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Extra Mile

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                      MARCH 2011. ISSUE NO 1

Interview with rugby star

Sam Tomkins
Personal trainer Q&A
Which ############
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               Clashing colours: the
                best of gym fashion
             Plus, Our resident physiotherapist
                        answers your questions
Copyright of Puma
                                                 Contents                                          MARCH 2011    .
                                                 Warm up
                                                 4. IN THE KNOW
                                                 Our round-up of the news straight from the fitness press.

 Welcome                                         6. BE INSPIRED
                                                 True uplifting stories to keep you going.

 To Extra Mile                                   9. GETTING PERSONAL
                                                 Q&A with personal trainer Catriona Langhorn.
  At Extra Mile we’re devoted to making

                                                 In the zone
  sure that you get the most from your
  gym workout and maintain a healthy life-
  style. Don’t worry if you’ve been slack-
  ing lately as we’re here to get you back       10. SMALL CHANGES BIG RESULTS
  on track. We’ve got Rugby League star          Advice on making the right food choices.
  Sam Tomkins sharing some of his train-
  ing techniques on page 16 and an A to Z        12. PHYSIO FIRST
  of healthy living on page 14.                  Our resident physiotherapist answers your questions.
     I firmly believe that great personal
  trainers can help you to achieve your          14. A TO Z OF HEALTHY LIVING
  goals in a shorter space of time. Hav-         R is for read it and get fit.
  ing someone there to teach you and
  cheer you on is amazing for motivation         16. EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH SAM TOMKINS
  and commitment. We spoke to Catriona           The young rugby star talks fitness, fame and pre-game feasts.
  Langhorn, a personal trainer, on page 9
  to find out what she loves about her job.      19. CLASHING COLOURS
     Injury is a risk that comes with training   The best of gym fashion.
  sometimes, I’ve had my fair share, but
  we’ve got physiotherapist, Maddy Lewis,        21. PERFECT FORM
  on hand to answer your workout worries.        Showing you how to get the best from your workout.
  Turn to page 12 to read more.
                                                 22. CURE YOUR GYM PHOBIA
 Kerry Rodgers, Editor                           How to get your confidence back.
 twitter @klrodgers
                                                 Cool down
                                                 25. QUIZ
                                                 Which ########### class is perfect for you?
  The E   xTRA MILE Team                         26. OVERHEARD IN THE GYM
 EDITOR: Kerry Rodgers has been to
                                                 We give our views on workout etiquette.
 Zumba this month.

 has been mainly on the bench press.

 WEB EDITOR: Sarah Jordan has been
 attending all the dance classes.

 CHIEF SUB: Joe Nixon has been
 relaxing with some yoga.

 DESIGN EDITOR: Edward Lewis has
 been running around the office.

 Got a question for us? Contact the team:
                                                 HEALTHY EATING p.14                SAM TOMKINS p.16
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                                                                                     EXTRA MILE MARCH 2011 PAGE 3
                          In the
                      Simply Irresistible
                      New research from St Andrews University suggests that eating
                      five portions of fruit and vegetables a day will make you more
                      attractive to the opposite sex. The research highlighted that
                      eating your greens can help improve the pigment in your skin
                      and give you a golden glow. Dr Ian Stephen, who conducted the
                      study, said celebrity examples of this healthy, attractive look,
                      include Hollywood stars Keira Knightley and Johnny Depp.

                         Chris Evans as Captain America
                       Breathing and burning
                      A state-of-the-art breathalyser is being developed by chemists
                      at Oxford University to detect how much fat you burn during a
                      workout. The device works by picking up small changes in the
                      level of acetone in your breath, which is produced when the body
                      is burning fat rather than carbohydrates. A chemist involved in
                      the project, Professor Gus Hancock, told The Telegraph: “This
                      is of great interest in sport studies and dietary studies to find out
                      how people have worked out in the gym.” People reach their ‘fat
                      burning zone’ at different rates during a workout. This device will
                      be able to pinpoint the exact moment when you switch from using
                      food energy, to burning fat. Think how great it will feel to know
                      that after 20 minutes on the treadmill you are starting to burn off
                      last night’s pizza!

                      Future Technology
                      A ‘fitness assistant’ that not only motivates you but gives
                      demonstrations has been developed by researchers at the
                      Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits in Germany.
                      The electronic device consists of a sensor suit that collects
                      information about its wearer’s movements and transmits current
                      measurement results to a TV, computer or smartphone. During
                      exercises, the clever T-shirt monitors the wearer’s breathing,
                      while the smartphone analyses the collected data and gives the
                      user feedback on the success of his or her training.

Copyright of Orange
                                                                            Copyright of Maximuscle

                   at the muscles
Fantastic Four and Scott Pilgrim actor Chris Evans has revealed
that he doesn’t follow a special workout plan or diet when
preparing for film roles. His secret for staying in shape is to
work out on a regular basis and play plenty of fast-paced sports.
While preparing for the new Captain America movie, all Evans
concentrated on was bodyweight exercises for strength, such as
push-ups, pull-ups, and sit-ups. He is living proof that you don’t
need a rigorous workout routine to pile on the muscles, you just
need to be determined and committed to regular exercise.

Serious health problems reduced
by a good night’s sleep
The risk of developing heart disease can increase by as much
as 48 per cent if a person does not get enough sleep. According
to scientists from the University of Warwick, most people need
between six and eight hours of sleep each night to protect their
health. Professor Francesco Cappuccio, from the University of
Warwick Medical School, told the Daily Mail: “If you sleep less
than six hours per night and have disturbed sleep you stand a
48 per cent greater chance of developing or dying from heart
disease and a 15 per cent greater chance of developing or
dying of a stroke.” This is not to suggest that you should have a
lie- in every day, but do try and balance your nights out with
comfy nights in.

Kiera Knightly and Johnny Depp, Copyright of Walt Disney Pictures; Captin
America, copyright of Marvel; woman sleeping copyright of

                                      Be Inspired
                                       REAL PEOPLE                    REAL STORIES                  REAL RESULTS

