Annual Quality Assurance Report 2008-09

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					      M. E. S. M. M. Arts and Science College, Sirsi (Uttar Kannada)
                 Annual Quality Assurance Report 2008-2009

                                     Part – A
      The plan of action chalked out by the IQAC in the beginning of the
year towards quality enhancement and the outcome achieved by the end of
the year.
      The plan of action for the academic year 2008-09 was discussed during
the joint meeting held on 01-07-2008. Different issues were critically examined.
Quality circles and impact creating aspects were identified. The members of
IQAC approved the action plans. Following are the action plans to fulfill the
requirements of 21 departments 717 students 57 teaching faculty and 32 non -
teaching members and the outcome achieved during the period 01-07-2008 to
Infrastructural plans :
1.   Completion of the construction of ladies Hostel building under the
     special grant scheme sanctioned by U. G. C.
    The Construction of the Ladies Hostel is successfully completed with an
     investment of Rs. 1, 26,000/-
2.   Improvement of floors in Physics, Electronics Chemistry and
     Bio–technology laboratories.
    Ceramic flooring work is completed with an investment of Rs. 3,00,000/-
3.   To purchase Copying machine for the use of learners in the library.
    A New Xerox Machine has been purchased and installed in the library
     for the use of students with an investment of Rs. 76,000/-
4.   Addition of quality books and latest Journals for the Library and
     Reading room.
    Books worth Rs. 3, 83,200/- purchased during the year and added to the
     library. Journals worth Rs. 20,100/- are subscribed and made available to
     the learners.                              (For details see Annexure- IV)

5.   To purchase additional computers for the computer department and
     the staff.
    12 computers have been purchased and added to the computer department.
     One more computer is purchased for the exclusive use of the faculty
6.   To extend internet connectivity and enhance the learning resource to
     teachers and the taught.
    Broad Band facility is provided in the computer department of the college.
     Internet connection is extended to the administrative office and the staff.
7.   To install green House with suitable tunnel for the development of
     tissue– ulture activity through Bio-tech department of the college.
    A small green house with a tunnel is established in the campus for
     undertaking the supply of plants to meet out the requirement of the
     surrounding area. The institution has made an investment of Rs. 60,000/-
     for it.
8.   To complete II floor in the U. G. C. Block, the New Building of the
    Three rooms were added to the U. G. C. Block in the II floor with an
     investment of Rs. 15 Lakhs.
9.   To arrange for the development of interior garden inside the college
    Renovation and improvement of the college garden with an investment
     of    Rs. 1,25,000/-has been      completed with      the help of     campus
     development committee.
10. To provide Quality Sound system in the Audio- Visual hall.
    High quality sound system has been installed at the Audio -Visual Hall
     with an investment of Rs. 31,000/-
1.   To purchase Generator to supply power during power cut period.
    New Generator of 15 K. V. is purchased to supply power during power
     cut period with an investment of more than Rs. 3,00,000/-

     To Purchase additional lab Equipment to the laboratories.
     New    equipments    have been   added   to   the laboratories   with on
      investment of Rs. 2,64,730/-
2.    To arrange for ceramic flooring to the staff room.
     Staff room has been furnished with ceramic flooring water filter, wash
      basins, cupboards and table.
3.    Repairs and renovation of old toilets in the Western Block.
     Adjacent to the ladies room old toilet has been renovated for the use of
4.    To add suitable furniture for the use of functional committee, and
     Furniture worth Rs. 40,000/- purchased and provided to Placement Cell,
      Exam co.uncil, NAAC co–ordination office of the college, and the
      Function Hall.
                          ACADEMIC PLANS
1. To Review the Vision and Mission with a view to widen the coverage
     and Broaden the base.
● The IQAC considered the existing vision and mission and resolved to
     modify it to widen the coverage and broaden the base. The altered vision
     and mission are as follows.
     Nation Building through Human Resource Development. Enabling the
     Learners to face the Challenge of Changes with an Emphasis on
     Individuality and Innovation.
     Empowering the Learners with Knowledge and Skills required for
     Employability. Enhancing their Competency by imparting Quality
     Education with a focus on the Nurturing of Values

2. To Extend mentor system to cover the final year degree students of the
     Existing mentor system covering I year and II year degree is extended to III
      year degree for the academic year 2009.
3.    Educational diversification and introduction of Add on courses.
     Certificate course, Diploma and Advanced diploma in Tourism and Indian
      classical dance have been introduced to add value to Human Resource.
4.    To Organise reach-out programmes to reach rural areas with the
      purpose of procuring quality input and useful extension of services.
     Members of faculties formed different groups and visited Pre-University
      colleges in the surrounding area and delivered lectures, distributed printed
      materials containing educational details.
5.    To encourage and conduct research activities through Researchers’
      forum of the college.
     The Researchers‟ forum organized several meetings and motivated the
      teachers to undertake research projects. Half a dozen project proposals
      have been submitted to UGC out of which 3 Minor Projects are sanctioned
      involving an amount of Rs. 2,80,000/-and one Major Project involving
      Rs. 5.17 Lakhs to the Kannada Dept.
6.    Impact of Alumini contact and strengthening of organizational base.
● The practice of Organising Alumini meet on the second day of Annual
     social gathering in the name of “Hosa Chiguru Hale Beru” continued
     the renewal of Alumini contact at the department level .
7. To orient      teaching and non - teaching       staff   to follow    learners
     centered approach in the college.
     The Head of the institution conducted meetings of teaching and non–
      teaching staff   and motivated them to follow learners centered approach.
      It included receptive attitude, positive telephone manners. Career guidance
      and help to documentation.
8.    To explore possibilities of tie–up with foreign agencies and agencies
      from other states offering creative and useful education package.
    The institution entered into a Gentleman‟s agreement with Indian Institute
     of Science Bangalore and Earth Watch from England with regard to
     research activities in respect of climate change and Global Warming.
9.   Addition of rare species to the existing medicinal plant garden in the
●    The Life Science departments of the college have taken keen interest in
     adding new medicinal species to the garden.
10. Experimentation of innovative teaching techniques in the selected
     subjects by the identified teachers.
    The department of Chemistry and Biology in the science                wing,
     department of Geography, department of English and department of
     Music introduced practical approach, project based        methods and the
     use of audio visual aids made the learning process effective .
11. Participation of teachers in the Curriculum design.
    Senior members of the faculties directly or indirectly participated in
     designing and reviewing syllabus to different courses.
12. To promote remedial courses for slow learners.
    The practice of helping the slow learners with special guidance and
     extra classes continued during the academic year.
13. Deputation of teachers for training, Refresher course / Orientation
     course and seminars.
    Two teachers were deputed to Infosys     Mysore for training in Soft Skills.
     One teacher for Refresher course, one teacher for Orientation course and
     31 teachers for National seminars.
14. Conduct of study tours and Projects
    In subjects like Botany, Zoology and Biotechnology have conducted
     industrial and related study tours. The department of Chemistry undertook
     project work on Water analysis, Soil analysis, Milk analysis etc.

15. To upgrade skill development programme.
    With the view of enhancement of the employability of learners, the trained
     teachers conducted classes to improve language skill, communicative skill
     and analytical skills.
16. To extend yoga and Pranayama for learners for better concentration
     and good Health.
    With the combined effort of Physical Education department and college
     NCC Unit one week Yoga Camp was successfully organized in the college.
     65 students took the benefit of it.

                                 OTHER PLANS

1.    To conduct Ball - Badminton tournament and university           selection
      trails on behalf of Karnataka University.
*     The Physical Education department of our college organized Karnataka
      University inter-collegiate Ball-Badminton tournament and selection
      trails successfully. Three players of our college were selected as “Blues”
      to represent Karnataka university Ball–Badminton team at the inter–
      university meet.
2.    To organize and conduct National level seminar on Medicinal plants
      protection and promotion.
*     The Life science department of our college organized a UGC sponsored
      National Seminar on the topic “Medicinal Plants Protection and
      Promotion” on 4th and 5th October 2008. The seminar was inaugurated
      by the Honourable Minister for Higher Education, Karnataka Govt.
      Sri Aravinda Limbavali. Dr.V. S. Korikanthimath, Director, Indian
      Council of Agricultural Research, Goa State delivered the keynote
                                                 (For details see annexure-I)

3.    To organize a work shop Harnessing Violence in educational
*     One day work–shop was organized on the above mentioned subject in the
      college with the co-ordination of CLHRD, Mangalore on 30-08-2009.
4.    To organize     environmental awareness programme and to have an
      interaction with environmentalist.
*     Renowned National level Environmentalist Dr. Sundarlal Bahuguna was
      invited to the College and his lecture on environmental awareness and
      protection was followed by an interaction session with the students of the
      college on 09-09-2008.
5.    To facilitate NRI Alumni of the College.
*     A felicitation programme was organized to honour Prof. Madhav G. Bhat
      Associate Professor. Department of Environmental Economics, Florida
      International University, Miami, USA one of the Alumni Association
      members of the college.
6.    To conduct an essay competition for degree students on terrorism.
*     The department of English conducted an assay completion on the topic
      “Terrorism an obstacle for the Progress of Modern Civilization” on
7.    To arrange for “Harmony Meet” of outgoing students and the
*    The institution always intends to maintain harmonious relationship with the
     outgoing students. A harmony meet conducted to bid a warm fare–well for
     the outgoing students of the final year degree classes on 05-05-2009.

