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					              Comfort &
                      916 - 919   Sock, Stocking & Tights Aids
                      920 - 921   Dressing Aids
                            922   Grooming Aids
                            923   Shoehorns
                            924   Laces
                      925 - 927   Slippers & Shoes
                      928 - 929   Foot Care
                      930 - 931   Leg & Foot Rests
                      932 - 935   Posture
                      936 - 937   Upper Body Supports
                            938   Pillows
                      939 - 940   Warmth

McKenzie® Lumbar Rolls
For full details see pages 932 - 933
Comfort & Dressing   Sock & Stocking Aids

                     1                          1                            1 Sock and Stocking Aid
                                                                                 with Comfy Foam Handles
                                                                            Comfy and simple to use device that helps individuals pull on
                                                                            socks or stockings. Just place the garment over the flexible
                                                                            plastic core, insert foot and pull the cord’s two soft, foam
                                                                            handles to bring the garment over the heel and up the leg.
                                                                            For one-handed use, use the continuous loop cord with foam
                                                                            handle. Four versions available. Core length 240mm (91/2").
                                                                            Cord length 600mm (24"). Width 100mm (4").
                                                                            2083                                                         £10.23
                                                                            208302          Continuous Loop                              £10.23
                                                                            208303          Continuous Loop with Notch                   £10.23
                                                                            208304          Continuous Loop Wide Style                   £10.23

                                                                             2 Sock Aid                                               Rolyan
                                                                            So easy to use, simply pull the sock over the aid, insert the foot
                                                                            and pull the straps to bring the sock up over the foot. The cord
                                                                            style helps apply shorter socks whilst the wide style helps apply
                                                                            socks for people with larger feet. The wide style also features a
                                                                            flat design, preventing the sock aid rolling whilst the sock is
                                                                            being applied.
                     2                          2                           Cord style: Length 255mm (10"). Width 100mm (4").
                                                                            Wide style: Length 255mm (10"). Width 127mm (5").
                                                                            A75420         Cord Style                                      £9.16
                                                                            A7545          Wide Style                                    £11.15

                                                                             3 Sock Notch™                                            Rolyan
                                                                            Ideal for those who have decreased hand strength or coordination.
                                                                            The notch in the side of the aid helps to hold the sock or
                                                                            stocking in place while it is applied to the aid. The cord style
                                                                            helps apply longer stockings that go over the calf. The garter
                                                                            style also features a handle that is ideal for those with limited
                                                                            grasp. A wide version is also available for those with larger feet.
                                                                            Cord style: Length 255mm (10"). Width 100mm (4").
                                                                            Garter style: Length 255mm (10"). Width 100mm (4").
                                                                            Wide style: Length 255mm (10"). Width 127mm (5").
                                                                            A754200        Cord Style                                     £10.16
                     3                          3
                                                                            A754300        Garter Style                                   £10.16
                                                                            A7546          Wide Style                                     £11.15

                                                                             4 Compression Stocking Aid                               Rolyan
                                                                            A stocking aid which will apply support hosiery quickly and evenly.
                                                                            Grooves catch the compression stocking and prevent it from
                                                                            popping off. Works like a traditional sock aid - just pull the
                                                                            stocking over the shell, insert the foot and pull the cord to bring
                                                                            the hose up onto the leg. Suitable for Class 1 and 2 stockings.
                                                                            Recommended for below knee stockings but may still be suitable
                                                                            for some above knee models.
                                                                            Small: 130mm wide x 140mm high (51/4 x 51/2").
                                                                            Large: 150mm wide x 145mm high (6 x 53/4").
                                                                            A75440        Small         960g                              £18.08
                                                                            A75441        Large         980g                              £18.58

                     916   Fax: 08448 730 100
                                                                                                       Sock & Stocking Aids

                                                                                                                                      Comfort & Dressing
 1 Dorking Stocking Aid                                            Homecraft                                                     1
A simple, inexpensive device to assist with putting on a stocking
or sock especially if bending and reaching to the foot is difficult.
It consists of a strong, shaped, flexible plastic gutter with long
cotton tapes attached to the top. The stocking or sock is fed on
to the plastic and held in place with the side notches. The foot is
put in the open end of the stocking, which is then pulled over the
foot and up the leg using the tapes. Cord length 920mm (36").
Gutter length 229mm (9"). Weight 55g.
AA4650Y         Standard - Retail Packed                       £3.35
AA4650W Standard - Non Retail                                  £2.89
AA4652Y         Side Slot - Retail Packed                      £3.55
AA4652W Side Slot - Non Retail                                 £3.44

 2 Dorking Tights Aid                                              Homecraft
This works on the same principle as the stocking aid above,                                            2                         2
but has a double gutter to enable it to be used for tights.
Cord length 920mm (36"). Gutter Length 229mm (9"). Weight 106g.
AA4654Y       Retail Packed                                 £5.40
AA4654W Non Retail                                          £5.15

 3 Etac Socky Short Stocking Aid
Designed for those with reduced movement in the back, hip or
knee joints. The stocking or sock is placed over the fabric sock
aid and via the use of ties the stocking is pulled up the leg.
The sleeve is small and light so can be easily transported.
Available in light green only. Cord length 650mm (251/2").
Length 400mm (153/4"). Weight 96g.
AA4656                                                       £22.17                                    3                         3

 4 Etac Socky Long Stocking Aid
The Socky long stocking aid makes it easy to put on short or
long stockings, socks or even tights. Two combined Socky longs
are used for application or removal of tights. Users with impaired
hand function can also use Socky long due to the stockings
easily sliding over the nylon fabric. Length 600mm (231/2").
Weight 146g.
09 117 1172                                                 £52.61

 5 Etac Socky Support                                                                                  4                         4
     and Compression Stocking Aid
This stocking aid is designed for putting on support stockings of
various lengths and types. The large handles make it easier for
others to assist the user in application. It can also be used with
only one hand. Length 1m (40"). Width 200mm (8"). Weight 90g.
AA4662                                                      £64.57

                                                                                                       5                         5

       These products are supplied in retail packaging.

       User instructions are available online at

                                                                            Tel: 08448 730 035   917
Comfort & Dressing   Sock & Stocking Aids

                     1                                                   1 Brevetti Sock and Stocking Aid                      Homecraft
                                                                        Designed to help those with restricted mobility, enabling the user
                                                                        to successfully apply socks. The Brevetti is also very effective
                                                                        used with stockings. It consists of a plastic collar or gutter for
                                                                        holding the garment at one end, and a plastic shoehorn with a
                                                                        notch for easy sock removal at the other. A coated steel tube
                                                                        connects the two. Length 737mm (29"). Weight 386g.
                                                                        AA4666                                                        £17.73

                                                                         2 Batty Sock and Stocking Aid                         Homecraft
                                                                        This device which helps the user apply socks and stockings is
                                                                        made up from four moulded plastic parts, ideal for easy storage
                                                                        and transportation.
                                                                        Each part has a specific use
                                                                        • The collar or gutter holds the garment
                     2                                                  • An extension piece for the middle section
                                                                        • A handle with a hole to hang the item up by
                                                                        • A shoehorn with a notch to help with sock or stocking removal
                                                                        The collar and extension piece interlock and fit onto either the
                                                                        handle or the shoehorn. Length assembled 610mm (24").
                                                                        Length disassembled 267mm (10"). Weight 348g.
                                                                        AA4664                                                      £13.36

                                                                         3 Terry Cloth Sock Aid                                Homecraft
                                                                        Sock application is made easy with this flexible, plastic sock aid.
                                                                        Slits in the plastic core allow it to bend around the heel.
                                                                        The inside is lined with nylon to reduce friction.
                                                                        The outside is lined with terry cloth to hold the sock firmly until
                                                                        it is on the foot. Two pulling tabs with loop handles permit
                                                                        one-handed application. Hand wash only. Length 230mm (9").
                                                                        Weight 73g.
                                                                        A7273                                                         £10.56

                                                                         4 Terry Cloth Tights Aid                              Homecraft
                                                                        Similar to the Sock aid above, but for application of tights.
                                                                        The terry cloth holds the tights firmly in position. The pulling tabs
                                                                        have large looped handles for easier control over the tights aid.
                                                                        09 118 4308                                                    £13.28
                                                                         5 Sock-EEZ Remover
                                                                        An innovative device that makes it easier to remove socks
                                                                        and stockings without any strain. Designed and developed for
                                                                        those who suffer from lymphodema, deep vein thrombosis,
                                                                        arthritis and edema. The sock-eez can also be used by the
                                                                        elderly to promote independence. Simply to use, the sock or
                                                                        stocking can be removed with one strain free motion.
                                                                        09 120 9006                                              £25.10