                                                                 wo     inspiring  stories      final operation was to be his last.
  Copyright of ############
                                                                 came from the recent              When the anaesthesia wore
                                                                 ########### New You            off, Andrew was told that he had
                                                                 Achievement      Awards        suffered massive spinal damage
                                                       ceremony.                                during the operation and that he
                                                         Nosheen Ahmed, from Rochdale,          may never walk unaided again.
                                                             was praised at the 2010               Instead of giving up, Andrew
                                                                  awards for shedding an        joined the Sheffield Hillsborough
                                                                    incredible 14 stone in      branch of ########### and worked
                                                                     one year.                  hard to prove the doctors wrong.
                                                                       With the help of         Andrew’s months of hard work and
                                                                   ########### and a            dedication were rewarded when he
                                                       personal trainer, Nosheen has            was presented with the #########
                                                       improved her health, confidence          New You Achievement Award at a
                                                       and state of mind through a              lavish ceremony in 2010.
                                                       targeted exercise regime.                   Andrew told the New You Awards
                                                         In an interview with the New You       team: “Five months on from being
                                                       Awards team, she said: “I have           told I would never walk again, my
                                                       learnt the hard way that if you          personal trainer got me running for
                                                       put your mind to something then          five minutes, which was amazing.”
                                                       your body will follow and you can           If exercise has changed your
   Winner of                                           achieve anything.”                       life and you think your story could
   the shape                                             When Andrew Pigott was                 inspire others, look out for your
   category at                                         wheeled into surgery for a routine       chance to apply for the 2011
   the 2010 New                                        spinal operation in July 2009, he        New You Achievement Awards
   You Achievement                                     believed that his medical problems       on the ########### website. In
   Awards, Nosheen                                     would shortly be behind him.             the meantime we want to hear
   Ahmed                                               Having beaten cancer and coped           your inspirational stories. Please
                                                       with epilepsy, he was sure that this     email:extramilemagazine@hotmail.

            The Incredible Shrinking Man

                       ike      Hare,     57,    an         What is most impressive about Mike is
                       entrepreneur            from       that he achieved his goals without gastric
                       Peterborough, changed              bands or surgery. He did not resort to fad
                       his life by dropping 15            diets, but stuck to a traditional plan of
          stone through a rigorous training               healthy eating, combined with a perfectly
          regime.                                         tailored exercise programme.
             In 2003, Mike fell asleep at the wheel         After just six months of jogging, Mike
          and lost control of his car. He could not       developed the confidence he needed to
          summon the strength to escape from              complete his first half marathon, the Bupa
          his wrecked vehicle and had to be               Great North Run.
          cut out by firefighters. At this point he         Just five months after his first operation
          decided to change his life forever and          to remove excess skin, Mike completed
          lose the weight that was ruining his life.      the Flora London Marathon and was
            From the age of 50 to 54, Mike                appointed the ‘Inspirational Ambassador’
          transformed himself from a lazy 28              for the Perkins Great Eastern Run. In
          stone businessman, to a 13 stone                2007 his journey came to an end, when
          marathon runner. At the end of his              at 54, he achieved his goal of running the
          journey he wrote a book, From Sofa to           Athens Classic Marathon.
          Start Line, which gives an insight into           Mike trains still trains hard at #########,
          how he coped with the emotional and             Peterborough. His journey from fat to fit         RRP £9.99. Image with
          physical challenges of weight loss.             can be found on                   permission of Mike Hare
Copyright of Powerade
   It is a personal trainer’s mission to help you
   achieve your fitness goals. Extra Mile caught
   up with workout guru, Catriona Langhorn, to
   find out exactly why she loves her job

             Cat’s TOP 5 workout tracks:
           1. Duran Duran - Hungry Like The Wolf
           2. Lionel Ritchie - Dancing On The Ceiling
           3. Prodigy - Warriors Dance
           4. Van Halen - Panama
           5. Dizee Rascal - Dirtee Disco
                                                                   Cat takes control at one of her training classes

Q     How did you get your start
      as a personal trainer?
                                               Q      How does training
                                                      differ from teaching?                      Q      Are there any
                                                                                                        disadvantages to the job?
I started out as a primary school teacher      I have always taught one spin class a             It’s easy to become over-trained, so it’s
and wanted to combine my love of teaching      week as well as personal training. I really       hard sometimes to keep up the pace and
with my passion for fitness, so I did a        enjoy it and it makes a change teaching           be a role model when you are exhausted
flexi-course in Leeds with Active IQ whilst    groups of 15-30 people instead of one             yourself. I avoid this by keeping myself
continuing my teaching. Now my hobby           individual. In classes there are more             hydrated through the day and eating
and career are one. As self-promotion is       people to instruct and you are responsible        plenty of carbohydrates and protein when
a big aspect of being a personal trainer, I    for the health and safety of them all so          I have had a particularly difficult workout.
developed my business skills by attending      you have to be hyper-aware of their               I like to vary the intensity of workouts, to
a weekend course in London.                    movements and in that respect it’s tricky.        keep my body guessing and to give my
                                               You’re also acting as a role model while          muscles ample chance to recover. Also,

Q What did the traininglong a
  entail and over how
                                               personal training, yet with classes you are
                                               doing the whole routine yourself so you
                                               need to be fitter than your class. It has also
                                                                                                 getting plenty of sleep helps to make you
                                                                                                 feel better in the long-term. The Power
                                                                                                 Plate (muscle toner) and sauna become
      period were you training?                been proven to be beneficial exercising in        your best friends for muscle pain!
                                               large groups – motivation-wise – so that’s

The training consisted of about 50 per cent    fun. The LBT classes are great as I get to               Can you offer any
theory and 50 per cent practical. Because      help people get the body they really want
I did the ‘fast track’ course it only took     and stay fit.                                            fitness tips to readers
six months. It was very intense and the                                                                 of Extra Mile?
theory units included things like nutrition,
anatomy and training. Throughout the
course I acted as a personal trainer to my
                                               Q How do you stayrole?
                                                 motivated in the
                                                                                                 Have a rest day to restore motivation and
                                                                                                 let muscles recover. Try not to eat anything
classmates, so I never actually trained                                                          high in sugar or carbohydrates other than
anyone other than colleagues before            Seeing people achieve their goals                 before exercise. Insulin levels are raised
certification. The theory side was very        motivates me, whether it’s losing weight or       after sugar or carbohydrate consumption
in-depth and scientific but specifically       overcoming illness and injury. It’s a very        which basically can turn to fat when the
job-related. After my training I started       rewarding job as you can physically see           body isn’t active. I am a firm believer in
teaching one spinning class a week and a       results and you are improving people’s            a ‘cheat day’ once a week when you eat
few Legs, Bums and Tums classes (LBT).         lives. Staying on top of my own fitness is        whatever you want guilt free. This helps to
It was great to teach the public.              also a big motivator.                             keep me motivated.

                                                                                                EXTRA MILE MARCH 2011 PAGE 09
                                                Extra Mile
                                                Top Tips
                     n Drink plenty of water
                      Many people mistake thirst for hunger, so drink plenty of water
                      in the gaps between meals.Your body naturally stores water
                      if it doesn’t get enough, therefore the less you drink the more
                      water your body will hold, making you feel heavy and bloated.
                      Water retention is often the source of some of those
                      excess pounds.

                                                                  n Got milk?
                                                                  Switch from full-fat milk to semi-
                                                                  skimmed. A pint of full-fat milk
                                                                  contains 8g more saturated fat
                                                                  compared to its healthier alterna-
                                                                  tive. If you can manage it why
                                                                  not try switching to skimmed
                                                                  milk,which is virtually fat free.

