The Near Death Experience NDE

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					The Near Death Experience - NDE
The NDE is an account of what people experience while unconscious or clinically dead after an accident or
serious illness. Most NDEs follow a similar pattern of events regardless of the persons age, sex, culture or
religious belief.

       Feelings of peace:

              The person feels no pain, everything seems quiet and peaceful. They usually have a sense of
              well-being and great joy.

       Leaving the body:

              If death was not expected the person may continue to concentrate on what they were doing
              before death - running across the road after being killed by a car fighting after being killed in
              a battle.

              The person can see what is going on and is mentally alert. They may try to talk to those
              around the body but they won't be heard. They have a non-material energy-body that has no
              disabilities and can move freely through objects and people.

       Bright light:

              They move rapidly toward a bright light which is at the end of a tunnel or dark area.

       Entering the light:

              The person becomes surrounded by bright beautiful light. They may meet other beings with
              energy-bodies. Feelings of love and companionship as these beings communicate.

       Life review:

              The past life is replayed very quickly. No-one judges but the person can feel guilty or
              embarrassed about things they have done. Things that were done to help others are seen as

       Going back:

              After deciding, or being told, to go back because of things that still need to be done the
              person wakes up in their body.

       Life changes:

              NDEs have a powerful positive effect on a persons life. In general NDEers have a new sense
              of purpose and better self-esteem.

              They no longer fear death; they want to be more open and loving to others; they want to know
              more about the universe; they want to develop their skills and talents for the benefit of others.
If There Is Life After Death...
  1. Will people take more risks with their life?

  2. Will more people try to commit suicide?

  3. Should the penalty for murder be reduced because the victim lives on after death?

  4. What will happen to people who have paid thousands of dollars to be frozen

  5. When they die so that scientists can revive them in the future when they have a cure for
     whatever killed them?

  6. Will people be more likely to want to fight and die in a war?

  7. Will people become more religious so that they can have eternal life and go to heaven?

  8. What is a person's race, age and sex after death?

  9. How would you be affected by the deaths of
       - someone you don't know
       - someone you do know
       - a friend?

  10. Will more people try to contact those who have died through séances?

  11. Will euthanasia - the bringing about of someone's death in cases of incurable and painful
     disease - become more acceptable?

  12. Why don't more people know about NDE research?