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					                                        Preconstruction Scheduling software SHORT survey
                                                         December 2010

State           What software are you   Are you:               Are you:          Are you:                 Contact for more information
                suing for               A. Satisfied with      B.                C. Other
                preconstruction         software               Considering a
                scheduling?                                    replacement

Alaska          Southeast Region:           SE: Satisfied                         SE: Have a growing          SE: Victor Winters, PE
(has 3 fairly   MS Access in monthly                                               number of Project              907-465-4413
autonomous      status book.                                                      managers using MS
regions)                                                                            Projects to track
                                                                                   individual project
                                                                                   schedules and are
                                                                                   satisfied with that.

California      Primarily, we utilize                              We are                                         David Youmans
                XPM (Expert Project                              currently in
                Management) as our                              the process of                    
                backend system. Our                               replacing                                         916-653-0658
                districts utilize                               XPM with CA
                supplemental systems                               Clarity.
                including P3 and
                Microsoft Project.

Florida         Primavera                       Yes                  No                                   Bob Crim, P.E.
                                                                                                          Manager, Production Support
                                                                                                          Florida DOT
                                                                                                          (850) 414-4782

Georgia         Artemis                                              Yes            We initiated the         Genetha-Rice Singleton
                                                                                   survey to identify     Program Control Administrator
                                                                    additional options.           (404) 631-1522

Iowa   The Iowa Department of                The Iowa DOT is very                         Mark A. Swenson, P.E.
       Transportation (DOT) uses the
                                             satisfied with our                           Project Scheduling Engineer
       Iowa Department of
       Transportation Project                current project                              Iowa Department of Transportation
       Scheduling System (PSS) to            scheduling software.                         Phone: 515-239-1446
       track the progress of events                                                       FAX: 515-239-1719
       completed by the different offices
       - Location & Environment,
       Design, Bridges & Structures,                                            
       Right of Way, Traffic & Safety,
       and Districts - throughout the
       project development process.
       After contract letting,
       construction administration
       information/data is imported from
       the contractor pay system and
       entered in PSS to track
       information such as awarded
       contract amount, amount paid-to-
       date, completion of the project,
       final payment to the contractor,
       and completion of the as-built

       PSS consists of an Oracle
       database with a graphical user
       interface (GUI) for the users to
       access the data. Data is also
       output from the database into
       numerous different reports for
       the users. Most of the reports
       are created in either Microsoft
       Excel or Word. There are more
       than 500 DOT employees with
       access to PSS.

       PSS imports project related data
       from several other sources
       (payroll, contractor pay system,
       etc.) and imports/exports data
       with the system (TPMS) used by
       the local jurisdictions (cities and
        PSS has been developed,
        continues to be enhanced &
        expanded, and is supported by
        Iowa DOT IT staff.

Maine   In 2009, MaineDOT did a survey of Project Management Software used by other states. As it is             Bill Thompson
        related to your project, I have attached a summary of the responses. The survey was done using           Safety, Training & Research Office,
        Survey Monkey. I have listed the main conclusions below. For your info MaineDOT also uses                Maine Department of
        Artemis, and was considering other programs, but I believe we stayed with Artemis.                       Transportation
        From the 2009 MaineDOT survey(NOTE the Maine survey is included at the end of this                       16 State House Station
        document):                                                                                               Augusta, ME 04333

            •    Agencies are evenly split between whether PM software is mandatory in their agency or
            •    Half of the agencies use a server based agency-wide PM software versus a PC based
            •    Agencies were about evenly split on their satisfaction or dis-satisfaction with their PM
            •    Among the four agencies that are very satisfied with their software, the types they use are
                 (in random order): an Excel spreadsheet (Arkansas), Microsoft Project (Oregon), a
                 Custom Built system (Kansas; they also use Microsoft Project as a secondary system),
                 and Clarity Open Workbench (Nebraska).
            •    Almost three quarters of respondents use PM software for all capital improvement
            •    The level of project complexity or project costs, do not appear to influence decisions to use
                 PM software.
            •    Only a little more than half of respondents have PM software capable of "rolling up"
                 projects into separate programs.
            •    Approximately 65% of agencies reported developing specific templates for project types.
            •    The largest category of PM software used is “home-grown” ; following in second and third
                 places respectively are Microsoft Project, and Primavera. Artemis was reported by only
                 one agency. Several agencies reported using a second brand of PM software. Those
                 brands were Microsoft Project and Primavera.
            •    Only 23% of respondents indicated satisfaction with vendor knowledge of transportation &
                 government markets.
            •    Less than half of the respondents reported the cost of their PM software. One agency
                 reported a cost of over $10,000, three reported $500 or less, and one indicated from $500
                     to $10,000.

