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									What’s Cookin’
           at The Cook’s Nook                                                            Fall 2008

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                              New Product News
We’re always finding great new products to stock     also available in several of the other standard Fi-
on our shelves, either from new companies or         esta colors. Fiesta is another all-U.S.A. product.
from our old favorites. These are the latest,
which are quickly becoming popular with our          Tervis Tumblers
regular customers.                                   This is a fantastic line of insulated drinkware.
                                                     It’s not only of the highest quality, it’s another of
The Edge Brownie Pan                                 our made-in-the-U.S.A. products. Tervis Tum-
This is the brownie pan for edge lovers! When a      blers are made of high grade polycarbonate, the
customer first asked us if we carried this pan,      same material used to make bullet-proof shields
we didn’t know what she was talking about.           and fighter jet windshields. They stand up to the
Then one day I was flipping through a Sky Mall       microwave, the freezer, and the dishwasher. They
magazine on a flight to somewhere and there it       come in four sizes and many designs, including
was. When the girls went to the Chicago house-       your favorite collegiate emblems.
wares show and found it there, they made sure
to order plenty. It’s a maze-looking pan that        Oxo
enables every brownie serving to have two chewy      Oxo continues to come out with some of the
edges. Standard box mixes and recipes work just      most innovative gadgets we’ve seen. It’s always
fine with no adjustments needed. Come in and         exciting to see what they will think of next, be-
check this one out!                                  cause they’re so good at taking ordinary gadgets
                                                     and making them better. One of our favorites
Gourmet Grillware                                    this year is their new storage containers that
One of our favorite lines in the store, Wilton       come in all shapes and sizes.
Armetale, has introduced outdoor cooking with
style. Their new pieces allow you to grill and       Lodge
serve using the same piece of cookware that also     In 1896, during the first presidential term of Wil-
keeps food hot longer at the table. The clean up     liam McKinley, Joseph Lodge began making cast
is simple, but my favorite characteristic is that    iron cookware at his foundry in South Pittsburg,
it’s crafted in the U.S.A.                           Tennessee. Nineteen U.S. presidents later, Lodge
                                                     Cast Iron is the oldest family-owned cookware
Fiesta                                               company in the country, producing the highest
For all you Fiesta lovers and collectors, the new-   quality collection of cast iron cookware in the
est Fiesta color is Ivory, which looks very good     world. This year, Lodge won a national design
with all the other colors. It is a nice option for   award with their new cool-touch stainless steel
those of you who don’t care for the stark White      handles. Last year they introduced porcelain
color. The newest product from Fiesta is their       on cast iron. With all the controversy over what
three-piece baking set. It will be produced for a    cookware you should use, we think Lodge is a
limited time in a yellow called Marigold and is      very good choice.
                                                                        New Products continued on page 4
Priscilla’s Corner
                      A Note from the Boss
                       November 2, 1988 …..How        One of our newest types of classes, vegan cook-
                       well I remember that           ing, had an overwhelming response last spring
                       day! It was the first day      so we’re offering another one this fall. There
                       we opened our doors. I         is such a big interest in healthier eating these
                       was experiencing so many       days and the response to that class proved it. If
                       emotions – I was scared,       you missed the spring class, you have another
                       excited, overwhelmed, and      chance to learn all about it.
                      filled with extra energy.
                      My, where have the years        Jonna and Laura also had a very good response
                      and energy gone? And            to the kids’ cooking classes, so if you missed
                      times have changed. I used      those in the summer, check the fall schedule.
             to hand write everything, as well        They are also trying to stress the importance of
as talk to real people on the telephone when I        healthy foods.
called companies about their products. Time
does march on.                                        Brenda is pretty excited over the new line of
                                                      knives from Wüsthof, which is one of her favorite
Christmas Open House this year happens to fall        things to show customers. One of our favor-
on November 1st and 2nd, exactly 20 years later,      ite knives is the “super slicer.” We convinced a
so mark your calendars. It’s a few days earlier       customer who was looking for an electric knife to
than usual but it is still the first weekend in No-   buy a super slicer instead. When she came back
vember. Sue has great ideas for foods that will be    later to tell us she loved it, it made our day. It is
perfect for holiday entertaining, so make sure you    truly fun to sell what you believe in.
stop by the kitchen and try her samples.
                                                      Rhonda has become the queen of gadgets. When
Jonna, Laura, Brenda, and Rhonda traveled to          she came back from Chicago, she had a lot of
Chicago in March for the International House-         notes on what was new and whose products she
wares Show. The theme of the show was, “Go            thought were best. One of her favorites is the
Green,” which happened to coincide with St.           new garlic wheel – she swears it’s the best garlic
Patrick’s Day so they got to see the river dyed       gadget yet, and she should know because she
green. They also got to see Chicago’s famous St.      has them all.
Patrick’s Day Parade and decided that McPher-
son’s All Schools Day Parade put Chicago’s in         We have been busy looking for a new line of
the shade. Anyway, they came home having              glass bakeware as we can no longer get our
seen all the new introductions of the house-          old favorite, Arcuisine, which we carried for 19
wares business.                                       years. It had become a standard wedding gift for
                                                      a lot of you because you knew it would get used.
This past March, we said good-bye to one of our
long-time employees, Terri, who is staying home       As always, thanks to all of you for your contin-
to spend more time with her son. We will miss         ued support these past 20 years and be sure
her in the store and wish her the very best in        and mark your calendars for November 1st and
years to come.                                        2nd for our Open House.

