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									ending homelessness for good
  our mission is to END HOMELESSNESS in Greater Boston by


  services to help CHANGE the conditions that create homelessness

          annual report 2008
                                                          Executive Director

                                                   ending homelessness for good

O     nce again it is time to pause and
      briefly look back on the past
years accomplishments and then,
                                                                  Our new partners in this exciting initiative
                                                                  are Parenting Resource Associates,
                                                                  the Executive Office of Massachusetts
more importantly, to look ahead.                                  Community        Colleges     and       the
Both are exciting for us at Heading                               Cambridge Housing Authority. Each of
Home. In the past year we added                                   these agencies are led by visionaries
a total of 64 units of supported                                  with strong commitments to ending
housing, thus ending homelessness                                 homelessness and poverty and we are
for an additional 49 individuals and                              proud to be associated with them. I
15 families. This included the opening                            cannot fully describe the program here,
of the Duley House-new home for 14                                but, in brief, the program will provide
women who had been homeless on              “In the past          supported housing with integrated
the streets of Cambridge for a long         year we               employment and intensive life skills
time. We changed our name (I can’t                                supports leading to decreased stays in
remember what we used to be called).
                                            added a total         shelter, better housing outcomes and
We re-branded ourselves, upgraded           of 64 units           increased income through employment
our website, and expanded “Up and           of supported          for dozens of parents in homeless
Out”, an inspiring volunteer program        housing,              families. We are further excited that Dr.
which helps homeless families move          thus ending           Dennis Culhane will be studying the
into new apartments. Perhaps most                                 outcomes of this new model. I look
important for the coming year, we                                 forward to reporting the results of what
forged effective new alliances that we      for an                we accomplish together in the coming
feel will spearhead the states initiative   additional 49         year. As always, thank you for all you do
to end homelessness for families by         individuals and       for us. I hope these new initiatives will
implementing the most comprehensive         15 families.”         energize or re-energize your support.
and       integrated     program     the
Commonwealth has ever seen.


                                                          Tom Lorello
                                                    Executive Director
                                                             Board President
Things are on an amazing upward
trend at Heading Home. While we                                   We are also grateful to our private
may have changed our name (from                                   donors for their generous support.
Shelter, Inc.) to more accurately                                 We continue to expand our donor
reflect our mission and focus, our                                 base and appreciate the continued
commitment to and success in                                      generosity of your time, your
putting individuals and families into                             talent and of course your financial
quality housing with support services                             contributions. We are gratified that
has continued unabated.         And,                              our biggest individual events, the
more amazingly, we fully expect this                              2008 annual gala and the NAIOP golf
upward trend to continue despite                                  tournament, were yet again, fantastic
the current economic challenges.                                  and successful events.

We have been successful due to a “Our model                     As we all endure the current financial
combination of important factors.     of providing              crisis, it has been discouraging to see
First and foremost, Heading Home      housing that is           the numbers of homeless families
has a staff whose talent and          affordable to             rise again. But this has done little
commitment is second to none.         the poorest of            to dampen our commitment and
These wonderful individuals have                                enthusiasm for our mission and the
                                      the poor and
made a notable difference in the                                strategy we have chosen to meet
communities we serve.         They    combining it with that mission. Our model of providing
are held in the high esteem by intensive support                housing that is affordable to the
both government agencies and services works                     poorest of the poor and combining it
other private organizations and       and it is needed          with intensive support services works
are truly dedicated to eradicating    now more than             and it is needed now more than ever.
homelessness. Second, we have ever.”
had great partners. As we have                                  Please consider helping us in any
expanded our successful model of                                way you can. We are extremely
supported housing we are grateful to our partners appreciative for your continued generous financial
at the Cambridge Housing Authority, the MA contributions. We also hope you can contribute
Department of Transitional Assistance and the US your time or your talents. Please contact us if you
Department of Housing and Urban Development. want to get involved in any way. And don’t forget
These agencies have worked with and supported to help us get out the message: We have a ways
us as we have implemented a number of new to go, but Heading Home is ending homelessness
programs.                                         – For Good!