                        n Snack attack
                      Dried fruit and nuts are a
                      healthy alternative to sugary
                      snacks. They can be just as
                      tasty as a packet of crisps or a
                      chocolate bar, but they are full
                      of natural sugars rather than the
                      processed kind that give you
                      nothing but empty calories.

                      n We all scream for ice-cream
                      Are you partial to a bit of Ben and Jerry’s?
                      Let’s face it, most people wouldn’t turn it
                      down. To reduce your saturated fat intake try
                      swapping from full fat ice cream to low fat
                      frozen yogurt. You’ll save yourself 70
                      calories per serving, and loads of saturated
                      fats. We’ve tried it and most of the team
                      couldn’t tell the difference.

                     Water copyright of; cow, copyright of; dried fruit, copy-
                     right of; ice cream, copyright of Ben and Jerry’s
Copyright of Apple
         Small changes

                                                                                                           Coffee calories
                                                                                                           A cup of black coffee contains only five or
         Products that are advertised as good for us are often not as                                      six calories but it is suprising how much
         healthy as the labels make them seem. Take our advice and                                         fat and sugar can be easily added to a
         steer clear of some of these ‘fat-free’ treats                                                    naturally low calorie drink. A cappuccino

                                                                                                           with full fat milk can contain up to 200
                          hen you are four weeks in         fat and 24.4g of carbohydrates. Of course,     calories depending on size, and up to 11g
                          to a strict diet and someone      this is far less than what can be found        of fat. Switching to a skinny cappuccino
                          offers you a chocolate bar, it    in a bar of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, but the      can save you up to 140 calories and up to
                          is usually quite easy to turn     levels of fat are high considering they are    10g of fat per drink.
         them down. We all know that chocolate,             advertised as a healthy option. Try and
         crisps, cake and sweets are just empty             opt for bars that have less than one per       The incredible bulk
         calories that contain high levels of fat and       cent saturated fat and a low sugar content.    If weight loss doesn’t interest you and
         sugar. But what if you were offered a nice         Remember to go easy on the amount you          you’re looking to bulk up, it is important to
         ‘healthy’ cereal bar packed full of oats           consume, cutting out chocolate does not        follow a healthy low-fat diet and eat plenty
         and raisins? Would you take it? Chances            mean you can eat two cereal bars instead.      of protein-rich foods. If you’re looking to
         are most of us would because it appears            If in doubt, eat a piece of fruit.             gain muscle don’t cut out all fats, just
         to be the healthier alternative. However,                                                         the saturated kind. Depriving your diet of
         some foods are not quite as angelic as             Muller not so light?                           fat will encourage your body to store it,
         they seem. Hidden behind the promises              Yoghurt is renowned for being the health       making it harder to lose.
         of health benefits, high levels of vitamins        food of choice, but only natural yoghurt           Try and consume foods that are high in
         and clever packaging are sugary, salty             will help you reap the real benefits that      protein if you’re looking to bulk up. Eggs
         and often fatty foods. If you fall into this       it has to offer. Many people don’t like the    are a brilliant addition to any diet as they
         trap, you will most likely undo all of your        taste of natural yoghurt and choose fruit      are a rich source of protein and cost very
         hard work. The best advice is to read the          flavours instead, but these often contain      little. White meats such as chicken and
         labels carefully and don’t be fooled by            excess sugar fat and calories. Don’t let       fish are also a great source of protein.
         slogans. Check out our article on how to           the low fat label sway you into spending           Fish is also a great way of getting
         understand Guideline Daily Amount labels           your cash. Many yoghurts advertise their       the essential oils that your body needs.
         at                      low-fat content; but what is the sugar         Salmon is a great choice, as it is a source
                                                            content and just how many calories are         of omega 3, improving your nervous
         Is that snack healthy?                             you consuming?                                 system and cardiovascular functioning.
        The granola bar you have been snacking                 Muller Light mandarin flavour contains      Omega 3 is also known to develop your
        on may not be as innocent as it first               18g of sugar and 108 calories, as does the     memory.
        appears. Many brands of granola bars                apple version. A Muller vitality yoghurt,          Maintaining a low fat diet can be easy
        and breakfast cereal bars contain large             designed to promote a healthy lifestyle and    if you know what to do and what to avoid.
        amounts of sugar and, in some cases, a              aid digestion, also contains 18g of sugar.     Follow our advice, combine a low fat diet
        significant amount of fat. For example,             This is suprising considering a Cadbury’s      with your workout routine and you’ll soon
        Kellogg’s NutriGrain bars contain 3.3g of           Creme Egg contains 25g of sugar.               notice a huge difference in body and mind.

                                                 Muller Light Vitality                                     Cappuccino
                                                                                   >18g of sugar                                 >200 calories
                                                                                   >108 calories                                 >11g of fat
                                                                                   >18g of fat

Warning sign copyright of; yoghurt, copyright of Muller Dairy; cappuccino,
copyright of                                                                   EXTRA MILE MARCH 2011 PAGE 11

   Physio First
   Extra Mile’s resident physiotherapist, Maddy Lewis
   answers all your gym and health-related questions

