otto)
HOWARD          ICE CO 56 Galen See front cover

             Collars and Cuffs
DAVID80N      GE;ORGE    G (mnfr)            17 Main
    room 6 See page 6

             Concrete Blocks
Smith M E Bros Arsenal

                     Concrete     Paver
Tripp   David    F   12 Irving

          Conductors and Gutters
STEARNS     A T LUMBER     CO (THE)    mills
  at Neponset exhibit 166 Devonshire  sales-
  room I Sudbury Haymarket   sq Boston See
  page 18
           Confectionery  and Fruit
Asadoorian S K I Nichols av
Conte Felix 5 Main
FLETCHER       IRVING     T 256 Pleasant See
  page 9
GIUFFRE      E B 26 Mt Auburn See page 31
Giuffre Joseph 6g Main
Hodge H M Mrs 32 Main
Joseph Charles 55 Nichols av
PAXTON     JAMES & CO Elliot block, Newton
  See page 4
Torre Joseph 35 Main
WALKER       D 84 Prentiss See page 5
Whitney Lyman B I Main
BARNEY      LE,WI#S F I Patteu and 7 Parker
   See page 6
Condon Percy 58 Summer
 Dwyer Thomas F 55 Forest
‘Gavin Thomas J Co, Arsenal car Irving
 Kelly Th’omas F (teaming)    24 Mt Auburn
 Quirk Thomas 27 Quirk
 Roscoe Allbert, Hyland av car Laurel
 Urban Real Estate Trust 23 Elliott
              BUSINESS   DIRElCTORY           155
             Co-operative Bank
 56 Main Bartlett Shaw pres, S S Gleason
 see and treas See page I0

                Copper Work
WALKE#R       & PRATT    MNFG  CO 24 Main
  and 31 to 35 Union B foundry Cypress See
  front cover
                 Cotton Duck
BATCHELDER        C H & CO 234 to 240 State
  Boston See page 3

HOOD H P & S(ONS 289 Pleasant and 494
  Rutherford    av Chas’n See opp Business
  ess Directory

Lyndonville    Creamery Asso, Wheeler    ct

                   Creosote Oils
BARRETT         MlANUFACTURING          CO    297
  Franklin    Boston See front cover

               Cut Glass and China
WA’LTHAM         JEWELRY       CO 227 Mooody,
 Waltham       See front cover

               Cypress Wood
STEAR,NS A T LUMBER         CO (THE)    mills
  at Neponset exhibit I 166 Devonshire sales-
  room I Sudbury Haymarket sq Boston See
  page 18
BUSTIN     JAMES    T & SONS 28 Main See
  pai3 5
Cahill Thomas P 56 Main
Grogan T Frederick 6 Church
Horne Robert G 17 Main
Rich William B 54 Main
WALTHAM         JEWEL,RY     CO 227 Moody
   Waltham See Tront cover

                   Dining Rooms
     (See Lunch     Rooms and Restaurants)
156              BUSINESS            DIRECTORY

BARRETT              MANUFACTUR,ING                            CO    2’;)~.
  Franklin         Boston See front cover

                   Doors Sash and Blinds
STEARNS            A T LUMBE’R    CO (THE)                          mills
  at Neponset   exhibit,  166 Devonshire  sales-
  room I Sudbury     Haymarket   sq Boston See
  page 18

Angel1 Myra S 3 Jewett
Bent Mary E 97 Galen
Burnham       N L Mrs IO Ladd
Butler   H Xngeline       zz Cross
Forrest    May J 66 Nichols       av
Fowler     Rebecca B 26’ Summer
Gray Margaret       L 36 Elliott
Kinsman      Jennie L 19 Marion      road
Lundstrom      Annie Mrs $2 Spring
O’Halloran      Mary   2,~ Cross
McLaughlin       Agnes f: 18 Cross
Slamin     Mary 41 Union
Tuell Linny      Mrs z Franklin
Turk Nellie F 83; Mt Auburn

                           Dry Cleansing
LEWANDOS                    FREN,CH      DYEING                     AND
  CLEANSING                     CO I Galen and                286 Boyl-
      ston.       Boston         See page 30

                                     Dry Goods
ADAMS            P P     133-    139       Moody       Waltham        See
      back       cover
LESTER            FRED           W    32    1tain      See advt      over
   Business          Directory

                            Dye Houses
Dwyer         Mary       62 Summer
LEWANDOS                    FRENCH    DYEING    AND
  CLEANSING                  CO I Galen and 286 Boyl-
      ston.       Boston         See page        30
PARISIAN               DYE           HOUSE            180    Main     See
  page       5

                  Electric and Bell Wiring
JOHONNOT                HARRIS   E 431 Centre                       New-
   ton    See back          cover      and page         13
                BUSINESS           DIRECTORY                 157
               Electric      and Gas Fixtures
JOHONNOT      HARRIS    E 431 Centre                       New-
  ton See back cover and page 13
Kent J Harry 28 Main

                    Electric       Contractor
JOHONNOT      HARRIS    E 431 Centre                       New-
  ton See back cover and page 13

                         Electric Repairs
JOHOaNNfOT               HARRIS     E 431 Centre           New-
  ton       See back      cover    and page     13

GRAHAM,           ROBERT    J 34 Main
                              car Galen
   See back       and patre 7
GREGG GEO’RGE. H & SON 20 Mt Auburn
  See bottom edge

                   Employment Offices
Donnelly       Elizabeth  Mrs 61 Main
Harrison       Mary E Mrs 188 Main

              Endowments            and Annuities
UNION          CENTRAL             LIFE INS CO (THE)
   of     C(incinnati       Ohio     79 Milk     Boston      See
        front    cover
American        Express        Co 26 Main
BUTTE:RS           HORATI:O          127 Main        See    page
Callahan       Philip     J 43 Cottage
Critchett      James      0 28 Main
EMERSON         EXPRESS      CO Lewis E Brown
  prop ~5 Spring Boston offices 89 Broad and
  15 Devonshire     Boston   See opp inside back
Karajian   Missak   30 Elton  av
Keefe’s   Express   Co 81 Main
Nally    & Son 6 Mt Auburn
National   Express   Co 26 Main
                      Eye Glasses
SPENCER            THOMAS   W CO 120 Tremont
   Boston         See page         19
           Fans (Ventilating)
MASSACHUSETTS      FAN CO                        Howard      and
   Lexington             See page       3
    158        BUSINESS           DIRECTORY

                  Feather Cleansers
      CLEANSING       CO I Galen and 286 Boyl-
        ston, Boston   See page 30

                Fish and Oysters
    Cobb Freeman W I Merchants row
    Kickerson Ferdinand E Prospect
    Snow’s Fish Market 12 Mt Auiburn
    WALKER     D 84 Prentiss  See page 5

    BATlCHELDE,R          c   H    & co   234   t0 240 state
      Boston       See page 3

              Flooring, Sheathing, Etc
      Cambridge     See front cover

    Evans Charles E 36~ Main
    Kelly Timothy  153 Orchard
    Lassman Robert E 24 Whitney
    Russell Henry 54 Sqning

                 Flour and Grain
    GREEN S B & CO, 224 Arsenal      See page 9
    POPE GEORGE       B 27 Spring near F R R
      See back cover
    WALKER     D 84 Prentiss See page 5

              Fruit and Vegetables
    FLETCHER    IRVING      T 256 and 258 Pleas-
      ant See page 9
    GIUFFRE   E B 26 Mt Auburn       See page 31
    WALKER    D 84 Prentiss   See page 5
                  Funeral Directors
    GRAHAM      ROBERT     J 34 ,Xain car Galen
      See back bindine and pape 7
-   GREGG GEORGE H & S’OlN 20 Mt Auburn
      See bottom edge

