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									                         Community newsletter
october 2009                             visit us on the web at www.haciendamatapalo.com

   Exciting News...
   In ThIs Issue:                           We    have   an          The Costa Rican government has taken
                                            announcement…            a special interest in our area and the
   Exciting News                                                     entire Sothern Zone. They enforce the
                                              For the past several   rules and regulations vigorously through
                                              months we have been    MINAET, INVU and SETENA. Failure to
 Costa Rica’s Future
                                              going through the      operate within their guidelines is taken
      Outlook                                 process of applying    very seriously.     We’ve all seen the
 Behind the Scenes                            for final permits to   headlines of landowners and developers
                                              begin construction     deforesting and pillaging delicate
      Meet the                                of our Phase I         ecosystems to make way for bigger
    Development          David Matluck infrastructure           at   building sites and better views. You can
      Partners                                Hacienda Matapalo.     rest assured that will never happen at
                                              During this time we    Hacienda Matapalo! We have followed
  Introducing HM’s      have been dealing on an almost daily         the letter of the law from day one and
 Director of Business   basis with both MINAET (Environment,         have been rewarded with the respect
    Development         Energy & Telecommunications Ministry)        and gratitude of these agencies.
                        and INVU (National Institute for Housing
  Update on Costa       and Urban Development).              These   With 665 acres of land, we qualified
 Rican Residency &      agencies are responsible for insuring        for more than twice the number of
 Immigration Laws       that environmental and development           dwellings that we’ve included in our
                        rules and regulations are followed at        Master Plan. Some of you may not know
     Community          all times. Both agencies have made           this, but our Master Plan was approved
    Involvement:        numerous inspections of our property         by SETENA without a single change or
    Reforestation       and confirmed compliance with the            reduction in density… that’s basically
Programs for Schools    multitude of regulatory protocol with        unheard of. Granted, it took them
                        regard to formally and accurately            forever to get it through the pipeline,
   Where to Stay:       cataloging and presenting every tree,        but the fact that they took no issue with
   La Mansion Inn       plant and animal that lives at or passes     anything we proposed speaks volumes
                        through our property. This has been a        to our commitment to doing this right.
 Costa Rica Property
                        full time job for our resident topographer   We truly mean it when we say the
       Listings         (surveyor), Rodrigo Marin Valerio, and       Hacienda Matapalo is a place where
 Whitewater Rafting     his crew of six. We’ve also employed         nature is respected. Our open line of
   in Costa Rica        a full-time biologist, Alberto Villarreal,   communication with these agencies has
                        (you have read some of his reporting in      enabled us to move forward in real time
 Book Early for the     articles in this Newsletter). To tell you    rather than having to wait for formal
   Best Airfares        that this is a highly complex process        responses or official letters which take
                        would be as much of an understatement        weeks to months.
                        as saying Michael Jordan played a little
                        basketball.                                                  continued on page 2
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                  the newly opened costanera Sur Highway in front of Hacienda Matapalo

Exciting News from page 1                                 old trees to build a hotel. Even though we will replant
                                                          a minimum of 3 trees for every 1 that’s removed,
So, as we further examine our building sites and
                                                          our commitment to responsible development is far
homesite locations we are getting to know the
                                                          more important. So, as we considered this we asked
property more intimately as we continue to seek out
                                                          ourselves what we would be most comfortable doing
ways to accomplish our goals while having as little
                                                          in that area, if anything.
impact on the environment as possible. Our Master
Architect, Miguel Wong, is currently working on ways      The answer is… we will use this area as an outparcel
to reduce the environmental impact of our Clubhouse       to the Clubhouse! This spot will be a beautiful place
and Equestrian Center so that they mesh better with       to relax and enjoy some good food and drink at the
the lush and beautiful forest. We’re making every         restaurant and bar now being planned for the site. This
effort not to affect even one more tree or animal that    will be a place where you can feed your body and your
we don’t have to!                                         senses within the tranquility of the rainforest. Our
                                                          new concept will make careful use of the topography
As we move through this process we are reminded
                                                          with practically no disruption of the environment. This
that there are certain areas that are more fragile than
                                                          amenity will be built using a piling foundation system
others and that we need to pay special attention to
                                                          to further reduce the environmental impact. This
these areas. The upper regions of the property are the
                                                          location has an elevation of more than 1,000 feet.
most environmentally sensitive and require the closest
                                                          The Pacific Ocean-Views are DRAMATIC! This locale
consideration. This area has the highest occurrence
                                                          is nearly twice as high as any place we’ve ever taken
of Primary Forest and plant and animal life.
                                                          anyone on the property. Get ready to be amazed!
You’ve most likely seen that our Master Plan has a site
                                                          As we discussed this with our team both here and
for a small boutique hotel in the upper region. This
                                                          in Costa Rica we got more and more excited about
is something we submitted with our Master Plan for
                                                          it. Our owners and guests will have another place
possible future development. As we began cataloging
                                                          to meet and relax and our commitment to respect
the trees, plants and animals associated with that
                                                          the natural environment will be reinforced once again.
area we realized just how environmentally fragile
                                                          With this in place, MINAET and INVU will now see
it is. Legally, we can develop this site as planned.
Morally, we are not comfortable removing 100 year                                          continued on page 3
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Exciting News from page 2                                    roads so we can walk at tree-top height above these
                                                             streams. Here is a picture of this type of hanging
even more of the Primary Forest preserved. This kind
of interaction with the environment really shows well
with these agencies and will no doubt further support
our cooperative relationship with them. While working
out the details of this new amenity, Miguel Wong
suggested we do a similar type of amenity in another
area of the property that might make sense.
Drum roll please… we’ve decided to add two more
additional outparcels for a total of three new sites.

#2) This site is located near the northern boarder and
will be much like the one I’ve already described. This
will have a similar feel as the one at the hotel site area
but on a smaller scale. The Ocean-Views there are
extremely nice!