                                                                                                   Agony aunt Maddy Lewis

   Is it important for me to                      What are the most                                 I keep getting cramp during
   warm up and cool down in                       common gym injuries that                          my cardio workout. what
   the gym?                                       physiotherapists deal with?                       can I do to avoid cramps in
   Ben Wright, 26, member of ###########          How can I avoid them?                             my exercise routine?
   in Hull.                                       Mark Calloway, 21, member                  of     James    Hernen,    53,   member  of
                                                  ########### in Holloway, London.                  ###########      in    Hagley  Road,
   MADDY SAYS: It is important to warm up                                                           Birmingham.
   to get the muscles ready for use. If you do    MADDY SAYS: The most common gym
   not warm muscles up they are less flexible     injuries are overuse problems like Achilles       MADDY SAYS: As you sweat during your
   and have a reduced ability to withstand        tendonitis. This is when the tendon at the        workout it is important to replenish the
   stress. They are less elastic and therefore    back of the ankle gets irritated over time if,    body’s salt, water and nutrients to allow
   more prone to injury. Cooling down is          for example, you train too hard too soon,         optimal performance. It is important not
   important to remove lactic acid, to prevent    or you change the amount of training that         to eat heavy foods too close to when
   as much as possible, the delayed onset of      you do. The best way to avoid an overuse          you work out, as the blood supply will be
   muscle soreness (DOMS).                        injury is to pace your training and stick         used in digestion and the muscles will be
                                                  to a graduated programme. This must               starved of oxygen. This creates a build-up
   I have an injury to my leg                     also involve regular stretching. If you do        of lactic acid causing cramp.
   but the more I work out                        start with an injury I recommend being
   on it, the pain goes away.                     assessed by a physiotherapist to see if           I’ve been told to use ice
   Should I carry on with the                     there are any underlying medical issues           or heat on the injured area
   activity?                                      that need to be addressed.                        of my body, when and how
   Joyce Brian, 44, member of ###########                                                           should I do this?
   in Preston.                                    I have sustained an injury                        Katie Gordon, 22, member of ###########
                                                  to my leg through sport.                          in Whitfield, Manchester.
   MADDY SAYS: I recently trained for a           Will it just go away after a
   half marathon run and developed Achilles       while?                                 MADDY SAYS: It is best to use ice on an
   tendonitis. I ran too many miles far too       Samantha   Hill,  32,         member   acute injury to reduce pain and swelling
   soon. As I ran the pain went away and          ########### in Cardiff.                caused by acute inflammation. You
   I thought ‘actually this feels okay, I can                                            should only use ice therapy if you have
   carry on’. Of course – I was kidding      MADDY SAYS: Some injuries do go no numbness in the area of skin and have
   myself and as I continued the pain was    away naturally over time with rest no circulatory problems. You should use
   worse each time and it kept coming on     and no intervention. Having said that, a damp towel over the injured area and
   sooner. Changes occur in the body’s       physiotherapy treatments can speed the apply ice for 10 to 20 minutes, checking
   connective tissue if tendons or muscles   natural healing process along allowing the area throughout to prevent ice burns.
                                             you to get back to sport quicker and Heat is more often used on an injury that
   are overloaded beyond their capacity. It is
   always tempting to continue working out   more efficiently. For many reasons, you have had for a while to ease pain and
   if the pain goes, but more often than not at other times injuries do not resolve spasm. A hot water bottle or wheat pack
   you make the problem worse over time      in a normal time phase and could is best. It can also be used before specific
                                             also need assessment by a chartered stretching to increase the flexibility of
   and it will take longer to get rid of in the
   long term.                                physiotherapist.                            muscle tissue and allow you to move more
                                                                                         easily when exercising.
   Email your questions to with ‘Help me Maddy’, in the subject box.

Copyright of Kelloggs
          A to Z of...

      Healthy Living                                                                                                                  e,
                                                                                                                               Porridg n

              A           erobic
                                                                                                               st...               gs o
                                                                                                                          led eg
                                    exercis                                                                          cramb offee, fruit

                       is endle
                                ss: swim e... The list of                                                    ruit, s        c
                      to name            min                aero                                    fresh f eal toast, ities for a
                                but a few g, running, cyc bic exercises                              wh   olem e possibil Varying
                     w                   .                   ling and                                            th            ss.
            capacity eek will help to r Doing one of th               dancing                         juice – st are endle of the day
                    and help            ed                  es                                               kfa             l
                             to impro uce blood press e even once a                                 y brea             t mea          .
                                      ve blood             u                                  health st importan nd enjoyable
                                               circulatio re, improve lung                            o
                                                                                               the m interesting
                                                         n.                                            it

                   arbohydrates...                  The dreaded ‘C’ word has a bad reputation, but it’s not that bad at all
                   when you treat it right. Carbs are a common source of energy and can be found
                                                                                                   in pasta, potatoes and
                   rice. Once digested they are converted into energy which is slowly released through
                                                                                                        the body, allowing
                   you to keep going throughout the day.

      D                                                                                                            ruit... High in fibre, shaterldan
                            No it’s not Atkins                                                                                            w           d

                                                   E                                                    F
                  or Weight Watchers, a diet                    lectrolytes... Popular                             natural sugars, fru it ou be
                                                                                                                                          . The beauty
                   is your everyday eating                     amongst athletes, ele                               a part of your diet
                  activity. A healthy and                                            ctrolytes                                             e’s going to
                                                              are finding their way
                                                                                    into most                      of fruit is that ther            than
       balanced diet will generally involve                                                                                   you like. Rather
                                                                energy drinks as
                                                                                      a way of            be at least one                          Ditch
       three meals a day, in which you get         replenishing sodium                                                        uits, eat grapes.
                                                                           and potassium salts            snacking on bisc                     a pear. If
       all nutrients (see N) in moderation.        that are lost through
                                                                         sweat during exercis             the chocolate bar
                                                                                                                                and opt for
                                                                                                                                                     it at
       Drinking plenty of water throughout                                                     e.                              e eating fresh fru
                                                                                                           you don’t feel lik
        the day is essential and if you feel                                                                                        it such as raisins or
                                                                                                           yo ur desk try dried fru                    ive.
        the need to snack between meals,                                                                                          fruit as an alternat
                                                                                                           sun- ripened mixed
        swap the biscuits for fruit.
                                                      appiness..ow,               I         ndulge...       Ind
                                                                                           motivator, if yo ulging every now and again

                                                                                                           u deny yours                       is a great
                                                      Yeah, we kn                         even more. T
                                                                                                         hat doesn’t m
                                                                                                                         elf something
                                                                                                                                          you’ll want it
                                                      it’s easier sa

                                                                                         chocolate bars                 ean we want
            rill...     Grilling your
                                                       than done     a lot of     where you ea             a day, but sett
                                                                                                  t whatever yo            ing aside one
                                                                                                                                        you to eat fiv
             food instead of frying                                                                             u want is a gre           day a week
                                                               iness and a        yourself to ge
             it is a great way to        the time, but happ                                      t through a we
                                                                                                                ek of hard wo
                                                                                                                                 at way of motiv
                                                             titude can get                                                    rk-outs.
             cut down on fatty           positive mental at
                                                              lifting weights
    juices in meat, it is especially      you just as far as
                                                              diet. Knowing
    great in the summer when you          or having a good                                ogging... Not everyone’s cup of tea, but worth
    can bust out the barbecue.            what you want
                                           seizing the day w
                                           to succeed in ever
                                                              from life and
                                                               ill enable you
                                                               ything you do.
                                                                                  J      giving a try. By running at a leisurely pace you
                                                                                         can increase fitness with less stress on the body
                                                                                         and the beauty is it can be done in and out of the
                                                                                 gym. If you’re having problems pacing yourself, jogging on

        K it...          Having the right kit for your
                the difference. That doesn’t
                                                       workout can make all
                                                mean you need those £200
                                                                                 a treadmill is the best way to go at a set pace.

               running shoes (but do che                                                                                       u need a little
                                              ck out our guide to selecting
                                                                                      ife    coaching   ... Sometimes yo                               .
         the right running shoes for                                                                                              keep you motivated