Maryland      Maryland SHA                    Our individual                                    David Hunter,
              typically uses Microsoft      Offices are largely                          Section Chief of Application
              Project for                      satisfied with                                  Development,
              preconstruction               Microsoft Project,                              Office of Information
              scheduling, although we         and SHA is not                                    Development
              do have some home-          considering replacing                                 410-545-8652
              grown applications to        it as our standard at                         (
              track certain dates (such          this time.
              as plats issued, right of
              way clear, permits clear,
              etc.), and use Primavera
              to track actual
              construction activities.

Mississippi   In-house version                                           we have              Keith Purvis, PE
              developed internally                                     considered it.        Mississippi DOT
              specifically for MDOT                                    We will likely     Assistant Chief Engineer
                                                                         employ a             Preconstruction
                                                                        specialized            601-359-7007
                                                                       consultant for

Missouri       MoDOT currently uses an    not completely satisfied         we have              George Koop
              internally written             with the software,         considered a            573-751-7886
              application for              because we'd like it to     replacement or
              preconstruction             integrate more with our       retooling the
              scheduling. We used to           Planning phase              current
              use Artemis ProjectView       software (SIMS) and           internally
              and abandoned it about        our software we use          developed
              10 years ago for our        after the projects are let    software, but
              current system. We went      (Site Manager). Also,        are waiting to
           from recording 163              the current system     see if upgrades
           milestones per project to        doesn't allow for       to our SIMS
           16 milestones now. Our          anomalies such as        product will
           major design-build            steps occurring out of   affect the types
           projects use Microsoft       order or simultaneously   of retooling we
           Project and Primavera             on unusual or         would need to
           mainly due to the fact the    accelerated projects.       have done.
           software is used by the
           consultants who partner
           with us on the project.

Montana    Plainsware OPX2              Excellent product and         NO!!!          Considering moving        John Pirre, Supervisor Engineering 
           Release 4                      have presented our                         to the next release of    Information Service Section 406‐
           (           findings at several                        OPX2 which will be        444‐6243 
                                         IHEEP conferences                                 renamed as           Jim Walther, Preconstruction 
                                        (http:00mi.gove/heep)                        Planisware 5. R4 is a      Engineer, 406‐444‐6005 
                                                                                     project management  
                                                                                      tool whereas R5 is a     Shane Maharg, Senior OPX2 
                                                                                       program & project       Programmer, 406‐444‐6310 
                                                                                       management tool.    

Nebraska   Clarity                               yes               No. We just                                 Khalil Jaber Program
                                                                    switched to                                Management Engineer
                                                                  this software a                              Phone: 402-479-4750
                                                                  few years ago.                     

Nevada     Microsoft Project                  Satisfied                                The software is also    Jenica K. Finnerty, P.E., CPM
                                                                                      helping us as well as    Assistant Chief Project
                                                                                     Division heads for many   Management
                                                                                                               Nevada Department of
                                                                                          of the technical
                                                                                      divisions with overall   Direct: 775.888.7592
                                                                                       program scheduling      Cell: 775.434.5334
                                                                                      (delivery schedule of
                                                                                         multiple capacity
New          NH does not                                          Glenn E. Roberts, P.E.
Hampshire    use preconstruction                                  Chief of Research
                                                                  NHDOT Bureau of Materials &
             scheduling software.                                 Research
             While we do track                                    PO Box 483, 5 Hazen Drive
             milestone dates as a                                 Concord, NH 03302-0483
             project progresses                                   Tel: (603) 271-3151
             through the process and
             combine multiple
             projects into contracts
             when it makes sense, we
             don't use any software
             designed to manage the
             schedule per se.

