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									Title                      Description - Credits
2 SECONDS                  2 SECONDS 1998, 100 minutes Manon Briand. In French with English subtitles. Charlotte Laurier
                           portrays a professional downhill mountain bike racer who hesitates for two seconds just before starting
                           the biggest race of her life... and loses by those very two seconds. After she moves back to her native
                           Montreal, she discovers a small shop owned by a cranky Italian former professional road bike racer. He
                           helps her to put her life into perspective and discusses his own 'big race' in the course of their poignant,
                           developing friendship.
1937                       USA 2002 Video, 20 min. Director: Enrico Falconi Co-written by ten year old Daniel Hyman. Three kids search
                           for a hidden manuscript, in this intriguing odyssey through New York‟s Central Park
                           USA 2003 | 16mm/DV, 27 min.
                           Directors: Steve Olpin, Tim Irwin
                           Award winning filmmaker Steve Olpin and Tim Irwin give us an intimate look T.J. Lavin, one of the most
                           innovative dirt jumpers in BMX history

                           Italy 1994 | 35mm, 5 min.
                           Directors: Werther Germindari, Maria Laura Spagnoli
                           Strange things can happen on a solitary bike ride
                           USA 2002
                           Video, 15 min.
                           Special appearance by Hans Rey

                           Han‟s can go anywhere on his bike! Where Next?

AMSTERDAM                  AMSTERDAM: The Bicycling Capitol of Europe
                           Holland and USA 2003 | Mini DV, 5 min.
                           Director: Michael Bauch
                           Amsterdam has created a bicycle friendly city, challenging us to rethink our car centered lives in the US.
                           People meet face to face instead of bumper to bumper.
                            USA 2003 | Video, 27 min.
                            Director: Bob Scerbo
                            Street riding, street riding and more street riding.

                            BETA 20min.
                            Director: Alan Bernstein

                            A portrayal of the working style, philosophy, and development of America's leading bicycle frame builders,
                            Richard Sachs and Peter Weigle.

BICYCLE                     BICYCLE
                            Israel 2000 | 16mm, 24 min.
                            Director: Ronen Menachem
                            Young Tom wants a new bike like the rest of his friends. His father, however, can't afford one and decides
                            to get a hold of a bicycle by another means.
BICYCLE GANGS OF NEW YORK   USA 2004 | Director Cheryl Dunn
                            Synopsis: there is a big meeting in union square tonight to take back thestreets. We start in club houses ,
                            squats , rehearsal spaces and apartments with a number of nyc bike gangs ,ie.the landloards , black label,
                            denom vemon and Puerto rico schwinn club and chunk 666 to name a few. With an exilerating all - boro
                            travel sequence interlaced with the music of Tussle .we arrive at a nyc critcal mass to experience the
                            philosophies of many of the bike communities most colorful characters . bike gangs of ny blurs the lines
                            between comedic drama and documentary for a glimpse into the energy and exhileration of being a biker
                            in NYC ³ an epically large city²
Bike Like You Mean It   USA 2002 Video 46 min.. Director: Rusty Martin
                        "Bike Like U Mean It" is a portrait of Austin, Texas's bike activists, those who ride their bikes for
                        transportation, defiantly eschewing cars. Outspoken and iconoclastic, they actively promote not only
                        alternative forms of transportation, but an alternative vision of cities, urban design, lifestyle, and
                        culture. This is also a film about dreamers, those who are working at the fringes, pushing the
                        envelope, and trying to envision a different future where traffic, congestion, pollution and road rage
                        give way to more peaceful ways of moving around on the planet. Featuring bike activist Amy Babich,
                        Austin's Yellow Bike Project, Bikes Not Bombs, the Cyclown Circus, and Austin's Critic

                        "Bike Like U Mean It, a documentary by Susan Kirr and Rusty Martin about Austin's bike community, will screen at SXSW
                        this year [2002]. Many of Austin's bike activists are featured in this film, so you will see a lot of familiar faces, and it is our
                        attempt to portray the culture and the issues surrounding Austin's bike scene: Critical Mass, Yellow Bike Project, Spinning
                        Wheel Project, and Amy Babich's letters to the Chronicle are all featured, to name a few." (Description by the producers;
                        contact them at runsarisk@aol. Add the .com yourself, I took it off to avoid spambots.)