                                                                                L                           n and someone to
                                         you -
        but comfort is crucial to you
                                       r enjoyment of working out
                                                                      hs8a),         in the right directio             ients determine an
                                                                                                                                              d achieve
        local ###########; wheth                                    at your           A life-coac h aims to help cl                               g and
                                      er it’s the top you’re weari                                                          ychology, mentorin
        shorts you run in, or the iPo                               ng, the           their goals th  rough a mix of ps                             Mile
                                       d holder you’ve got.                                                                     ction on the Extra
                                                                                                      out  our Life Coach se
                                                                                counselling. Check             
                                                                                website for spec ific advice: http://tin
          M otivation...                    Whateve

                     keeps y
                               our goa                 r
                     be it w
                               anting th
                                         ls in sig
                                                    ht,                          utrients... Nutrients are the essential building blocks
                    bea                   e h                                 of your daily life, they include: carbohydrate, protein, fat,
          best tim ch body or cutt ottest
                    e runnin               ing your                           vitamins, minerals, salt and fibre. You need each and
         is the ke            g 15k,
                    y.                  motivatio                 every one of those things in your diet to keep a healthy lifestyle.
         on a co When you’re g                     n
                   ld winte              ett
        that che             r mornin ing up
                  ek                    g to ge
       in befor y ###########                     t
                 e your                  workout
      reminde             shift sta

                                    rts, keep
      or on yo
                r of your
               ur mirror
                          goals in
                                                a                            rganisation...                             Protein is essent
                         to stay d r wallet                                Stay organised and know                      for growth, repair
                                   etermine                                                                                                 the
                                              d.                           when and what activities                      maintenance in
                                                                need to be done will serve you well                                be found in
                                                                                                               body. Protein can
                                                                in all walks of life – from your gym                         such as chicken
                 uickie...                                                                                     lean meats

                                Far be it                       workouts to your responsibilities in the                          uce such as
                for us at Extra Mile to be                                                                      and fish, or prod
                                                                work place - and is the key to success.                           ttage cheese.
                crass, but a quickie can                                                                        milk, eggs and co
                be a great way at letting
   off some… err… steam. Think of it
                                                                          est... Just as important as getting the exercise
   as a sprint: high energy and over as
   soon as it began. Sex is the most
   fun of all workouts after all burning
   between 50 and 100 calories
                                                             R         done, rest is vital to making any gains in your
                                                                       workouts. Any sort of weight training regime should
                                                                       generally be done in a cycle to allow specific
                                                              muscle groups time to recover.
   per session!
                                                                       ant part
                                                         an import rkout, to                         raining

                                                     is                                                               diary... A day-by-day week-to-
                             .        Stretching
                                                              tlifting wo
                                         l prior to a weigh etch should be                             week training diary is a great way of keeping a

                           p, it is vita                les. A str              rtant                  record of your workouts and acts as a brilliant
                warming u on’t pull any musc                         it is impo
                          ou d                          onds and                    re                 motivator when you look back to see how
                ensure y                   of 30 sec shadow box), befo
                            maximum                e spo  t,                                           much you’ve improved. We have included
                 held for a           (jog on th
                 genera l warm up                                                         a free training diary in this issue for all of our readers.
       you do a

             nsaturated fats...                              ariety...
U                                                V
                                                                          Varying your workouts is a great way of keeping your
            You may be shocked                               ########### visits interesting and keeping your body responsive to
            and appalled to see ‘fat’                        exercise. Not altering your exercise routine will eventually cause your
            listed in Nutrients, but it                      body to become unresponsive to your well-thought-out workout plan.
is an important part of your diet as
it helps absorb vitamins and gives

                                                 W                                                                                    Factor...
reserve energy. Unsaturated fats are                                     Okay, it tastes kind of boring, but
found in oily fish such as sardines                           keeping yourself hydrated will give you                                Foods w
                                                                                                           a                                     ith
and mackerel, nuts and seeds, and                             healthier complexion and keep your ene
                                                                                                         rgy                        ‘ x - f a c t the
                                                              levels up. You should be aiming to consum                                          or’,als
in rapeseed and olive oil. The kind                                                                                                k                      o
                                                  2.5 litres staggered throughout the day,
                                                                                                           e           foods’, a nown as ‘supe
of fat you want to avoid is saturated                                                        which is what                      re the o                 r-
                                                  the body needs to function properly; from                           full of                nes pac
fat, which you find in foods such as                                                          helping your                      essentia             ked
                                                  brain work at its optimum to eliminating                           such as                 l nutrie
butter and hard cheese.                                                                     waste.                             blu                    nts
                                                                                                                     and spin eberries, salmo
                                                                                                                              ach.                     n

                                        ay of relaxi       ng, working
                  oga... It is a greatdwchallenging your body
       Y                                                                          Z
                                                                                          one out... Be it in the gym or at home, it’s a good idea
                  your body’s core                          muscles
                                        so great for toning
                  aerobically. It is al                                                   to just zone out sometimes. Turn off your phone and give
                  and improving flexi                                                     yourself some important ‘me’ time. Try chilling out in a
                                                                                          ########### sauna for 20 minutes after a workout.

Images, Creative Commons on Flickr

                                                                                                      EXTRA MILE MARCH 2011 PAGE 15

       Warrior’s way
       Sam Tomkins has been described as the next big thing
       in Rugby League. We talk to him about fitness, playing
       for England and post-match pizza binges

          he sun is shining as we arrive at        of the season.” Securing his place in the            His admirers aren’t just limited to the
          the Wigan Warriors training ground       first team squad was just the beginning of       press though. We bring up an online forum
          in the hope of getting to know           his achievements. He now represents his          we discovered in which a slew of people
   Rugby League’s rising star a little better.     country and played a vital role in Wigan’s       discussed the serious question of whether
     Fitness and sport have always been a          2010 Super League winning team, but he           he had a girlfriend or not; many using
   huge part of Sam’s life, he took to rugby       hasn’t let this success go to his head. “It      the space to declare their undying love
   quickly after joining his local club, Chorley   was a big honour,” he says humbly. Sam           for him. Laughing it off, Sam alternately
   Panthers, with his older brother Joel.          becomes rather coy and shy when we               tells us about the ‘We Hate Sam Tomkins’
   “We got involved from there and I liked it      discuss the media buzz that surrounds            group on Facebook. “I went on it and it
   as soon as we started.” He decided there        him. “People just say things like that in the    had about 300 members, just fans from
   and then that rugby was the sport for him.      papers,” he says. “I think I’m one of many       other teams. A few of my friends joined
                                                   young players in the league that are doing       it...” he says with a smile. He then shrugs
                                                   alright at the moment.”                          away how many members the group has
   EARLY START                                        Like anyone, Sam enjoys the positive          garnered and says: “You accept the good

   From this modest beginning Sam has had          press. He smiles, embarrassed at the             press, so I suppose you’ve got to take the
   a meteoric rise to the top of the sport.                Some of the bigger lads,                 bad sometimes.”
   At just 21 years old, his credentials can             they get pretty strict diets.