New Jersey   Primavera                  I maintain a database               John Maida
                                       of 360 active schedules             609-530-5535
                                       (each containing 160
                                       +/- activities) and
                                       approx. 800 completed

                                       We have experimented
                                       with MS Project, but
                                       found that it is not
                                       designed to work with
                                       multiple projects. While
                                       most here only deal
                                       with one schedule at a
                                       time, my unit will
                                       regularly work with the
                                       entire program with
                                       over one million
                                                                              While MS Project is
                                                                              considerably less
                                                                              expensive, it lacks the
                                                                              level of company
                                                                              support that Primavera

                                                                              In addition, Primavera
                                                                              is used by every
                                                                              industry and the
                                                                              military since the
                                                                              1960's, and is well-

                                                                              If you are looking to
                                                                              schedule on a small-
                                                                              scale, Project is the way
                                                                              to go, anything larger I
                                                                              would recommend

New Mexico   Primavera embedded in            Yes                We are                                   Joe S. Garcia 
             custom platform                                    migrating                                  State Construction Engineer 
                                                              toward use of                               NMDOT 

New York     Primavera P6                Generally yes,            no.                                    Kevin W. Gregory, P.E. 
                                        however we are                                                    Director, Consultant Management 
                                      having performance                                                  Bureau 
                                       problems with the                                                  Office of Design 
                                     software while rolling                                               New York State Department of 
                                      up statewide reports.                                               Transportation 
                                      After an impasse that                                               518‐457‐2806 
                                     lasted several months                                       
                                              the vendor has
                                              recently shown
                                            interest in trying to
                                            solve the problem.

Oklahoma       Does not currently have                                                                           Ginger McGovern, PE
               a project scheduling                                                                            Planning & Research Div.
               software. They are                                                                                      Engineer
               being tracked manually                                                                                   ODOT
               using a spreadsheet.                                                                                  405-522-1447

Oregon         ODOT is divided into 5      ODOT uses MS Project      Would            Recent change‐over to  Jon Lazarus, MBA, PMP
                regions. Region 1,3 & 5    because that is what      consider, but    MS Project (last year)  ODOT Research Coordinator
                                           ODOT supports.
                use MS Project. Each                                 software needs   probably would limit    503-986-2852
                                           Limited success over
                region has limited         the last year. AMS        to be            implementation of any 
                autonomy to use            should be phased out      supported        new software. 
                different tools. MS        for MS Project (was       from IS and be
                Project is the             precursor to MS Project   compatible
                predominant tool and       and not happy with this
                                           tool). MS Project seems
                                                                     with MS
                we also use Advanced                                 Project.
                                           to work well to
                Management Solutions
                                           communicate back and
                (AMS) in Region 2. 
                                           forth with contractors
                                           and is universally

Rhode Island   RIDOT is currently                   Yes                                                    Norman P. Marzano, Jr.,
               incorporating                                                                               P.E.
               PRIMAVERA for these
               tasks. We have been                                                                         Managing Engineer
               using these products                                                                        Construction Management Group 
                                                                                                           Rhode Island Department of
               program wide for                                                                            Transportation
               Construction Projects                                                                       Two Capitol Hill, Room 110
               for many years and are                                                                      Providence, RI 02903
               happy with them. We
           presently use a custom                                                                                        T 401.222.2468x4312
           software application to                                                                                       F 401.222.4953
           track the status of                                                                                 
           Design projects but the
           schedules are using

South      Primavera                    Somewhat satisfied, it                                                                    Mitchell Metts
Carolina                                  does have some                                                                      Dir. of Preconstruction
                                            limitations                                                                            803-737-1518

South      Primavera                                x                                                                            Time Bjomeberg
Dakota                                                                                                                    Project Development Manager

