Tutu Divas

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					Tutu Divas
Tutu Divas
             • The Basque is the
             upper part designated
             by fabric.

             • The Panty is the
             lower part.

             • Drawn lines for frills

             • Basque carefully
             pinned to the panty
             with room for cording
             on basque.
Tutu Divas
             •This is a piece of 60' long tulle for the
             hoop layer, which has been dyed the
             appropriate color and now needs to be
             ironed flat in order to be gathered.
             •Total of 120 yards of ruffled tulle and net
             •Ten layers
             •Hoop Layer consists of two overlapping
             pieces of tulle/netting each about 50 feet
    Tutu Divas
 Once the tulle/netting is ironed flat, it is run through
  the sewing machine using a special gathering foot.
 After this, another gathering thread is zig-zagged on
  top of this gathering so that each piece can be
  gathered even more tightly to fit the appropriate space
  on the basque/panty.
Tutu Divas

 Creating the ruffles - The narrowest/bottom layer, before and
                         after gathering.
Tutu Divas

         Tiny Ruffles
Tutu Divas

       Pinned to be ironed
Preparing the frills
for ironing
Layers of Frills
Shorter Frills
Attaching the Frills
Tutu Divas
             Pins, pins and more
             pins attaching the
             first layer

             The Basque

             The Panty

             Crucial Pinning
      Tutu Divas

Attaching the frills - Pen markings guide attachment point
The positioning for each layer is carefully measured and drawn. At the narrowest
part (the front leg), ten tightly gathered layers must be sewn into a space of only
about 2.5 - 3". Here you can see the 10th (bottom) layer is pinned on and ready to
be sewn. After this, we pin and sew on the 1st (top) layer and continue working our
way down, layer by layer.
Tutu Divas
             The Frills Grow!
Hoop insertion point at
fourth layer. Tie up top
To create the hoop layer,
two gathered pieces are
sewn onto a flat piece of
netting, and a casing for
the hoop is then created
On the long/right side of
the flat piece you can see
the zig-zag over
gathering threads which
will be used to gather up
and position this very-long-
layer on the basque/panty.
                             Inserting the Hoop
The hoop is inserted into the casting. The size of the hoop helps determine
the shape of the tutu -- smaller for more bell-shaped or larger for more flat.
Tutu Divas

                    Hoop secured from
             Fourth layer down to Sixth Layer –
  Each of the layers is secured with individually tied knots
      Layers 9-10 together, layers 7-8-9 together, etc.
Tutu Divas
             Layers of Frills
Tutu Divas
             Stair Stepped
             In Place
Tutu Divas

       Let the embellishment begin!