   make even the most seasoned player                     They can’t eat a carb for
   tremble in their boots. He was named                         eight weeks                         PUSHING OUT
   Man of Steel’s Young Player of the Year                                                          As you would expect from a world-class
   in 2009, and has been tipped as the next        conversation. But the celebrity factor in        athlete, Sam lives a different lifestyle to
   big thing in Rugby League. “At the start of     rugby is nothing like it is in football. “I’ve   most young men his age. Taking his level
   the season, that first year, I was squad        watched a few football games, but I’m just       of personal fitness very seriously, Sam
   number 25, which is pretty high. After the      not into it.” He did go on to add some           realises that at “weekends or weeknights,
   third game I got introduced off the bench       other thoughts on football... but these          when your friends have got parties or just
   and cemented my place towards the end           can’t really be repeated.                        going on a night that you might want to
The Watt bike used by the Warriors in their intense training               The Warriors’ training gym at the co-operative Community
sessions. Also used by many professional cyclists.                         Stadium in Orrell, Wigan.

go to, sometimes you’ve just got to say            about it: “I rip into one of them straight         his confession of throwing up on the bike
no”. Sam doesn’t seem too upset about              after the game.”                                   he chose right to follow in the footsteps of
missing out on the routine experiences                Pizza     aside,    the     team     must       his Rugby hero, Alfie Langer, who played
of other 21 year olds, after all, he did say       understandably maintain a healthy                  for Warrington.
rugby was the sport for him.                       lifestyle in order to perform on the field.           Wigan and Warrington have a deep
   With the Warriors being in pre-season           With strict body-fat and hydration testing,        sporting rivalry when it comes to Rugby
training at the moment, Sam gives us               alongside regular weigh-ins, Sam knows             League, but for the Tomkins family their
an insight into a regime that can only be          cheating isn’t an option. “If you’re cheating      allegiance moved with Sam. “My dad was
described as gruelling. With just one day          and eating whatever you want, drinking             always a Warrington fan and we got bred
off a week the team are pushed to their            whatever you want, you do get caught               into being Warrington fans. Obviously

limits. “We’ll have a weights session in                                                              when we moved, allegiances changed.”
the morning, then a fitness session on the                It’s an achievement for                        Sam’s family have been the driving
field, and then a skills session.”                     mum and dad. Sort of pays                      force behind his rugby success and he

                                                        off for the things they did                   is obviously fond of his brothers, Joel,
                                                                                                      23, and Logan, the youngest at 18. His
FULLBACK FOOD                                      out.”                                              dad’s dream was to see his three sons
He may not enjoy the extra weight-training            Surprisingly, the day before a game the         playing together in one team and soon
sessions, but he does enjoy being fed at           team is fed sweet potato, and Sam’s not            after this interview, Logan made his debut
training, and the meals are “always pretty         entirely sure why. “You just eat what you’re       for the Wigan Warriors; the first time three
healthy,” according to Sam. It is difficult        told really.” We at Extra Mile can let you in      brothers have played together in the
to understand whether it’s the healthy             on the nutritional value of this super-veg         same game. “For Logan to play as well,
aspect he likes, or whether it’s that he           though: they are packed full of vitamin A          it’s an achievement for mum and dad. Sort
doesn’t have to cook. Living with 18-year-         and C and complex carbohydrates, so it’s           of pays off for the things they did for us.”
old brother Logan, it appears that cooking         no wonder Sam and rest of the team are
isn’t a priority in the Tomkins brothers’          in excellent physical shape.
household.                                            Sam shares with us something else the           THE INTERNATIONAL
   “I’m quite lucky that I don’t have too strict   entire squad have in common, a hatered             Sam trains hard to keep his place in
a diet,” Sam confesses. In comparison              of the Watt Bike. “It’s like what the people       the team and since he was first put on
to some of the other guys on the team it           who do the Tour De France use,” he says,           the bench against the London-based
is clear why: “Some of the bigger lads,            before adding: “It’s like a normal bike,           Harlequins, he has battled with nerves:
they get pretty strict diets. They can’t eat       but it’s got a fan on the front, so it’s really    “I was nervous for all the week and then
a carb for eight weeks.” Sam definitely            hard to do.” He says the whole team find           we travelled down to London and I was
could not cope without carbohydrates in            it hard.“I throw up every time I go on it.”        nervous all night; probably got about an
his diet, revealing that his favourite post-          Almost contradictory to this insight into       hour’s sleep.” However, this was nothing
game meal is pizza. He beams with the              bike-based torture, one of Sam’s sporting          compared to being asked to be a part
excitement of a giddy school boy thinking          idols is Lance Armstrong. But judging by           of the England team and going over to
                                                                                                      France as the eighteenth man in 2009.
                                                                                                      “The first time I got called up into the
                                                                                                      squad, I’d only played about six games
                                                   SAM TOMKINS                                        in the first team.” The experience was
                                                                                                      enough for him and he talks highly of his
                                                   DETAILS                  STATS                     involvement in the squad: “Although I
                                                   D.O.B - 23/03/1989       Appearances - 62
                                                                                                      didn’t play I think I learned a great deal
                                                   Postion - Fullback       Tries - 41
                                                                                                      and it was good for me.”
                                                   Height - 180cm           Goals - 4
                                                                                                         Sam’s workout is a crucial part of his
                                                   Weight - 79 kg           Dropgoals - 1
                                                                                                      lifestyle. He is not a gym machine though,
                                                                            Points - 173
                                                                                                      Sam loves pizza and confesses he finds
Samfact box image, copyright of Wigan Warriors                                                        his training “too much like hard work”.

                                                                                                     EXTRA MILE MARCH 2011 PAGE 17
Copyright of Lacoste
                                                                                        Clashing Colours                                                               The best of gym fashion
Purple jacket, copyright of Adidas; purple crop top, copyright of

                                                                                        Brights have taken hold of spring/summer fashion, so
                                                                                        make a statement by swapping your boring black gym
                                                                                        wear for perfect purple items. Here are some of the
                                                                                        best, chosen by Extra Mile Web Editor Sarah Jordan
Nike; purple long top, copyright of Adidas

                                                                                      This sports bra offers all the            The tight-fitting base layer on
                                                                                      right support but also looks              this tank top provides structure
                                                                                      great underneath racer-back               and support. Adidas women’s
                                                                                      tees. Nike Dedication V-back              adilibria TECHFIT tank with
                                                                                      women’s sports bra: £25 (Image            overlayer: £34 (Image from

                                                                                                                                                                   Outdoor exercise sessions
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Keep your iPod secure in
                                                                                                                                                                   are made easy with this
                                                                                                                                                                                                  the gym using this simple,
                                                                                                                                                                   sporty gilet is perfect for
                                                                                                                                                                                                  stylish arm-band. iPod
                                                                                                                                                                   indoor and the bright colour
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Nano 5 Extreme Sports
                                                                                                                                                                   will add a fashion edge
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Armband Case: £4.99
                                                                                                                                                                   to your gym wardrobe.
                                                                                                                                                                                                  from Amazon (Image from
                                                                                                                                                                   Adidas women’s adilibria
                                                                                                                                                                   studio gilet: £41 (Image