Utah       We use our own in-house       No - that is to say we are   No - not entirely      ePM does much more                     Steve Quinn
           developed application, ePM      not satisfied with the                                than just project        Utah Department of Transportation
           (Electronic Program          project scheduling parts of                        scheduling and so we are        IT Manager ePM/PDBS Systems
           Mangement)                               ePM                                   not considering replacing    
                                                                                                     the entire                    801-503-6451
                                                                                          system. However, we are
                                                                                            considering integrating
                                                                                           MS Project or Primavera
                                                                                          into our ePM system. We
                                                                                           are not sure exactly how
                                                                                            all this will work at this
                                                                                            point but we have some
                                                                                             ideas and hope to do a
                                                                                            proof of concept in the
                                                                                            next month or two. We
                                                                                          are considering Primavera
                                                                                             as an option because a
                                                                                            large percentage of our
                                                                                          contractors use Primavera
                                                                                           to schedule construction
                                                                                            projects and we think it
                                                                                      might be best to support
                                                                                          only one project
                                                                                     scheduling solution. Our
                                                                                     final decision will not be
                                                                                     determined by wanting a
                                                                                    single solution. Cost, ease
                                                                                        of use, and possible
                                                                                      integration factors will
                                                                                       also have a part in our
                                                                                           final decision.

Vermont     Artemis                                                                 Satisfied but working                   Rob White
                                                                                    to improve value and              Chief ROW, Survey and
                                                                                     ease of the product                  Utilities Section
                                                                                                                              Vt AOT

                                                                                                          or 802
                                                                                                                            828 2619

Virginia    Oracle Primavera P6                   x                                                                      Alan Saunders, PE

Wisconsin   Primavera P6 on large           1. Primavera P6:       Try to keep                                     Julie Millard, Certified Public
            complex high cost              robust enough for      current with                                                Manager
            improvement projects.         complex schedules;     available tools                                           715-421-8387
            We are using an in-          steep learning curve.   – currently not                           
            house developed                 2. PMP: simple,          actively
            application, Project           quick, and easy to      pursuing a
            Management Plant            use. Includes project     replacement
            (PMP) for all other state   scope, team members      for either tool.
            funded highway                     and contact
            improvements projects.      information; does not
                                            use critical path

Wyoming   Primavera, soon going    Mostly satisfied but          It does have          Heather Robinson
          to Version 7              noted they have to           “dashboard”         Project Control System
                                  use a separate tool for     capabilities (views         Coordinator
                                    report writing and          specifically for
                                                            management) which is
                                   they do not resource
                                                                     a plus.
                                           load.             They also noted that
                                                                Primavera will
                                                              negotiate prices so
                                                            don’t just compare the
                                                                   list price.
Project Management Software for Transportation Projects

 1. Is the use of Project Management (PM) software mandatory in your agency?

                                                                                                         Response      Response
                                                                                                          Percent        Count

                                 Yes                                                                         47.6%                10

                                  No                                                                         47.6%                10

                         Don't Know                                                                           4.8%                 1

                                                                                               answered question                  21

                                                                                                 skipped question                  1

 2. Please check the type of PM software implementation used in your agency? (Note: If your agency does not use enterprise
 software, the rest of this survey is optional for you. Your contact information would be appreciated though. See Question 20 on
 page 10.)

                                                                                                         Response      Response
                                                                                                          Percent        Count

    Enterprise (agency-wide, server
                                                                                                             50.0%                 9

      Non-enterprise (individual use,
                                                                                                             38.9%                 7
                   client PC-based)

                                Both                                                                          5.6%                 1

                         Don't Know                                                                           5.6%                 1

                                                                                              Other (please specify)               6

                                                                                               answered question                  18

                                                                                                 skipped question                  4

                                                                                                                         Page 1
3. How satisfied are you with the enterprise PM software your agency currently uses?

                                                                                               Response    Response
                                                                                                Percent      Count

                   Very Dissatisfied                                                               13.3%              2

            Somewhat Dissatisfied                                                                  20.0%              3

   Neither Satisfied nor Dissatisfied                                                              20.0%              3

                Somewhat Satisfied                                                                 20.0%              3

                      Very Satisfied                                                               26.7%              4

                                                                                       answered question             15

                                                                                        skipped question              7

4. In your agency, is PM software used for all capital improvement projects?

                                                                                               Response    Response
                                                                                                Percent      Count

                                 Yes                                                               73.3%             11

                                  No                                                               20.0%              3

                         Don't Know                                                                 6.7%              1

                                                                                       answered question             15

                                                                                        skipped question              7

                                                                                                            Page 2
5. Approximately what percentage of projects is your PM software used on?

