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					My Second Grade Writing

        I am special in many ways. First, I am a very good
swimmer. My favorite thing to do in the pool is dive. Next, I like to
use computers. My favorite thing on the computer is Microsoft.
Third, I love listening to the Beatles. My favorite Beatles CD is
Revolver. Last, I have fun running. My favorite place to run is the
park. These things make me special.
                            Family Fun
        My family likes to do many things together. First, New
York is fun with my family. I like to visit my uncle. Next, we go
to the museum. There are many fun things to see there. Third,
my family likes to go to Disneyland. It has good rides. Last, my
family likes to go to the Science Center. My favorite thing there
is the member party. These things are fun with my family.
                           Signs of Fall
         There are many signs of fall. One sign of fall is leaves
change color. When it’s fall, the leaves change red, orange, and
yellow. Another sign of fall is leaves falling. Lots of people make
piles of leaves in fall. Halloween is another sign of fall. On
Halloween, you can get lots of candy. The last sign of fall is
Thanksgiving. At Thanksgiving, there is a lot of food. These are
all the signs of fall.
        At 12:00 am, Joshua B and I went to the haunted house. First,
Josh and I were going to find some clues. Next we went up, up, up…all
the way to the top of the haunted house. When we got there, we opened
a magical box but we didn’t know what was inside. Many bats flew out
of the box. We felt scared. We ran out from the bats very fast all the
way home.
        It is important to use good health manners. One good
health manner is to use a tissue. People don’t like it if you pick
your nose. People do not like it if you sniff either. Also a good
health manner is to wash your hands. If you wash your hands
good, there will be bubbles. The last good health manner is to
cover your nose and mouth when you cough. If you don’t cover
your mouth, you can spread germs. People like you if you use
good health manners.
        We love celebrating Christmas. One thing we do on Christmas
is eat mashed potatoes. They taste so good! Next, after dinner, we open
our presents. Last, we play with our presents. Sometimes they are very
good. I love celebrating Christmas.
     I know how to make a snowman. First you make 3 snow
balls. You have to make a big one, medium one, and a small one.
It takes about 1 hour to make a snow ball. Next you have to
make eyes, nose, and mouth. You put a carrot to make the nose.
Third you put a hat on top of the snow man. Last you put buttons
on the snow mans belly. You put 3 buttons on the snow mans
belly. It is fun making a snow man!
                         Signs of Spring
         These are many the signs of spring. First, in spring there
is less rain. The weather is warm and dry. Next, baby birds
hatch. They come out of eggs. Last, plants and leaves grow.
There are many flowers growing. These are signs of spring.
        There are many things you can do to take care of the earth.
One thing is to do is recycle. You can recycle bottles and cans. Another
thing is to plant trees. Don’t cut down to many trees too much. Also
walking walking and bicycling takes care of the earth. Don’t drive to
long. Saving the Earth is fun!
       fuzzy tickly
crawling eating munching
   sometimes it is gray
                      The Life Cycle of a Butterfly

          I watched the life cycle of a butterfly. First a butterfly lays
an egg on a leaf. The egg won’t crack for about 3-5 days. Next a
caterpillar pops out of it’s egg. The caterpillar looks for food until
it’s fat. Third the caterpillar builds pupa. Caterpillars in the forests
usual climb a tree to build a pupa. Finally a butterfly comes out of
the pupa. The butterfly flap it’s wings to fly. Watching a caterpillar
is fun!
        Yesterday I had a barbeque. First we went to the store to
get some meat. We also got some other stuff. Next we were
setting the barbeque. I helped and put some water in side the
food cooker. Finally we ate meat and vegetables. Our barbeque
was fun!
        We learned what’s in space at the Star Lab. One thing we
learned about are the planets. There are eight planets in our solar
system. There are also two dwarf planets. Another thing we
learned about are the stars. All stars are hot. All stars are far
away. The third thing we learned about are constellations. There
is the dragon. There is also the big bear. The Star Lab was
          These are all the things in track and field. One game in track and field
is 50 yd. run. You have to stay in your own or you will be disqualified. Another
game in track and field is long jump. You have to start behind the line and then
run and jump on the map. Third shot put is an another game in track and field.
It’s good to push it far. When we do it the ball is 6 pounds. Also there is the 200
yd. run. For the 200 yd. run you get to run around 1 time. You have to run
around the cones or you will be disqualified. Last there is also relay race on track
and field. You need to pass the baton as team work Track and field is fun!
       I had lots of fun this school year. One thing that we did is P.E. When we do P.E. that
gives us exercise. If we do a good job, we can get a sticker. Mostly, P.E. is fun. Another
thing we did is homework. If you do a lot of homework, then your brain will be smart. You
have to bring your homework on Friday. If you don’t bring your homework or don’t do it, then
you can’t go to P.E. reinforcement. We also made some movies. We made a movie about
health manners. We also made a move called good table manners. To make movies, we used
Windows Movie Maker. Another thing we do is recess. We do not use weapons at recess.
People will want to play with you if you are playing nice. Sharing is good at recess. Finally,
we made a lot of projects. We do art in our class. We also do art with Dana. Sometimes we
do art on Paint on the computer. My second grade school year was fun.

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