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stroller fitness
   Stroller fitness. If any two words sound like an oxymoron,
                                                                                                      a new approach to exercise for sleep deprived mothers

                                                                                   months of weight gain.
                                                                                                                                                                                                     by KATHY BUCKWORTH

these are the two. If one is in possession of a stroller, it is                       So, for the past ten years, you might have seen a string of
generally assumed that one is in possession of a child to                          new moms vigorously pushing their strollers through a local
store in said stroller. This being the case, normally the                          Mississauga park, enjoying fresh air, interesting scenery
child is the perpetrator of great physical crimes against the                      (more interesting than watching The Wiggles sing about
natural mother: you and me. Having children causes you                             fruit salad for the 100th time) and networking with new
to lose sight of many things – including your waistline, the                       friends. But that’s not the main benefit. “Women receive
unobstructed view of your feet and the jaunty “Size 6” tag                         personal training in a group setting,” explains Frosst. “I
which might at one time have hung from your jeans.                                 have repeat clients who have come with their first, second
   I had approached post-baby fitness with a simple attitude:                      and even third child. They like the bonding and support
If Demi Moore claimed she could look like she did simply                           network stroller fitness provides, as well as working to
“chasing after her children"… and she only had three of                            regain their pre-pregnancy shape and having the ability to
them… then I was sure with my FOUR children that I could                           bring baby along on the work out too.”
surpass even her shape and cruise towards Cameron Diaz                                The classes run twice a week and last for an hour.
territory.                                                                         Distances covered can range from two to four kilometres,
   Wrong, wrong, wrong. Losing weight and gaining body                             depending – there are women who run the course, who
strength is something that all of us have to work at, especially                   keep even Frosst on her toes. For those who are lagging
new Moms. The only muscle you’re likely to get taut is the                         behind, she’s happy to encourage (a nice word for badger)
arm you use to perform baby jiggling while stirring instant                        them to pick up the pace and move briskly. Kids don’t come
pasta dishes on your stove. Your thighs simply don’t get                           without homework so Frosst is happy to provide her clients
thinner on their own after the baby is born.                                       with some of their own, in order to stay focused on their
   Jen Frosst found herself in a similar position years ago                        goals. Frosst also helps women set reasonable goals for
with the birth of her first child. She had worked a desk job                       their fitness program. Regaining your pre-pregnancy shape
for 10 years and was looking forward to spending time with                         is feasible with four work-outs a week; regaining Kate
her new baby, and focusing on her fitness for a change. As                         Hudson's… not so much.
a certified fitness trainer, Jen knew full well the benefits                          Think you can’t exercise for the first six weeks after the
of a fitness program, but saw a need to develop one that                           baby is born? Most women can start sooner than this (check
would fit her new lifestyle, and encourage others in the                           with your doctor), and it’s a great way to get through the first
same boat to take part. She launched “Stroller Fitness”                            four to six weeks (often referred to as “forty desperate days
not only to help melt away some of the excess inches a new                         and nights) by sharing some time with other women who are
baby leaves behind in its wake, but also to customize a                            “feeling your pain.” For real.
program for women who were getting less than eight hours                              While Stroller Fitness is specifically geared towards                                    Stroller Fitness classes run May to October
of sleep a night. Way less. In fact, some not at all. She also                     women, Frosst has had one Dad, and even one Granddad                                           at Woodhurst Heights Park in Erin Mills.
wanted to focus on posture and core strength, which are key                        join her class – must be that sympathetic weight they’re                                    For more information contact Jen Frosst at
to overcoming the trauma most pregnant women’s spines                              trying to shift – or maybe just allowing Mom to get those                                               905-301-6638, or email her at
endure (along with other body parts) during their nine                             eight hours of sleep.                                                                                   

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