                                                                                         Running top made using
                                                                                         ultra-light, breathable fabric, this
                                                                                         top is great for keeping you cool
                                                                                         while exercising. Saucony Elite                                                    Red is the colour of power and confidence,
                                                                                         Running Singlet: £9.95 (Image                                                      perfect for a hardcore workout in the gym.
                                                                                         from                                                              Here are some great items for men, chosen by
                                                                                                                                                                            Neil Thomason, the Extra Mile Features Editor
                      Red top, copyright of; trainers, copyright of
            ; red hoody; copyright of

                                                                                                                                The latest Nike technology has been used to produce
                                                                                                                                this Sportband which measures your distance,
                                                                                                                                pace, time and calories burnt. You can also sync the
                                                                                                                                Sportband with to access loads more
                                                                                                                                interactive features. This is a really clever gadget for
                                                                                                                                anyone who wants to stay in control of their workout.
                                                                                                                                Nike+ Sportband 2: £34.95 (Image from sportsshoes.

                                                                                      These great-looking trainers
                                                                                      are made with mesh detail and
                                                                                      super light-weight panelling.
                                                                                      They are finished with a black                                                              Exclusive to JD sports, this hoody comes with
                                                                                      synthetic nubuck toepiece and                                                               a soft fleece lining and features a contrasting
                                                                                      air bubble units running the                                                                rubberised trefoil brand logo on the front.
                                                                                      whole length of the shoe for                                                                Leave the gym in style. adidas Originals trefoil
                                                                                      a comfortable step. Nike Air                                                                hoody: £44.99 (Image from
                                                                                      Max 95: £114.99 (Image from
                                                                                                                                                                                   EXTRA MILE MARCH 2011 PAGE 19
Copyright of Nike
Perfect Form
Stretches and resistance training can help to tone muscles and encourage your
body to burn even more fat. Here are three exercises that target the main muscle
groups for building core strength. You’ll start to notice some great results

                                                                                   THE DUMB-BELL PRESS
                                                                                   This works your chest and arms and is a great
                                                                                   way of building strength in the upper torso.

                                                                                    Lie on your back on a bench with the dumb-bells
                                                                                    held above your chest. Position your hands a
                                                                                    little wider than shoulder width apart; lower the
                                                                                    weights slowly to the chest and then push back to
                                                                                    the start position. Perform 3 sets of 8 repetitions
                                                                                    with a manageable weight.

Squats are an explosive exercise, that work almost all of
the muscle groups in your legs.

From a standing position with your feet about shoulder
width apart bend your knees to right angles and then
return to the starting position. Perform 3 sets of 15
repetitions. Keep your head up, look forward and
ensure your back is straight. As you get stronger you
can perform this movement with weights, either with a
barbell or dumb-bells. When you squat, ensure that your
heels remain in contact with the floor at all times.

                                                            THE PLANK
                                                            The plank is an amazing way of working all your core muscles. It is a
                                                            hard endurance exercise and takes practise, so the first time you try it,
                                                            don’t by disheartened if you can’t hold it for long.

                                                            Lie flat on a mat resting on your forearms with your hands clasped
                                                            together. Push up from your toes, resting your weight on your toes and
                                                            your elbows. Keep your back flat in a line from the head to the feet. Hold
                                                            this position for 20 to 60 seconds, depending on your level of fitness, then
                                                            relax and repeat up to 5 times.The most effective abdominal exercises
                                                            combine a range of stomach-isolating movements in a circuit. Repeat
                                                            the plank in 5 sets of 3.

                                                                                         EXTRA MILE MARCH 2011 PAGE 21

                       Cure Your                                                             0 Seconds
          ‘Gymphobia’                                                                      6

    Dear Extra Mile team,
    I recently joined my local ###########,
    because I wanted to lose weight in preparation
    for my sister’s wedding. Even though I’ve been
    going for a month I still feel a bit nervous                                             Details: Lloyd Gunton, 24,
    about working out in front of other people.                                              chartered accountant from London.
                                                                                             ########### Club:
    How can I boost my gym confidence?                                                       Cottons Club (London Bridge).
                                     Maxine, 32                                              How many times do you go a week?
                                                                                             About three times a week for an hour.
                                                                                             Favourite piece of equipment

                                                                                             Free weights - most variation and can
             he gym can be a scary                                                           work a wide majority of muscle groups.
             place if you don’t feel                                                         What areas of your body do you train
             confident about yourself                                                        while at the gym?
             or your abilities, but there                                                    Upper body and core. Mainly I really want
   are some easy ways to develop                                                             to improve my fitness levels.
   your     confidence       and      banish                                                 What advice do you have for people
                                                                                             who want to join the gym?
   any ‘gymphopbia’ you may be
                                                                                             Get a good induction and a work-out
   experiencing.                                                                             plan or you end up wasting your time on
       There may be some women who                                                           ineffective workouts. I also recommend
   look like supermodels in cycling                                                          weight-lifting gloves as an essential piece
   shorts, but don’t let this intimidate                                                     of kit.
   you. Everyone wants to achieve                                                            What’s the best thing about the gym?
   different goals and levels of physical                                                    Feeling tired coming out and knowing I
   fitness, so it is important that you stick                                                had a good workout.
   to your own plan and know your own                                                        Best workout song
                                                Ask a personal trainer or a member           Into Oblivion - Funeral for a Friend.
   limitations. Having gym confidence           of the ########### staff to show

                                                                                            30 Second
   requires a realistic understanding of        you how to adjust the machines to
   how your body works. You may not             suit you, this way you will feel more
   look like your ideal image after just        confident about maximising your
   two weeks of hardcore exercise, but          workout.
   this is no reason to give up. Monitor            To achieve a set goal, it is
   your weight loss and fitness levels in       great to have people around you
   our free training diary supplement so        to motivate you. Have you tried
   you can look at the progress you are         gym classes? They are a great
   making and be reminded that your             way to meet people in a relaxed
   gym sessions are really paying off.          environment whilst burning some
       When trying to beat your gym             serious calories. It also helps to
   nervousness there are a few simple           listen to high-energy, rhythmic
   tricks you could try to feel a bit more                                                   Details: Lee Cohen, 21, Archaeology
                                                music on an mp3 player to give               student from York
   comfortable. Buy some gym outfits            you a psychological boost. When              ########### Club: Clifton, York.
   that you feel secure and stylish in,         you walk out of the changing room            What areas of your body do you train
   they don’t need to be expensive, just        listening to your favourite music            whilst at the gym?
   something that offers the right amount       you will be less focused on your             I have been taking spinning classes, so
   of support and breathability. See our        surroundings and more determined             I’m working legs, core and it’s good for fat
   website or page 19 of the magazine           to achieve your fitnes goals.                burning too.
   for some great options. You may                                                           What advice do you have for people
                                                    Remember no one is staring at
   lack confidence because you are                                                           who want to join the gym?
                                                you, they are too concerned with
   still unsure of how to navigate your                                                      That you will need to be committed and
                                                their own workouts. Stay focused             motivated to achieve the most out of
   way around the gym environment.              on your goal; learn how to make the          your membership. Also, owning a great
   Don’t pretend you know how to use            most of your gym and keep yourself           pair of running shoes is really crucial for
   a piece of equipment if you don’t.           pumped with a great soundtrack.              avoiding cramps and blisters.                                              Image of woman courtesy of Andres Rodriguez on
                     Gym Class Heroes
     If you are bored of doing the same workout week after week, why not add some variety to
     your gym routine? Take this quiz to find out which ########### gym class is perfect for you.