                        As of April 2003, this video is not available to the public. Contact the producers for more info, I don't know anything else
                        about availability.

                        More from the producers:

                        The new documentary, "Bike Like U Mean It," by Rusty Martin and Susan Kirr, will have its world premiere at SXSW in
                        March 2002. This film is a portrait of Austin's commuter cyclists, those who ride their bikes as transportation, eschewing cars.
                        Outspoken and iconoclastic, they actively promote not only alternative forms of transportation, but an alternative viewpoint
                        toward cities, urban design, lifestyle, and culture. The film features:

                        *Critical Mass, a monthly "coincidence" of bicyclists riding through downtown rush hour traffic

                        *The Yellow Bike Project, a small collective of utopian idealists who are trying to put public bikes on the streets and also
                        educate disadvantaged children about how to work on bikes

                        *The Spinning Wheel Project, dedicated to biking, peace, and non-violence

                        *Amy Babich and her years-long letter writing campaign to the Austin Chronicle

                        *Experts discussing alternative forms of energy, transportation, and urban design

BIKE RIDE               USA 2000 16mm, 6 min. Animation Director: Tom Schroeder

                        James rides his bike 50 miles to see his girlfriend, who dumps him. He rides home.

                        Films about people on bikes getting down and up in their own way. Special appearances.
                       USA 2004 | Video, 4 min.
                       Directors: Neistat Brothers
                       A study of stealing bikes in New York City.

BIKES ACROSS BORDERS   USA 2002 Video, 9 min.Director: David Tillman, Ryan Williams This short documentary follows Beth
                       Ferguson and Bracken Firecracker, two co-founders of a Texas non-profit organization that fixes up
                       used and donated bikes and brings them to border workers in Mexico so they can have autonomous

BUNNYHOP                BUNNYHOP
                       USA 2000
                       Video, 5 min.
                       Director: Michael Kang

                       Set at the Cycle Messenger World Championship 2000 in Philidelphia, this is Rocky IV on bikes. Washington
                       D.C.‟s Racer X wants to reclaim his title of Bunnyhop Champion, but he‟ll have to out jump Danish Bunnyhop
                       champ Henrik.

BUSH BIKES             Australia 2002
                       Video, 6 min.
                       Director: David Vadiveloo

                       Six Aboriginal town camp kids build bicycles from junk parts in order to make it to their dream

                       USA 2004 | Video, 45 min.
                       Director: Don Hampton
                       From the series that introduced you to the meaning of HARDCORE, this film takes you to four
                       continents, logs thousands of frequent flyer miles and shows what East Coast style is all about. The DH
                       Productions' "Stable of Knuckleheads" has been unchained and they have unleashed their fury on the
                       world. Your tour guides are: Aaron Chase, Jeff Lenosky, Lars Tribus, Eric Porter, Kyle Ebbett and more.
                       Three time Emmy Award winning Producer/Director Don Hampton shot this film in Japan, Russia,
                       Australia, France, Germany, Canada and the USA.
                          CHOPIN'S BICYCLE
                          USA 2003 | Video, 5 min.
                          Director: Eric Dyer
                          A bicycle visually captures the music of Chopin.

COUNTER CULTURE           COUNTER CULTURE: The Jet Fuel Coffeeshop
                          Canada 2003 | Mini DV, 6 min.
                          Director: Lisa Logan
                          The Jet Fuel is Toronto's bike courier hang out and John Englar is its eccentric and energetic owner.
Critical Mass (Austin)    Critical Mass (2001)
                          We have exclusive video of a Sept. 2001 Critical Mass ride in Austin in which a motorist intentionally ran
                          over a cyclist.

Critical Mass (Toronto)   a documentary about bike messengers CRITICAL MASS takes us on the road with a group of bike
                          messengers - from the kitchen, into traffic and across the four seasons. Come "free lock" in the towers,
                          avoid the "door prize" and attend a "safety meeting" all while making drops to earn a dollar.Messengers
                          exist in tandem with the corprorate world they serve, linked to the suits only by the packages on their
                          backs. Hear their stories and tragedies as they battle the accumulation of road rage, minimum wage and
                          winter days in metro Toronto.