         Furnaces, Ranges, Etc (Mnfrs)
    WALKER     & PRATT    MNFG CO 24 Main
     and 31 to 35 Union Boston  See front COV-
         . BUSINESS   DIRECTORY            159
Bent Luther & Co 62 and 64 Main
Murphy Edward W 44 Main

             Furniture Movers
BUTTERS     HORATIO     127 Main See page 7
EMERSON       EXPRESS    CO 15 Spring   See
    opp inside back cover

            Gas Light Company
  CO Waldo A Learned supt ; Wells E Hol-
  mes supt electrical dept; 67 Water, office
  308 Washmington Newton      See front COV-

                Gas Stoves
  CO 67 Water and 308 Washington  New-
  ton See front cover

           Garage (Automobile)        ’
MacGREGOR      GARAGE      (THE)    Main and
  Spring Waltham   See colored insert
Watertown  Garage and Machine Shop Water-
    town n Galen

        Gas and Electric Lighting
  CO 67 Water and 308 Washington       New-
  ton See front cover

             Gas and Steam Fitters
KEE)FE D F Merchants row           See opp in-
  side back cover
O’HEARN        JOHN W 48 Main       See page 7
          Gas and Water Pipe Mnfrs
BRAMAN         DOW & CO 239-245       CaUSeWay
   Boston    See page 4
            Gents Furnishing  Goods
DAVIDSON         .GEOlRGE G shirts, collars and
   cuffs 17 JvIain See page 6
Devoian I( 9 Ndchols av
KELLY      GE’oRGE     1 & co 149 Moody     Wal-
   tham    See back cover
LESTER      FRED W 42 Main        See advt over
160         BUSIKESS     DIRECTORY
                 Glove Cleansers
LEWANDOS           FRENSCH      DYEING         AND
  CLEANSING         CO I Galen and 286 Boyl-
     ston, Boston     See page 30
Nonantum    Glove Cleansing      Establishment    M
  T Cahill manager     75 Union

              Grain Dealers
GREEN   S B & CO 224 Xrsenal    See page 9
PO’PE GEOxRGE   B 27 Spring  See ,back cov-

                Gravel    Roofers
MORRIS      EDWARD        0 25 I,rving    See back
              Greenhoiuse     Stock
STEARNS     A T LUMBER          CO (THE,)    mills
  at Neponset   exhibit   166   Devonshire   sales-
  room I Sudbury     Haymarket      sq Boston See
  page 18

Angelo     Frank 98 Main
Buttrick     David     80 Ma,in
Cheney      Elizabeth     Mrs 247 Arsenal
Derderian      M & S 3 Nichols av
Doane Herbert         W 36 N Beacon
Durnan      James H 56 Melendy         av
FLETCHER            IRVING       T 256 and 258 Pleas-
   ant    See page 9
Fulginiti     Domenico     821 Mt Auburn        ’
GIUFFRE          E B 26 Mt Auburn         See page 31
Hackett     Bros Co 25 Main
Hall Edward         C 23 Mt auburn
Hartford       Nathan    B I and 3 Main
Hilton    F A 213 Dexter         av
Lexander       J Prentiss     car Belmont
Lynch     Bros 3 Merchants         row
McGrath       Michael    327 Pleasant
Meade J R. 19 N Beacon
 Morlev     Patrick    17 Elt’on av
M’orriil   William     H 80 Galen
O’Keeffe      M IO Mt Auburn
Raimand       & Flecca 817 Mt Auburn
Reidy     Catherine     M 135 Main
Robeson       R 21 Mt Auburn
 Scipione    Ciro V Co 16-1 Main
 Simpson      Dana P 21 Main
                  BUSINESS          DIRECTORY                      161
Ticehurst Ralph G ZOO Main
Tomassetti  Gregorio  72 Main
WALKEIR     D 84 Prentiss    See page                        5
White John P 824 Mt Auburn
Yerxa’s Branch   50 Main

                  Gutta     Percha         Specialties
True      Harry     U     168   Pleasant

            Gutters and Conductors
STEARNS       A T LUMBER      CO (THE)                       mills
   at Neponset    exhibit 166 Devonshire                    sales:
      room I Sudbury              Haymarket        sq Boston See
   page 18

Apruharnian      M 3 Crawford
Dalliare   Jerome 3 and 5 Mt Auburn
Holmes     James 818 Mt Auburn
Jarvis John J 17 ,Main
McSherry      John J 35 ‘Main
O’Halloran      P H 23 Main
Ohanian     Garabed  5 Nichols av
Sacca Joseph 69 Main

                                Hardware                 .
Fifield     John     E 33 MaNin
 FLETCHER                 AL’BION      C 7-9 Main            see back
Transeau   Charles              F 825 Mt       Auburn

                  Hardwood Floors
GALE         GEORGE W LUMBER                        CO 640 Main
   Cambridge            See front    cover

                    Harness Manufacturer
 lJIAHONEY             DAN!IEL  J car Main                    and ~!L-c
   Auburn          See page 13

          Harness Oil and Blacking
 MAHONE)Y     DANIEL    J car Main                           and    Lflt
   Auburn  See page 13

       H.arness and Horse Furnishings
 MAHONEY       DANIEL    J ccr Main and                             Mt
  Auburn   See page 13
162         BUSINESS      DIRECTORY

           Hay, Grain, Straw, Etc
GREEN S B & CO 224 Arsenal See page g
Loring J & CO 302 Arsenal
NONANTUM        COAL CO Bridge next Eemis
  station See front cover and page IO
PEVEAR     W H & CO 128 Arsenal office j
  Spring See page 8
POPE GE#ORGE B 27 Spring See back cover

                  Hay Scales
Mt Auburn    next Beacon sq

           Heating and Ventilating
MASSACHUSETTS         FAN CO Howard                 and
  Lexington See page 3

                   Horse Clipping
POTTER’S         STABLES     (INC)    18 Spring     See
  page II

            Horse Clothing
MAHONEY    DANIEL    J cur ,&lain            and Mt
 Auburn See page 13
                    Horse Dealers
POTTER’S         STABLE’S   (INC)     18 Spring     See
  page II

         Horse and Wagon Covers
BATCHELDER       C H & CO 233 to           240    State,
  Boston See page 3
                                           .. ......
Kneeland Thomas H 16 Arsenal
Makin Frank J 79 Arsenal
Nolan Edward C 8 Arsenal
Union   Market     House. M: H Waterfall     89 Wal-

         Hotel Cooking Apparatus
WALKER      & PRATT    MNFG      CO 24 Main
 and 31 to 3,5 Union, Boston, foundry Cyp-
 ress See front cover

HOWARD           ICE CO 56 Galen See front cover
                BUSINESS          DIRECTORY                              163
BRAMAN            DOW           & CO          239-245        Causeway,
  Boston        See page        4

                   Insurance   Agents
CRITCHETT             FRED     E, 56 Main See page f?
Farwell    \4Tilliam E 25 Winter
Gallagher     Thomas       F 68 Waltham
Ingraham      R Waldo 30 Main
Macurda      William       h II Main
MELLEDGE             ROBERT      J 1388 Mass av, Cam-
   bridge See page 14
SILVER        ELMER          E gen mngr The Union
   Central    Life Ins Co if Cincinnati.     Ohio, 79
       Milk Boston See front cover
STONE       EDWIN          L 28 Main See page IO.. . .