#3) In the uppermost southeast corner of Hacienda            Well, we hope that you all find this news as exciting
Matapalo is the Dominical Village. The road stops at         as we do! We are constantly looking for ways to
the far end of the village where it meets our preserve       make your time at Hacienda Matapalo as enjoyable as
at an altitude of nearly 900 feet above sea level with       possible. Thanks for choosing Hacienda Matapalo.
views that rival any on the property. Parallel to the
road to the Dominical Village is another area that is
too steep for cars and will be developed later with only              -David Matluck, cEo pegasus Star Ltda.
electric car access. This road also ends at an entrance                Developer of Hacienda Matapalo
to the Preserve. Between these two levels run two                      e-mail: david@costaricaforme.com
streams at the bottom of the two ravines. We are
going to build a hanging bridge to connect these two
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 How to Profit from the Falling Dollar
      The Rising National Debt
  & the Current Economic Situation
      October	28th,	2009	
      6:00	pm	(EST)
      Presented	by
      Michael Starkey
      VP	of	Sales	for	
      Hacienda Matapalo
Knowledge is power and if ever there was a time to be financially
knowledgeable it is now. Listen and learn as Michael Starkey offers
his suggestions on how to:

•	     Profit	from	the	falling	dollar
•	     Identify	and	avoid	the	next	market	bubble	that	
       will burst
•	     Profit	from	Baby	Boomer	trends
•	     Quickly	recoup	from	your	recent	IRA/401k	losses
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•	     Identify	great	investment	opportunities	in	
							Limited	Liability	Partnerships
•	     Own any type of real estate in the world within your
       IRA	or	qualified	retirement	plan

 Call 1-800-281-4145 to register for this powerful seminar
        and watch it free from your home computer
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            coSta rica’S
          FuturE outLook

                    We are uniquely situated to          things. Since the beginning of the financial crisis
                    comment on trends we see that        there has been an increasing interest in investing
                    positively reflect a great future    outside of the United States for a variety of reasons.
                    for Costa Rica. We are clearly the   Costa Rica with its ultra-healthy environment,
                    most sought after project in Costa   economic and political stability and rich lifestyles
                    Rica at this time for reasons that   is at the top of the list for destinations for these
                    are obvious to all of you because    investment dollars. A growing perception among our
                    you have seen much of Costa          clients is that although the financial crisis is showing
                    Rica and looked at many other        all the signs of dissipating and transitioning toward
                    developments in the process of       stability and normalcy, the outlook for future growth
 David Matluck deciding to invest your futures in        in the United States is dim. Clearly, we are looking
                    Hacienda Matapalo. Therefore,        at a long, slow process of growth in the United States
the attitudes, conclusions and points of view of         before our economy and our real estate market
our investors tell the story quite specifically of the   returns to healthy levels. Prosperity is not around
factors that will most affect the choice of Costa Rica   the corner, it is down the road to the left and then a
as a vacation, retirement and investment decision.       zig-zag to correct for taking such a sharp left turn.
(Let’s not forget those who simply want to move to
Costa Rica.)                                             Costa Rica, although not completely immune to the
                                                         world economy, has a much more positive outlook
The people we speak to on a daily basis tell us many                                     continued on page 7
octobEr 2009                Hacienda Matapalo community Newsletter                                   pagE 7

costa rica’s Future ourlook from page 6

in the view of the people we are speaking with. We        are opening at a very healthy rate.
hear this every day. Our investors see something
                                                          Many people in the United States have not been hurt
in Costa Rica that they cannot find in the United
                                                          directly by the recent downturn in our economy.
States…value. This view is supported by a recent
                                                          Doctors are a good example. Many have been
article in the “Tico Times” in which a review by the
                                                          frightened at the possibilities of where this could
International Monetary Fund found that the historical
                                                          all lead but now as the fear subsides and hope and
lows in Costa Rica’s inflation rate that the Country
                                                          optimism once again begin to surface, planning for
presently enjoys has allowed the Central Bank to
                                                          the future is returning and we see this every day in
achieve more lasting price stability and that Costa
                                                          the growing interest in Costa Rica as part of their
Rican banks are sound and the repayment of loans
                                                          future. The data is undeniable. The number of calls
continues to contribute to stability. Additionally, our
                                                          and inquiries we receive each day has been growing
clients also see a healthier environment and lifestyle
                                                          over the past few months and are reflected in our
away from the pollution and complexity and stress
                                                          growing sales figures.
that has defined life in the United States over recent
years. They see Costa Rica as an ideal place for          China has made a huge investment in Costa Rica and
Baby Boomers to retire for reasons that speak to          along with favorable loans and sizable grants, has
both quality of life and the cost of living.              contributed to the growth of infrastructure. China is
                                                          presently building a new national soccer stadium in
Costa Rica is a small country and the number of
                                                          San Jose with both the materials and the labor coming
vacationers and investors needed for the economy
                                                          from China. A few billboards in Chinese evidence
to boom is a relatively small number. San Jose,
                                                          the growing Asian population in both the San Jose
the capital, has been booming right through the
                                                          and Punteranos areas. China has announced their
past couple of years with jobs being added at the
                                                          projections for the number of tourists visiting Costa
international companies operating in this stable and
                                                          Rica from their country in the next few years and the
enticing destination Housing in San Jose is selling as
                                                          number is huge.
fast as it can be built with no signs of slowing down.
You can see their prosperity in the sharp increase in
infrastructure as new roads, hospitals and schools                                       continued on page 8
octobEr 2009                 Hacienda Matapalo community Newsletter                                     pagE 8

costa rica’s Future outlook from page 6                    in Costa Rica did not falter in the past few years like
                                                           most of the world, but continues to prosper. The
Venezuelans fleeing the dictatorship of Hugo Chavez        banks, although cautious and somewhat affected by
are finding in Costa Rica a welcoming environment          world financial conditions, have not suffered during
to both re-establish their lives in a Latin culture and    these difficult times and continue to lend money with
to invest in a rapidly expanding economy. An actual        credit being significantly easier than in most of the
community is emerging in the San Jose area, much           Western world. Already we are seeing an increase
like it has here in Florida in the Weston area. Being      in loan programs designed for North Americans
largely the business and entrepreneurial class that is     seeking mortgages on homes and condos in Costa
relocating in Costa Rica this development will surely      Rica.
contribute positively to the future growth of the
economy and the continuing trend of becoming an            All the signs point to an increase in tourism in Costa
international destination.                                 Rica this high season which begins next month.
                                                           The number of interested people scheduling tours
The very high literacy rate in Costa Rica continues to     of Hacienda Matapalo in December and January is
attract international businesses that see this country     increasing on a daily basis. Even now, during the
as a national distribution center for their products and   rainiest months of the year the planes from Fort
services to all of Central America and beyond. These       Lauderdale to San Jose are packed and new flights
may be some of the reasons that the stock market           are being introduced from many other cities in the
                                                           United States and Canada. the Quepos airport
                                                           just announced an expansion that will happen
                                                           in 2010 that will have larger planes with as
                                                           many as seventy passengers flying directly to
                                                           Quepos from certain United States cities and
                                                           other countries as well.
                                                           As the seasonal rains lessen and the high tourism
                                                           season begins in December, our expectation is that
                                                           as word has spread of the new Costenara Highway
                                                           opening up the Southern Zone of Costa Rica, the
                                                           jewel of the Pacific Coast, that the traffic to our
                                                           area will be as strong as the curiosity and pent-up
                                                           interest that has grown with the news of the new
                                                           coastal highway. These travelers and tourists will
                                                           be so amazed and impressed by what they see that
                                                           as they spread the word the interest in our area and
                                                           the ensuing traffic will continue to grow.
                                                           Hacienda Matapalo will soon open an on-site sales
                                                           office in anticipation of this influx of the curious
                                                           and the interested. We are uniquely poised
                                                           to receive the benefits of all the recent
                                                           developments and the growing interest in our
                                                           area. What that means to those who have
                                                           already invested in Hacienda Matapalo is that
                                                           you can expect property values in our project
                                                           to increase significantly as this amazing area
                                                           is discovered by more and more people. the
                                                           future of costa rica looks bright indeed. the
                                                           future of Hacienda Matapalo is to be one of the

octobEr 2009                 Hacienda               Matapalo community Newsletter                     pagE 9