CYCLE                      CYCLE
                          USA 2002
                          Video, 7 min.
                          Director: Minh Chieu Nguyentran

                          A beautiful calm day is shattered when a bike messenger has his prized bike stolen from him by a
                          mysterious hoodlum. Order becomes chaos and an adrenaline filled chase rips through the gritty
                          outer boroughs of New York.
CYCLOTHERAPY              USA, 2002
                          Video 67 min.
                          Director: George Ferguson

                          Meet some true bike-a-holics in a fascinating documentary about the passion and obsession of collecting
                          “Lemon Peelers”, “Sting Rays”, “Orange Krates”…. These men live for the bicycle! The documentary
                          “Cyclotherapy” explores the subculture of the vintage bicycle collectors. Through over a dozen interviews, the
                          motivations driving those who seek these childhood Icons of Americana are revealed. Vignettes and archival
                          footage create captivating and humorous transitions between interviews.
DEXTER                    USA/BELGIUM 2003Video 20min.Director: Cécile Hambye Dexter is a bike messenger in Manhattan. He is a
                          business owner and he has only one leg. He arrived here to do the New York Marathon on crutches. In the city
                          that never sleeps, the courier business is a constant fight against the clock. Competition is strong, as is the
                          spirit of Dexter.

Dig 25                    USA 2002
                          Video, 40 min.
                          Director: Steve Olpin

                          T.J. Lavin, Fuzzy Hall. Ryan Nyquist, Jamie Bestwick ,Robby Morales, and Cory Nastazio
                          Dig 25 is 25 short films about the heroes of BMX. Each short film highlights the riding and
                          personalities of the best and boldest of the BMX world. There is all the action of a BMX "formula"
                          film, big air, sic tricks and the inevitable crashes, along with some more artistic views of the most
                          recognized riders in the world.
                          Bangladesh 2003
                          DV, 6 min.
                          Director: Yasmine Kabir
                          Music Video Singer Pothik Nobi (prophet of the road) creates a soundscape about the streets of
                          Dhaka (the capital city). Dir. Yasmine compliments the music with this colorful view of Dhaka street
DIVERSION                   DIVERSION
                          USA 2002
                          Video, 30 min.
                          Director: Bobby Carter

                          This video is a dedicated to representing the global flatland community. Take a trip through Brazil,
                          Pennsylvania, Michigan, and California. Learn about these riders‟ world and their dedication to living

DIVERSION IN BRAZIL       USA/BRAZIL 2002 16mm/DV, 5 min. Director: Bobby Carter Take a journey to the neighborhoods of Sao Paulo
                          and discover Brazil‟s freestyle underground featuring: Balu, Daniel Molina, Leonardo Claro, and Marcos Paulo De

                          DRAG RACE NEW YORK CITY
                          USA 2004 | Video, 5 min.
                          Director: Lucas Brunelle
                          The faster you are, the slower life goes by.
                               USA 2004 | Video, 7 min.
                               Director: Ashira Siegel
                               A portrait of bike messenger women in New York City
FADE TO BLACK                   FADE TO BLACK
                               USA 2002
                               Video, 40 min.
                               Director: Freddy Gonzalez

                               A year long journey, worldwide but local in mind…the hardcore underground BMX freestyle scene
                               only grows…see it here! Look inside to the New York BMX underground.

FATHER AND DAUGHTER            Great Britain and Netherlands 2000
                               35mm, 8 min.
                               Director: Michael Dudok De Wit
                               A touching portrayal of the bonds between a father and daughter.
                                Academy Award for the Best Animated Short Film, 2001
                                British Academy Award for the Best Animated Short Film

                               USA 1997
                               35 mm, 12 min.
                               Director: Ari Gold, Jamie Babbit

                               Brake for frogs, its mating season!