               Insurance Company
UNION       CENTRAL     LIFE IN’S CO (THE)                                 of
  Cincinnati,          Ohio     79 Milk        Boston          See front

                  Investment Securities
CAMBRIDGE              TRUST   CO 1300 Mass av,
  Cambridge            See inside     back           cover
UNION        MARKE,T             NATIOaNAL                   BA.NK        L S
  Cleveland pres, John                    F        Tufts     ,cashier,     54
  Main See page II

                 Iron Pipe and Fittings
BRAMAN            D,OW & CO 239-245 Causeway,
   Boston       See page 4

Fletcher L N II Main
Gray Charles E 48 Main
Morgan   William 8 Mt Aulburn
WALTHAM                 JEWELRY                    CO      227 yMoody,
   Waltham        See front        cover

                  Justices of the Peace
ABBOTT           JOHN E 56 Main and 53 State                                 B
   See page       12
CRAWFORD                 FRED        E        12     Lincoln        and    18
     Tremont           rm 721 Eoston                See page 12
CRITCHETT    FRED E 56 Main See page 6
CUNIFF   P SAKSFIELD Bank Bldg room J,
   Newton   and           314     Pemberton                bldg     Boston
   See page 13
     164        BUSISESS     DIRECTORY
     Justices of the Peace-Con
     SKINNIER      HENRY    R 17 Main rm 3 and 28
       State Boston See page 13
     STONE EDWIN         L 28 Main   See page IO
     STONE WALTER          C 4 Walnut and 53 State
       rms 622-624   Boston   See page 12
     VAHEY       INNES    & VAHEY     Barnard’s blk
       and 18 Tremont Boston       See page 12

                  Kalsomining   Etc
     BUSTIN   JAME’S T & SONS 28 Main       See
       Paw 5
     FLAHERTY     WILLIAM      28 Main See page
                   Kindling   Wood
     HOWARD     ICE CO 56 Galen See front COV-

              Kitchen Furnishing  Goods
     WALKER       & PRATT     MNFG CO       24  Main
      and 31 to 35 Union Boston foun&y       Cypress
      See front cover

              Knit Goods Manufacturers
     Daliby Thomas Co 4l3 Morse

                Ladies’   Furnishing Goods
     LESTER     FRED      W 42 Main    See advt over
     Crystal Spring Wet Urash Co 154 Pleasant
     Fraser VI H IO Washbu,ru
     LEWANDOS           FRENCH      DYEING  AND
        CLEANSING        CO I Galen and 286 Boyl-
           ston. Boston    See page 30
     Metropolitan    Laundry 57 Spring
     ABBOTT     JOHN E 56 Main room I and 53
       State Boston   See page 12
     Abbott Samuel P 21 Parker
     Adams J Frank.48 Marshall and 53 State BOS-
     Blair Lafayette  G 48 Bailey rd and 73 Tre-
        mont Boston
      CRAWFORD       FREID I$ 12 Lincoln    and 18
        Tremont rm 721 Boston     See page 12
                     BUSINESS     DIRECTORY          165
    CUNN,IFF      P SARSFIELD     Bank Bldg New-
      ton and 314 Pemberton bldg Boston        See
         ,page 13
    Keefe Joseph P 47 Main
    SKINNER       HE’NRY R 17 Main rm 3 and 28
      State Boston     See page 13
    STONE WALTER          C 4 Walnut and 53 State
       rms 622-624 Boston See page 12
    Thierry   L,oms S 40 Palfrey
    Tufts John F 54 Main
    VAHJZY      INNES    & VAHEY     Barnard’s ‘blk
       and 18 Tremont Boston      See page 12
    Wheeler Jesse F 66 Mt -4uburn

    Watertown         Free Public Library     Main

                    Life          Insurance
    SILVER     ELMER.            E gen manager The Un-
      ion Central Life          Ins Co of Cincinnati Ohio
      79 Milk Boston             See front cover

    GALE GEORGE W LUMBEIR          CO 640 Main
      #Cambridge See front cover
    STEARNS     A T L’UMBER    CO’ (THE)    mills
      at Neponset exhibit 166 Devonshire   sales-
      room I Sudbury Haymarket sq Boston See
        page 18
    Watertown   Lumber Co Arsenal car Irving

                      Lunch Room
                 (See also Restaurants)
    Porter   Lewis B car lsta Galen

    Kuhn     Fritz     4 Church

              Manufacturing    Companies
    Aetna Mills F W Freeman manager 2% Plea-
      sant and 77 Chauncy Boston
    Bemis IMills (worsted goods), R E Goodwin
      treas, #Stanley av next F R R
.   Dalby Thomas Co, Thomas A Dalby treas,
      43 Morse
    E C Manufacturing      Co 57 Spring

Manufacturing      Companies-Con
HOOD      RUBBER       CO (rubber     boots and
  shoes etc) Nichols av near East Watertown
  station and 99 Redford Boston        See page
MASS FAN CO Dwight K Bartlett treas Ho-
  ward, West Wate.rtown       See page 3
Non-Corrosive     Metal Co Galen c Watertown
Power and Speed Controller       Co 49 Galen
Stanley Motor Carriage Co foot Hunt
Union Bag and Paper Co 26 Pleasant
Union Carpet Lining Co 304 Arsenal
WALKER        & PRATT MNFG CO (stovgs fu-
   rnaces and heaters) 24 Main and i3I to 35
   Union Boston foundry Cypress        See front
Warren Soap Mnfg Co (The) 46 Water and
   77 Summer Boston
Waterproof     Paint Co (The) John J Meehan
   treas, Fayette

             Market Gardeners
Coolidge Frank E 703 Mt Auburn
Coolidge Wendell   P Belmont
Davenport A M 88 Grove
Jenson John K 276 Main
Locke Henry W 174 Common
Love11 Bros 85 Orchard
Stone J W 165 Grove

Borden Amos C 4 Church
Cummings C W 12 Patten
McCoy XYilliam J Jr 34 Rigelow      av
WALKER       D 84 Prentiss See page 5
           Men’s Furnishing  Goods
DAVIDSON       GEO!R\G’E G imnfr   shirts,    col-
  lars and cuffs) 17 Main See page 6
                Metal   Roofers
MORRIS      EDWARD       0 25 riving     See back
Boyle John 314 hlain
Brown Crawford H 682 Belmont
                BUSINESS          DIRECTORY                 167
Conners James, Prescott
HOOD        H P & SONS 289 Pleasant       and 494
   Rutherford      av Chas’n See advt opp Business
Lindsey      Robert 30 Forest
Shannahan       P J 72 Elm
Stearns Clifford      E. Dwight
Sullivan     E J 151 Pleasant
WHITING          DAVID     & SONS 570 Rutherford
   av Chas’n See page 5

                        Mill    Supplies
BRAMAN          DOW            & CO 239-245 Causeway,
  Boston     See page 4

           Millinery      and Millinery      Goods
Ceiley Annie L 54 I\Iain
Grav E M Mrs 2Ia IVIt Auburn
R&illard   M G Cleophe 45 lLlain

CRITCHETT               FRED E 56 Main See page 6
MELLEDGE                ROBERT      J 1388 Mass av.
  Cambridge        See page 14
STONE        EDWIN      L 28 Xlain        See page    10

             Mouldings Brackets,            Etc.
GALE       GEORGE W LUMBER                   CO 640 >Tain.
  Cambridge        See front      cover
STEAR,NS# A T LUMBER                      CO (THE)         mills
  at Keponset    exhibit I 166 Devonshire   sales-
  rofom I Sudlbury    Haymarket   sq Boston    See
  page I8

                   Napntha Cleansers
LEWANDOS              FRE,NCH     DYEING               AND
  CLEANSING         CO I Galen            and 286 Boylston
  Boston     See page 30

