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      Stroller Range
About Combi
Combi was established in Japan in 1957
and since then has been focused on
producing innovative, high quality and
reliable parenting products that serve to
make parenting that little bit easier.

Today Combi is one of the world’s
largest parenting product specialists
and is listed on the Tokyo Stock
Exchange. This means Combi is a brand
you can trust to deliver on your
expectations as a parent as well as the
needs of your child.

Ask for a demonstration to learn why
Combi is the first choice for smart

Combi Strollers
The design of Combi strollers is             Combi strollers are unique because they
regularly refined and rigorously tested      have been designed to deliver all the
to ensure they provide many years of         features and comfort of a much larger
safe and reliable operation and comfort      pram without the burden of size, weight
for your baby as well as offering you        and hassle. And many models also offer
maximum convenience.                         a   convenient     baby-facing    mode
                                             (Reversible     handle).    They    will
Like most other things we buy, the           comfortably fit the boot of most small
quality of the materials and design          cars meaning you don’t need to buy a
process      determines      a   product’s   large car or 4WD just because you’ve
durability and reliability. And while        had a baby.
Combi strollers are very lightweight and
look and feel flimsy, they are not. Combi    Unfortunately most parents make a few
strollers are beautifully made using high    incorrect & costly purchasing decisions
quality     materials     and    advanced    when choosing their pram or stroller.
engineering principles to ensure they        Ask experienced parents you know for
will deliver years of reliable operation.    their advice and they will confirm the
One of the greatest features of Combi        best choice for everyday usage is
strollers is they are ultra lightweight &    something lightweight, compact and
compact. Another great and unique            easy to use. And this is why Combi is the
feature is Combi’s quick and easy open       first choice for SMART parents.
and fold which makes them ideal for
busy parents.

Well Carry Great features. Fantastic Value.
The Well Carry is ultra lightweight at just 5.5 kgs
yet it has an extra sturdy frame and wheels, extra
long super-soft seat with multiple recline
positions, a large sun shade and more.
Newborn to 20kgs. Weights only 5.5kgs.

Ultra Lightweight & compact
Easy open/fold
Multiple position seat recline
Large sun shade
Front guard
Large wheels
Large basket with easy access
even when seat reclined
Front suspension
Extra long seat with soft breathable fabric
High handle
Self-standing when folded
Single wide-set wheels make it ideal for walking
                                                      (overseas model shown)


                        Black & Silver                           Red & Champagne

Urban Walker Lightweight luxury. Great value.
    The perfect stroller for parents           Ultra Lightweight       Reversible handle
    wanting an ultra lightweight               Compact                 Extra large basket
    and compact stroller that                  Easy open/fold          with easy access
    offers all the features and                Huge canopy             even when seat fully
                                               Multiple seat recline   reclined
    luxuries at an affordable price.
                                                                       Wide-set rear wheels
    Newborn to 20kgs.                          Soft, breathable
                                                                       make it great for walking
    Weights only 6.3kgs.                       seat fabric
                                               Extra long seat
    The Urban Walker Prestige offers all the features of the Urban Walker Groove as well as
    a cosy and stylish boot cover and an additional set of brakes on the front wheels.

     Boot cover
    (detachable)                           $
                                                                             Boot cover

                               Navy                                Champagne

    The Urban Walker Groove is ideal for those parents who want something vibrant, fun
    and funky but of course, lightweight, luxurious and convenient.


                         Orange                     Aqua                         Magenta
                                                                                 (Limited Edition colour)

Well Comfort                          Ultra lightweight and compact.

One of the world's lightest reversible
handle strollers.(Just 4.2kgs!!!) The
ultimate convenience accessory for
busy parents. Great for travelling.
Newborn to 17kgs.
Weights only 4.2kgs.

Ultra lightweight & compact
Combi quick & easy open/fold
Multiple position seat recline
Reversible handle
Extra large sun shade
Front suspension
Self-standing when folded
Front guard


                        Casual Blue                        Casual Orange

Ricco W Ultimate combination of luxury & convenience.
The Ricco W is the perfect combination of
luxury, comfort and convenience. It features the
popular Combi features like quick & easy
open/fold, full sun shade and a reversible
handle, (baby-facing mode). It is
also ultra lightweight at only 4.6 kgs.
Newborn to 17kgs.

Ultra lightweight & very compact
Quick & easy open/fold
Multiple position seat recline
Reversible handle
Extra large sun shade
Height adjustable handle
Seat ventilation system
Full sun shade
Front suspension
Self-standing when folded
Orthopedic seat insert with EggShock
Front Guard


                       Active Khaki                Active Grey
Miracle Turn DX                           The most advanced
                                          stroller ever made.

If only the very best will do then the Miracle Turn is for you.
Lightweight, super compact double fold and the only stroller in
the world with a miraculous system that automatically locks
the back wheels and unlocks the front wheels when you
reverse the handle*.
Newborn to 20kgs. Weights only 6.3kgs.

*Constant front steering
Quick & Easy fold
Super compact (Double fold)
Reversible handle
Large sunshade
Egg shock baby cushion
Seatback ventilation
Multiple seat recline
Front & Rear brakes
Seat base extender
Front guard
All wheel suspension


                   Amethyst Purple                          Emerald Green

Stroller Accessories

                                                                 Beige           Black

                                Travel Bag
                                (Fits all Combi models
                                sold in Australia)
       Rain Cover                                                                            MB-80
       (Fits all Combi models
                                                                  Mother Bags
       sold in Australia)

Other SMART Combi products
                         Magical Compact carrier
                         The Magical Compact carrier is the ultimate baby
                         carrier. It is suitable from newborn (3.4 kgs) to 14.9
                         kgs and has an incredible four carrying positions;
                         cradling, face-in, face-out and back carrying. The
                         unique cradling position provides optimum head and
                         back support and maximum comfort for your
                         newborn baby. It’s very easy to use.

                        Roanju parenting station
                         The Roanju parenting station is the most dynamic
                         parenting aid in Australia. It transitions from a
                         daybed, to a rocker, hi-low feeding chair (highchair)
                         and change table.
                         Suitable from Newborn to 18kgs.

                        Baby Label
                         Combi also has a full range of feeding accessories
                         that are compact & convenient and as you would
                         expect from Combi, made from the highest quality
                         safe and durable materials.
                         (BPA Free, dishwasher safe)

                                                Actual products may differ slightly from products shown.