                                                                     Do you struggle to
                                                                      get motivated in
                                                                         the gym?


                                         Do you like to relax                                     Do you prefer your
                                          by chilling out or                                      workouts to be low
                                           staying active?                                        or high intensity?





                           Is your ideal night                                                                       Are you a cardio
                                                                       Do you have two
                           spent on the sofa                                                                         or weights type of
                                                                           left feet?
                          or out with friends?                                                                           person?







       Do these nights                                                          Do you like your                                            Do you find your
     involve a quest for                      Are you a ballroom                                                    Bike       Non             workouts are
                                                                               workouts to be fun
    calm and inner peace                       or night club type                                                    or        stop        non-stop or do you
                                                                                and energetic or
        or television?                             of person?                                                     Treadmill                 like to mix it up?












           Yoga                          Strictly                            Zumba                                RPM                         Circuits

 You understand the                 You love dancing and              You like to feel                 You like to push                You tend to move
 importance of physical             working out with a                energised and you                yourself hard and really        around the gym and
 fitness, but like to               partner or friend. You            workout harder when              feel the effects of your        never settle on one
 feel relaxed after a               have an appetite for              music is playing. You            workout. RPM, also              piece of equipment.
 difficult session. Yoga            celebrity gossip and              like to be with friends          known as spinning,              Circuit training will
 challenges the body                love Saturday night               who can motivate                 involves you pushing            allow short bursts
 aerobically, but leaves            TV. Strictly Fit is a new         and encourage you.               yourself to the limit on        on different pieces
 you      feeling   calm            dancing exercise class            Zumba is an aerobic              a bike. The instructor is       of equipment. It is
 and refreshed. It is               that features original            workout that uses                there to motivate you           intense, but will keep
 also great for toning              moves set to music                rhythmic Latin beats to          when your legs start to         your fitness regime
 muscles and flexibility.           from popular artists.             help you burn fat.               burn and ache.                  rather varied.

Yoga Image courtesy of lululemon athletica, via Flickr. Strictly image from
lycomedancing, no copyright. Zumba image from, no copyright. RPM image, no copyright. Circuits image courtesy of ########### press images.                                  EXTRA MILE MARCH 2011 PAGE 25

          Overheard                                                    :
                                                                off th I didn’t
                                                               it ’s a treadm ll
                                                                                                 Guy: I forgot my towel
                                                                                                 and had to use the
         in the gym.                                                    new       ill
                                                                                    hing         hand dryer to dry off.
                                                              work        e I’ve                 It took so long I was
                                                                     ing o       been
        Tell us what you have                                              n.                    late for work!
        overheard in the gym                           Birm       L
                                                     anot    ingh aura ,
                                                         her     am,                                 Jesse , Sheffield , as
        via   the  Extra  Mile                                gym      as s
                                                                  user he helped                     she moved into the
        Facebook page or Tweet                                  her f      get b
                                                                                 ack                 weights area.
                                                                      eet.           on

                                                                            ake                                          atie
                                                                       er m ises                                that K
        Guy 1: Has an                                              nev                                 I read              so
                       yone seen                                u
                                                            : Yo d of
                                                                          no                   Girl 1:            ercises,
        that film 127                                   Guy               th m
                                                                                e!                      ever ex y thin?
                       hours?                                    in
                                                             e k ’re wi                        Price n            ta
       Guy 2: Nah I ca                                  thos                                             es she s bet she
                        n’t be                                n yo
                                                                   u               ne           how do         l I
       bothered watc                                     whe                   ed o d                   : Wel        after h
                     hing a                                               atch
                                                                                       roun     Girl 2
                                                                                                         eat KFC you!
                                                                        as sh joke a he
       film that long.
                                                              , Ba
                                                                   th ,
                                                                          guy      d at
                                                                                        t       doesn’t       t like
                                                         Sam flirty           rien
                                                                         girlf url .
                                                                                                    workou                      st
       Jamie in York                                      ve ry     his                                                  was ju
                     , as he entere                           with      bice
                                                                             pc                                  l , who         y
       changing room                d the                                                                iverpoo quiet Monda
                       s of the Clift                                                            Ben , L      r a
                                       on                                                                  fo             t.
                 Moor Club .                                                                     looking rning workou

                                   Gym Etiquette
                         Extra Mile lets you in on some of the unwritten rules of gym
                          behaviour so you can avoid any embarassing moments.
                     •       Make sure you wipe down the equipment you are using before
                             you move on. There’s nothing worse than greasy sweat
                             patches on a rowing machine.
                     •       Shower or use deodorant after your workout, bad personal
                             hygiene at work is a total turn-off.
                     •       Ask people if they’ve finished with equipment before you grab         It is a myth that low intensity
                             it, otherwise you’ll become known as the treadmill stealer.           workouts burn more fat, so
                     •       Leave your bag in the changing room, people will not be               get sweating on the treadmill!
                             pleased if they trip over your stuff.
                     •       Always be on time for classes or feel the wrath of your yoga
                             teacher or Zumba instructor.
                     •      Never use your phone in the gym unless it’s an emergency. Not
                            everyone wants to hear what you’re having for dinnner.
                     •      Never strut your stuff in the buff. You might love your body but
                            that doesn’t mean everyone wants to see it.
                     •      Try not to offer people advice when it comes to using the              Don’t hurt yourself when lifting
                            equipment. You might have a PhD, but that doesn’t make you             weights. Visit our website for
                            an expert on how to use the bench press. If you give someone           expert advice on the deadlift
                            bad advice they could really hurt themselves.
                     •      Avoid the gym when you’re ill. You don’t want to be responsible
                            for the latest outbreak of flu at your local club.
                     •      Never swear in the gym. It’s not a church but it is a temple of
                            fitness and exercise so treat it like a place of worship.
                                                   Now that you’ve finished your Cool Down,
                                                   have a quick glimpse at next month’s issue...
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