McLauthlin       & Co 39 PIfain

TRIBUNE-ENTERPRISE                        (THE)      46 Main
     See page      21
168          BUSINESS         DIRECTORY
                  Notaries Public
              (See Misc. for fnll list)
ABBOTT       JOHN     E 56 Main and 53 State C
  See page 12
CRAWFORD          FRED     E 12 Lincoln      and 18
  Tremont      rm 721 B See page 12
CUNNIFF        P SARSFIELD          Bank Bldg room
  J, hTewton and 314 Pemherton          hldg Boston
  See page 13
STONE     EDWIN       L 29 &lain See page IO
STONE     WALTER         C 4 \,lalnut   and 53 State
  rms 622-624 Boston See page 12
TUFTS     JOHN     F 54 Main
VAHEY       JAMES       H Barnard’s      blk and 18
  Tremont     B See page 12

 Burns Lillian        15 Dexter  av
Dardis Mary E 9 Green
 Ellis Lillian      H 28 Main and 67 Spring
 Fisher Jennie M 45 Palfrey
 Gamage Elizabeth          M 12 Maple
 Ritchie    Christine    2q Marion   road
‘Ritchie    Josephine     25 Marion   road
 1,f’ard G P 131 Melendy          av

                        Oil Dealer
Sullivan    James     H 222 Main

SPENCER         THOMAS           W   CO   120 Tremont
  Boston     See page Ig

                Paint Manufacturers
 Waterpro,of    Paint   Co John J Meehan            treas
   and mng,r    71 Fayette

                         - Painters’
                      (House & Sign)
 Acheson    William      T 13 Cross
 BARRETT        GEORGE        W 34 Mt      Auburn     See

 B%%%.l       JAMES       T    & SONS     28 Main    See
   page 5

 FLAHERTY        WILLIAM     28 Main          See page
 Gordon   James E 28 Parker
 Johnson   Josiah 17 Bigelow   av
           BUSINESS   DIRECTORY          169
JOHONNOT      HARRIS   E 431 Centre New-
  ton See back cover and page 13
Page George A Merchants row
Parsons J F 8 Spring
PERKINS     GEORGE    A IO Sycamore   See
  page I4
Rundlett Benjamin T 30 Whitney

          Paper Bag Manufacturers
Union   Bag and Paper Co (The) 14 Pleasant

                Paper Hangers
Bailey Ambrose C 5 Spring
BARRETT     GE,OIRGE W 34 IMt Auburn See
   page 9
BUSTIN    JAME’S T & SON 28 Main     See
   page 5
PERKINS    GEORGE A IO Sycamore See page
              Pavers (Concrete)
Tripp David F 12 Irving

Anderson Thomas 2 Patten
Boucher J Adelard 2 Irving
Carter Bertha E 71 Mt Auburn
Chase C’harles 0 51 Mt Auburn
Coolidge Sumner 83 Coolidge Hill rd
Creeley Oscar S 63 Mt Auburn
Dennen Joseph H 16 Langdon av
Emerson Charles S 76 Mt-Auburn
Heath Alfred R 78 Mt Au!burn
Higginbotham    !F ,4 57 Mt Auburn
Howard C T 53 Mt Auburn
Kalousdian   Naz.areth M 539 Mt Auburn
Jelalian H S 37 Quimby
Kelley Michael J 82 #Main
Maloney Daniel A 122 Main
Mead Julien A IOO Mt Auburn
Smyser Charles I 72 Mt Auburn
Winner George L IO Russell av,

          Piano and Organ Tuners
Locke Frank A 5 Spring
                Piano Movers
BUTTEQZS HOR,ATIO       127 Main    See page
170            RUSLSESS      DIRECTORY

            Picture Frame Manufacturer
Kinsman       David W 30 Main

             Pitch  (Roofing and Paving)
BARRETT            MAN:UFACTURING             CO     297
  Franklin       Boston    See front cover

               Planing Mills
STEARNS     A T LUMBER       CO (THE)  mills
  at Neponset exhibit 166 Devonshire  sales-
  room I Sudbury Haymarket sq Boston, See
  page 18

Burke John 65 Main and II Cross
KEEFE      DAVID     F Merchants row See 01~1’
   inside back cover
.O’HEARN      JOHN W 48 Main        See page 7

                   Potato Chip Mnfrs
L,eighton      Henry T 136 Arlington

 McLauthlin  & Co 39 Main
‘STRATTON     PRESS (THE)     Incorp 46 Main
TRIBUNE-ENTERPRISE          (THE)    46 Main
     See page 21
Watertown   Press 4 Church

*Hackett Brothers Co 25 Main
 Hartford Nathan B 3 Main
 Lyman William   H 18 Mt Auburn
 Ticehurst Ralph G 200 Main

               Pumps (Copper and Iron)
BRAMAN           DOW & ClO’ 239-245          ‘CaUSeWay
  Boston        See page 4

                      Ranges, Furnaces, Etc
McILROY              JOHN 8 Belmont Mt Auburn            See
  page I4
             Reading Rooms
Watertown Free Public Library Main
Y XI C A Rooms 16 IMt Auburn
                  BUSINESS        DIRECTORY                         171
                      Ready Roofing
BARRETT              MANmUFACTURING                    CO           297
  Franklin         Boston        See front    cover

                    Real Estate   Agents
CRITCHETT             FRED      E 56 Main              See page
GLEASON             SAMUEL          S 56 Main          See page
Macurda       William X II Main
McGuire       & Roche $3 Main
MELLEDGE                ROBERT       J 1388 Mass av Har-
  vard sq Cambridge               and 60 State Boston See
    page I4
O’CONNELL                RE’AL      ESTATE        CO      (THE)
  N Beacon (Riverton)   See page 4
Paine Richard H 17 Main
Pearce R M 28 Dexter av
Ruggles Charles M 47 Main
STONE    EDWIN    L 28 Main  See page                          IO

Howard Henry W 31 Man
Johnston M F Mrs 55 School
Porter Lewis B car sta Galen
Waterfall W H School near Union                       Station
Wiley Ellen M Mrs 60 Main

                     Road Preservatives
BARiRETT             MANUFACTURING                      CO          297
  Franklin         Bcoston       See front cover

LEAVITT             W     P SONS CO 2g Pearl                   New-
ton     See back cover
MORRIS            EDWARD            0 25 Irving        See back
WAL,KER             & PRATT           MNFG      CO 24 Main
  and     31-35     Union      B,oston    See ifront coves

             Roofing      and Paving  Materials
BARlRETT                MANUFACTURING                     CO        297
   Franklin        Boston        See front cover
STEARNS             A T LUMBER               CO   (THE)         mills
  at Neponset exhibit 166 Devonshire sales-
  room I Sudbury Haymarket sq Boston See
  page 18
172           EUSISESS    DIRECTORY

   Rubber Boot and Shoe Manufacturers
HOOD RUBBE’R CO Nichols av E IV office
  99 Bedford Bost,on See page 8
        Safe and Machinery  Movers
BUTTER,S    HQ’RATIO    127 Main See page 7

         Safe and Machinery Movers
CAMBRIDGE      TRUST CO 1300 Mass av Cam
  bridge  See inside back cover
  Main See page II

                   Savings Banks
WATERTOWN            SAVINGS    BANK Julien A
  Mead, pres;      John F Green treas 56 Plain
 See page I0

           Sawing and Planing Mills
STEARNS      A T LUMBER      CO (THE)    mills
  at rieponset exhibit 166 Devonshire   sales-
  room I Sudbury Haymarket     sq Eoston See
  page I8