Jonna has put together a good variety of cooking
classes for you this fall. In her calling to sched-
ule classes, she found that two of our favorite
teachers have moved: Jeanne Asbury to Penn-
sylvania and Naam Pruitt to St. Louis. We will
miss both of them.

 Cookbook Corner
 Southern Living 40 Years of Our Best Recipes
 Southern Living cookbooks have always been a favorite of ours.
 This one handy book contains 250 of the best recipes representing
 over 450 issues of Southern Living magazine. From classic comfort foods
 to trendy new creations, you’ll find just the recipes you’re looking for. We’re con-
 vinced this will become one of your favorites.

                          What’s Cookin’?
                          Southwestern Chicken Salad Spirals
                               Jonna found this recipe in one of her favorite cookbooks, Southern
                                Living’s Best-Rated Recipes, and brought it to work. It was an in-
                                  stant hit so I thought it was worth sharing – it’s perfect for serving
                                    at holiday parties.

                                       1 (7 oz) jar roasted red bell peppers
                                       2 cups chopped chicken
                                       1 (8 oz) package cream cheese, softened
                                       1 (0.4 oz) envelope Ranch-style buttermilk dressing mix
                                       ¼ cup chopped ripe olives
                                       ½ small onion, diced
                                        1 (4.5 oz) can chopped green peppers, drained
                                        2 Tbs. chopped fresh cilantro
                                        ½ tsp pepper
                                        ½ cup pine nuts (optional)
                                        8 (6-inch) flour tortillas
                                        Cilantro for garnish

Drain roasted peppers well, pressing between layers of paper towels: chop.
Stir together roasted peppers, chicken and the next seven ingredients.
Cover and chill at least two hours.
Stir pine nuts into chicken mixture, if desired. Spoon evenly over tortillas and roll up. Cut each
roll into 5 slices, securing with wooden toothpicks if necessary. Garnish with cilantro, if desired.
Makes 40 appetizers.

              The Cook’s Nook Holiday Open House
                                Saturday, Nov. 1, 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
                                    Sunday, Nov. 2, 1 to 5 p.m.

           Please join us for our Holiday Open House to kick off the holiday season. It’s
           a great chance to get your holiday shopping started and see all the new prod-
           ucts we have in for the season. It’s sure to be a great weekend in McPherson.

New Products continued from page 1

Omega Juicer
                                                                        The Cook’s Nook is
You asked for it, so now we are carrying one of
the highest quality, most efficient juicers on the
                                                                          Going Online!
                                                               We decided if this Internet thing is going to
market. There is a very big interest in eating
                                                               be around for awhile, we should probably be
healthier, and adding more fruits and vegetables
                                                               a part of it, so we’re working on developing a
is a great way to contribute to a healthy diet.
                                                               website, which will be found at
The Omega Juicer will definitely take care of all
your juicing needs.
                                                               When we’re up and going, you’ll be able to view
Keurig Coffee Maker
                                                               our cooking class schedule, read our newslet-
It took a lot of reading, looking, and discussing
                                                               ters, and purchase some of our products.
to determine which single-serve coffee machine
we wanted to carry. We finally decided on the
                                                               And while we’re on the subject of technology,
Keurig, which turned out to be the number one
                                                               if you’d like to help us save a tree or two by
single-cup coffeemaker sold in 2007. It is one of
                                                               receiving our newsletters electronically, send
the only companies dedicated solely to produc-
                                                               your name, email address, and your mail-
ing single-serve coffeemakers and offers one of
                                                               ing address (so we make sure we get the right
the widest selections of coffee brands and vari-
                                                               person) to:
eties in their K-Cup pods. If you already own a
Keurig, we carry plenty of K-Cups to keep your
                                                               Please put “Newsletter Email List” in the sub-
coffee mug full and steaming.
                                                               ject line.