   Meet the Hacienda Matapalo
     Development partners
                   David a. Matluck, principal                              Wayne W. blackburn,
                   David Matluck, age 61, is the
                   Chief Executive Officer of Centam                        Wayne Blackburn, age 63, is the
                   Partners LLC and Pegasus Star                            Chief Financial Officer for Centam
                   Limitada,   the     developer   of                       Partners LLC.
                   Hacienda Matapalo. He is largely
                   responsible for bringing the idea                         He served six years in the Navy
                   of Hacienda Matapalo from a                               Submarine Service, specializing in
                   concept to realization.                                   communications and computers.
                                                                             After his military service, he
Mr. Matluck has held a real estate license continuously   graduated from Florida Atlantic University in 1975
for 40 years, initially from Massachusetts and more       with a degree in business. He then accepted a
recently from the state of Florida. He has lived in       position with Automatic Data Processing (ADP),
Guatemala, Central America and first visited Costa        in their Miami office, where he worked as a Client
Rica in 1980. Mr. Matluck received a BA in both           Relations Manager.
Psychology and Philosophy from Boston University in
1978 and an MA in Human Growth & Potential from           After a number of years, he left the corporate world
West Georgia College in 1980.                             to form a produce business. In the late 1980’s he
                                                          sold the produce business and entered the real
He has owned and operated many real estate related        estate industry to pursue his long-time interest in
businesses over the years, beginning with developing      real estate.
home sites in the Florida Keys in 1980. In 1981, Mr.
Matluck built an office building in Boca Raton, Florida   He became a top-selling agent at the largest Re/
as headquarters for his various real estate related       Max in South Florida, as well as serving as the sales
ventures, including a licensed real estate brokerage      manager at their flagship office in Fort Lauderdale.
firm, several plant nurseries, developable land in        Mr. Blackburn specialized in both residential and
Broward and Palm Beach counties, and retail stores        commercial real estate, where he developed a client
in Maine, Connecticut and Florida.                        base numbering in the thousands. From this base, he
                                                          and David Matluck began a career in real estate sales
In 1992, Mr. Matluck formed a partnership with            and development, and they soon opened their own
Wayne Blackburn and together they have successfully       businesses, Investors Realty Company and Greater
created and managed two real estate brokerage             Broward Realty. He has been the Managing Broker
businesses, employing over thirty Realtors, dealing       of Greater Broward Realty, Inc. and Investors Realty
in both residential and commercial property. They         Company for the last six years.
have acquired land for developers and converted
numerous apartments to condominiums, in addition          Over the last 17 years, he has partnered with
to owning and managing hundreds of apartments             Mr. Matluck in owning and operating multiple
and completing numerous real estate projects. Mr.         commercial and income properties. He has over
Matluck has been Vice President of Investors Realty       20 years of experience working with investors in
Company since 2003.                                       commercial and residential real estate, including
                                                          building and rebuilding real estate complexes and
Mr. Matluck lives in a beachfront property in Fort        apartment buildings. With his extensive background
Lauderdale, Florida and is the father of two daughters,   in accounting and software, Mr. Blackburn has been
Jessica and Melissa. He is an avid fisherman and          a Financial Officer behind many real estate ventures,
outdoorsman and began his love affair with Costa          capitalizing on his extensive years of experience and
Rica thirty years ago.                                    knowledge of banking and finance.

                                                          Mr. Blackburn has always been a high achiever,
                                                          starting in his boyhood when he earned the Eagle
                                                          Scout designation. He is a long time resident of
                                                          Pompano Beach, Florida, where he and his wife, Judy,
octobEr 2009                Hacienda Matapalo community Newsletter                                      pagE 10

Development partners from page 8                           traveled the world extensively and says he has never
                                                           seen a property as nice as Hacienda Matapalo.
have raised their two sons and a daughter. Their
son, Jared, is Director of Marketing and Research for      Michael t. Starkey, principal
Hacienda Matapalo.
                                                                               Michael Starkey, age 41, is Chief
He and David Matluck have been fishing and diving                              Sales Officer of Centam Partners
buddies since they met almost 20 years ago. It                                 LLC and the Vice President of
only took Wayne’s first visit to Costa Rica for him to                         Sales for Pegasus Star Limitada,
know that Hacienda Matapalo would be a resounding                              the   developer    of  Hacienda
success.                                                                       Matapalo.