                                                       Daniel R. Omstead
                                                                           Fiscal Year 2008
AUGUST 2007                                                                                  MAY 2008
 August 16, 2007                                                                             Shelter, Inc. changes its
 – Medford Family Life                                                                       name to Heading Home
 Education Center holds                                                                      May 1, 2008 – Midpoint
 annual BBQ to celebrate                                                                     Transitional Housing Program
 18 years of service.                                                                        serving 5 chronically
                                                                                             homeless women officially
SEPTEMBER 2007                                                                               becomes a Permanent
 Outreach Council is                                                                         Supported Housing Program
 established by Shelter, Inc.                                                                at the Cambridge YWCA.
 with the assistance of co-                                                                 May 1, 2008 – Heading
 chairs Christine & Patrick                                                                 Home holds its 9th Annual
 McMahon.                                                                                   Gala at the Fairmont Copley
                                                                                            Plaza Hotel in Boston with
NOVEMBER 2007                                                                               Event Chairs: Cecelia & Jim
 November 13, 2007 – Sean Curran             homeless people in 1 bedroom                   Rappaport and Lori & Jerry
 hosts Friend Raiser for Shelter, Inc. at    scattered apartments opened in          Rappaport.
 the State Room in Boston.                   Malden and Medford.                     May 29, 2008 – Duley House
 November 20, 2007 – Dan Geffken                                                     Opening Celebration of new
                                            FEBRUARY 2008                            residence to house 14 previously
 hosts Friend Raiser/Wine Tasting for
 Shelter, Inc. at his home in Concord.       February 14, 2008 – CB Richard          homeless women.
                                             Ellis hosts Valentine’s Day Tea at
 November 22, 2007 – The Gross                                                      JUNE 2008
                                             Cambridge Shelter.
 Family & the Hatton Family host a
 Thanksgiving dinner at the Boston           February 26, 2008 – Advisory            Heading Home is notified by
 Family Shelter.                             Council hosts educational event at      the Department of Transitional
                                             Le Meridien Hotel in Cambridge with     Assistance of a new grant awarding
DECEMBER 2007                                special guests: Lt. Governor Tim        an expansion of 15 new scattered
                                             Murray, State Rep. Byron Rushing,       apartments with support services in
 December 5, 2007 – Shelter, Inc.            and Phil Mangano.                       Boston serving families.
 holds Annual Meeting at the Harvard
 Club of Boston with presentations of:                                               June 2, 2008 – Duley House
                                            MARCH 2008                               Program serving 14 disabled
 1st William E. “Bo” Holland Public
 Service Award presented to Mayor            March 1, 2008 – Cambridge Shelter       homeless women in a congregate
 Thomas Menino                               Plus Care expansion Program serving     setting building near Fresh Pond in
 Community Partner Award presented           10 disabled homeless people in          Cambridge opened.
 to Home Start                               Single Room Occupancy units in          June 4, 2008 – NAIOP Golf
 Special Appreciation Award                  Cambridge YMCA and Cambridge            Tournament rained out and
 presented to NAIOP                          YWCA opened.                            rescheduled for September 11,
 Employee of the Year Award                                                          2008.
 presented to Maria Martin                  APRIL 2008                               June 28, 2008 – Outreach Council
 December 17, 2007 – CB Richard              April 1, 2008 – Boston Homeless         expands Up & Out Program by
 Ellis hosts Christmas Tree Trimming         to Housing Program serving 10           moving 5 families as part of new
 Party at Medford Family Life                chronically homeless people in 1        model to end family homelessness
 Education Center.                           bedroom scattered apartments            from Waltham to Malden.
 December 18, 2007 – Grand                   opened in Boston.                       June 28, 2008 – A 5 Family pilot
 Circle Foundation hosts Christmas           April 12, 2008 – Outreach Council       project in partnership with the
 Celebration at Boston Family Shelter.       assists with 1st Up & Out Program       Massachusetts Community College
                                             Move.                                   system and Parenting Resource
JANUARY 2008                                                                         Associates’ COMPASS program was
                                             April 16, 2008 – Outreach Council
                                                                                     launched as part of a new model to
 January 1, 2008 – Tri-City Stepping         hosts Fundraising event for Up & Out
                                                                                     end family homelessness.
 Stones Program serving 4 chronically        Program at Vox in Boston.
                                                                      Vision for the Future
                                                                      A total of 64 new housing units were added to the Heading
                                                                      Home residential system, including:
                                                                      • 49 units of permanent supported housing for individuals, and
                                                                        15 new units added to our scattered site program for
                                                                        homeless families.
                                                                      • 93% of tenants residing in our permanent supported
                                                                        housing programs remained housed throughout the year.
                                                                      • 55 individuals moved from an emergency shelter or
                                                                        transitional program into permanent housing (representing a
                         It is the mission of Heading                   38% increase from last year).
                        Home to “end homelessness                     • 32 families moved from an emergency shelter or transitional
                             in the lives of individuals                program into permanent housing (representing a 58%
                            and families by providing                   increase from last year).
                         housing in conjunction with                  • All 35 families who were placed in permanent housing
                        effective supportive services                   from our emergency and transitional programs last fiscal year
                          while promoting policy and                    remained housed a year later.
                      practices necessary to change
                           the conditions that create
                                                                      In the coming year, we intend to explore a new generation of
      n May 1, 2008, we officially retired “Shelter, Inc.” as
                                                                      questions. It may be getting non-controversial that housing in
      our agency name after 35 years, and replaced it with
                                                                      conjunction with services works to end homelessness, but we
the more appropriate “Heading Home.” This important step
                                                                      are concerned to learn about longer term outcomes-to ask
reflects our intention that every staff member, board member,
                                                                      the question: “what else do we accomplish when people get
volunteer, donor, and most importantly program participant be
                                                                      housed?” We can give many examples of people whose lives
pointed in a single direction, not towards shelter but instead….
                                                                      have improved after getting housed. We know people who
Heading Home. In alignment with this intention, we have
                                                                      have gotten sober, or experienced a decrease in symptoms
expanded residential capacity by 130 units in the last 3 years.
                                                                      of a chronic health condition. We’ve seen parents start the
In the coming year, we will continue to expand the stock of
                                                                      process of returning to work or school. We’ve seen children
housing that is affordable to the homeless.
                                                                      return to healthy, nurturing environments. This year we will
                 Here’s how we did in FY ’08...                       begin to study this question more systematically.

                                                                      We are most excited about integrating this approach to
                                                                      supported housing with effective employment and personal
                                                       2008           mentoring this year. Over the years, we have noted how
                                                                      families that become stably housed seem to be in a much better
Demographics                                                          position to take advantage of opportunities to change their
1,563 homeless and low income people were served by one               situation. Our partnership with Parenting Resource Associates
or more of our programs. Of these, 51% were men, 49% were             and the Executive office of Massachusetts Community
women, 54% were Caucasian, 22% were African American,                 Colleges will provide the opportunity for training and placement
and 24% were multi-racial or other.                                   into jobs in the hospital and human service systems. Parents
                                                                      in homeless families will be assisted to secure decent paying
604 people were served in a residential setting (a 40% increase       jobs with competitive benefit packages (including healthcare
from last year) where they received intensive individually tailored   coverage) and career ladders. Based on the promising results
case management, including 119 families — a total of 137              of a small pilot of this comprehensive model, we expect the
children.                                                             program to produce better housing outcomes, shorter shelter
Each day, up to 40 women living on the streets or in marginal         stays, increased income through employment and decreased
housing situations found shelter, safety, warm meals and              dependence on public support for dozens of homeless families.
community at the women’s drop-in Center.                              We look forward to reporting on the results.
                                                                                        Angela’s Story