                     4                                                    5

                     918   Fax: 08448 730 100
                                                                                                      Sock & Stocking Aids

                                                                                                                                     Comfort & Dressing
                                                                        1                                                       1

 1 Dorking Stocking Donner                                        Homecraft                                                     2
Compact in design, the Dorking Stocking Donner is both stylish
and sturdy. Extendable handles enable easy application of
stockings and socks for those with limited reach. The hold down
handles rotate 90°, creating a more comfortable position for the
user whilst applying the stockings. The central column, that holds
the stocking, has a small ridge that prevents movement during
application. The column also widens at the top, allowing room for
the larger calf. Epoxy coated for a smoother surface that reduces
the risk of snagging.
Size 310mm (121/4") high, 205mm (8") wide, column height
205mm (8"), column width 125mm (5"), column depth 85mm (31/2").
Height with handles 560mm (22").
AA4653                                                     £17.96

 2 Dorking Tights Donner                                          Homecraft
Similar to the Dorking Stocking Donner, but with twin columns
designed for use with tights. The lightweight frame enables those
with less strength in the upper body to apply the tights with ease.
Width 380mm (15"), height with handle 560mm (22"), depth
130mm (5").
AA4651                                                      £22.08

                                                                                                      3                         4
 3 Jobst™ Stocking Donner
Designed to help individuals with limited strength and mobility
pull on vascular stockings. Comfy foam grip handles make it
easy to pull and a durable epoxy finish provides a smooth,
no-snag surface. Compact in size and lightweight.
Measures 343mm (131/2") high, 178mm (7") wide between
handles and 114mm (41/4") wide at foot insert.
2092                                                     £28.11

 4 Heel Guide™ Compression Stocking Aid
Unique indented channel on the inside of the centre cone acts
as a feel guide and keeps the foot in the perfect position while
effortlessly pulling on the compression stocking. The extra wide
cone is ideal for people with oedema or larger feet. High sturdy
handles reduce the need for bending or stretching. The handles
also feature 3 gripping levels to accommodate different heights
and hand sizes. Easy to assemble and can be taken apart for
travelling or storage. Height 425mm (17"). Width 30mm (12").
Depth 200mm (8").
AA4665                                                     £38.98
      User instructions are available online at

                                                                           Tel: 08448 730 035   919
Comfort & Dressing   Dressing Aids

                     1                          1                            1 Dressing Stick                                     Homecraft
                                                                            This wooden stick with rubber tip at one end, and special double
                                                                            wire hook at the other, is used to pull on or push off garments
                                                                            that cannot be reached easily e.g. socks. Length 520mm (21").
                                                                            Weight 236g.
                                                                            AA4680                                                      £6.67

                                                                             2 Deluxe Dressing Stick
                                                                            This wooden handle dressing stick has a large dressing hook at
                                                                            one end and a smaller looped hook at the other end, enabling it
                                                                            to be used for a number of dressing tasks.
                                                                            May be used for pulling shirts or jackets on, raising socks,
                                                                            skirts or trousers and operating zips.
                                                                            A6983          Length 650mm (26")                            £5.59
                                                                            A698400        Length 910mm (36")                            £6.06

                                                                             3 EZ Dressing Stick
                                                                            Combines two functions in one aid - a dressing stick and a
                                                                            shoehorn. One end has a strong plastic, push-pull S-hook that
                                                                            retrieves clothing or other items. The other end is a long-handled
                     2                                                      shoehorn. The thick, easy-to-hold shaft has a foam covering to
                                                                            improve grip. 610mm (24") long. Weight 142g.
                                                                            2102                                                        £10.62

                                                                             4 Clothing Clips
                                                                            Great for any age, ideal for stroke and hip patients or those
                                                                            with limited mobility. These effective adjustable trouser clips just
                                                                            clip onto the trousers and attaches to the upper clothing while
                                                                            seated, as the user stands the trousers are held up in place
                                                                            reducing the need to bend.
                                                                            Available in White, Blue, Teal and Yellow. Length 482mm (19").
                                                                            2094           White                                           £8.58
                                                                            209401         Assorted Colours - No Colour Choice             £8.58

                                                                             5 Buckingham Bra-Angel
                                                                            Occupational Therapist Chris Clarke has designed the unique
                                                                            Buckingham Bra-Angel specifically to assist those with mild to
                     2                                                      moderate upper limb restrictions or limited hand dexterity.
                                                                            The Bra-Angel holds one end of the brassiere securely whilst the
                                                                            other end is brought round the body and attached together.
                                                                            It even enables those who only have the use of one arm to be
                                                                            able to put on their brassiere independently. The Bra-Angel is a
                                                                            stylish, feminine and attractive dressing aid combining innovation
                                                                            and simplicity. It is versatile and designed to fit most brassiere
                                                                            types and easily adjusts to a wide variety of sizes. The telescopic
                                                                            action allows the Bra-Angel to be compacted and easy to carry.
                     3                                                      Latex free. Length 400mm (16"). Width 40mm (11/2"). Weight 100g.
                                                                            AA4674                                                        £17.55


                     4                          4

                     920   Fax: 08448 730 100
                                                                                                                 Dressing Aids

                                                                                                                                     Comfort & Dressing
 1 SlipLift Pants Aid                                                                                 1                         2
Unique and simple device that assists in applying underwear,
independently. The SlipLift enables those that have difficulty
reaching to the floor, gather the underwear up to the knees.
Lightweight and easy to use. Standard: width 375mm (15"),
height 350mm (14"), Depth 120mm (8"). Large: width 460mm (18"),
height 350mm (14"), depth 220mm (81/2").
09 118 1395 Standard                                        £24.42
09 120 3603 Large                                           £26.40

 2 Kings Button Hook                                              Homecraft
A shaped stainless steel wire which assists one handed dressing
by passing through the button hole and over the button to grip
the thread. It is pulled through with a twisting motion.
Length: Wire 97mm (33/4"), Handle 120mm (43/4"). Weight 75g.
AA4677                                                    £7.70

 3 Button Hook with Built-Up Handle
Ideal for people who lack fine motor co-ordination or have use of
only one hand, this button hook has a large, built up handle for
improved grip. Length 215mm (81/2"). Handle width 38mm (11/2").
Weight 110g.
AA4671                                                     £5.93

 4 Zip Puller with Built-Up Handle
For people who lack fine motor co-ordination or have a weak
grip, this zip puller has a large, built up handle and can help
users to raise or lower awkward zips. Length 203mm (8").
Handle width 38mm (11/2"). Weight 120g.
AA4672                                                        £5.93

 5 Button Hook and Zip Puller
Exceptional value for money, this useful tool combines two
                                                                                                      3                         4
products for the price of one. With a button hook on one end and
a zip puller on the other end, this device helps with a number of
dressing tasks. Length 235mm (91/4"). Handle width 19mm (3/4").
AA4673                                                      £4.26

 6 Cord Type Zip Puller
Makes dressing easier by giving the user control of the zips.
A ring is attached through the hole of the zip tab and the hook
on the end of the cord pull engages the ring. When the zip is fully
closed or open, the hook can be released. Includes 10 x 7mm
diameter rings for hooking to the zip tab. Made from sturdy nylon
cord with a hand loop and metal hook. Length 460mm (181/2").
09 116 0126                                                 £8.92

                                                                                                      5                         6

      These products are supplied in retail packaging.