                    Ed a. Sklar, principal                                    Michael graduated from Hofstra
                                                                              University in 1991 with a BBA
                    Ed Sklar, age 61, is the Chief                            in Banking and Finance. Upon
                    Marketing Officer of Centam            graduation he studied and passed the Securities
                    Partners,   LLC    and  Pegasus        and Exchange Commissions Series 7 and 63 exams
                    Star Limitada, the developer of        and thus began his “Wall Street career.” To further
                    Hacienda Matapalo. He is largely       round out his financial expertise Michael also
                    responsible for making Hacienda        acquired several Insurance licenses and Tax Planning
                    Matapalo the most recognizable         designations which he used to launch a successful
                    property in Costa Rica.                financial planning career in his home state of New
Mr. Sklar has held real estate and broker sales licenses   Jersey.
from New York and Florida. He has lived in New York        Upon relocating to Florida Michael left the world of
and Florida and first visited Latin America in 1980.       independent financial planning and moved over to
Mr. Sklar received a Masters Degree in Management          the institutional side, working for a major bank in the
from Nova Southeastern University in 1979, and             capacity of investment advisor for the bank’s high
attended Baruch College of the City of New York for        net worth clients. He has a wealth of knowledge
Marketing.                                                 regarding tax advantaged and retirement account
He has owned and marketed many businesses over             planning. Michael has been invited to speak at
the years, beginning with developing home sites in         seminars around the country as well as on national
the Florida Keys in 1980. In 1981, Mr. Sklar built an      radio in regard to his expertise with Self Directed IRA
office building in Boca Raton, Florida as headquarters     investing. He regularly travels around the country
for his various real estate related ventures, including    teaching people how to supercharge their IRAs and
a licensed real estate brokerage firm, several plant       other retirement plans with the ownership of real
nurseries, developable land in Broward and Palm            estate within those plans.
Beach counties, and retail stores in Maine, Connecticut    In addition to his financial planning expertise Michael’s
and Florida.                                               clients also benefit from his 22 years of extensive real
Mr. Sklar became prominent in the area of marketing        estate experience. Michael’s real estate career dates
and public relations and has appeared behind the           back to his early days as a State Licensed General
scenes as well as on camera with celebrities including     Real Estate Appraiser, where he developed his keen
Howard Stern, Phil Donahue, Joan Rivers, Geraldo           ability to detect value and predict trends. Over the
Rivera, Jada Pinkett Smith, etc…                           last 14 years, he has partnered with Mr. Matluck
                                                           and Mr. Blackburn in owning and operating multiple
Before joining this group, Mr. Sklar was engaged           commercial and residential income properties.
in bringing compliance technology to the largest           Michael has a world of experience in dealing with
financial institutions in the world. The technology        all types of properties from dilapidated and gutted
expertise he gained in this arena has enabled him          foreclosures to Class A residential and commercial
to bring a breakthrough competitive edge to the            investment, to condo-conversion development
marketing of real estate in Costa Rica.                    projects.
Mr. Sklar relocated from Manhattan to Fort Lauderdale      In 2003 Michael, Wayne Blackburn, David Matluck
to join this project and has been Vice President of        and Brian Albury formed Investors Realty Company
Investors Realty Company since 2003.                       which employs over thirty Realtors specializing in
                                                           both residential and commercial property.
Mr. Sklar and his wife, Sharon, live in a beachfront
property in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He is the father
of two daughters, Sherri and Amanda. He has                                                 continued on page 10
octobEr 2009               Hacienda Matapalo community Newsletter                                    pagE 11

Development partners from page 9                         Edwin acosta gutierrez, principal
Currently Michael resides in Fort Lauderdale with his
wife Melissa and young children, Gavin and Ashlyn.                                      Edwin Acosta, age 32,
He is an avid scuba diver and really appreciates the                                    is Vice President of Site
outdoors. Michael and family intend to relocate to                                      Operations for Centam
Costa Rica as he and Melissa have concluded it is an                                    Partners and Pegasus
“all around healthier environment” in which to raise                                    Star Limitada. He is a
a family.                                                                               native of Costa Rica, but
                                                                                        through an exchange
                   brian albury, principal                                              program he graduated
                                                                                        from high school in
                   Brian Albury, age 42, is Vice                                        Little Falls, Minnesota.
                   President of Sales and Design for                                    He graduated from
                   Centam Partners, LLC and Pegasus                                     Universidad Latina de
                   Star Limitada. His background                                        Costa Rica in 2000 with
                   is in Architecture. Brian did his                                    a degree in Human
                   undergraduate work at Auburn                                         Resources.         From
                   University and the University of                                     1995 through 2000,
                   Miami. His Real Estate specialty is                                  he worked for Shell Oil
                   commercial investment property.                                      Company in several
                                                         capacities including supervisor of their entire service
His architectural studies took him to such places as
                                                         station network in Costa Rica. After recovering from
Austria, Germany, Italy, Sicily, Greece and Turkey.
                                                         a debilitating car accident that occurred in 2000, he
He even participated in the restoration project at the
                                                         decided to transition into the real estate industry,
Parthenon in Athens, Greece.
                                                         following in the footsteps of his successful father.
Mr. Albury officially began his Real Estate career
                                                          Mr. Acosta has been actively involved in the real
in 1987 when he first became licensed as a Real
                                                          estate market in Costa Rica during the past several
Estate Salesperson. He’s been a licensed Mortgage
                                                          years of explosive growth. Edwin, at an early age
Broker since 1994 and is now a NAR certified “Green”
                                                          began evaluating properties for development and
Real Estate Broker. With more than twenty years
                                                          buying and subdividing land for developers. He
in the business, his experience and knowledge are
                                                          soon became an expert at finding properties for
substantial, contributing to the overall structure
                                                          better known developers and opened his own realty
at Hacienda Matapalo. Brian works closely with
                                                          services company specializing in land acquisitions for
Architect Miguel Wong with all matters involving
                                                          some of the most prominent developers in several
design at Hacienda Matapalo.
                                                          coastal areas of the Pacific Coast and beyond and
Mr. Albury is a seasoned Real Estate investor and was responsible for sales of over 10,000 acres.
has owned and operated residential and commercial
                                                          In late 2006, he was invited to join the management
properties from Miami, Florida to Boca Raton, Florida.
                                                          team at Pegasus Star Limitada bringing with him
Before partnering with this group in 2001, Mr. Albury
                                                          an extensive array of contacts in the private and
personally owned and operated nearly one hundred
                                                          governmental sectors of Costa Rica.
residential rental units throughout the South Florida
area.                                                     Mr. Acosta opened the first Internet Café in Punteranas
                                                          and his extensive background in computer software
Mr. Albury lives in Boca Raton, Florida and is the father
                                                          has been instrumental in organizing the complex
of two children, Connor and Amanda. He is an avid
                                                          apparatus necessary to develop Hacienda Matapalo.
diver, Youth Athletics coach and registered Volunteer
with the Palm Beach County School District.               Mr. Acosta lives in the hills above Punteranas with his
                                                          wife Lindsey who is completing her Masters Degree in
                                                          on-line education and is beginning her Ph.D program
                                                          as well. They have a son, “little Edwin.” Mr. & Mrs.
                                                          Acosta are committed to preserving their native
                                                          environment and have long been active in causes
                                                          that will have positive impact on the local community
                                                          and its present and future residents.
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   Hacienda Matapalo’s phase 2
  condominium Sales Have begun

Sales of phase ii condominiums
at Manuel antonio Village have
started. they are located at a
high    elevation  (aproximately
535 feet aboce sea level) and
offer some of the most stunning
panoramic views available on the
entire property.
introductory prices are available
to all present owners who wish to
exchange what they have for these
phase ii Masterpieces. this offer
is for a limited time only before
we release them to the public.
Lower Manuel antonio towers
(pictured) will have only...
    tWo uNitS pEr FLoor
      No coMMoN WaLLS               For more information call Hacienda Matapalo at
  Floor plans are available in:           1-800-281-4145 or 954-548-3000.
  •2 bedroom, 2.5 bath units        Visit us on the web at www.HaciendaMatapalo.com
  •3 bedroom, 3.5 bath units
octobEr 2009             Hacienda Matapalo community Newsletter   pagE 13

           HAcIeNDA MAtAPALo WeLcoMeS
                    MAX VALAD!