                                                                                       Response      Response
                                                                                        Percent        Count

                       25% or less                                                         13.3%                2

                       26% to 50%                                                           0.0%                0

                       51% to 75%                                                          20.0%                3

                    more than 75%                                                          66.7%               10

                        Don't Know                                                          0.0%                0

                                                                             answered question                 15

                                                                               skipped question                 7

6. In your agency what types of projects is PM software used on?

                                                                                       Response      Response
                                                                                        Percent        Count

                Bridge construction                                                        86.7%               13

                                                                                           93.3%               14

                            Paving                                                         73.3%               11

         Maintenance & Operations                                                          40.0%                6

                             Traffic                                                       60.0%                9

                                                                            Other (please specify)              3

                                                                             answered question                 15

                                                                               skipped question                 7

                                                                                                      Page 3
7. What are the determining factors in using PM software on projects?

                                                                                                          Response     Response
                                                                                                           Percent       Count

                Level of complexity                                                                           88.9%               8

                     Capital cost ($)                                                                        55.6%                5

                                                                                              Other (please specify)              3

                                                                                               answered question                  9

                                                                                                   skipped question              13

8. Is there a threshold level of project complexity for which it is mandated to use PM software?

                                                                                                          Response     Response
                                                                                                           Percent       Count

                                Yes                                                                          14.3%                2

                                  No                                                                          85.7%              12

                         Don't Know                                                                           0.0%                0

                                                                                               answered question                 14

                                                                                                   skipped question               8

9. Who is responsible for entering project information and is held accountable for accurate information?



                                                                                               answered question                 13

                                                                                                   skipped question               9

                                                                                                                        Page 4
10. Please rate your degree of confidence of the reliability of the information in the PM system, with +3 being the most confident
and 0 being no confidence.

                                                                                                          Response     Response
                                                                                                           Percent       Count

                                 +3                                                                            0.0%                 0

                                 +2                                                                          100.0%                13

                                 +1                                                                            0.0%                 0

                                  0                                                                            0.0%                 0

                                                                                                answered question                  13

                                                                                                  skipped question                  9

11. Does your PM software have the functionality to "roll up" information into a program or portfolio? By "roll up" we mean the
ability to: a. manage schedules for a portfolio of projects under an individual project manager, and b. manage the schedules for
all the projects in a particular program (e.g. bridge program, highway program.)

                                                                                                          Response     Response
                                                                                                           Percent       Count

Yes (This response will forward you
                                                                                                              42.9%                 6
                   to Question 13.)

No (This response will forward you
                                                                                                              57.1%                 8
                  to Question 12.)

                        Don't Know                                                                             0.0%                 0

                                                                                          Comments are welcomed.                    2

                                                                                                answered question                  14

                                                                                                  skipped question                  8

12. Do you manage portfolios and/or programs in a different manner? Please explain.



                                                                                                answered question                   7

                                                                                                  skipped question                 15

                                                                                                                          Page 5
13. Is PM software used for:

                                             Primary                 Secondary                      N/A

               Resource allocation          15.4% (2)                 46.2% (6)                   38.5% (5)                     13

                         Scheduling        85.7% (12)                 0.0% (0)                    14.3% (2)                     14

                      Collaboration         15.4% (2)                 46.2% (6)                   38.5% (5)                     13

             Program Management             46.2% (6)                 23.1% (3)                   30.8% (4)                     13

           Cash Flow Management             15.4% (2)                 38.5% (5)                   46.2% (6)                     13

                Project Prioritization      23.1% (3)                 30.8% (4)                   46.2% (6)                     13

 Integration of Cost with Scheduling        28.6% (4)                 28.6% (4)                   42.9% (6)                     14

                                                                                          Other (please specify)                 4

                                                                                           answered question                    14

                                                                                             skipped question                    8

14. Has your agency developed templates for specific projects or program types in the software?

                                                                                                       Response       Response
                                                                                                        Percent         Count

                                 Yes                                                                          64.3%              9

                                  No                                                                          35.7%              5

                         Don't Know                                                                            0.0%              0

                                                                                           answered question                    14

                                                                                             skipped question                    8

                                                                                                                       Page 6
15. Do agency managers rely on the information and reports generated by the PM software?