                                      PART – B
Q 1. Activities reflecting the goals and objectives of the institution.
*     The institution is rendering its honest efforts to accomplish the objectives
      as conveyed in the prospectus distributed for the learners about academic
      and non academic activities spread throughout the year. Human
      Resource     development with focus on knowledge procurement, skill
      development, leadership training, social awareness, national integration
      and development of sportsman spirit are the guiding factors behind
      the design of activities of the year. The number and nature of activities
      directly or indirectly reflect the vision and growing prospects. The
      activities clearly indicate that the efficient teaching and non-teaching
      team is making its honest effort to prove that the out put of the institution
      fit for job and fit for life at the exit point.
*     Providing admissions to the available courses and combinations to all
      deserving students denying none from the opportunity to learn.
*     Counseling with parents and students at the time of admissions.
*     Induct the freshers with a warm well-come, acquainting the opportunities
      and facilities available at the institution.
*     Training sport persons, selections and encouraging to participate at the
      university and inter- university level competition.
*     Involvement of students in community service.
*     Conducting skill and personality development activities.
*     To invite private companies for campus interviews.
*     Motivating the students to take part in music, art and dance.
*     Students‟ association with social service organization.
*     Conducting free and fair college elections in healthy atmosphere.
*     Effective implementation of mentor system.
*     Inculcating patriotism with the celebrations of National festivals.
*     Providing comfortable accommodation for girls in Hostels.
*     Promoting the activities of Union and Gymkhana.
*     Introduction of diploma course in soft skills.
*    Deputation of teachers for “Training in soft skills‟‟ programme.
*    Involvement of students in various curricular and extra curricular
     activities & competitions.
*    Encouragement and guidance for the publication of Monthly Magazine
     “Srajana‟‟ by the department of Journalism.
*    Extra effort to help the poor learners conducting remedial classes.
*    Organising endowment and memorial lectures.
*    Motivating teachers to undertake research projects.
*    Honouring and encouraging the distinct performers in sports and other
*    Programmes on environmental awareness.
*    Training in writing skill, speech and debate.
*    Blood donation camps by NCC and Red Cross units.
*    Career guidance from CLHRD extension centre of the college.
*    Training sports persons, selections and encouraging toparticipate at the
     university and inter–university level competitions.
*    Involvement of students in community services.
*    Conducting skill and personality development activities.
Q.2. New academic programmes initiated:
    Diploma course in „Soft Skills‟ was introduced at the beginning of the
     year in accordance with MOU between Karnataka University and
     INFOSYS Bangalore.                        (For details see Annexure – VII)
    Initiatives are under progress to start Diploma course in “Tourism
     Development” and Diploma course in “Social Work”
    The faculty members took a keen interest in framing syllabus for these
     courses and also to plan out the curriculum.
Q.3. Innovation in curricular design and transaction:
    It is very heartening to mention that the newly framed university semester
     syllabus has incorporated the much needed concepts like Indian
     Constitution,    Personality     development,     communicative       skill,
     environmental studies Human Right lessions, computer Application etc.
        Faculty members participated and contributed new ideas while designing
         university syllabus.
        The department of History and Sociology have taken initiative to design
         the syllabus for certificate course in “Tourism Development” and “Social
Q.4. Inter-disciplinary programmes started.
        With     the   attempt   of   generating    employability.   “The    Global
         Enhancement” training was conducted for final year degree students. Two
         teachers specially trained by   INFOSYS     Mysore trained the students in
         English language enhancement and analytical skills.
        Motivated the students to prepare project reports on current issues like
         “Terrorism” “Indian space programme” and “Global Warming”etc.
        With the intention of developing scientific temper, students were guided
         to make a study on recent scientific developments like Nano-
         Technology, Big-Bang Theory, Chandrayana and prepare reports.
        To develop research attitude and also to enhance the skill of students to
         interact with the Govt. officers, Doctors and other officials, taking
         interviews and collecting information, different field studies were under
        The following field work reports submitted by the students of
         Environmental studies.
Sl.No. Project Undertaken                           Area selected for field work
   1   Bio-medical waste and its                    TSS Hospital, Govt. Hospital,
       management in Hospitals                      Sirsi
  2.   Medicinal Plants and Applications            Govt. Medicinal plant garden at
       of these.                                    Bakkal and college medicinal
    3.    A case study of slum area                 Slum area at Marathikoppa Sirsi.
    4.    Waste Management in Sirsi Town            Town municipality Sirsi.

Q.5. Examination reforms implemented:
        The implementation of semester system at the graduation level intensified
         the process of students‟ performance evaluation. Examination for every
          six months made the learning activity more rigorous and intensified. The
          introduction of internal assessment scheme made the students to involve
          seriously on seminars, project work, assignments and discussions. Two
          tests between each semester made the evaluation of students, performance
          more accurate. Question papers for the tests are set in the model of
          semester examination. Answer scripts timely assessed and given back to
          the students to acknowledge them about their performance. The result
          sheets of internal marks circulated among the students.
  Q.6. Candidates qualified NET/ SLET/GATE etc.
          --- Nil ----
  Q.7     Initiatives towards faculty development programme:
         To gear up research activity and also to motivate the faculty members to
          involve in research activities „Researchers Forum‟ has been established.
          Meetings conducted in regular intervals to monitor the activities and to
          discuss the progress. Faculty member availed ample opportunities for
          their development and took successful steps towards self betterment by
          way of research projects, contributing articles, presenting seminar papers,
          attending seminars and workshops, delivering lectures, publishing books
          and taking various responsibilities.
                                                     (For details See Annexure–X)
  Q.8 Total number of seminars/ workshops conducted.
  Details of important workshop / seminar etc. conducted.
Sl. No.        Date              Programme                Resource Person involved
                         Staff meeting along with
                         management members &
  1.       23-07-2008                                     Dr. S. I. Bhat, Principal
                         A presentation on
                         „Mentor system‟.
                         Induction programme for
  2.       4-8-2008      B. A. & B. Sc.                   Principal & Staff
                         Ist Year students.
                         „Tingalu Belaku Programme‟
                                                          Prof. P. B. Prassanna
                         by the Department of
  3.       7-8-2008                                       Govt. First grade college,
                         Kannada Topic
                         „Humor in life‟

                   Education for Savings          The Branch Manager ,
4.    8-8-2008
                   Investment & Insurance         HDFC, Hubli
                   Sapling Planting Programme
      10-8-2008,                                  In assistance with
5.                 & Nature Awareness
      11-8-2008                                   KUDCEMP
                   Workshop in the campus
                   Eco- awareness programme
                   in association with            Dr. V. S. Bhat and Shri
6.    10-8-2009
                   KUDCEMP Karwar & NCC           Prabhakar Bhat, IISc
                   unit of the College
                   Late Principal L.T.Sharma      Dr. V. K. Hampihole ,
                   endowment lecture on Indian    Principal, A. V. Baliga
7.    13-8-2009
                   Education system &             College , Kumta
                   Personality Development,
                                                  Shri Janardhana Rajurs
                   Commencement of “Kathak”
8.    15-08-2008                                  Dance Teacher in Kathak
                   Dance Classes in Music dept.
                                                  from Bangalore.
                   Learn to Earn for Financial    Shri Dharwadkar
9.    15-08-2008
                   Freedom                        HDFC Manager.
                                                  Shri Virupaksha Hegde,
10.   27-08-2008   “Srajana” releasing function
                   Tingala Belaku Programmes
                   Kannada Dept. Topic
11    28-08-2008                                  Prof. P.M. Hegde.
                   „Cristisim of B.M. Shri‟s
                   Lecturer on „Employability of
12    29-08-2008                                  Dr. S.I. Bhat.
                   Commerce learners‟
                   Lecturer on „Science &
13    01-09-2008   Service‟ organized by          Prof. M. R. Nagaraj.
                   Science Forum.
                                                  Dr. Mahesh Golikatti.
14    10-09-2008   Inaguration of NSS activities. Principal, Sadashivagad
                                                  College Karwar.
                   „Heritage Awareness‟
                                                  Shri Atti Murdu
15    11-09-2008   program by
                   U.K. Heritage Club.
                   Lecture cum Interaction with
                   the students organized by the
                                                  Bhramakumari Renuji of
16    24-09-2009   Professional council unit.
                   Topic „Stress Management

                                                   Shri Aravind Limbavali.
                                                   Higher Education Minister.
                                                   Dr. Sangam,
                  UGC sponsored National
                                                   Sr. Scientest Goa.
                  Seminar Organized by the
                                                   Dr. G.R. Hegde
     04-10-2009   Dept. of Life Science on the
17                                                 P.G.Dept.,K.U.D.
     05-10-2009   topic “Protection &
                                                   Shri Nagaraj Hampohle
                  Promotion of Medicinal
                                                   IFS, Conservator of forests
                                                   & Many other Distinguished
                                                   Resource persons from
                                                   various regions.
                  Lecture on „Importance of
                  Remote sensing & GIS
18   24-10-2008                                    Shri Narasimha Hegde.
                  Techniques in geographical
                  Lecturer on „Global financial    Shri M.M. Bhat
19   25-10-2008
                  crisis causes & effects‟         Prop. Ashwini Invester, Sirsi
                  Inauguration of
20   08-11-2008                                    Dr. Madhev Bhat.
                  „Researchers‟- Forum‟
                  Lecture on „Economic Crisis
21   13-11-2008                                    Dr. G.S. Bhat, Upponi.
                  another view‟
                  Late S.R. Hegde, Kadave
                                                   Shri N.P. Bhat,
22   17-01-2009   Memorial Endowment
                                                   IRS Dharwad.
                  Topic „Climate change‟           Mr. Nigel Winser Executive,
23   10-02-2009   Earth Watch Institute            Vice President Interacted
                  England                          with staff.
                  Lecture on „Bharathiya
24   04-02-2009                                    Dr. R. Ganesh Bangalore.
                  Kavya and Asthavadhana'
                                                   1) Shri Shivanand Joshi,
                                                   Sr. Journalist.
                  Two days workshop                2) Shri Gopal Krishna
25   18-02-2009   organized by the Dept. of        Hegde,
                  Journalism                       News Editor Prajavani.
                                                   3) M.K. Baskar Rao
                                                   Retd. Asst. Editor.
                  One week „Yoga Shibar‟
                  certificate course for Girls &   Dr. Venkatraman Hegde.
26   26-02-2009   NCC cadets with the Co-          Dr. Alisha Krishnan.
                  ordination of Physical           NisargaTrust Sirsi.
                  Education Dept.
                  Lecturer on “Nataraj Bounty”
27   06-04-2009                                    Dr. M.G. Hegde.
                  in classics
                  Kannada Dept. Organized          Shri Jayant Kaikini. Writer
28   13-04-2009
                  Interaction Session.             & TV Artist.
                                                      Dr. Meena Chandavarkar
29     29-04-2009      Founders Day Celebration       Director Academic Staff
                                                      College, Dharwad
                                                      Shri R.N. Thikot
                                                      CFO Vidyaposhak,
                       Smart card distribution
30     04-05-2009      programme organized by
                                                      Dr. P.S. Hegde
                       Red. Cross.
                                                      Blood Bank Officer, TSS
                                                      Hospital, Sirsi.