Hacienda Matapalo, Pegasus Star Limitada,
and Investors Realty Costa Rica are proud
to announce that Mr. Max Valad has joined
our company as Director of Business

Mr. Valad, originally from Washington,
D.C., graduated from Lehigh University in
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania in 1984, where he
earned a Bachelor’s Degree in International
Relations, with a minor in Economics.

Prior to the real estate boom in South Florida,
Mr. Valad was involved in the purchase of
several apartment complexes, which he re-
managed and rehabilitated. Ultimately, he
sold them at the height of the market for
three to four times the original purchase price,
which multiplied the equity of the owners by a
factor of ten.

Mr. Valad brings a wealth of business
experience and a wide circle of contacts in
the banking and finance sector, where he has
developed a reputation for taking a cautious,
analytical approach to any endeavor he takes

His general goal as the Director of Business
Development is to enhance operations and
shorten the time line for development. Among
his primary activities will be the development
of strategic financial relationships that will
benefit the company, and that will also benefit
the owners at Hacienda Matapalo.

Recently Mr. Valad toured Hacienda Matapalo
with David Matluck, CEO of Pegasus Star Ltda.
Needless to say he was suitably impressed
with the 665 acre property and the potential
offered by the Central Pacific Zone.

Here are few of Max’s photos taken at Hacienda
octobEr 2009                 Hacienda Matapalo community Newsletter   pagE 14

     are You considering Living
           in costa rica?
     New laws for those wishing to live in costa rica
           year-round as permanent residents
                     After months of rumors and speculation,
                     Costa Rica has finalized the new residency
                     requirements. Going into effect March 1 of
                     2010, the new immigration laws will deal
                     with a broad spectrum of issues relating
                     to foreigners, expats, and retirees. While
                     not nearly as drastic as originally thought
                     & planned, the final version of the law is
                     still a departure from some longstanding
                     regulations. Most see the new law as an
Jared blackburn improvement, bringing much needed-
                     attention to some “out-of-date” laws.
The following is a summary of the major changes that will
affect foreigners (the complete law was published in Costa
Rica’s official newspaper of record, La Gaceta)…
1.       Pensionado’s (retirees) must now demonstrate a
minimum monthly pension of $1000, up from $600. Rentista’s
(i.e. investors) must now demonstrate a minimum monthly
income of $2500 over a five year period, up from $1000.
2.      Any form of residency now requires enrollment in
CAJA. CAJA is the Costa Rican health care program, and it
averages $50 to $100 a month. Many see this as a convenient
and affordable way to ensure medical care and treatment
while living in a foreign country.
3.      Applications for residency can now be conducted
entirely in Costa Rica. The process no longer has to begin in
one’s home country.
4.      Any tourist who overstays their 3 month tourist
visa will be fined $100 for every month that they overstay.
However, a tourist may apply for a 90 day extension of their
3 month minimum for a $100 fee.
It should be noted that the financial requirements for rentista
may also be pledged all at once by depositing $150k into
a Costa Rican bank (2500 a month, 12 months a year is
30k, for five years is 150k). Keep in mind that this is just
a summary of the new laws. Anyone considering residency
should contact an attorney who specializes in immigration.
There are many lawyers in Costa Rica who specialize in
getting North Americans the appropriate residency for a very
reasonable fee.
You can still legally purchase in Costa Rica without becoming
a resident.
-Jared blackburn is Director of research and Development
for Hacienda Matapalo
octobEr 2009                  Hacienda Matapalo community Newsletter                                             pagE 15

        community involvement:
      keeping costa rica green with
      re-Forestation and Education

                      Staying in the international spotlight    was the Beach Almond tree, one of the key food sources
                      as a leader in ecologically friendly      for the endangered Great Green macaws and Scarlet
                      practices requires a bit of work but      macaws, birds that were once prevalent along the coastal
                      the Costa Rican Government is firmly      area where Hacienda Matapalo is located. The reasoning
                      committed to continuing it’s efforts      behind protecting additional species of trees is simple:
                      to make this small nation a giant in      Animals live where there is abundant food. Bring back the
                      respecting the Earth. With nearly         food sources areas where they once were and the animals
                      25% of Costa Rica’s land set aside        will return. With the protected status given to more trees
                      as national parks, wildlife preserves,    the decision was made to incorporate these species into
                      and protected biologically sensitive      the overall forest conservation and landscape design plan
 keith blackburn zones the effort still continues with a        of Hacienda Matapalo. Working with our staff biologist
                      massive reforestation effort designed     Alberto Villarreal, a list was made of the types of trees that
to reclaim prime areas that were cleared for cattle ranching    the project will require to reforest small areas that were
decades earlier. Throughout the country you can find new        cleared for grazing land years before while maintaining the
forests rising up, providing valuable living space to the       delicate balance required to support the many species of
variety of wildlife that makes this peaceful land one of the    wildlife. Of course planting several thousand trees is a
most bio-diverse places on the planet.                          good start when enticing animals back to a location, but a
                                                                greater effort is required to see that the animals flourish
Over the past year Hacienda Matapalo has been developing
                                                                and multiply, hopefully to return to the numbers that were
a plant nursery that was initially conceived to provide plant
                                                                found a century ago. With that idea in mind an order
stock for the landscaping effort that will be taking place
                                                                went out to plant farms across Costa Rica that Hacienda
over the property’s 665 acres. As the nursery development
                                                                Matapalo was looking for several thousand trees. Today
progressed, the Costa Rican Government took a major step
                                                                our nursery now has close to 10,000 saplings of various
forward in forestry conservation by adding several species
                                                                species growing and more are on the way.
of trees to the list of those protected by law. Among those
                                                                                                    continued on page 16
octobEr 2009                  Hacienda Matapalo community Newsletter                                      pagE 16
community involvement from page 15
While 10,000 trees may sound like a lot, a percentage
will die off before reaching maturity, so multiple plantings
spread over large areas of the coast is required to ensure
that enough trees will reach fruit bearing age. How do you
get several thousand baby trees planted? With a lot of
help, of course.
In working with the Costa Rican School system, Hacienda
Matapalo made an offer to provide trees to area schools
along with an informative presentation about the
importance of maintaining the forests and their critical
role in providing a habitat and food source for animals,
protection of the watershed, absorption of greenhouse
gases, and sustainable forestry practices.        In a few
weeks Alberto Villarreal had coordinated the effort and
made the arrangements to have trees delivered to
Rio Savegre area schools in Matapalo, Hatillo, and
Portalon along with supervisory staff and some shovels.         the program begins with a lesson on why forests
These events turned out to be a great time for the children               are important to everyone.
involved as they got to take a break from the regular lesson
plan, learning forests can be a lot of fun when you get to
head out for a field trip and plant some trees.
Here are some photos of the event as it unfolded over a
week long period...      photos contined on page 17

                                                                  alberto Villarreal, staff biologist for Hacienda
                                                                         Matapalo reviews lesson plans

   truck loads of saplings and other plants were
       loaded up and delived to area schools

                                                               gilberto Zuniga, HM’s site manager with son Jordan
                                                                          at Hatillo Elementary School
octobEr 2009              Hacienda Matapalo community Newsletter                                pagE 17

community involvement from page 16

  You can’t plant trees without wearing an official     teachers and volunteers handle the shovels for the
        ‘programa de reforestacion’ t-shirt.                            younger children

 ribbons are prepared bearing the childs name and
                tree planting date                      one by one, several hundred saplings are planted.