      User instructions are available online at

                                                                           Tel: 08448 730 035   921
Comfort & Dressing   Grooming Aids

                     1                                                       1 Etac Beauty Grooming Range
                                                                            The beauty body care range is ergonomically designed and
                                                                            carefully balanced to provide maximum power with minimal effort
                                                                            and strain. Each product has a unique shape that makes it easier
                                                                            to reach further. Both the comb and the brush are shaped to
                                                                            follow the curve of the head, allowing the handle to be held close
                                                                            to the body without losing power or reach.
                                                                            For more products within this range see the bathing accessories
                                                                            section within the catalogue.
                                                                                                           Length             Weight
                                                                            AA4720         Brush           290mm (111/2")     102g     £14.31
                                                                            AA4721         Brush Long      370mm (141/2")     112g     £15.23
                                                                            AA4722         Comb            300mm (12")        80g      £12.42
                                                                            AA4723         Comb Long       370mm (141/2")     90g      £13.35

                                                                             2 Long Handled Combs and Brushes                      Homecraft
                                                                            These utensils assist those who cannot raise their arm or reach
                                                                            behind their head to comb their hair. They consist of a lightweight
                                                                            moulded plastic handle with a push-on extension piece, and a
                                                                            hinged end piece which holds the comb or brush and has two
                                                                            different angled positions. When not in use, the comb or brush
                                                                            folds back into the handle and the extension can be taken off to
                                                                            give a pocket sized item. Length: With extension 460mm (18");
                                                                            With handle 320mm (121/2"). Length folded 235mm (91/4").
                                                                            AA4710W Fine Comb             120g                           £8.10
                                                                            AA4712         Style Comb     114g                           £8.88
                     2                                                      AA4714         Brush          128g                           £8.40

                                                                             3 Hands Free Hairdryer Stand
                                                                            A convenient stand that holds the hairdryer steady for one
                                                                            handed styling or drying. The hairdryer nestles securely in a foam
                                                                            padded clamp on top of a flexible neck that can be adjusted to
                                                                            any angle from its tabletop base. Useful for hemiplegics,
                                                                            arthritics and others with limited upper extremity range of motion,
                                                                            strength or co-ordination. This simple, but essential piece of
                                                                            equipment increases independence for user or carer.
                                                                            6475                                                        £30.24

                                                                             4 Reacher Backscratcher
                                                                            Designed for those with limited range of motion. With a bendable
                                                                            handle this backscratcher can reach the lower or upper part of
                     2                                                      the back with minimal effort. Length 650mm (26").
                                                                            927721                                                    £12.79

                                                                             5 Nail Care Combination Set
                                                                            This two-in-one aid for fingernail care is designed for people who
                                                                            cannot grasp or use small hand-held implements. Mounted onto
                                                                            a plastic base with non-slip feet, the stainless steel trimmer clips
                                                                            nails with a simple push of the lever. An emery board is held rigidly
                                                                            in a spring clip for one-handed filing. Two emery boards included.
                                                                            Size 75 x 100mm (3 x 4"). Weight 100g.
                                                                            AA4737                                                        £29.28


                     3                          4

                     922   Fax: 08448 730 100

                                                                                                                                    Comfort & Dressing
 1 Plastic Shoehorn                                                 Homecraft                                                  1
An inexpensive plastic moulded shoehorn. A long handle gives
excellent reach. It also has a hanging loop attached to the handle.
Length 430mm (17"). Weight 37g.
AA4600Y       Retail Packed                                  £3.10
AA4600W Non Retail                                           £2.80

 2 Reacher Shoehorn
This high quality device aids those that have difficulty bending
and reaching, who require that extra assistance to pick up
objects from around the home and slip on or off their shoes.
Reduces the strain on the users back. The easy to use trigger
handle requires a minimum of hand strength to operate, ideal for
those with a weak grip or arthritis. Available in two lengths;                                                                 2
690mm (27") and 840mm (33").                                                    NEW
09 120 3611 690mm (27")                                        £9.23
09 120 3629 840mm (33")                                      £10.55

 3 Metal Shoehorn                                                   Homecraft
A sturdy long white epoxy coated steel shoehorn for
easier reaching. The soft PVC handgrip is hook-shaped for
hanging and hooking. Length 600mm (24"). Weight 233g.
AA4606Y       Retail Packed                               £7.75
AA4606W Non Retail                                        £7.50

 4 Chromed Shoehorn                                                 Homecraft
A luxury, chromed metal, long stemmed shoehorn. The shoehorn
blade is mounted on a spring to allow it to bend in relation to the
handle when levering on shoes. The comfy plastic handle is
easier for the user to grip and has a hanging loop.
Length 600mm (24"). Weight 115g.
AA4608         Retail Packed                                 £8.95

 5 EZ Slide Shoehorn
This specially coated shoehorn prevents the metal shaft from
sticking to either the skin or clothing. The shaft has fewer curves
than normal shoehorns improving the insertion and removal of
the feet. The handle is also made from a non-slip material.
Available in four lengths.                                                                                                     4
                Length            Weight
A7151           460mm (18")       160g                        £7.21
A7152           610mm (24")       210g                        £7.53
A71521          760mm (30")       250g                        £8.23


       These products are supplied in Homecraft retail packaging.

       User instructions are available online at

                                                                          Tel: 08448 730 035   923
Comfort & Dressing   Laces

                     1                                                          1
                                                                       NEW                                                               NEW

                     2                            2                            1 Greeper® Shoe Laces
                                                                              The Greeper laces allow the user to easily tighten and loosen
                                                                              lace-up shoes or trainers without the need to undo them.
                                                                              This unique design offers significant assistance to those, who
                                                                              for all sorts of reasons, have difficulty typing up laces. The laces
                                                                              grip the foot firmly, offering a more secure and comfortable fit.
                                                                              The Greeper originals are 140cm long and secure up to 8 pairs
                                                                              of eyelets. The rounds are 90cm long and secure up to 4 pairs of
                                                                              eyelets. Available in black only.
                                                                              09 131 1141 Originals                                           £7.56
                                                                              09 131 1158 Rounds                                              £8.55
                                                                               2 Coiler Shoe Laces                                    Homecraft
                                                                              These elastic based laces do not require tying. Lace the shoes
                                                                              up and release the laces at the required pressure and the lace
                                                                              will coil to keep in place. Ideal for those who find it painful to
                                                                              bend and tie traditional laces. Weight 20g. Supplied in pairs.
                                                                              AA4618A         White                                            £7.60
                     3                            3                           AA4618G         Black                                            £7.60
                                                                              AA4618C         Brown                                            £7.60
                                                                              AA4618B         Blue                                             £7.60
                                                                              AA4618D         Denim                                            £7.60

                                                                               3 Soesi Elastic Laces                                  Homecraft
                                                                              These look like normal shoe laces with crimped ends, but are
                                                                              elasticated and effectively convert lace-up shoes into slip-on
                                                                              shoes, for those who have trouble reaching or tying shoe laces.
                                                                                            Length           Colour Qty        Weight
                                                                              AA4612C       450mm (18") Brown 3 pairs 14g                  £4.79
                                                                              AA4612GW 450mm (18") Black               3 pairs 14g         £4.79
                                                                              AA4616C       610mm (24") Brown 2 pairs 10g                  £5.03
                                                                              AA4616G       610mm (24") Black          2 pairs 10g         £5.03

                                                                               4 Elastic Shoe Laces
                     4                            4                           Shoes can be prelaced and tied, allowing them to be slipped
                                                                              on or off without tying each time. Feature flat style laces that
                                                                              stay securely tied. 610mm (24") laces, supplied in three pairs
                                                                              per pack. 650mm (26") laces, supplied in two pairs per pack.
                                                                                             Length          Width              Colour
                                                                              A77802         610mm (24") 5mm (3/16")            White        £5.59
                                                                              A77811         610mm (24") 5mm (3/16")            Black        £5.59
                                                                              A77813         610mm (24") 5mm (3/16")            Brown        £5.59
                                                                              606601         650mm (26") 3mm (1/8")             White        £4.62
                                                                              6066           650mm (26") 3mm (1/8")             Black        £4.62
                                                                              606609         650mm (26") 3mm (1/8")             Brown        £4.62

                     924     Fax: 08448 730 100

                                                                                                                             Comfort & Dressing
 1 Ladies Patterned Slippers                                                                  1                         1
With a wide opening for swollen feet, these machine washable
slippers have non-slip, hardwearing soles. The hook and loop
fastening ensures these slippers are easy to fasten and adjust.
The uppers are made from a material offering comfort and
support, plus a small amount of give for bunions, etc.
Machine washable. Weight approx. 350g.
              Shoe Size       Colour
AA4562D       4               Blue                       £14.32
AA4562E       5               Blue                       £14.32
AA4562F       6               Blue                       £14.32
AA4562G       7               Blue                       £14.32
AA4562H       8               Blue                       £14.32
AA4563D       4               Red                        £14.32
AA4563E       5               Red                        £14.32
AA4563F       6               Red                        £14.32
AA4563G       7               Red                        £14.32
AA4563H       8               Red                        £14.32

