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									                                         Cause and Effect

       Everything in life revolves around cause and effect. From the adolescent school boy

throwing a baseball at a window and in turn receiving a spanking from his father to the greedy

furniture businessman causing deforestation in South America. Every problem, conflict, and

event can be explained by back tracking the cause of the effect and vice versa like solving for x

in an algebra problem. In turn, whenever something happens and people wonder how such a

thing occurred, all one has to do is look back and ask, “What “caused” this “effect?” My life is

no different; whenever I am baffled by the outcome of the events in my life I look back and trace

my many actions that resulted in the end result of my life.

       I went into my freshman year of high school with high expectations after outstanding

middle school accomplishments in both the classroom and on the football field. Everything

started out great, my teachers treated me with respect based on my academic performance in

middle school and my coaches moved me up to varsity within the first week of football practice.

On top of my success in school and sports, my family was doing very w
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