           Angela, Stephen, and Jasmyne with Case Manager Liz Rohrer

W     hat motivates a person to share their story about being
      homeless? For Angela, it was wanting Heading Home’s
supporters to know that: “you do make dreams come true.”
                                                                       and her children found themselves in a shelter in Waltham, she
                                                                       joined a unique program called the COMPASS/Community
                                                                       College Collaborative. The COMPASS program, operated
                                                                       by Parenting Resource Associates, provides personalized
Angela was one of 7 children raised by her great grand-                professional mentoring for parents while they are in a job
parents in rural New Hampshire. When they passed away, she             training program in the Massachusetts Community College
lived with a great aunt. Angela describes herself as a rebellious      system. Being in this program provided hope that they could
teenager, who was definitely considered a handful. Looking              improve their lives but Angela remained discouraged that they
back, she acknowledges having made some poor choices                   would never find a home of their own.
that led to an unstable adolescence and early adulthood. At
age 17, she moved out of her great aunt’s home and ended               In June 2008, Heading Home moved Angela and her children
up on the streets of Boston with one of her sisters. At 18 she         into their own apartment along with 5 other families as part
became pregnant with her oldest daughter, Jasmyne.                     of a pilot program in partnership with the Massachusetts
                                                                       Community College System and Parenting Resource
Over the next several years, she recalls a chaotic life of             Associates’ COMPASS program that represents an innovative
frequent moves. She lived with a succession of friends and             new model for ending family homelessness.
relatives, and twice had her own apartment. In each case she
lost the apartment when she allowed relatives and friends with         Angela described her first night in her new apartment as one
substance abuse problems to move in. Angela found herself              of the best night sleeps she ever had. She is grateful for the
once again living on the streets. She became pregnant again,           support provided by her Heading Home case manager, Liz
this time experiencing a still birth.                                  Rohrer, which gives her “piece of mind and helps me to work
                                                                       through issues.” She says she does not feel alone anymore,
Angela recalls this tragic event as a low point in her life. Shortly   as she had for so many years.
afterwards, she tried to overdose on painkillers and spent time
in psychiatric care. And her life remained chaotic for sometime.       We are pleased to report that through the combined and
In subsequent years, Angela gave birth to a son, Stephen in the        integrated supports provided by Heading Home and the
midst of moving from hotel to shelter to transitional program to       COMPASS/ Community College Collaborative, Angela is
apartment and back to the streets.                                     working at a human service agency where she had first
                                                                       interned. She and her family remain happily housed in an
Finally, things began to get better. In August 2006, while Angela      apartment in Malden.
                 Year End                      CONSOLIDATED STATEMENT OF
                 Report                            FINANCIAL POSITION
                 June 30, 2008           ASSETS

                 F   iscal Year 2008
                     brought with it
many challenges and successes for
                                          CURRENT ASSETS
                                            CASH AND CASH EQUIVALENTS
                                            CONTRACTS RECEIVABLE
Heading Home.      Most notably the         PLEDGES RECEIVABLE                                391,929         161,549
agency changed its name to reflect           PREPAID EXPENSES                                  160,409          99,597
its mission of ending homelessness.
We also completed and opened Duley
House a project two years in the            DEPOSITS                                           75,116          42,100
making, and can now proudly say that      TOTAL CURRENT ASSETS                               1,334,405       1,323,857
Duley House is home to 14 formerly        INVESTMENTS, AT MARKET                             1,540,532       1,565,966
homeless women.
                                          LOAN RECEIVABLE                                     300,000         300,000

Operating support and revenues            FIXED ASSETS, NET                                  3,898,339       2,775,393
increased    by    $1,357,308     over    TOTAL ASSETS, ALL FUNDS                            7,073,276       5,965,216
fiscal year 2007, in large part due to
increased funding by the State to meet
                                         LIABILITIES & NET ASSETS
the need for more shelter beds due
to growing number of new families         CURRENT LIABILITIES                                     FY08            FY07
experiencing homelessness this year.        CURRENT PORTION OF MORTGAGE NOTE PAYABLE            30,600         683,600
Operating expenses continued to grow        ACCOUNTS PAYABLE & ACCRUED EXPENSES                330,623         325,977
due to the occupancy costs associated       CURRENT PORTION OF CAPITAL LEASE                     2,451                   -
with our new programs. This year the
                                            SECURITY DEPOSIT PAYABLE                             2,752           2,116
agency reflected an operating deficit of
(204,661) and an overall change of net      DEFERRED REVENUE                                    29,025          83,025
assets of 122,577.                        TOTAL CURRENT LIABILITIES                            395,451       1,094,718
                                          MORTGAGE NOTE PAYABLE, NET OF CURRENT PORTION      2,155,416       1,079,738
We understand that the housing            CAPITAL LEASE PAYABLE                                  9,072                   -
crisis will impact the strides made
                                          CONTINGENT NOTE PAYABLE                              820,000         220,000
by Heading Home and agencies like
it and we also know the cuts to the       NET ASSETS
state budget could make it harder to        UNRESTRICTED
serve the growing number of families          OPERATING                                                  -               -
now finding themselves in the shelter
                                              FIXED ASSETS                                               -     326,961
system. However we are confident
that with the help of our benefactors         BOARD DESIGNATED
and our staff we can continue to make            BUILDING LOAN FUNDS                           200,000         200,000
positive impacts in the lives of the             FIXED ASSETS FUND                             880,800         465,094
homeless families and individuals of
                                                 WORKING CAPITAL FUND                          903,000         871,000
Greater Boston.
                                                 GROWTH FUND                                   328,128         685,534
                                                 (FUNDS FORMERLY FUNCTIONING AS ENDOWMENT)

                                                 STABILITY FUND                                903,000         871,000
                                            TOTAL UNRESTRICTED NET ASSETS                    3,214,928       3,419,589
                                            TEMPORARILY RESTRICTED NET ASSETS                  478,409         151,171
                     Robert J. Boyle      TOTAL NET ASSETS                                   3,693,337       3,570,760
                          Treasurer       TOTAL LIABILITIES & NET ASSETS                     7,073,276       5,965,216
                                                 Treasurer’s Report
   CONSOLIDATED STATEMENT OF                                                   SUPPORT &
ACTIVITIES & CHANGES IN NET ASSETS                                             REVENUES
                                                                              Fiscal Year 2008
OPERATING SUPPORT & REVENUES                            FY08        FY07      Program Fees 3%
 GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS AND GRANTS                    3,662,941   2,526,704         Special Events 7%
 GRANTS AND CONTRIBUTIONS                            805,553     496,012             Other 0%
                                                                                       Investment Income 1%
 UNITED WAY ALLOCATION                               202,001     169,467
 DONATED GOODS AND SERVICES                           20,265      21,368
 PROGRAM FEES                                        130,850      93,201
 SPECIAL EVENTS                                      459,518     627,413
     Less costs of direct benefits to donors         (112,876)   (120,303)
 OTHER                                                 3,231          28                        Government
 INVESTMENT INCOME                                    43,335      43,622                        Contracts &
 TOTAL OPERATING SUPPORT & REVENUES                 5,214,818   3,857,512                       Grants 70%

                                                                                    Grants and Contributions 15%
     RESIDENTIAL & SUPPORT SERVICES                 4,140,247   2,836,287       Donated Goods & Services 0%
     COMMUNITY SERVICES/COLLABORATIONS               108,172     166,497    United Way Allocation 4%