 2 Ladies Patterned Booties
Similar to the Patterned Slippers (above) but styled as an
ankle high boot for more warmth, comfort and support.
Machine washable. Weight approx. 400g.
               Shoe Size       Colour
AA4564D        4               Blue                          £16.49                           2                         2
AA4564E        5               Blue                          £16.49
AA4564F        6               Blue                          £16.49
AA4564G        7               Blue                          £16.49
AA4564H        8               Blue                          £16.49
AA4565D        4               Red                           £16.49
AA4565E        5               Red                           £16.49
AA4565F        6               Red                           £16.49
AA4565G        7               Red                           £16.49
AA4565H        8               Red                           £16.49

 3 Ladies Washable Slip-On Slippers
Comfortable and stylish, these Slip-On Slippers have a generous
opening for ease of putting on and taking off. The elasticated
gussets on the top of the slippers give extra comfort and allow
the feet to swell and reduce without having to bend to re-tie
laces or re-fasten hook and loop fastenings. Machine washable.
Weight approx. 355g.
               Shoe Size
AA4573D        4                                           £13.80
AA4573E        5                                           £13.80
AA4573F        6                                           £13.80
AA4573G        7                                           £13.80
AA4573H        8                                           £13.80                             3                         4
 4 Gents Comfort Booties
A version of the Ladies Booties but in a neutral brown
for gentlemen. Machine washable. Weight approx. 500g.
               Shoe Size
AA4566G        7                                             £17.58
AA4566H        8                                             £17.58
AA4566I        9                                             £17.58
AA4566J        10                                            £17.58
AA4566K        11                                            £17.58

      For shoe size conversions, please see page 1201.
      Remember to state your required size when ordering.

                                                                   Tel: 08448 730 035   925
Comfort & Dressing   Slippers

                     1                                                        1 Gents Washable Slippers
                                                                             In an attractive navy check for gentleman, these slippers are
                                                                             comfortable and functional. The stylish hook and loop fastenings
                                                                             allow the slipper to be easily adjusted to accommodate almost
                                                                             any foot. The hard wearing sole means that they are suitable to
                                                                             wear indoor and outdoor. Machine washable. Weight approx. 430g.
                                                                                             Shoe Size
                                                                             AA4578G         7                                           £16.47
                                                                             AA4578H         8                                           £16.47
                                                                             AA4578I         9                                           £16.47
                                                                             AA4578J         10                                          £16.47
                                                                             AA4578K         11                                          £16.47

                                                                              2 Easy Fit Zipper Slippers
                                                                             These stylish slippers are wide fitting, suitable to almost any
                                                                             shape of foot. They have a generous front opening with a zip
                                                                             fastening for ease of putting on and taking off. This also allows
                                                                             the slipper to be loosened or tightened as required.
                                                                             Weight approx (Ladies) 400g. Weight approx (Mens) 620g.
                                                                                            Shoe Size        Colour
                                                                             AA4536D        4                Ladies Burgundy              £16.13
                                                                             AA4536E        5                Ladies Burgundy              £16.13
                                                                             AA4536F        6                Ladies Burgundy              £16.13
                                                                             AA4536G        7                Ladies Burgundy              £16.13
                     2                           2                           AA4536H        8                Ladies Burgundy              £16.13
                                                                             AA4537G        7                Mens Brown                   £17.49
                                                                             AA4537H        8                Mens Brown                   £17.49
                                                                             AA4537I        9                Mens Brown                   £17.49
                                                                             AA4537J        10               Mens Brown                   £17.49
                                                                             AA4537K        11               Mens Brown                   £17.49

                                                                              3 Gents Open Wide Slippers
                                                                             These slippers have a wide opening to accommodate most
                                                                             swollen feet. The check fabric will stretch to provide extra comfort
                                                                             and the soft linings help to gently cushion sensitive feet. The wide
                                                                             hook and loop opening also allows the slipper to be adjusted to
                                                                             suit the foot. Weight approx 650g.
                                                                                             Shoe Size
                                                                             AA4548G         7                                             £17.69
                                                                             AA4548H         8                                             £17.69
                                                                             AA4548I         9                                             £17.69
                                                                             AA4548J         10                                            £17.69
                                                                             AA4548K         11                                            £17.69

                                                                              4 Gents Open Wide Booties
                                                                             These booties are similar to the gents check slippers above,
                                                                             but designed as a bootie to provide extra comfort,
                                                                             warmth and support. Weight approx 680g.
                     3                           4                                        Shoe Size
                                                                             AA4549G      7                                           £18.39
                                                                             AA4549H      8                                           £18.39
                                                                             AA4549I      9                                           £18.39
                                                                             AA4549J      10                                          £18.39
                                                                             AA4549K      11                                          £18.39

                                                                                    For shoe size conversions, please see page 1201.
                                                                                    Remember to state your required size when ordering.

                     926    Fax: 08448 730 100
                                                                                                       Slippers & Shoes

                                                                                                                              Comfort & Dressing
 1 Blue Cotton Slippers                                                1
Warm weather can cause swelling, discomfort and irritation to feet.
These cotton slippers are ideal to wear outdoors in the summer
and will help to keep feet cool and comfortable. With wide and
deep openings, makes them easier to put on and take off.
The slippers have easy to grasp hook and loop straps enabling
each foot to be fitted individually. Weight approx 300g.
               Shoe Size
AA4543D        4                                          £15.11
AA4543E        5                                          £15.11
AA4543F        6                                          £15.11
AA4543G        7                                          £15.11
AA4543H        8                                          £15.11

 2 Ladies Navy Sandals
A wide fitting sandal with soft leather uppers, cotton linings
and lightweight soles making them very comfortable to wear.
The hook and loop fastenings allow easy adjustment for each
foot, providing the best possible fit for wide feet and when fully
extended, very wide or swollen feet can be accommodated in
gentle comfort.
               Shoe Size
AA4545D        4                                             £43.61
AA4545E        5                                             £43.61
AA4545F        6                                             £43.61    2                           3
AA4545G        7                                             £43.61
AA4545H        8                                             £43.61

 3 Gents Black Felt Shoes
These casual felt shoes are comfortable and versatile, being
suitable for indoor and outdoor wear. The hook and loop
fastenings are smart and provide the wearer with the flexibility
to create a snug fit for each foot even if feet swell or reduce.
Weight approx. 480g
               Shoe Size
AA4579G        7                                              £14.46
AA4579H        8                                              £14.46
AA4579I        9                                              £14.46
AA4579J        10                                             £14.46
AA4579K        11                                             £14.46

 4 Mens PVC Shoes
These PVC shoes are for the gentleman who requires that extra
comfort and style. Made from PVC, these shoes are ideal for use
indoors or outdoors. Weight approx 560g.
              Shoe Size
AA4513G       7                                         £19.22
AA4513H       8                                         £19.22
AA4513I       9                                         £19.22         4                           5
AA4513J       10                                        £19.22
AA4513K       11                                        £19.22

 5 Ladies PVC Boots
Practical for outdoor use, these PVC boots keep the feet
comfortable and dry during the wet weather. The hook and
loop fastening helps those with less mobility to fasten the
shoes easier, and provides extra room for swelling of the
feet in hot weather. Weight approx 360g.
               Shoe Size
AA4515D        4                                            £18.20
AA4515E        5                                            £18.20
AA4515F        6                                            £18.20
AA4515G        7                                            £18.20
AA4515H        8                                            £18.20

       For shoe size conversions, please see page 1201.
       Remember to state your required size when ordering.