                                                                                                       Response      Response
                                                                                                        Percent        Count

                                Yes                                                                        78.6%               11

                                No                                                                         21.4%                3

                        Don't Know                                                                          0.0%                0

                                                                                             answered question                 14

                                                                                               skipped question                 8

16. Which of the following PM software packages does your agency currently use? (Please indicate all that apply, including
primary PM software and secondary PM software, if applicable.)

                                                    Primary                              Secondary

                   Microsoft Project               42.9% (3)                              57.1% (4)                             7

                         Primavera                 50.0% (2)                              50.0% (2)                             4

                           Intelysis                0.0% (0)                               0.0% (0)                             0

                         OpenMind                   0.0% (0)                               0.0% (0)                             0

                            Artemis                100.0% (1)                              0.0% (0)                             1

                         FastTrack                  0.0% (0)                              100.0% (1)                            1

                      TurboProject                  0.0% (0)                               0.0% (0)                             0

               Micro-Planner X-Pert                 0.0% (0)                               0.0% (0)                             0

       Home Grown (Custom-Built)                   100.0% (5)                              0.0% (0)                             5

                                                                                            Other (please specify)              8

                                                                                             answered question                 12

                                                                                               skipped question                10

                                                                                                                      Page 7
17. Please indicate whether you are satisfied or not satisfied with your PM software in each of the following areas.

                                              Satisfied               Not Satisfied                     N/A

              Resource Scheduling             38.5% (5)                 15.4% (2)                  46.2% (6)                     13

                       Collaboration          50.0% (7)                  7.1% (1)                  42.9% (6)                     14

                  Remote capability           35.7% (5)                 14.3% (2)                  50.0% (7)                     14

       Interface with legacy systems          42.9% (6)                 28.6% (4)                  28.6% (4)                     14

Standard PM features, (Gantt charts,
                                             71.4% (10)                  7.1% (1)                  21.4% (3)                     14
   milestones, reporting, financials)

                         Cash Flow            14.3% (2)                 14.3% (2)                 71.4% (10)                     14

                     Vendor support           38.5% (5)                  0.0% (0)                  61.5% (8)                     13

 Vendor knowledge of transportation
                                              23.1% (3)                  7.7% (1)                  69.2% (9)                     13
       & government market needs

                                                                                               answered question                 14

                                                                                                 skipped question                 8

18. How much do you pay for PM software, on an annual basis?

                                                   Site License                         Individual License

                        $500 or less                33.3% (1)                               66.7% (2)                             3

              From $501 to $10,000                  100.0% (1)                               0.0% (0)                             1

           From $10,001 to $50,000                  100.0% (1)                               0.0% (0)                             1

                   $50,001 or more                   0.0% (0)                                0.0% (0)                             0

                                                                                         Comments are welcomed.                  10

                                                                                               answered question                  5

                                                                                                 skipped question                17

                                                                                                                        Page 8
19. Please provide any additional comments you may have on PM software.



                                                                                              answered question                   5

                                                                                                skipped question                 17

20. Please identify your agency in the spaces provided below. We may want to contact you for additional information, so if you
are comfortable with providing your name and contact information, please do so.

                                                                                                        Response     Response
                                                                                                         Percent       Count

                             Name:                                                                         100.0%                15

                           Agency:                                                                         100.0%                15

                          Address:                                                                         100.0%                15

                         Address 2:                                                                         20.0%                 3

                         City/Town:                                                                        100.0%                15

                              State:                                                                        86.7%                13

                   ZIP/Postal Code:                                                                        100.0%                15

                    Email Address:                                                                         100.0%                15

                    Phone Number:                                                                           93.3%                14

                                                                                              answered question                  15

                                                                                                skipped question                  7

                                                                                                                        Page 9