Golden Colorado Circuit Race   Golden Colorado Circuit Race
                               How would you like to watch a bicycle race in first person? Meaning, from the perspective of the bike! Thanks to John
                               Bickmore, you can. Bickmore is a professional racer and films the races as he's riding. (What dedication, since the added
                               weight of the camera has to slow him down a bit and hurt his ranking a bit.) Here's his description of the movie of the Golden
                               Colorado Circuit Race: "You race at the front the entire race, up and down the hill on top of Table Top Mountain. You are
                               fighting the wind and the racers and attacking each other! Even Vaughter's attack is sucked up in just 1/2 a lap. The first 800m
                               of the race is the calm before the storm. Then the speed goes up and the attacks try, and try and try the remainder of the race.
                               In-between attacks, a group of 4 get away and near the end a group of 2 hold a gap to the line. You field sprint for 7th place."
                               Order exclusively from
                      USA 2004 | Video, 27 min.
                      Director: James Cocks
                      A group of college students leave New Haven, CT. for a 4,000 mile bike adventure to benefit Habitat for
                      Humanity. They face endless plains and brutal climbs, bitter rain and relentless heat, serious illness and
                      broken bones along the way. They meet each challenge with courage and optimism.
                      USA 2001
                      Video, 75 min.
                      Director: Nicole Hahn

                      A documentary film which explores the ethos of women‟s downhill mountain bike racing through the
                      characters who are the sport-Missy Giove, Marla Streb, Jacquie Phelan, Cheri Elliott and more!

Heroes/Road Fools     Heroes/Road Fools 12 - Day 4/Van Homan Profile/Discovery
                      USA 2003-04 | 16mm 28min.
                      Director: Chris Rye
                      A compilation of work.

HOLLAND TUNNEL        USA 2002 DV, 4 min.Directors: Neistat Brothers Bike ride through the Holland Tunnel.
HOOD TO COAST         USA 2003 | Video, 9 min.
                      Director: revphil
                      Zoobombers harness the power of gravity for good. Keep your feet on the pedals and brace yourself for a
                      non-stop road ride from the top of Oregon's highest mountain.
I MY BIKE              I MY BIKE
                      USA 2001
                      16 mm, 5 min.
                      Director: Ken Paul Rosenthal

                      In this moving cine-poem, the past and present collide within a round portal containing fleeting
                      images of vintage Market Street, San Francisco over a dense sea of modern day bicyclists.
                      16mm, 18 min.
                      Director: Masaki Hosokawain

                      A quiet film where a flat tire leads to two young strangers on a romantic ride.
                      USA 2003
                      DV, 6 min.
                      Director: Roger Johansen

                      A documentation of Puerto Rican lowrider bikers from Hoboken, N.J. Lowrider bikes are a social and cultural
                      phenomenon which transcend age and social status and unite a community. These highly customized vintage
                      bicycles are prized by their owners and favored by spectators, as they groove to their salsa beat.

                      USA 2003 | Video, 4 min.
                      Director: Adam Carrigan
                      Music Video featuring Man Man inspired by the French New Wave. It is the story of a man, a bicycle,
                      and the trials and celebrations of life.

MY BIKE               USA 2003 Computer Animation, 1 min. Director: LeAnn Erickson It is a beautiful day in the city. Jake has his
                      helmet and his bike. Let‟s see where the road takes him….

Nasty's World         Filmmaker Steve Olpin does it again. This time he takes us into the world of Nasty (Cory Nastazio). In his
                      world there is no holding back. Everything he does is like a 20-foot jump. Be it hanging with mom, at the
                      doctor's office with some broken bones, or driving on the freeway, we are riding the edge with Nasty.
                      Come jump into the life of BMX's no. 1 Dirt Jumper.
NEBRASKA SUPERSONIC   1999, 75 minutes Jeremy Lerman In Omaha, Nebraska, three slackers–all sub-par French majors–start a
                      business that should not succeed on the vast great plains: a bicycle courier service. Through comic
                      adventures, personal challenges, their business becomes a resounding success. Winner Best Screenplay
                      and Golden Orb Awards at the NO DANCE FILM FESTIVAL.