               Second Hand Furniture
Murphy       Edward TV 44 Main

           Sheathing, Flooring        Etc
GALE GEOiRGE W LUMBER                  CO 640   Main
  Cambridge    See front cover

                 Sheet Metal Work
McILROY         JOHN 8 Belmont Mt Auburn           See
  page I4

                  Shingle Stains
BARRETT          MANUFACTURING             CO      297
  Franklin     Boston    See front cover

GALE GEORGE W LUMBER            CO 640 Main
  Cambridge   See front cover
STEARNS     A T LUMBER      CO (THE)    mills
  at Neponset exhibit 166 Devonshire   sales-
  room I Sudbury Haymarket    sq Boston See
  page 18
              BUSINESS    DIRECTORY             173
           Shirt Manufacturers
DAVIDSON     GEORGE G (custom)            17 Main
  See page 6
Edwards E & Sons 59 Sp,ring
E C Mnfg Co 57 Spring

         -‘lver and Plated Ware
WALTHAM       JEWELRY    CO 227 Moody VVa-
 ltham  See front cover

BARRETT          MANUFACTURING            CO    297
  Franklin     Boston See front cover

                  Slate Roofers
MORRIS        EDWARD    0 23 Irving      See back

                 Soap Manufacturers
Warren       Soap Mnfg Co (The) 46 Water

         Spectacles and Eyeglasses
SPE.NCER THOMAS        W & CO 120 Tremont
  Boston  See page 19
WALTHAM      JEWEL’RY    CO 227 Moody Wa-
  ltham  See front cover
                  Spice Mills
DWINELL-WRIG,HT         CO 311 Summer           Bos-
  t,on See page 19

             Stables (Livery)   .
Kelly Thomas F 24 Mt Aulburn (hack)
POTTE,R’S STABLES      (INC) 18 Spring           See
     page II
                Stair Work
STEARNS    A T LUMBER      CO (THE)   mills
  at Xeponset exhibit 166 Devonshire sales-
  room I Sudbury Haymarket sq B,oston See
  page I8
                   Stationery,   Etc
WALKER          D 84 Prentiss      See page 5

                 Steam Boiler Mnfrs
BRAMAN          Dow     & co 239245 CaUSeWay
  Boston       See page 4
174            BUSIXESS         DIRECTOR\-
               Steam   Cooking      Apparatus
WALKER           & PRATT           MNFG CO 24 Main
  and 31 to 35 Union            Eoston   foundry     Cypress
  See front cover

            ‘Steam Heating Apparatus
BRAMAN          D’OW & CO 239-215 Causeway
  Boston      See page 1

                   Steam Packing
BRAMAN           DOW    & CO 239-245 Causeway
  Boston        See page   4.

  Steam Radiators, Valves and Gauge Cocks
BRAMAN      DOW     & CO 230-215 Causeway
  Boston  See page 1

                Steam and Gas Fitting
BRAMAN           DOlW & CO 239-245                 Causeway,
      Boston      See page 4
O’HEARN          JOHN    W 48 L\lain         See page 7

   Steam and Hot Water Heating Apparatus
McILROY      JOHN 8 Belmont T\lt Auburn See
     page I4
      CO 24 Main and 31 to 35 Union                    Boston
      ‘foundry Cypress See front cover

                    Store Fixtures
STEARNS          A T LUMBER        CO (THE) mills
  at n’eponset  exhibit  rhh Devonshire    sales-
  room I Sudbury     Haymarket  sq l:oston    See
  page 18

     Stove Range and Furnace Mnfrs
WALKER     & PRATT   MNFG CO 24 Main
  and 31 to 35 Union            Boston   foundry     Cypress
  See front cover

                   Stoves and Tinware
McILiROY         JOHN 8 Belmont >It -1uhurn See
     page       14
WALKER            & PRATT     MNFG CO 21 Main
  and 31 to 35 Cnion            Eoston   foundry      Cypress
  See front cover
          EUSISESS    DIRECTORY             175
Cross Abraham    14 Belmont
Lyman H C 16 Mt Auburn
McAveeney Patri’ck 14 Mt Aubnrn
Moran Frank 76 Main

   Tanks and Vats (Water, Oil and Ship)
STEARNS       A T LUMBER     CO (THE)     mills
  at r\Teponset exhibit 166 Devonshire   sales-
  room    I Sudbury Haymarket sq Boston See
  page 18
BARRETT         MANUFACTURING          CO 297
  Franklin Boston See front cover

Bennett Henry 12 Hunt
Collins Sara L 67 Galen
Emery Ada P 5 Marshall
Henry Laura II Garfield
Hunting   Annah M Mrs (cello)       24 Mar&all
Hunting Oscar L 24 Marshall
Jones Florence G 47 Bigelow av
Leach Emilie M Mrs 31 Franklin
Livermore Mabel G 17 Franklin
Spring h: J (violin) 28 Riverside
Stephens Grace E 25 Summer

Allen C S 14 Nichols av
Brown George 602 Belmont
EMERSON       EXPRE’SS CO Lewis E Brown
   ,prop 15 Spring;    Boston offices 89 Broad
      and 15 Devonshire     See opp inside back
      cover                             +
Gavin Thomas J CU 22 Irving
Hall ‘IY C 183 Grove
Quirk Thomas 27 Quirk

          Teas. Coffees and Spices
DWINELL-WRIGHT          CO 311 Summer Bos-
  ton See page 19
FLETCHER      IRVING    T 256 and 258 Pleas-
  ant See page 9
Hoostein Hyman 22 Arsenal
WALKER      D 84 Prentiss   See page 5
    Telephone and Telegraph’ Companies
Bew    England Telephone and Telegraph  Co
 31 Main
Western Union Telegraph Co Watertown   R R
 station Church and Union Market R R Sta-
    tion Walnuf

BATCHEmLDER     C H & CU 234-240 State Bo-
  ston See page

STEARNS     A T LUMBER     CO (THE)    mills
  at Neponset exhibit 166 Devonshire  sales-
  room I Sudbury Haymarket   sq Boston See
  page 18

    Tin, Copper and Sheet lron Work
WALKER      & PRATT   MNFG CO 24 Main
 and 31 to 35 Union Boston foundry Cypress
 See fr#ont cover

                  Tin Roofing
WALKER      & PRATT      MNFG CO 24 Main
 and 31 to 35 Union Boston foundry Cypress
 See fr,ont cover
BUSTIN    JAMES T & SON 28 Main       See
  page 5
               Trust Companies
  87 Milk Boston See page 2
CAMBRIDiGlE     TRUST CO 1300 Mass av Ca-
  mbridge   See inside back cover

Shaw Marion   A 28 Main
Barnes James T 75 Main
Gallagher John I Green
GRAHAM      ROBERT J 34 Main car Galen See
  back ,binding and page 7
GRE,GG. GEORJGE H & SON 20 Mt Auburn
  See bottom edge
Raymond Charles A 58 Main
Murphy   Edward   W L# Main
                                        __- _.. _.._      ..-

             BUSISESS    DIRECTORY                 i77
            Ventilating   Apparatus
MASSACHUSETTS           FAN CO Howard              and
  Lexington   See page 3

Madden   Edward    A 55 Elliott

                   Wall Papers
BUSTIN       JAME,ST & SON8       28   Main See p 5

       Watch and Clock Repairing
WALTHAM     JEWELRY     CO 227 Moody Wa-
 ltham  See front cover
       Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Etc
WALTHA,M     JEWELRY     CO 227 i$!loody wa-
 ltham   See front cover

             Water Conductors
STEARNS    A T LUMBER      CO (THE)   mills
  at Neponset exhibit 166 Devonshire sales-
  room I Sudbury Haymarket sq Boston See
  page 18
             Waterproofing  Materials
BARRETT         MANUFACTURING                CO    297
  Franklin    Boston See front cover