 TOTAL PROGRAM SERVICES                             4,248,419   3,002,784

    MANAGEMENT AND GENERAL                           506,163     436,174
    FUND RAISING AND DEVELOPMENT                     261,681     173,718      Fiscal Year 2008
 TOTAL EXPENSES                                     5,016,263   3,612,676   Community Services/Collaborations 2%
                                                                               Management & General 10%
                                                                                  Fund Raising & Developing 5%
CHANGES IN NET ASSETS FROM OPERATIONS                198,555     244,836
Non-Operating Revenues(Expenses)                            -     53,500
HUD Grant for Porperty                                      -           -
CHANGE IN NET ASSETS FROM NON-OPERATING              (75,978)    195,280
CHANGE IN NET ASSETS                                 122,577     440,116
NET ASSETS, BEGINNING OF YEAR, AS STATED            3,570,760   3,130,644           Residential & Support
                                                                                           Services 83%
NET ASSETS, END OF YEAR                             3,693,337   3,570,760

A copy of the audit is available upon request.
                                              To Those Who Support Us
    Linda Porter: 2008 Employee of the Year
                                 Linda Porter is the program coordinator          most importantly, her clients. Though she is
                                 for the McKay House and the Lopez Ave            fully knowledgably and adept in her role, she
                                 program.                                         is always looking to increase and improve
                                                                                  her knowledge and skills. Though Linda is
                                 Linda always leads by example. She is            always professional and has a strong sense
                                 thoughtful in her work. She gives her clients    of boundaries, she clearly cares about the
                                 and her peers her full attention. She takes      fate of her clients. She seems driven by
                                 pride in her work, her staff, her team, and      wanting her clients to grow and succeed.

                    With Thanks to Those Who Support Us
       We are pleased to acknowledge the following donors for supporting Heading Home
                     during the period from July 2007 through June 2008.