NORTH BY NORTH        ESZAK,ESZAK Hungary 1999 35mm, 65 min. Hungarian with English subtitles
                      Director: Csaba Bollok When Juli sets out on her bike , she embarks on a strange journey that explores her
                      relationship with the world she lives in. As she travels further north into the hills, the snow gets thicker and
                      thicker and reality seems further and further away. In the meantime, her father sends out Misi, who hunts in
                      vain for Juli, as she tours the icy and desolate landscape. (The film was shot amidst the harsh limestone
                      scenery around Aggletek in the northeast of Hungary.) Between the deserted industrial relics and the wintry
                      hills, a young robber asks if Juli would like to be his hostage and he and his gang carry her off. When she has
                      escaped, she recovers her abandoned bicycle and sets off for the warmth of home.
NO WAY The Hans Rey Story   NO WAY: The Hans Rey Story
                            USA 2004 | Video, 40 min.
                            Director: Diana Graber
                            A documentary on the life and career of Hans Rey, the Great Ambassador of Biking. Hans is a man who
                            constantly recreates himself as a pioneer in the world of Mountain Biking and Trials
OFF DUTY                    USA 2002 35mm, 15 min. Director: Buboo Kakati In his quest to get closer to his dad, Michael, the teenage son
                            of a NYC Taxi Driver, must first acquire a bicycle, which leads him to a self-discovery and a new beginning.

ON TIME                     USA 1985 16mm, 7 min. Director: Ari Taub
                            This comedy classic short, shown worldwide, marked the debut of Director/ Screenwriter Ari Taub
                            and captured the spirit of low budget filmmaking in New York City. Through the streets and
                            boroughs of New York City, Jimmy, a bicycle messenger from the Albatross Courier Company is out
                            to deliver a package “on time”. Braving the perilous city streets, there‟s nothing Jimmy can‟t handle,
                            or is there?
ONE GOT FAT                 ONE GOT FAT
                            USA 1963 | 16mm, 12 min.
                            Director: Dale Jennings
                            A vintage bicycle safety film where children disappear one by one until there is only one good boy left.
                            This little-known film is unique for its black humor, uncharacteristic for the subject matter.

One Less Car                One Less Car (1991) A Boston filmmaker profiles people who use their bicycles instead of cars for a
                            variety of transportation uses. (added by Doug Mink)
Paperboys                   PAPERBOYS
                            USA 2001 | 35mm, 41 min.
                            Director: Mike Mills
                            A look at the lives of six boys from the Mid West, contrasting the quaint notions of the neighborhood
                            paperboy with today's hip-hop and video game youth culture. Mike Mills has directed music videos for
                            Air and Moby, and is now completing "Thumbsucker" his first feature film.
PEDAL                      PEDAL
                          USA 2000
                          Video, 52 min.
                          Director: Peter Sutherland

                          Pedal is an urban documentary about New York City bicycle messengers. The movie explores the
                          members of this often unnoticed subculture as they dodge police and pedestrians and weave
                          through traffic. Pedal views its subjects throughout a cross section of NYC scenes, in-depth
                          interviews and sports footage. Complemented with a pulsating original score, Pedal showcases this
                          energetic part of the cityscape in motion through combined athletic ability and handheld video
Pee Wee's Big Adventure   PEE WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE
                          USA 1989 | 16mm, 90 min.
                          Director: Tim Burton
                          There's no doubt that the love of Pee Wee's life is his bicycle. When the beautiful cruiser is stolen, Pee
                          Wee consults a fortune teller who tells him his bike's in the Alamo. He crosses paths with an array of
                          characters during this wild cross- country odyssey. To recover his love, he must overcome many obstacles
                          in all shapes and forms.

POLO INVASION             USA 2003 | Video, 5 min.
                          Director: revphil
                          The Axles of Evil are in Seattle. Who will stop their onslaught?
                          USA 2003 | Video, 12 min.
                          Directors: D. Frazier, Noah Albert, Brian Yazzie
                          Drum, Bike, Drink, Fire

                          USA 2002
                          Video, 7 min.
                          Directors: Jesse Epstein and Youth of Grand Street Settlement

                          A look into a New York organization that teaches youth to work on bicycles and much more.
Red Light Go   USA 2002 Mini DV, 52 min. Directors: Manny Kivowitz, Ben Barraud, Toby Barraud
               While making a living is dangerous enough for most bike messengers, a tight-knit community races
               for more than their weekly paycheck. These messengers compete in street races called Alleycats.
               Speeding through busy intersections without rules or sanction from the city, they ride without
               insurance and sometimes without brakes. These competitors risk their lives for seemingly meager
               prizes and the respect of their fellow riders.