               Wedding Cake
PAXTON     JAME:S & CO Eliot block Newton
  See page 4
           Window and Door Frames
STEARNS      A T LUMBER    CO (THE)   mills
  at Neponset exhibit 166 Devonshire sales-
  room I Sudibury Haymarket sq Boston See
  ‘page 18
                  Wood (Bundle)
HOWARD         ICE CO 56 Galen         See front   cov-
                Wood and Coal
NONANTUM          COAL CO Bridge next Bemis
  station,  See front cover and page IO
OSGOO,D & WENDELL           French ter See back
PEOPLES      COAL CO 4 Church         See back
PEVEAR      W H & CO elevator 128 Arsenal
  office 5 Spring   See page 8
178         BUSlNE’SS    DIRECTORY

          Wood and Ivory      Turning
STEARNS    A T LUMBER          CO (THE)            mills
  at Seponset   exhibit   166  Devonshire   sales-
  room I Sudlhwy     Haymarket    sq Coston    See
  page I8

                  Wooden Ware
FLETCHE*R       IRVING   T 256 and 258 Pleas-
  ant   See page   9

        Woolen     Goods Manufacturers
Aetna Mills F W Fzeeman manager          266 Pleas-
   ant and 77 Chauncy  F,oston
Bernis Mills, R E Goodwin    treas;      Stanley      av
   next F R R

G. R. Stratton,   Pres.                                     G. W. Johnson,    Mgr.

THE STRATTON                                        PRESSJnc.
                   Successors to the Printing Department       of
                            The Tribune Enterprise

D                 PRINTERS
    Finest    Stationery      and Commercial   Work             a Specialty
                            A Modern Equipment
46 MAIN           STREET                 WATERTOWN,                     MASS.
                           Telephone   537 Newron   North

                  TOWN OFFICERS
                                       1909                    *
           Selectmen-P.     Sarsfield Cunniff ; Walter C.
         Stone; Chairles A. York
           Town Clerk-William         P. McGuire
           Town Treasurer-Harry          W Brigham
           Assessors of Taxes-Frederick         E. Critchett ;
         Albert0 F Haynes; Edwin L Stone
           Auditor-Irving     B. Co8burn
            Collector of Taxes-Charles       A. Raymond
            School Committe-Mrs.          Alice M. Silsby,
         Charles M. DeMerritt,      Arthur F. Gray, Will-
         iam W. Rugg, Edward N. Clancy, #Charles A.
         York; supt of sch,ools Wilfred H. Price
           Trustees of the #Free Public Library-Rev.
         John F Kelleher, Charles Brigham, George E
         Goodspeed, Julian ,4 Mead, William H Bustin
         Jr Volney Skinner
            Board of Health-D’r          J H D,ennen, Dr
          Charles T Howard, David E Powers agent;
         supt of cemeteries J C Safford
           IPark Commissioners-W5lliam           N Norcross,
          W Harvy Lucas, James P Ford
            Water Commissioniers - Charles Brigham,
          Chas H Rollins, Edward F Hughes
       Agent     for the Overseer       of the Psoor-
    William     H Benjamin
       Tree Warden-John         C Ford
.      Town Counsel-John          E Abbott
       Engineers of the Fire Department-Orrin
    R Hatch, John J Murphy James H Jackson
       Constables-P,atrick      H 0 Halloran,      Peter
    J Dugan, Michael W Lyons
       Sealer of Weights and Measures-John             F
       Superintendent       of Streets and Sewers-
    Bartley    Maloney
       Superintendent      of Town Farm-George         H
       Keeper of Almshouse and Pounds-George
    H White
       Inspector of Buildings-Jiilliam        H Benja-
       Inspector    of Milk and Provisions-Arthur
       Inspector    of Poles and Wires-Patrick          J
       Town Almoner-William            H Benjamin
       Town Engineer-Wilbur          F Learned
       Regular Police Officers-Daniel        H ~Cooney,
    -dhief ;-Thomas      F Lyons lieut;     William    P
     Coleman sergeant, John L Anderson, inspec-
    tar; Joshn F Dwyer, James P Burke, William
    A Howard, Dennis Sullivan, John F Milmore,
    John E McNamara, Vernon F Brown, John F

                  FIR,E .DEPARTMENT
        Board of Engineers-Orrin     R Hatch, chief;
    John J Murphy, James H Jackson, assts
              PEQUOSETT      S F E CO Xl0 I
                     Main corner Cross
        W Rundlett, capt ; A A Hatch, lieut; John
    O’Hearn clerk George Butler driver
        Joseph S Mackin, capt ; C A Colligan, lieut;
    Wm A Bright, clerk Thomas Murphy driver
               rEQUOSETTE        HOSE NO 2
          Mt Anburn Street car Bo’stonia Ave
        William    Neal capt; Frank McGinty     lieut
    -and clerk
      3                          0 I
          MISCELLANEOUS               DEPARTMEKT               181

            FIKE     ALARM          TELEGRAPH
List    of boxes with their numbers and locations
  12   GaIen corner Morse
112    Boston     Elevated        R R Car House,              Galen
           st opp Watertown           st (IPrivate)
  I3   \Vatertown,        corner Morse
  I4   Jeweit,    near Boyd
  ‘5   Church,     Engine       House
  16   Water,     Electric      Light     Station
  I7   Hunt,     Stanley      Dry Plate Co (Private)
 21     Beacon square
 23    Nor:h     Eeacon car Irving
 24    Arsenal     st, junction        School
212    Riverside      near Ladd av
241    Tt’alker    & Pratt Mnfg Co (Private)
242    Quimfby
243    Ho’od Rubber           Co (Private))
 25    Arsenal      st (Harvard            Mills      (Private)
2.51   united     States Arsenal            (Private)
  26   Arlington      st, near E Watertown                 Dept
 27    Grove corner Coolidge               av
   3   Mt Auburn        corner Parker
 3’    Mt Auburn        corner Walnut
312    Garfleld earner 1:righam
313    Spruce head of Cedar ct
 32    Mt Auburn         iuncticn     School
321    Winthrop       Hosmer       school
 34    Mt Auburn         car Melendy         av
 35    Mt Auburn          car Cottage
  4    Spring car Fayette
 41    Common        car Grenville         rd
 42    Orchard      St Alms House
 43    Lexington       junction      Orchard
  5    Marshall      car Church
  6    Main car Green
 61    Favette     car White’s         av
 62    M&n car Howard
 63    Main near C H Leonard’s                     House
 71    Pleasant     st office Aetna Mills