Q.9. Research Projects:
     Six minor project proposals submitted to UGC. Three of them have been
      already sanctioned. The remaining projects are expected to be sanctioned.
      One major project is in progress.
Q.10. Patents generated if any:
      ---- Nil -----
Q.11. New collaborative research programmes :
     The institution achieved the collaborative research activity with the
      European Research Organization “Global Earth Watch”. The “Indian
      Institute of Science” Bangalore extended its co-operation to conduct
      applied research in Uttara Kannada district relating to Ecological
      Imbalance and Climate Changes. Meetings are conducted to continue the
      course of action under the guidance of Dr. Ravindranath of IISC
     The Vice President and Executive of “Earth Watch Institute Europe”
      visited the college on 10.02.2009 and interacted with the staff.
Q.12. Research grants received:
     Rs.2 lakh 70 thousand received from UGC for minor research project of
      Dr. R.Y. Khan prof. B.K. Kemparaju and Prof. R.N. Nayak & one major
      research project of Dr. V. R. Hegde, Dept. of Kannada.

 Q.13. Details of Research Programmes:
       Name of the
Sl.No.                 Title of the Research Project            sanctioned
       faculty Members
                                                                from UGC
                            M.R.P. in Humanities.
 1.    Dr. R. Y. Khan       Education and Adaption of           Rs.    95000/-
                            Agricultural innovations.
                            M.R.P. in Humanities
       Prof. B.K.           Rural Development in Uttara
 2.                                                             Rs. 1,10,000/-
       Kemparaju            Kannada Dist. of Karnataka. A
                            Case study of S.G.S.Y.
                            M.R.P. in Science.
                            Information and Adaption of
 3.    Prof. R.N. Nayak     Agricultural Innovations: A Case    Rs.   75,000/-
                            study of Uttara Kannada Dist. Of
                            Karnataka State.

 4.    Dr. V. R. Hegde      Major Research project              Rs. 5,17,000/-

 Q.14. Citation Index of faculty members and impact factor:
      - No –
 Q.15. Honours / Awards to the faculty:
     The distinct achievements of the faculty members that have caught the
      common eye are as under.
     The Head of the institution has been conferred with following honours.
      1)   Member of College Development Council
      2)   Vice President Quality Consortium, a voluntary organization of
           college teachers at state level.
      3)   Member of Karnataka University Board of Career guidance and
           Employment information.
      4)   President of Bharat Seva Dal unit of Sirsi Taluk.
     The learned members of the staff of English, Sanskrit, Music and
      Zoology have written and published books.

     A talented faculty from music department has been recognized as „A‟
      grade artist and programmes are both broadcast and telecast.
     A creative member of the music department was invited to take part as
      judge for a very popular T.V. Programme of Karnataka “Ede Tumbi
      Haduvenu”conducted       by    the      famous    play   back   singer   S.P.
      Balasubramanyam which is telecasted in “E.T.V. Channel”
     A faculty member of Chemistry department is continued as the District
      representative of “Chem-Forum‟ of Karnataka University Dharwad.
Q.16. Resources Generated.
                     Source.                               Resources Generated.
1. Advertisement in “Mayur”- College                             6,500/-
2. From the students for Campus Development,                    1,40,000/-
   Lab Development, Library development                           71,000/-
3. From the parents for college Maintenance.                    15,40,000/-
4. Computer Lab Development fund.                               2,06,000/-

Q.17. Details of departments getting COSIST / DST, FIST etc. assistance /
      ---- Nil ----
Q.18 Community Services:
     The institution has continued its mission of extending its valuable service
      to the community. Having a strong faith that the ultimate goal of
      education as a means to achieve Socio-Economic progress through
      awakening the consciousness of the community. The institution is putting
      its efforts to inculcate values, eradicate ignorance, empower with
      knowledge, expanding the outlook, and prepare the young generation to
      face the challenges and to take up responsibilities. The following notable
      activities and services are as under.
     College provides admission opportunity to all eligible aspirants
      irrespective of cast, creed or economic status.

   The KSOU (Mysore) centre housed at the institution provides opportunity
    to persue education in varied disciplines.
   As one of the district Centers for conducting common entrance test (CET)
    for professional courses. PU Students of 6 Talukas are provided the
    facility to write examination.
   During holidays class rooms were used for the conduct of KPSC First
    Division Assistant entrance examination.
   Accommodation to girl students of the nearby Taluks is provided in the
    institution Ladies Hostel enabling them to attend CET Coaching classes.
   Budget analysis and discussions by the department of economies.
   Off campus exhibition of noted books.
   On holidays the open air theatre is used by the public to conduct cultural
   Interested public is always invited to Memorial lectures, Endowment
    lectures music and dance programmes.
   Interested local youths are allowed to take admission for Diploma Course
    in Kathak.
   Protection and preservation of historical monuments available in the
    surrounding areas.
   The post office branch, situated in the college campus is well utilized by
    the public of the surrounding layouts.
   MES Career guidance centre is extending its services in training youth for
    competitive examinations and library facility is open for the alumni and
    other pursuing youths.
                                                 (For details see Annexure VIII)
   MES Vidyarthi Souhardha Co-operative Society benefited many students
    of the adjacent layouts in getting stationeries. This unit is owned and
    managed by students and teachers.
   Students of Govt. College are accommodated to write University
    examination of each semester in the college.

         Well equipped and well maintained MES Multi Gymnasium is kept open
          for students, Alumni and interested local youth.
  By Staff :
Sl. No.    Organised          Reach out         Programme      Mode of extension
                             beneficiaries         Date          programme
  1.      Dept. of                                           Lecture on the problem
                          P.U. College,         19-8-2008
          Pol. Science                                       of „Terrorism‟
  2.      Dept. of                                           Lecture on „Women
                          P.U. College,         19-8-2009
          Economics                                          Empowerment‟
                                                             Resource person in
  3.                  M.G.C. College                         total quality
          Development                           31-10-2008
                      Siddapur                               Management
  4.                      Govt. High School,
          Development                         13-11-2008     Lecture on „Life Skills‟
                          Ganesh Nagar, Sirsi
  5.                      Lions High                         Programme on „Career
          Development                           21-11-2008
                          School,Sirsi                       guidance‟
                      Bharathi                               Two days training for
          Personality                           15th &16th
  6.                  Vidyapeetha                            High School Teachers
          Development                           November
                      Kasarakod Kerala                       in „Communication
          wing.                                 2008
                      state                                  skills‟
                      SSLC Students of
  7.                  Kalika Bhavani                         Programme on „Career
          Development                           12.02.2009
                      High School,                           guidance‟
                      Govt. Arts &
  8.      Dept. of                                           Lecture on Vedic
                      Commerce College,         9-04-2009
          Sanskrit                                           Mathematics