               We take a ride alongside a select group of hardcore New York City Bike Messengers. We get to know
               several of them through intimate portraits, and then follow them and their fellow riders in a series of
               harrowing races through the streets of New York City. Our story culminates with the annual and
               much-anticipated Halloween night Alleycat, a long and brutal race through rush-hour traffic.

               "For most bike messengers making a living is dangerous enough, but there is a tight-knit community that
               ride for more than their weekly paycheck. These messengers compete in street races called Alleycats.
               Speeding through busy streets without rules or sanction from the city, they ride without insurance and
               sometimes without brakes. These competitors risk their lives for seemingly meager prizes and the respect
               of their fellow riders.

               "In this documentary we take a wild ride alongside a select group of these hardcore New York City bike
               messengers. We get to know several of them through intimate portraits, and then follow them and their
               fellow riders in a series of harrowing races through the streets of New York City. Our story culminates
               witth the annual and much anticipated Halloween night Alleycat, a long and brutal race through rush-hour
               traffic. We followed this group for nearly two years, at work, on the streets, at home and even in prison."
Return of the Scorcher     Return of the Scorcher (1992)
                           This half-hour documentary looks at bike culture and bike lifestyles around the world with beautiful and inspiring scenes of
                           bike use filmed in China, The Netherlands, Denmark, and the U.S.

                           In the 1890's, before automobiles ruled the roads, bicyclists were referred to as "Scorchers" because of their blazing speed. A
                           century later, in a world filled with car-related environmental and social problems, Return of the Scorcher discovers an inspired
                           and evolving bicycling renaissance.

                           This documentary touches on a surprising variety of subjects including romance, rebellion, early feminism, and spirituality --
                           all viewed within the context of bicycling. Return of the Scorcher questions our obsession with "progress" and status and
                           presents a diverse cross-section of cycling visionaries who see the bicycle as a life-affirming vehicle for change.

                           Return of the Scorcher features a scene which led to the adoption of the name "Critical Mass" for the rides which now occur
                           around the world and also served as inspiration for Ted's other movie We aren't blocking traffic, We Are Traffic! Bicycle
                           designer George Bliss coins the term "Critical Mass" in describing the flow of bicycle traffic with cars in China.

                           Suggested University/Classroom use: Environmental studies, Architectural/Urban Design Political Studies, Sociology, Art
                           (public art, performance art, guerilla art). (visit the producer's website)

Rush It                    Rush It (1977)
                           Bike messengers fall in love.
Stars and Watercarriers
                           DENMARK 1973
                           35mm, 90 min.
                           Director: Jorgen Leth

                           Live score by Blow Up Hollywood

                           Jorgen Leth director of A SUNDAY IN HELL brings us what is considered to be one of the best films on cycling.
                           This film documents the 1973 Giro d‟Italia featuring the magic of Mercks, Bosso, Gimondi. Leth sets this visually
                           stunning film in a mythological arena. Heroes here overcome obstacles of pain and steep climbs on ancient
                           pathways to victory a

Still We Ride              Still We Ride (2005)
                           Chronicles the controversial police crackdown on the NYC Critical Mass ride coinciding with the 2004
                           Republican National Convention. (website) (trailer, 8Mb, requires newer Quicktime)

SUBSTITUTE FOR SOMETHING   JAPAN/USA 2003 VHS, 1min. Director: Jeremy Fleishman
                          USA 2002
                          35mm, 85 min.
                          Director: Douglas Morse

                          Special Performance by OCTOBER PROJECT
                          Playing Song ”Return to Me” Featured in The Adulterer

                          From deep in the east village comes a sensitive portrayal of a marriage in crisis with pitch black comedic
                          overtones. After fumbling an opportunity for adultery, Dave turns to an Iron John style men‟s group lead by a
                          charismatic weirdo to „learn what it means to be a man.‟ Dave isn't sure if that means pursuing the impossibly
                          beautiful Gabriella, hooking up with the free spirited bicycling friend Julie, or finding his way back to his wife. As
                          he struggles, the men‟s group turns on him in dark and disturbing ways.

