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					Bring Back “Pizza Thursdays”
           Week 4
Did you notice all the complaining
grumbling and discontent in the          D.O.L.
cafeteria last thursday As one       Capitals – 8
class after another arrived to eat   Usage – 1
lunch students expresses             Comma - 4
                                     Period – 1
disappointment that there would
                                     Question - 1
be no “Pizza thursday.” although
                                     Spelling - 1
it may not have been obvious
before it should be clear to
everybody now that the students
at lark creek elementary school
have gotten very attatched to the
idea of eating pizza for lunch on     Week 4 - Monday
Mrs lee the cafeteria manager
pointed out that pizza will now be      D.O.L.
served every other thursday. she     Capitals – 7
said this change was made in         Comma – 3
order to keep the pizza lunches a    Period – 5
special occasion for students        Quotations - 1
mrs lee said “it seemed to us that   Spelling - 2
serving the same food each
week would get boaring. We
really thought this change would
help. Make the pizza lunches
more special. The knew
schedule went into effect this
                                      Week 4 - Tuesday
Reporters for the school paper the
Lark creek Chronicle, talked to kid      D.O.L.
in every grade about the new        Capitals – 4
                                    Usage – 1
schedule. When asked, Is it more Comma – 3
special to have pizza every         Period – 1
thursday, or every other thursday” Quotations - 1
                                    Question 1
the students surveyed said they
                                    Title - 1
prefer weekly pizza menus.
Some offered suggestions, such
as, “To keep the pizza menu
interesting, vary the toppings. We
could have cheese one week
pepperoni the next and then         Week 4 - Wednesday

Its great that the cafeteria staff
wants to keep the lunch menu              D.O.L.
varied interesting and kid-          Capitals – 8
friendly. If you really want to      Apostrophe – 2
please the lark creek students       Comma – 4
                                     Period – 3
please listen to our opinions. We
                                     Quotations – 2
prefer Pizza thursdays every
                                     Spelling - 1
week pizza is a healthy food. It
is a food that can be easily
varied. From one week to
another. Come on Lark creek
cafeteria! Lets make this a win-
win situation Restore our weakly     Week 4 - Thursday
“pizza thursdays”!
          You Write
Do you think students should be able
to help choose the foods served in the
school cafeteria? Write one paragraph
to support your opinion. Give at least
four reasons to support your answer.

                            Week 4 - Friday

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