  In addition to the above list a few Philanthropic members of the staff are
  helping the social cause by lending their helping hands to the needy by being
  members of the well heard NGOs like Lions, Rotary, Ishwariya Vidhyala and
  Santwana etc.
  By Students under the guidance of Staff:
  -„Environmental Awareness Education‟ among rural people.
  - Social service through NSS & NCC
Q.19. Teachers and officers newly recruited:
         Four teachers, two office attenders are appointed on contract basis.
Q.20. Teaching – Non teaching staff ratio:
          Teaching           -      57
          Non teaching       -      32
          Ratio              -      ≈ 2:1
Q.21 Improvements in the Library services:
         The institution has a spacious (with 11,000 Sq.ft. built up area) and well
          equipped library with the present holding of 59650 books. This main
          learning resource provides user friendly service. The highlights of the
          services offered during the academic year are as under.
         The freshers to the institution are informed of the facilities available in
          the library.
         1963 new books worth of Rs.3, 83,200/- have been added to the library.
         15 Journals worth of Rs.20, 100/- have been subscribed for the exclusive
          use of learners and teachers.
Q.22 New books/ journals subscribed and their value:
          No. of books purchased during the Year       :        1957
                                            Value -    3, 82,243/-
New Journals:
    1.       National Co-op Union of India, New Delhi.
    2.       Institution of Parliamentary Affairs, Bangalore.
    3.       Indian Journal of Management Prabhandan, New Delhi.
    4.       Journal of Indian Writing English, Gulbarga
    5.       Literary criticism (Quarterly), Mysore.
    6.       Indian Literature, New Delhi.
    7.       Saras A. Journal of development to creative translation, Mysore.
    8.       Sahitya Amrit (Hindi), New Delhi.
    9.       Pratiyogita Darpana, Agra.
    10.      Sangeet (Music Magzine), Hatras U.P.
    11.      Indian Historical Review, Bangalore.
     12.    MAzÀ®è MAzÀÄ Hj£À°è (vÉæöʪÀiÁ¹PÀ), avÀæzÀÄUÀð
     13.    ¸ÀAZÀAiÀÄ ¥ÀwæPÉ (vÉæöʪÀiÁ¹PÀ) ¨ÉAUÀ¼ÀÆgÀÄ.
     14.    ¸Á»vÀå¸ÀAªÁzÀ (vÉæöʪÀiÁ¹PÀ) avÀæzÀÄUÀð
     15. UÁA¢ü§gÀhiÁgÀ ¥ÀwæPÉ, ¨ÉAUÀ¼ÀÆgÀÄ.
Q.23. Courses in which student assessment of teachers is introduced and
      the action taken on student feed back:
1.    The process of evaluation of the institutional potential is taken with the
      view of reaching excellence. A questionnaire format was given to outgoing
      students. Most of the students answered all the questions.
2.    Evaluation of teachers was also taken for each term.
3.    Student feed back was objectively attended and impressions were
      processed for the over all improvement of the institution.
4.    As a post analysis move on teacher evaluation, the head of the institution
      councells the deficient staff and extends the help of the senior staff to
      overcome the teaching challenges.
5.    Some of the student responses are as under.
      a) About 65% of the students wanted to go for higher education and 30%
           of them wanted to take up job. 5% of them wanted to be at home
           assisting their parents in agriculture.
      b) The opinion about Teachers is varied right from the word “average” to
           “Excellent”. About 80% of the students have satisfaction about the
           teachers and departments.
      c) Students wanted the extension of internet facility for more number of
           computers. They also desired that moral education should be a part of
      d) Some students have mixed opinion about library books. Some of them
           are happy that they can get more number of reference books on most of
           the subjects.

6.    Student suggestions:

     The following suggestions have been made by the students for the
     improvement of the campus.
     a) A beautiful garden in the middle of the campus.
     b) Proper water facility for Toilets.
     c) Canteen facility that provides food at the reasonable rate for students.
     d) A separate lunch room for girls.
7.   Action taken:
      The impressions of the students feed back is brought to the notice of
        higher committees.
      The measures have been taken to fulfill the requirements and
        expectations of the students.
Q.24. Unit cost of Education:
      Salary + Maintenance + Union & Gym Expenses
                     Number of Students.
      Unit cost of education:
             1,48,35,061 + 17,37,681 + 1,00,339            = Rs.23,271/-
Q.25. Computerization of administration and the process of admissions and
      examination results, issue of certificates:
1.    Computerization and Administration:
*     Office automation system is up-graded with the addition of quality
*     Multi-functional Xerox machine is for the office use.
*     Information sought by higher officer sent in the form of email and CDs.
*     Student admission process, accounts transactions, UGC fund utilization
      details, application details, staff service information and yearly result
      reading have been computerized.
2.    Admission Process:
*     According to the mission of the institution admission is given to all
      eligible students.

*     Prospectus containing necessary information about the course patterns,
      institutional code of conduct, facilities and opportunities available, up to
      date academic calendar etc. are provided to the aspirants who seek
*     The list of selected candidates is promptly displayed to maintain
      transference in admission process.
*     Admission committee works out the modalities for the smooth and
      systematic admission.
3.    Examination Results:
      Result Highlights of 2007-08
      V Semester
      100% results achieved in Sanskrit, Optional English, Music, Political
      Science, Sociology, Applied Statistics, Journalism, Computer application,
      Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Electronics, Computer Science and
      Bio-technology subjects.
      Passing percentage in B.A. 92.4%
      Passing percentage in B.Sc. 94.4%
      VI Semester
      100% results achieved in Sanskrit, Hindi, Music, Sociology, Geography,
      Applied Statistics, Journalism, Computer Application, Botany, Zoology,
      Electronics and Bio-technology subjects.
      Passing percentage in B.A. 93.5%
      Passing percentage in B.Sc. 95.5%
                                   (For details see Annexure IX (a), (b), (c), (d))
4.    Issue of certificates:
      Marks card, passing certificates, character certificates, and Transfer
      certificates issued to the out going students without causing any delay.
Q.26. Increase in infrastructural facilities:
      The MES Management is keenly interested in creating appropriate
      learning atmosphere aiming to develop the institution as an intellectual
      capital. The infrastructural potential of the institution is annually enriched
          by the perfect planning and timely execution. Efforts are made for the
          optimum use of the existing infrastructure and new additions are the
          common features.
          Enhancement in the infrastructure facility 2008-09
Sl.No.                     Particulars                    Amount Utilized.
    1.     New Xerox Machine for library                       76,000/-
    2.     Ceramic flooring for laboratories.                  3,00,000/-
    3.     12 New computers purchased                          3,58,850/-
    4.     Green house                                         60,000/-
    5.     Additional rooms in UGC Block.                      2,50,000/-
    6.     Interior garden development                         1,25,000/-
    7.     Sound system for Audio visual Hall                  31,000/-
    8.     New Generator of 25 KVA                             3,50,000/-
    9.     New furniture                                       40,000/-
    10.    New equipments for laboratories                     2,64,700/-
                                                Total         18,85,550/-

Q.27. Technology Up-gradation:
Sl.No.          Name of              Equipments purchased             Amount
               Department                                             Utilized.
                                 Refrigerator, Trans–illuminator
1          Bio-Technology                                             84,455/-
                                 and Digital spectrometer
                                 Function Generators-3 Digital
2          Physics               AC Millivolta meter.                 42,233/-
                                 Capacitance Boxes Dimmer stat.
3          Botany & Zoology      Micro-Slides Glass wares             39,827/-
                                 14-Compaq computers, UPS
4          Computer                                                  3,58,850/-
                                 and Printers
                                 pH meter Glass Electrode
5          Chemistry.                                                 98,215/-
                                 Godrej Refrigerator.
                                 Total                               6,23,580/-

Q.28. Computer and internet access and training to teachers and students:
*         Computer training package was offered for the interested staff members.

*     Students have access to computers and internet handling as apart of
Q.29. Financial aid to students:
      Efforts are made to extend financial help to the needy and deserving
      students in the form of endowments, scholarships, charity funds and some
      time the staff members also lend their helping hands.
     Totally 62 students received endowment. Prizes instituted by various
      philanthropists with an amount of Rs.24,447/-
     Scholarships to meritorious and SC/ST students disbursed. 92 students
      received scholarship amounting to Rs.2,05,991/-
     The MES Employees Co-operative society‟s Charitable fund for the poor
      has assisted 13 students with an amount of Rs.2100/-
     59 students were sent to participate at higher level competitions in debate,
      Quiz, sports and other extra-curricular activities at an expenditure of
     The department of Sanskrit procured Rs 7,65,000/- as Sanskrit
      Scholarship from “Rashtriya Sanskrit Samsthan” New Delhi and
      distributed to 237 students who have got minimum of 60% in Sanskrit
     Apart from these, the university „Blues‟ and students of „Outstanding
      Achievements‟ are honoured with moments and cash prizes on the
      Founders-day occasion. Winners at the various institutional level
      competitions are also encouraged with cash prizes.
Q.30. Activities and support from the Alumni Association.
     The institution is proud of its innumerable distinct products and many of
      them have close-ties with their Almamater. Now and then they contribute
      to the academic folds of the institution in the form of participation in
      seminars, experience sharing sessions etc. In the annual special feature
      programme of the college called “Hosachiguru Haleberu” alumni of

       varied interest came together in large number on a common platform and
       showcased their talents.
Q.31. Activities and support from the parent teacher association
       The institution believes in team-oriented culture and has built-up a
       compatible relationship with society, co-operation from parents, as
       primary stake holders is always expected. Solidarity with parent folk is
       established by sticking to following practices.
     At the time of admission parents are asked to accompany their children.
     A cordial invitation extended to visit the institution to acknowledge the
       progress of their children.
     Efforts are on to improve the involvement of more and more parents in
       the periodical meets with the staff & management.
Q.32. Health Services:
      A mutli- Gymnasium in the campus for the benefit of staff and student.
      Free medical checkup for each students with the assistance of the local
      Health awareness lectures.
      First aid facility in the sports wing.
      Yoga and Pranayama training sessions for the staff and students.
      Periodical spiritual and value–oriented lectures to inculcate harmonious
       and healthy living.
      Regular blood donation, blood grouping hemoglobin check campus by
       the service units.
Q.33. Performance in sports activities:
       The sports wing was committed to continue its good work all through the
       year by consolidating the available resource it swung into action to fulfill
       the student needs. The institution took lead in the field with fine show by
       students at various university / state level competitions. To present a few
       distinct achievements:

 Our college physical education department is proud enough to
   enlist the following achievements of our students in different sports
   events at the university, interuniversity and other sports

 10th and 11th November 2008, Karnataka University intercollegiate
   Ball-Badminton tournament was conducted successfully at our
   college campus. Our college team won the championship defeating
   commerce college team Kumta in the final. In the next three days
   Karnataka    University   Ball-Badminton     team    selection   was
   conducted at the campus. Four students from our college were
   selected for the university team as “Blues”. Representing
   Karnataka University team they participated in the interuniversity
   Ball-Badminton tournament held at Bharathidasan University

 Chess team of our college participated in the Karnataka University
   intercollegiate chess tournament held at G.S.S. College Belgaum
   and won the III Place. One student from our college Rajendra U.
   Bhat has been selected as “Blue” and participated in the
   interuniversity tournament held at VTU Tumkur representing
   Karnataka University.

