Tour Description - Tour EP-PH Paris Historic by malj


									                              Tour EPC - PHML
                              Paris Historic,
                              Montmartre & the Louvre
                              This full day tour gives you a chance to visit,
                              some of the best sights of Paris. Your morning
                              half will being with a tour to NOTRE-DAME
                              CATHEDRAL* and the oldest part of the city.

                              Over 2000 years ago, Paris was created and
                              began at CITE ISLAND. This tour gives
                              emphasis on the history and art of the Capital.

Your tour will include a drive through the oldest part of Paris known as THE
MARAIS DISTRICT. Here you will see its "hotels," private town-houses of
the nobility 3 or 4 centuries ago. You will also visit THE LATIN QUARTER
with the Sorbonne, the Luxembourg gardens,
Saint-Germain-des Pres district with it's old
church and famous cafes. From there you will
enjoy your guided visit inside NOTRE-DAME
CATHEDRAL* and a short cruise** to approach
and leave Cite Island.

On your journey back to the office you will get
the opportunity to admire the rigorous geometry
of the VENDOME SQUARE and the surprising
architecture of the GARNIER OPERA. Once back
at the office you will be given a little bit of free

                                time to grab a snack, a small lunch, or rest
                                before re-boarding the bus onto our afternoon

                                Crowned by the white SCARED HEART
                                BASILICA the village found on top of the hill
                                of MONTMARTRE is very familiar to Parisians.
                                Towards the end of the 19th century,
                                numerous artists (Van Gogh, Renoir, Picasso)
                                settled here with their families to enjoy the
simple and peaceful country life.

Your tour will not only include a
wonderful ride up to Montmartre by
coach, but also a guided walking tour of
the village and PLACE DU TERTRE.

The next stop will be the LOUVRE
museum here your guided visit will show
you the highlights. Amongst the many works of art you will see the Venus of
Milo, the Winged Victory and Da Vinci's Mona Lisa.

*WED and FRI it is possible to stay at the Louvre for an extended visit

*Monday’s the Louvre will be visited first before going to Montmartre

*Guide is not permitted to speak inside on days where mass is taking place inside
the cathedral.

**If the river is high there will be no river cruise.

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