                                                               We’ll email you our newsletters and keep you
                                                               updated on a more regular basis with cooking
                                                               classes, new store items, and more.

                The Cook’s Nook Calendar
                 September                                    Grilled Golden Delicious Apple Rings with Bourbon
                                                              Cream Sauce; Sausage, Apple, and Smoked Cheddar
              The Mexican Grill                               Plait made with puff pastry; Grilled Romaine Caesar
                                                              Salad – learn how to grill lettuce!; and an irresistible
                   Judith Fertig                              Cream Cheese Crostata with fresh preserves.
Friday, Sept. 26              6:00 p.m.          $30.00
                                                                 One-Dish Meals with a BBQ Twist
Celebrate a “fiesta” of flavors, perfect for a fall gather-                     Judith Fertig
ing or tailgating. Chef Judith Fertig, a “BBQ Queen,”
shows how easy it is to prepare authentic Mexican             Saturday, Sept. 27           2:00 p.m.         $30.00
cuisine on the grill. Featured dishes include “Nuevo”         Using the smoker and the grill, we’ll start with
Chips and Smoked Tomato Salsa; Slow-Smoked                    a knockout appetizer: Kansas City-style Barbe-
Pork Butt wrapped in a banana leaf with queso fres-           cued Brisket Crostini (hickory-smoked brisket,
co, chipotle sauce, and cilantro slaw; and Corn and           tomatoes, jalapeño peppers, and Romano cheese
Black Bean Salad (this easy, stir-together salad is a         combined on a toasted French baguette). Our
great way to round out a fiesta meal). For dessert, a         main course boasts Savory Ham, Grilled Veg-
fabulous Dulce de Leche Cheesecake. Ole!                      etables, and Cheese Bread and Butter Pudding
      Rise and Shine BBQ Brunch                               (a savory take on the traditional bread pud-
                                                              ding). Then, Barbecue Gumbo, where Kansas
                   Judith Fertig                              City BBQ meets Louisiana sass. For dessert, the
Saturday, Sept. 27            10:00 a.m.         $30.00       best chocolate pound cake you’ve ever had, with
Learn luscious, make-ahead or grill outside brunch            seasonal fruit and cream.
dishes that make a fall or holiday weekend special.
                 October                                           Cinnamon Rolls
                                                                       Karen Julian
     Healthy Cooking with Kids
                                                      Tuesday, Oct. 14          6:00 p.m.        $25.00
         The Cook’s Nook Moms,
                                                      Here it is again and again. Karen will show you
             Jonna & Laura
                                                      how to make her famous Cinnamon Rolls along
Thursday, Oct. 2          4:00 p.m.        $25.00     with delicious Crescent Rolls and Beignets, all
Join Jonna and Laura for some great new reci-         from one dough recipe. These would be perfect
pes for healthier snacks and meals for kids to        for any holiday guest that you may be entertain-
make in the kitchen. This class is for kids ages 8    ing this season.
and up.                                               Old-Fashioned Fried Chicken Dinner
          Love Me Tender(loin)                                     Meta & Barry West
                    Chef Alli                         Saturday, Oct. 18         10:00 a.m.       $30.00
Saturday, Oct. 4          10:00 a.m.       $30.00     Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy,
Whether pork, beef, or chicken, the tenderloin        Creamed Corn, Coleslaw, Buttermilk Biscuits
is the perfect cut for beautiful delivery at din-     with Whipped Honey Butter, and Pecan Pie Bars
ner time. Due to its versatility, the tenderloin is   – Americana at its best! Barry will share tech-
Chef Alli’s absolute favorite. She will share her     niques for cutting up a chicken, show you how
special tenderloin recipes, tips, and techniques,     to pan fry it, and then make gravy from the drip-
plus her selected wine pairings with each dish        pings. Meta will share a recipe for a bar cookie
prepared in class. The menu includes Chunky           that tastes like pecan pie but is a whole lot eas-
Cheddar Chicken Tenders with Zesty Dipping            ier to prepare. This old-fashioned Sunday-style
Sauce, Spiked Pork Tenderloin with Sunny Pear         dinner with all the trimmings is sure to bring
Chutney, and Pan Roasted Beef Tenderloin with         back old memories or create some new ones.
Bleu Cheese Crumbles and Merlot Sauce. Total                 Budget-Minded Recipes
yum and all so easy to prepare. Come hungry!!
                                                                   Meta & Barry West
                 Knife Skills                         Saturday, Oct. 18         2:00 p.m.        $30.00
                  Clark Stone
 Thursday, Oct. 9 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.             Meta and Barry will share a variety of tips, tech-
                                                      niques and recipes that will help you put to-
                  $10.00                              gether affordable home-cooked meals to help you
Would you like to sharpen up on your knife            stretch your food dollar. This class will focus
skills? This class is the perfect opportunity. Join   on the use of inexpensive homemade mixes that
our Wüsthof knife rep to learn proper knife skills    also allow you to monitor the ingredients that go
while working with a great set of knives.             into prepared foods.
          Vegan Comfort Food                          Yeast Bread Making for Busy People
     Karen Julian & Nicole Babcock                                     Joyce Esfeld
Saturday, Oct. 11         10:00 a.m.       $30.00     Saturday, Oct. 25         10:00 a.m.       $25.00
You may wonder if vegan fare can really qualify       Making yeast breads always seems to need a
as comfort food, but our delicious, healthy           longer time period to prepare and bake than
recipes won’t disappoint. We’ll be cooking up         most of us “think” we have in our busy day.
a hearty Minestrone, Fiesta Pot Pie, Spicy Veg-       Learn how to relax and complete the steps re-
etable Tofu Stir-fry, Giant Ginger Cookies and        quired for bread making in a few short intervals
more. You’ll get tips on how to roast vegetables      between work and play. We will be using a few
for optimum flavor and ease of preparation.           “old world” techniques along with new convenienc-
Your heart, blood pressure, and cholesterol will      es to accomplish what will become a simple pro-
thank you.                                            cess. Your favorites: cinnamon rolls, dinner rolls,
                                                      and loaves will be as easy as making cookies.