 On 4th and 5th February 2009 Karnataka University inter collegiate
   Table Tennies tournament was held at Bangurnagar College
   Dandeli. Both men and women Table Tennies team of our college
   reached the semi- final of the tournament.

 Men‟s Kho-Kho team of our college participated in the District
   level DASARA Tournament held at Sirsi and won the fist prize.

 With the co-ordination of NCC unit, the Physical Education
   department of our college conducted a YOGA Camp for girls from

            26th Feb. 2009 to 4th March 2009 successfully. Dr. Venkataraman
            Hegde gave training for the students.

                                                 (For details see Annexure- VI)

Q.34. Incentive to outstanding sports persons:
     Adequate sports materials timely provided.
     Timely coaching and supply of sports wear.
     A memento and cash prize to each outstanding sports person.
     The deserving invariably sent to higher competitions.
     On annual sports day many class wise and individual competitions are
      held and the winners honoured with medals and cash prize.

Q.35 Student achievement and awards:
      The overall quality enhancement ambience maintained in the institution
      boosted the students to perform well in both curricular and extra
      curricular activities. The details of the achievements during the year are
      as under.

     I rank to the university in B.A. II examination.

     A student of B.A.-III Suprita Shirur has been awarded with Dr. D.C.
      Pawate Diamond Jubilee Scholarship award for getting highest marks in
      B.A. II examination.

     Students won 18 prizes in the zonal level youth Festivals.

     6 Students won prizes at the inter–zonal level Youth Festival

     16 Prizes in the regional / District level competitions like music, dance,
      speech, and debate.

     The institution is proud of “Kala Ratna” A. N. Anusha Student of B.A.
      III who is recognized as „A‟ grade Radio Artist for “Akashavani” She

      received dozens of awards at various levels and series of appreciation
      during art exhibition from local level to state level.

     Excellent performance of Anusha A.M. gave her the success of
      becoming a playback singer for three Kannada Films.

     Four „University Blues‟ to represent Karnataka University Ball-
      Badminton Team.

     Participation in the inter-university Ball-Badminton tournaments held at
      Tiruchanapalli (Tamil Nadu)

     Music program by student broad cast on All India Radio.

     51 students participated in different NCC camps.
     30 NCC cadets attended CTTC camp held at Shirwad Karwar
                                                   (For details see Annexure- III)
Q.36. Activities of guidance and counseling unit
      Counseling by experienced senior teachers is extended to all students in
       the ratio of 1 to 50. Academic and other related challenges with students
       were elaborately discussed and on spot solutions generally suggested.
      The more complicated brought to the notice of the head of the
       institution. Counselors have maintained separate files for the purpose
       with their observation so as to make it more effective in the days to
                                                (For details see annexure – VII)
Q.37. Placement services provided to students:
     The placement cell has been leading students to the portals of corporate
      world by dissemination occupational information, training them to
      become employable and making arrangement for job induction. The cell
      with a renewed focus reaffirmed with its idea that the personality in
      students should go in tandem with academics to get an opportunity in the
      multi-dimensional world.
                                                     (For details see annexure-II)

Q.38. Development programme for the non-teaching staff.
    The Office Superintendent and an assistant participated in the
     examination training conducted by Karnataka University, Dharwad.
Q.39. Healthy Practices:-
     The institutional quality efforts are nourished by adopting certain healthy
     practices. Almost all the good practices as mentioned in past reports
     continued to work in the system and a few more were implemented with
     an intention to give a better base to the quality process.
    Induction programme at the beginning of the year to the 1 st year degree
     students and send off to the final year students at the end of the course.
    Departmental linkage with old students.
    Academic Review meetings in the middle of the academic year.
    Student Uniform / Dress code.
    Providing affordable education to all the eligible.
    Encouragement of individual and collective responsibility among
    Extend education beyond class-room and encompass other important
     facets of student life.
    Respecting the student charter involving them in the main stream as
     suggested by accrediting authorities.
    Encouraging students to desist from any kind of arrogance and to develop
     multi-faith tolerance.
    Faculty–friendly and transparent governance.
    Training students to be tomorrow‟s candidates, providing wholesome
    Lessons on team–building and critical thinking.
    Identifying the latent in students.
    An alert and timely responding grievance redresal cell.
    Students involvement in campus development work.

Q.40. Linkage with international bodies –
     Global Earth Watch Team approached our institution through Indian
      Institute of Science Bangalore to conduct applied research in Uttar
      Kannada district relating to ecological imbalance and climate changes.
      Two meetings were held for preliminary discussions. Idea conceived as
      per the guidance of Dr. Ravindranath of IISc. Bangalore.
Q.41. Any other relevant information the institution wishes to add:-
     No.

                                  PART – C
      The institution has adapted the concept of quality assurance and
initiatives. It is heading towards the successful implementation of quality
management and also believed that a collective effort has to be evolved to
forward this quality campaign. Many prospective plans envisioned in the past
academic year have been implemented with great success with the support of
the Management. A few that could not pick up stream will be attended with all
seriousness in the moths to come. Every possible effort will be sorted out to
enhance quality improvement. For an overall extension of quality education,
both idealistic long term and realistic short term plans and targets have been
conceptualized for the forth coming year.
     Construction of the “Golden Jubilee memorial Library Building” of the
     Preparation & Conduct of the Golden Jubilee celebrations in the
     Maintenance and Development of the Campus “Indoor Garden”.
     Addition of rare species to the Medicinal plant garden.
     To fill–up all vacancies caused due to the death, retirement or transfer of
      Teaching and Non –teaching staff.
     Greater use of Technology in teaching and also General Administration.
   Taking initiative to develop Human Rights Education in and around the
   Focusing on the research and extension activities of Researcher‟s forum
    of the college.
   Arranging for Campus interviews and facilitate the placement of learners
    after completion of graduation.
   Proper and suitable repairs to the old building of the college.
   To take initiative for the development of various laboratories of the
   Development of Greenery in the campus and garden in student Hostel.
   To explore the possibilities of educational diversifications and new
    educational ventures.
   To do all possible efforts for the teachers development programmes.
   Development of departmental libraries along with central library.
   To provide intercom facilities inside the camps.

                                 ANNEXURE – I
                               UGC SPONSORED
                          NATIONAL SEMINAR ON

        As a step towards academic excellence two day national seminar was
arranged in the college on 4th and 5th October 2008. The rich bio- diversity in
and around the Taluk is known for innumerable medicinal plants. The seminar
was aimed at rejuvenating the traditional practice of herbal medicine and also
create an awareness among the students and the public about medicinal plant
protection and promotion.
        Papers were invited from the experts and scholars on the following
   a)      Medicinal plants cultivation
   b)      Medicinal plants protection from diseases
   c)      Various uses of different medicinal plants
   d)      Post harvest technology and marketing
   e)      Policy guidelines and role of private sector
   f)      Medicinal plants and medicinal tourism
        The seminar was inaugurated by Shri Arvind Limbavali, Honorable
Minister for Higher Education Govt. of Karnataka. Dr. S.Venugopal I.F.S.
Chairman, Karnataka State Medicinal Plant Authority was the chief guest. Dr.
V.S. Korikantimath, Director Indian Council of Agricultural Research Goa state
delivered the Keynote address. Starting with the global scenario of Medicinal
plants he stressed upon the status of medicinal plants in India. He said that ethno
– botany denotes the entire realm of direct relation between plants and human
        The seminar was spread over 6 technical sessions and poster presentation.
The proceedings of each session was conducted by scholarly chairpersons with
their useful introduction of the subject and enlightening concluding remarks.
Each paper presented in the seminar was the out come of continuous research on
the medicinal faculty of different plants. Thus the seminar proved to be a
significant move towards protecting the traditional knowledge about the
medicinal quality of plants, their protection and promotion.
      Delegates from different places, students, local medicinal practitioners
and research scholars from different institutions were benefited with the
knowledge imparted in the seminar. They        are also acquainted with the new
research developments in the field of herbal medicine and also their
applications. Media highlighted that the traditional wisdom of herbs as medicine
is not only useful in enhancing the natural resistance of human body but also an
effective remedy for several health hazards. They also appealed the public to
pass on this knowledge to the forth coming generations and also to continue
their interest in growing medicinal plants in their surroundings.



                                 YEAR: 2008-2009

          The career guidance and placement cell has been conducting its activities
in 3 thrusted areas of focus namely

I)        Training Programmes:

          The main focus area of training is to create awareness among students
about various fields of knowledge. Personality development, leadership quality,
positive attitude are going to enhance the quality of students in future. Keeping
these aspects in mind we have undertaken the following programmes.

     1.      Global skill Enhancement.

     2.      Personality Development Programme.

     3.      Skill development programme.

The cell is well- equipped with high tech audio- visual facilities, eminent and
experienced facility who have undergone training in reputed institutions like

          On 30.06.2008 arranged a work-shop on “Neutralizing or Harnessing
violence in educational campuses” in association with APNAH, Mangalore.

          E-campus talent search programme was arranged with the help of ICODE
Management system, Mumbai on 13.09.2008

          On 20.9.2008, a formal inauguration of skill development programme
was arranged Dr. K.V. Shivram, member of college committee was the Chief
Guest INC, Udupi a Management consultancy organization conducted a work-
shop on Soft skill development on 8.11.2008

          YUVA - 2009 a personality development programme was organized with
the help of Vidya Poshka Dharwad on 4.5.2009 Dr. G.S. Bhat, Upponi presided
over the function.

       These programmes were found to be very useful to the students in
acquiring knowledge & skill and expose themselves to the new world of talent.