                          Director: Jeremy Walker, John Mitchell. Jon Bulette
                          Temptation strikes in a Brooklyn Bodega.
                          Brazil 2003 | Super 16mm, 85 min.
                          Director: Vicente Amorim
                          A "road trip" movie on bicycles. It is freely adapted from the true story of an unemployed truck driver
                          who, with his wife and five children, pedals from the poverty-stricken northeast of Brazil all the way to
                          Rio de Janeiro in search of a decent job. This is a beautifully shot, moving film about people's dreams and
                          their drive to live them. A favorite on the festival circuit, including the Toronto International Film
                          Festival and New York's New Directors/New Films series.
THE PARTY IS OVER         ISRAEL 1982 Super 8, 7 min. Director: Esther Brigitte Wejnryb-Goren
                          A disappointed young man steals a bicycle after a party and starts his bicycle Tour through Tel-Aviv.
                          His apocalyptic view of reality leads to a suicidal attempt with his bicycle after he encounters his
                          reflection, where a naked lonely man on the beach is running after his last base.
The Secret is Out         July 25th: The Secret is Out A new video to let the bicycling community know the forces behind the
                          July 25, 1997 crackdown on San Francisco Critical Mass. The crackdown was truly an attack on the entire
                          alternative transportation, livable cities, and environmental movements as it was a manufactured, violent,
                          corrupt, violation of our civil rights which was timed to mask major transportation scandals.Copies are
                          available for $10-$20 sliding scale donation, which includes postage. Write to: Bicycle Civil Liberties
                          Union POB 15071, Berkeley, CA 94701
                                Short shadow puppet play
                                Pomegranate Puppet Theater
                                17 min.
                                Director: Maya Puchkoff

                                Loosely based on the classic film, THE BICYCLE THIEF, Vittorio DeSica. Here, the hero is
                                transformed from a post-war Italian everyman into a New York Bike Messenger. He still has the
                                same concerns: What good is a bike messenger without a bike?

                                USA 2003 | Super 8, 4 min.
                                Stephanie Gray
                                When was the last time you noticed the 'hood?
THREE TRAILS                    CANADA/USA 2001
                                Video, 6 min.
                                Director: Liss Platt

                                This film is an abstracted landscape, a painting in motion, created by strapping a camera on my
                                back while I mountain bike.

Tour de Legendes                The Netherlands 200316mm, 68 min.French, Italian, Dutch,Flemish With English sub-titles
                                Director: Erik van Empel The film begins with an old newspaper article and a black-and-white photograph of sweating,
                                mud-smeared cyclists. Why are these blurred, ghostly images so much more fascinating than today’s television coverage of
                                bicycle races? This question takes film-maker Erik van Empel to the annals of the Tour De France: the yellowed magazines,
                                scratched glass plates and damaged film footage that capture the history of the world’s most beautiful race. Featuring legendary
                                cyclists Gino Bartali, Louison Bobet and Jean Robic- the fate of a whole nation was at stake during their heroic 1948 struggle.
                                The few riders of that era who are still alive today describe the unforgiving circumstances in which the battle was decided. The
                                old archival material, the scraps of newspaper headlines and the fabulous anecdotes lead to a visually spectacular film that
                                expresses the mythic character of bicycle racing. The film ends where it started: with the modern Tour de France. Is there any
                                heroism left in today’s media circus? For a moment the answer seems negative but then, amid all the fleeting frenzy, we
                                suddenly see an image that might even transcend the glory of that old newspaper photograph.
                                Finland 2002 | Video, 29 min.
                                Director: Erkki Maattanen
                                An inspiring documentary on Otto Rummukainen, a 91 year old bestselling author, who rain or shine
                                jumps on his bicycle and sells his books door to door in northern Finland.
Warriors                              WARRIORS: THE BIKE RACE
                                      USA 2004 | Video, 17 min.
                                      Directors: Christopher Ryan, Michael Green
                                      In August of 2002, over 800 bicycle riders descended upon New York City in the form of 89 gangs. Their
                                      goal: to live out the epic gang warfare movie known as THE WARRIORS. During the all night race from
                                      the Bronx to Coney Island, riders got lost, blood was shed, police outwitted, and countless brain cells
                                      destroyed. Most of what took place that night was thankfully never to be discussed again until…
                                      WARRIORS: THE BIKE RACE.
We ARE Traffic!                       We Aren't Blocking Traffic, We ARE Traffic! (1999)
                                      We Are Traffic! chronicles the history and development of the "Critical Mass" bicycle movement, one of the most spirited and
                                      dynamic social/political movements of the apathetic 90's. In over 100 cities in 14 different countries, Critical Mass has now
                                      become a monthly ritual of reclaiming the streets by bicycle activists riding en masse.