             PUBLIC       SCHOOLS
  Supt  of Schools-N’ilfred       H P-ice.     office
Town   Hall  Annex    3 Church     st ; T.elephone,
Sewton   North 791-1
                    BEMIS    PRIMARY
                      Waltham    Street
182        MISCELLhNEOUS                 mcPAr<-rhI       E: ‘I’
               COOLIDGE                GRAMMAR
              Mt Auburn            St near Cottage
      Ruth W Howard,              principal
    FRANCIS         GRAMMAR                  AI\‘D      PRIMARY
                  Spring      corner Common
      Fannie     B Patten,         principal
                         School        Street         ’
      Mabel G Drake, Principal
                        Marshall          Street
      Frank W Whitney,              principal
                  HOSMER             GRX1111IAR
      Walter    L Putnam,           principal
                   LOWELL              PRIMARY
                             White        Street
      Nellie A Dorney,           principal;       Myra D Sawyer
          MARSHALL             SPRING            GR?L111lAR
      Charles W Jqs’alter. principal
                  PARKER             GRAMM.4R
                                 Galen Street
      Alice C Bullard,          principal
                 PAROCHIAL                   SCHOOL
     ST PA?\RICK’S              PAROCHIAL                 SCHOOL
                         Pleasant         Street
               16 Teachers           and 550, Pupils
 I, ‘.
      CHURCH          OF THE             GOOD         SHEPHERD
  (Epis)     Mt Auburn           Street;         Rev Frederick          C
 %Villiams,      :rector
      CHCRCH         OF THE SPlGRED                     HEART         Ro-
.man Catholic.         Mt -4uburn             opp Cottage;           Rev
  T 1qT Coughlin,         pastor;       R H Splaine, asst pas-
  tor: John Hogan,            sexton
      FIRST      BAPTIST             CHURCH.              hit Auburn
  near Main:        C H Day, pastor;                  M’ H Pevear,
  treas ; 0 IV Halliday.                clerk
      FI\RST     PARISH            CHURCH                (Unitarian),
   Church     Street      corner        Summer:          Rev Grover
   George Mills, pastor;             Alberto       1; Haynes.      clerk
      PHILLIPS         CHURCH               (Conq Trin)         Mt -%c\u-
  burn corner         Phillips:        Rev Edward            C Camp.
   pastor ; Edwin         Stockin,        clerk;     Charles      Hink-
   ley. sexton
      ST TOHN’S           METHODIST                  EPISCOP.4L.
   Mt Auburn         Street:       Rev Charles            1%’ Ho!den,
   pastor; W C Hamlin.               set
     MISCELLhNEOUS        DEPARTMENT        183
    ST PATRICK’S    CHU,RCH (Roman Catho-
lic), corner Main and Chestnut; Rev Ambrose
F Roche, pastor; Revs John F Kelleher, Pat-
rick L Crayton assts

   PEQUOSETTE        LO,DGE IClaude H Clark,
W M; S Eugene Procto.r, set Wm. E Farwell,
treas; meet sec,ond Thursday of each month at
Masonic hall                                z

ANbENT       ORDl3R OF UNITED         WORK-
   WATERTOWN         LODGE NO To--Institu-
ted Octolber 22. 1886 B C Mills, master work-
man; I T Norrish, set; A L Rumrill      treas;
meet first and third Friday of each month at
Grand Army hall

   ISAAC B PATTEN       POST NO 81-L      A
Shaw commander; C H Dean,V C; John We-
lch, adjt; Alvin F Tolman, quarter master;
meet second and fourth Monday of each month
at Grand Army hall
   WATERT’OWN        COUSCI L, NO 1j5-Or-
ganized March I, 18g6 Frank 1\r O’Brien grand
knight ; John F Cunrxiff, fin set; Geo A Reed,
treas: meet second and fourth Monday of each
month at Cent.ral hall
   WATERTOWN        LODGE NO Idx-Dr      Fr
ank R Silver, C C ; George H. White, K of R
and S ; Edward B Dolbier. M of F : meet set
ond and fourth Monday evening of each month
at Masonic hall

                ODD FELLOWS
    LAFAYETTE       LOD’GE    NO 31. Edgar B
Dolbier, N G; Fred L Drake, ret set ; Edwin
C Richardson, treas meet every Tuesday eve-
ning at Masonic hall
NO ISO E Lillian     Simonds, N G: Helen H
 Bowlby, ret set : Hattie A Taylor, tress ; meet
first and third Monday of each month at Ma-
sonic hall
184       sIISCELL~XEOUS               DEPARTMENT

              S0N.S OF VETERANS
   IS;\-AC   B P_\TTES     POST,    NO zg John L’l
Quinlan,     corn ; Lewis    F Barney,   set; X H
Hodsdon,     treas : meet first and third Monday
evening    of each month a: Grand Army        hall
   WXTERTOW       X COMMANDERY          NO 7.
Horace  L Ham, corn; Fred J Peck, recorder;
Sadie  A Nichols,   treas; meet first Tuesday
evening of each month at G A R hall
             SOCIETIEfS,          CLUBS,          ETC
     COXI;\IC)N\\VErlLTH                   1lOTOli           1SD
 DRIVISG           CLL+H, zoo School;              Frank J ;\lc-
 Peake, supt
    I-IOAIE-CROFT             GUILD,          143    Main;     Mrs
Al Caroline        Nelson, director       Home-croft        Shops
-1Iiss        Elizabeth       S Hill,        direct’or     School
    O_IKLEY            COUNTRY              CLUB.        Belmont
near School.          0rganized       1\Iarch, 1898; Joseph
B Russell, pres ; .\I AI Richardson,                 treas ; Har-
old 11 Deane, supt
    SACRED            HE,iRT          TOTA\L           ABSTIN-
ESCE        SOCIETY.           Organized          1898; 821 Aft
Auburn ; Xichael            Conroy,       pres ; John Rock,
    SUSNY          BANK      HOSIE,         240 School Anna
H A\ndersen,         matr0.n
    l\‘AATERTO\VN             CLL’C : 29 IlI,ain ; Benja-
 min F Ward,           pres ; Luther       T Symonds,          set;
Raymond          H Wilson,        treas
    JVATERTO,WN                 FREE          PUBLIC         LIB
RARY.       Alain next the \Park.             Organized      1868;
 Open every afternoon               except      Sundays,     ,from
2 to g.     From November             to May open Sunday
afternoons        from .q to 8.           Num’ber       of books
 about 35,000. besides over                 25,000 pamphlets
 and papers
    1VINSOR          CLU’B,     Langdon        avenue
   AETNA        hIILLS,     266   Pleasant,     Office   77
Chauncey,      Bosion:   E F Atkins,         pres; M ,4
Smith,   treas;     F W Freeman         mngr;     worsted
and woolen goods manufacturers
   BEMIS      MILLS,      Stanley     avenue ; Richard
E Goodwin,        treas; silk mixture       and worsted
dress goods
       $II>SCELL.%NEOUS DEPARTnfEST             1.85
  _ THOMAS      DALIBY CO, 43 Morse; Thomas
A Dalby, pres; and tress ; Miss Lois R Page,
     E C MNFG       CO, ‘57 Spring;      Herbert   H
Sawyer, treas ; shirt manufacturers
     HACKETT       BROTHERS        CO 25 Main;
Minnie L Hackett pres; Franics J Hackett,
set and treas; Alice Sheridan, clerk
     HOsOD RUBBER          CO, East Watertlown;
 Boston office gg Bedford ; F C Hood, treas ; A
N Hood, set; H C Mason, supt
     MASSACHUSETTS           FAN      CO Howard,
 West Watertown,       Boston office, 14 Kilby ;
 Horace Cheney, pres; M Irving           Mott, vice-
pres; Dwight K Bartlett treas ; fans, blowers,          -~
heaters and engines
     NEWTON       AND      WATERTOWN             GAS
LIGHT      CO 67 Water, Watertown;        308 Wash-
ington, Newton ; Incorporated      1854
     NON-CORROSIVE          METAL        CO (Inc),
 ti,alen car Watertown;     Augustus     E Thomp-
son, treas and mngr
CO, 49 Galen ; James S Newton, p.res; Robert
P Blak,e, treas; Frederick S Meier, supt; gen-
eral machinery
     J C PALMER        LOZENGE          MACHINE
MNFG CO; Robert P Blake, pres James S
Newton, treas
     STANLEY      MOTOR        CARRIAGE           CO,
foot of Hunt F 0 Stanley, pres; Francis E
Stanley, treas
     THE STRATTOlX        PRESS (INC) 46 Main
George R Stratton, pres; Edwin 0 Childs Jr
treas; George W Johnson mngr
     THE   WARREX        .SOAP MNFG          CO, 46
Warer; office 77 Summer, Bosteon, Established
 1870. Incorporated     1890; Henry N Tenney,
pres; I L W Reynolds, treas ; J’ohn Haskell
Butler set
     TRIBUNE-ENTERPRISE              (Inc),    news-
paper publishers ; Tribune-Enterprise            pub-
lished Fridays ; Belmont Tribune, Saturdays ;
George R Stratton, manmager, 46 Main
     UNION    E&4G AND PAPER CO, 24 and 26
pleasant; Edgar G Barratt, pres; A E Dane,
supt factory dept ; John Dailey, supt mill dept;
paper Bag manufacturers
] 86    hlISCELL.\NEOUS            DEPARTMENT
     UNION          CARPET         LINING      CO, 304 Ar-
senal ; John A Pray, pres; Jo,seph N Damon,
treas: John M Whittemore,                gen mngr
     UNION          MARKET          NATIONAL           BANK,
-54       Xain.     Capital,   $roo,coo;   L Sidney Cleve-
land, p.res; Henry           C Derby, vice pres; John F
Tufts, cashier
WALKER               & PRATT          MNFG      CO-Capitol
$300,000       ; Arthur      W Walker.      pres; C F Bel-
cher, tress; Bartlett            M Shaw, supt        Stores 24
 ,liain and 31 to 35 Union, Boston;              foundry    De-
xter av and Cypress opposite              U S Arsenal
     WATERPROOF                  PXINT     CO-71       Fayette
 Incorporated          April    24. 1898; Alfred       C Fair-
banks, pres and set; John J Mehan. treas
     WATFIRTOWN                 LUMBER        CO-      Arsenal
James B Tennant,             pres ; Chester Sp:rague treas
 Percy T Sprague,             asst treas; A E Noble set
 and mngr
     WATERTOWN                 CO-OPERATIVE              BANK
 -Office        of set and treas, 56 Main;Bartlett             M
 Shaw. pres ; James D Evans, vice pres; S S
 Gleason, set and treas
      liTATERTO\VN             SAVINGS       BANK-Julian
 A llead,        lx-es; John F Green, treas
                     U S ARSENAL
    U S i\RSENAL           (Ordnance      Detatchment)
-Arsenal      st near Elm;       Lieut   Co1 Charles      B
i\‘heeler   corn officer;     Major    Clarence    C Wil-
liams John Lund,         Lloyd    P Horsfall.     Charles
 B Gatewood,      Herman     W Schull captains Mark
 L Ireland,    lieut ; Charles    A Gregg,      chief elk;
         WATERTOWN               POST-OFFICE
                        Main Street
    Frederick    Robbins.     postmaster   ; Margaret     G
Riley     asst postmistress:       B A Johnson,     money
order clerk; J A Elliott,         James P Dunphy.      Ja-
mes Barnes, clerks
    J P White.     clerk;    Mt Auburn     P 0 Station ;
A H Parsons. clerk Station           No I, East l\Tater-
town: J J Dugan, clerk Station             No 2, Bemis;
Mrs E Cheney, clerk Station No 3, Union Xar-
    Office Open-WTeek           days; 7 a m to 8 p m-
Sundays ; 10.00        to I 1.00 a m
    LETTER        CARRIERS-J             F Cunniff.   P D
 Gleason, C I Regan, W S Andrews,                 A I TU-
 min. Frank Stevens. Jos P Sullivan.          C R HOW-
es, Thomas       F Maloney
         _        r .     . .,                                 .-

