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									                                            FLOOD FACTS
           You can learn if you are within or near the floodplain by checking the City Website:
                                     FLOODPLAIN                               FLOOD WARNINGS
FLOOD INSURANCE                      The City’s website has a Flood Zone      Flood warnings are broadcast on all
Homeowners insurance does not cover         map. Use the magnifying glass tool to         local radio and television systems and
flood damage. To make this protection       zoom to the level of addresses to learn       Weather Radio. In addition, the City
available to you, the City of Harrisburg    if a property is in the flood plain or not.   delivers written notices to places
participates in the National Flood                                                        expected      to     be    affected   by
Insurance Program (NFIP). Contact           If you do not have Internet access, call      Susquehanna River flooding.            A
any licensed casualty insurance             DBHD at 255-6419 or 255-6553 to find          special warning system alerts affected
agency for details.                         out.                                          persons of impending flash flooding of
Harrisburg also participates in the                                                       the Paxton Creek through pre-recorded
voluntary Community Rating System           Large paper maps are included in the          telephone messages.           If time is
which has resulted in lower insurance       Flood Protection Library at three public      insufficient, police cars will use the
rates for properties within the City: 20%   libraries in the City: 101 Walnut Street,     public address system or sound their
reduction for properties in Special         530 South 29th Street and 2410 North          sirens to alert affected areas.
Flood Hazard Areas (aka 100-year),          Third Street. The Library contains
15% for non-SFHA properties.                information on many flood related
                                            topics, including how to floodproof
LOCAL FLOOD HAZARDS                         homes and other buildings, and how to         EVACUATION
Potential local flood hazards include       repair flood damaged buildings.               Police cars will also be used to notify of
the slow-rising Susquehanna River, the                                                    evacuation. Before leaving, turn off
backup of creeks due to river height, or    FLOOD PROTECTION MEASURES                     electric at main box and gas at meter.
the failure of the Raystown Dam.            You can take property protection              If possible, move furniture to higher
Flash flooding can occur on Paxton          measures now to eliminate or reduce           floor, sand bag openings, plug
Creek and Spring Creek.                     flood damage.        Call the Building        basement drains. When evacuating,
                                            Inspector, 255-6553, for retrofitting         recognize safety measures put in place
Brochures available on the City             information or on-site advice. The City       for your protection.      Do not drive
Website or from the                         will provide written information on           around barricades. Do not go near
                                            repairs. While this assistance will also      culverts or streams.
Department of Building &                    be available after a flood, the staff will
Housing Development                         be much busier and delays in obtaining
                                            technical assistance may occur.
REQUIREMENTS                               OBSTRUCTIONS
Federal regulations require permits for    The City maintains storm drainage
all construction work in the               sewers and clears streams/river banks
floodplain, including minor projects       of debris. Report debris in the Paxton
such as erecting a fence or mail           and     Spring    Creeks      or   the
box/sign post. Contact the Building        Susquehanna River to the Dept. of
Inspector before you fill, build or        Public Works at 236-4802.         City
otherwise develop. If you see work         ordinances prohibit dumping in or near
underway without a permit, report his      streams or obstructing the flow of
to the City by calling 255-6553.           streams. Report dumping in or near
                                           streams; you may receive a reward.
Federal regulations also require that if
the total cost of reconstruction,
rehabilitation,  addition    or    other
                                           FLOODPLAIN’S NATURAL AND
                                           BENEFICIAL FUNCTIONS
                                           You can help preserve the natural and
improvements within a ten year period,
is equal to or exceeds 50% of the
market value, the entire structure must
                                           beneficial functions of the floodplain by
                                           participating in three local non-profit
                                           groups:     The     Harrisburg     Parks
meet       the   same       construction   Partnership,      Capital      Greenbelt
requirements as a new building.            Association and Friends of Wildwood.
                                           The City and these groups have
Contact the Zoning Administrator and       restored areas so that these areas can
Building Inspector early in your           aid in flood control through the natural
renovation planning process.        They   recycling of water, prevention of
can save you time and dollars. A           erosion, and preservation of plants and
Zoning Hearing may be necessary to         wildlife.
approve projects in the floodplain.
                                           MORE INFORMATION
                                           More detailed information on the subjects
                                           discussed are available by calling 255-
                                           6553 or by consulting the Flood Protection    Published by the
                                           Library at three public libraries in          City of Harrisburg
                                           Harrisburg: 101 Walnut Street, 530 South      Stephen R. Reed
                                           29th Street and 2410 North Third Street.            Mayor

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