       The cell conducted a corporate training programme to the staff of LIC of
India. Prin. Dr. S.I. Bhat and placement officer Prof. R.N. Nayak engaged day
long sessions on communication skill attitude, time – management etc.

II)    Career Guidance:

       The faculty of cell are extending their helping hand about career guidance
competitive examinations etc to the students. The cell has the privilege of
inviting guest faculty to share their experiences.

III)   Campus Interview:

       The global economic slowdown and recession has hit the job market
these years. The campus interviews have been the hard hit of these
developments. In spite of this Reliance Life Insurance Company made it
possible to arrange a campus in our institution. 39 participants were selected for
the Final Interview.

IV)    Participation at work – shop and Training Programmes.

1.     Prof. B.K. Kempraju and Prof. S.S. Bhat participated a ten- day training
       programme from 16 to 28 the August 2008 at INFOSYS Mysore campus.

2.     Prof. S.S.Bhat took active part on 6 and 7th of Feb 2009 at University
       employment information and guidance Bureau K.U. Dharwad.

3.     Prin. Dr. S.I. Bhat and Prof. R. N. Nayak participated at placement
       officer‟s work shop and Principal conclave an 8 th & 9th April 2009 at
       Mysore campus of INFOSYS.
Future Plan:
       With students showing keen interest in joining training programmes and
       global economic recession easing, 2009-10 can be better and prospective
       year. The cell looks forward to continue its activities with lots of vigour
       and enthusiasms.

                   Achievement in Extra – Curricular Activities
  1.   Students won 18 prizes in the Zonal level youth festival held on 17-10-
       2008 and 18-10-2008 in A.V. Baliga College, Kumta and notched up the
       cumulative score successively for the Runner-up Award.
            I. List of Prizes who by our students in the Zonal lebel.
Sl. No.           Competitions              Name of the Students      Place Won
   1.   Hindustani Classival Vocal        Miss Anusha A. N.              First
   2.   Semi Classical                    Miss Anusha A.N.               First.
   3.   Light Music                       Miss Anusha A.N.               First
   4.   Classical Inst. Percussion        Mr. Vigneshwar Hegde           First
   5.   Western Vocal (Solo)              Miss Priyanka Bhagwat          First.
   6.   On Spot Painting                  Miss Supreeta Shiroor          First.
   7.   Postar Making                     Miss Supreeta Shiroor          First.
   8.   Collage Painting                  Miss Supreeta Shiroor          First.
   9.   Quiz                              Miss Chetana Hegde             First
  10.   Group Song (West)                 Miss Shruti L. Hegde          Second
                                          & Party
  11.   Group song (Indian)               Miss Kavyashree Hegde         Second
                                          & Party
  12.   Folk Dance                        Miss Divya Hegde              Second
                                          & Party
  13.   Cartooning                        Miss Supreeta Shiroor         Second
  14.   Mime                              Mr. Ganesh Hegde              Second
                                          & Party
  15.   Elocution                         Miss Arpita Bhat              Second
  16.   Installation                      Miss Seema P. Hegde           Second
  17.   One act play                      Mr. Ganesh Hegde               Third
  18.   Mimicry                           Miss Chetana Hegde            Third.

II.    In the Inter-Zonal youth festival held at Karnataka University
       Dharwad, our student won 3 prizes (Date Nov. 13, 14, 2008)

         List of Prizes won by our students in the Inter- Zonal Level.
    1.       Semi Classical            Miss Anusha A.N.                 First
    2.       Spot Painting             Miss Supreeta Shiroor            First
    3.       Group Song (Indian)       Miss Kavyashree Hegde           Second
                                       & Party
III. A variety of Music Programme of the talented students was brodcasted on
AIR Karwar and Miss Anusha A.N. participated in “Bhava Sichana” light vocal
sponsored by “Kannada Sanskrit Ilake” Karwar.
                 DEPARTMENT OF LIBRARY 2008-2009
        A total number of 63,572 books have been issued out from the library
         during the year under the following specified headings.
         1. UGC          -             9541
         2. Borrower‟s Card -          29632
         3. Over night          -      22670
         4. Staff               -      1729
        An exhibition of important titles and reference books of all disciplines
         was arranged for the benefit of the learners.
        In addition to the above, the practice of display of the list of journals,
         computerized catalogue system, displaying of new arrivals extending
         the UGC book bank facility to the maximum number of students,
         systematic arrangement for the reading of news papers and journals
         etc are managed with full interest.
New books/ journals subscribed and their value:
      No. of books purchased during the Year        -       1957
                                               Value -      3, 82,243/-
New Journals:
      1. National Co-op Union of India, New Delhi.
      2. Institution of Parliamentary Affairs, Bangalore.
      3. Indian Journal of Management Prabhandan, New Delhi.
      4. Journal of Indian Writing English, Gulbarga
      5. Literary criticism (Quarterly), Mysore.
      6. Indian Literature, New Delhi.
      7. Saras A. Journal of development to creative translation, Mysore.
      8. Sahitya Amrit (Hindi), New Delhi.
      9. Pratiyogita Darpana, Agra.
      10.    Sangeet (Music Magzine), Hatras U.P.
      11.    Indian Historical Review, Bangalore.
      12.    MAzÀ®è MAzÀÄ Hj£À°è (vÉæöʪÀiÁ¹PÀ), avÀæzÀÄUÀð
13.   ¸ÀAZÀAiÀÄ ¥ÀwæPÉ (vÉæöʪÀiÁ¹PÀ) ¨ÉAUÀ¼ÀÆgÀÄ.
14.   ¸Á»vÀå¸ÀAªÁzÀ (vÉæöʪÀiÁ¹PÀ) avÀæzÀÄUÀð
15.   UÁA¢ü§gÀhiÁgÀ ¥ÀwæPÉ, ¨ÉAUÀ¼ÀÆgÀÄ.

1.        Rajendra U. Bhat, B.A.III – University blue in Chess Game. Participated
in Inter - University Tournament held at VTU Tumkur.

2.        Nisha P. Brito       B.Sc. - I           University Blues in Ball- Badminton
                                                   game.     Participated in All India
3.        Archana Jadar        B.Sc. - I
                                                   inter-University tournament held at
4.        Sowmya V. Hegde, B.A. –I
                                                   Bharati   Dasan    University   Tamil
Our students showed satisfactory performance in sports achievement.
List of prize won by our students in sports and Games.
Sl. No.          Competitions                Name of the students           Place won
            K.V. Single Zone BBT           Miss Bhavya S. Hegde &
     1.                                                                  First
            (Women )tournament             Party
            K.U. Single Zone Chess         Shri Rajendra U. Bhat &
     2.                                                                  Third
            tournament                     Party
            District Level Dasara          Shri Vivek G. Poojari &
     3.                                                                  First Kho-Kho.
            Sports meet                    Party
            1) K.U. Single Zone            Miss Trupti Hegde             Awarded
            Chess Tournament                                             Consolation
                                                                         prize in chess
            2) Taluka Level                Miss Trupti Hegde - IInd      tournament
            Marikamba Temple               Place chess competition.
            Navaratri Sports
                                                                         First – in Triple
            Taluka Level Dasara                                          Jump
     5.                                    Sri Ravikant Satarkar
            Sports Meet                                                  First in 4 x 100
                                                                         Mt Relay.

Sl. No.       Competitions          Name of the students        Place won
          Taluka Level Dasara                              Third in Javelin
  6.                               Miss Ranjana G. H.
          sports meet                                      throw
                                                           First- in 4x100 Mt.
          Taluka level Dasara
  7.                               Shri Santosh P. Saler   First in 100 m run
          sports meet
                                                           Second in long
          Marikamba Temple
          taluka level Navaratri
                                   Miss Tabasum Abdul      First in Shot-put and
  8.      sports meet.
                                   Razak Shaikh            Discuss throw.
          Taluka level darasara

                      DIPLOMA COURSE IN SOFT SKILLS
      The attempt of enhancing the employability among the students at the
under graduation level is successfully continued with the introduction of
Diploma Course in soft skills. The MOU between Infosys and Karnataka
University under the name Industry Academia Partnership guided to initiate
Diploma in Soft skills as an add on course for those who have completed the
certificate course. Two teachers were trained at Infosys Mysore as facilitators to
train the students.
      The course was commenced on 20 August 2008. The training course
comprises following skills.
Computer fundamentals         E-mail and Internet.
Analytical Skills             Creative thinking
Personality Development       Time Management, Assertiveness.
Insight into                  Basics   of    service   Industry     and    Corporate
Corporate world               vocabulary
Language enhancement          Accent improvement, practice of neutral accent.
Communication skill           Intonations,   conversational      skills,   Grammar,
                              drafting and writing of e-mails.
Final examination was conducted on 20th July, 2009
      Thus the effort of updating the knowledge of students to fulfill the
requirements of the present job market is honestly continued.



        In view of the mentor system extended to the first four semesters students
studying in the institution the counseling practice was taken up only for the final
year (V & VI) students. The counseling schedule and the activities conducted
under the unit are as under.

   1)      Counseling files with necessary information and instructions were
           handed over to 8 teachers in the month of August - 2009

   2)      A mid-term report was obtained from the counseling teachers
           regarding the student opinion / grievances related with infrastructural
           facilities library working institutional environment class room quality
           improvement etc. counselor‟s note was brought to the notice of the

   3)      The unit conducted a Lecture on interaction programme in the month
           of September. Brahmakumari Renuj of Jodhapur spoke on “Stress
           Management and Achievement of peace. Hence already 100 students
           took the benefit of the programme.