Donations of $10,000 +           United Way of Massachusetts         Corporation                    Yasuko & John Dower
Adage Capital Management,          Bay                             The Robert Campeau Family        Goodwin Proctor LLP
   LP                            Ms. Amy Woods & Mr.                 Foundation                     Kimberly Harding & Josh
Bank of America Foundation         Humberto Gil                    Sheryl & Brian Rose                 Bernoff
BKM & Associates, Inc.           Paula & Frank Zavrl               Denise & David Rufo              Intercontinental Real Estate
CB Richard Ellis/Whittier                                          Sanders Fund, Inc.                  Corp.
   Partners                      Donations of $5,000 +             Nancy & Josh Solomon             Interface Group
CIBC World Markets               Anonymous                         Tazewell Foundation              Sarah & Nick* Iselin
Margot & Jonathan Davis          The Boston Company Asset          TJX Companies, Inc.              Jeffries & Company, Inc.
Eastern Building Services          Management LLC                  Ms. Michele A. Whitham* & Mr.    Tucker L. Kelton
Liz & Phill Gross                Boston Red Sox Foundation           Jesse Keefe                    Kiradjieff & Goode, Inc.
Jill & Gary Hatton               Diane & Philip Brannigan                                           Lawrence Model Lodging
The Highland Street              Bushrod A. Campbell & Adah        Donations of $2,500 +               Houses Trust
   Foundation                      F. Hall Charity Fund            Anonymous                        Monique & Raymond Magliozzi
Houlihan, Lokey, Howard &        Charles River Laboratories        ADD, Inc.                        Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Maich
   Zukin, Inc.                   Chestnut Hill Realty Corp.        Alexandria Real Estate           Miller Wachman LLP
HTB Architects                   Commodore Builders                  Equities, Inc.                 Mark J. Murphy
Leerink, Swann & Co./MEDA        Community Voicemail               Baker Design Group, Inc.         Warren Nelson
   Corp.                         Jane B. Danforth                  The Beal Companies, LLP          Office Resources
Lewis Charitable Foundation      The DSF Group                     Bette Ann Libby & David          Mary & Daniel* Omstead
The Linden Foundation            Global Petroleum Corp.              Begelfer                       Jeanine & Ronald Pastore
Anne* & Marc* Margulies          Goldman, Sachs & Co.              BlackRock Realty                 Peabody Office Furniture Corp.
Margulies Perruzzi Architects    Howland Capital Management        Blue Cross Blue Shield           Reflex Lighting Group, Inc.
George H. & Jane A. Mifflin       ITG, Inc.                         Bond Brothers                    Richards Barry & Joyce
   Memorial Fund                 John Moriarty & Associates,       Boston Properties, Inc.          SEi Companies
John C. & Eunice B. Morrison       Inc.                            Deb Brodeur                      Structure Tone
   Charitable Foundation         Linde Family Foundation           JoAnn & Bruce Buckland           Tishman Speyer Properties, LP
NAIOP                            McDermott, Quilty & Miller, LLP   Susan O. Bush                    Tsoi/Kobus & Associates
New Boston Fund                  Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris,       Cambridge Community              The Verizon Foundation
Quorum Health Resources            Glovsky & Popeo, PC               Foundation                     Wachovia Capital Markets,
Dr. Ruth Moorman & Mr.           O’Neill & Associates              The Cavan Group                     LLC
   Sheldon Simon                 Pomeroy & Co., Inc.               Citizens Bank                    Cheri Walker, Ph.D.
Ms. Ellin Smalley                Project Bread                     Corporate Project Partners,      Waterville Consulting
Specialty Hospitals of America   Donna* & Tom Quirk                  Inc.                           Jane & Christopher White
TD Banknorth                     Rich May, a Professional          Deloitte Services, LP            William Gallagher Associates
                                             To Those Who Support Us
 Insurance Brokers, Inc.         Luly & Maurice Samuels          First Baptist Church           Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Brooks
Winn Managed Properties, LLC     Peter D. Sanborn & Gregory L.   Imogene & H. Kenneth Fish      Charles Button
                                   Jackson                       Laurie B. Forcier              Cabot Road VEF VI LLC
Donations of $1,000 +            Sawyer Charitable Foundation    Brenda Fingold & Daniel        Mary & Scott Carson
Anonymous                        Skanska USA Building Inc.          Geffken*                    Celebrity Door & Lock Service
John E. Abele                    Sovereign Bank of New           Natalie Haar                   Deborah Cohen
Nancy W. Adams                     England                       Emilie & William Henry         J. Ralph Cole
AMB Property Corporation         Claire Stahley                  Mary L. Koch                   Community Work Services
Diane & William Asher            Steelcase Inc./Office            Maryjane Kubler & Joseph K.    Teruko & Albert Craig
Jean & Gordon Bell                 Environments                     Wirka                       Loretto & Dwight Crane
Jill Block & Wade Rubinstein     Stop & Shop Family              Dana Kull                      Teresa & Frank De Giacomo
Boston Culinary Group, Inc.        Foundation                    Lee Kennedy Co., Inc.          Virginia H. Deknatel
Lana L. Branton                  Mr. Vincent Trantolo            Joanne & Thomas Magliozzi      Delta Dental
Quaker & John Case               Eve & Thomas Trkla              Gerald M. McCue                Delta Roofing Holdings – a
CBT Architects                   Tufts Neighborhood Service      Ed Miller                         Tecta Company
Fay Chandler                       Fund                          Newton Centre Minyan           Michelle & James Duane
Charles H. Cross Charitable      S. Scott Usechek                Port City Builders &           The Electricians and Co., Inc.
   Foundation                    Vanasse Hagen Brustlin, Inc.       Renovators, LLC             Field Family Charitable Fund
Carolyn & Andrew Coffin                                                                          Jeffrey Freedman
Columbia Construction                                                                           Anne & Charles Fried
   Company                                                                                      Alan Gardner
William G. Creelman*                                                                            Kathryn & Matthew Graber
CRESA Partners                                                                                  Deborah A. Shadd & William R.
Cuniff Landscape Inc.                                                                              Grimm
Cushman & Wakefield                                                                              Harvard Coop
Patricia & Gary Darman                                                                          Ronni M. Haston
Darmody, Merlino & Company                                                                      Judith Hedrick
Eastern Bank                                                                                    John O. Horst
Elaine Construction                                                                             Thomas E. Kelleher
Jerald P. Facey                                                                                 Kingston Auction Company
Federal Home Loan Bank of                                                                       Bill Kremmer
   Boston                                                                                       Sally & Stuart Lesser
David R. Ferry                                                                                  Sarah & Robert Levine
Mr. & Mrs. Corey A. Griffin                                                                      Suzanne & Allan Mann
G.T. Reilly & Company                                                                           Carolyn E. McMahon
John G. Guillemont, M.D.z                                                                       Medford Senior Center
Judy & Wesley Harrington                                                                        Carol & Trevor Mendez
Chris & Skip Hartwell                                                                           Laurie & Barry Nagler
Harvard University               Mr. J.T. Warzecha               Robert E. Ray                  Constance L. Otradovec
The Health Solutions Insurance   Rosalee & James Wayman          Kevin P. Reid                  David M. Pearlstein
   Agency, LLC                   Nancy & Bill Whitney            Mary Fay Roggemann             Elisa & David Phillion
Hilb Rogal & Hobbs                                               Salem Street Business Assoc.   Marianna C. Pierce
                                                                   Inc.                         David R. Pokross, Jr.
Ms. LuAnn Jammal                 Donations of $500 +             Jacki & William Santoro
Laura & Barry Korobkin           Anonymous                                                      Carol & Dennis Pratt
KPMG, LLP                                                        Corinna & Nicholas Selby       Charles Rando
                                 Wendy P. Abt
Robert E. Krauss                                                 Dr. Mark Shankman              Michael M. Reilly
                                 AK Floors, Inc.
Kathleen M. Mann                                                 Roxanne Suprina & Joe          William E. Ring, Jr.
                                 Linda Atkinson & Edward Bing
Mavros Contracting Inc.                                            Gelinas                      R & S Landscaping, Inc.
                                 Mr. Jefferey S. Baum
James McAndrews                                                  Linda & Jeffrey Thomas         Rufo Cleaning & Maintenance
                                 Bear Hill Nursing Home, Inc.
Christine & Patrick McMahon                                      Mary & Peter Tufano            Jonathan Scott
                                 Boston Private Bank & Trust
Esmaragda & Rene Mora                                            Viewpoint CRM, Inc.            Jessica & Michael Sergi
Nauset Strategies, Inc.                                          Emily & Jon Weintraub          Thomas G. Shapiro
                                 Brookline Bank
Needham & Co.                                                    Miriam & Charles Wood          Helaine A. Simmonds
                                 Mr. Paull N. Chalifour, Jr.
Newmark Knight Frank             Mr. John G. Conley                                             Ronald Siraco
Linda & Francis O’Callaghan      Jeanne & Denis Conroy           Donations of $250 +            Carolyn Spicer
Michael E. Olson                 The Consolidated Lodge, A.F.    Louise T. Ambler               Patricia A. Thornton
Joseph Plunkett IV                 & A.M.                        Dr. Betty S. Bardige & Mr.     Joan & Edmund* Toomey
Professional Electrical          Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Darling         Arthur Bardige               Catherine & Douglas Treco
   Contractors                   Susan Gladstone & David         Emily Blatt                    Trinity Episcopal Church –
R.G. Vanderweil Engineering        DeLong                        Nannette & William Braucher       Social Ministry Commission
                                             To Those Who Support Us
Susan S. Walsh                  Michael Hogan & Robert           Susan Moeder                       Sarah A. Short
Susan & Donald Ware                Panessiti                     Elizabeth H. Monrad                Doug Sickler
