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Environmental Ethics - DOC


Seven page, 1400 word essay on environmental ethics. Breathtakingly detailed with a perfect array of advanced vocabulary, voice, and style. Excellent paper for an ethics or science class.

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									December 1, 2010

Lt. Hahn Ethics

                            Environmental Procedure and Regulations

“I think the environment should be put in the category of our national security. Defense of our

resources is just as important as defense abroad. Otherwise what is there to defend?”

-Robert Redford, Yosemite National Park dedication, 1985

       The above quotation was stated in 1985, a quarter of a century ago, in the hopes of

inspiring the occupants of this country to correct environmental and ecological problems and yet

America is still finding itself knee-deep in environmental tribulations. However desolate this

situation might be, not all is lost. The brilliant minds of this counsel have worked diligently to

create and environmental policy that will surely assist in correcting environmental damage and to

instill upon the American people the proper way of respecting this nation now and in the future.

This country’s current policy relies all too heavily upon foreign oil and fossil fuels which in turn

create a weakness in America by endangering the environment and especially the national

security. Also, the ethical treatment for animals will be strongly enforced and government

regulated in hunting, pet ownership, and the protection of endangered species. The cruel ways of

factory farming will be eliminated and instead, free range farming will be encouraged. To guide

this country out of this binding flaw, this policy ensures America of a brighter future.

       In its pages, “Environmental Procedure and Regulations” demonstrates its ability to clean

the environment and ecosystems, produce more efficient energy resources, intelligently rid the

American society of waste, and instill better environmental habits it the occupants of this great

country. This policy pushes for a greater number of recruits to clean up basic physical wastes
that litter our environment and thereafter seek the work and diligence of professionals to correct

and protect our ecosystems. According to this policy scientists and technical engineers will work

harmoniously to invent more efficient and cleaner ways of managing our energy resources by

having more government investment in their projects. Also these same scientists and technical

engineers will use the investments of American citizens wisely to safely and to avoid damage to

the environment, rid American soil of waste from factories and other machine-powered

emissions. Finally the government will take a much bigger role in educating and teaching

younger generations in the importance of environmental protection by making environmental

education mandatory for all grade school and college level students to ensure that America will

thrive even in the future.

                                 Waste Management

              A new nuclear waste policy 
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