Then everyone is off to a nearby field ready to start
                                                             So begins a forest for a new generation.
octobEr 2009               Hacienda Matapalo community Newsletter                                   pagE 18

           Join HM’s retail center

As the building of the infrastructure for Hacienda Matapalo moves closer, Pegasus Star Limitada, the developer,
will be developing the first regional shopping plaza in the South Central Pacific Coast area.
This Plaza will include two commercial buildings with stores, shops, offices, a restaurant and a bar. It will be
located on a 6-acre parcel directly on the Costanera Highway, in front of Hacienda Matapalo. One of the high
priorities of the developer has been to have goods and services located nearby, convenient for the owners
of Hacienda Matapalo, and something that will make living there very “user friendly.”
The future residents of Hacienda Matapalo, and residents of other developments planned for the area, will
be clamoring for everything from a place to buy a cold drink to a pharmacy, or a place to buy a bathing suit.
The drive-by traffic on the Costanera Highway will be enormous once the road paving is complete (by the
end of 2009 according to a recent update from the government).
The developer sees this commercial plaza, with its restaurant and shops, as an “amenity” that will enhance
the life of Hacienda Matapalo owners, as well as add value to their investment.
Many of the future property owners at Hacienda Matapalo have fallen in love with Costa Rica and plan to live
at Hacienda Matapalo on a permanent basis. A number of them have expressed an interest in establishing
their businesses there, and in leasing space in this commercial plaza for either an office or a shop. The
developer will be giving such owners first choice, when pre-leasing begins.
The developer has prepared a private placement offering to finance the purchase of the land and the
construction of the plaza. The developer of Hacienda Matapalo will oversee and manage this project, but
ownership shares will be offered to those who see the long term value of this commercial venture. Hacienda
Matapalo owners and their friends and family are offered these shares as one more way to invest in the
future of Hacienda Matapalo.

 contact Marcy Seay, Director of operations, for more information about
 Hacienda Matapalo’s retail center. email: marcy@costaricaforme.com,
                        or tel. 1-800-281-4145
octobEr 2009                 Hacienda Matapalo community Newsletter                                       pagE 19

          Where to Stay?
          try La Mansion inn
          in Manuel antonio

One of the gems of Costa Rica is the village of Manuel       that is located nearby.
Antonio, tucked away in a hillside directly overlooking
the Pacific. Here you can find would-famous Manuel           While Parador is built on a grand scale with nearly
Antonio National Park, pristine beaches, lush rainforests,   130 rooms, La Mansion offers a more personalized
and a variety of impressive hotels.                          experience. The 25-guestroom boutique hotel was
                                                             built as a luxury private residence, assuring the utmost
La Mansion Inn is one a handful of very exclusive            personal attention. The resort boasts magnificent
five-star boutique hotels catering to the international      views of the Pacific Ocean, Manuel Antonio Park and
clientele that visits Manuel Antonio every year. Step        surrounding jungle. The resort is the ideal destination
inside the lobby and you can find a wall of photographs      for adventure travelers and honeymooners, and its
chronicling the movie stars and international leaders        certified wedding coordinator and planner makes it the
that have made La Mansion their preferred destination        perfect venue for destination weddings. The numerous
in Costa Rica.                                               awards garnered by the hotel are testament to a job
                                                             well done.
La Mansion is the brainchild of proprietor Harry Bodaan
and his second hotel in Manuel Antonio. Before arriving      Visit the bat cave
in Costa Rica, Harry served as president of the Press        The Bat Cave Bar is La Mansion’s underground bar,
Clubs in Washington and Moscow and he currently serves       carved out of the ancient natural rock formations. This
on the Sister Cites program for the Quepos/Manuel            Cave Bar is the only one of its kind in all of Costa Rica.
Antonio area and is well acquainted with the sister city     While sipping one of their specialty cocktails, enjoy the
of Fort Lauderdale. He was one of the founders of Hotel      unique ambiance and encompassing mood created by
Parador, another of the area’s premier resort facilities     sounds from the in-cave waterfall. Watch the real live
                                                                                         continued on page 20
octobEr 2009                Hacienda Matapalo community Newsletter                     pagE 20

La Mansion from page 19

bats as they hang and flap from the ceiling of the cave!
Of course when you are ready for dinner the renowned
Jacques Cousteau Room offers a dining experience
equaling the worlds best restaurants.

      You can preview La Mansion inn at:

                                                           above- La Mansion entry
                                                            Left- the ‘bat cave’ bar
                                                           below- ocean View Suite
octobEr 2009             Hacienda Matapalo community Newsletter                             pagE 21

        What’s where in Playa Matapalo?

                         10       9

                                                                                 3    2
                                                                 6     4


At first glance Playa Matapalo may appear to         6.   Sunset Market- catch the farmers market
be nothing more than a laid back little village           here every Saturday afternoon.
set on some of the most pristine beachfront          7.   albergue Suiza Hotel & restaurant -
in all of Costa Rica. You can find some good              transplanted Swiss owners run a great
restaurants and a few small ‘Mom & pop’ hotels            place that attracts a European clientele.
located just steps away from the shore.
                                                     8.   “tico-gringo” restaurant- good food and
upon further investigation, one discovers that            the lore of Matapalo from Eddie (owner)
(thankfully) playa Matapalo is just as it appears         who has been living here for 30 years.
to be!
                                                     9.   coquito Hotel, restaurant & bar
Here are some of the local spots to note:
                                                     10. LocatioN oF HaciENDa MatapaLo’S
1. Street to costanera Sur Highway.                      priVatE bEacH cLub.
2. cabinas alroma                                    11. Villa romantica bed & breakfast.
3. restarante El Mar & pulperia (mini-mart)          12. Dos palmas bed & breakfast
   great tico style food here!
                                                     13. bahari beach bungalows & restaurant.
4. Soccer field (‘plaza de futbol’ to the locals).
                                                     14. Dreamy contentment beachfront Villa &
5. proposed location for new playa Matapalo              bungalows.
   community center.
octobEr 2009              Hacienda Matapalo community Newsletter                             pagE 22