                                                                    Tel: 08448 730 035   927
Comfort & Dressing   Foot Care

                     1                                                       1 Socks for Diabetics
                                                                            These socks have been designed specifically for diabetics and
                                                                            foot sufferers. Totally ridgeless, with flat seams, they reduce the
                                                                            risk of rubbing and sores. They also have an elastic free top.
                                                                            Made of 95% cotton and 5% polyamide for maximum comfort,
                                                                            they are smart, traditional and suitable for everyday use.
                                                                            Sizes: Small (4-6), Medium (7-9), Large (10-13).
                                                                            AA4575GS Black               Small                            £14.76
                                                                            AA4575GM Black               Medium                           £14.76
                                                                            AA4575GL Black               Large                            £14.76

                                                                             2 Gel Strip
                                                                            An elasticated tube with a cushioning strip of thick polymer gel
                                                                            on the inside for extra protection. Provides pressure relief for
                                                                            the top, bottom or side of the toe. The gel is hypoallergenic
                                                                            and washable. Available in rolls 710mm in length. Cut to size as
                                                                            required. Sizes: (A) for the little toe, (B) for the three middle toes,
                                                                            (C) for the big toe.
                                                                            AA4572A                                                         £38.69
                                                                            AA4572B                                                         £38.69
                                                                            AA4572C                                                         £38.69

                                                                             3 Gel Toe Pads
                                                                            A soft elasticated sleeve with a disc of gel containing mineral
                                                                            oil to soften and lubricate skin. Protects against pressure
                     2                          3                           and friction on blisters, corns, hammertoes, calluses, etc.
                                                                            Hypoallergenic and washable. Available in packs of three,
                                                                            in three sizes. Sizes: (A) for the little toe, (B) for the three
                                                                            middle toes, (C) for the big toe.
                                                                            AA4502A                                                          £9.04
                                                                            AA4502B                                                          £9.04
                                                                            AA4502C                                                          £9.04

                                                                             4 Hallufix Bunion Protector
                                                                            Hallux valgus is a deformity of the big toe which produces a
                                                                            swelling of the bunion on the inside of the foot. It is a condition
                                                                            which frequently troubles many women even at a young age.
                                                                            At first, the deformity is viewed as merely a cosmetic problem,
                                                                            whereas the painful symptoms due to the developing arthritis
                                                                            frequently occur only in later years. Hallufix delays the development
                                                                            of this condition and assists with the reduction of pain.
                                                                            09 120 1706                                                      £30.23
                                                                            09 120 1995 Replacemet strap set                                 £15.52


                                                                                   RETAIL PACKAGED
                                                                                   This product is supplied in retail packaging.

                                                                                   For shoe size conversions, please see page 1201.
                                                                                   Remember to state your required size when ordering.

                                                                                   For further Hallufix products, please see page 122.

                     928   Fax: 08448 730 100
                                                                                                                 Foot Care

                                                                                                                              Comfort & Dressing

                                                                        ... from pain and injury
                                                                       caused by impact shock
 1 Sorbothane Pro Insoles                                                                      1                         2
Pronation control insoles with Sorbothane shock impact protection.
Ideally suited for maximum shock absorption sports and activities.
Sorbothane total control anti-bacterial top sheet system contains
advanced nano silver technology to wick away moisture and
provide maximum comfort. Suitable for all sports footwear.
Replaces existing insole.
0218811            Size 3-41/2                             £19.99
0218812            Size 5-6                                £19.99
0218813            Size 7                                  £19.99
0218814            Size 8                                  £19.99
0218815            Size 9                                  £19.99
0218816            Size 10                                 £19.99
0218817            Size 11-121/2                           £19.99
 2 Sorbothane Single Strike Insoles
Especially suitable for heel intensive activity. Optimum balance
between heel protection, weight and cushioning. Suitable for sport,
leisure and outdoor footwear. Replaces your existing insole.
0218721          Size 3-41/2                                 £10.99
0218722          Size 5-61/2                                 £10.99
0218723          Size 7                                      £10.99
0218724          Size 8                                      £10.99
0218725          Size 9                                      £10.99
0218726          Size 10                                     £10.99
0218727          Size 11-121/2                               £10.99
                                                                                               3                         4
 3 Sorbothane Double Strike Insoles
Ideal for all activities where both the forefoot and heel are
subjected to impact shock. Suitable for sport, leisure and outdoor
footwear. Replaces your existing insole. Engineered to provide the
ultimate in performance without compromising comfort.
0218731             Size 3-41/2                               £15.64
0218732             Size 5-6                                  £15.64
0218733             Size 7                                    £15.64
0218734             Size 8                                    £15.64
0218735             Size 9                                    £15.64
0218736             Size 10                                   £15.64
0218737             Size 11-121/2                             £15.64

 4 Sorbothane Cush ‘N’ Step Insoles
Lightweight footbed providing optimal underfoot cushioning only.
Used as a replacement for the footwears existing insole.
0172821           Size 3-4                                 £4.00
0172822           Size 5-6                                 £4.00
0172823           Size 7                                   £4.00
0172824           Size 8                                   £4.00
0172825           Size 9                                   £4.00
0172826           Size 10                                  £4.00
0172827           Size 11-12                               £4.00

                                                                    Tel: 08448 730 035   929
Comfort & Dressing   Leg & Foot Rests

                     1                                                    1

                     2                                                   1 Tuffet™ Leg Rest
                                                                        Ideal for those who spend long periods of time seated.
                                                                        This lightweight leg rest positions the legs in a slight bent
                                                                        position which helps to alleviate back and knee discomfort.
                                                                        The knees can be placed in a bent or extended position
                                                                        depending on the position of the rest. As a footrest, it is a
                                                                        comfortable way for re-adjusting the seating position of the user
                                                                        to reduce the risk of pressure sores and possible back pain.
                                                                        The surface is made from a soft, durable plastic that can be
                                                                        adjusted for firmness by releasing air from the air valve.
                                                                        Can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
                                                                        Size: 508 x 380 x 127mm (20 x 15 x 5"). Weight 2.7kg.
                                                                        AA4204                                                        £87.22

                                                                         2 Adjustable Padded                                  Homecraft
                                                                              Leg Rest
                                                                        This padded leg rest is adjustable in height and tilt to provide
                     3                                                  maximum comfort. It has a dralon covered foam cushion top,
                                                                        on a steel frame. This height is adjusted with a pin clip system,
                                                                        and the angle of tilt is controlled by an easy to grip plastic knob.
                                                                        It can be disassembled for storage and is assembled in seconds
                                                                        without tools. Height 387 to 495mm (151/4 to 191/2").
                                                                        Cushion: 305 x 405 x 50mm (12 x 16 x 2"). Weight 4.3kg.
                                                                        AA4200                                                      £107.37

                                                                         3 Bexhill Rocker Style                               Homecraft
                                                                              Foot Rest
                                                                        This foot rest adjusts to the angle required via the coated
                                                                        metal rockers. Available in beige dralon or brown PVC.
                                                                        Lower cushion size: 305 x 405mm (12 x 16").
                                                                        Upper cushion size: 305 x 305mm (12 x 12").
                                                                        Rocker length: 490mm (191/4"). Weight 4.6kg.
                                                                        AA4210         Brown PVC                                    £85.27
                                                                        AA4212         Beige Dralon                               £101.27
                                                                         4 Flexible Padded Leg Rest
                                                                        Soft foam cushion in leatherette vinyl with flexible spring base
                                                                        that automatically adjusts to the user’s sitting and leg position.
                                                                        Can also be used in bed as a back rest. Height 432mm (17").
                                                                        Cushion size: 610 x 305 x 76mm (24 x 12 x 3"). Weight 3.3kg.
                                                                        AA4218H                                                      £80.94
                                                                         5 Extra Wide Flexible                           Not Illustrated
                                                                              Padded Leg Rest
                                                                        Similar to the above flexible leg rest (AA4218H), but designed to
                                                                        support the lower legs and feet. With an extra wide soft cushion
                                                                        area and adjustable in height for added comfort.
                                                                        Height adjustable between 400 to 525mm (16 to 21").
                                                                        Cushion size: 400 x 600mm (16 x 24"). Weight 3.7kg.
                                                                        AA4219                                                    £113.03

                     930   Fax: 08448 730 100
                                                                                                       Leg & Foot Rests

                                                                                                                                Comfort & Dressing
 1 Foldable Leg Rest                                             Homecraft                                                 1
This wooden frame leg rest adjusts to suit the users comfort and
position. The user can use the rest up to stimulate leg circulation,
folded to soothe thighs and keep the feet warm, or use angled to
rest aching legs. The base has four rubber feet, which help to
stabilise the rest whilst in use. Supplied with a fleecy cushion for
added comfort and warmth. Foldable for easy storage
and travelling. Height 100 to 430mm (4 to 17").
Cushion size: 460 x 355mm (18 x 14"). Weight 1.9kg.
AA4202                                                       £31.50

 2 Adjustable Footstools
This padded black vinyl leg rest can be adjusted in height and tilt
angle using simple spring button adjustments. The base is made
from chrome plated steel tubing and is available as standard
(with non-slip rubber feet) or with four castors.
Height 369 to 494mm (143/4 to 193/4").                                                                                     2
Cushion size: 510 x 305mm (20 x 12"). Castors 50mm (2").
AA4214         Standard      6kg                          £82.98
AA4216         Castors       6.4kg                        £97.98
 3 Padded Leg Rest
This leg rest features a well padded top cover made from fire
retardant vinyl with an anti-bacterial coating to assist in reducing
transfer of infections and cross contamination. Each stool can be
adjusted in height and tilt to the preferred position. Available with
mounted non-slip rubber feet or with four running castors.
The rubber feet version can be adjusted in height from 355mm
(14") to a maximum of 500mm (20"). The castor version can be
adjusted from 382mm (15") to 527mm (21").
AA4211          Non-Slip Feet                                £121.34
AA4215          Running Castors                              £142.98


       This product is supplied in Homecraft retail packaging.

