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BaZi Mastery Series M1


									BaZi Mastery Series M1

(Eight Characters) or 'Four Pillars' as it is more popularly known in the West, is
more than a sophisticated art of Chinese fortune telling. It is a traditional Chinese
science of analyzing a person's destiny. Destiny is often regarded as the life path
that is mapped out for us on the date and time of our birth by the Heavens. BaZi
enables us to investigate the potential and mysteries of our lives using our birth
data. By using BaZi calculations, we can explore the cyclical influence of our
'destiny' in important areas such as family, friends, relationships, wealth, fame,
recognition, opportunities, career, studies, partnership, business and almost
every other important aspect of our lives. BaZi can be used to evaluate the
relationship between the various aspects of our lives and to forecast each of our
individual life paths, giving us a ‘big picture’ scenario that allows us to make
decisions to help us reach our goals.

BaZi translates our birth data - Year, Month, Day and Hour of birth into four pairs
of distinct Chinese Characters (called Jia Zi      ). Four pairs make Eight
Characters (or BaZi). Each pair is also known as a pillar, hence the term Four

The eight characters are made up of the Yin and Yang variations of the Five
Elements. By analyzing the structure, compatibility, clashes, combinations,
conditions and inter-relations of these eight characters, we can probe into greater
detail about our nature and our life path. An individual can make use of this
information to accelerate his performance at work, strengthen relationships with
others, overcome weaknesses, maximize talents and potentials and make
informed decisions based on forecasts of his or her upcoming cycle of luck.

About This Course
Reading a few books on BaZi (Four Pillars) will not be enough to give you the
solid foundation and skills necessary to practice the art of BaZi accurately. The
other part of the art - often the most challenging part for newcomers - requires a
deep understanding of the fundamental principles, essential theories and most
importantly, the analysis, the interpretation and the application of Classical BaZi

This course provides an easy, structured method for anyone who is looking to
learn all about the fundamentals of BaZi (Four Pillars Destiny Analysis) in the
shortest possible time. It is particularly suitable for:

• Newcomers who have little or no knowledge of BaZi but have a keen interest in
knowing more about the subject.

• Self-taught BaZi Practitioners seeking formal training and new skills.
• Those who are looking for a guide to set them on the right path when studying
BaZi (Four Pillars Destiny Analysis).

• Those who want to formalize their training in Chinese BaZi Astrology.

• Experienced practitioners facing trouble with juggling contrasting theories and
are seeking to refine their skills in the basics.

• Those wishing to strengthen and complement their Feng Shui practice

What's So Special About This BaZi Mastery Series?
For the first time, the world at large will get the chance to learn this sophisticated
Chinese art in a systematic and structured manner. In fact, this new series has
been developed by Joey Yap, who played a vital role in developing and
pioneering the Professional Feng Shui Series in 1999 and has since successfully
introduced classical Feng Shui to the Western world. Joey Yap is also the author
of the popular Xuan Kong Homestudy Course as well as the Xuan Kong Flying
Star Feng Shui Beginners Workshop DVD and BaZi Four Pillars Destiny
Beginners Workshop DVD. His books and reference materials on Feng Shui and
Chinese Astrology are read by practitioners and enthusiasts all over the world.

The BaZi Module One is Mr. Joey Yap's cornerstone Destiny Analysis program. It
is, to date, the most practical and comprehensive introduction to the many facets
of BaZi (Four Pillars Destiny Analysis) practice you'll find anywhere in the world.

"Thank you very much for such interesting and valuable information. I’m
interested in Chinese metaphysics very much and will continue my studying."
- Zhaneta Alyapina ( Russian Federation )

"Thank you Joey. The best course I have attended, lots of information, good
atmosphere. What more could we ask for. Well-done and best wishes for all your
future courses."
    - Christine Park ( South Africa )

BaZi Module One is about helping you develop the
basic techniques to calculate and assess the life path that is in store for you.

BaZi is a study of Destiny that provides a road map of your own life and allows
you to discover various means to shake off mediocrity and live up to your hidden

The Benefits Of Studying BaZi

BaZi enables the practitioner to discover the facets of his or her own life, talents,
potentials and more importantly, the possibilities and challenges in the near or
distant future. Life constantly presents us with many challenges that demand our
best. Although we may not be able to avoid all the problems we face or win back
lost opportunities, we need to be able to prepare ourselves for whatever
challenges that do lie ahead.

The course is designed to help you understand yourself and the universal forces
that form and shape you into the person you want to be and help you make
informed decisions to live the life you have envisioned for yourself.

This course will engage you in on-going, continuous self-mastery in the study of
BaZi. What you will become as a result of this course is infinitely greater than
what you are today because you will begin to understand the natural forces that
help shape and mould your life. You will be able to recognize challenges and
opportunities that come your way and realize that you can take charge of these
situations, making them work towards your advantage. Your BaZi (Four Pillars)
will help you to develop a larger vision of yourself. This course will also help open
the corridors of the creative mind to assist you in manifesting the greatness that
lies deep within you by understanding your talents and potential.

Your BaZi (Four Pillars) can help you as a stand-alone guide to your personal
development. By understanding yourself and others through the study of BaZi,
you can learn to make better decisions - a power that can be put to good use
today, tomorrow and for the rest of your life.

For many years, the study of BaZi often involved tedious, difficult and confusing
paths. Now, all this has been simplified with Mr. Joey Yap's unique structured
learning system. In a systematic and coordinated program, the art of BaZi is now
much easier to study and made simpler to master.

