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									                             Incorporate a Singapore Company with Rikvin

June 6, 2011 - The month of May marks the launching of the first and only Universal Studios theme park
in Sentosa Island, Singapore. It has become the highlight for families visiting Singapore & the region.
From this year onwards, the visitorship is expected to rise as exciting events characterize the two
integrated resorts. The government expects that Singapore shall be a significant choice in business and

Opening a business in Singapore can be lucrative. In the coming Year of Assessment 2011, the corporate
tax rates are slightly lower than the current. The new tax rates are applicable to all companies including
a branch office, subsidiary company, and private limited company. Foreign companies and businessmen
are directed to hire a professional service provider firm to help them in their business need such as
company registration & relocation of foreign staffs.

Rikvin is an expert in these areas since 1998. It has created business solutions that are helpful in
completing requirements during company registration. It also handles the incorporation procedure
itself. A few of its solutions are the nominee services and virtual office. The nominee services are for a
director, shareholder, and corporate secretary.

Says Rikvin: “A common nominee is for a director. It validates a company by having a resident director of
ordinary residence, which is inherent among local residents, earned by permanent residents, or
obtained by foreign nationals through a work visa.”

The nominee director service is needed if the investors opt for an employment pass as the visa. Only
registered companies can apply for work visas according to the laws in Singapore. The nominee director
helps the companies complete the requirement and thereby, the registration process. After that, Rikvin
processes the labor pass, and transfer the directorship. It could also be engaged on a long-term if the
investor aspires to stay offshore. It must be noted, however, that despite having a nominee director, the
directorship is consummated by the real investor.

“There are no obligations and corporate powers designated to a nominee director service,” Rikvin

Besides the director, Rikvin also offers a nominee shareholder and nominee agent. The nominee
shareholder protects the real identification of shareholders as the shares are held in trust. Meanwhile,
the nominee agent service is for a branch office. The Companies Act says that there must be two
individuals of ordinary residence appointed as the branch agents. Rikvin explains that the position held
by a nominee agent is transferred to the labor pass holder as soon as the labor pass is released.

Moving on, the virtual office service of Rikvin features a valid local business address, mail notification &
forwarding, dedicated phone and fax line, and meeting rooms.

“The local business address is a requirement during a company registration. The address can be
residential or commercial, but never a PO Box,” Rikvin continues to explain. It says further: “The address
in a virtual office can be used for a registration of a company and printing of business cards, letterheads,
invoices, and receipts of a company.”
Rikvin’s specializations reach beyond the incorporation procedure. It continues to assists companies in
compliance matters such as their annual filing obligations.

About the Publisher:

Rikvin offers business solutions for either local and foreign investors or entrepreneurs. One of its
specialties is Singapore company registration. The company has successfully help hundreds of foreign
individuals form a Singapore company. Rikvin has effectively facilitated both non-resident and resident
financiers build business firms in Singapore. Incoming calls in our phones are answered by live persons
and not by an answering machine. We recognize the importance of your time and we are aware that
technology cannot replace a person most especially, when we need to make vital business moves.

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