                                                                       3                                                   3

                                                                      Tel: 08448 730 035   931
Comfort & Dressing   Posture

                         The Original
                         Lumbar Rolls
                         Making Life
                         More Comfortable

                         Effective Back & Neck Pain Relief from the Experts
                         We all know how neck and back pain can seriously
                         affect our lives. But it doesn’t have to…..
                         No-one knows more about alleviating this all-too-common complaint than Robin McKenzie.
                         The world-renowned physiotherapist and author has dedicated his working life to finding innovative and
                         effective solutions to neck and back ailments.Currently used by leading physiotherapists worldwide.
                         Lumbar Rolls are the result of 40 years of expertise in successfully treating neck and back problems.

                     1                                        2                                       1 Treat Your Own Back
                                                                                                     A self help book written by leading physiotherapist
                                                                                                     Robin McKenzie. This book provides valuable information
                                                                                                     and exercises for anyone suffering with back pain.
                                                                                                     000295                                                  £11.99

                                                                                                      2 Treat Your Own Neck
                                                                                                     This book addresses many of the problems associated with neck
                                                                                                     related pain, including headaches and shoulder pain. It outlines
                                                                                                     active patient exercise and prevention programmes for various
                                                                                                     types of neck pain. It provides education and understanding to
                                                                                                     help prevent recurrence of symptoms.
                                                                                                     017807                                                     £9.99

                                                                                                      3 Treat Your Own Shoulder
                     3                                        4                                      This easy to follow patient hand book provides the reader with
                                                   NEW                                    NEW        an active self treatment plan to assist in resolving and managing
                                                                                                     shoulder pain. The book clearly explains how to identify whether
                                                                                                     the pain is coming from the neck or the shoulder.
                                                                                                     09 131 2172                                                £11.99

                                                                                                      4 Against The Tide: Back Pain Treatment -
                                                                                                          The Breakthrough
                                                                                                     An autobiography by Robin McKenzie. This book provides the
                                                                                                     reader with an insight into Robin McKenzie’s life, offering both
                                                                                                     entertainment and pause for reflection.
                                                                                                     09 131 2164                                                 £19.99

                                                                                                      5 McKenzie® Cervical Roll
                     5                                        6                                      Helps relieve postural neck and shoulder pain by supporting the
                                                                                                     cervical spine during sleep. Should be placed inside the patients
                                                                                                     pillowcase to provide extra support.
                                                                                                     006104                                                     £6.65
                                                                                                      6 McKenzie® Night Roll
                                                                                                     The Night Roll ties around your waist or can be pinned to the bed
                                                                                                     sheets, to support your lower back and prevent strain that can be
                                                                                                     caused by bad sleeping positions or inadequate sleep surfaces.
                                                                                                     Washable cover included. This roll is designed to be worn whilst
                                                                                                     sleeping, it supports the lower back whether your lying on your
                                                                                                     back or side.
                                                                                                     006109         Up to 875mm (35") Waist                    £10.00
                                                                                                     006110         Up to 1000mm (40") Waist                   £10.75

                     932            Fax: 08448 730 100   

                                                                                                                              Comfort & Dressing


Supporting You
We believe that it is extremely important to support our customers
with their sales of our products. With this in mind we have pleasure
in introducing our McKenzie® Lumbar Roll display unit. We are also
offering consumer literature to help you.
For further information, please contact your local Area Sales Manager.
The Original McKenzie® Lumbar Rolls can help prevent the onset of pain
and reduce pressure in the discs when correctly positioned on a back
rest at waist level against the lumbar spine. The foam Lumbar Rolls have
an adjustable strap and a removable washable cover.
 1 McKenzie® Super Roll
The Original McKenzie® Super Roll is a superior lumbar support that
provides the ultimate in function and aesthetic value. This roll is made of
injected-moulded foam, which retains support for an almost indefinite period.
Its flatter, curved shape contours comfortably around the body.
006103                                                                   £7.95
 2 McKenzie® Original Roll
Medium Density: The Original McKenzie® Lumbar Roll was the first
ever lumbar roll made in the world. Although this roll looks quite bulky,
it compresses down very easily, while still giving the appropriate support.
006100        100mm (4")                                                  £6.50
006101        125mm (5")                                                  £6.50
 3 McKenzie® Slimline Roll
Medium Density and flatter design “for just that little bit extra”: The Original
McKenzie® Slimline Lumbar Roll is designed to be used with modern
seating that has some lumbar support. It is also ideal for elderly or petite
persons and those who have a limited range of motion in their low back
and therefore cannot tolerate the larger size lumbar roll.
009666                                                                     £6.50
 4 McKenzie® D-Shape Roll                                                                                           5
Firm Density: The Original McKenzie® D-Section Lumbar Roll is made of
high density foam and is therefore quite firm. It is recommended for use
in soft furnishings such as sofas, lounge chairs etc or for people who
require lots of support (heavy-built people, or people with a large hollow
in the lower back).
006102                                                                   £6.50
 5 McKenzie® Heavy Duty Roll                                                                                        6
Heavy Density: McKenzie® Heavy Duty Lumbar Roll is available in 100mm (4")
and 125mm (5") thickness, and is perfect for use in the home or the office.
006111       100mm (4")                                                £6.70
006112       125mm (5")                                                £6.70
 6 McKenzie® Air Back
Inflatable lumbar roll is ideal for commuters and travellers. It is especially
useful on planes where the lumbar support is generally inadequate for long
distance travel.
009667                                                                     £7.15

                                                                    Tel: 08448 730 035   933
Comfort & Dressing   Posture

                     1                                                       1 Lumbar Support Cushion
                                                                            This contoured memory foam cushion supports the lumbar
                                                                            region to help reduce back ache and maintain the correct
                                                                            posture. Ideal in the car, office or home. Supplied with an
                                                                            attractive velour cover and fixing strap. Height 330mm (13").
                                                                            Width 380mm (15"). Weight 350g.
                                                                            AA4122                                                      £25.65

                                                                             2 Lumbar ‘D’ Half Roll
                                                                            A D-Shaped roll which secures around a chair at the required
                                                                            height to provide lumbar support. Made from a high quality PU
                                                                            form with memory foam topping for that extra comfort. This will
                                                                            help correct posture and alleviate pains in the lower back.
                                                                            Width 350mm (133/4"). Diameter 70mm (203/4"). Weight 400g.
                                                                            AA4136                                                      £18.84

                                                                             3 Lumbar Roll
                                                                            A 100mm (4") circular lumbar roll that helps to position the back
                     2                          3
                                                                            in a natural curve. Secures to the user’s chair at the height
                                                                            required via the adjustable, elasticated strap. Lightweight and
                                                                            easily carried, this roll is made from a firm density, quality PU
                                                                            foam with a hardwearing cover. Width 280mm (11").
                                                                            Weight 250g.
                                                                            AA4109                                                         £19.34

                                                                             4 Back Soother Cushion
                                                                            Lightweight and easy to transport, the back soother cushion
                                                                            can be used at home, in the office, in a car or wheelchair.
                                                                            The shaped cushion offers the user with support, stability
                                                                            and warmth whilst seated. Supplied with a tartan cover.
                                                                            Size 255 x 535 x 150mm (10 x 21 x 6"). Weight 445g.
                                                                            09 117 3178                                                 £18.77

                     4                                                       5   Backfriend Back Support
                                                                            A seat which has been designed with orthopaedic and
                                                                            ergonomic considerations in mind. It will improve posture and
                                                                            comfort in a variety of locations i.e. the home, office or car.
                                                                            The two piece seat is contoured and moulded to give firm
                                                                            and shaped lumbar support. It is easy to adjust to ensure
                                                                            that the backrest curve is always at the correct angle.
                                                                            Covered in a quality beige fabric. A hand grip has been
                                                                            built in for ease of carrying when folded. Available as a
                                                                            standard or padded version for additional comfort.
                                                                            Folded 508mm long x 419mm (20 x 161/2"). Weight 1.6kg.
                                                                            AA4150          Standard                                      £96.21
                                                                            AA4154          Padded                                       £110.70