                                      With traffic congestion, pollution, and road rage on the rise, growing numbers around the world are advocating for
                                      transportation alternatives, and Critical Mass is at the cutting edge of this mindset.

                                      We Are Traffic! tracks this leaderless, grassroots movement from its beginnings in San Francisco in 1992 to its spread across
                                      the globe. With a radical direct-action approach the participants of Critical Mass are celebrating the bicycle and in turn taking
                                      on perhaps the century's most sacred cow: the automobile.

                                      Presenting both the successes and failures of this unique movement We Are Traffic! shows how Critical Mass has brought
                                      together complete strangers in an exuberant, commercial-free public space filled with creativity and unpredictability. In its
                                      efforts to raise awareness Critical Mass has both inspired and challenged the public while often confounding public officials
                                      and police departments.

                                      We Are Traffic! is a fascinating analysis of a modern politicalmovement: Critical Mass--which challenges the very notion of
                                      what a political movement should look like and how it should function.

                                      We Are Traffic! investigates vibrant examples of transportation-related art created and displayed in public places, focusing on
                                      the work of mural artist Rigo, whose bold traffic-sign motifs ask questions instead of give commands. Also highlighted is the
                                      work of other Critical Mass-associated artists including Jim Swanson, Beth Verdekal, and the mysterious "San Francisco
                                      Department of Public Art".

                                      Provocative and entertaining, this documentary presents a side of Critical Mass not seen in mainstream media and illustrates
                                      the amazing geographic spread of Critical Mass, providing glimpses of Critical Masses in Austin,TX, Eugene, OR, Chapel
                                      Hill, NC, New York, NY, Chicago, IL, Copenhagen, London and Sydney.

                                      We Are Traffic! celebrates modern grassroots politics, free expression and the potential for revitalized public spaces. (visit the
                                      producer's website)

Who Owns The Streets/We Are Traffic
WILLY NILLY                  WILLY NILLY
                             USA 1990 | Pixelvision, 7 min.
                             Director: Leah Singer
                             From the acclaimed visual artist whose work spans from live film performance to print … a bike trip to
                             the other side
                             CUBA/USA 2001
                             Hi 8, 10 min.
                             Spanish w/ English subtitles and English Narration
                             Director: Marilyn Perez

                             A documentary about Poncheros, or flat tire repairmen, who are a part of Cuba‟s first steps into
                             entrepreneurship. We celebrate the heroic struggle of the Cuban people in commonplace settings.

WORK BIKES                   WORK BIKES
                             USA 2002 | Video, 6 min.
                             Director: Michael P. Gaughan
                             Bikes are used as pedicabs, delivery vehicles and in industrial settings.
BEIJING BICYCLE              2001, 113 minutes Xiaoshuai Wang In Mandarin with English subtitles. Guei has recently moved from his
                             village to Beijing and eventually finds a job as a delivery boy. Once he saves enough money he will own
                             the mountain bike he uses for deliveries, and will be able to make a decent living. But just when he has
                             almost finished paying for it, the bicycle disappears. Coincidentally, Jian, who would also give anything
                             for a bicycle, eventually buys himself one at the flea market. This bike, however, transforms his life.

THE WINTER WAR (Talvisota)   Finland, 2000. With shocking realism and epic battle scenes, this film tells the story of tiny Finland's
                             struggle against the invading Soviet juggernaut in the Winter War of 1939-1940.

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