         MIsSCELLANEOUS                 DEPARTMENT       187
William    B Cunniff,  J F Danehy,   James Cal-
SPECIAL      DELIVERY-Oliver        Kelley

     JUSTICES     OF THE      PEACE        AND   *NOTARIES

        Justice of the Peace and also Notary Public
**Abbott       John E
  *Abbott       Samuel P
    Abbott     William       A
  *Adams        J Frank
  *Allen     John W
**Blair      Lafayette      G
  *Coomlbs Edward              H
    Crawford        Fred E
  *Critchett       Frederick     E
  *Cummings           Arthur     S
    Cunniff      P Sarsfield
    Earle Ralph          S
  *Edmands          Frederick      I,
    Fuller     Samuel A Jr
**G’allagher         T James
  *Gilkey      James H
  *Glidden        Alfred     A
    Gleason Samuel S
  *Gleason       M’alter     H
**Gooch        William      D
  *Graham        ,4lfo:rd M
    Haviland        Edwin      J
    Hudson       George
  *Jones Storer F
**Keefe        Toseph P
  *Locke      ‘E Irving
**McGuire          Wm P
    Moody Leonce B
    Skinner       Henry     R
  *Skinner        Volney
   *SpatrIding       Moses J
  *Spillane       James P
    Stone Charles W
 **Stone      Edwn L
   *Stone Walter          C
    Tufts John F
    Vahey James H
   *Vabey       Thomas       F
   *Wilson       Tom
                                                                                                         ;-   -


                                                                   L. E. BROWN
   Express                                                                 Proprietor

                                          15 Spring                       Street,

                          89 BROAD
                          STREET               BOSTON ~%RD:~~NSH
Established           1867                                             Telephone            Connection

                     D. F. HEEFE
PLUMBER                                   AND                     GAS                   FITTER
              Telephone, Newton North, 731-1                      Residence, Newton North, 688-4

                                Office,            Merchants           Row
              Residence,           No.         8     Irving       Park,       Watertown

     The                  Tribune                                 Enterprise
      PUBLISHED                                    EVERY                      FRIDAY
     D    evoted  to the
             and political

                             it is the only
                                           of Watertown,
                                 news of the week.
                                                  paper published
                                                                    all the local, religious
                                                                      with   the Belmont
                                                                     in a district      of over
     16,000 people within          a five cent fare of Boston.     A splendid,     high-class
     advertising     medium.
     Subscription                              =              =         ijSl.00     Per      Year

Cambridge Company
            1300      MAhi5ACHUSETTS                                AVENUE
           Opposite    the     College           Grounds,        Harvard    Square

ASSETS,                                  . .                 $l,iOO,OtiO
      Transacts              a General                   Banking           Business
Interest       Allowed          on Deposits                      Subject      to Cheque

                             BOARD           OF      DIRECTORS
EDWIN    H ABBOTT                                            JOSEPH B. RUSSELL
GEO. HOWLAND       COX                                       J. HENRY    RUSSELL
FREDERIC    LODGE                                            ALVIN   F. SORTWl     LL
IRA N. HOLLIS                                                PHILIP   STOCKTON
JOHN H. HUBBARD                                              HENRY    0. UNDERWOOD
FRED H. LEAVITT                                              BENJAMIN     VAUGHAN
JAMES J. MYERS                                               HERBERT      H. WHITE
                          ‘I    _            *       P

    ‘ALVIN   F. SORTWELL                         .       .          .        .     President
    GtiO. HOWLAND      COX               .           .        Vice-President   and Treasurer
    FRANKLIN     PERRIN    .                     .           Manager Safety Vaults Department

Banking          Hours,        8 to 2                        Saturday       8 to 12, Only

     Authorized   by law to act as Trustee under Wills
and Agreements,     and as Executor,    Administrator,     or
Guardian of Estates.
     Trust Funds and Trust Investments separate and
apart from the Assets of the Company.
     Has installed    the Bankers’ Electric      Protective
System in its large vault, and offers boxes for deposit-
ing securities and storage accommodation         for other
valuables, at as low rates as is consistent with security
and good service.

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