                     5                          5

                     934   Fax: 08448 730 100

                                                                                                                            Comfort & Dressing
 1 SeatRite Wedge                                                                                                      1
These individually moulded visco elastic foam seat wedges
are ideal for car seats or office seating. They significantly
decrease pain in the lower back and legs. Tilts the pelvis to the
optimum degree correctly and the spine in its natural position.
Available with optional coccyx cut out.
009685       360 x 360 x 70mm (141/2 x 141/2 x 3")            £20.90
009686       360 x 360 x 70mm (141/2 x 141/2 x 3")            £20.90

 2 Seat Wedge
These high density foam seat wedges are ideal for car seats or
office seating. They significantly decrease pain in the lower back
and legs. Tilts the pelvis to the optimum degree correctly and the
spine in its natural position.
009683        8° 360 x 360 x 100mm (141/2 x 141/2 x 4")     £12.44
009684        11° 360 x 360 x 100mm (141/2 x 141/2 x 4")    £12.44

 3 Chiro Cushion
This wedged shaped cushion alleviates pressure on the coccyx                                                           2
thus relieving lower back pain. Ideal for anyone spending any
length of time sitting down. Size 356 x 432mm (14 x 17").
89mm (31/2") high at the back, tapering to 19mm (3/4") at the front.
Weight 400g.
AA4102                                                       £22.30

 4 Deluxe Coccyx Cushion
This quality cushion has an orthopaedically shaped cut-out to
prevent direct seating pressure on the coccyx area.
Made from a high quality foam with an attractive, hard wearing
cover it is suitable for use in the home, at the office and the
convenient handle makes it ideal when travelling.
Size 380 x 380mm (15 x 15"). 60mm (23/8") high at the back,
tapering to 25mm (1") at the front. Weight 550g.
AA4104                                                        £34.15

 5 Pelvis Tilt Seating Wedge
The secret of healthy sitting lies in having your spine in its natural
and balanced ‘S’ shape. The wedge shape of this Pelvic Tilt                                                            3
cushion promotes the natural curve of the lower spine by raising
the hips higher than the knees and giving the pelvis a slight
forward tilt. Made from high quality foam with an attractive hard
wearing cover. Size 380 x 380mm (15 x 15"). 80mm (3") high at
the back, tapering to 25mm (1") at the front. Weight 675g.
AA4103                                                         £30.93
 6 Car Seat Leveller
Improve and transform old, sagging car seats by filling in the
hollow at the base of the seat with this car seat leveller.
Helps to lift the pelvis and place the spine in a more natural ‘S’
position by encouraging the driver to sit upright. Makes for a
healthier and more comfortable driving position and may help to                                                        4
reduce fatigue and stress. Size 360mm (14") wide and 310mm
(12") deep by 80mm (3") high. Weight 450g.
AA4105                                                      £29.75



                                                                  Tel: 08448 730 035   935
Comfort & Dressing   Upper Body Supports

                     1                          1                             1 SleepRite™ Cervical Roll                                  Rolyan
                                                                            This versatile fibre and foam roll is ideal for supporting the neck
                                                                            or lower back or positioning between the legs or under the knees.
                                                                            Diameter 178mm (7"). Length 432mm (17").
                                                                            Optional cover available.
                                                                            A818606                                                       £16.35
                                                                            A818607         White Pillow Cover                              £7.60

                                                                              2 Neck Support Cushion
                                                                            A must for anyone travelling, reading or watching television.
                                                                            Made from pure new wool pile, it is extremely comfortable.
                                                                            It may be beneficial for people with neck problems.
                                                                            Optional cover available. Size 320 x 320 x 100mm (12 x 12 x 4").
                                                                            Weight 550g.
                                                                            AA4008                                                     £23.09
                                                                            AA4008A      White Cushion Cover                             £8.10

                                                                              3 SleepRite™ Traveller Cushion                               Rolyan
                                                                            Great for travelling and around the house while napping,
                     2                          3                           reading and watching TV. Size 460 x 230mm (18 x 9").
                                                                            Optional cover available.
                                                                            A818608                                                  £14.44
                                                                            A818609        White Pillow Cover                         £7.07

                                                                              4 Inflatable Neck Cushion
                                                                            A lightweight, easily inflated, crescent shaped cushion that sits
                                                                            around the neck to support the head whilst sitting. Finished in a
                                                                            suede feel PVC, it folds to pocket size and can be stored in the
                                                                            matching bag supplied. Ideal for use when travelling.
                                                                            Size 460 x 267mm (18 x 101/2"). Weight 110g.
                                                                            AA4001                                                       £4.23

                                                                              5 Sculptured Support Pillow
                                                                            A fibre filled pillow stitched in segments to hold its shape when
                                                                            in use. Its triangular shape gives support to back and sides.
                                                                            Ideal for chairs, wheelchairs or beds. Can be washed as
                     4                          5                           a woollen. Weight 1.1kg.
                                                                            AA4081                                                       £53.94

                                                                              6 Posey Bedfellow
                                                                            The bedfellow is a flexible positioning and support aid that can
                                                                            be used in either the bed or chair. It provides full body support in
                                                                            lateral or dorsal positioning. With the pillow split into three sections,
                                                                            this enables the bedfellow to be very flexible and can be folded
                                                                            to fit body contours. The central pillow rolls out to provide lumbar,
                                                                            head and neck support. Side leaning can be corrected by
                                                                            wrapping the positioning roll around the user whilst seated,
                                                                            providing extra comfort and security. The central pillow can also
                                                                            be completely taken off the positioning roll and tied to a chair
                                                                            using nylon straps and used as a back pillow. Supplied with a
                                                                            machine washable cover. Length 1.6m (64"). Width 350mm (14").
                                                                            929166                                                           £201.93

                     6                                                       6

                     936   Fax: 08448 730 100
                                                                                                 Upper Body Supports

                                                                                                                                Comfort & Dressing
 1 V-Shaped Back Support Pillow                                                                  1                         1
A large V-shaped washable pillow, filled with Dacron fibres, for
supporting the body in bed or armchair.
Length 787mm (31"). Arm diameter 356mm (14"). Weight 1.3kg.
AA4070                                                     £22.40

 2 V-Shaped Pillow Slip
Shaped polyester/cotton washable pillow slip for the AA4070
V-shaped pillow. Available in white only. Weight 108g.
AA4072A                                                   £6.41

 3 Prop-Up Bed Wedge
This foam wedge will prop you up in bed comfortably and offers                                                             2
you support at two different angles. Removable cover supplied.
Length 559mm (22"). Width 571mm (221/2").
Depth 254mm (10"). Weight 1.73kg.
AA4082                                                  £32.66

 4 Bed Sitta Support
Armchair shaped support to aid sitting up in bed. Made from
sculptured foam and covered in blue cotton. Has side pockets
on arms for storing items.
Height 559mm (22"). Distance between arms 381mm (15").
Arm length 610mm (24"). Weight 2.6kg.
AA4090                                                   £96.25                                  3                         4

 5 Neo-G Universal Back Support                             Rolyan
Used for work related and sports back injuries and heavy lifting
support, applies warmth and variable compression also restricts
twisting. Pass around your back and fasten straps at the front.
09 116 0464                                               £18.48

 6 Neo-G Universal                                          Rolyan
      Back Support with Stays
Used for heavy work related lifting and sporting support applies
targeted, variables compression lumbar support to adjust levels of
comfort and heat the affected area. Pass the main belt around your
back and fasten straps at the front making sure the belt is sitting
low on your hips then pass the second smaller belt around your
back and position it in the middle of the first large belt then pull
both sides at the same time and fasten the straps at each end.                                   5                         6
09 116 0472                                                     £34.99

 7 Flexible Adjustable Back Brace
A deep, elasticated lumbar support belt with spine support
pressure pad. The pad gently applies pressure to the lower back
and supports the abdomen and spine to reduce minor back pain.
It adjusts via two hook and loop panels and fits comfortably and
discreetly under normal clothing. Width of belt 228mm (9").
Weight approx. 220g.
                Hip Size
AA4274A         660-863mm (26-34")                        £21.33
AA4274B         863-1016mm (34-40")                       £21.33
AA4274C         1016-1220mm (40-48")                      £21.33

 8 Hernia Trunks
                                                                                                 7                         8
Undetectable, comfortable hernia trunks which provide good
abdominal support with additional strength from adjustable side
panels. They are washable and lightweight. Made from mesh
nylon reinforced with Lycra. Weight approx 130g.
              Size         Waist
AA4280B       Medium       790-890mm (31-35")            £17.83
AA4280C       Large        910-1020mm (36-40")           £17.83