          219 N. Main
      McPherson, KS 67460
        (800) 215-7995
        (620) 241-7180

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                  The Cook’s Nook Calendar
                   November                                   Holiday Treats and Gifts for Kids
                                                                               Jonna & Laura
      De-stressed and Revitalized
             Thanksgiving                                    Sunday, Nov. 9                 1:00 p.m.          $25.00
               Debbie Dance Uhrig                            It’s a great time to get started making Holiday Treats
                                                             and gifts for your holiday parties and gift exchanges.
 Saturday, Nov. 8              10:00 a.m.         $30.00     Jonna and Laura have some great ideas that have
 Thanksgiving should be spent visiting with family,          been hits with their own children over the years.
 drinking good coffee, and cracking nuts before a            This class is for children 8 and up.
 toasty fire, so Debbie Dance Uhrig will be provid-                         Holiday Smoking
 ing short cuts and new recipes to revitalize the
 standard holiday fare. She will present economical
                                                                       Marlin Unruh & Jack Lee
 ways to present a dinner for 10-12 people. Some                          Jonna and Laura
 of the featured dishes will include: Make-Ahead             Saturday, Nov. 15              10:00 a.m.         $35.00
 Potatoes, Seafood Casserole, and Pecan-Crusted
                                                             Back by popular demand, Marlin and Jack will have
 Squash Casserole.
                                                             lots of great ideas for your Holiday Meats. They will
                                                             include preparing Whole Turkey Brining, Cajun
 The next time you’re in the store, look for Debbie’s
                                                             Fried Turkey, Pork Tenderloin, and Smoked Brisket.
 newest cookbook, “Simply Yours.” And you can
                                                             Their wives will also have lots of side dishes to go
 find Debbie herself at Silver Dollar City where she
                                                             along with the meats, so come hungry and you will
 is the new director of the culinary and craft house.
                                                             leave happy.
 Please call us at (620) 241-7180 to reserve a seat for a class, as class sizes are limited. Your reservation is con-
 firmed when we receive your payment. If you must cancel, a 48-hour advanced notice is necessary for a refund.

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