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How to Choose a Service Provider for Form 2290?


How to choose a Service Provider for Form 2290?

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									If you are required to file HVUT, or Heavy Vehicle Use Taxes, then you are familiar with the IRS
Form 2290. If you have been paying these taxes for many years, then you likely to be more
familiar with the process for paper filing. However, there have been some huge technology
advances in the past few years and the IRS does now accept and encourage taxpayers to E-
File their 2290 Form.

There are several online service providers for the IRS Form 2290, and you need to select the
one that is right for you! In making these decisions, there are a few things that you should
consider. When you select a provider, make sure that they are an authorized IRS E-File
Provider, make sure that they can handle all of your truck tax needs, and it is best to find a
provider that is entirely web-based.

As for the Authorized E-File Providers, you should look on their website for a statement that
they are indeed authorized by the IRS to E-File. You can also refer to the IRS Website to see a
complete list of Authorized E-File Providers.

If you are filing Truck Taxes for more than just the Form 2290, such as IFTA, or Form 8849 then
it would be beneficial to have them all filed from the same place. Some service providers are
exclusively for Form 2290, or Form 8849, etc. It would be most economical and convenient to
get them all filed in the same place.

The benefits of a web-based system are many. If the system is not web based, then there is
less reason to use them. The IRS recommends E-Filing because of it’s speed and security. If
you are required to download lots of files and store information on your computer, your system
is not completely web based. The benefits of a web-based system are obviously the speed of
transfer to the IRS when you are finished, but also the security of storing your information online
instead of on your computer. is one such provider. It is entirely web-based, they are a one-stop-shop
for truck tax needs, and they are authorized by the IRS as an official E-File provider. If you need
any help, you can also contact their wonderful, Customer support team! They offer live chat &
phone support Mon-Fri, as well as email support 24/7.

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