                                                                      Tel: 08448 730 035   937
Comfort & Dressing   Pillows
                                                                                 1 Contoured Pillow
                     1                              2
                                                                                This orthopaedic pillow supports the head and neck.
                                                                                The nodular top surface allows air to circulate.
                                                                                Size 540 x 350mm (211/4 x 133/4"). Weight 1.05kg.
                                                                                AA4028                                                       £30.35

                                                                                 2 Orthopaedic Pillow
                                                                                Quality pillow specially shaped for cervical support,
                                                                                and contoured central area for various sleeping positions.
                                                                                Size 380 x 610mm (15 x 24"). Weight 1.1kg.
                                                                                A818604                                                    £25.26

                                                                                 3 Medipillow
                                                                                Orthopaedically designed to support the neck and upper back
                                                                                muscles. Manufactured from non - allergenic latex foam, 100%
                     3                              4                           cotton machine washable cover. Individually moulded to cradle
                                                                                the neck and ensure the spine is held in the correct alignment.
                                                                                Size: 450 x 320 x 130mm (18 x 124/5 x 51/5").
                                                                                009681                                                     £26.07

                                                                                 4 Restrite Response Pillow
                                                                                100% hypoallergenic, high density visco - elastic foam with
                                                                                retentive memory. Responds to body weight and temperature by
                                                                                moulding to the individual. Distributes support evenly helping to
                                                                                maintain an ideal neck position whilst sleeping and minimises
                                                                                compression on pressure points. Includes fleece pillowcase.
                                                                                Size: 450 x 320 x 130mm (18 x 124/5 x 51/5").
                                                                                009682                                                      £30.82
                     5                                                           5 Easy Cushion Pillow
                                                                                A versatile U-shaped cushion that can be used to give support
                                                                                and comfort to various parts of the body. It can be used on the
                                                                                floor or in a bed to lift the head and neck when reading or it can
                                                                                be wrapped round the waist when sitting to give the back support.
                                                                                Alternatively, it can be used between legs to help keep hips in
                                                                                alignment, or to help keep the user in a particular position,
                                                                                eg. the recovery position. Also useful in bed to keep the body
                                                                                stable and provide comfort. Optional washable blue cover.
                                                                                AA4005           Easy Cushion                                £27.85
                                                                                AA4005A          Easy Cushion Cover                          £14.98

                                                                                 6 Long Body Pillow
                                                                                Why not totally relax your body in this full body pillow.
                                                                                This 3m (10') long pillow contours around the body supporting
                                                                                the back and relieves pressure areas causing less need for
                                                                                tossing and turning. Ideal for either the bed or laying watching TV.
                                                                                Supplied with a removable white cover.
                                                                                927208                                                        £163.34
                     5                              5


                     938       Fax: 08448 730 100

                                                                                                                               Comfort & Dressing
 1 Electric Footwarmer                                                                                                    1
A practical solution for those that suffer from cold feet. This rapid
warming foot warmer has a choice of 2 temperature settings,
with a soft washable fleece lining and hard-wearing outer material.
The hand control has an illuminated display for those with
limited vision. Size 320 x 260 x 260mm (124/5 x 102/5 x 102/5").
09 116 3575                                                   £40.40

 2 Therapeutic Heating Pad (240V)
A small, mains powered therapeutic heating pad that provides
natural relief from everyday aches, pains and tension. It has three
heat settings and a safety cut-out to prevent over heating.
Using the latest technology, the heat pad constantly monitors
the users body temperature and controls its own temperature
accordingly. Not suitable for hospital use. Cover is removable
and washable. Size 410 x 300mm (16 x 11"). Weight 640g.
AA4331                                                      £35.41

 3 Rheumatherm Heat Pad                                                                                                   2
This heat pad has 6 integrated permanent magnets, which
generate a magnetic field. Under certain conditions, static
magnetic fields can have a favourable effect on the organism
and relieve pain. This device has three temperature settings, a
safety protection and an illuminated function display. The safety
features include an automatic switch off after approximately
90 minutes. Complete with a cosy washable cotton cover.
Size 300 x 400mm (12 x 16").
09 116 3583                                                 £41.81

 4 Hot Wheat Bottle
This Hot Wheat Bottle provides the benefits of a traditional hot
water bottle, but is easily heated in a microwave. It stays warm
for hours and has the additional benefit of lavender scenting.
Size 370 x 200mm (13 x 8"). Weight 600g.
AA4317                                                       £17.06
 5 Hot Water Bottle Stand                                 Homecraft
A plastic coated wire stand that holds a hot water bottle so that it
can be filled safely, with the neck raised so that air is excluded
and the stopper can be inserted.
Size 250 x 140 x 150mm (10 x 51/2 x 6"). Weight 230g.
AA4300                                                          £7.50

                                                                        4                           5

       These products are supplied in retail packaging.

                                                                     Tel: 08448 730 035   939
Comfort & Dressing   Warmth

                     1                          2                            1 Compression Gloves
                                                                            These gloves are made from a special soft, stretch fabric designed
                                                                            to fit tightly over the hand and may be beneficial for people
                                                                            with arthritis. They may help to control swelling, relieve pain and
                                                                            stiffness and improve grip strength. Washable. One size only.
                                                                            Available in Cream and supplied as a pair. Weight 65g.
                                                                            AA4440A          Cream                                        £16.56

                                                                             2 Wheat Bag
                                                                            The original wheat bag is a versatile, pliable bag to soothe muscles,
                                                                            aches and pains. Use anywhere on the body. Simply heat in the
                                                                            microwave for just a few minutes and then apply to the affected
                                                                            area. It gives instant warmth, that lasts for several hours.
                                                                            It can also be frozen to use as a cold compress.
                                                                            Size 440mm x 135mm (171/4 x 51/4"). Weight 900g
                                                                            AA4316                                                        £14.58

                                                                             3 Lavender Scented Wheat Bag
                                                                            This scented wheat bag provides a simple and easy to use remedy
                     3                          4                           for muscular stress, bruising and everyday aches and pains.
                                                                            Size 440mm (171/2") x 120mm (43/4"). Weight 787g.
                                                                            AA4309                                                    £16.73

                                                                             4 Neck Collar
                                                                            Help to relax away stiff necks with this neck collar. The inner bag
                                                                            is sectioned to distribute the heat evenly up and around the neck.
                                                                            It fastens securely and can be adjusted to the required size.
                                                                            Size 755mm (293/4") x 110mm (42/5"). Weight 945g.
                                                                            AA4314                                                        £24.65
                                                                             5 Blazewear™ Heated Scarf
                                                                            Wrap around heated scarf that heats the back of the neck to give
                                                                            a feeling of real warmth. The battery box, which takes 3 standard
                                                                            or rechargeable AA batteries (not included), sits in a small inside
                                                                            pocket within the scarf. Available in black or ice blue. A battery
                                                                            pack, including charger, is available as an optional accessory.
                                                                            09 120 8354 Black                                            £22.00
                                                                            09 120 8362 Ice Blue                                         £22.00
                                                                     NEW     6 Blazewear™ Heated Insoles
                                                                            Heated insoles, to fit shoe sizes 2 -11, with the heat pad at the
                                                                            front of the foot to keep the toes warm. Easy to cut to fit size and
                                                                            shape of the foot. Supplied with battery boxes that each take
                                                                            3 standard or rechargeable AA batteries (not included) and
                                                                            garters to attach them to the bottom of the leg. A battery pack,
                                                                            including charger, is available as an optional accessory.
                                                                            09 120 8370                                                  £22.00
                                                                             7 Blazewear™ Heated Gloves
                                                                            The heated gloves provide heat to the fingers and back of
                                                                            the hand. Waterproof, windproof and very warm, they can be
                                                                            invaluable for those who suffer with cold hands. Supplied with
                                                                            battery boxes that each take 3 standard or rechargeable AA
                                                                            batteries (not included). A battery pack, including charger, is
                                                                            available as an optional accessory.
                                                                            Not suitable for wheelchair propelling.
                                                                            09 120 8404 Small                                           £33.00
                     6                          7
                                                                            09 120 8412 Medium                                          £33.00
                                      NEW                            NEW    09 120 8420 Large                                           £33.00
                                                                            09 120 8438 X-Large                                         £33.00

                     940   Fax: 08448 730 100

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