                               investors realty, costa rica
                                          property Listings
                                Homes, condos, Land, & commercial properties
AfforDAbLe oceAN VIeW HoMe                              ocean View Home with mountainside location
                              This recently built
                              two bedroom home
                              is perched just above
                              the beach town of
                              Matapalo. It sits on
                              two acres of land
                              with plenty of room to
                              build a second home or
a large swimming pool and gardens. call for Pricing
                              This property is what
                              dreams are made of.
                              You will feel like the
                              master of the universe
                              perched right at the
                              edge of your beach.                                 Enjoy amazing ocean
                              You can’t get any                                   views   from    every
                              closer to the sand than                             room of this recently
                              this.                                               constructed house.
                              The house has a                                     This modern, open
                              main floor with an                                  air design is one of a
                              open air kitchen and                                kind and offers floor
                              living room.       The                              to ceiling windows in
                              whole second story                                  the main living area.
                              is a spacious master                                Imagine the sunset
                              bedroom and full bath.                              views!
                              Then, for your friends
                              or clients, there are                               There     are     three
                              two cabinas with their                              spacious bedrooms, all
                              own entrances that                                  with fantastic views.
                              share the large wrap-
                                                                                  You can also find a
                              around porch where
                                                                                  beautiful   swimming
                              you will spend most of
                                                                                  pool set amid the
                              your time. contact
                                                                                  very private 11 acre
                              us for pricing

                              beachfront        Lot                               contact     us     for
                              ready to build-A half                               pricing
                              acre of land right on
                              the beach in beautiful
                              Playa Matapalo. This
                              piece is waiting for       Want more information on a listing?
                              your dream home.             Call Ed Sklar at 1-800-281-4145 or
                              contact     us    for      e-mail: edsklar@costaricaforme.com
                                                              View more properties at
octobEr 2009           Hacienda Matapalo community Newsletter                               pagE 23

                           investors realty, costa rica
                                      property Listings
                             Homes, condos, Land, & commercial properties

A great house with a great view.                    ocean View estate Property

                           You can enjoy the        12 acres with 2 magnificent luxury homes
                           ocean view pool, the     Perhaps the finest examples of luxury living on the
                           huge porch that runs     Pacific Coast. Both residences are almost new and
                           across the front of      feature high-quality contruction and an incredibly
                           the house, the very      detailed level of finish.
                           spacious      kitchen
                                                                                      The Main House
                           or    the    beautiful
                                                                                      has 3 floors, 4
                           Contructed   in    a                                       baths,zoned
                           modern Rustic style                                        AC, full garage,
                           with   high  quality                                       3,500       sq.ft.
                           woodwork.                                                  interior, plus a
                                                                                      sucessful luxury
                           Living room, dining                                        rentals history.
                           room, and bedroom
                           furniture, plus patio    The Second House has 2 floors, 4 bedrooms, 3.5
                           and pool furniture are   baths, AC, garage, and 3,000 under roof. Both homes
                           included in purchase     have incredible Ocean Views. A third ‘caretakers’
                           price.                   residence is also included on the property.
                           This house was well      contact us for pricing
                           designed and is well
                           maintained. Property
                           is over 4.5 acres.
                           contact      us    for
octobEr 2009            Hacienda Matapalo community Newsletter                                    pagE 24

                             investors realty, costa rica
                                        property Listings
                              Homes, condos, Land, & commercial properties

DEVELopMENt LaND                                      DEVELopMENt LaND
                                                                                         uvita -125 acres
45 Hectares (112 acres)                                                                  Lush      rainforest
                            This    medium-sized                                         and cool mountain
                            development parcel                                           breezes along with
                            has a lot of potential.                                      great ocean views.
                            The farm has good                                            This     expansive
                            accesibility, power to                                       property has it’s
                            the property, natural                                        own waterfalls and
                            building plots, roads                                        swimming lagoon
                            throughout and has                                           and    borders     a
                            been cleared.                                                scenic river.
                                                      Ideal for a private estate or ready to sub-divide into
                            This property is ready    homesites with a complete master plan and a deep-
                            to develop tomorrow.      water well in place. Owner financing available!
                                                      call for Pricing
                            contact     us     for
                                                                                         70 Hectares
                                                                                         Raw     land    with
                                                                                         ocean & mountain
                                                                                         views, waterfall &
commercial property- 500 square meters                                                   steam. Near major
                          Everyone that goes                                             development sites.
                          to Playa Matapalo has                                          Price too low to list.
                          to drive right by this                                            contact us.
                          corner location.
                            The roads on both
                            sides of the property
                            are in the process of
                            being paved.
                            Now, it has a very
                            rustic house and a
                            mechanic’s garage,
                                                             arE You LookiNg For?
                            but it could easily be    •   Acreage for development
                            cleared and turned        •   Mountain views & tranquility
                            into an office or
                            store.   contact us       •   Ocean View property
                            for pricing               •   Beachfront
                                                      caLL uS, WE HaVE MorE LiStiNgS!

                           Want more information on a listing?
                             Call Ed Sklar at 1-800-281-4145 or
                           e-mail: edsklar@costaricaforme.com
                                   View more properties at
octobEr 2009   Hacienda Matapalo community Newsletter                       pagE 25

                      FractioNaL oWNErSHip

                                   actual Views

Casa La Big Sur

                                   casa La big Sur is one of the most impressive
                                   homes in the Southern Zone and the first property
                                   to be offered fractionally
                                   • From 600 feet above sea level every room in
                                   the home boasts views with 60 miles of Coastline,
                                   islands, the infamous Whales Tail, breaking waves,
                                   all complemented by rainforest and mountains
                                   • Over 6,000 square feet, Costa Rican hardwoods,
                                   5 Bedrooms, seclusion, privacy and an infinity pool
                                   which you just have to see to believe
                                   • Fully furnished with some of the best options
                                   money can buy
                                   •    12 fractional ownership units priced at
                                   $250,000, get an opportunity to enjoy a home you
                                   could only dream of owning
                                   • Each unit provides equity ownership and one month
                                   (2 week intervals) use with all ownership costs being
                                   split evenly – you can also sell it in the future
                                   • Enjoy the ability to exchange time for similar
                                   homes in France, the Bahamas, Italy, Australia and
                                   a host of different place
                                   • Reserve your piece of paradise and begin a dream
                                   that most will only talk about.
                                   casa La big Sur is also offered in its entirety,
                                         fully furnished for $2.75 million.