David Weinberg                  Beverly Holley & Phil Fine       Susan & Robert Montgomery          Slade Gorton & Company, Inc.
Enid & Steve Wetzner            Alice & Bruce Houghton           Jeffrey C. Moore                   Dr. Gail & Dr. Linc Sonenshein
Theresa Whiting                 Myra & Joseph Hugg               Susan & Peter Murley               Sons of the American Legion
                                Shirley & Charles Hurwitz        Joan & Robert Murray               Elisa Speranza
Donations of $100 +             Carolyn K. Jenks                 Christina M. Musrey                Catherine & David Sullivan
Anonymous                       Jane & Steven Johnson            Diane & Charles Norris             Swanson Automotive Services,
Kenneth Alleyne                 Sara & Hugh Jones                Luanne & George Nugent                Inc.
American Legion Post 45         Helen & Rudolph Kass             Linda & Jack O’Connor              Susan P. Davies & Richard
Steven Bandler                  Adrienne & Christopher Kimball   Mr. & Mrs. Arthur F. O’Day            Talkov
Marika Beaton                                                                                       Mr. & Mrs. Guillermo Tearney
Susan S. & James C. Beck                                                                            Kristine & Kevin Toomey
Sara Mae & Larry Berman                                                                             Timothy J. Toomey, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Greg Bonzagni                                                                            Trinity Covenant Church
Ashley Brooks                                                                                       Cordelia C. Ursone
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Brush                                                                          Mrs. Jeptha H. Wade
Bryn E. Buck                                                                                        Karen E. Walrath
Samuel Burke                                                                                        Waltham Services, Inc.
The Honorable & Mrs. Levin                                                                          Daniel H. Weintraub
   Campbell                                                                                         Dorothy N. Weintraub
Carol M. Cerf                                                                                       Lew R. Weintraub, M.D.
Cetrulo & Capone, LLP                                                                               Sandra Weisman
Lori Clavette                                                                                       Katherine B. Winter
James M. Coleman                                                                                    Elyse Wolf
Michael W. Collentro                                                                                Jill & Christopher Woods
Margaret E. Curtis                                                                                  Adrian P. Yovanovich
Pamela H. Delorey                                                                                   Amy & Edward Zacharias
Eric Derman                                                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Jason Zeman
Matthew Dermen                                                                                      Geraldine Zetzel
Mr. & Mrs. James Dugan          Sheila & William King            Diana & Dennis Orthman
Virginia Dunn                   Lucille Aptekar & Gerald         Vicki & Daniel Paret               * Heading Home Board
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Eckstein        Leader                        Michele F. Demarest & John D.         Member
Mary C. Eliot                   Barbara Leaf                        Patterson                       Z
Priscilla Fales                 Thomas Leggat                    Pat & John Pearson
Lynn Feigenbaum                 Judith Liben                     Robert H. Phelps & James C.
                                Rita Lincoln                        Lessersohn
                                                                                                    Public Funding Support
Margaret Flint                                                                                      Cambridge Housing Auhority
Kristin & Jeffrey Fox           Lauren P. Lipscomb               Maryellen Ruvolo & David
                                                                                                    City of Boston
Bobbi Fox                       Elinor K. Lottero                   Pilbeam
                                                                                                      Department of
Kenneth G. Germann              Kenneth S. Loveday               Janet & Robert Polcaro
                                                                                                      Neighborhood Development
Matthew Giffune                 Jane F. Mahoney Lynch &          Lia & William Poorvu
                                                                                                    City of Cambridge
Give with Liberty                  Michael Lynch                 Frances G. Pratt
                                                                                                      Department of Community
Michael E. Gobes                Emily Lyons & David Albert       Lindsay Prichard
Susan & Michael Goldman         Thomas Mackinnon                 Jessica & David Purdy
                                                                                                      Department of Human
Susan & Stephen Goldstein       Laura & Ron Majka                Irving W. Rabb
                                                                                                      Services Programs
Annamaria Golja                 Harold Margulies TTEE            Danielle N. Ravens
                                                                                                      Historical Commission
Hillary Brown & Michael Grill   Jane & Thomas Martin             Nancy Regan
                                                                                                    City of Medford
Mildred G. Grosser              Elizabeth A. Martin & Richard    Jill Richardson & Peter Chinetti
                                                                                                      Community Development
Gillian Grossman                   M. Dudley                     Steven J. Riel
                                                                                                      Block Grant (CDBG)
John A. Haigh                   Jean K. & Edward A. Mason        Nathan Riner
                                                                                                    City of Somerville
Marion & Stephen Hall           Cynthia & Anthony Matera         Lee T. Robbins
                                                                                                      Somerville Affordable
Joan & Joseph Halpern           Gerald J. McCarthy               Gauri Bhide & L. Michael
                                                                                                      Housing Trust Fund
Sylvia & Roy Hammer             Caroline McCloy                     Romero
                                                                                                    Commonwealth of
Larry Harnisch                  Walter K. McDonough              Beth Rubinstein
Ellen M. Harrington             Kathryn McHugh                   Laura Runkel
                                                                                                      Department of Housing and
Lawrence A. Healey              Melissa McKenna                  Laura Sadowski
                                                                                                      Community Development
Kathleen Heffernan              Michelle Medeiros                William L. Saltonstall
                                                                                                      Department of Mental Health
Steven J. Henry                 Ellen & Frank Michelman          Mary-Beth Santarelli
                                                                                                    Department of Transitional
Erica & Richard Hiersteiner     Julie Miller                     Clare Seabright
Ruth Hoffman                    Dr. & Mrs. Bruce E. Mirbach      Ellen Shor
                                             To Those Who Support Us
Family Access Collaborative     Valerie Becker                   CharlesGate Yacht Club     Ethel Duncan
Massachusetts Housing           The Beehive                      Child Development Center   Senad & Halida Durakovic
Massachusetts Housing and       Ruth Begley                      Lorraine Christopher       East Coast Grill & Raw Bar
   Shelter Alliance (MHSA)      Diane Bello                      Clark & Elbing, LLP        Patricia Edo
Malden Housing Authority        Marina Belyea                    Maria Clark                Egg Rolll Café
Medford Housing Authority       Michelle Bizzaro                 Clara Clemeno              Eileen Fisher Boutique
Metropolitan Boston Housing     Barbara Blanchard                Joanne Cohn                Elephant Walk
   Partnership, Inc.            Elisa Blando                     Nancy Colby                Harley Elia
Somerville-Cambridge Elder      Bob’s Discount Furniture         Deb Collins                Carolyn E. Elliott
   Services, Inc. & Elderlink      Charitable Foundation, Inc.   Caren Connely              Cecile Fagan
Tri-City Community Action       Erin & Rick Borovoy              Tina & David Conti         The Fairmont Copley Plaza
   Program (Tri-CAP)                                                                           Hotel
U.S. Department of Housing                                                                  Karen Fakhiri
   and Urban Development                                                                    Arlene Farber
U.S. Federal Emergency                                                                      Joe Feloney
   Management Agency                                                                        Susan Ferullo
   (FEMA)                                                                                   David Fine
   Middlesex County                                                                         Stephanie Fischer
   Emergency Food and                                                                       Doug Fisher
   Shelter Program                                                                          Cherise Fitzpatrick
   Suffolk County Emergency                                                                 Ken Flynn
   Food and Shelter Program                                                                 Bill Ford
                                                                                            Susan Ford
United Way of Massachusetts                                                                 Cathleen Foster
  Bay and its contributors                                                                  Angela Foti
                                                                                            Loretta & David Franceschi
Donations of Supplies,                                                                      Connie French
                                                                                            Friends of the Medford Family
 Food, Holiday Gifts,                                                                          Network
 Equipment and                                                                              Lauren Fryberger
 Services                       Theresa Bourque                  Florence Corea             Sharon Gale
Anonymous                       Lynn Bradbury                    Susan Corkery              Michele Gangi
Adage Capital Management,       Tillie Brenner                   Kristina Corwin            Mark Garland
   L.P.                         Amy Brigham                      James Cottam               John Gately