You will receive a thorough briefing on the concepts of Heaven-Earth-Man, Yin
and Yang, Qi, Five Elements and the Stems and Branches - the basis of BaZi
studies. You will gain the necessary skills required to practice BaZi effectively
and efficiently for yourself and when performing consultation for others. BaZi
Module One includes the application of Combinations, Clashes, Harms,

Destruction and Punishment relationships between the elements and 10 Gods
(topics normally taught at only advanced levels in other schools). Learn how to
analyze personality traits and the ‘luck’ conditions of a person. You will learn how
to apply BaZi confidently step by step and understand the controversies that may
confront you in your practice.

Essential BaZi

When practiced correctly, the application and study of BaZi can greatly enhance
your personal and business activities, enrich your relationships and improve your
total well-being.
Much of the art of BaZi demands good analysis, judgment and interpretation
skills. Experience is certainly a key aspect of this art. By learning from our
experienced team and from our existing knowledge, you will save yourself a lot of
time. Practice the correct principles immediately with confidence and excel.

Gain the skills that will serve you a lifetime! Become proficient in an art that has
great payback potential.

Whether you are a businessman, doctor, lawyer, author, student, housewife or
Feng Shui practitioner, the study and practice of BaZi (Four Pillars) can help you
in a multitude of ways. Knowing yourself, your family members and others helps
you perform better and take advantage of opportunities when they present

Practicing BaZi

The demand for fully qualified BaZi practitioners are steadily increasing and
given the shortage of recognized professional BaZi studies, many people are
forced to learn the art from merely reading books, attending day lectures or
overnight master-practitioner classes.

This course helps you develop the fundamentals required to become an effective
and proficient BaZi practitioner by setting you on the right path to eventually
master the art. Focusing straight towards teaching you "what to do" and "the best
way to do it". Module One imparts the right proven methodologies with the
necessary tools and fundamental skills for practicing the art of BaZi correctly.

You will obtain critical skills such as:
• Starting out on the right path studying Classical and Modern BaZi.
• Ensuring correct BaZi readings without a trial by error analysis.
• Understanding the role Heaven (as revealed in your BaZi) plays in life, in the
practice of Feng Shui and in relationships.
• Predicting the major factors that shape and influence a person's life.
• Applying advanced analysis techniques.

What Our Students Say
"Thank you. Wonderful learning experience. I didn't know that there was so much
to learn and digest. It really opened my mind and deepened my thoughts and
made me realize that sometimes common sense may not be so common. Bit by
bit, I have gained greater knowledge from you."
- Albert Poon ( Singapore )

"Wish I had done this course prior to Feng Shui Series. It gives the fundamental
foundation to the positive and negative of each element. I now understand that
the effectiveness of my application is dependent on a number of conditions.
However, it is nice now to re-look at my Feng Shui notes, and it would clear
some previous doubts and problems. I would like to practice more on this
analysis and appreciate your passing to me the knowledge, and a well-
structured, logical approach in the understanding and interpretation of BaZi.
Always enjoyed your classes."
- Raymond Tan ( Australia )

"Congratulations on your pleasant and patient manner and brilliantly presenting a
most complex study in a fun and enjoyable way so that we can understand and
use it to enrich our lives. All the best."
- Marianne Reilly ( Australia )

"Systematic and well-organized approach. It is interesting and challenging. Very
well taught. Well done."
- Tan Soon Thiam (Singapore )

"The course has been amazing. It has opened up totally new dimensions of the
study of BaZi for me. I now feel more confident, so I hope to provide my clients
with more appropriate information while at the same time allowing myself a more
direct approach within my reading."
- Jill Lander ( Hong Kong )

"This is superb for managing our destiny, to maximize our true potential, take
advantage of opportunities, instill confidence in life and help people live better
lives. This is worth millions! Thank you for the wisdom. Cheers!"
-Tony H M Tan (Malaysia)

About The Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics
The Academy’s goal is to bring Eastern Classical knowledge in the fields of
metaphysics, medical sciences and the arts to the world. It is the first academic
institution of its kind to blend ancient knowledge with modern learning methods,
teaching Classical knowledge with Western methods. The Academy is also the
first academic institution to harness the full power of modern teaching tools such
as the Internet, interactive learning, e-learning and distance learning to provide a
supportive, conducive environment for global learning. The Academy is led by
Mr. Joey Yap, a pioneer in the development of structured learning programs and
systems, tools and texts for the systematic learning of Feng Shui. Close to 4000
students in 38 different countries around the world have been able to master and
practice the skills they have learnt through Mr. Joey Yap’s structured learning
programs and methods.About The Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics

Who Should Attend
BaZi Module One of the BaZi Mastery Series is perhaps the most comprehensive
training program for beginners and practitioner aspirants in the industry today. If
you are in the field of Feng Shui, BaZi is especially an excellent complementary
skill you need, to add value to your audits and improve your understanding of the
arts. This course is tailored for students who are serious in acquiring true skills in
BaZi readings and who are willing to invest their efforts and time to some course
work, which will include memorizing and practicing the various techniques.

There are no entry requirements for this course. Upon registration, students will
be given a set of Pre-Course materials to study and familiarize themselves with
prior to the course dates. Students are required to study these easy-to-follow
materials as instructed to facilitate the speed of the class. Students are advised
to attend the BaZi course with an open mind and be prepared for practical class
work as well.

How Will this Course be Conducted?
This course is available in International Workshops and private Power Coaching
classes. It is conducted in English.

Students will receive a copy of the BaZi Module One workbook.

Course Recognition
Upon completion of BaZi Module One, you will receive a Level 1 certificate.

Ready to Register
Log on to, contact our office or a Mastery Academy
Representative nearest to you.

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