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Last month, Agilent Technologies Inc. released three troubleshooting tools “designed to test
and analyze voice quality and clarity in voice networks”. They are addons to Agilent’s Voice
Quality Tester, which was developed to allow customers to provide VoIP services at the
same level as PSTN.

The difference between VQT and other products is that it was designed to analyze and
troubleshoot so that network operators could determine what is going wrong in their
networks and fix the problem. Other products ony give you voice-quality measurements.

Agilent also released the VQT IP phone, that allow customers to test voice quality on
networks that extend VoIP out to the end user with IP or PC phones. In addition, they also
added Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality measurement, an additional feature for
measuring voice clarity using the latest standards for measuring speech quality from the ITU.