Debra & Frank Agliano           Alice Brown                      Paula Cotter               Brenda Fingold & Daniel
Linda Alessandro                Vincent Brown                    Rita Covelle                  Geffken
Alison Aley                     Alice Bruce                      Tom Covelle                Holly Gelfond
Brian Allen                     Linda & Stephen Bruce            Jackie Covino              Annamaria & Steven
Karen Alves                     Andriana Buckley                 Helen Coyne                   Georgopoulos
Maria Amato                     Sheryl Budd                      Michael Cremin             Jim Gibbons
Robert Amerault                 Nia Burke                        Jan Curran                 Ron Gilboa
Charlie Anderson                Nataki Burke                     Jeanne Darcy               Nancy Glass
Pamela & Charles Anderson       Elizabeth Busch                  Pam Daube                  Yassette Gonzalez
Marie Angelo                    Janice & David Butler            Lamar Davis                Bernard Gormley
Laurel Anthony                  Ruth & Carl Butler               Lori Davis                 Jacqueline Grady
Maria Armata                    Kristi Butts                     Chris Della Pelle          Grand Circle Foundation
Tony Atoniou                    Cambridge Rentals LLC            Linda DeLuca               Gina Granfone
Aujourd’hui – Four Seasons      Chloe Cameron                    Rita d’Entremont           Marney Grimes
Diane Bagley                    Carolyn & Joseph Campanelli      Laurel d’Entremont         Liz & Phill Gross
Rosemary Baglio                 Judith Cantlin Ho                Kerry Dervishian           Bridget & Edward Guiney
Christine Baglio                Capital Grille                   Dianne Deschenes           Lois Guinta Cimeno
Laura Bailey                    Jennifer Cappucao                Richard DeSimone           Robin & Peter Haffenreffer
Violaine Bailey                 Maura & Charles Carney           Pam DiBella                Kathleen Hall
Genevieve Bain                  Mary Carroll                     Fran Dineen                Erin & Joe Hanley
Randy Baker                     Stephanie Catalini               Jane Diperri               Jerome P. Hargrow
Sachi Baldwin                   The Catered Affair               Dan Doherty                Rhonita Hargrow
Maria Baletrierr                Frak Cavallaro                   Julie Doherty              Harpoon Brewery
Nancy Barbati                   Celia Ceroullo                   Denise D’Olimpio           Barbara Harris
Gina Bassett                    Jackie & Paul Cevino             Francis Donovan            R. Harris
Bonnie & Gary Battite           Julie Charet                     Lawrence Dugan             Jill & Gary Hatton
                                            To Those Who Support Us
Trisha Haynes                  Helene Martini                  Carolyn Pelloux                 Nancy & Josh Solomon
Kori Heath                     Deborah Marty                   Isabel Pelloux                  Barbara Spencer
Judith Helle                   MASA                            Joanne Perillo                  Karen Spiller
Jocelyn Henry                  MassArt Book Store              Gertrude Perlitsh               Jeanne Stanford
Eileen & Howard Herman-Haase   Tracy Mauro                     Cheryl Perry                    Starbucks
Herman Miller Inc. (Creative   Michelle McAfee                 Elisa & David Phillion          Stella
   Office Pavilion)             Tanya McCallum                  Gordon Phillips                 April Sullivan
Linda Hickok                   Louise Mcglashan                Lois Phinney                    Rosalie Sullivan
Diane Hill                     Melanie McLaughlin              Phyllis Lasky Consulting        Natashya Sumitra
George Hindy                   Christine & Patrick McMahon     Lisa Picardi                    Agatha Summons-McGuire
Laura Hodgkins                 Joyce McNeal                    Pigalle                         Linda Swett
Mildred & John Hogan           Sam Mesnick                     Christine Plowman               TCI Worldwide
Paula E. Hogan                 Sheila Mignott                  Anna Pons                       Temple Shalom
Kathleen & David Holland       Nancy Milburn                   Ann & George Porcaro            Jennifer Thornton
Robin Howard & David           Robin Milgram                   Theresa Porrazzo                Ann K. Tousignant
   Friedlander                 Diane Miller                    Glenn Porter                    Tre Noci
Icarus                         Linda Mitchell                  Lidna Poznauskis                Tremont 647/Sister Sorel
Todd Idson                     Angela Mizzoni                  Donna Quirk                     MaryBeth Tufts
Marilyn Insogna                Carmen Modugno                  Julie Ramos                     Kathy Tully
Maria Islami                   Mary & Albert Modugno           Joyce Randazzo                  Ellen Umlah
Curtis Jackson                 Veronica Moore                  Kelli Raso                      Union Bary and Grille
Amy Jenkins                    Trisha Morrissey-Haynes         Redbones                        Lisa Vanstry
Mary Beth Jodice               Annette Moschella               Jennifer Reed                   Suzanne Velis
Peggy & Phil Johnson           Manju Mude                      Carmina Rego                    Karen Victor & Robert D. Sege
Ellen Jordan                   Mariquita Mullan                Elizabeth Restivo               Melidan Wahlman
Lisa Kadin                     Barbara Murdock                 Tammy Ricciardi                 Pam Ward
Laura Kalin                    Cristina Murphy                 Sybil Richardson                Carol Warner & Ned Cooke
Fern Kanter                    Michael Murphy                  Jennifer Riley & Trish Mucci    Helen Weeks
Lauren Keane                   Tamiko Neal-Jackson             Marie T. Rizzo                  David Weinberg
Ruth Keenan                    Anne Neilson                    Sybil Robinson                  Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Weiner
Christine M. Keenan-Faig       New Boston Fund                 Ellen Rogers                    Sherrie Weinstein
Dawn Khoury                    Hilary Newman                   Gregory Rogers                  Sarah Weisberg
Kingsley Montessori School     Maureen Nicosia                 Virginia L. Rogers              Darlene White
Betty Knight                   Joanne Nie                      Jillian & Gerard Rollock        Eunice White
Mary L. Koch                   Althea Niles                    Amy Rosen                       MaryAnn White
Robert Kochakian               Pat Norris                      Elizabeth Ross                  Natasha White
Lorelei Kolegue                Janice Noseworthy               Heidi Ross                      Carolyn Whittemore
Sandra Kolegue-Spalaris        Eddis Nowik                     James Rossi                     Dr. & Mrs. Ziv Williams
Kevin Kordis                   Anabela Nunes                   Christine & Dana Russian        Maria Winkler
Irene Kounelas                 Paula Oakley                    Marion Ryan                     Winn Managed Properties, LLC
Thomas La Bella                The Oak Room                    Elyssa & Eric Sacco             Mary Winn
Danielle Ladd                  John O’Brien                    Phyllis Sachar                  Marion Wolfson
Ellen Lamay                    Maureen O’Brien                 George Sallo                    Women in Development
La Morra Restaurant            Lia O’Donnell                   Marie Sammarco                  Kathy & John Wood
Coradean Lavergne              Old Sturbridge Village          Martha Sampson                  Catherine H. Yarrow
Rosemary Lawlor                Edith O’Leary                   Jean Sartell                    Thomas Young
Deanne Lebowitz                Carolyn E. Oliveri              Savino’s Grill
Hallie Lee                     Candace Olson                   Pooja Sawhney                     We wish to thank the hundreds
Lawrence Lee                   Joan O’Neal                     Brian Schultz                     of others who supported the
Legal Sea Foods                O’Neill & Associates            Scituate High Senior Showcase     2008 Annual Fund with gifts
Julianna Lemieux               Jenn O’Neill                       Class Service Learning         up to $99, volunteered their
Nancy & Mark Leon              Kathy Orlando                   Adrienne Scott                    time and donated other gifts-
Paul Liberty                   Carol O’Rourke                  Alex Scott                        in-kind. Your compassion and
Betsy Lister                   Kathie O’Rourke                 Corinna & Nicholas Selby          commitment to helping those
Alba Lopez                     Judy Oshansky                   Sel de la Terre                   in our society who need us
Lois Lorotney                  Mary & Paul Ottobre             Joyce & Bert Serwitz              most are greatly appreciated.
Tanya Low                      Christine Pacini                Anne Severson
Tom Lucas                      Debbie Parziale                 Nancy Shinto                      Every effort is made to be
                                                                                                 accurate. We apologize for
Lorraine & Michael Luongo      Maria Pasciuto                  Lori Shulman
                                                                                                 any omissions or errors and
Agnes R. MacDonald             Evelyn Paste                    Tamar & Richard Siegel
                                                                                                 hope that you will contact
Harold Macgilvray              Peabody Office Furniture Corp.   Barbara Sittinger                 our Development Department
Albert Mahoney                 Mr. & Mrs. Mark Pearlstein      Jeanette Slater                   at 617-864-8140 with any
Zeina Malik                    Tyler Peck                      Dalles Smith                      corrections.
Jennifer Markham               Lisa Pefine                      George Smith
                              Administrative Office                        Board of Directors
                                      (617) 864-8140                          President: Dan Omstead
                                                                            Treasurer: Robert J. Boyle
                   Tom Lorello………………Executive Director                    Acting Clerk: Robert J. Boyle
                   Ivette Rodriguez…………Director of Finance & Admin.
                                                                                   William G. Creelman
                   Terri Hootstein…………...Director of Major Gifts                    Catharine de Lacy
                   Gordie Calkins…………...Director of Individual Services                 Michael F. Dowd
                   Terry Ortiz………………...Director of Family Services                    Daniel E. Geffken
                                                                                           Andrew Hoar
                   Howard Friedman……….Accounting Manager                                      Nick Iselin
                   Carol Vicens……………...Personnel/Finance Assistant                       Anne Margulies
                   Stacey Gordon…………..Volunteer Coordinator                              Marc Margulies
                                                                                           Donna Quirk
                   Margaret Farmer…………Development Coordinator
                                                                                    Frank C. Smith, Jr.
                   Tasha Williams……………Administrative Assistant                           Karen A. Spiller
                                                                                   Edmund L. Toomey
                                                                                      Michele Whitham