   4)      Counseling files were collected back in the last week of the academic

   5)      Students were motivated to participate in the counseling    programme
           for the adolescents, organized by „Ajit Manochetana‟ Sirsi on 19-7-
           2009 ( submitted by Convener)

   6)      The students were counseled on the following issues. Inter –personal
           relationship Psychological problems, Depressions, Availing of the
           opportunities, securing scholarships etc.

                    MES CAREER GUIDANCE CENTRE.
                         Report for the year 2008-2009
      The centre has been offering guidance and coaching to Students and
public in the field of education and employment. Following is a brief report of
its activities of the year 2008-09
      A Career Guidance programme was conducted by Captian Anand for the
      students of MES Chaitanya PU College, Sirsi during June 2008
      A workshop of Personality Development for Teaching and Non-teaching
      staff of M.E.S. Institutions was conducted by Captian Anand, Counseller
      of C-DOSS VidyaPoshak, Dharwar at R.N.Shetty Polytechnic during
      June 2008.
      Shri V.G.Hegde Conducted two days Spoken English workshop at Shri
      Ramachandrapurmath situated in Shimoga District during September
      Shri V.G. Hegde our co-ordinator conducted a Spoken English Class for
      the class Tenth Students of Shri Kalika Bhavani Secondary School,
      Kansur, Siddapur Taluka between September 2008 and December 2008.
      Our Co-ordinator Shri V.G.Hegde has attended atraining on Psychometric
      Analysis at Vidyaposhka Dharwar during October 2008.
      Te Total Quality Management workshop for the students of B.A., B.Com.
      and B.Sc.-I students of M.G.C. College, Siddapur was conducted by Shri
      V.G. Hegde on 31.10.2008.
      A talk on Life Skill at Govt. High School, Ganeshnagar, Sirsi was given
      by Shri V.G. Hegde on 13.11.2008.
      A programme of Career Guidance was conducted at Lions High School,
      Sirsi during December 2008 for S.S.L.C.
      Shri R.M. Hegde, Shri V.G. Hegde conducted a Motivational workshop
      at Shri Bharathi Vidyapeetha, Padiyadka situated at Kasarkod of Kerala
      State on 15th and 16th November 2008. This workshop was meant for the
      High School Teachers.
A Programme of Career Guidance for the students of S.S.L.C. at Kalika
Bhavani High School was conducted during Feb. 2009 by Shri V.G.
An Account writing with Tally course for the 16 th batch was conducted in
between October 2008 to March 2009.
The students and members of the Public visited this institution and
obtained guidance regarding the careers and jobs and they also used the
Library of the centre.
Coaching for failed students and the students studying for external
degrees was given during the year 2008-09.

                              Annexure – IX (a)
                     Result of B. A. V-Sem Nov/ Dec 2007
                      Subject wise Percentage Report
                           O – Optional             B – Basic

S.No.      Sub.      Apprd   Pass   Dist    Fir      Sec   Pass   Fail   Max   High   Pass %
 1        Eng. B      86      84    19      41       21     3      2     100   87     97.67
 2        Kan. B      91      90    17      47       23     3      1     100   84      98.9
 3        San. B      12      12    12          -     -     -      0     100   92      100
 4        Hin. B      35      34    21      13        -     -      1     100   90     97.14
 5        Kan. O      37      35     9      22        4     -      2     200   168    94.59
 6        San. O      6       6      6          -     -     -      -     200   177     100
 7        Eng. O      28      28     -      15       10     3      -     200   142     100
 8        Music       23      23     6      15        2     -      -     300   257     100
 9      Economics    136     131    25      58       30     18     5     200   170    96.32
 10     Pol. Sci.     94      94    42      39        9     4      -     200   173     100
 11     Sociology     68      68    38      27        3     -      -     200   169     100
 12       History    172     160    25      70       41     24    12     200   178    93.02
 13       Geogr.      39      38    24      11        3     -      1     300   276    97.44
 14      Apl.Stat.    17      17    11          3     3     -      -     200   187     100
 15       Journ.      31      31    11      13        7     -      -     200   163     100
 16     Com. Apl.     21      21     3      11        5     2      -     300   257     100
        Summary      224     207    98      77       29     3     17                  92.41

                              Annexure – IX (b)
                     Result of B. A. VI-Sem May/ Jun 2008
                      Subject wise Percentage Report
                           O – Optional         B – Basic

S.No.      Sub.      Apprd   Pass   Dist    Fir     Sec     Pass   Fail   Max   High   Pass %
 1        Eng. B      85      82    11      29      18      24      3     100   84     96.47
 2        Kan. B      85      82    28      40      12       2      3     100   87     96.47
 3        San. B      12      12     7          5    -       -      -     100   89      100
 4        Hin. B      34      34    18      14       2       -      -     100   92      100
 5        Kan. O      35      34    18      13       3       -      1     200   176    97.14
 6        San. O      6       6      5          1    -       -      -     200   178     100
 7        Eng. O      26      25     -      10      12       3      1     200   134    96.15
 8        Music       22      22    21          1    -       -            300   274     100
 9      Economics    133     128    51      57      14       6      5     200   178    96.24
 10     Pol. Sci.     89      83    23      42      12       6      6     200   168    93.26
 11     Sociology     66      66    53      13       -       -      -     200   177     100
 12       History    167     158    37      73      33      15      9     200   172    94.61
 13       Geogr.      39      39    27          7    4       1      -     300   284     100
 14      Apl.Stat.    16      16     8          5    3       -      -     200   187     100
 15       Journ.      29      29     9      11       8       1      -     200   164     100
 16     Com. Apl.     20      20     9          9    2       -      -     300   275     100
        Summary      216     202    118     64      19       1     14                  93.52

                             Annexure –IX (c)
                    Result of B. Sc. V Sem Nov/ Dec 2007
                     Subjectwise Percentage Report

S.No.     Sub.      Apprd   Pass   Dist      Fir   Sec   Pass   Fail   Max   High   Pass %
 1       Maths       54     49     22        14    8      5      5     300   280    90.74
 2       Physics     34     32     20        9     2      1      2     300   269    94.12
 3      Chemistry    62     62     43        15    2      2      -     300   284     100
 4       Botany      36     36     27        9      -     -      -     300   282     100
 5      Zoology      15     15      6        9      -     -      -     300   274     100
 6      Electron.    28     28     16        8     2      2      -     300   263     100
 7      Com. Sc.     20     20     10        8     1      1      -     300   275     100
 8      Biotech.     21     21     18        3      -     -      -     300   271     100
        Summary      90     85     65        16    3      1      5                  94.44

                             Annexure –IX (d)
                    Result of B. Sc. VI Sem May/ Jun 2008
                     Subjectwise Percentage Report

S.No.     Sub.      Apprd   Pass   Dist      Fir   Sec   Pass   Fail   Max   High   Pass %
 1       Maths       53     49     22        16    7      4      4     300   292    92.45
 2       Physics     34     33     17        12    3      1      1     300   264    97.06
 3      Chemistry    62     61     36        22    2      1      1     300   277    98.39
 4       Botany      36     36     22        13    1      -      -     300   283     100
 5      Zoology      15     15     12        3      -     -      -     300   272     100
 6      Electron.    27     27     11        11    4      1      -     300   271     100
 7      Com. Sc.     19     18      1        14    3      -      1     300   226    94.74
 8      Biotech.     21     21     21        -      -     -      -     300   279     100
        Summary      89     85     63        16    5      1      4                  95.51

                         CALENDAR OF EVENTS-2008-09
16-07-2008    Reopening of the college
17-07-2008    Meeting with the Conservator of forest
23-07-2008    Staff meeting along with the management members & a presentation by the
              Principal on the implementation of „Mentor System‟
25-07-2008    Staff meeting
4-08-2008     Induction Programme for B.A. and B.Sc. I Year Students by the Principal
              and Staff.
6-08-2008     Campus Committe Meeting to Review the Progress of work.
07-08-2008     “Tingala Belaku” Programme by the Dept. of Kannada. The Topic : “Humor
              in Life” Resource person : Prof. P.B Prasanna.(Govt.1st Grade College Sirsi)
07-08-2008    A workshop on process of Re-Accreditation arranged at Dharwar JSS
              College. Organised by Commissoner of Collegiate Education Bangalore.
              Three staff members attended the workshop.
08-08-2008    HDFC Hubli branch Manager visited the College and had a discussion
              regarding Education for savings, investment & insurance.
10-08-/2008    Two day sapling planting programme and Nature Awareness Workshop by
11-08-2008    the NCC Unit of our college..
 10-8-2008    Eco-awareness programme organized by NCC in association with
              KUDCEMP, Karwar.
              Guests of honour – Dr. V.S.Bhat
              Shri Prahakar Bhat (I.I.Sc)
11-8-2008     AQAR Presentation in the staff meeting by the Principal and Discussion on
              the Report.
12-8-2008     Campus observation and progress review by the Principal and
13-08-2008    Late Principal, L.T. Sharma endowment Lecturer was delivered by Dr. V. K.
              Hampoli on the topic “Indian Education System and Personality
14-08-2008    College Union & Gymkhana Election.
15-08-2008    Independence day Celebration followed by Independence day message by
              the Principal.
15-08-2008    Commencement of KATHAK Dance Classes in the Music Dept
              Janardhan Raj Ars Dance teacher Preformed the Pooja.
15-08-2008    Presentation on the topic „Earn while you Learn‟ by HDFC Manager Shri
 18-08-08     Union & Gymkhana Meeting with the Principal, Announcement of port –
              folios and declaration of guidelines for various activities
18-08-2009    Staff meeting was organized to discuss the preparation of National Seminar.

