Specialty Cocktails, Sake, Beer and Wine by arslanoguz


									       STONEFISH                                                             wine list
                                                                                  Sutcliffe Wines
                                                               Locally produced from sundrenched days, cool nights
       SUSHI & MORE                                      and the deep red soil of McElmo Canyon, south of Cortez, Colorado
                                                           Rose 28.00 Bottle, 7.00 Glass & Sauvignon Blanc 29.00 Bottle, 7.50 glass

         cocktails                                            Remy Pannier Haiku Bridge, Chenin Blanc, France
                                                            Medium-bodied wine made exclusively for Japanese cuisine.
           Stonefish Mojito         8.00                     Aromas of lime, green apples & grapefruit. Refreshing & zesty.
  Bacardi rum or Ian’s Alley, Mancos distillery rum                              Bottle 21.00 or 6.00 Glass
      with lime, mint soda - add a flavor .50
  Prickly Pear, Blood Orange, Pomegranate                                  Parducci, Sustainable White
                                                        Exotic aromas of passion fruit, lychee & orange peel complimented by
           Grapefruit Martini 7.00                             refreshing mouthfeel, zesty acidity & a hint of sweetness.
                                                                                Bottle 21.00 or 6.00 Glass
   Grapefruit Finlandia Vodka, Lemon Triple Sec
                splash of lemonade                                      Milbrandt, Reisling, Washington
                                                                Highly aromatictraces of ripe apricot, Elberta peaches
           Cucumber Cosmo 7.00                                      honey, zest of tangeroine, & orange blossoms
         House infused cucumber vodka                                            Bottle 18.50 or 5.00 Glass
        with splash of white cranberry juice
                                                                         Cline Cellars, Pinot Gris, Sonoma
           Stonefish Hard Tea 7.50                       Flavors of peach, pears & apricots, delicate apple, nice, bright acidity.
  Absolut wild tea and elderflower infused vodka              Fresh fruit enhanced by not using oak in the winemaking.
                                                                                 Bottle 18.00 or 5.00 Glass
            mint, lemon and iced tea
                                                                          Gauchezco, Torrontés, Argentina
                 Paloma 7.50                          Tropical melon aromas, crisp palate, this rock-solid Torrontesés, tight with
        Cazadores tequilla with citrus soda              taste of lime & pineapple, an exactness, like savoring the perfect lime
            splash of grapefruit juice                                           Bottle 18.00 or 5.00 Glass

                   Sake                                                     The Crusher, Chardonnay
                                                          Rich blonde color, full bodied displaying vibrant vanilla, key lime
        House Gekkeikan Hot or Cold                         citrus aromas, nuance of pear & almond, edge of tangerine.
    Large Carafe 7.00 or 3.50 Small Carafe                                       Bottle 21.00 or 6.00 Glass
               add a flavor 2.00
  Peach, Raspberry, Green Apple, Coconut                                 Hahn, Pinot Noir, Santa Maria
                                                      Ruby Red, this wine showcases hallmarks of Monterey County Pinot Noir
         Hakutsura Junmai Dai Gingo                       exhibiting distinctive aromas of black cherry, cola & sweet oak.
                                                                                 Bottle 18.00 or 5.00 Glass
               Bottle   50.00
                                                                       Purple Cowboy, Merlot, Pasa Robles
     Momokawa Sake Diamond (Saphire)                     Teeth-staining dark red, hints of purple, dazzling aromas of crushed
            Individual 12.00                            black cherries & plums with rose petal, cola & hint of smoked caramel.
                                                                                 Bottle 21.00 or 6.00 Glass
             Momokawa Sake Pearl
               Individual 12.00                                            Andeluna, Malbec, Argentina
                                                       Great color intensity with violet tones, aroma of fruits & flowers, notes
           Gekkeikan Black and Gold                    of dulce de leche, vanilla, chocolate by aging six months in oak barrels.
               Bottle    27.00                                                   Bottle 21.00 or 6.00 Glass

             Zipang Sparkling Sake                       Concannon Cabernet Sauvignon, 2007, Selected Vineyards
                Individual 12.00                          A well-balanced wine. It exhibits a rich nose of cherry & plum fruit
                                                                   flavors, with hints of chocolate and vanilla oak.
                                                                                 Bottle 21.00 or 6.00 Glass

         Sho Chiku Boi Organic Nama
               Individual 12.00

                  Takara Plum
            Large 8.00 or 4.00 Small

House Bottled Beer
         Asahi, Japan & Tiger, Singapore
               20 oz bombers 4.50

               Pabst Blue Ribbon
               12 oz bottle 2.50
                                                            Tanigami Konan, 1879-1928, woodblock print, Lobelia and Tritoma

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