                          Heading Home Programs
                                     Boston Family Shelter
                                                                            Advisory Council
                                       (617) 267-8081                                 Chair: Phill Gross
                                  Boston Housing for Families                            David Begelfer
                                       (617) 825-5261                                    Phil Brannigan
                                                                                           Sean Curran
                                       Cambridge Shelter                               Joseph Fleming
                                        (617) 547-1885                                        Phil Giffee
                                                                                        Wendy Jacobs
                     Cambridge Legal Assistant Service Program (CLASP)              Christine McMahon
                                      (617) 552-0623                                 Patrick McMahon
                                                                                        Ruth Moorman
                                     Homeless to Housing
                                                                                            Tom O’Neill
                                       (617) 864-0782                                    Colette Phillips
                                Homeless to Housing for Families                              Tom Quirk
                                                                                        Sheldon Simon
                                       (617) 267-8081
                                                                                         Josh Solomon
                                     Lopez Avenue Project                              Nancy Solomon
                                       (617) 441-7845                                    Carolyn Spicer
                                                                                              Rob Wolff
                                    Malden Kaszanek House
                                        (781) 321-1773
                                                                           Outreach Council
                                         McKay House
                                        (617) 864-0782                                        Chairs:
                                                                                   Christine McMahon
                          Medford Family Life Education Center (MFLEC)           and Patrick McMahon
                                        (781) 391-9116
                                                                                        Ashley Brooks
                                        Project Connect                                   Greg Casey
                                        (617) 349-6332                                    Matt Gaines
                                                                                      Matthew Giffune
                                    The Susan Duley House                                  Daniel Hart
                                        (617) 492-0098                                    Molly Heath
                                                                                        Tucker Kelton
                                                                                           Amy Martin
                                                                                       Linvelle Morton
                                                                                        Michael Olson
                                                                                         Nathan Riner
                                                                                         Jessica Sergi
                             P.O. Box 390516 • Cambridge, MA 02139                          Ellen Shor
Editor: Terri Hootstein         P. 617-864-8140 • F. 617-864-2541                      Jon Weintraub
Design: Michael McVey                 www.headinghomeinc.org                         Edward Zacharias

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