                                      Call Ed Sklar at 1-800-281-4145 or
                                    e-mail: edsklar@costaricaforme.com
octobEr 2009       Hacienda Matapalo community Newsletter                              pagE 26

                                         Have Questions about Hacienda Matapalo?
                                            Thinking about visiting Costa Rica?
                                          Feel free to give us a call, we’re happy to
                                         assist you. Dial 1-800-281-4145 toll-free
                                                      or 954-548-3000.
                                        Main Office, Fort Lauderdale, FL
                                        Marcy Seay-Director of Operations
                                        Joyce Bryan- Client Relations
                                        Jared Blackburn-Director of Research & Development
                                        Quepos, Costa Rica Office
                                        1-800-867-5759 toll-free U.S. & canada
                                        Direct dial 0-11 (506) 2774-0240
                                        Nathan Posey- Sales Manager
                                        Pedro Rivera-Office Manager
                                        Keith Blackburn-Publisher/Marketing

                                           Hacienda Matapalo Development partners
                                        David Matluck, Chief Executive Officer, Pegasus Star
                                        Ltda.; e-mail: david@costaricaforme.com

                                        Wayne blackburn, Chief Financial Officer, Pegasus Star
                                        Ltda.; e-mail: wayneb77@gmail.com

                                        Michael Starkey, Vice-President of Sales, Pegasus Star
                                        Ltda.; e-mail: michael@costaricaforme.com

   tetira Village                       Brian Albury, Vice-President of Sales & Design, Pegasus
                                        Star Ltda.; e-mail: brian@costaricaforme.com

 oceanview condos                       Ed Sklar, Vice-President Marketing, Pegasus Star Ltda.;
                                        e-mail: edsklar@costaricaforme.com
• 2 Bedroom, 2 Villa-Condos             Edwin Acosta, Vice-President Costa Rican Operations,
• 1,574 total sq. ft.                   Pegasus Star Ltda.; e-mail: edwin@costaricaforme.com
                                        tel: 1-800-281-4145 toll-free U.S. /canada
• One unit per floor, no common walls   or dial 954-548-3000.
• Panoramic wrap-around balconies       The Hacienda Matapalo Community Newsletter is
                                        published approximately six times per year by Investors
• 5 floor buildings with elevators      Realty-Costa Rica, 1995 E. Oakland Park Blvd, Suite 200
                                        Ft Lauderdale, FL, 33306. Copyright by Investors Realty-
• White water Ocean views               Costa Rica.
• Rental Management Program
                                         The information presented herein is believed accurate,
                                         but not guaranteed or warranted. This information
     Limited Availability                is educational in nature, and is not meant to be a
                                         substitute for qualified advice from a professional about
    call us at 1-800-281-4145            your particular situation. Seek advice from qualified
                                         professionals if needed.
             for details
octobEr 2009                 Hacienda Matapalo community Newsletter                                     pagE 27

                   Where to stay? What to do?
         Try Rafiki Safari Lodge with
       Whitewater rafting, Waterslides,
          Horseback riding & more!

IF you’re looking for a bit of adventure in the               Rafiki’s luxury Safari tents are set atop hardwood
rainforest, then a few nights at Rafiki Safari Lodge          decks, each with rocking chairs, so you can sit back
might be just the ticket for you.                             and admire the view in privacy. Imported from South
                                                              Africa, the tent’s design lets you experience nature
“A rainforest resort with a little touch of Africa,” is the   up close while keeping the insects at bay. Each
official slogan for Rafiki as the resort is a wilderness      unit features its own modern, complete bathroom.
luxury tent camp and conservation project focusing            Whether you are on your honeymoon, want to bring
on adventurous sustainable tourism. The lodge is              a group of friends and family, or business associates,
nestled on 842 acres of pristine jungle along the             Rafiki provides the perfect atmosphere. While the
Savegre River, 30 km south of Quepos and Manuel               property is a nature retreat... the house restuarant
Antonio.                                                      and bar provide great food and good company... it is
Guests at Rafiki Lodge can enjoy a wide variety of            hardly roughing it!
activities such as whitewater rafting, horseback riding
to waterfalls, hiking, and world-class birding. You                      Visit Rafiki Safari Lodge at
don’t need to be an avid birder or into eco tourism to                     www.rafikisafari.com
enjoy their truly unique accommodations and natural
beauty.                                                                                  continued on page 28
octobEr 2009           Hacienda Matapalo community Newsletter   pagE 28
Rafiki Lodge from page 27

Rafiki Safari Lodge-Adventure Included

octobEr 2009              Hacienda Matapalo community Newsletter   pagE 29

    try a Whitewater rafting Expedition

A few weeks ago Hacienda Matapalo’s
construction supervisor, Guy Reed, took
a well deserved break and enjoyed
one of the more popular adventure
activities found in the area-whitewater
You can find a number of tour operators
in the Quepos/Manuel Antonio area
that offer whitewater rafting and rapids
ranging from Class 3 to an exhilerating
Class 5, but Guy and girlfriend Victoria
took in the rafting expedition offered
at the famous Rafiki Safari Lodge
and had an action packed time heading
down the rapids of the Savegre river
which is located just 10 minutes north
of Hacienda Matapalo.

    photos continued on page 30
octobEr 2009          Hacienda Matapalo community Newsletter   pagE 30
Whitewater rafting from page 29

        ...gEt WEt & have some FuN!!!
octobEr 2009               Hacienda Matapalo community Newsletter   backpagE

book Early for the best airfares
Costa Rica’s prime season for tourism is fast
approaching and time is running out if you want to
book a low-cost flight to this tropical paradise for the
period of mid-December to May when the climate is
absolutely perfect.

Planning ahead and purchasing months in advance is
usually a good way to ensure good prices for flights,
but there are alternatives.

Spirit Airlines offers the $9 fare club promotion
which has yielded many visitors to Costa Rica some
pretty cheap prices. The concept is pretty simple,
join the $9 Fare Club ($9 every quarter or $36 yearly)
and you get advance e-mail notification of low-cost
airfares for both U.S. and International destinations.
If you fly several times per year, the savings you
get on airfares will more than offset the $36 yearly
membership fee. Flights to Costa Rica originate out
of Fort Lauderdale so folks out of the eastern U.S.
can usually get the best connecting flights into FLL.

Using Spirit’s $9 Fare Club members of our
organization have booked round-trip flights to Costa
Rica for as little as $89 (taxes included) and even
a round-trip flight to Lima, Peru for $144 (taxes
Visit www.spiritair.com for details on the $9
Fare Club and flight schedules.

Jet blue is another carrier that is offering good prices
to Costa Rica, plus they have those cool personal
video screens in the seat backs.
Visit Jet blue at www.jetblue.com

american airlines has also taken notice of the
low-cost airlines and they frequently offer very
competitive prices for flights departing Miami or Fort
Lauderdale. go to www.aa.com for information.

 Hacienda Matapalo Community Newsletter
 for Owners and Residents of Hacienda Matapalo
 1995 E. Oakland Park Blvd, #200
 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306
 teL. 954-548-3000
 1-800-281-4145 toll-free


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