19-08-2008    Preparatory meeting for inauguration of Union and Gymkhana activities.
20-08-2008    Students meeting for briefing on Global Skill development.
 21-08-2008    National Seminar Organising committee meeting.
               MES President, Hon-Gen-Secretary and the College Committee Chairman
               attended the meeting.
 23-08-2008    Kathak Dance Diploma course, Union & Gymkhana & cultural activities
               function was inaugurated by renowned YAKSHAGANA artist Shri Shivanad
               Hegde Keremane and on that occasion Kathak Dance was performed by
               Nrutya Guru Shri Janardhan raj Aras and his students.
  24-8-2008     NCC Training programme
  25-08-08     Meeting with MMCID members and the chairman.
  25-08-08     Art Exhibition conducted by the dept. of Geography.
  27-08-08     Srajana news paper releasing function at the dept of Journalism.
               Sri Virupaksha Hegde Kanchikai District reporter Vijaya Karnataka daily
               news paper was the chief guest.
   28-8-08      Tingala Belaku programme by the dept. of Kannada on the topic criticism of
               B.M Shri‟s poems. Prof. P.M. Hegde was the resource person.
   29-8-08     “Employability of Commerce learners” A Lecture by Dr. S. I. Bhat.
   30-8-08     A work shop on the topic Eradication of violence in Educational
               Institutions was arranged by CLHRD
August 2008 to A special guidance and coaching to the students for participating in Youth
 March 2009 Festival and other public functions by the dept. of Music.
   1-9-08      Science Forum conducted lecture on the topic – “Science and Service”by
               Prof. M. R Nagaraj.
   5-9-08       A panel discussion by the staff on the topic “Teachers-taught relations & its
               different dimensions”on the occasion of Teachers‟ Day.
   8-09-08     Hostel committee meeting to attend to the grievances of hostel students.
   9-09-08     A programme on environmental awareness. National level Environmentalist
               Shri Sundarlal Bahuguna was the chief guest.
   10-9-08     Inauguration of N.S.S Activities by Dr. Mahesh Golikatti, Principal,
               Sadashivagad College, Karwar
   11-09-08      Heritage awareness programme of U.K. Heritage club inaugurated by Shri
                 Attimurdu Vishweshwar.
   13-9-08       Press meet arranged regarding National Seminar.
 15-9-08 to      1st Unit test for Semester Students.
   18-9-08       Mentor system- A discussion by the Principal and Staff.
   19-9-08       Annual general body meeting of the Employees Co-operative Society.
   19-9-08       Placement cell : Inauguration of Technical training programme by Dr. K.V.
   20-9-08       Career guidance Programme Inauguration
   22-9-08       Preparatory meeting of National Seminar with Advisory , Organizing &
                 Technical Committee.
   24-9-08       A lecture cum interaction with the students was organized by the Social
                 Science club & Counseling Unit on “Stress Management & Peace.‟‟
                 by Brahma Kumari. Renuji of Ajmer.
   24-9-08       Science forum organized a seminar on the experiment Big –Bang Theory.
   24-9-08      The Principal attended Principals‟ meeting at Dharwar.

  25-9-2008    Celebration of “Hindi day”organised by Hindi department. Dr. T.S Pawar
               was the chief guest.
25-26-27 Sept- Selection of students for youth festival in events like Music, dance, drama,
     2008      debate, fine arts, etc by Arts circle.
    2-10-08    Fund raising for Bihar flood & Shramadan – by NSS students on the eve of
               Gandhi Jayanti.
    4-10-08    Shri S. Venkatamuni Reddy,The Joint Director Collegiate Education,visited.
 4-10-08 and UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Protection and Promotion of Medicial
    5-10-09    plants organized by the Life Science dept. and Inaugurated by the Higher
               Education Minister honb‟le Sri Aravind Limbavali.
    4-10-08    Shri. A Ramesh.The Principal, Govt. First grade College Gudibande (S.K)
               visited our college.
    7-10-08    Saraswati Vandana Musical recitel organized by students & staff of dept of
   16-10-08    Cultural Programme arranged by the students.
   20-10-08    NSS wing of our college arranged ten days special camp at Belale village.
   24-10-08    A Special lecture by Shri Narasimha Hegde on “The importance of remote
               sensing and GIS techniques in geographical studies” by the dept of
   25-10-08    A Speech by Shri M.M. Bhat, proprietor, Ashwini investments, Sirsi on
               “Global economic crisis –causes & effects followed by interaction session –
               by the dept. of Economics & dept. of Statistics.

  3-11-08 to    2nd unit test for degree students
    8-11-08     Inauguration of Researchers‟ Forum by Dr. Madhav Bhat
   13-11-08     A lecture by Dr. G.S Bhat Upponi on “Economic Crisis – another view”
                organised by the dept of Economics.
  10-11-08      KUD ladies Ball Badminton selection inaugurated by Shri Shantaram Hegde
                Shigehalli.President MES
 23-11-2008     NCC day celebrated
 28-11-2008     Representative of the Collegiate Education, Commissioner office, Bangalore
     and        and The Principal M Basavarajaiah of Tumkur College visited our college.
  18-12-08      Shri S.Venkatmunireddy, The Regional Joint Director, Collegiate Education
                Dharwad visited our college.
  17-01-09      Late S. R Hegde Kadave Memorial lecture by Shri N.P. Bhat .IRS, Dharwar
   22/1/09      Karnataka University Affiliation Committee headed by Dr. Kusum Neelkant
                visited the College.
  26-01-09      Republic day celebration. “Wipe out Terrorism”- student awareness
                campaign in the college as per the instruction of the state
                government...Resource person shri Vinayak Bhat ZP Engineer
 29-01-09    CDC Director Dr. Sanna Ningannanavar visited our college for inspection of
             Ladies Hostel (under construction) to review the development.
 1-2-09      NCC cadets participated and assisted in Pulse Polio Programme.
 10-2-09     Earth Watch Institute Europe Mr. Nigel Winser Executive, Vice president &
             Head of the programme visited our college and interacted with staff.
 11-2-09     M. Sayed Habibulla DCF (R) Bangalore visited the college.
 11-2-09     “Bhavasinchana” a musical programme was organised by the dept of Music.
             Miss Sahana G. Hegde Shimoga and our student Anusha A.N. rendered
             Light-classical Vocal music.
 14-2-09     Dept of Sanskrit arranged special lecture on Research and Ashthavadhaana.
             Dr. R. Ganesh , Bangalore was the resource person.
 18-02-09    Two days workshop arranged by the Dept. of Journalism. The Resource
 19-02-09    persons were Shri Shivanand Joshi, Senior Journalist, Shri Gopalkrishna
             Hegde (News Editor) Prajavani,& Shri MK Bhaskar Rao retd. Asst Editor.
19-02-2009   Staff Meeting to discuss NAAC Progress.
 26-2-09     One week Yoga certificate course for NCC cadets (girls) jointly organized by
             NCC unit and the Physical Education Department of the college.
             Dr.Venkatraman Hegde, Nisarga Ayurvedic Hospital and Dr. Ajisha
             Krishnan were the resource persons. Sixty five cadets attended.
 26-2-09     Geography Dept. established Eco Club & held a special Lecture on the topic
             Time management and conflict management by Dr. S.I Bhat.
  4-3-09     Mentors‟ meeting.
 07-03-09    “Shikshana Seva Darshana” programme was organised by Student Welfare
             department in association with Hindu Seva Pratisthana. A special Lecture
             arranged by Mr. Shridhar, State Convener, Hindu Seva Pratisthana
 12-3-09      Computer Science Dept. review. (Principal & Management )
 15-3-09     KSOU Induction programme
 11-3-09     Science Forum Function – Felicitation to Prof Madhav G Bhat, Associate
             Prof, Dept of Environmental Economics, Florida International University
             Miami (U.S.A)
 16-3-09     Physics, Electronics Departmental review. ( Principal & Management )
 16-3-09     The Dept of English commenced a three week spoken English programme to
             the II Sem Students.
 19-3-09     Mentors & students meeting.
 20-3-09     The dept. of English conducted an essay competition to the Degree students
             on Terrorism.
 23-3-09     College audit finalization.
 25-3-09     Department of History conducted Heritage club programme at BGVS Arts &
             Com. College Sadashivagad Karwar.
 23-3-09     Departmental Review of Chemistry dept. (Principal & Management.)
 30-3-09     1st Unit test commenced.
 30-3-09     Geography department review by the Principal & the Management.
  6-4-09     Biology Dept review (Principal & Management.)
  6-4-09     Dept of Geography arranged a lecture on the topic Nature‟s bounty in
          classics by Dr. M.G.Hegde under the auspices of Eco-Club.
12-4-09   Vidayaphosak conducted examination to select students for scholarships.
13-4-09   Kannada Dept. organized a lecture by Shri Jayanth Kaikini. Writer & TV
16-4-09    Biotechnology departmental review. ( Principal & Management)
18-4-09   College annual sports meet.
21-4-09   Mentors & students meeting.
29-4-09   Founders‟ day celebration. Chief guest Dr. Meena Chandavarkar , Director,
          Academic Staff College, KUD.
30-4-09   Alumnis‟ cultural programme “Hosa chiguru hale beru.
4-5-09    NSS, NCC & Physical Education Dept review (Principal & Management)
4-5-09    Red Cross- Smart Card distrubution Programmee. Shri R.N Thikot CEO
          Vidyaposhak, and Dr. P.S Hegde Blood bank officer TSS hospital were the
          chief guests.
4-5-09    Sanskrit Dept. organized quiz competition
4-5-09    Statistics Dept- organised “Puzzles to puzzle you” exhibition.
5-5-09    Farewell to the final year students.
11-5-09   Library review meeting (Principal & Management.)
11-5-09   The Dept of English arranged a farewell programme to the out going optional
          English Students.
14-5-09   Last working day
25-5-09   Semester Examinations commenced.