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					                           The Art Directors Guild
                               IATSE Local 800
                 Minutes of the Art Directors Council Meeting
                               January 19 2010

      Present:     Members: Tom Walsh (via Skype), John Shaffner,
                   Michael Baugh, Corey Kaplan, Stephen Berger, Mimi
                   Gramatky, Molly Joseph, Jay Pelissier, Jack Taylor, Jr.

                   Staff: Scott Roth, John Moffitt, Lydia Zimmer, Debbie

      Absent:      Nathan Crowley, Greg Melton, Patricia Norris,

      Guests:      Rick Markovitz

I.          Opening

      A. The meeting was called to order by the Vice Chair, John
         Shaffner, at 7:15pm. Mr. Shaffner said that he was pleased to be
         re-elected to the TV Academy.

      B. The November 18 2009 ADG Council minutes were distributed
         and read. M/S/P (Baugh/Berger) to approve the minutes.

      C. Chair Tom Walsh joined the meeting via skype. Mr. Walsh
         announced that Stephen Berger is replacing Rick Carter as

II.         Executive Director’s Report

      A. New Members: Executive Director Scott Roth presented five
         new members: Mark Samuel Freeborn, Jay Heiserman, Robert
         Saccenti, and Bjarne Sletteland, Art Directors; and Benjamin
         Anderson, Assistant Art Director, for acceptance into
         membership. M/S/P (Baugh/Pelissier) to accept into

      B. Availability List: Mr. Roth reported that there are 58 available
         Art Directors and 25 available Assistant Art Directors.

      C. Production Design Credit Waivers: 26
           This number includes waivers from October as well as
                 November.      M/S/P (Baugh/Gramatky) to approve
                 (as set forth on attached list).
       D. Directory: Mr. Roth reported that the new Directory is in, said
          Michael Baugh did a remarkable job, and thanked Lydia Zimmer
          and the staff for their hard work.

       E. Name Change: Mr. Roth announced that the name change
          process now finally has concluded, to “Art Directors Guild.”

       F. IATSE Mid-Winter Meeting: Mr. Roth discussed the upcoming
          IATSE Mid-Winter Meeting in Austin, Texas at the end of the
          month; he and John Moffitt will be attending.

       G. Massachusetts Election: Mr. Roth reported on the outcome of
          the special Senate election in Massachusetts. With the election
          of Republican Scott Brown to the U.S. Senate, there are now 41
          Senators able to stop Democratic sponsored legislation.

III.         Associate Executive Director’s Report:

       A. CSATTF: Associate Executive Director John Moffitt reported that
          the CSATTF will be meeting in February to discuss funding for
          next year.

       B. Negotiating your Deal: Mr. Moffitt reported on the upcoming
          seminar on the “Art of Negotiating your Deal.” It will take place on
          February 3rd in the Robert Boyle Studio at 7:00PM. Rachel
          Stanley, from the Costume Designers Guild, will be the speaker.

       C. Distant Learning: Chair Tom Walsh asked Mr. Moffitt about the
          status of Distant Learning. Mr. Moffitt reported that he will be
          meeting with Mike Tadros this week to discuss further.

IV.           Field Representative’s Report:

       A. Field Representative Peter Koczera was not present.

V.            Officers’ Reports

       A. President’s Report:

          a. Albuquerque: Mr. Walsh announced that he will be working in
             Albuquerque, NM for the next six months.

          b. “The New”: Mr. Walsh discussed his letter concerning the
             recent Board election.

          c. Avatar: Mr. Walsh discussed the success of “Avatar” and
             questioned whether the people who worked on it are members
             of the Guild. If not, we must get those “best and the brightest”

            to join. Mimi Gramatky asked about the status of the trainee
            program. Mr. Roth responded that it is in the pipeline, and the
            producers need to weigh in, which could come in March or

         d. Education Roundtable: Mr. Walsh discussed the Education
            Roundtable that was held in the ADG Boardroom on January 9
            2010. It was a successful education outreach. The material
            will be published in American Theatre Magazine and later in
            Perspective. Mr. Shaffner attended the event as well.

   B. Treasurer: Michael Baugh reviewed the current financial report.
      Mr. Baugh said the Guild finished the year $286,000 in the red.
      The main reason for this was the Awards Banquet, which lost
      $166,000. John Janavs and Dawn Snyder are making an effort to
      cut costs and Swarovski has contributed sponsorship money. Mr.
      Baugh also reported that the 2010 Budget will be presented to the
      Board of Directors on February 2nd and that Cate Bangs is the new
      Treasurer. There is not an investment report included this month
      due to the changeover of investment advisors.

VI.          New Business:

       A. Stephen Berger: Mr. Shaffner announced that Stephen Berger
          will be replacing Rick Carter as Trustee and sitting on the ADG
          Council and Board of Directors. M/S/P (Walsh/Baugh) to ratify
          Stephen Berger as Trustee replacing Rick Carter for the
          remaining 2 years of his 3 year term.

VII.         Old Business: None

VIII.        Committee Reports

       A. Public Relations: Rick Markovitz reported on current press
          breaks. A new collection of press clippings were circulated. The
          clippings contain several press breaks for the ADG Awards.
          There are several links on the internet. Nikki Finke will run a
          segment of our PSA “The Case of the Bad Production Designer”
          on her website. Warren Beatty is getting a lot of press concerning
          his honoree status.

       B. Awards: Mr. Walsh announced that Paula Poundstone will be
          the host of the ADG Awards Banquet. We are in the process of
          locking down the presenters. There are concerns about the
          length of the show and starting too late. Mr. Roth reported that
          Swarovski wants to do a workshop event with our members on
          February 26th. This cocktail party would be a creative gathering
          and would include opening remarks by Nadja Swarovski and a

      presentation of Swarovski’s products. Mr. Roth also offered
      tickets to a member of the Council to the Costume Designers
      Guild Awards as well as to the ASC Awards. Mimi Gramatky and
      Corey Kaplan respectively accepted.

C. Directory: Mr. Baugh reported that the Directory is printed and
   copies are on the table. The data is now three to four months old.
   It is possible that this is the last printed copy of the Directory. The
   website needs to be improved and to include this information.
   IMDB cannot be relied upon.

D. Publications: Mr. Baugh said Perspective will go to the printer at
   the end of the week. The cover features “NINE.”

E. 5D: Mr. Markovitz reported that there are two upcoming events
   related to 5D. There is an event at Sundance at the end of the
   month and an event at the Aquarium of the Pacific in February.
   This is all building momentum to the big event in October. Mr.
   Walsh announced that he has asked Alex McDowell to skype in to
   the Board Meeting on February 2nd to discuss 5D, if any have
   questions about why the Guild is supporting it, creatively and/or

F. Workplace Issues: Mr. Moffitt reported on issues affecting Art
   Directors that have been discussed in the Workplace Issue
   Committee meetings.        The lack of training, the need for
   internships, progressing from Set Design to Art Direction and on-
   call status. On-call status is being abused. Box rental is a big
   issue and affects all crafts. The issues that are discussed in
   these meetings usually involve large Art Departments as opposed
   to small one to two person Art Departments.

IX.      Good and Welfare: Mr. Shaffner announced that tomorrow,
        January 20th the TV Academy inducts ADG member Charles
        Lisanby into the TV Hall of Fame.

           Motion to adjourn at 8:20 p.m.
           M/S/P (Shaffner/Taylor)

                 Respectfully submitted,
                 Corey Kaplan